Derrick Jaxn The Male Feminist Mangina Speaks………….Again


I’m glad to see that more black men are finally beginning to step forward and call this bread and circus court jester out for who he truly is. Here we have yet another situation where the overgrown simp(as Obsidian refers to him as) known as Derrick Jaxn is once again throwing on a cape and attempted to save those who at this stage simply cannot be saved.

As I have stated in my previous articles on Jaxn, he is merely a merchant who is taking advantage of the gullible and lack of intelligence that currently permeates black female society and black women as stated in Negro Wars have no problems being placed upon the merchandising chopping block for pimping purposes.

When I first began watching the above video I was in shock that Jaxn was actually in agreement with the truth, however I knew it would only be a matter of time until he’d throw all logic, reason, common sense and honesty out of the window and use Ciara’s call to dysfunctional black women to “level up” as an excuse and a catalyst to go in on black men once again. Though he never mentions black men particularly, we already know that he is talking about the black male from the various scenarios he commonly talks about in his truck.

Once again, let’s deal with the truth and demonstrate how easy it is to rubbish this guy’s arguments. He talked about “over qualified women looking for a relationship but staying single by default rather than giving themselves to men who don’t deserve them”. Oh what, is he talking about black women working in the corporate world who still choose to deal with Ray Ray, Tyrone, Skillet and J Boogie from the block?

What, is he talking about the same “educated” black females who are churning out thousands of novels on Amazon dreaming about being the side pieces or the sex slaves of white men? Is this the value or in this case the lack thereof that so called “over qualified black women” place upon themselves? The fact of the matter is in 2018 most black women are trash who are NOT fit for relationships or marriage, however the dishonest court jester Jaxn will never tell them this.

Time and time again through article after article I have demonstrated the fact beyond any reasonable doubt how black women as a collective gravitate towards the lower dregs, thug, gangster, loiter on the streets outside of corner shops, gold grilled, sagging trousers type males of black society. Simply type in the word “thug” into this website’s search bar and you will come across the evidence for yourselves(if you are not already familiar with them).

What do black women commonly refer to classic, educated, intelligent black men as, educated lames. If black women were looking for LONG TERM relationships then thinking black men would be in high demand and would be inundated with proposals. Instead what do we see, it is the unproductive black men who these same black women rush to and attempt to forge relationships with(which almost always end in failure). Most black men are single WITHOUT children, most black women are single mothers, do the maths.

Again, black women as a group are attracted to bummy black men, they choose to bring bums into their houses/apartments, they choose to feed the bums, they choose to allow the bums to use their property as lodging quarters, they allow the bums to play Playstation or X-Box all day, they even allow the bums to drive their vehicles while they are at work, however white knight Jaxn as per usual conveniently omits these facts as they are an inconvenience to his simp to pimp agenda.

Another lie that the clown pimp merchant Jaxn attempts to push is that black women are looking for men who are fit to be fathers. Over 95% of black women in the west subscribe to feminism, outside of encouraging the murder of unborn children feminism pushes the ideology of single motherhood as the default path to be used in raising one’s children. Black women choose single motherhood, I illustrated this clearly in one of my recent articles which can be viewed in the link below:

Black women only decide to look for fathers once they are 2 + children deep and Smooth B has walked out the door like he did his previous baby mothers, it is at this point that black women view the “educated lame” as valuable, however only valuable in cleaning up the mess that she created with her own two hands. How stupid can black women get, do you ever hear non black women referring to the elite of their men is disparaging terms, I think not.

As Obsidian Radio has point out time and time again, I point-blank refuse to be the clean up man for these $5 dollar harpies, let black women clean up their own mess. I will not be performing the services of a sacrificial goat for their transgressions. Even in the bible it states that a man shall be held accountable for his own sins alone, not another individual’s.

Then the entertainment minstrel Jaxn talked about these unicorn black women who are looking for long-term relationships constantly coming across black men who are unfit to lead, however as I’ve already pointed out in Negro Wars, as per the modern day black female’s contractual obligation towards the state, in exchange for government “treats and benefits” it is the black woman’s task and sworn duty to prevent black men from leading in order to protect and preserve her white father’s kingdom as well as her own goodies.

