They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 9


Yet these are the same black women telling us thinking black men that we are simply making this stuff up, that we are repeating stereotypes concerning black women and their dysfunction, that we are jealous of black women and cannot accept that black women are “making moves and winning”. Well, what is this right here?

First and foremost since when do well to do black men go after whores? Do you see the oxymoron? Being a well to do black man means that you have standards especially in relation to women, therefore you will expect only the best and will not settle for bottom of the barrel dregs.

No Kia, sorry, you’ve gotten it totally wrong. Well to do black men deal with their equivalent non black female counterparts because black women like yourself would much prefer to open your legs to the unproductive thug, criminal, gangster type black males.

Because you and black females like yourself simply aren’t interested in the productive, decent, hard working black male, he is now forced to seek sex, love and companionship elsewhere. This has been the black woman’s protocol for the longest while and doesn’t look like it is going to change anytime soon.

Since black women and their pro black simp supporters love to bring up white and other non black women so much, let’s take a look at something else. You’ll notice that within white and other non black female societies, in general it is a minority of women who head in the direction of the bad boys.

However when it comes down to black female society, the overwhelming majority of black women desire to get their hands on a thug boyfriend, from the hoodrat to the professional, educated black female this goal is the same.

These thug loving black females make me laugh because they will be the same ones jumping on Facebook live crying about being assaulted and abused by those same rough necks, do you see how deep the mentally discombobulation in the majority of black women runs?

Of course for most black females thug love is fantastic until the said thug impregnates them with 2-3 children, it is at this point that the penny begins to drop and they realise that thug loving isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Don’t be fooled, one of the main reasons why black women love the thug so much is because they know that he will help them fulfil their mission to become single mothers, thus they will have no problems jumping on the government’s payroll.

There is also the control aspect, the thug type black male is much easier to control and manipulate into carrying out actions that will be beneficial towards her yet at the same time be detrimental towards himself.

Kia also talked about men not having to be rich to be good men, yet I would swiftly remind her that the overwhelming majority of the angry and bitter black sisterhood would strongly disagree with that sentiment.

Black women as a collective as talked about in Negro Wars live for money and materials, this is well know fact of which black men have the most experience in dealing with. The amount of black women who will look past the materials, money and instead focus upon the man’s heart, personality and character are extremely few and far between.

However of course in typical black female fashion she cannot help but call black men “niggers” practically every sentence. Do you see how these black women sound exactly like the same racist white men they continue to proclaim are the number one enemy and threat to the black race?

The biggest sign of Kia’s mental instability was when she claimed that the families of thugs are much more down to earth and that thugs are less likely to abuse women. Are these two statements supposed to be some kind of joke?

Well to do black men aren’t out here using black women as punching bags, thugs are. Thugs typically don’t have a solid family structure, most of the time they are surrounded by hyper emotional women who pride themselves on emasculating black boys and encouraging black girls to be whores.

What’s even more disappointed but at the same time not surprising was the simp Craig Harvey who cosigned the rubbish probably in the hopes of receiving some Scooby snacks and doggy treats. When will these simps learn that the way to the black woman’s vagina is not via mangining, simping and pandering?

Again, as I have stated many times before June Bug, Dey Dey, Leroy, Skillet, Tyrone and J Boogie from the block DO NOT SIMP in order to get sex from black women, they disrespect black females, treat them coarsely, they rough them up and black women still reciprocate by opening their legs to those same fellows.

Yet another reason as to why thinking black men ought to seek sex, love and companionship elsewhere with non black women, the mentality of Kia Michelle represents that of the overwhelming majority of black women today, after all 96% of black women voted for the liberal, ultra left-wing feminist and self-confessed witch Hillary Clinton.

By the way, do not be fooled, most black women enjoy being roughed up and disrespected because if they didn’t they wouldn’t respond more to those who do it as opposed to those black men who truly respect good black women and treat them well aka the educated lames also known as classic black men. #SYSBM black men, save yourselves.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

73 thoughts on “They Continue To Tell On Themselves – Part 9

  1. I just really don’t even know what to say after reading those posts. The overwhelming majority of black females are a complete and total loss!!! DATE OUT BLACK MEN…DATE OUT NOW!!!!…#SYSBM

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  3. She actually said that thugs are less abusive. That’s like saying a gun shot is less potentially lethal than a wrist slap.

