Black Women Looking At Boycotting New Black Panther Film – Yet More Evidence Black Women Are The Black Man’s Enemy

Thanks to Kameron Brown for bringing this to my attention.


A happy New Year to you all, Verbs 2015 is back, refreshed and ready to hit the road once more and I see that black women as a collective are determined to enter 2018 in the same way that they exited 2017, embracing stupidity, ignorance and as a result taking L’s left and right. Oh well, since that is their chosen direction in life then so be it.

The reason behind this proposed boycott seems to stem from the actor above named Michael B Jordan and the rumour circulating that he is dating a very attractive non black female by the name of Ashlyn Castro. Yep, this is how jealous, petty, spiteful and infantile the overwhelming majority of black women are which is one of the main reasons why I advise thinking black men not to build jack squat for them or black society as a whole.

Remember, these are the same reprobate black females who for the majority part boycotted Nate Parker’s film Birth Of A Nation because Nate Parker years ago was falsely accused of rape as well as the fact that Mr Parker is married to a white woman. Don’t believe black women for a second whenever they state that they do not care when black men date outside the race, these two as well as many other examples clearly prove otherwise.

The modern day black female forever speaks with a forked tongue, she says one thing but her actions typically reflect the complete opposite. Remember in Negro Wars I told you to always judge black women based upon their action and not their words.

And to think that we still have bootlicking, bread and circus entertainment minstrels such as male feminist rapper Willie D instructing black men to protect the very same devils in sheep’s clothing who are openly railing against and destroying those same black men and so called black communities, remember this video the court jester and feminist Willie D made in late October 2017:

Another foolish monkey show type minstrel who continues to refer to black women as “our women”. I told you many times in Negro Wars and I’m repeating the same statement here on Slaying Evil, BLACK WOMEN ARE NOT OUR WOMEN. They belong to the state, they are state-owned, state-run and state funded and things have been this way for quite some time. Thinking black men understand this, however it is these Hotep simp Negroes like Willie D who are still refusing to read as well as accept the writing on the wall, black women are the enemies of black men, they are not our friends.

There are two main reasons I can see why black women wish to boycott the up and coming Black Panther film, the first is because the film depicts a HETEROSEXUAL BLACK MAN IN A LEADERSHIP POSITION OVER A BLACK SOCIETY, this is something that black women despise and wish to snuff out at every opportunity seeing as they have been appointed as the temporary faux leaders of black communities via the state and its funding. Again, we saw the same protocol with Nate Parker’s Birth Of A Nation, black men in positions of leadership at the forefront of a slave rebellion.

Remember, black women as employees of the state worship big government, thus it is their duty to ensure that black men remain in a gutter and down trodden position. Films such as Black Panther and Birth Of A Nation may begin oiling and turning some rusty wheels in black men’s heads ie start making them realise that they ought to be leading themselves instead of being lead by the nose by these idiot women of the so called black community.

The other reason why black women wish to boycott the film is because Michael B Jordan is dealing with an attractive non black female which directly goes against the false narrative black women continue to peddle and propagate, how black men who choose to date out can only get with fat white women as well as the left overs of non black female society.

Had Jordan snagged himself an overweight tug boat from white female society black women would’ve said very little if anything at all. Besides, Michael B Jordan has been dating non black women for a very long time, so why are black women kicking up a fuss now all of a sudden? Again, I believe it is a continuation of the attack on heterosexual black men these black sirens launched into full swing last year.

As the frequent commenter Kameron Brown has pointed out, this proposed boycott if carried out WILL NOT dent the Black Panther movie. Number one, unlike Birth Of A Nation this film has a much bigger budget behind it, being produced by Marvel Studios and additionally the distribution of the film being undertaken by Walt Disney Studios. This is not a small budget film, this has some seriously big boys backing it.

The other issue that Kameron Brown pointed out is the fact that black women aren’t into comics, super hero characters and films on a grand level, in fact most black women believe that having such hobbies is “lame”, hence why the geek type black men who are into comics and super hero films for the majority part date and marry non black women, some of whom are also into the same and who conversely don’t look upon the above and geek black males as “lames”.

You’ll notice how black women will jump up to form Voltron in order to boycott a film because one of its black male actors is dating a non black woman, yet these same black female numbskulls won’t stop buying weaves and other external appendages from Korean owned beauty supplies even when the owners are openly cussing them out, placing them in choke holds and punching them in the face. At this stage in 2018 there are no words to describe just how stupid, idiotic and retarded the overwhelming majority of modern day black females are.