Also, notice how when black men begin to expand upon their dating and marriage options how overall they have no problems leading non black women, all of these so called “problems” black women claim to have with black men mysteriously disappear when they get with a White, Latina, Middle or Far Eastern female. Also, notice how these same non black women unlike the black witch place value upon the elite of black male society(the educated lames) and have no problems scooping up these same fellows.

Black women are the most promiscuous individuals on the planet, this is reflected in the fact that they carry the highest number of STDs due to chasing and jumping on the penises of the same small group of irresponsible black males, yep the same fellows whom these same black females have no problems getting pregnant by believing that they can “genetically modify” them into good, responsible men and fathers down the pike.

At the end of the day most black men have no problem “levelling up”, nor do they have any problems telling fellow black men to do the same. The problem within black society for the last 50 years has been trying to persuade black women to do the same and unlike what Jaxn states, this is the very reason why our focus must now remain on black women and black women alone. Black women never level up and have no intentions of doing so which is why they are currently giving Ciara such a hard time, much like they did Ayesha Curry when she called them out for dressing like sluts in public.

As I’ve stated before the overwhelming majority of black women are lazy, decadent, unproductive slobs who are looking for free handouts and an easy ride through life and there is nothing that Jaxn or anybody else can do to change that. Only black women can change their degenerate ways, however they are determined to ride this destructive path unto death.

P.S Article coming soon on Pastor John Gray and the video clip that Ciara posted on her profile which is currently causing much controversy amongst the angry and bitter black sisterhood circles.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Nobody Can Saves These Whores, Not Even Derrick Jaxn

Most High Bless

43 thoughts on “Derrick Jaxn The Male Feminist Mangina Speaks………….Again

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  2. Notice that like you said, black men do not need to be told to step up for other groups of women. Their social, financial, and other facets automatically become up to par, as do their standards. It is only with black Women that these black men stay at gutter level.

    Also, notice this. There are several conservative white women who have risen up who are virulently against liberalism. Tomi Lahren And Lauren Southern come to mind, but “A Wife With Purpose” especially does. There are tons of these old fashioned, conservative white and other women, but notice that you don’t see that even in the pro black black women!

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    • Ann Coulter, Tomi Lahren, Lauren Southern, WoahhVicky, Ina Groll (look her up) and the British airways flight attendant that mocked Nigerian men.

      All right wing women, ALL have had (or dream about taking) black dick.

      Go where you’re wanted. #SYSBM

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      At this point the observable mental dysfunction of black women is so blatant nobody should be taking them seriously at all, yet alone listening to their constant complaining. Black women have become the gutter females of the world bar none. I have standards and I equally respect myself, hence why I stopped dealing with them years ago.

      Both Tomi Lauren and Lauren Southern are very attractive women, something typically liberal women aren’t(article coming on that topic this week). Pro black females stay liberal and feminist, hence why they continue to remain single at such a high clip.

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      • Do you think that Connie Chung is cute?

        You probably don’t know who she is, as you live in the UK.


      • @sevenkingsblog
        That 900lb Shamu The Whale black whore tried to extort money off of Usher saying he exposed her to herpes while saying he never had sex with him. Now how much of a gutter sewer leech do you have to be to do that? And for every 1 white chick that accuses a black man of sexual harrasment/assault, 10 black whores do it. I’ll take my chances with a white woman all day…every day..#SYSBM

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      • Sevenkingsblog,

        Are you so willing to conveniently overlook the fact that in the vast majority of cases it is actually black women who are dragging black men through the coals? Surely you understand that it is mostly black women who are running around falsely accusing black men of rape, right? This “the white woman is gonna get ya” mantra is prehistoric and out of date, especially in light of who is putting in the most effort to oppress black men and make their lives a living hell.


  3. Derrick Jaxn, the boy who lost his balls…

    Jaxn, “Dr” Umar Johnson, Sa Neter, Tariq Nasheed and the other band of anti-IR con artists will each get their individual wake up calls very soon.

    2018, the year we “Drain that Swamp”


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    • Michel,

      The fact that thinking black men can see his disingenuous nature clear as day, tell black women exactly what the dude is really all about and yet black women still flock towards him speaks volumes to their severe lack of intelligence despite claiming to be the most educated group(which they aren’t, article coming out on that soon). Outside of having an agenda I cannot understand how anybody can observe the current gutter state of black women as a group and still suggest that we ought to form a coalition with such individuals.