    Conversely, look at the state of black relationships, and that tells you all you need to know about black Women. You can’t romance them because there’s nothing romantic about them.

    Unlike most women, black women do not, nor can they even fathom anything in way of romance and tenderness in a relationship. They can imagine the wining and dining, its the actual love and affection part, the part that other groups of women dream of since they’re children, that black women struggle with. This is why the extent of black relationships is screwing.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      These heifers stay drinking down high octane dumb fuel for life. We thinking black men have a duty of dignity and care towards ourselves NOT to date, marry nor procreate with these women. Black women don’t know how to show love and affection, however you’ll notice that black men don’t have any issues in these departments. Even those black men raised by single mothers still have the ability to show love and affection towards the women they deal with regardless of the woman’s race.

      Agreed, romance, affecrion and sensitivity is alien to most black females, here is a video you’ve probably seen before that proves the point:

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      • I can honestly and earnestly admit that in my family, there are NO examples of a black man and woman in a good, wholesome, loving relationship, let alone a damn marriage. My mother was literally the ONLY one able to choose a dick to save her life, and there’s no emphasis on settling down or getting married. Keep in mind once again that this is amongst the so called SKRONG CHRISTIANS of black folks.

        You will also notice that white groups such as Mormons do not have this problem, and get married young and start wholesome families. It’s should showcase not only the state of black relationships, but also how ridiculous white mens complaints are, given that what they claim they desire is literally happening under their damn noses.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Same situation with the Amish, steady, wholesome familes and on top of this for the most part they are a self sufficient group. Black women have messed up the black family structure royally and the pro black simps/manginas/white knights continue to give them a pass.

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      • Mormons are much the same way and even have their own business network in Utah. Essentially “white Jews”, if u will.

        Compare this to the so called pro blacks who build nothing despite making the most noise. Or the educated queens who are much the same way.

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  4. An update on the voting habits of black women is the 98% of the black women in Alabama voted for Doug Jones, the Democrat, in the recent race for U. S. senator. I suppose that the 2% that voted for the other candidate were intoxicated or made a voting error. I often say that USA black women are the least diverse group of people in the USA. The majority of USA black women have the same conduct and attitudes.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      98% vote for the the Democrat, incredible but not surprising. Black women love poncing of the state, they embrace slavery and serfdom. Black society is going to have to be completely broken before it can be redeemed because of the modern day black woman and her antics.

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      • Verbs, your comment as well as Mr. Chandler’s are the reasons why Decent Black Men shouldn’t waste time differentiating the miniscule amount of so called decent black women or black NAWALTS from the other AT LEAST 98% of black women alive on this planet who ( regardless of educational or economic achievement) are nothing but despicable, immoral, sub-human, worthless trash.
        These mythical decent black women might as well be unicorns or tooth fairies because I don’t believe they actually exist and even if a handful or so are still around they still are irrelevant because It’s not worth the time or effort to try to find a needle in a haystack the size of Mount Everest, this Is why when discussing these black female animals, we might as well just say ALL of them.
        Great article and all the more reason why Decent Black Men need to abandon those filthy beast and the sh#thole “black community” they have created.

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      • Claude LeGree,

        I’ve noticed that whenever black women and their pro black simp advocates attempt to make the claim that good black women still exist, they never seem to be able to point us to any examples which goes to show just how bad black women as a collective have actually become.

        Agreed, let black women run and deal with the cruddy community they have created and manifested through their open embrace of the single motherhood culture. Black women breed with the low dreg scum buckets of black male society, yet they still want the elite black man to step in and clean up the community ie their mess, the brasen audacity, smh.


