Black Panther Film Sets Pre Sales Record – Black Women’s Proposed Boycott Of Movie Already A Dead Duck


This is what happens when you refuse to stay in your lane, you’ll be embarrassed to the maximum degree and get your backside lit up and shut down horribly. Such is the case with the angry and bitter black sisterhood who in light of recently discovering that one of the film’s main stars, actor Michael B Jordan is dating an attractive Latin American woman by the name of Ashlyn Castro, decided in their profound infantile jealousy that they would boycott the movie upon its February release, foolishly believing that they had some form of leverage in the Marvel film franchise and additionally thinking that they could pull the same sabotage technique which they wrought against Nate Parker and his film Birth Of A Nation. Oh how wrong they were.

As I’ve state before, it seems that black women as a collective are determined to enter 2018 the same way they left 2017, continuing with the same old retarded vestigial agendas, going nowhere fast while at the same time taking L’s left and right. This film is setting pre sales records, the film is due for release next month(February) and the black female contingent honestly believed that they could make an impact like before, what a joke.

I told you foolish black sirens already, Marvel is way out of your jurisdiction, so is Disney, you should’ve known better than to threaten to flex your muscles in waters too deep and territories unknown(to you). As per usual the black witch coven always has a plethora of excuses for their failures, this disaster is no exception to the rule.

Having received a very large egg to the face I hear that black women are now desperately attempting to peddle the theory that the tweet that began the boycott ball rolling was sent out by “individuals/outsiders trying to cause division amongst black folks”. That is the biggest load of cock and bull if ever I did hear any. Firstly, black society thanks to black women and their 50 plus years coalition with the state is already heavily divided and fragmented. Secondly, we saw the many tweets and the masculine looking horror show/wildebeest that sent out one of them in particular. For those who may have missed it please check out the links at the top of the page in my previous Black Panther article which can be viewed below:

Black women are attempting to blame this calamity on racist white men, however we thinking black men already know that both parties are on the same team and work hand in glove. Black women as a collective view heterosexual thinking black men as the enemy by default, thus it makes sense that they would form Voltron and organise this boycott seeing as the film portrays a heterosexual black man as a King ruling over a black society and we know that most black women don’t play that nor do they wish to see such a thing.

Black women went out of their way to boycott Nate Parker’s film Birth Of A Nation, so why shouldn’t we believe that they wouldn’t plan and attempt to pull the same stunt once again?

As many folks stated here before, black women don’t care in the slightest about comics nor super hero films, the money they contribute to both is extremely minuscule to non-existent. They’re also are NOT attracted to black men who indulge in such hobbies which is why typically geek, nerdy type black males end up dating and marrying non black women, as unlike dealing with black women they will not be mocked and ridiculed by non black females for having such past times.

The year has only just begun and this is how black women are commencing 2018, smh. As I stated before I suspect that black women as a collective will take double or triple the L’s they took in 2017. 15 days into the new year and we are already witnessing the black female’s bread and circus monkey show crumble and fall apart.

This move was dumb as hell, however seeing as most black women are mentally disjointed should we really be surprised? Again, notice how you don’t hear about black men threatening to boycott films because various black actresses within them are dating or are married to non black men. Again, do you see how childish and dumb the overwhelming majority of black women are?

The reasons why black women are now back peddling and making up excuses attempting to shift the blame elsewhere is because they were paying attention to the chatter and feedback in relation to their proposed boycott and neither were coming back positive in addition to viewing the film’s pre release record performance. Oh well, I guess it is back to the drawing board for the black witch then.

I already told you in Negro Wars how racist white men no longer have to enforce white supremacy within black society themselves because black women are so efficient at doing it via their own hands. Racist whites downed the tools of white supremacy and went to lunch a long time ago, it black women who now pick up these instruments, bring them to black communities and use them to wreak havoc upon the same.

Don’t forget back in spring 2017 when the black witch squadron lead by Simone 56, Christelyn Karazin and the old spinster Sophia A Nelson attempted to get various black male’s YouTube accounts shut down in conjunction with the Adpocalypse that YouTube had launched coincidently at the same time as part of their campaign to run ads on “advertiser friendly material”. Yet another move against black men that failed miserably and one which I covered in an article I wrote in March 2017, that can be viewed in the link below:

The bottom line is black women DO NOT want black men to build anything as this would directly threaten their white lord and saviour’s kingdom, the very kingdom that black women have sworn to serve and protect. Don’t believe the “black men don’t build anything” rhetoric, as I’ve stated before, if black men tomorrow built a brand new kingdom from scratch, black women would either not move into it, enter with the sole purpose of sabotaging/destroying it or carry out all of the aforementioned.

