The Dark Skinned Girl Delusion – Keep Laughing And Stay Single, No Skin Off My Nose


Yet another attempt to invoke the victimhood status by the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure, however most people simply aren’t falling for this oft-repeated Kansas City shuffle. You notice that in the video you heard voices of men from the UK, again, didn’t I tell you in Negro Wars that the dysfunctional black female is an international problem?

From labelling black men as white men to declaring us as terrorists, the barrage of hit pieces against the heterosexual thinking black male have been coming in thick and fast. Now dark skin black women are now attempting to persuade us that they are victims, victims of what exactly? It’s not the fault of black men that dark skinned black females are the most violent in black society bar none.

It’s not the fault of black men that dark skinned black females typically look masculine and behave in the same manner, it’s not the fault of black men that dark skinned black females on average have more testosterone running through their veins than the lighter skinned members of the sisterhood. Didn’t you notice what the first brother from the UK said, “those dark skinned girls aren’t feminine”.

Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t this the same thing you thinking brothers in the US have been pointing out for the longest while, the fact that the lighter the skin of the black female, typically the more feminine she will look and behave? also, in conjunction with what another person stated in the video, the more you dilute the black bloodline the higher your chances of finding a woman who will be willing to cooperate with you instead of constantly looking at you as some sort of competition.

When we look at the situation from and honest perspective, which complexion of black women complain the most, fight the most, have the highest level of insecurities, have the highest disease rate, have the most children outside of committed relationships, are the most aggressive and violent, are the most promiscuous, commit the most abortions, are the ones always disparaging young black girls about their natural hair as well as going in on dark skinned black boys calling them soot, darkie, blackula, charcoal, smoke, midnight, black as hell, turd, ashy etc, are constantly calling black men they disagree with homosexual or accusing them of having a small penis, none other than the dark skinned black female.

But now all of a sudden we are supposed to feel sorry for them because they face discrimination as dark skinned women, yet these are the same women who just like racist white and non black men will not hesitate to call a black man they disagree with every racist name under the sun, smh. Isn’t this the same black woman who is calling and referring to you black men as “niggers” every 5 minutes? Am I missing something here?

And sorry, in comparison to lighter skinned black females dark skinned black women on average simply aren’t as attractive, that is the truth that the dark skinned black female community refuses to hear and deal with. Instead their way of dealing with the legitimate criticisms raised is to laugh them off and continue to act as if there aren’t any genuine issues to be addressed on their part.

Of course one of the voices in the video talked about dark skinned black females and their obsession with wearing weave. Black women are addicted to wearing weave. As I have mentioned before and also in Negro Wars, there is a serious problem afoot when black women make the claim that wearing weaves protects their hair when in actual fact the rampant weave wearing is leading to heavy hair loss and thereafter baldness with most black women who indulge in the practice.

Again, an individual’s hairline is meant to begin at the front of the head, however when you look at black women who wear weaves, in the overwhelming majority of cases their hairline has receded so far back that it now begins on top of their heads. In so many other cases black women have become bald from wearing weaves for months at a time, I talked about this in my article A Little Thin On Top Eh Baldy which can be viewed in the link below:

All of the above no longer can be ignored, this is why I advise thinking black men to expand upon their sex, dating and marriage options. The fact of the matter is non mixed black women of the darker persuasion give black men in general the hardest times and the most hassle hands down, even the dope boys and the local neighbourhood thugs, gangsters and gang bangers are now realising that dark skinned black women bring nothing but pain, misery, death and destruction to their tables and as a result are choosing to either deal with lighter skinned black women or non black females altogether.

The L’s keep on coming for the modern day black females, dark skinned black women claiming that they are flourishing at a time when they are going down the toilet at an exponential rate just goes to show you just how brain-damaged, mentally challenged, mentally insane and mentally unstable the overwhelming majority of black women are. They look upon disaster as success and failure as achievement, smh.

