Black DOES Crack, Sorry – The Proof


Sorry, the truth is these individuals above are black females are who dominate black societies today. These deep-sea monsters are what your average black male will encounter going about his day to day runnings. Those black men who still choose to deal with black women exclusively more often than not are faced with examples such as the above and in many cases black men who have no standards nor self-respect will still go there and have sexual relations with such beastly looking creatures.

I’ve been aware of this for a while, however I now know and fully understand outside of wanting to look white yet another reason why the overwhelming majority of black women wear weaves. Most black women already know that they look ugly and masculine, they realise that feminism, their rampant inbreeding and breeding with undesirable, low brow black men is literally morphing them into a new breed of creature and so they choose to wear weaves in their attempts to soften their harsh, masculine, coarse facial features.

Just take another look at the above line up, two out of 3 of the women are wearing weaves, two of them are lesbians and the streets is calling black dyke sitting in the corner could easily pass for any black dude walking your local area or an NFL line backer. I would ask the question as to who is still sleeping with these women, however we already know that there is a large contingent of black men having been raised by and around ugly black females who honestly believe that ugly women is all they can attain.

Your modern day black female on average looks horrific, a true Rocky Horror show, this is the truth and this is yet another reason why they will pile on 50 layers of make up, insert blue/green/grey contacts, use fake nails, fake eye lashes, fake eye brows etc. In their efforts to make themselves look more attractive black women actually make themselves appear more repulsive and an eye sore to look upon.

Remember the article I wrote back in May 2017 demonstrating how black women in making themselves up behave in a manner similar to a clown/court jester. For those who haven’t seen that article it can be viewed in the link below:

Obsidian Radio many times has mentioned the fact that good-looking black women have now become an extreme rarity and I completely concur with this statement. I walk the streets of London everyday and the sights over here are just as abysmal as those in the US. Hard faced, masculine looking harpies walking around weaved up to the hilt, of course as per usual with most black women who use weaves their hairline begins on top of the head instead of at the front of it.

Yet despite the fact that the weave addiction most black women have is causing them to go bald, in their endeavours to look like Ashley, Shaniqua, Keisha and Juanita will still throw on their Becky hats slowly scalping themselves into oblivion. I mean what part of going bald doesn’t the average black female understand:

Yet black male feminist simps such as Dr Umar Johnson, Derrick Jaxn and rapper Willie D still expect us and in many cases attempt to shame thinking black men into dealing with such horrible looking individuals. Mind you, typically your average male feminist pro black simp more often than not is a single man who either spends most of his time visiting porn sites or on the off-chance he can land some cooch, gullible single mothers are the easiest prey for him to take advantage of.

Thinking black men realise that the pickings of good-looking, feminine, submissive black women out on the streets are very slim and so having implemented SYSBM they automatically increase their chances of attaining the required standards 1000 fold seeking such qualities in women of other ethnicities. It is the pro blacks who are stuck in the stone age pandering towards a group of women who commonly look like road kill.

I’ve heard Afrofuturism1 aka Jointron33SYSBM and many others state that we as black men have the worst looking women on the planet and I fully agree with such a statement. The sad thing about it is black women as a collective 30+ years ago actually looked decent and reasonable, there was much more of a variety to choose from, good-looking black women weren’t so hard to come by and black female society wasn’t swamped and bogged down with leprechauns as well as other grossly overweight, weave wearing, fugly looking specimens.

“Black don’t crack” for black women simply doesn’t stand or hold its ground in 2018, such a statement must now be filed under the titles of myths, old wives tales and urban legends. Black does indeed crack, walk your local streets and if you’re honest you will see the devastation for yourselves.