Thinking black men, take a front row seat, get your drinks, hot dogs and popcorn ready, relax and watch black women attempt and repeatedly fail to derail us. Remember, the welfare cuts have now officially kicked in, thus black women already have a serious reckoning coming their way very soon. Again, black women are NOT our friends and this proposed failure of a boycott is simply another nail in the coffin proving that. Black women can take this L, you CANNOT AND WILL NOT control the heterosexual thinking black man. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Another Major L For The Sisterhood Of Failure

Most High Bless

41 thoughts on “Black Panther Film Sets Pre Sales Record – Black Women’s Proposed Boycott Of Movie Already A Dead Duck

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  2. Black Women do NOT desire to build with black men, nor do they have any interest in being anything but bitter black women. This is why actually forming relationships and unions of substance, let alone LOVE, is never made priority within black society, if not shunned altogether.

    This is also why black women go out of their way to destroy whatever black men build. Look at Nate Parker, look at the owner of Shea Moisture, and several other cases in which black women enjoy causing black men to bleed money and lose a job.

    Breed them out, and quite frankly, do it on a worldwide scale. Dudes in African and Caribbean countries need to get with it, too. They know, we know, and non-blacks SURE AS HELL know that black societies worldwide are a JOKE, which is why ideas like Wakanda are sadly the most fictitious of pipe dreams.

    If you want to stop having $hitholes, you first need to flush the $hit!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Despite the mainstream media portrayals of Africa being a complete dump, there are many parts of the continent that are thriving just as well as first world nations, however unlike those in the west, the black women in those parts know their place and will get put in their place if they choose to step out of line.

      I still agree, a heavy diluting of the black bloodline or a complete departure from it is the best way forward for the thinking black man because as I have demonstrated in the past, even some African women(mainly those in the west and south) are beginning to emulate the decadent modern day black female of the west.

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  3. Black women often complain that black men are not builders. These black women, however, refuse to admit that most black women have no interest in a young black man in his building stage.

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  4. Verbs…

    Regarding this so called boycott, I will use something my father once told me (even though it was on a completely unrelated subject):

    “Your arms are too short to box with God.”

    Also, black men are building…

    …just not with/for these babymamas, ratchets, etc.

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    • Kameron Brown,

      Indeed, black women embarrass themselves once again. Exactly, why would thinking black men build for a group of women who have shown them nothing but disdain and hatred? We don’t build anything for trash, sorry.

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  5. Now it becomes clear why black women hate science fiction and fantasy, they have zero power within the culture…, therefore they hate it.

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    • Sage,

      Their overreaching bit them in the backside this time, they should’ve known better. Oh well, we’ll just wait for the next monumental calamity to come out of their camp, lol.

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  6. Dumbass Black women chose the WRONG movie to try to flex their muscles on. Being a huge Marvel fan I’ve always found Black Panther to be such an intriguing character, I was so excited that a movie about him was coming out. Hearing Black Women wanted to boycott the film just made me want to support it even more. It was funny how they started trying to backtrack as soon as people from other races started also critiquing them for their hypocrisy.

    Bitchass Black Women were just celebrating Meghan Markle (Who isn’t even Black imo) a few weeks ago and then they go crazy when they find out who Michael B. Jordan is dating? Black bitches are the most desperate and insecure “women” on the face of the planet. I hope Michael B. Jordan shines in his role as Erik Killmonger, can’t wait to see the movie!

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    • JW,

      Black women picked the wrong one to mess with. You don’t attempt to go up against a big franchise, such a move is dumb as hell. I was also impressed with the Black Panther character in the Captain America film. What makes me laugh is as per usual black women refuse to take the L and are blaming everybody else but themselves, smh. I’ve checked out the trailer for the Black Panther film and that looks very impressive. Black women need to take ten seats on this one, what a colossal failure on their part.

