What Most Black Women Think About Contraception – Single Motherhood Is A CHOSEN Path



This is a smoking gun right here, black women as a collective choose single motherhood. I had a black woman try to debate me on this very issue on my Negro Wars Facebook fan page, so I sent her the Facebook link to this video. The fact of the matter is when it comes down to having children and making black men fathers by force black women plan it all out plain and simple. As the first sentence reads once again, the overwhelming majority of BLACK WOMEN CHOOSE TO BE SINGLE MOTHERS.

Here is another such example of a “planned pregnancy”, planned on the black witch’s part only mind you:


Besides the fact that both women looks like trannies, their actions are part of a wider problem concerning the disjointed mentality of the modern day black female in general. I continue to tell you that most black women walking the streets are undiagnosed mentally ill individuals who have been given a free run of the yard unsupervised through power of the state.

What these black women then seek to do is have their mentally ill status accepted within black society as a whole. For the most part this has worked, however there is a growing contingent of thinking black men who are increasingly rejecting such women and the dysfunctional behaviour they exhibit. What on earth was this woman thinking?

This is unfortunately one of the major problems that exists in black female society, black women as a collective do not think before they act, this is why their lives for the most part are a colossal failure. The additional problem we have in black society is there is a cadre of black men lurking about who are ready to dick down anything with a vagina and for the most part they have been programmed and trained this way by the single black mothers who raised the majority of them.

Look at that video again, do you see how wicked and vindictive black women are and do you see how proud they are to exercise evil? Yet according to the 14th regiment of simp squadrons we are still supposed to marry these chicks. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, most black women today are NOT relationship or marriage material. When I was younger growing up I used to wonder why most black women were so mean and nasty, why they would purposely go out of their way to inflict pain, suffering and misery upon others.

It’s only as I came into my late 20s to early 30s did I then begin to understand that the majority of black women were suffering from severe mental health issues and that I in fact was the normal one even though they behaved as if the problem lied with me. Look at the woman’s face, duck lipping and proud to be bringing a child into this world without a father and we thinking black men are supposed to accept this? Nope, no thank you, not me, I’m good.

As I additionally stated in Negro Wars it is my firm belief that most black women are possessed by evil spirits and that the actual individuals checked out of their bodies a long time ago. As far as I am concerned this is the only viable way to explain the black female’s blood lust and thirst for destroying the lives of children as well as others around her.

The single mother rate in white American society is at around 36% whereas the same in black American society is double that running in at 72%, since black women love using white females as a reference point so much why aren’t they mirroring white female society in terms of getting married before they have children?

Over here in the UK the figures are slightly less for single black mothers but not very far behind the US, as of 2007 6 in 10(60%) black Caribbean youngsters were being raised by single mothers whereas 36% of African youngsters were living in single mother households.

If I manage to find more recent figures you can be sure that the percentage for blacks in the UK will be more or less identical to their Stateside counterparts. The saying when the US sneezes the UK catches a cold is extremely accurate. Coincidently, the single mother rate in UK white society as of 2007 sat at 22%. The thinking black men’s regiment’s point is proven once again that black women as a group choose to be single mothers.

An evil and selfish heart in conjunction with their subscription to feminism as well as fatherless home government financial incentives all fuel the black female’s choice to embark upon the road of single motherhood. Black men, you can do much better for yourselves, choose women from groups where the single mother rate is significantly lower. Black women have made it abundantly clear through their actions that they are NOT interested in having fathers for their children.

Lastly, viewing this video has made me realise the whole “he should’ve worn a condom if he didn’t want a baby” statement is a crock of nonsense, most black women have already decided on their part that they wish to become pregnant and in turn they’ll have no qualms in sabotaging any forms of contraception(especially condoms)the man uses in order to achieve their objective, period. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Single Mothers And Those Who Support Them

Most High Bless

33 thoughts on “What Most Black Women Think About Contraception – Single Motherhood Is A CHOSEN Path

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  2. Let’s see……..

    Shower cap on display? Check!

    Ugly, masculine face? Check!