80% black women in the US are clinically obese.
Over 75% of black women have children as single parents.
Black women commit on average 1876 abortions per day, almost 5 times that of their white female counterparts.
60% of black women have children by multiple men.
50% of black women have genital herpes.
Black women by miles are the highest consumers of weaves, fake eye lashes, fake eyebrows and skin bleaching products.

I really don’t see how any of the above can be viewed as achieving or being successful, however already understanding the warped and disjointed mindset of the black witch, can we expect anything different? Thinking black men, continue to abandon black women as they are choosing to remain steadfast in their ignorance, stupidity and bottom of the barrel buffoonery, as a collective they have no intentions of changing for the better, therefore it doesn’t profit you to spend and waste any more time with them.

Let dark skinned black women laugh away to their heart’s content and in doing so remain single for life, that’s not my loss neither is it my problem. 2018 is a new year and unlike the majority of black women I don’t intend enter into it as I did the previous one. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Go Where You Are Loved And Appreciated

Most High Bless

30 thoughts on “The Dark Skinned Girl Delusion – Keep Laughing And Stay Single, No Skin Off My Nose

  1. To be more precise, I would estimate that 99.99% of the hair weave in the USA is worn by black women. White women, often post-haircut, will often wear hair extensions to return to their former look. Despite the lies of black women, hair weaves are the same as hair extensions. White women–of course–are white women so there is little need for them to take steps to get white woman type hair.

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    • As a “light skinned” woman, I can’t stand, don’t want, am not interested in you crusty “bucks”…just stay away.


  2. It’s a shame that darkskin black women in other countries like your native U.K. and West Africa keeps on following these dysfunctional, ghetto black women of the same skin shade from the United States. This cancer already spread to the Caribbeans according to GW3 and it will continue to head down to South America and the countries there like Colombia and Brazil if this darkskin ratchetness behavior doesn’t get stopped. SYSBM.

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  4. I didn’t have the stomach to fish reading it.

    On Jan 24, 2018 6:56 AM, “Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock” wrote:

    Verbs2015 posted: “Evidence: film-tv/article/38280/1/watch-dark-skinned-black-women- flourishing-despite-colourism Yet another attempt to invoke the victimhood status by the angry and bitter”

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  5. God I straight up can’t stand black chicks, but ESPECIALLY the dark ones! These hoes always have SOMETHING to say about something, just like the dude in the video said!

    Dark skinned black chicks are insecure as hell, but it’s THEIR fault: they are the ones who worship light skin and mixed children, and make fun of dark skinned black people. They are the ones who, despite being old as dirt, have still offered SEVERAL times to “taste sum dat lite skinded nut!”

    Dark skin black women are the ones walking around with their hair chopped short, looking like a dude you used to play basketball with. White, mixed, and other non black women can rock this look without looking like accidental Dykes (purposeful Dykes in the case of black chicks) because they are actually feminine. Black chicks, however, will end up looking like one of the members of New Edition back in the day.

    Should I even bring up that ex swirler at the Chris Brown concert who looked like SHE could’ve played black panther?!!!

    BREED THEM OUT! Dilute the HELL out of the bloodline! Get wives from ANY other group and go from there, including you African dudes!

    Also, notice how ugly and masculine the chicks in the video were! Be honest, NONE of those chicks, or even the ones you see in the streets, compare to Demetria Obilor, Meghan Markle, Tyesha Fernandes, Summer Kellsey, Kira Powell, or any other light mixed woman. They SURE as hell aren’t as good looking as non black woman. Itty bitty Asian women DESTROY black women! God, I can’t stand these dark hoes! To quote ol boy, “dey nasty, bruv!”

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      You’ll notice that almost always it is dark skinned women behind any movement or agenda which is designed to undermine the heterosexual thinking black man because let’s face it, this is who black women view as the enemy along side racist white men. They can’t even hide their hatred for us well anymore, now they are simply going for broke.