As I have stated before, black women are doubling down in their feminist stupidity instead of throwing it into the garbage like many other non black women have decided to, their boycott of the Black Panther film won’t do a damn thing, it will fail miserably. There is no doubt in my mind that the same black women who are proposing the boycott were no doubt the same types who wouldn’t give Michael B Jordan the time of day when he was an up and coming actor just starting out in the industry.

We already know how that story goes, black women aren’t prepared to build together when it comes to black men, they simply wish to roll in, mooch and syphon from your hard earned resources once you’ve made something of yourself. Thinking black men, let the pro black simps burden themselves with these snakes, they’ll find out the hard way that attempting to form a confederation with devils will be to their own detriment.

Black women and their hypocrisy concerning interracial dating continues as always. Clapping and cheering on themselves for snagging white men but going in on black men for dating and marrying non black women. Thinking black men, let 2018 be a time of real change in YOUR life, leave these misguided souls to continue with the same dead-end, empty agendas they unsuccessfully ran with in 2017.

This is yet another attempt by black witch coven to dick police heterosexual thinking black men. You won’t control us and no amount of shaming tactics and boo hooing will change anything. Thinking black men will date whomever they want to date and there is nothing that the black sisterhood of failure can do about it.

Sorry black women, this is one area where your pockets simply cannot dig deep enough, nevertheless proceed ahead with your so called “boycott” so that we can all laugh at you when it falls flat on its face. You have no leverage here, take some seats. Walk it off and keep your penis monitoring antics to yourselves. Like I’ve stated many times before, YOU CANNOT AND WILL NOT CONTROL THE HETEROSEXUAL THINKING BLACK MAN, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Read that previous sentence as many times as you want and weep.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Scraggle Daggles

Most High Bless

71 thoughts on “Black Women Looking At Boycotting New Black Panther Film – Yet More Evidence Black Women Are The Black Man’s Enemy

  1. @Verbs welcome back,and yes, the stupidity continues. Black females already backtracking on their pathetic boycott by claiming it was “one tweet”. Of course they jealous, that is one fine ass Latina.

    Got a Becky who’s currently writing a paper on White slavery and getting vitriolic feedback from her professors. I’m currently reviewing it and it may become a long term thing, so fingers crossed.


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    • Michel,

      Thanks bro. The rest was well needed and something I will be doing every Christmas. Black women have no leverage when it comes down to this movie, they would do well to drop the entire idea altogether. Indeed, Ashlyn Castro is very attractive, no wonder these black harridans were jealous to the extreme. Keep us informed on your Becky, your relationship and her slavery paper. Hopefully she’ll play ball instead of playing games.

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  2. Hey guys, long time reader here….new commenter…but I always point out how this BS narrative of black men ONLY get FAT WHITE WOMEN or UGLY non black women when they date out is complete BS….because if it were TRUE you wouldn’t see mainly WHITE MEN and BLACK WOMEN getting their PANTIES in a bunch at EVERY interaction btwn black men and non black women….if these women are soo ugly then why are they sooo upset???? Yea, what a joke, they know damn well black men can get ANY WOMAN at ANY LEVEL…FACT! So they just try this BS projection game, because in TRUTH its BLACK WOMEN who mostly date TRAILER TRASH WHITE GUYS or GEAK WHITE GUYS with black women fetishes. Very few white men of means will even be PUBLICALLY SEEN with a black bitch, let alone date them. FACT!

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    • TMT247,

      Welcome aboard sir. Yes indeed, racist white men and their partners in crime black women are all about breaking down the self esteem and self confidence of heterosexual black men, repeating the same propaganda and nonsense about black men only being able to get fat white women is part of that destructive process.

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    • I can agree with experience. I’ve recounted the story of how a black chick who wouldn’t date me was recently seen by me in the mall, being basically dragged around by her caveman looking white boy, who was clothed in a top of the line muddy white t-shirt, and shorts that look like they had been cut in a knife fight.

      Well, there was also a black girl who years back I had tried to date. We actually vibes very well, which probably stemmed from her hanging around/imitating white women so much. She was steadfast that she wanted to be single, and to “not lead me on” decided to discard our friendship entirely. Well, recently I found out that her singleness lasted for about a good month, because she then found some literal trailer trash white dude from Alabama who knocked her “Christian” ass up before heading for the hills. Her sister, who looks like a hotep version of a stereotypical feminist, also played a cuck for a fat white dude almost twice her age, and spends most of her money on HIS slow ass son.