      Tariq Nasheed’s wife is mixed race, he knew not to deal with a full blooded black female again after his dealings with his daughter’s baby mother, he needs to stop be disingenuous, however money is to be made off black society, therefore I don’t see him coming clean anytime soon.

      Johnson stays sleeping with single mothers and I don’t see him taking to wife any of these black women he claims are so great. Sa Neter stays calling the black woman god but is yet another individual who has yet to call one of these “gods” wife. We continue with the war and draining the swamp.

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  4. Somewhere bouncing around in some black hoodrat chicks knockoff Louis Vuitton, are Derrick Jaxn’s balls..WHAT A DAMN PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A MAN. He needs to just go ahead and get the gender reassignment surgery because he desperately wants to be a black chick!…#SYSBM, #TEAMWHITEGIRLS

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    • Keith,

      Just looking at his face in the videos you can see that the guy is a joke, however milking black women of their money has become his bread and butter, therefore more fool them for knowing Jaxn is a fraud and still chasing after him. I’m glad to see more black men on social media are beginning to call this bootlicking shine and minstrel out for constantly berating black men but never holding black women to task.

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  5. I clicked where the word “educated lames” is highlighted. The woman is attacking the so-called educated lames. Her summation is that the educated lames are put on “Nig*ore.” She also gives herself credit for creating the word: Nig*ore. Her explanation is that, for educated lames, the term means “ignore a nig*a.” Given the problems that black women have getting married, it is strange that black women would ignore even a mainstream black man. It is odd that black women are ignoring mainstream and decent black men and yet complaining about their prospects at marriage. It is further problematic that a group of black women, with an average net worth of $5, would ignore decent men.

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  6. I have been watching this dude tactics and I notice something. He has more material dissing black men then uplifting black women. In order for him to uplift black women, he must first fraudulently demonizes black men. He knows deep down inside if he uplifts today’s black women according to characteristics he would run out of material in a week. He no different than the dude that hate on you or crack jokes when women come around to make himself feel better around other men that has more game than him. But don’t take my word for it because his actions speak for itself. Even in his book saying single mothers are for grown men which prove my point. You are little boys if you do not take care of other men’s kids nor responsibility. And not hold single mother accountable for choosing thugs over the same grown men he speaks of that black women didn’t want in the first place until they hit the wall. The same pro black hustle

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    • Doom Reality,

      The dude is full of tricks and schemes, he has no critiques for black women whatsoever, however in not justly reprimanding them he ensures that they will remain single so he can continue to feed them pipe dreams and fantasies. Quite a pimp when it comes to sucking money from the black women’s coffers. No genius needed because most black women are dumber than a box of rocks and willingly give him their money without question.

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  7. This reminds me of a Japanese show I would watch now and then called Kamen Rider Faiz, where like the bad guys were sentient zombies known as Orphenoch, they looked like regular humans until they would transform into animistic forms when it was time to fight. The zombies controlled this corporation named Smart Brain that basically had control over every part of life in the show, from computing to the media. Unknown to the humans the zombies had a plan to take over the world using the corporation, and they succeeded in the film sequel, Paradise Lost.

    How the takeover occurred; A contagious virus came out of nowhere, causing a lot of death. The corporation (Smart Brain) immediately came to the rescue with a vaccine, only for it to be revealed that the real virus was regular humans. The ‘vaccine’ turned its recipients into zombies.

    The show ended in 2004 but in 2018, I believe it is very relevant today especially with the rise of the beastly black female, feminism and Neo-Nazism and Communism, all while the Roman Catholic-Zionist overlords are laughing at how stupid the masses are and slowly implementing their plans for world rule.

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    • Covert War,

      This is all the majority of black women are, straight up communists who pretend to be allied to the black male, however nothing could be further from the truth. It’s amazing the mind job black women have pulled on the majority of black men and black society as a whole.

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    • That show is the $hit!

      Black Women, much like orphenochs, masquerade as humans, but terrorize human society when the head comes out.

      Only a lowly few thinking black men can say “exceed charge: henshin!” And stop them.

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      • Exceed Charge..hmm. Ishinomori-san was thinking waay ahead of his time when he created the very first Kamen Rider series, maybe he based the SHOCKER organisation in it off the Roman Catholic/Zionist overlords that use Fascism/Pan-Africanism/Nazism and Communism to terroise and control the populace…in the remake Shin Kamen Rider he introduced a concept that is shockingly in line with the plans of the Western power structure…Cyborg Soldiers. (Sorry, he also used it in his manga and anime series Cyborg 009.)

