Don’t Be Like This Guy


This is one of the main reasons why I advise thinking black men to stop dealing with black women as this is the typical treatment you will receive when involved with the majority of them. Tyrone has imprinted her vagina with his member as well as his seed, hence one of the reasons why most black women continue to gravitate towards these unproductive, thug, gangster type black males. You must also remember another reason why black women as a collective prefer unproductive black men is because them being disjointed and dysfunctional themselves feel more at home forming relationships with such male(and sometimes other female)equivalents.

Here once again we have a case of a hard working black man being responsible and trying to provide for his wife, yet how is she paying him in return, sleeping with some foul-mouthed, streets is calling, J Boogie type black male behind her husband’s back. Listen, don’t ever allow black women to tell you that there aren’t any good black men out there, how many times have we come across this same scenario before?

Thinking black men must remember, the only thing black women desire from you is cash money, they don’t want to have sex with you, they don’t want to build a relationship or anything else with you, they don’t want you in their presence, your only use to them is being a walking ATM. Most of you have already figured this out and taken the necessary steps in order to avoid being fleeced, however the pro black simps still have yet to catch up and accept the writing on the wall(quite frankly many of them never will).

Again, remember what I told you in my section 8 cuts approaching black women now begging black men for help article, how the plan the majority of black women execute is to mess around with bad boys until their 30’s and then after seek what they refer to as a “lame” to mop up the spillage of their wild, in the fast lane past. Be sure to check that article out if you haven’t already done so, it comes with evidence straight from the horse’s mouth.

Once again, decent black men who still choose to deal with black women ought to feel disgusted and insulted as in essence what black women are demonstrating in a nutshell is your hard work and effort means absolutely nothing to them. Well, why are you so surprised, in my article black men walk away from black women 12 good reasons why, reason number 6 was exactly that, the fact that black women as a whole DO NOT appreciate classic, hard working, educated and intelligent black men. We already know one of the main reasons behind this, these types of black men already know who they are and thus cannot be controlled and manipulated.

Also you’ll notice that the majority of black women don’t have a commitment switch built-in, they stay hopping from one penis to the next, they enjoy letting Jezebel out of the cage, they enjoy being sluts and love embracing the slut culture, these are the same women who will complain about being called b****es and hoes but yet will sing along to songs made by rappers who address them as the same, make that make sense.

This is why I have to laugh whenever black women say “your mother’s black” when they know full well that the majority of the mothers that raised them were undiluted whores who funnelled men in and out of their houses/apartments as if they were fully operational brothels. Most black mothers are a complete and utter disgrace and are not good examples to use at all, miss me with that “yo momma black” rubbish.

Of course the stupid woman in the above video chose the guy who is not built for a long-term relationship over a man who was already looking after her and would’ve continued to do so for the foreseeable future. Yet another clear illustration of just how jacked up the minds of black women as a collective are, stop dealing with them, they just aren’t worth the time or the trouble.

Black men, don’t be like the guy above, this is exactly what awaits those who choose to deal with modern day black women, a world of hurt, misery, pain and suffering. You won’t be able to satisfy the above type of woman on any level and she will forever be jumping onto Lil Greazy’s penis when you are at work trying to earn an honest living in order to keep yourself, herself and the children(if you have any) afloat. Don’t be that guy.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Black Women At All Costs

Most High Bless

35 thoughts on “Don’t Be Like This Guy

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  2. Notice that black women will shove everyone away, and then wonder why they have no one!

    Black Women only turn off whore mode at age 175, and will grow into crusty spinsters with no man but a bunch of damn children. And to they emphasize that this path is dysfunctional so as to ward their offspring away from it? Hell no, they normalize it!

    That’s why EVERYONE besides me in the generation of my moms family directly born around me is in that same predicament, or GAY!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Black women complain about not being able to find decent men(which is a lie), but at the same time they openly engage in actions that are conducive to remaining single. It’s what I keep on saying, black women as a collective revel in degenerate and dysfunctional behaviours, this is also exactly what I talked about in Negro Wars. Yet they will still continue to claim that we thinking black men are simply making this stuff up, smh.

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  3. It has come to my attention that the majority of black women lie and claim that hair weave and hair extension are the same thing. [Perhaps many black men, also, do not know the difference.] It appears that black women are confused about the differences between the two products is because it destroys their constant argument that WHITE WOMEN WEAR HAIR WEAVE, TOO!!!! Since black women are delusional, it is wrong to associate with them.