Lastly, a scientific study has recently been published which demonstrates the fact that conservative women tend to be much more attractive than their liberal counterparts. With the overwhelming majority of black women leaning towards liberalism, the Democratic Party in the US and The Labour Party over here in the United Kingdom, is it any wonder why in 2018 good-looking black females are extremely hard to come by? For those who wish to look at the actual study itself, it can be viewed here. Now we know why non black females by and large are much better looking than black women, they tend NOT to subscribe to liberalism, feminism and many other slack-jawed ideologies:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Fuglies, Respect Yourself

Most High Bless

71 thoughts on “Black DOES Crack, Sorry – The Proof

  1. BTW my secretary is a 60 year old Italian woman who has the body of a 25 year old(slim white 25 year old that looks good in a bikini) and she looks better than nearly 100% of the black women on the job regardless of age.

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  2. Another myth that needs to go away is the myth that black women have great bodies. This view was probably true in the 1950s, but in recent decades USA black women have developed terrible bodies. In earlier times black women did more physical labor. These black women also had better diets. One must note that a female’s butt is made up of her gluteal muscles. Very few black females of today have developed gluteal muscles. In the minds of today’s blacks, a butt that is floppy and sloppy is viewed as a good butt. Despite the fact that 80% of USA adult black females are overweight, by any standard used, many unknowing blacks still believe that black women have great bodies. This delusion is amazing. If you are a black man that likes toned and developed butts, you will not find much of that around USA black females.

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  3. Those women in the video were horrifically unappealing. Sadly, such women the norm if you live in a majority black area. I’ve been noticing that good-looking black American women have become very uncommon as well outside of celebrities. Even black women in their twenties are starting to appear as though they’re significantly older. The poverty-stricken existences, having babies with unproductive men, stress, poor dietary choices, refusal to exercise, thug love, weave and perm wearing, as well as piling on several layers of makeup are resulting in very unattractive women.

    I’ve also once heard that frequent ugly thoughts manifest themselves in an ugly appearance. Looking at black women, who as your blog, your book “Negro Wars,” and many others have pointed out, I would guess this is true. I would also assume it’s true for most women who are extreme leftists, who wanted to go so far as to hold signs up calling for the death of Trump (funny; I never saw any conservative women do the same to Obama when he was elected twice, hmm …). As a rule, I have noticed that conservative women (particularly journalists and news anchors) tend to prettier. Tomi Lahren, Megyn Kelly, and the various female anchors of Fox News are very attractive. (I’m sure they play a role in driving the viewership of those networks.)

    On a more positive note: I have noticed that as I make more gains in the gym and even advance myself financially, more white women tend to check me out, and I’ve even gotten some looks from Ethiopian women (usually the most feminine black women, in my opinion). As long as black American men focus on improving themselves and stop listening to the shaming tactics of sub par women, they’ll have much better dating lives and happier lives in general.

    Keep the great content coming.

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    • Hey, I’m a gym novice and progress is steady, but yes the White and non-Black fit girls are starting to take notice too.

      It’s all to do with improving oneself, which takes hard work. You don’t want to waste your hard work on lazy bitches.

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  4. Not to kidnap Afrofuturism’s comments but the masculine tugboat looked like a nigga I used to install flammable cladding on tower blocks back in the day…

    We’ve actually got the best selection of women available, if you discount BW. Because of the condition of BW, nature has sought to correct this by making White, Latina, Middle/Far Eastern, South Asian women attracted to brothers. All we have to do is hold firm on our masculinity and the women flock to us like bees to sunflowers. Add financial power, and its like Kryptonite.

    Dr Umar Johnson got sliced and diced pretty badly by Tariq Nasheed, no need to worry about his low self-esteem, narcissistic self. I’m a DESCENDANT!!!!!


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  5. Black Do Crack and it starts at an early age with this ilk of black women. In addition to inbreeding and so forth, the unnatural chemicals in the food and water supply in major poor black urban environments also contributes to the ugliness in appearance of these same black women through the altering of their DNA. Good article.