  5. As I stated in the comments section of one of MBDMadbusDriver’s recent videos, Decent, young black boys & men should not change their image/character to the stereotypical thug/hood dude for some cheap, minor notability and play from these same black women that wouldn’t give these boys and men any time or day a chance without the swag garments and materialism that comes with it. Black women of this ilk thinks that getting a rough n*gga with a 15-inch penis along with a dazzling auto paint job, 30-inch tires & rims, and a pimped out interior of used car from the late 1980s/early 90s is a sign of strength and masculinity. This supposed to be a turn-on and a panties’ wet moment for them until other women want and actually gets a piece of that thug guy. Women of other cultures and ethnicities for the most part detest no-good men but it’s the opposite when it boils down to western black women of their respective, ran down, matriarchal innercities. SYSBM.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      I couldn’t agree more, there is no need for black men to cow tow towards such gutter trash black females. Black men need to expand their thinking past the scraggle daggle.

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  6. I can’t even make straight eyed contact with this kinda ignoramus trash these days.

    They have truly garnered my Repulse. And I’m certain they can sense it.

    Oh well.


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    • Preme,

      If I didn’t know any better I would say that black women are on a straight course to regress and morph into new age primates. Their level of stupidity and ignorance knows no bounds at this stage.

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  7. Good post Verbs.
    Some well to do men may have illicit sex with whores behind closed doors, but how many of those men marry whores? Very very few. Most well to do men (and good men in general) want a good clean cut woman, they understand that the person you date is also a representation of YOU. Walking around with some weaved up, tatted up, hoodrat shows that the man regardless of income is probably just as trashy as his woman and vice versa for women dating dusty men.
    Too many of these lost BW haven’t learned that “thug dick” will destroy a woman’s life, hence many BW end up as struggling broke single moms.

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    • James S,

      Exactly, the whore is only good for short term gratification, most black women are the same(if a man chooses to go there, I won’t and haven’t for over a decade). The part you mentioned about the woman you date being a reflection of you is so true, this is one of the reasons why I stopped dealing with black women years ago, they no longer represent anything good, wholesome, natural, righteous and pleasant. They revel in debauchery, decadence, ignorance, buffoonery and degeneracy, things I most certainly do not indulge in nor will I tolerate.

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  8. Once upon a time in the “Land of Many Delusions” grew some apple trees. Everyone praised the trees for their strength and beauty. However,reality painted a different picture…

    You see, the trees kept producing bad apples. In fact, some of them were rotten to the core…Over time,everyone began to hate the apples but no one condemned the apple trees…

    Therefore they stayed “grounded” and “rooted” in their whorish behavior…SYSBM

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  9. Kia Michelle
    Why jboogie gota leave me like dis?
    Oct 7

    Kia Michelle
    Going kill dat fat bitch Shaniqua, hell no she aint taking my man!!!!!!
    Oct 8

    Kia Michelle
    Oct 9

    Kia Michelle
    Looking for a good nigga to take care of my 14 kids by 15 niggaz, som1 needs 2 pay. DM pics of back account.
    Oct 10

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  10. When I read shit like this I cant help but be proud of my uk brothas who interracially date marry and fuck at such a high percentage.Obviously they know what most black men on this side of the map cant wrap their collective heads around.

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    • I Love Pawgs,

      Yep, black men in the UK clocked on a long time ago that black women over here are absolutely no good and thereafter have taken evasive measures. The shaming tactics that black women in the US use to try to shame black men into dating them exclusively would be laughed out of the building over here.

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  11. With all due respect, Verbs, it wasn’t Hillary Clinton who was a “self-confessed witch,” it was [b]this[/b] conservative woman, Christine O’Donnell.


  12. Code Geass: The Untold Story

    The Brittanian Emperor, Charles and his older brother VV were discussing the rise of the masked revolutionary Zero in Area 11 and how to properly start Ragnarok. When VV reached the topic of Prince Lelouch’s exile Charles nearly had a heart attack.

    “I know the brat was disrespectful to you when he learnt of his mother’s death, but why are you so comfortable with him f…. all those impure Numbers and commoners? Wouldn’t a Negro woman from the Caribbean…no the Southern Homeland be better?”