      Black Women and white men project the evil they do on to us.

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  3. Black women didn’t give 2 spits about Michael B. Jordan until he made it big in Fruitvale Station and Creed. Before that, I’ll bet most black women, when they heard the name Michael B. Jordan, would assume you were talking about the basketball player. Now that he’s making serious money and appearing in blockbuster films, all of a sudden they know who he is. I don’t blame Jordan at all. Black women know they just can’t compete with the women he can have now.

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    • Morpheus2275,

      Its like we keep on saying, when it comes to black men black women want a ready made individual, however they’ll have no problems building with Brad and Peter from scratch.

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    • Morpheus2275,

      I remember a few years ago Michael B. Jordan said something about loving women that had long hair. Naturally a ton of Black Women were outraged as many of them are bald and unable to grow any hair out of their bitchass heads. LMAO I can’t even figure out why Black bitches were commenting on Black Panther, majority of them aren’t interested in stuff like that, they prefer things filled with gossip and drama.

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      • Ever notice that most “natural” black chicks are bald or look like any rapper? The most UNFEMININE women on the planet! This is why “colorism” exists: you mixed some non-black blood into them, and you might get an actual female!

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    • JW,

      Apologies for the late approval of this comment. I went to check out Castro’s comment section, shocking but not surprising. This is one of many reasons why I stopped dealing with black women years ago, they are extremely childish, infantile and hypocritical. Exactly what has Ashlyn Castro done wrong to the black witch contingent for them to go off on her like that, nothing, absolutely nothing.

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    • Why haven’t Black Women left the same comments for Serena Williams and Meghan Markle though? Oh yeah that’s right…

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  4. Black women are still focused on these low priority simple minded foolish issues? oh well!!! 2018 get ready for more info and higher quality content I’m learning more coding, programming, software and tech I’m about to take a quantum leap thanks bros and slaying evil you all are great you are the real mvp’s….

    #sysbm #Ibmor #rpb #imout #irefusetobicker&fusswithblackmen #thegynocracyiswatchin&plottingitsnextevilmoveprotectyourneckbrothers

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  5. Given that 80% of adult black females, under age 70, are overweight, how come black men do not have a reputation for dating fat black women? With the exception of black female substance abusers and black women with metabolism issues, the majority of black women are fat.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      In the eyes of black women these things don’t matter, as far as they are concerned black men shouldn’t be able to achieve more than themselves regardless of what gutter state black women find themselves in.

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  6. Welcome back Verbs, hope you had a good vacation and got some rest. But this is so funny about Michael B Jordan he has a big part in the movie but he is not the main star but these stupid black women do not know that. Their stupid boycott will have no affect on the movie because black women do not like Super Hero movies anyway and this movie is way bigger than some hating ass black women. Verbs you mentioned Voltron well black women are the Road Beast. Welcome back

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    • Sean,

      Thanks bro, the rest was well needed and something I will be doing every Christmas. Black women don’t seem to understand how irrelevant they are when it comes down to super hero films, comics and general cartoon animation. They picked the wrong film to try and flex against, this will not go down well for them at all if they choose to actually go through with such a dumb idea.

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  7. Short story. Went to a job interview for a job just to get a little bit of extra money. I knew the interviewer was a black woman. After speaking with her for about 15 minutes she all of a sudden asks me ‘ do you have a girlfriend’? I say no. She asks me ‘why not’? I say ‘not site’s? She says ‘there is somebody I’d like you to meet’ and I’m not lying when I say she walks out of the room and brings one of her coworkers in to meet me. She says ‘talk too each other’, and leaves the room. Mind you this is a job interview, and the black woman is somehow trying to get me involved with one of her black female co workers.
    I was actually astonished, but not surprised about how unprofessional this black woman was. I was VERY awkward, and uncomfortable.
    Could you imagine if I was a man interviewing a black woman and I asked her do you have a boyfriend and then brought some black man into the room and left so she could speak to him?
    This story has probably nothing to do with the topic, but my experience yesterday is one more piece of evidence, that shows just how mentally unstable black women really are. As I’m leaving the black woman who was supposed to be interviewing me asked me ‘ is it okay if I give her your number’?
    There is seriously something wrong with black women. Now if I was to take this side job, could you imagine the level of awkwardness involved with seeing someone who you were supposed to be set up with who you didn’t want to get involved with, on a daily basis?
    I’m actually thinking about just not taking the job, because being in an environment that is controlled by black women, especially black women who want to see me get caught up and hooked up with some other black woman, will it eventually lead to some sort of problem.
    You literally cannot make this shit up.