        Basically Cyborg Soldiers (Inhumanoids in the original Kamen Rider series, its sequels and movie remakes) are former humans augmented by SHOCKER technology into mechanical supermen. In Shin Kamen Rider the augmentation is basically biological, and only two models ( the protagonist and the villain) were ever produced by the Syndicate (SHOCKER’s name in Shin Kamen Rider) using the Institute of Super Science before the protagonist screwed up their plans, big time. They are normally programmed to be entirely subservient to SHOCKER and often wear animistic combat armour when on missions, to conceal their idenity and create confusion among witnesses.

        The modern day black woman is the perfect example of a Cyborg Solider proof of concept, weaved up to the hilt (unlike non-black and traditional African women who just wear wigs, hair extensions or just keep it natural), violent and warlike, totally lacking in beauty, very arrogant and power-hungry yet is called a queen by the black Neo-Nazis known as Pan-Africanists, unable to keep her weight under control and also supportive of poverty, hopelessness and despair. The perfect tool for infiltration and destruction of the ‘black’ populace of the New World and eventually the whites as well, as punishment by the Vatican and the Zionists for the American Revolution which would have given the blacks true freedom, if it had not been corrupted, and the white overseers, house servants and ‘slave owners’ a chance of life outside the African-dominated plantation.

        Most blacks these days are the unwilling tools of the Catholic-Jewish hierarchy that dominates the West and seeks to rule the world. I repeat, most blacks are the personal SS squads and OZNAZ (Spetnaz in the West) of the Catholic-Jewish overlords. Thuggery, retardation and devastation are only the starting syndromes of the future state of ALL mankind if the fascist AND Communist infection that is currently ravaging the West and making its way across the world is not effectively and properly dealt with.

        (The ‘welfare state’ in the United States of America, founded by African-descended European ‘blue bloods’ and people of direct African descent who chose freedom and liberty over the comfortable role of being the puppets of the British crown, their ‘pure’ African blood not being included is actually a ‘late phase’ in the Afro-Caribbean plan for continuous rule over the white and Native/’black’ races in the event of Emancipation.)
        [ Please note:Similar conditions existed in the 1930s to 1940s period in the British Caribbean, created by white sellouts who would rather enjoy the status of being house slaves than help out the natives who also suffered with them during slavery. These sellouts exploited the blacks and paid off the descendants of the African planters with the profits gained from this exploitation, leading to poverty, social agitation and out-right misery in the British West Indies.]

        By encouraging ‘hate’ on both sides and elevating ‘whites’ and light-skinned Negroes to positions of supposed power, the blacks would wipe out any opposition to African dominion in a mad lust of revenge and the whites would slowly replace them as cheap, manual labour as well as continue being puppets for the Africans to use, and dispose of at will. This information is hard to come by and the entire truth about ‘slavery’ will never be known, the last mainstream researcher who exposed the fact of African dominance and rule over colonial America has been shuffled to insignificance and his research made to disappear, although he died in 1966. )

        Please continue to promote SYSBM and get the message of freedom out to any black brother who is willing to heed it.

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  8. Another great article, as always. Looking forward to more content.

    One of the main issues I think black women have is a lack of desire to improve themselves, which stems from a defeatist mindset. I’ve heard and seen black men tell black women that they simply need to lose weight, don’t have kids until they get married, wear their natural hair, date productive black men, and treat people with more kindness. But most black women respond with something like “Ya’ll would still date white women” or “Only a gay/broke/small-penis-having man would criticize black women.”

    Sadly, men like the one in the video enable that mindset. By not giving the occasional bit of criticism to women who deserve it, he’s (in)directly contributing to the degeneracy which pervades black America.

    Black men are much more active in self-improvement, assuming they can push their egos aside to do it, but black women I find, don’t wish to change themselves at all—until after they’ve already accumulated copious amounts of baggage. One need only look at their dating lives to see that; the only time they select productive black men is if the thugs, drug dealers, players, and/or white/non-black men don’t want them or grew tired of them.

    (Meant to tell you that I purchased both of your books on Amazon Kindle, and have been enjoying them immensely, particularly “Negro Wars.”)