      Black women want to be white which is why they continue to do everything in their power to distance themselves as far as possible from who they really are. You’re right, its their own fault for subscribing to the religion of feminism and being gullible enough to believe that white society would welcome them with open arms.

      I honestly don’t feel sorry for them, in fact I cannot wait for the effects of Trump’s welfare/section 8 cuts to kick in, then these sirens will be desperately trying to reach out to thinking black men but as I’ve stated before, I will not be stretching out my hands to save them in their hours of tribulation and desperation.

      This is their recompense to drink down especially handed down from the Most High himself and who am to stand in his way. Black women know exactly what they have done to us black men and black society at large, their attempt to play the victimhood card at this late stage is nothing short of a bad joke. #SYSBMFORLIFE #BREEDTHEMOUT #THEBOOKOFTYRONE #NOSCRAGGLEDAGGLE

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  6. That’s why over 80% of these ugly black chicks are so damn obese, they keep eating all of that cheese with that whine. So yet another bitching, whining, moaning and complaining session from the so called “skrong” and “independent” black female clowns. I’ve gotten to a point where almost everytime I see a black chick I’m struck with overwhelming since of nausea. The utter bullshit and nonsense that they spew forward on a daily basis and are never checked by anyone is simply amazing. But as the gentleman said in the comment above… “breed them out”, run with the speed and grace of Usain Bolt to white and other races of women. #SYSBM…#TEAMWHITEGIRL

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    • Keith,

      Black women have become the longest running joke in the history of mankind and things are about to get even worse for them. They continue to strive in buffoonery and ignorance.

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  7. Is that video supposed to make me feel sorry for them?? I don’ one bit. Nobody disparages dark skin chicks more than dark skin chicks. The chicks in that video have looks that ranged from predator, to usain bolt, to any dude you used to play basketball with way back when. All masculine as shit, and either had a ridiculous hair hat on their head, or if they had their natural hair it was short and with ridiculous looking colors and of course these stupid nose rings.

    I literally cannot stand black women, and it makes it even worse when they constantly try to envoke victimhood.

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  8. Video is full of street sounding dudes who sound like they were in Attack The Block saying black women are ugly ect. None of the men sounded like they ever set foot in a college classroom.

    Black women angry that Tyrone across the pond wont give them the dick and I’m suppose to care why? Also the voices did point out a few problems black women have and the women just refuse to address it. They are saying that all black men are thugs and none of our complaints are valid. We are all “colorist” ect. Whatever. I don’t care and every girl in that video was ugly and some had nose rings yuck.

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  9. After praising Mega Merkel as a “beautiful black queen who gave us hope” Black women no longer get to bitch about “colorism.” When light skinned women date/marry white men you say she is a black princess. When that same black princess is with a black man she isnt black enough and you say he is colorstruck. You bitches have a white mans baby and then cry racism at a chris brown concert when none of the black men wanted anything to do with you.

    Just go back to your thugs and fuck off. Men of value don’t want to date black women because you are nothing more that some thugs leftovers.

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    • I was thinking the same thing! A couple weeks ago they were yelling black girl magic because a HALF black girl got “them” in the palace! 🤣

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      • Funny thing is if their black princess gave them tips on how to get a man (lose weight,attitude,ect) they wouldn’t like her anymore.

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  10. Flourishing? Where?…

    No attempt to address the criticisms head on, just guilt tripping imagery.

    When they feel comfortable calling you terrorists, rapists, white people of black people, niggers, gay, coons, colourstruck (whilst celebrating BWs marriages to white men), I laugh. Because they are being left behind, and ain’t no simp video clip can stop the tide of SYSBM.

    Like Keith says, run like Usain Bolt to any other group of women.