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    • Bill Smith,

      All I can say is wow, just wow. These black sirens are getting really desperate nowadays. Trying to set you up on a date during a job interview, damn, damn and damn again. That type of behaviour is completely unprofessional but it’s what we should expect from your average black female. That is disgusting, and normally these heifers try to set you up with one of their disease ridden, wildebeest looking friends. I’d feel highly insulted if that happened to me. I would also be very reluctant to work in such an environment where black women are in charge and pulling the strings, that is a recipe for disaster. This also goes to show how more and more black men with sense and intelligence are simply walking away from black women as a group, recognising that they are more trouble than they are worth. SYSBM is in full effect, it hasn’t even reached critical mass and black women are already feeling the pinch.

      Sorry Bill, there are no editing features for commenters, just the admin only, so I recommend reading through the comment you wish to submit and checking for spelling and grammar errors before sending it.

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    • Bill Smith – Run away from this job! FAR FAR AWAY! Dealing with those chocolate Sea Hags just isn’t worth it.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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    • Holy crap…….

      I don’t even….

      Playing Black Matchmaker on a job interview? Now let a black man do the same thing with these chicks and try to set them up with one of his “lame” homeboys.

      Black woman: nigga, I know you didn’t! You ain’t $h1t! Y’all niggas sorry and lame! Gots to get me a Brad, gon have some cute lil half breeds!

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  8. Verbs2015, I hear you loud and clear. Working in that type of environment seems like a recipe for disaster. Mind you as I was waiting in the hall, about 3 white females who work there walked past me and were DEFINITELY giving me the eye. Now could you imagine how the black demon and her co worker friend who she tried to set me up with would react/retaliate if I were to get with one of those white females?
    Black women are selfish, mentally unstable creatures. If they can’t have their way, they will do anything to destroy the person (black male) who they perceive as having ‘done them wrong’. Pathetic.

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    • Awkward as hell… if you were on your game, maybe holler at one (or all three!) of those white girls whilst looking for another side job.

      Holy shit…

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    • As a rule, I’ve avoided dating women at work. Don’t eat the meat where you earn your bread! Don’t dip your pen in the company ink. That philosophy has served me well over the years. I’ve been happily married to a Becky for many years, and continue to live a happy, drama-free life with my Mrs.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off!

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  9. Michael, I might just work there for a week or two, link up with those white females, and then leave. It’s a predominantly black working environment, so you know those white women are ‘open for business’.
    I can’t stand 99.9 percent of black women. There is ALWAYS a problem dealing with black women in any capacity. Sad, but 100 percent true.

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  10. Damn! Michael B. Jordan got himself a fine woman! No wonder the Scraggle Daggles are jealous!

    SYSBM, brothers! The Ground Game is in overdrive and will continue by any and all means necessary!

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      I estimate that black women will take close to double or triple the L’s they received in 2017. SYSBM is rolling full steam ahead and there is nothing that black women can do about it. I’ve always stated that abandonment is the best weapon the thinking black man has against the black witch.

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  11. Thebackhandofreality, I hear you. I am already on the radar of the black woman demon, therefore I am a target for doing nothing other than existing. The black woman who interviewed me was all smiles and laughter at my slightest utterance. But I could easily see through the phony facade that black women project. Everything is smiles and friendliness with black women until you do something other than what they expect or want you do do. The second black women feel they don’t have the ability to control a black man all logic, fairness, civility, and decency (not that black women have these attributes anyway) go the window, and the only thing black women have on their mind is how to destroy the life of the black man who they are focused on.
    It might be a nice easy side gig to make extra money, but the black woman demon is there and in a position of authority. So I have to consider the pros and cons of it. Do black women EVER do anything other than act inappropriately, and cause problems for everyone around them?

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    • Kameron Brown,

      Exactly what we stated, black women’s pockets cannot challenge Marvel and Disney. Their money is a drop in the ocean when it comes to these kinds of films. An epic fail on the part of the scraggle daggle and the year has only begun, lol.