    “Look brother, I know you want the best for your nephew as pathetic as he is, but don’t you see how selfish and arrogant ‘black’ women have gotten? Have you forgotten how they sold out their beautiful straight hair for the hairstyles of us coloreds, and there are rumors that they have even attempted to imitate that of the commoners now?”

    “Dear Gods! Is this true? I thought that black women were strong, beautiful and subservient to their males, who by the way are becoming the most wanted in terms of dating…especially among commoners,”

    “That was when we were children but it seems like black women have sold out to the colored male for power and position some time after ‘slavery’, of course we would never tarnish our blood with such savagery, obviously the commoner male picked up on this useful idea after the Reorganisation and it has proven effective in controlling Negro insurrection,”

    “That doesn’t explain why you are allowing him to dilute the royal bloodline that our ancestors worked so hard to preserve,”

    ” It’s called diversity VV, haven’t you noticed that he is picking up different types of non-African women in the Little Garden and bedding them like a real man, even though he is pretending to be prudish about it? It’s a wonder how he manages to keep up being a ‘hero of justice’ and his hobby at the same time,”

    The two of them left the area, leaving V2 in his thoughts. Of course Prince Lelouch wasn’t Zero but it was too late for all the parties concerned, the real Zero with the help of a faction known as the Enclave had ‘liberated’ North America from Britannia, leaving him as a puppet monarch of what was left of the Empire. Needless to say both the masked revolutionary and the young Emperor literally wasted years trying to undo the brainwashing of ‘white supremacy’ left behind by the colored/African-descended overlords of the New World and encouraging black males to ‘date out’.


    This is just a crack idea I had but I was wondering if you could use something like this in your next article? Because black women like their Roman Catholic/Zionist masters never change, they never have since the dawn of feminism (CIA-communist collaboration project) and never will looking at the way things are going. Some black and even coloured/African men are wasting their time with black and westernized African females, acting like Shiro Emiya from the anime franchise Fate/Stay Night when you could get a nice non-black, or even a non-westernized African woman and move on with your life. (Notice that I put us Africans and the blacks/New World Natives as two different peoples

    Please keep up your work, in a time which makes George Orwell’s 1984 look like a joke more voices of reason are needed to keep the light of truth and justice aliv. Good luck..and God bless!

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  13. I’m glad I came across this page. It is amazingly refreshing to see there are many other black men who cannot and will not put up with these weave addicted, five dollar whores. I refuse I mean REFUSE to date, nevermind entertain a black bitch. I would rather be alone. Thanks for all you do Verbs, and keep up the great work.

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    • Stephen,

      Thanks bro, since most of the black community is too busy praising the very black female who is destroying it, it makes no sense to appeal to such zombies. I now talk to the thinking black man only because I know he sees exactly what I do.

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  14. So according to some black women, it is thugs (ie, overly masculine, reactionary, violent, tattooed, criminal, stupid, animal, loud mouth, idiots) who love black women? But I kind of agree with this idea or concept, because you would actually have to be a dumbass, nonthinking, illiterate, criminal buffoon to pledge your undying loyalty to black women.
    ‘Hood niggas’ are the soul of the black race? What type of woman views the lowest life form in the alleged black community to be this so called soldiers of ‘our’ race? And who on earth to want to ‘step’ to some so called ‘hood nigga’. I personally tried to avoid niggas and hood black females.
    ‘Thugs have deeper emotions’? Not even worth me responding to. ‘Thugs have better dick’. Shows you what the mind of black women is focused on. Even know the promise and the idea is completely ridiculous, black women are so far gone mentally, that this is their process of thought regarding life.
    A ‘thug’ is less likely to abuse you??????? I am almost running out of things to say regarding the absolute insane mental state of the majority of black women in America and abroad to be honest. If this world were just and honest, the mental institutions worldwide would be filled with 99% black women.
    This Simp black man still does not understand or realize that no matter how much you try to ‘prove’ to black women how much of a good and upstanding guy they are. Black women will always gravitate to the lowest scumbag Blackmen.
    I have set rules for myself. Those rules are to avoid speaking to, looking at, acknowledging, or dealing with black women in any form whatsoever. Black women are beyond insanity, beyond reason, and are entities that are simply to be ignored.
    And the truly sad thing is this a mentally ill black woman demon who wrote these things, actually believes and knows in her heart that what she is saying is true.
    But I forgot Whitewomen do and say the same things, don’t they? For those of us who have a brain, never ever allow a black woman or some weak ass black male Simp to con you into believing you have any duty to be with these mentally ill black woman demons. If you want a guarantee that your life will be turned into a living hell, get involved with a black female and see where it gets you.
    And of course it’s not all black women just 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999 percent of them.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Exactly the thugs act just like the irrational and emotional women they worship. However notice that thugs with MONEY are the first ones to get themselves a non black woman, ouch!