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  4. American BWs dating options have been drying up over the past decade or so, most dudes black and non-black know to either not deal with them or not get serious with them. Either way their marriage prospects are slim, their attitudes, appearance, and reputation have scared most decent men off. They still cling to the belief that a handsome good white man is going to come in and save the day, just like they still believe that Jesus is coming to save them regardless of the sin or evil they engage in. I always get a laugh when they threaten to start dating white men, like everyone doesn’t know that white guys aren’t interested in them. Not many are interested in American BW at this point.
    The wall of silence endures.

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    • James S,

      The bottom line is nobody wants them, they have fallen by the wayside, they will soon be a footnote in the history books and they did this all to themselves. Black women don’t seem to realise that there is a price to pay for accepting feminism, fatherless home welfare policies and constantly dragging black men through the mud, singledom in most cases for life. The wall in its many forms remains undefeated.

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  5. Poor, poor fool! When we try to point this level of abject mental disfunction out to the pro black idiot, we’re told that ALL women are like that but when you point to the statistics that black women are disproportionately this way, you’re basically told to shut up and get to work cleaning up their mess, by both the thug and the female trash that allowed it to happen! You couldn’t make up fiction this insane! Black man, once more if you’ve not been paying attentio, run! Abandon the black community as a whole and never return!

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    • Andre,
      The pro black simps simply don’t get it, they are high on their own synthetic “the black woman is god” fumes. As I’ve stated many times before the pro black nationalists refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall concerning the gutter condition of the modern day black female. Like Obsidian continues to reiterate time and time again, I refuse to be the clean up man for the dirt these $5 whores have created with their own two hands along side Dey Dey and J Boogie.

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      • This is truly, truly sad. While I fully understand why a bad woman feigning goodness would want to trap a good man, ( I mean, once they’re old, waaay past their prime and can no longer play he field against younger and more tender looking women and their futures all resemble one long continuous, cold and lonely march to the grave, they’re actions make sense) but the thugs disdain for us escapes me. Their “I don’t give a f#@k” attitude about esoteric notions such as honor, courage, sacrifice, duty, ect. are all well known to the classic black man as is their “grab all you can on your way out the door” world view, but can anyone explain the hate? The pro black simp is still in love with an outmoded notion of “black love” which hasn’t been true since Richard Roundtree first played Shaft, and they have to see it which only can mean that they have a deep, abiding hatred for black men. It’s the only way it makes sense, they don’t want to leave the cesspool of the black community created and maintained by the actions of black women, yet they’ll be damned if they let YOU leave, although each of us can attest that we had absolutely nothing to do with it’s creation. The more I think on it, the more right you become. This IS a truly demonic mindset exhibited by both the average black western woman AND her black simp protector. Run away, run away and never, ever look back! Remember Lot’s wife.

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  6. What’s funny about the video is he is basically saying “Your wife is nothing but a whore” while she is right next to him. These men tell these women straight to their face that they ain’t shit but these women still want these men and she went down on him in the video. At the end of the day black women will ALWAYS go back to the thug no matter how good of a “Good Black Man”tm you are. “Wyile yuu at work….she suckin dik!!!” AYY LAMO these are the thugs that black women say “Asserted themselves.” and “Have deeper emotions.” Black women you are a fucking joke that stopped being funny 30 years ago.

    7 Years ago something like this would make my blood boil but at this point I just can’t help but laugh. All the cards are falling into place. The height of the black woman’s evil nature is full on display for all good black men to see at the same time Trump is getting ready to cut billions from the welfare state. These women left good men for thugs and when the welfare state dies thugs and fema camps is all these women will have left. Real talk a lot of “Good Black Men”tm are just silently walking away and “Going Ghost”. The black women in the online gender war keep paying attention to the e-celebrities on youtube like Tommy Sotomayor or Obsidian who are very vocal but ignore what is going on at the street level. These men are not walking around with bullhorns telling the world they are no longer dating black women. (That would be the black female swirling movement.) They just don’t date them anymore. SYSBM, MGTOW, IBMOR, and other things like that are very small online but the effects they have on society is VERY large and wide reaching.

    The men know black women are just whores with loyalty only to the government. They are like Ginger from Casino. No matter what Arnold Rothstein did for her she ALWAYS ran back to Lester Diamond. Black tradcons disguised as mgtow and ibmor desperately want men like the guy with the husband in the video to stay and try to make things work with black women (despite the fact that black women STILL in 2018 refuse to accept the blame for all that they have done) because they know what will happen and continue to happen when we leave and refuse to do the “cleanup.” Biracial communities pop up and thrive while black communities look like the set from 28 days later. It will always be like this because black women only want to breed with thugs 80% of the time and the tradcons know there is nothing they or anybody else can do to stop that inconvenient truth. If your women want to fuck doctors, lawyers, and construction workers you will have a community of doctors, lawyers, and construction workers. If your women want to fuck drug dealers, “savages”, and athletes you will have a community of drug dealers, savages, and athletes. It’s just that simple.Black women are like the alien queen in “Aliens” and will keep laying thug babies and the xenomorphs will hatch, inbreed with each other in their hood environment, and flash mob a mall or two before burning down the town.We are not sticking around for all of that. We are going to leave and let Trump nuke the welfare from orbit. Only way to be sure.