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  12. Bill Smith,

    Wow your story floored me that is the most unprofessional thing I have ever heard. Imagine you doing that you would have some type of sexual harassment charge against you this is crazy Wow.

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    • So unprofessional. But most black women just do what their stupid brains tell them without considering the consequences of their actions. It was so awkward and strange.

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  14. So Black Women wanna boycott something that they quite frankly probably have no interest in, all so they can potential affect the meal tickets of black men.

    This is the main reason why characters like Black Panther, Static, Falcon, and Blade would have a hard time getting movies off of the ground anyways: they would most likely be made to have a black female love interest, and who the **** wants to pay to see that? That’s like going to see a guy about a brand new Camaro and when you get there, all he has is a beat up Geo Metro with no tires. As The Bachelorette showed us last year (besides reinforcing bedwebch theory), Black Women don’t sell CRAP. This is also why companies like Shea Moisture had to branch out for new demographics, as there is more money to be made from women with more “normal” hair, especially since black women have no interest in natural hair outside of running around with a low fade and looking like a dude you know from the block that sells demo tapes.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Exactly, folks realise that catering exclusively towards black women in this day and age is simply a no no. Shea Moisture is a classic example of that. We already know that black women are not into super heros, comics etc, for them to even threaten a boycott of the Black Panther movie where they have no leverage whatsoever simply goes to show just how mentally deranged the majority of them are.

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  15. Afrofuturism1, Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Very true. Black women actually think the world revolves around them. But reality tells us the only things that revolve around black women are bastard children, weaves, horrible attitudes, and an absolutely unrealistic thought process that tells them they can do or say anything, and never be held responsible.

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  16. The irony is that if they boycott Black Panther, they boycott their dark-skinned goddess Lupita, who is a co-star. I guess she’d be acceptable collateral damage as long as they’re hurting a black man. The point is moot however. Black Panther is on track to beat “Civil War” in presales, and that movie featured all the main Marvel heroes.

    Another “L” for the toxic sisterhood and it’s only January. Verbs, welcome back.

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  17. Black women don’t even like geek culture or black men who are into nerdy things yet they think them “boycotting” The Black Panther will make a dent in the films box office?! What a joke. Reminds me when the white boys wanted to boycott star wars because of a black storm trooper.

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    • Yours Truly,

      The so called boycott is already a flop, I’m already hearing that pre sales are through the roof, higher than the last Captain America film. Short article coming on Monday in relation to this. You simply have to laugh at black women and their dead duck strategies. Yet another L and the year has only just begun, lol.


  18. Happy New Year gentleman,

    Did you notice that there was an article of some sorts that claimed that this was a hoax? Like another commenter said, BW and their lackey niggars are backtracking on this boycott. It probably was a hoax, but the point still stands that these niggars fell for it. It should be Elementary at this point of what the “outsiders” will do as they been doing it for a very very long time. BW do not belong to BM, as Verbs has stated. Most BP love and clamour for the love and validation of WP. So crying that it’s a hoax as an excuse makes you look even dumber and is rather embarrassing. Hell if I want to be brutally honest, is Unbecoming and it’s the disgraceful to those of the Civil Rights Movement. (Not to say they didn’t have issues I always agree with)

    Ask for the comment left by Bill Smith in regards to a job interview, that’s obvious sexual harassment. But BW do it all the time. Yesterday at my job, I have one black woman ask about my relationship status. Another black woman tell me I’m good looking and that I had a nice ass. The older sister that asked about my relationship status was surprised to find out that I’ve been seeing to a Ethiopian woman. She said that she could see me seeing a WW. Well she’s right partially, LOL! I told her that my Mom and Dad didn’t raise me like that and blew off the conversation. It’s not like BW have some of the same interests I have any way. Except they just like to look at my body. Fucking typical.

    BW I swear act like they’re on a sitcom. It’s just sound bites and storylines with them. Like it’s a Love & Hip Hop episode or living some weird Shakespearean Tale. It’s the reason why they are rather generic and boring. It seems like the only type of BW I vibe with are those who act like “Oreos” or date outside of their race. I’ve also been involved with some of them on the side (swirlers still can’t go away, haha!) but I’ll just leave it at that. LOL!

    Does it seem like when you date outside of your race, BW interest increase in you?