      This isn’t a particularly bad thing at all btw. I actually like the fact black women are exposing their love for criminals more and more as it provides perfect proof as to why they and their nigglet children need to be starved out. Who knows maybe Mr Trump will do us a favor?

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    • Bill Smith,

      As JW stated, just interacting with black women less automatically brings more peace and tranquillity to a person’s life. This is what years of inbreeding and breeding with the wrong individuals has brought about, a black female who has the mental capacity of a 2 year old child and even that is being too generous. There is no nice way of putting it, the overwhelming majority of black women walking the planet are retarded, hence one of the main reasons why they remain single at such a high clip.

      Just like in the US over here in the UK the plan for thinking blacks is the same, whenever a black person begins to make sufficient amounts of cash the first thing he/she will do is move away from other blacks recognising that the so called black community is a basket case that cannot be redeemed. Black women in conjunction with their white father have created these community hell holes, therefore let them suffer in their own creations by themselves.

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    • I look at it like this. I cannot stand roughly eighthy five percent of black bitches. I utterly despise about twelve to thirteen percent of black bitches. The two to three percent left over, are the semi decent ones; and even that is a stretch. Don’t get it twisted, those numbers up there include family as well.

      I haven’t dated or even talked to one in years, and like I said before in my initial post, I’d rather be alone before I willingly dated a black bitch. I steer clear of these whores and their simp counterparts as much as I can help.

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  15. Again. USA black women are the least diverse group in the nation. For the most part, they have the same bad bodies, same bad conduct, and engage in the same disgusting behavior. White women, for example, do not vote for Democrats 95% to 99% of the time. White women do not vote for Republicans 95% to 99% of the time. Do not fall for the NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT NONSENSE. The reason one should not believe this junk is that black women are always the same.

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  16. “War, war never changes,” Quote from Fallout game series

    “All I want to say is that THEY DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT US,” Micheal Jackson

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  17. She is just another bitter woman who at the end see that the good black men have left the building and has no choice but to go back to her thugs. She says thugs are better in bed but deep down she is mad she can’t fool a thinking black man with high smv to deal with her so she says thugs have better dicks.

    She lies to herself and says that thugs treat them better but we all know at the end of the day you will be on facebook a few months from now talking about how you need a good black man to step up to the plate and takr care of that thugs kids.

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  18. Reggie James, I’m just sick of black women period. I haven’t heard back from that black woman demon who tried to set me up with another black demon during a job interview. And I feel great about being spared from the never ending evil, deceit, lies, and problems that come from simply being around black women. I would probably rather work for near minimum wage, in an environment free of black women, than be working for better pay in an environment controlled by black women. And mind you, I would never allow the stupidity of black women stop me from doing what I have to do to survive. But sometimes you must know when to say yes, and when to say no.
    Black women only bring problems. Even the women in my family, always have some ulterior motive, or are trying to control black men. Believe me, I have tried to find redeemable values that black women possess, but I simply cannot find any. Black women have a mentally or nature that leads them to cause problems, be confrontational, be aggressive, be angry, never be satisfied, never be content.
    It’s actually embarrassing that these so called black women are on such a low level in terms of every aspect of life. But they are. And any black man who says otherwise is either blind, stupid, in denial, or a Simp.
    It is imperative that black men who have a brain understand the misery that comes from Dealing with 99% of black women, and if black men want to actually be happy, avoid black women. But if you listen to black women, black men are to blame for not ‘protecting’ black women, being defeated by white supremacy, and having relationships with white women.
    Not that I listen to this mentally ill lunatic name Cynthia G, but from time to time I’ll check out her videos just to see how much she’s losing her mind. Cynthia G and Chyna Fox spent like an hour and a half (a skimmed through the video), rambling about the shortcomings of Blackmen.
    Most black women are literally mentally ill.