    Black men and men in general adopt MGTOW and SYSBM philosophy without ever watching a MGTOW or SYSBM video. They have no idea who or what BGS is. Good men are going their own way because they are tired of the bullshit. Nobody will be checking for a bunch of washed up homeless women with 5 kids who just got kicked off of section 8 other than some Fin-drinking-hippopotamus-water-in-jaku-thirsty-ass-simp. I will be damned if I come home from a 10 1/2 hour shift to find my girl with some damn thug who can’t even talk properly. Nobody is saying non-white women are angels and black women are demons. I’m just saying I’ll take my fucking chances with anything other than a black woman. If your a black woman reading this and you want to say “well I’m not like that” save your breath nobody cares. When 27% of black men are creating 70% of the single mothers in the black community nobody is trying to hear that lie anymore. YOU ARE ALL LIKE THAT your just smart enough to not let your thug lover film something like this and put it in the public eye for everyone to see.

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  7. Yours Truly, FLAWLESS VICTORY!! Sad part is, about 10 years from now, looong after thug boy has thrown her filthy ass on the trash heap, she’ll be sitting around a coffee shop, diner or bar with her other whore girlfriends swearing that niggas ain’t sh*t or that there are no good men left, or that black men can’t handle a strong black woman or some other nonsense!! Though this act sickens me, what I find absolutely maddening is her future disconnect from this action when the rest of her life ends up with her used up and alone. Bet she goes to her grave and hopefully to Hell swearing she did nothing wrong!

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    • Honestly I think women would rather go through all that pain and suffering than admit that they are wrong because it fuels their desire to be a victim.

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      • BW would rather share thug dick than ever settle down.

        Their lives are basically boring, they need excitement, which is what Tyrone supplies.

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  8. Is that video fake lol? What’s with all the gun shot sounds?

    Either way you, Mr hardworking Black Man cannot ever satisfy her, as she is a demon. You cannot dominate a jezebel.

    Dude better #SYSBM and bail out. Any decent White/Latina girl will snap him up quick time.

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    • Michel,

      I believe the video is real but that somebody took it and added the effects and the music to make it hit home more. But let’s be honest, how many times before have we seen this same scenario being played out? That’s the truth, non black women appreciate the “educated lame”, dude should pack his bags and head over to where he will be loved and appreciated. The overwhelming majority of black women are nothing but snakes.


  9. This goes back to the whole alpha/beta dynamic, where the woman’s ultimate aim is to get repeatedly fucked by Tyrone/Dey Dey/Dirty Dick Rodney, whilst extracting resources from beta men (Classic Black Men).

    In the case of the black society, the alpha is a mutant breed: A permanently angry, overemotional manchild. A loose cannon that the woman demon who she’ll try to control (and fail).

    You, who’s already masculine, disciplined and working towards securing a good future, is unfortunately considered a beta supplier to this bitch.

    Classic men cannot win this game. Better to bail out and be an alpha alongside your feminine, real woman to deal with, rather than the aggressive, masculine daughters of the devil.

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  10. Verbs, did you hear?

    Ciara gave a message similar to what Trick Daddy said last year…

    …and the Bitter Butthurt Broads of America, LLC. are now turning on her.

    You know, the same broads that were celebrating her marriage to that simp Russell Wilson.

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    • hxxps://

      IMO Ciara is a hoodrat playing the good girl role and got Russel Wilson to save her. Even if she is trying to tell BW to act a certain way to get married she is in no position to give advice IMO.

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      • I understand that was just your opinion, but How is she in no (meaning none, no standing) position to give advice?

        That’s no different than the a former inmate now having made better decisions coming back to visit schools to tell children “Wisen up and don’t make my mistakes!”. Even Rahab the prostitute was considered righteous for good deeds.

        If she was raised and brainwashed by the same garbage culture and finally saw the zero product game she was playing and found salvation, then good for her. Don’t forget the female children (as well as the male) born to that culture are also unfortunate victims to slavish indoctrination as well and some will break free from the death dogma. Best success in marriage and decontamination and reprogramming with upright standards for all who sincerely seek.