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      • Brotha Verbs2015,
        I just found it hilarious that on Facebook Black Women were commenting on that video that Black men don’t protect them. Why should we protect women who disrespect us and shit on us 24/7? Black Women just love to say they’re strong, independent and don’t need a man. And then when they get their asses whooped or killed by Non-Black men they’ll cry about Black men not protecting them, lol. Black men should only be building with Non-Black women if you ask me. Our health, sanity, and future of our kids will be so much better with Non-Black females. #SYSBM

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      • JW,

        Black women as a collective possess an incredibly warped and disjointed mindset, they honestly believe that they can urinate and defecate upon the heads of black men and as far as they are concerned those same black men are still obligated to come to black women’s rescue and defence whenever they find themselves in a spot of bother. Sorry, thinking black men don’t play that, we don’t protect scum bags and we certainly will not reach out to protect the enemy.

        Let the pro black simps lap up the golden showers and the faeces from these women, they are no longer the responsibility of the thinking black men’s regiment. As I always say, if black women require protection then I will be happy to point them towards their nearest police station or government building. Black women work for the state, therefore it is the state’s responsibility to protect them, not mine.

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    • Exactly. They say non black men are better and that black men are weak and cowardly but whenever they get assaulted by those same “better” non black men they want the same “weak” and “cowardly” black men to defend them. Since they say non black men are better they should be asking them to come to their rescue. Not black men.

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      • Jay,

        Agreed, remember also according to these woman “hood Negroes are the soldiers of the black race”, smh. Why on earth would thinking black men come to the defence of a group of women who treat them garbage?


      • Right and another thing I find funny is some of the same non black men they say are better were some of the same ones in another comment section of the same video applauding and justifying the owner for beating that black woman.

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  7. In retaliation to BW’s spectacular failure at boycotting the Black Panther, and general hatred of BM/WW mixed couples, my resolutions for 2018 involves buying my soon-to-be Becky an African soap bar from Shea Moisture, some Nivea face cream, black lace underwear from H&M, chill with Birth of a Nation on Netflix and maybe some Black Panther condoms (they do exist).

    2018 is the fightback. #SilentNoMore #BeckyismyQueen #FuckyourBoycott

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    • Michel,

      Agreed, this is also going to be the year of not responding to and being baited in by black women and their BS. They’ve made it abundantly clear that they are not going to change, therefore we as thinking black soldiers simply have to keep it moving and act as if black women don’t exist.

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  8. I just hope this failed boycott doesnt have any negative effect on MBJ career outside of marvel films.Especially the creed sequel.It would be a shame for him to have to suffer because of ignorants

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    • Proudbedbucksinthelandofpawgs,

      Michael B Jordan seems to be rolling with big names which black women cannot touch even outside of the Marvel franchise. Black women aren’t into boxing either, therefore if they attempted to launch a silly boycott against that film, once again it would be a colossal failure. I think more and more people are beginning to recognise black women for the retarded children that they are. We aren’t dealing with grown ups within black female society, what we have instead are petulant children who never learn.

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      • Literally, black womens only interest is cosmetology and stuff like that. Which is ironic, given their ugliness.

        With other groups of women, their interests will range from fashion, to music, art, writing, reading, athletics, food, and even technology. Black Women have all the creativity of a brain dead gopher.

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  9. Verbs 2015,
    To The American Black Bed Wenches Their Idea of a Good Superhero Movie is Seeing ”MADEA” The Bastard Abomination of Tyler Perry.

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    • Shawn Swint,

      They can keep their Tyler Perry franchise, black women love to see an emasculated black man whether in real life or on the big screen. Black women are the number one enemy of the heterosexual thinking black male and more black men need to recognise this.

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  10. When black women get caught and their bullshit and their hypocrisy is exposed they quickly run damage control and blame “White supremacy” to dog whistle alll the simps and pro-black cucks into the room. This just shows how dumb black women are to think them boycotting a movie that doesn’t star Tyler Perry would have a effect. Funny how black women love “Get Out” and try to use it to scare black men away from white women but the director is bi-racial and married to a non-black woman. We all know it was the typical shea butter twitter bossip hos starting shit on social media only for it to blow up in their face so now it was “outside forces at work.” “Muh white supremacy.” These women must think we were born yesterday. Black women write 100’s of angry comments because they see Eddie Murphy drinking coffee with a white woman. Of course they were trying to boycott this movie just like Red Tails. Funny thing about Red Tails is black women love to tell you that black women can get billionaires like George Lucas but boycott his movies when they have BM/WW relationships in them. THAT ALONE SHOULD TELL BLACK MEN SOMETHING.