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    • @FitnessNerd — good insights. Black women overcompensate for their insecurities with this “I am perfect” egotism that is anti-improvement and contributes to harsh, disgusting conceit should they actually make any personal progress.


  9. Glad to see this dude is being called out by thinking men. Deep down he has to see the writing on the wall there is no way in hell he just doesn’t see it, but for the sake of making money, sake he says this bullshit and these dumbasses lick it up. I don’t feel sorry for them, or him because in time they will turn on him.

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  10. Verbs,

    One of the most poignant points I’ve seen you make is that “hoodrat is a mindset,” with proof being that both ghetto and educated/professional black women alike show the same preference for men who obviously won’t be present fathers. I feel your axiom applies to black women in general: whether the woman is a loud-mouthed welfare recipient raising kids in the projects or a lawyer, doctor or professor who carries herself in a more dignified manner, at the core is an individual filled with anger and resentment for black men. Virtually all black women are bitter and vengeful, and they fill their days waging war on their male counterparts.

    So-called “classy” black women believe that ignorance is manifested in delivery and presentation, thus making them different from their wholly uncivilized peers. Well, they are wrong. They’re just as problematic as the project bitches.

    Keep up the good work, brother.

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    • Most “proper” black women will act this way, namely to an extreme degree, only in order to get dingalinged down to hell and back by a white dude.

      Notice that this soft, sweet and feminine demeanor is not even spotted by pro black women! They sound like any other hood chick.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Yep, you only need watch Sa Neter TV and you will see so called “pro black women” acting in exactly the same manner as your local garden variety chicks from the hood. Look at the overweight cargo ship named Chyna Fox and the other wide load who’s name escapes me but Sotomayor went in on her a number of months back. Conscious or unconscious the black witch bring the same agendas to the table, feminism, communism, socialism, homosexuality, harlotry and single motherhood.

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    • Anthony Wilson,

      Thanks bro. To thinking black men what we observe on the daily from black women is obvious, however the pro black , back to Africa pundits would have us overlook very serious shortfalls and still partner up with the enemy. Yep, there is absolutely no difference between the hoodrat and the master’s degree, good paying corporate position black female, the violent, whorish spirit of Jezebel resides in both parties without discrimination.

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  11. People like Derrick Jaxan are just hustlers. They know that black women will pay you a kings random if you lie to them and will put a hit out on you if you tell them the truth. He is just getting his money. I don’t get angry at men like him. He is no different than your average pastor. “Just buy my book/put some money in the collection plate and jesus will find you a man to take care of all 4 of your bastard children.

    They keep on with this narrative that all black women are loyal,childless,in shape, beautiful, submissive, housewives just looking for a “Good Black Man”tm. In reality they are selfish,fat,ugly,communist traitors who don’t even care about their own children and dumpster dive for weave. Nobody is falling for the same old song and dance in 2018. I find it funny that the Derrick Jaxan’s of the world try to conveniently forget that black women from ALL walks of life were all over social media talking about “what they would do for the dick” and they wonder why nobody want’s to marry them. AYY LAMO!!!

    Black women played the 80/20 rule (more like the 90/10 rule in the black community) and it blew up in their face. Now the 80% of men you rejected are going to reject 80% of women if not more. Only the true unicorn black women will get married. All 1,000 of them lol. The rest of you are doomed to the life of a crazy cat woman.

    At this point it’s like trying to sell a rust bucket from a junk yard for $80,000 when it’s only worth $500 at best. One of their own, Ceria managed to find a simp to save her and she tries to tell her sisters to “level up” and find a simp wh- oops I mean find a good man who will marry you and the woman attack her. Why? Simple. They don’t look as good as she does nor are they willing to change anything about themselves (lose weight, take the weave out, have a pleasant submissive attitude,) to get the man they want. Also She had a kid out of wedlock and nobody is going to wife up a single mother unless she is hot AND rich. Seal and Hedi Klum for example. She was a single mom but she only had 1 kid,in shape,submissive,and rich. The average single mother is fat, ugly, manish, disrespectful, and survives on goverment handouts. No real man is looking to wife up a welfare queen. Sorry ladies but your weave is in another dumpster.