  19. Happy New Years gentleman,

    I’ve been seeing a bunch of post claiming that this boycott was a hoax and that black women are not boycotting the Black Panther. They claim that outside forces were involved in dividing blacks. That’s pretty much Elementary at this point. But using it as a excuse in deflection from the fact that the amount of women and their Lackey suck-ups fail for the hoax it’s not going to work. You have too much of a m. O. To bullshit your way out of this rather embarrassing is Souls that a lot of you are either dumb or you love WP and their validation. I definitely believe it’s the latter. You’re backpedaling from egg in your face, and trying to blame some BP for creating drama. Typical. BM do not have a woman. Just like Verbs said.

    And to Bill Smith story about that interview process, that is obvious sexual harassment. But us ebony men are probably used to it unfortunately. Hell, at my job I had a BW comment on my look and my body pretty often. I have another one that was asking me about my relationship status. I understand the work environment it’s a cars for environment because it’s in the hospitality industry, but that’s unprofessional. I told her that I’ve been seeing a Ethiopian woman, and she was surprised. She said she picture me dating a WW. Well, she’s partially right. LOL! Let’s be honest outside of my physical features, most BW don’t have interest in me like that. The only type of BW I can seem to Vibe with are those who act like a oreo themselves and / or date outside their race. (And they have hooked up with me while dating their non-black BF, I’mma leave that alone. LOL!) I told her that my mom and dad didn’t raise me like that, and that I like melanin. Basically blew her ass off.

    Most BW seem to live their life like they’re on Love & Hip Hop or some weird Shakespearean Tale. A fantasy. How you supposed to be educated and be unprofessional and think because you get cool points from White peasants that is okay to act like a stereotype? A stereotype that Generations past have tried to overcome? Because you love white people and don’t like being black. Now that’s self hatred. Simple.

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    • MGVerde/Mack G,

      I personally don’t believe that hoax line that is now being “conveniently” circulated, I think black women were determined to boycott just like they did Nate Paker’s film Birth Of A Nation because the Black Panther film depicts a heterosexual black man in charge of and ruling over a black society, plus the fact that Michael B Jordan is dating a Latin American female is yet another reason as far as most black women are concerned. Black women believe that it is their job to rule over said black communities. Its the negative chatter as well as the pre sales record of the film that has caused them to now back peddle and “unofficially” call off the proposed boycott ie, claim somebody else was responsible in order to evade being heavily berated.

      Could there have been outside forces involved, its possible, however with black women for the last 50 years efficiently enforcing white supremacy within black society by themselves, they don’t really need outside help to come against heterosexual thinking black men, they’ll do it of their own free will in order to as you stated collect brownie points from racist white men ie their gods. The saga continues.


      • I believe it’s the fact that they wanted to boycott a black man who was apart of something bigger than himself. This isn’t a independent film by a black filmmaker. This isn’t some RnB singer that is only popular in black circles. Marvel movies are some of the highest grossing films of our time. The first avengers is in the top 5 spot.
        They realized that the boycott was a stupid idea and started claiming it was a hoax but even if it was it doesn’t matter because black women have attempted to “boycott” countless black men for being with non-black women. They have written blogs and articles in the past stating that they should boycott all black men who don’t date black women or criticize them so it’s like the boy who cried wolf at this point. This is just like you said….another L these women will have to take.

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  20. Verbs2015,
    Had it Been Someone Like Me in The Same Position as Mr. Jordan. I Would Have Never Heard The End of It. From Gossip Forums to My Social Media Accounts. If I Were Rich,Famous & Well Recognized As Him & Dating or Married to a Non-American Black Women. The Black Wenches Would Hound Me Like No Other. It’s All Kinds of Frustrating and Sad. I Hear Black People Saying That We Should Have More Black Superheroes on Either The Big & Small Screen..Granted Black Lightning Is Set To Debut Next Week Tuesday on the CW Network, But The Fact That ”Black Panther” is Finally Getting a Solo Film That Debuts Next Month & Is Making a Killing in Ticket Sales. Now Comes The ”Sabotage Syndrome”. Stan Lee Who Co-Created Black Panther With Jack Kirby is Getting Accused of Sexually Assaulting Hospital Nurses. In Which Gives Certain White People Not to View This Movie, Then For American Black Women Comes Their Excuse ”Michael B. Jordan is Dating a Non-American Black Woman”. Time For a Boycott. I Swear American Black Females Have The Most F’ed Up Mind-Set I’ve Ever Seen. They’re Jealousy Steams From The FACT That He’s Found Someone Who Makes Him Happy (Vice-Versa),Content & Maybe Wants to Spend the Rest of His Life With. Rather Than Being With Someone Who’s Bitter, Foul-Attitude Driven & Wants to Make Him Miserable Till The Day He Dies. Bottom Line Brother’s Like Mr. Jordan Has All The More Right to Date Who He Wants That Makes Him Happy & If American Black Women That Talks About Love. They Would Be Happy For Him, But I Keep Forgetting They’re Not, They Just Stay Forever Stuck in a Place Most Would Call ”Bitter Boulevard”. I For One Will See Black Panther Next Month & Will Enjoy it & Will Continue to Stay on The #SYSBM Path.