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  19. Verbs, this is so frigging disgusting dude! Not one more black man should send that loathsome “Mr. Controversy” another red cent or watch one of his redundant videos. Obsidian was one of the last few black men on planet Earth who thought highly of Tommy and even respected the man. And look what Obsidian got for it! As Tommy stated in his message to Obsidian, he’s tired of black men like Obsidian making money off his name. But as Obsidian rightly stated, Tommy also makes money off of talking about public figures. Mind you, the video that Tommy demanded Obsidian take down was two years old and was in support of Tommy.

    Mr. Controversy, is the same hypocrite who will cover a news story of a black person or people being maimed or dying in a tragic fashion, all the while viciously critiquing said dead person or people, cracking jokes and making money from Google AdSense. Now does he ever consider the feelings of the friends and family of that dead person while using their name and likeness to make a buck? No!

    The truth is Mr. Controversy has been trying to break from being a YouTube fixture for years but to no avail. He even tried to pander to David Duke, the Alt-Right, and Trump supporters, but they had no use for him outside of being a hub for “nigger bashing” and making fun of black people. Charlamagne Tha God and the Breakfast Club sure as hell wanted nothing to do with him either. Even when Tommy pathetically went to the Power 105.1 building in New York to beg to be let onto the Breakfast Club unannounced like a lunatic. Dude has burned all his bridges and because of the crap he says on YouTube, he will never have a shot at a medium outside of YouTube or in Hollywood.

    Tommy deserves this pitiful state. Any decent black dude like yourself Verbs who’s reached out to him has had their hands slapped away and back stabbed like Akwesi. Un-friggin’-believable

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  20. Tommy seems to start beef with people for the sake of starting beef. It’s almost like a week cannot go by without Tommy orchestrating a conflict with another (9 times out of 10) black YouTube personality. Tommy Sotomayor literally displays every petty, woman like, quality that he consistently rails against. Tommy Sotomayor seems to be able to criticize and see the flaws of everyone but himself. And Tommy responds to these points by saying ‘well I’m a flawed individual also’. As if him saying that makes him any less of a hypocrite.
    Tommy Sotomayor actually spent like an hour fawning over a 8 second clip in a commercial of a black woman walking into a room. But he out of the other side of his mouth, has been saying for years he is done with black women, and talks ad nauseam about the negative aspects of black women. Tommy Sotomayor is a walking contradiction.
    Making videos showing him in public, at sporting events, walking around his home, showing his cars, showing his guns, etc, is all just to stroke his extremely fragile ego, and is more proof of how much he lacks true self confidence. Any man who is disliked as much as Tommy is by many people, who would continually put videos of his daughters on the internet (possibly putting them in danger), shows you how desperate he is for the approval of people.
    Tommy Sotomayor is a very flawed individual. And sure he makes good points about black women, but his overall behavior speaks volumes about how petty and childish he is. What logical reason would he have to put his daughter on the internet, other than the fact that he is willing to risk the well-being of his daughter to get attention and a ‘pat on the back’ from his zombie like followers.
    I put up a comment on on of his videos saying nobody cares about his cat, and he left a comment saying he was going to block me. He acts like a sensitive woman, not the king of logic as he claims he is.