    HORRIBLE body, which they claim to have the best of? Check!

    As you’ve shown, in America, twice as many black women have bastard kids as white women, whereas it’s 3 times that in the UK. There’s no way in hell that you can tell me that the majority of black people are worth a damn, when those are the conditions that they live in and sign off on.

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  3. Also, how in the hell do black women, who claim to care about “da cumoonitee” and the black nation, expect to be able to guide their children on dating and marriage (the latter of these two VERY important parts of a nation black women don’t emphasize whatsoever) when they themselves have nothing good to share. Most black relationships extend to screwing at absolute most, and this is due to black Women themselves. These good apes have no problem trying to “imitate Becky” when it comes to pleasing a white man, but will give a black man all manner of hoops to jump through. Conversely, black men act the EXACT same with whomever they choose to date and marry. For their future progeny’s sake, let’s hope that more and more of said group is NOT black women.

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    • Like MBD said – “Black American women and racist white men are two sides of the same coin.”

      SYSBM and avoid the bull.

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  4. He’s how to get rid of women like her. Just tell her that you vote Republican. Nothing scares a black woman more than a black man who voted for donald Trump. It works.

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  5. Just like how white men treat black women in ghetto gaggers, black women love being degraded by white male authority figures. They love being single mothers becausd they love the drama of a man struggling to pay bills and expenses.

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  6. Before I found this site and being a young 21 year old black man, I wasn’t really aware of the state of black society and black women at all. I ignored it for the most part, and to be honest i couldn’t believe that most black women could be this bad so I decided to look into it for myself and not take Verbs word for it. Whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Black women more than almost any race in America take pride in being loose women and putting out and take pride in racking up kill counts on their vagina.

    I’m almost disillusioned at the state of not just black women but America in general at this point, and really I don’t see anyway this can be fixed. It is far too late for things change at this point. The only option would be to date out but even then other races of women in western have other negative traits that are especially rampant. There doesn’t seem to be that many good options to me at this point since not only do alot of women in general not care about being quality women, but openly go out of their way to be whores, but yet as men we are expected to be the “leaders, providers. and protectors” of these women. Whats the point of protecting something that doesn’t want to be protected and isn’t worth it in the first place?

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    • Black Panther,

      I’m glad that you didn’t take my word for it and decided to look into the current condition of modern day black women for yourself. As you have probably discovered things are actually worse than what I report on here at the website. Westernised black women as I stated in Negro Wars has become a pestilence and a curse upon black society and the black female of the US by far is the worst of the bunch.

      I recommend if possible that you deal with foreign woman from non westernised countries. You’re right, the black community is a goner and western society is slowly following the same path. Black women are cold blooded killers, they love sacrificing children upon the abortion altar and have no intentions of stopping.

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  7. I personally cannot wait until the collapse happens and the true nature of this “Black Queen” will be exposed and they will be hunted down like the animals they are. The crap of seeing them destroy stores and other peoples property will be met with a beatdown or a bullet. I really hope that they turn on these Pro-Black simps as well, as we all know that they need to go as well. Get your popcorn brothers, and be safe and out of sight of these sheboons.

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    • Gryphon,

      Black women have a serious reckoning coming their way, a judgement that they will not be able to escape. Both they and their pro black simp flunkies will burn in the fire together.

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      • I hope that day is soon upon us. I hope all is well with you and yours. I used to feel guilty about living in a Polish neighborhood, but now I don’t, as I do not wanna be around Black Women when this goes down. I have not had any problem since I moved into the neighborhood. I stay to myself and keep my circle small.

