Penny Claps Back, Putting Black Women And Simps Back In Their Place – Part 9

As always, a massive big up to Vurbyl Khent for the Penny Claps Back meme montage, enjoy:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Penny Clapping Back As Per Usual

Most High Bless

11 thoughts on “Penny Claps Back, Putting Black Women And Simps Back In Their Place – Part 9

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  2. Dumb a… arrogant fools as always. By the way Verbs, the folly of Pan-Africanism has been understated, in my home island of Jamaica it has turned the country into a literal war zone. The ‘back to Africa’ foolishness caused the blacks’/natives’ thinking to degrade, instead of moving on from ‘slavery’ and the cock-up that was the late 1840s-1960s ( and trying to improve the nation) they got stuck on this entitlement and revenge hype. The politicians saw this as an golden opportunity to increase their power and prestige after Independence in 1962, and used gang warfare as a means of social control, until garrisons developed. The problem got so bad in the 1980s that the poor parts of Kingston ( our nation’s capital) were literally desperate from the rest of the country. Enraged at the senseless spilling of blood a JDF (Jamaica Defence Force) unit went rouge and literally slaughtered a couple of the gangs in what was known later as the Green Bay Masscarce.

    The Soviet-aligned People’s National Party regained power in the 90s and in 2011, causing the nation to literally go downhill. Businesses that had lasted even in Third World status ( we are now a middle-income country) had to pack up and leave, crime is literally a business in itself right now and armed bands of thugs and hoods roam the streets with high powered weapons, searching for innocent or gang blood to spill. If you are taking a vacation in the New World ( i don’t use the terms Caribbean or North, Central or South America..sounds stupid and divisive) do NOT head to Jamaica without an arsenal of weapons and martial arts skills. The criminals down here are like the Judeo-Russian Mafiya.

    Part of the problem deals with the fact that Pan-Africanism like Nazism does not offer any real hope for improvement and change. Instead both movements tend to focus on an outside bogeyman seemingly is the source of every problem being faced by the people. The rule of the colored planters and the European blue bloods was excessive, sometimes cruel but I believe Crown Colony and immediate post independence days were better. Less arrogance, more thinkers and men of letters and less blame games.

    If you can and or willing to find the time to put content from this warning instide your next article Verbs2015, please do it. I believe America and the West are heading down a similar but more destructive path with the whole ‘terrorism’ thing ( which is just a Cold War scam) and the immigration issue. Dumb Nationalism (which Donald Trump represents in my opinion, how come he hasn’t kicked out the Russian Mafiya and the Zionists out?) and blame games will NOT defeat this.

    Good article and best of luck sir.


  3. @Verbs you wanted an update on my Becky doing the assignment.

    Well she got really upset at me over a collaborative minor issue and started working with somebody else. I acknowledged her upset and decided to walk.

    I don’t have time for bullshit anymore. My self esteem is more important.



    • Michel,

      Sorry to hear that bro, this is the problem with most women from the city, they’re always pulling some sort of nonsense. You’ll notice that very few people these days possess conflict resolution skills. If they have a disagreement with you then everything else has to be thrown down the toilet. You’re right, if they go sideways in any form or fashion cut them off immediately and start over again with somebody else. #YouDidTheRightThing #SYSBMFORLIFE


      • Cheers Verbs.

        One of the great things about SYSBM and developing yourself, working out, reading articles (like yours of course), increasing self worth and earning potential means feeling better about yourself, meaning any female bullshit can be quickly dealt with. I done it before with longtime “friends”, and I will do it again without hesitiation. Oh, well. #SYSBM

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