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  11. Michel. About the N-word. People need to spread this fact. Historically, the N-word has a male and female form. Think of the word ACTOR for males and ACTRESS for females. Black women dropped the female form of the N-word. Black women, as the leaders of black people, did not drop the male form of the N-word. As a result, black males and black females use the male form of the N-word all day and every day. Black women have dropped the female form of the N-word and replaced it with QUEEN. Black women do not drop the male form of the N-word and replace it with the word KING. As a result, black women are viewed as Queens while black men are described with the N-word.

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  12. Hi Verbs,

    Bit out of topic but have you heard of the show “Beyond Scared Straight”? It’s an American reality show where they show troublesome teens the reality of jail.

    It’s obvious that the 13 year old negro thugs are single black kids from single black mothers who openly admit that they can’t control their kids. But what’s surprising is that there is a large number of WHITE kids who are also from single black mothers!

    Do watch this at your leisure.

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  13. The utter stupidity and mental illness of black women never ceases to amaze me. On the one hand black women are running around talking about how they’re the most beautiful, most imitated, smartest, most godlike beings to ever exist on the planet earth, and on the other hand they are always talking about how they are marginalized, discriminated against, hated, ostracized, picked on, group on the planet earth. And of course they are always attempting to blame Blackmen for trying to oppress them in some shape, form, or fashion.
    Black women are very unstable mentally. And the fact that white daddy gives a group of mentally unstable, childlike, lunatics power over Blackmen in the so called black community, is the reason why the black community is a nightmare that will not end. Black women walk around like they are the greatest thing to ever be created in the history of mankind, and yet they complain that they are somehow marginalized or pressed because of their skin color.
    You simply can’t reason with speak to, or attempt to communicate with a group of women who are literally insane. 99.9% of black women who I’ve ever met in my life know everything, can tell you what your problem is, how you should live your life, what a ‘real man’ is, etc etc etc. black women know everything.
    How could any thinking Blackmen believe he could actually change the mind or behavior of a group of people who feel they are perfect, all knowing, and all wise? You cannot do it. This is why there is no reason to speak, to look at pay attention, to or deal with black women in any shape, form, or fashion. Yet you still have the stupid ass Blackmen attempting to convince other black men that all they need to do is ‘work’ with ‘our black sisters’ and black women will eventually see the light. The majority of black men are simply weaklings who are afraid of black women and are willing to do anything in order to not make black women upset.
    What the hell are these black women at the end of that video laughing about? You ever notice how on the Internet black women always right LOL at the end of everything they say? Notice in real life black women are always laughing about something? Whenever black women are presented with a logical argument regarding anything they do, they simply laugh as if that defeats the argument or point. But this is the mentality of black women. They are beyond help. Black women are absolutely delusional, insane, insecure, paranoid, selfish, narcissistic, lunatics, who truly believe that the world revolves around them, they should be able to tell Blackmen what to do and what to think, and if any black man disagrees with this nonsense, he is a homosexual.
    And despite mountains of evidence that proves what we are saying is true, you still have the simple ass Blackmen talking about how we need to respect, honor, love, and only marry a group of women that hate Blackmen with all of their being. But I keep forgetting that Becky the Whitewoman is out to get me as a black man and destroy my life.

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    • Bill Smith,

      The part you mentioned about the pro black simps still believing that they can coax black women into one day seeing the light really stood out. These sirens have been on an open rampage against black men and black society for at least the last 50 years and I haven’t seen them repent and turn away from their wicked agenda yet. The fact of the matter is you simply cannot work with the overwhelming majority of black women as they hate black men by default as well as other members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood.