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  8. Anyone see the new alleged controversy regarding Blackmen and their opinions? Tomi Lahren put out a video of her wrapping to a 21 savage song, many Blackmen responded saying how attractive she was and how they could get with a woman like that, now SIMPS and black women are blaming Blackmen for having the audacity to actually find a Whitewoman attractive.
    Do black women ever stop complaining or trying to control what Blackmen do say and think? Tomi Lahren is attractive as hell. But we are supposed to sit here and act like she’s not an attractive woman simply because she’s white, and you are a coon if you’re a black man who finds white women attractive.
    Can we please be honest and actually say that Whitewomen are very attractive? Can we dare to say that Blackmen find Whitewomen attractive? Should Blackmen be raked over the coals every time they actually utter that a Whitewoman is attractive? Should Blackmen continually be forced into a sense of guilt for finding a Whitewoman attractive?
    The truth is white women are attractive. The truth is Blackmen do find Whitewomen very attractive. But as usual many black people live in a fantasy world where black women are the most beautiful women on earth and if you as a black man even say a word about how attractive a Whitewoman is you were somehow guilty of a capital offense worthy of death.
    It’s really at this point not even on the shoulders of black women anymore. Black women are mentally ill. So anything they do or say should just be looked at as a mental patient in an insane asylum ranting and raving about nonsense. But the fact that you have Blackmen out there trying to guilt other Blackmen into denying the reality of how attractive Whitewomen are in the reality that black men are attracted to Whitewomen is beyond ridiculous and is beyond stupid.
    I am beyond done with the stupidity of most black people. Don’t these black women and the SIMPS understand nothing they say, no matter how many videos they make, is ever gonna stop Blackmen from wanting to get with nonblack women and especially Whitewomen?
    These idiots have failed to realize that the black men who have the ability to think, our way past the point of being made to feel guilty for being attracted to women who are actually attractive. But I forgot that I’m supposed to be with an ugly ass black woman with a horrible attitude simply because we have a similar shade of skin.
    Any black man out there who denies the fact that white women are attractive, is simply a liar, in denial, and/or a Simp who will worship and praise black women no matter what they do. Unbelievable as always.

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    • Bill Smith,

      I went and checked out the said short clip of Tomi Lahren you were talking about, what, so now white folks are not allowed to sing along to 21 Savage or any other rapper? This has really gotten ridiculous, the retarded nature of your average modern day black female and the black men who follow them at this point is beyond a joke. Black women write thousands of novels and distribute them on Amazon talking about how they dream of being a white man’s whore/sex slave/side piece, but black men are not allowed to find white women attractive?????

      I told you, black women and their pro black simp flunkies have black women on the brain more then they claim thinking black men do. Black women could’ve stopped the wave of black men crossing over if they hadn’t of taken feminism on board, sold us out for fatherless home welfare policies, dropped the weaves and the heavy make up, lost some weight, taken care of themselves in general and discarded of the bad attitudes. It is absolutely ridiculous to suggest that white women as a group are not attractive, that is the equivalent of claiming that water is not wet.

      I live in the UK and there are very attractive white women here and additionally unlike attractive black females which have become rare, good looking white women are so much in abundance in London and especially when you begin to travel up north, I would be a fool and dishonest to state otherwise. It’s simply a case of black women not being wanted en masse by other groups of men and the black men who support and trail after them not having the testicular fortitude to leave the plantation in order to seek out greener pastures.

      Tomi Lahren is an attractive white woman even without the make up, there is no denying that and anybody who says otherwise shouldn’t be entertained at all. I completely agree with you, at this stage the overwhelming majority of black women must be treated like your average mad hatter who ought to be locked up in a mental asylum as the complaints and trivial nonsense they choose to gripe about these days are now becoming extremely irritating.

      White women as a group are attractive, more attractive than black women on average, but instead of black women getting to work trying to close the gap and make themselves look more appealing, they instead as per usual reach for the victimhood cloak and attempt to shame black men into dating and marrying them when they are still in a run down, dirty, horrible, decrepit state. No thanks, I have self respect and I have high standards as well. I don’t deal with ugly women and black women as a group certainly won’t get a pass simply because we may share the same skin colour.