    • Kameron Brown,

      Indeed, I saw that yesterday, there is no satisfying a perpetually miserable group of individuals. Black women are cool with you as long as you never call out their dysfunctional behaviour and short comings. The discombobulated mentality and the forked tongue nature of the modern day black witch is a site to behold.


  11. Most black women do not understand that most so-called high school Alphas later become Beta males. The supposed high school Beta males often become Alpha males. As a result, most black women will never get an Alpha male.

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    • 100% Truth.
      This mainly stems from BW not knowing what a good man is. We are so deep down the single motherhood rabbit hole that the knowledge of what a good man is is lost on many BW and IMO has been lost for a few generations now. BW become single mothers after getting knocked up by Dey Dey and have no good dating advice to pass on to their daughters and the cycle continues. Most non-black women at least had the benefit of growing up in a two parent household and know what a good man is/does and for that reason get a head start on BW when it comes to identifying a good man to date. BW in the mean time are busy trying to get Tyrone, Dey Dey, and Quantavius’ attention.

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  12. Female animals have higher standards than the BAW – when it comes to mating…
    The BAW has no conscience…and her number one mission is to play the role of Eve….Which
    is to set her man up for a “fall”…

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    • Williammcmullin,

      The black woman of the west at this stage is a complete and utter joke. I stated in Negro Wars that black women as a group are not to be trusted under any circumstances and I’m sticking to my guns.


      • Verbs2015,
        Nothing Can Be All The More Repulsive Than When Single American Black Mother’s Either Use Their Kids as Financial Means to Receive Hand Outs to Uncle Sam or When They Take Selfie Photo’s of Their Kids Mostly The Sons. Post Them on Social Media & Type Some Stupid Statement Like ”That’s My Man”. In a Clear Disturbing Incest Mentality. They Look at Their Son as The Breadwinner & If They Ain’t Making That Money For Mommy or Helping Her Get That ”Guvment” Check. Then Comes The Put-Downs ”Your Useless”’, ”You Don’t Mean Shit to Me Anymore”. They Talk to Them As If They Are Their Actual Husbands or BF’s. Or in The Vernacular Say ”Your Just Like Your Father”. This is Why as a Black Man I Can’t Take Anyone Who Says ”Black Love” or ”Black UNITY” Serious. Cause As I Mentioned in a Previous Post American Black Women are So Far Gone. That it Will Take Generations For Them to Come to Their Senses & By The Time That Happens. They’ll Be Nothing More Than Just Leftovers. Conclusion #SYSBM!!!

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      • Shawn Swint,

        Black women are finished and this is their own doing, however like the mad women that they are they will sip Champagne and laugh to their heart’s content even as they roll into oblivion. We only need sit back and watch.


  13. What’s up fellas over here in SE Asia enjoying these so sweet and so feminine Asian women. Went to Cambodia first now I am in Thailand. Will be back to the States next week. Dude should have been a subscriber to this blog we could have saved him from this filthy piece of crap. Hopefully he does not have kids with this demonic creature, and Ciara did someone say Ciara how the hell can she say anything. Ciara was ran through by half the r&b and Hip Hop community check, had baby father drama check, now she wants us to believe she’s some pure women check. Excuse my language but bitch are you serious you and butter gay Russel Wilson try to put out to the world that you were going to be Celebet before marriage no Ciara everybody knows you are a whore of course you had BW putting that fact aside you cannot make this stuff up.

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    • Sean,

      Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself out there, those Asian women are fantastic, the black witch can’t even compare. Stay safe out there and have a safe trip back.

      Yep, as I stated before Ciara is simply a glorified hoodrat who happened to strike it lucky with Wilson. She’s right in what she said, however she is the last person who should be delivering such a message.


  14. What’s up fellas over here in SE Asia enjoying these so sweet and so feminine Asian women. Went to Cambodia first now I am in Thailand. Will be back to the States next week. Dude should have been a subscriber to this blog we could have saved him from this filthy piece of crap.


  15. Damn this shit getting crazy bros what do i tell my only daughter i think she maybe compromised as she gets older her mother (mother full black and father is spanish who is also serving a 30 ur prison sentence) was blatantly disrespectful which led to domestic violence but i did my best to try to up hold my family but she wanted to go explore the waters of bozo and thugs i agree with all i see in this and there is no mistaken it i feel the hate from women alike that have this mentality. The red pill is real smh so what should i do i cuz im done fucking with them its no respect amongst them to be with a productive black man who wanna build and contribute to the future so our family would be striaght but i guess thats out the window what do we do now cuz im done being humiliated by these bitches and being told i aint shit or i aint good enough smh.

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