    Black women want to be able to be as fat as they want to be. They want to have as many thug babies as they want to. They want to be as rude and disrespectful as they want to be and you are suppose to accept her as she is and love all of her flaws. At the same time Black women want you to be perfect in every way. This is the welfare/hoodrat/communist mindset. They will just sit there with their hands out and demand everything while having NOTHING to offer in return only to act shocked when they are alone and young, childless, submissive, and attractive non-black women make off with all the “Good Black Men”tm.

    Black women are like the kid who didn’t study for the test only to get mad when she gets an “F.”
    Also I would imagine that most classic black men are conservative or libertarian. Black women are 99% far left commie scum who vote 92% Democrat EVERY election.

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    • The Italian doctor video was quite interesting. Freud’s analysis on an overbearing mother and distant father described up the scientific structure of many so called female run black families and its predictable fruits. Although slavery was outlawed in 1865, the systems and mental conditionings still flourish.

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  12. I agree with Keith I keep telling you these simps are closet gays look at his mannerisms in the video. These simps need to perish with the black women scum they uphold so much. These fools are sickening and let me guess he is single why are you not with your black Ghetto Queen.

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  13. Gentlemen. Please compare Michelle Robinson (maiden name) Obama to her brother Craig Robinson. I have seen Michelle Obama on television acting somewhat like the mainstream black female. (Masculine, low-class, etc.) Craig Robinson makes a few television appearances. I have never seen Craig Robinson act in the manner of a hood guy. My view is that when black females and males come from the same family or environment, the black males behave themselves better than the black females. It is clear that education and income do not advance black females away from their lame behavior.

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  14. Blk women as it is are just sex dolls no body takes them serious. I think theyre now slowly understand their role on earth. Look how many of them strip and fuk for chum change …some dude told me he paid some blkbitch hundred buck she let him penetrate raw without even asking for medical papers.and this whore had three lil girls.if you want you’re daughters in such situation then go get you a blk goddess.blk women have lost already they’re done.

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  15. Verbs, I already know that bw will falsely accuse bm of sexual assault, all you have to do is research former high school football star Brian Banks to know that. So no, I’m not overlooking anything that bw do. Trust me, I laugh at Christelyn Karazin & Cynthia G everyday. I deal with bw who have their acts together, I have to because I have 2 daughters, so I don’t want my kids around nonsense.


  16. I understand that this Derrick Jaxn clown is just trying to make a dollar by telling black women what they want to hear, and repeating all of the same old tired talking points that black women make in order to defend their nonsense.
    But the greater issue here is that many simple Blackmen really believe that all they have to do is somehow alter their behavior and this will transform black women from being the mentally ill lunatics they are into beautiful, feminine, friendly, kind, supportive women. This concept is pure fantasy.
    Black men have been kissing black women’s ass for the last 40+ years, allowing black women to walk all over them, going out of their way to praise black women, allowing black women to have sex with other men and still go back to black women, never publicly speaking out against any of the negative behavior that black women do on a daily basis, calling black women queens and goddesses, claiming that black women are the most beautiful woman on the planet earth, etc, etc. And despite all of this undying loyalty that Blackmen have given to black women over the years, black women still treat Blackmen like garbage and black women still and will continually to hate Blackmen no matter what Blackmen do.
    For the simple minded negro man and the mentally ill black woman, everything wrong with black women is the fault of Blackmen. Blackmen by the thousands could throw themselves off the rooftops of buildings in order to show how much they love and support black women, and black women would say ‘look at these dumbass Negroes throwing them selves off buildings like that’s gonna prove something to me’.
    Blackmen just can’t get it through their thick skulls that black women can never be made happy. Nothing Blackmen can ever do will be enough to transform mentally ill confrontational demon into an actual woman.
    Blackmen are either too stupid or in a state of denial to be able to see that the only time black women will ever transform themselves into an actual woman, or pretend to be one, is for a white man. Black women have no respect for Blackmen, and actually black women have no respect for themselves, their children, or anything in their lives because they are mentally ill.
    But if you try to explain these eternal truths to Blackmen, these stupid, simple, weak minded Negro clowns, will always go back to the same tired overused talking points that black women have been using for years in order to try to place the blame for their behavior at the feet of Blackmen.
    And you actually have Blackmen questioning why other black men are dating other races of women, and attempting to claim that Blackmen date white women or other groups of women are somehow not loyal to black women. Unbelievable.

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