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  9. Verbs2015, so true. What group of women in their right mind would expect a group of men to find them attractive or to be with them simply because they are the same color as those men? Black women really expect Blackmen to simply be with them no matter how fat, disgusting, how much weave they wear on their head, no matter how bad their attitude is, no matter what.
    Black men are expected to be forced into a life of living hell by the side of the black woman demon for no logical reason. What honest black man in his right mind could ever possibly state to the world that white women are not attractive, and any black man who is with a Whitewomen or finds a Whitewoman attractive is some type of coon or uncle Tom?
    Instead of trying to better their attitudes and their physical state, black women would rather sit there and call black men coons, call white women Becky and lice infected cave dwellers, and try to guilt simple black men into giving black women their undying loyalty.
    And it is so true that black women are allowed to sit back, worship and praise white men and interracial relationships with white men all day long, but the second a black man even opens his mouth to give a Whitewoman a mere complement, he becomes guilty of trying to exterminate the so called black race.
    And like you said Verbs2015, what this really is about, is the fact that black women are not desirable as a group overall. Black women know this and understand this fact, so anytime Blackmen find a nonblack woman attractive and especially a Whitewoman, black women lose their collective minds about it.
    I wonder what the next thing will be that will set black women and simps off regarding the opinions of black men they can’t control. Like I have stated in the past, black women are so used to controlling Blackmen and telling Blackmen what to do and think, when Blackmen actually think for themselves and have opinions that black women do not agree with, black women will do anything and everything in order to try to discredit, slander, and bring down those black men.
    This is why these mentally ill black women often choose the lowest form of lowlife scum black man to be in a relationship with. And the reason is because he is easy to control. When black women come in contact with thinking Blackmen, it completely throws them off, and the only thing they know how to do is call that black man a homosexual because he isn’t willing to bow down to that black woman. The entire state of black women and the so-called black community would be laughable if it wasn’t absolutely true. Black women have been trained by white daddie that they are the overlords and masters of Blackmen. Annies mentally ill stupid black women believe it, and practice this nonsense in their daily lives when dealing with Blackmen.
    And as usual black women and these Blackmen SIMPS have the audacity to question why black men are with nonblack women and mainly Whitewomen. Sad.

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    • Bill Smith,

      All that you’ve state I cosign, the saga continues. Like I’ve stated before, black women will never be able to control the heterosexual thinking black man(which is who they really view as the enemy and main rebel within black society), their tricks and techniques of “persuasion” simply aren’t working any more. Like I stated in Negro Wars, black women need to go back to the draw board and revise their strategies because all of them are failing miserably. Its funny and irritating at the same time watching black women lose their minds every time they see a black man with a non black woman, lol.

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  10. It is clear evidence of the simplicity and stupidity of black men that they continue to get the ugliest, most disgusting, fat, vile black women pregnant over and over again. When I’m out in public I always see the most disgusting looking black women with multiple young children. I always say to myself ‘who the fuck is laying down with these beasts’?
    But On the other hand I do understand that most Blackmen born and raised in environments filled with nothing but ugly black women with bad attitudes, so this is all they know. I’m not saying I have a solution, but I do know that me personally would just continue to avoid black women like the plague.

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    • Why do you think “colorism” exists? The second that something less black (i.e. actually feminine) appears, these dudes damn near bust a nut on sight just from the pure miracle of it. The chicks that these dudes are used to seeing look something like a cross between Bigfoot with yaki weave and some sort of bipedal hippo.

      I’d never suggest the government get in charge of sterilization on a large scale, but honestly, it’d be pretty easy for those with medical expertise to pull this off in these hoods. Offer these idiot dudes $250 for the chance to no longer have to worry about knocking these demonesses up every time that they wanna bust a nut. They’ll think that’s like winning the lottery and go for it! And if they’re sterile, who’s gonna get Shamaniquisha pregnant?


  11. LOL. When black men’s minds are in the control of black women, black men are conditioned to go after women described as thick and curvy. As a factual matter, these black women are FAT. Likewise, black women constantly shout that white women wear hair weave. The truth, however, is that 99.9% of hair weave is worn by black women. Black women try to use the fact that 2% of white women wear hair extensions, some of the time, to claim that hair weave and hair extensions are the same things. After a black man visits the Phillippines, or some other nation, he does focus on fat black women.

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