      The fact that black women always believe they are right is another reason black men with sense should leave them alone, we actually have black men out here who are prepared to take the blame for everything, even when they are clearly not at fault. These are the milk toast softies black women have created and unleashed into black society, what a shame. I’d rather take my chances with Becky, Ling, Lopez, Sadiq, Kavita, Patel and Kim any day of the week. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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  14. Keith, thanks. Verbs2015, the main reason why black women run around like they are in control of everything among so-called black people, is because the vast majority of Blackmen are too afraid or too stupid to ever challenge or question anything black women do. You have the stupid paternity shows in the United States where Blackmen find out that the girl they are with, and the child he thought was his, is actually the child of another guy who she was having sex with, and the stupid, weak, simple Negro will still stay with that female and vow to take care of a baby that is not his, and support the whore who had another man’s child. Many Blackmen present an image of themselves to the world as a macho, strong, tough, no-nonsense, etc, etc. but for some strange reason whenever it comes to black women these clowns back down, will tolerate anything black women do or say, allow black women to control them, are afraid to actually question black women about their behavior, are afraid to take any action to stop these black women from destroying their lives.
    But on the other hand I honestly think that the vast majority of black men are just too stupid, and concerned with getting black pussy, that they are willing to let black women run the show just so they can continue to get that vile stinking nasty black vagina that no other race of man on the planet earth and wants in large numbers other than these stupid Blackmen.
    Once again I cannot tell you how many times I have been in public and seen some disgusting weave wearing black whore walk by, and you will have large groups of Blackmen acting like complete and total fools and apes in order to attempt to complement and say something nice to a black whore who wants nothing to do with them. Those of us who have a brain understand that white daddy has given black women jobs and opportunities in order to elevate them above Blackmen. But we have to be honest and admit that it is Blackmen who allow black women to do any damn thing they want to, and will praise black women for doing anything they want to. A black woman can literally destroy a black man’s life, and you will still have that stupid Negro saying ‘ I’m still gonna be there for her’.
    You couldn’t pay me enough money to get involved with 99.9% of black women. And that .001 percent of black women who behave themselves, and actually know how to act like pleasant women, will only do so for a white man. Black women think it’s an insult to their overall being as a human to actually act decently toward a black man. But they have no problem doing that for a white man.
    And black people actually have the nerve to question why I would never be with a black woman, want nothing to do with them, and won’t speak to them unless it is absolutely necessary. The entire situation is beyond ridiculous. But I individually can only refrain from dealing black women in order to avoid a life of utter misery.
    How many Blackmen have we seen get burned by black women time after time after time after time? And they continue to deal with the same group of women who have turned their lives into a living hell. But then again I also understand the reality that most Blackmen are dealing with black women only in their everyday lives. But that doesn’t negate everything that I’ve stated prior.

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  15. Verbs,

    Long time reader, first time posting a comment. Just letting you know I enjoy reading your content, and pretty much everything regarding black women (particularly the darker ones) is spot on. I’ve noticed the aggressive, loud, cantankerous, self-hating behavior from black American women ever since I was in middle school over a decade ago; they were much more likely to fight than the men.

    Now, if anything, the ratchet activity has gotten much worse. You and your other commenters are correct; if you are a black man—especially a black man who is of the non-stereotypical variety and who has a healthy amount of self-esteem, intelligence, some sort of means (or even the potential to get some where in life), you are better off eliminating most black American women from your dating pool.

    Keep the content coming.

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    • Fitness Nerd,

      Much appreciated for you checking in and I’m glad you like the content of the blog. The black female of the US quite frankly is the worst of the worst and she is digger herself deeper into oblivion at a rapid rate as we speak. Black women as a collective not only cannot be reasoned with but in addition to this they love street brawling, more time for the fun of it. As I stated in Negro Wars, things are about to get worse with black women and the bottom hasn’t even dropped out yet. Stay tuned.

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  16. Typo above to my January 24th comment. I meant to say that hair weaves are NOT the same as hair extensions. Black women, as a group, are on a mission to lie and claim that hair weaves and hair extensions are the same thing.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Very true and I’m glad that I pointed out the difference between hair extensions and hair weave in Negro Wars. Most black women are prolific liars by nature.


  17. Where did you get this stat from? “Over 75% of black women have children as single parents.” I have seen over 70% of black children are born out of wedlock but not that over 75% of black women have children as single parents.


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