    I love George but let’s be honest he is no Ryan Gosling. He isn’t even a Tom Cruise but black bitches were so thirsty and desperate that a fat old man with some paper is good enough for them when Big Dick Tyrone and Chad Thundercock has had enough of them. Nothing but cat’s and ice cream await these women so I don’t blame them for being so disgusting and crazy.

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    • People seem to dislike Tyler Perry, but Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (2013) seemed to a clear and positive message and warning to young females about their choice in partners. The real problem is people and their idol worship of entertainers. The reality is that in the history of theatre men playing female characters is not something new. Besides who else could capture the ridiculousness of the “Madea” persona other a man with firsthand experience of such antics. Tyler just making money off what he knows and does put some quality into his work. Not saying everything he does is awesome, but he just milks his audience like any good commercialist, no different and certainly not any worse than nail shops and weave sellers.


  11. Code Becky’s A..: Negroes of the SYSBMolution

    In the year 2010 a.t.b/ 1955 AD, the Holy Britannian Empire ( a version of the British Empire which took over the US, Central and South America in the 1920s-1940s ) declared war upon the Japanese Dominion. Pan-Africanist simps, white traitors as well as Brittania’s newest weapons, the Human Anatomist Knight or Knightmare Frame for short, a pilotable robot designed primarily for combat and the NEMS ( Negro Emasculation System), [designed by the colored/African descended overlords of the Caribbean to control the native (Amerindian)/black male to ensure that a J.A Rodgers would never arise among the blacks] overwhelmed the unprepared Japanese. At the end of the war the Japanese lost their cultural identity, independence and freedom.

    Area 11. That was the name of a once proud and great nation.

    7 years later. A young Negro from the Pureblood island of Jamaica, his mind fresh with vengeance against his homeland for ruining his family’s lives and that of the colonized nations’ gains a mysterious ocular power he later dubs ‘Eternal Copy-Wheel Kaleidoscope of Samskara’, it allows him to bend matter, space-time and even human minds to his will, however over use will affect his mind greatly.

    He decides to lead a revolution against Britannia, using training gained at a military academy as well as his brain and almost limitless imagination to blow a serious hole in the Empire’s plans for world conquest. But can he balance his plans for revenge and..what’s with all the non-black females wanting to have his babies for some odd reason? Didn’t Garvey say that black women are queens and should not be criticized even if they behave like wild animals and total a..holes?


    This is just an idea I have Verbs2015, Does it sound cool?


      • Yeah, my aim is to expose the fact that Pan-Africanism and Nazism are merely two sides of the same Roman Catholic/ Zionist coin of destruction and totalitarianism.

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    • Lmao. Code Geass mixed with Naruto. You know they’ve already made countless scifi stories off of this same scenario. Star Wars and Predator being two blatant in borrowing from “the community” and incorporating and reimagining for their storyline purposes.

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  12. Just today, I was reading an article on another website on a tragic family incident that involved an interracial relationship. Like clockwork a black woman began attacking the interracial family. But as I defended the family, low and behold here comes the attacks against me. But not from black women. Oh no, no, no. But by the pro-black simps, cucks, and matriarchal black men. I couldn’t believe my eyes how fast and easy they sided with black women over black men. While it is true black women are beyond evil towards black men, something is truly wrong with the these cuck simps out here. If black women are the enablers and gatekeepers of white supremacy then the pro-black, hoteps, cuck simps, are the providers and defenders of the Matriarchal Kingdom aka Black Women.

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  13. Yours Truly, FreeBlackMan,

    This is exactly what I talked about in Negro Wars, the fact that most black men have no problems with being ruled and lorded over by the black female. They have been bewitched and for the most part are unable to snap out of the said trance/spell. This is why I commonly refer to black women as witches, the enchantment/magic aspect of the modern day black female is very real, this is why she has so many black men at her disposal.

    Indeed, much like the devil himself, it is those who are NOT under her control that the black female chooses to concern herself with as she sees those individuals as “problematic” to the running of her corrupt operations. This is why the black community cannot be saved and must be left to completely destroy itself, you cannot have a successful kingdom with women in charge of it, history has proven this time and time again, our era being the latest example.

    I honestly have no idea how any man can place his masculinity upon the feminist/matriarchal altar and feel proud in doing so. Both black women and their 15th regiment of pro black simps will burn in the fire together.


  14. BLACK PANTHER hit USA movie screens on February 16, 2018. Most black women have jumped on the movie’s bandwagon. What happened to the boycott of Black Panther ?


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