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    • I agree with you on your points about Mr. Sotomayor. He’s tring to start a beef with Obsidian about a video he did about him did 2 years in which Obisdian was actually defending him. He wrote Obsidian asking him to take the video down because he didn’t want people supposedly “making money off of him”. Even Obsidian said that he’s petty and a hypocrite. So let me get this straight, Tommy can receive donations on his Youtube superchat while talking about those 2 buffons Umar Johnson and Tariq Nasheed but no one can make money talking about him….Riiiiiiiiight!!!

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  21. I wonder what MISS CYNTHETIC G has to say about this??She ones of them and I not surprised..Black Women can continue to be lonely, miserable,and catch L’S because of bullshit statement like this. Hopefully more straight thinking black men can FINALLY see these stupid FEMINAZI poisoned Government SPONSORED QUEEN GODDESS bitches for the sick individuals that they TRULY are for the past 51 years..FUCK THEM..All WESTERNIZED women ain’t shit with this bullshit ass ME TOO and TIMES UP Propaganda…I’m getting me a fucking passport…

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    • Markis26,

      I’m really struggling to understand what the black men who follow her see in Cynthia G. She doesn’t stand in the corner of black men at all, in fact any opportunity she gets to throw black men under the bus she’ll take and yet they still bow down and grovel at her feet. Cuck syndrome in the so called black community is very real, these pro black simps have absolutely no standards whatsoever.


      • Dude, I read a tweet from Cynthia G yesterday about Black men shaving their heads are trying to be like white men. Needless to say that bm came after her. Bm was telling her how is shaving our heads mostly due to baldness is trying to be like wm ,while she is wearing a wig. But I was done with Cynthia when she put a response video. to NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe. Shannon defended himself from a personal attack that she initiated & then had the audacity to say she didn’t care who Shannon. My question is why did Cynthia bring the subject up in the first place.

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      • SevenKingsblog,

        I’m glad to see thinking black men taking her to task on her nonsense theories, no doubt the simp brigades would’ve come to her defence. This is my whole point, she’s not for black men which is why no black men should be following her at all. The audacity of this woman and she’s the one trying to look like Becky, smh.


      • Another problem I have with Cynthia G, she is always talking about White men are conquering bm again. Bm responded to her by telling her to go date wm if she feels that strongly about it. These are new facts: Sub-Saharan Africa is No.1 in Agriculture, Automobiles, Science & Infrastructure. Bm in Africa & the US are out educating Wm. The No.1 Demographic on Food stamps in the US are Wm. 3 Bm from Ghana put up Africa’s first satellite in space. I’m confused, I thought bm don’t build nothing. I also see that when it came down to her trip to Toronto, The Swirl brigade paid for most of Christelyn Karazin trip. Don’t worry in about 3 to 4 years Tommy Sotomayor, Cynthia G & Christelyn Karazin will be afterthoughts & I’m going to enjoy that very much

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  22. Whtgrlsrawsome, Bill Smith, Keith,

    You have to remember that Sotomayor is exactly the same as these modern day black harpies, selfish and non appreciative. Sotomayor ought to be concerning himself with releasing his so called documentary instead of seeking out fresh beefs and drama.

    Sotomayor is slowing being replaced by real black men who actually practice what they preach and who will genuinely stand in the corner of other thinking black men and not throw us under the bus whenever there is an opportunity to dick down one of these $5 dollar black whores because she flashes some breasts and booty.

    Dude clearly has some serious mental issues, he is extremely insecure. You see, it isn’t one particular guy up and coming who Sotomayor is afraid of, there are so many of us now and as a result he is beginning to lose his spot. Its exactly what I stated in the comment section of Obsidian’s latest video addressing this nonsense, when you live a life of hypocrisy, a downfall is inevitable.

    Slowly more and more folks are beginning to see the dude for who he truly is and are making the decision to instead turn towards other black men who truly have their backs. Sotomayor has a lot of mouths to feed including his own plus an expensive house and a relatively new SUV to keep up the payments on, the pressure is beginning to manifest itself in the open.

    Like Obsidian said, Sotomayor wants the spotlight all to himself, however that simply isn’t going to happen any more, many smaller individuals will begin to push him further out of the spotlight and his hypocritical lifestyle will do the rest.