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  6. @Daniel Brother Dan Ward
    I agree with all of your points, but why is it that all of the harsh chemicals and bad food choices don’t seem to affect black males? Black men are faster, stronger and more muscular than ever. Remember that report that was done a few years back when the study revealed that black females where the most unattractive due to their high amounts of testerone? However, the study also concluded that Black Men where the most attractive and of course you know the black female tugboats blew their collective weaves and tried to get the professor fired. #SYSBM…#TEAMWHITEGIRLS

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  8. You will notice that 12 year old black women will look a good 20 years older. Black Women age HORRIBLY, despite them talking about it being white women who do that.

    The chicks in the video looked like trannies and goblins. Everyone knows you have to dilute the ever loving $hit out of the black bloodline to get attractive women, overweight or not. Once again, if skinny black women with non-mixed features were desired, they’d be desired as foreign brides just like Asian and Eastern European women are. The only ones people like are the mixed Ethiopians!

    The best thing to do is literally breed women with these features out. It’s the best thing for both them and society at large.

    You Will also notice that despite their horrible health, these creatures somehow live to age 179, while their male counterparts die in their 50s and 60s.

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    • @Afrofuturism1
      It’s like Tommy Sotomayor said they’re BT:900-1100. It’s extremely hard to kill off these evil bitches, they just keep coming like the Terminator….like Reese from he “Terminator”said..”They can’t be bargained with..They can’t be reasoned with..They don’t feel pitty, remorse or fear..and they absolutely will not stop..EVER…UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD!!!….#SYSBM…#TEAMWHITEGIRLS

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  9. Let’s run through the checklist shall we?

    Ugly as fuck? ✔️
    Wearing weave? ✔️
    Looking and sounding manly as hell? ✔️
    Lesbians? ✔️
    Not taking responsibility for your actions? ✔️

    But I’m supposed to want to date and procreate with these dysfunctional useless bitches??? Get lost. I’ll take my chances with literally any other race of woman, thank you . As far as I’m concerned, fuck the black community. There legit needs to be a purge where you lockdown these neighborhoods and let these niggas kill each other.

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    • “L”s all packaged and sent from Amazon’s warehouse ready for home delivery. Along with the pizza they ordered.


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      • Michel,

        What’s wrong with you, lol? Upon reading this I almost burst out laughing really loud on a packed bus. The L’s continue to mount and the year has only just started. No doubt some losses will be sent out via special delivery, signed for, guaranteed before midday.


  10. Bros, we need to keep on doing SYSBM and other anti-Welfare State/Communist/Talmudic operations until the Zionist-Catholic overlords overlords decide to just give up on their plot to destroy the West using the weave-wearing, anti-intellectual, poverty-creating and supporting, mass produced Cyborg Soldiers known as the modern day black and westernized colored females.

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  11. Any black man who claims black women are the most beautiful women on earth are either stupid, blind, or stupid. Black women overall or just not physically as attractive as other groups of women they’re just not. Whenever you mention these things they always go back to the same tired bullshit about the white standard of beauty, how the media pushes the white standard of beauty, asking about your mother, saying you hate yourself, you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for black women, blah, blah, blah.
    It’s just so tiring to listen to the majority of black people repeat the same garbage that they’ve been repeating for the last I don’t know how many years. Let me get this straight, black women are the most beautiful woman on the planet earth, yet they are spending their last dime and doing everything they can to look like other groups of women and mainly Whitewomen?
    Now you actually have some mentally ill black women climbing Blackmen get short haircuts because they’re ashamed of their hair. All black women do is attempt to project what they are doing to themselves onto Blackmen.
    Go to any public area like a mall, beach or an amusement park or club and look at the black women and then look at the other groups of women walking around. Black women overall are just not as attractive as the other groups of women. All this garbage about black women being the most beautiful woman on earth is just more feel-good nonsense coming from a group who deep down knows they are not as attractive as other groups of women, and from black simps who are either afraid to speak the truth or in denial.
    The groups of ‘ black women’ who actually are naturally beautiful or Ethiopian some mullions Eritreans the women of Djibouti Dominicans dark Brazilians etc. etc. but those of us who understand know that those women are a different ‘type’ of black women altogether. But that is a different discussion entirely.
    This fantasyland nonsense regarding black women is just ridiculous.