    At first him not reaching back did bother me, however now I realise that dealing with such a volatile individual most likely would’ve brought more trouble my way than it is worth. Just like the black witch his fun in the sun is slowly coming to an end.

    I’ll admit that he pioneered the movement to start calling out dysfunctional black women on their skullduggery, however because he’s lost the fire coupled with his addiction to the same contaminated black vagina he regularly complains about, eventually he’ll be forced aside so that those who are truly SYSBM can fully take over.

    Just like you said Bill, the same way he puts up videos of his daughters putting their lives at risk is the same nonsense he did to his Russian ex girlfriend. Where is the logic in this irresponsible and reckless behaviour, you’d think he was trying to tempt fate once again but this time with his own flesh and blood.

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    • As a “supporter” of Tommy, I agree with you 100%. I say “supporter” because I barely want to watch his videos now. Hell. he rarely does any of the kinds of videos he used to.

      Tommy was a pioneer of this movement, but even with pioneers, eventually their time will come, and they will eventually be replaced with someone who is bigger, better, has better ideas, etc., and when the time comes, even THEY will be replaced. it’s just the natural order of things.

      For instance, Atari was a major pioneer in videogaming… where the f**k are they now?

      Babs, I hate to say this and please don’t ban me from this site (as I enjoy the articles here just as much as I used to look forward to Tommy’s older videos), but sooner or later, even YOU (and guys like General Tito, Kiragakure Jones, The Straight Shooter, etc.) will be replaced. That is, if things don’t get so well, then movements like SYSBM/IBMOR will no longer be needed.


  23. Verbs2015, so true. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Tommy really believes he is the only human with the authority to speak about black women. Any other black man who speaks about black women is guilty of copying him and try to ride his coattails in order to ‘get what he has’ (according to him). He actually said that before him there was NOBODY speaking about men’s rights and black women on the internet.
    Tommy seems to be losing touch with reality, and is a legend in his own mind, and his fans that will find no fault with him no matter what he does. His material is getting stale, and the thing that he was actually good at, commenting on stories in the news, he has basically abandoned to make 3 hour videos about other YouTube personalities he doesn’t like, his house, how great of a father he is, his trips, black women’s bodies, his guns, his cat, and other things that are beyond boring. I feel if his finances dry up from YouTube, we will see an epic mental breakdown from this guy.

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    • (Damn near 100% copy-and-paste from a response to Verbs)

      As a “supporter” of Tommy, I agree with you 100%. I say “supporter” because I barely want to watch his videos now. Hell. he rarely does any of the kinds of videos he used to.

      Tommy was a pioneer of this movement, but even with pioneers, eventually their time will come, and they will eventually be replaced with someone who is bigger, better, has better ideas, etc., and when the time comes, even THEY will be replaced. it’s just the natural order of things.

      For instance, Atari was a major pioneer in videogaming… where the f**k are they now?

      Sooner or later, even YOU (and guys like General Tito, Kiragakure Jones, The Straight Shooter, etc.) will be replaced. That is, if things don’t get so well, then movements like SYSBM/IBMOR will no longer be needed.

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      • Kameron Brown,

        I agree but unlike Sotomayor if SYSBM or myself are no longer needed I at least will bow out gracefully. I will be glad for the day to come that allows me to lay down my tools and say “mission accomplished”. Even if things don’t go so well, at least I can say to myself that I did my part in reaching out to thinking black men and showing them that there is a better path. Had Sotomayor been honest and kept it 100, he could’ve done the same, however in his case a crash and burn scenario will most likely play itself out.


  24. Black women are making up all sorts of lame excuses for their obsession with white woman type hair (good hair, according to black women). The latest is that black men shaved their heads to look like white men. Duh. Does she know that black male bodybuilders typically shave their entire body? Does she not know that men of a certain age often shave to avoid having gray hair on the face or scalp? We are also supposed to believe the exaggerated position that white society demands good hair to go to school or have a job. BLACK WOMEN HAVE LOST THEIR MINDS OVER HAIR !!!!

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