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    • Notice that black women who are natural always have a damn near bald head. This is especially true of dark skinned ones.

      You mention the different type, and we all know you meant by that. Those women are MIXED, i.e. less black! That’s why actual, “black as hell” black women always wanna claim to be mixed: they know that it’s a superior model!

      Once again, why do you think Ethiopian women are desired for models and wives, but not Kenyans and Nigerians?

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      • Well I have to differ with you on that one, Bill. Black women could be as attractive (if not more attractive) than any other group of women. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but imho, the best looking black women are more attractive than the best looking white women & rank with the best looking women period.

        The big problem is not their looks. The problem is their aesthetic, attitudes, diet, etc. make attractiveness more rare among them… and conceit and egotism common among the ones who aren’t all-out ugly. If they have just a normal figure for example (as in, not obese) they’re conceited out of their minds and a black dude who brings the same basics to the table isn’t worth the shit on her shoe.

        The problem with black women is NOT their looks — it’s the storm of psychological complexes and insecurities going on beneath the surface.


      • Check Urself,

        We have to start being honest about the current gutter condition of the modern day black female. The fact of the matter is black women by and large are the worst looking individuals on the planet. Yes, they had their own brand of beauty, however not anymore. I’ll be honest and say that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder line is usually an angle used to give unattractive women a pass. Check out this black woman getting arrested for failure to appear in court, she is very attractive however she is not what we commonly see on the streets:

        To say that looks aren’t a determining factor as far as I am concerned is being disingenuous, the average rank and file thinking black man can tell a good looking woman apart from an ugly one without difficulty. The problem is too many black men have been raised around unattractive black females and so what they’ve been programmed to give a pass to in reality ought to be discarded of instead.


  12. Also, i am happy to report that I am currently talking to a lovely lady 😍.

    Her father is a light skinned black, and her mother is Colombian (sounds somewhat familiar, eh Verbs?) she is very feminine and also easy to let me take charge. She’s also a fellow Scorpio, which means I know she’s a freak and wants this D lol.

    Gonna take things slow, but trust me, when you guys hear a scream that could shatter the sound barrier, that’s just me busting this here 🥜!

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  13. The claim is: BLACK WOMEN HAVE GREAT BODIES. The fact is: 80% of black women are overweight by any and all standards. Does anyone notice a clash between the claim and the fact ?

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      • Exactly. Black women have their own brand of beauty, just like other women do… But black women are so stupid that they throw it away & are egotistical and conceited as hell if they aren’t all-out ugly. Hell — even the ugly ones put up an obnoxious front. Black women aren’t so ugly — black women’s “style” is ugly & not worth dealing with…


  14. Speaking of the UK verbs I was there last month i heard shebeast blkwomen once gone past eighteen are worthless… That you’d be hard pressed to find one that hasn’t got kids past that age.

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    • Cosmicbodi,

      Bro, to be honest most black girls over here are useless, the mother make sure that their children are wrecked from a very early age. The majority of them are weaved out from a very young age and already have the boisterous mannerism from before they hit the teenage years.

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  15. Gentlemen,

    The abandonment weapon is such a powerful tool in the hands of the thinking black man, and the fact that we have so many other options available to us is more than a bonus. Like Covertwar stated, we simply need to continue implementing SYSBM, no further action is needed on our parts.

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  16. Am I the only one who’s noticed that the best looking black women tend to be those raised in white neighborhoods and have mostly white friends and who’s parents are still married and are solidly middle to upper-middle class? Black girls/women like this tend to be sweeter and more feminine than their ghetto-fied counterparts. They also tend to date white boys almost exclusively. Black girls raised in these circumstances realize they have to compete for good men ’cause the white girls in their environment are sweet, feminine and attractive. They can’t afford to be dating socialists in these environments.

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    • Those women are the biggest bed wenches too. They will date white dudes who look straight out of the walking dead, but a well kept black man gets the third, fourth, and 17th degree.

      They will also have no problem turning ghetto all of a sudden on black men.

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      • That is true. But on the very rare occasion a brotha can find one that’s cooperative, it’s like dating a white girl with dark skin. Lol

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      • @Morpheus2275 @afrofuturism1

        “Am I the only one who’s noticed that the best looking black women tend to be those raised in white neighborhoods and have mostly white friends and who’s parents are still married and are solidly middle to upper-middle class? Black girls/women like this tend to be sweeter and more feminine than their ghetto-fied counterparts. They also tend to date white boys almost exclusively.”

        That statement applies to lightskin and biracial chicks also. It seems like their is a beauty drain effect taking effect in black America where the best looking, feminine, traditional black women are leaving the community awaiting to be courted by non-black men. This phenomena shrinks the available good looking females in the dating pool for classic men(I.E. Black Men); as a result you’re left with a narrow pool of low tier women.

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  17. Why do the Pan-Africanists call black women ‘queens’ and the ‘creators of mankind’ when they:

    .Have no s..x appeal or suitability for marriage
    .Are judgmental and arrogant
    .Constantly have to have the last word in an argument
    . Support fascism, Communism, welfare lifestyles and other Roman Catholic/Zionist operations
    .Are the real life proof of concepts of Cyborg Soldiers from Shin Kamen Rider and Cyborg 009 with their weaves,, fake accessories and violent behavior

    I’m not saying that all- NBW are queens but I would rather take my chances at diversification than be abused by these fools.

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  18. Morpheus2275, It’s not that black women raised in white communities are better looking. It’s that their attitudes are better because they are surrounded by white women who actually know how to behave like women and these black women have to conform to the standard or be completely cast out by the majority in these areas.
    And I agree that black women who are raised in majority white areas do have better attitudes, but on the other hand they usually give their better attitude to a white man, and will still have an attitude with black men.
    I grew up and went to high school in a completely lily white rich area of America, and maybe a black man might be able to find one of these black women raised and wanted these areas that actually behaves like a woman and he can have a relationship with. But most of the time those black females raised in these white areas will be on their best behavior for white men, and won’t consider dealing with black men, not that I care. But this is the reality of the situation.

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  19. Oh yeah, now black women are upset that Kim Kardashian got her hair braided, and referred to them as ‘Bo Derek braids’ ( a white woman who made braided hair worldly popular, by wearing the hairstyle in the 1979 movie ’10’). Black women steal that Kim Kardashian is culturally appropriating a black hairstyle and not giving credit to black women for originating this hairstyle. Black women have to be the most annoying group of people on the planet earth. Black women have to be complaining about something every day of the year. All black women are doing a showing just how insecure and obsessed with what nonblack women are doing as opposed to being concerned with themselves and with they are doing.
    Black women make me physically ill.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Yet the majority of black women culture appropriate from white female all day everyday through their incessant weave addiction, and they wonder why more and more black men are walking away from them. SYSBM isn’t even at critical mass yet and these weave wearing, white female, culture appropriating black harridans are already feeling the pinch, good, this is their own doing.

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    • If a black bitch can find something to complain about, in all likelihood they will. I cannot stand an overwhelming majority of them. The other day, had an argument with another delusional weave addicted whore telling me how weave and extensions are the same essay thing, and “white women do it too, cultural appropriation” bullshit going on. Idiots, the lot of them.

      I would in all seriousness rather jerk off with sandpaper before I stuck it in one of these disease riddled contradictive whores.

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      • Stephen,

        Stop conversing with these black females, you’ll end up losing brain cells and going mad yourself. You cannot reason with retards who already have a low IQ and on top of this a mental impediment to where they simply don’t listen and repeat the same stupidity over and over again.

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      • Stephen. Men, generally, do not use tampons or sanitary napkins. Despite this fact, many men know the difference between the two products. Tampons and sanitary napkins, used by females, are different products. Many black women will lie and tell a man that hair weaves and hair extensions are the same thing. This argument will often be that men just cannot tell the difference between hair weaves and hair extensions. QUESTION: If black women lie about hair weaves and hair extensions, how can black men build and advance with such creatures ? Black women that tell lies about hair weaves and hair extensions are also likely to lie about the use of birth control pills. In essence, the woman lies and says that she is using birth control pills when she is not using any type of birth control. SAVE YOURSELVES BLACK MEN !!!!

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    • @Shawn Swint
      That young man needs to be removed from that “AIN’T SHIT ASS BLACK WHORE”by DCFS ..ASAP . She’s telling the world just how much she hates her black son in particular and black men in general. But of course there was no out cry aganist this ass wiping piece of shit article. I don’t believe in god, but this one time I will hope and prey that he dates and then marries a white woman so I can be there to literally watch her weave explode, lose her fucking whore ass mind and then drop dead on the spot! What other evidence do black men need to see that black whores in general and a not so insignificant number of so called black mothers hate their black male children and black men in general. Leave, run with the speed and grace of Usain Bolt to white women or any other non black female if you value your health, safety, sanity, finances or your life! #SYSBM…#TEAMWHITEGIRLS4LIFE

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      • Keith.
        I Agree 100%. Pro-Black Simps Always Saying We Need to Protect Our American Black Sistas This, Protect Our American Black Sistas That & After Reading An Article Like The One I Just Uploaded. I’m Like We Gotta Protect ”THIS”. Fuck That. If I Date a Black Woman. It Most Definitely Won’t Be From America. The American Black-So Called Sistas Have Become Far Far Too Polluted in Both Attitude, Spirit & Body. To Protect That. Is Basically Like Saying I Want to Protect a Venomous ”Rattlesnake”. Bottom Line #SYSBM!!!

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    • Shawn Swint,

      Yet the pro black shines such as Umar Johnson and rapper Willie D state that we ought to still be unifying and procreating with these enemy combatants, smh. Since when do any group of men form a coalition with a group of females who openly show their disdain for those same males on the daily?

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      • Verbs2015,
        Those Guys are Poster Boys For Pro-Black Simps of America. If They Wanna Be Dragged Down By Black-Scraggle Daggles in Both Finance & Dignity Then That’s Their Prerogative, But For Me & Anyone Else Here Who Have Been Beaten Down By Rancid American Black Females Who Have No Gratitude, Are Always Greedy For Either Materials or Food. This is Us Clearly Saying ”We’ve Had Enough”. It’s Like When it Comes to Black Men in America We’re Under The Umbrella of ”DAMNED IF YOU DO or DAMNED IF YOU DON’T”. When it Comes to American Black Females & It’s Come to a Point Where it’s Like You Defend Them, They’ll Think Your Insulting Them & If You Say You Love Them They’ll Twist it & Say You Don’t Love American Black Women. Bottom Line I’m All About #SYSBM!!!

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  20. Please check out the beautiful new beauty of the new year BLAINE SHACKELFORD!!!!!!! The more of these beautiful types rise up, those insecure, bitter, jealous black women will not only attack white women, but will attack these type of women. And she is in a relationship with a black man. Black women simply cannot deal with the fact that they are at the bottom of everyone’s beauty list on earth. So black women have to invent things and convince themselves that every group of women on the planet earth that aren’t black are following them and trying to imitate them in someway. Sad.

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    • Bill Smith,

      I checked out Miss Shackelford, very nice indeed, very nice. Of course the bulk sector of the black witch contingent will be very jealous of her and the fact that she is in a relationship with a black man. Its what MBD and KiD Organic said a while back, black women are being replaced and at this stage there is nothing that they can do about it.

      Black women honestly expect us to accept them in their dysfunctional, broken and run down state, where is the logic and common sense in that? Also notice how mixed and non black women typically don’t hold the same disjointed mentality, they accept that they must be clean and come correct from the start.

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  21. WOW! Black women have sunken to a new low! Holy S#$!

    We have already seen the lengths that black women will go to to try to sabotage a black man’s success. Of course they have tried with the upcoming black panther movie by staging a boycott. Of course, we all know the boycott wasn’t going to do anything to stop the movie that was already breaking records. Naturally, black women, being embarrassed by their lack of power to stop the movie, were trying to deflect the blame for the supposed boycott’s origin. First it was a black man to give us the built in excuse for if the movie fails. Then (once the movie started breaking records) they shifted the blame to a white supremacist attempting to divide blacks to try to save face.

    Well now, they are actually going one step further to try to sabotage the movie’s success… threatening white people on social media.

    A black woman on Twitter has a tweet that is being shared and may go viral.

    The January 30th tweet (that has over 2,200 retweets and almost 4,500 likes) contains the following message:

    “Dear white ppl,
    Just a friendly reminder as the anticipation builds for #BlackPanther

    1. This is for the culture
    2. This doesn’t concern u
    3. Stay TF out of our way on Feb 16
    4. Keep all ur opinions about the film to urself unless you’re asked but don’t worry, u won’t be asked!”

    Statements 1 & 2 “1. This is for the culture
    2. This doesn’t concern u,” are meant to insinuate that the film is a “black movie” and to try to throw a false “pro-black” element to the message.

    Statement #3… Stay TF out of our way on Feb. 16.”
    This is pathetic attempt to incite the notion of fear. Basically it is her saying, “This movie is for US, not for you. We better not see you there,” to whites that may potentially want to see the film. Stay out of our way is a broad statement that could mean a variety of things. She wants them (whites) to think about violence against them if they show up.

    Statement 4: “Keep all ur opinions about the film to urself unless you’re asked but don’t worry, u won’t be asked!”

    This is basically her telling these to keep your mouths shut if you do see the movie in a pathetic attempt to prevent (positive) word of mouth about the movie. Word of mouth being one of, if not the most important methods of marketing a product or service. Think about it, the more people talk (good things about it), the more good reviews it receives, the more successful the movie is likely to be.

    The fact that black women would be so adamant about trying to derail the success of a record breaking, all black male led cast film should tell you something!

    Tommy Sotomayor just broke it down and pretty much took the thoughts right out of my head. He hits the nail on the head so hard!

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Dammmn, I didn’t even clock that, good looking out. It seems like old boy has been paying attention to this website after all. Slaying Evil maybe small but it is effective none the less. The fact that Sotomayor is using a term that I popularised not only in Negro Wars but also on the website clearly demonstrates that my work is indeed having an impact. Like Obsidian states, black women will have this conversation either voluntarily or by force.


  22. These idiots known as modern day black women are so stupid and arrogant, well nobody’s going to miss them anyways when we thinking black and colored men BREED them out. Let them go back to the ‘white’ supremacist house n…s and their deceased African-descended planter overlords, who must be staring in shock from Judgement Day when their own strategy gets turned against them! SYSBM forever baby!

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  23. Besides black women being extremely ugly and masculine they also stink they smell like weave chemical sweat hogs. Only been back from Asia for 2 days and I am puking st the site of black women they literally disgust me.

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    • I was returning to Chicago from an extended trip to Europe some years ago. I got on the train from the airport to go home. Onto the train came several fat, Precious-class ghetto tugboats who worked at the airport. Pretty much the first thing to let me know that I was back in America. Ugh.


  24. This post was made by a Angry trailer park trashy ass white cracker that finally sees that they no longer feel entitled but yet inferior to the Amazing Athletic gifted and talented black race. We know why white people are mad and jealous of black men and women they feel threatned because they are plain and boring.


    • Tobias,

      It’s not my fault you don’t have the intelligence to comprehend what’s been written, go back to school if you feel that will help you.


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