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    • Shawn Swint,

      I checked out one of the trailers for the Black Panther movie and I was very impressed. Article coming out tomorrow on the pre sales record of the film in conjunction with black women’s failed attempt at sabotaging it. They should’ve stay in their damn lane, black women have absolutely no reach in this department which is why they’re now running around making up stories about the proposed boycott being a hoax orchestrated by white folks, however the thinking black men’s regiment knows better than that. Racist whites no longer need to enforce white supremacy within black society, black women are already doing a good enough job of that.


      • These dumb b!#$!35 are truly delusional, desperate and pathetic! Here is a link to a video.

        The video is over a week old… before the movie started breaking records. Let’s take a look at some of the comments.

        Juanita Smith
        1 week ago
        I think they started this lie about black women as a preemptive strike. In case this movie doesn’t do well, they can point and blame black women. This scapegoating of black women is getting tiresome.

        Ms J
        1 week ago (edited)
        I think black men can be very insecure, they were terrified that the film would fail so they put out an excuse to cover their backs. It’s also the reason why they say black women only swirl for money……they didn’t want anyone to think its because they’re inferior in some way. It’s just a distraction I think 🤷‍♀️

        Nicole Winters
        1 week ago
        This “rumor” is nothing but a set up to later blame black women if the movie were to tank in sales. These bitter bobbies are already preparing their arsenal for attack against bw. To these men, not only do our wombs belong to only them but our coins do as well. A group of psychopaths

        A week ago, they were trying to say that black men started the supposed boycott as a built in excuse in the case that the movie fails.

        Now that the movie is already breaking records and is clearly going to be a colossal success, they are claiming that the white media has fabricated this boycott to make black women seem insecure and to drive a rift between blacks. ROTLMBO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        I guess the story changes as the wind blows. BW are BEYOND PATHETIC!! This is embarassing, even for them. Great site BTW!

        Liked by 2 people

      • Matt M,

        Thanks bro. Yet more evidence which demonstrates why I stopped dealing with these delusional heifers years ago, black women are the true definition of insane. We already saw what they did concerning Nate Parker’s film Birth Of A Nation, why shouldn’t we believe that they wouldn’t plan to pull the same stunt once again?

        You’ll note the lack of honesty that I keep talking about as per usual on display from those comments you posted. Oh, don’t worry, I’ve got another article coming out first thing tomorrow morning dealing with the pre record ticket sales of the film and how the proposed boycott BLACK WOMEN planned to carry out is already dead in the water, lol.

        It’s exactly like the frequent commenter Bill Smith said on another article, at this stage we must treat the overwhelming majority of black women as mad hatter mental patients who ought to be locked up in high security mental asylums. I mean, thinking that they could somehow challenge Marvel and Disney Studios, really, lol????


  21. Here is the pinned comment in the comment section of the video of a black woman actually attempting to defend black women’s right to be hypocritical when it comes to black men dating IR. LOL, These miserable, insecure chicks never cease to amaze me. LMAO

    Pinned by simone56
    vinessa wess
    1 week ago
    i posted this comment on Kendall’s video but ill post it over here too bc the same thing applies:

    This list right here is the reason why we as BW have the right to support, praise or big up Serena, Meghan or any BW/Biracial woman in an IR relationships we choose and BM can’t say a damn thing about it & if sistas decide that they no longer wanna take their dollars and support any of these BM on the list (alive or dead) they are free to do so bc its their money:
    MICHAEL B. JORDAN, retired nba player MICHAEL JORDAN & his son Jeffery Jordan, KANYE WEST, LEVAR BALL, ROMEO, NATE PARKER, HARRY BELAFONTE, CHRIS BROWN, 50 CENT, LIL WAYNE, QUINCY JONES, MICHAEL EALY, KOBE BRYANT, EDDIE MURPHY, TIGER WOODS, JAMES BROWN, JOHN LEGEND, RICHARD PRYOR, SHANNON SHARP, CHARLES BARKLEY, SAMMY DAVIS JR., REDD FOXX, JAMIE FOXX, KEENAN IVORY WAYANS, MICHAEL JACKSON, REGGIE BUSH, DAME DASH, TAYE DIGGS, ARSENIO HALL, MONTELL WILLIAMS, FRED WILLIAMSON, CUBA GOODING, TRISTAN THOMPSON, DAVID CHAPELLE, TIKI BARBER, WESLEY SNIPES, DON CORNELIUS, OMARI HARDWICK, JAMES EARL JONES, TIM DUNCAN, SEAL, TYSON BECKFORD, CHARLIE “GAP BAND” WILSON, ICE T, SIDNEY POITIER, RICHARD ROUNDTREE aka SHAFT, BILL RUSSELL, WILT CHAMBERLAIN, DENNIS RODMAN, CARL “APOLLO CREED” WEATHERS, THE ROCK, TYRESE, VIN DIESEL, AL JARREAU, IKE TURNER, RAY PARKER JR., MICHAEL STRAHEN, RG3, TERRENCE HOWARD , the bm star of 12 years a slave, the bm writer of 12 years a slave and bm director of 12 years a slave, the dude who plays LUKE CAGE, Scottie Pippen, Lionel Ritchie, Lou Rawls, Ahmad Rashad, Joe Morton aka Papa Pope from Scandal, Brian White aka Russell from Scandal, Lamar Odom, Nick Young, Jermaine Jackson, Randy Jackson, Columbus Short aka Harrison from Scandal, Charlie Parker, Travis Scott, Chris Brown, Marcus Allen, Hill Harper, Tristen Thompson, Ray Parker Jr., Dr. Dre, The WeekEnd, Clerance Thomas, Keenan Ivory Wayans, David Allen Greer , Damon from FUBU, Oj Simpson, Donny Glover from ATL tv show, Hill Harper, Danny Glover, DJ Paul from 36MAFIA, 80s singer Alexander Oneal, Prize fighter Jack Johnson and the richest BM in America and the list goes on and on and on! These bm all have White/NON BLK WIVES, BABY MAMAS & GIRLFRIENDS but sistas STILL continued to support these BM, all but Tiger Woods are rich in part due to the support of BW & the Black community’s dollars! So as far as im concerned, BM have no right to say anything about the race of men that BW choose to marry or date and we do NOT have to praise, uplift or support bm in IR if we do not want to! These fools kill me with the “BW are being hypocritical & unfair”
    we don’t have to now play fair bc for decades they never played fair.
    Its not called Hypocrisy, its called Justifiable Romance…charge it to the game!
    so shut up and stop crying about BW not supporting bm in IR, they dont support sistas in IR!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Matt M,

      The fact of the matter is black men simply aren’t interested in who black women choose to date and marry, if black women wish to deal with non black men then that is their business and I don’t have a problem with it. However, black women need to keep their mouths shut when it comes to black men choosing to have sex with, dating and marrying non black women. Black women have had access to the interracial dating market for longer than black men have, so this talk about us doing IR as if we have been dating that way for longer than black women is a flat out lie.

      Black women don’t support black men period, they haven’t supported us for the longest while and things are likely to stay the same. They only pay black men lip service in order to keep them in the same vulnerable position where black women can roll in whenever they want and shaft us, I talked about this in Negro Wars. More black men need to get it through their heads, black women are NOT our friends, they’re our sworn enemies and will use any tricks and techniques in the book they can in order to keep us on the proverbial plantation.

      The fact of the matter is all of the black men above have been treated horribly by the modern day black female, they realised that black women are a gutter group of individuals to deal with and so they made the necessary adjustments to their lives in order to push black women away and bring non black women closer. Black women truly are delusional, they treat black men like absolute garbage and they still sit there scratching their heads wondering why we are deciding to abandon them in favour of non black women, you simply cannot make this stuff up. Your average black female walking around in 2018 sadly is many kegs short of a six pack.

      Liked by 1 person

  22. Thanks Verbs2015. I can’t wait for your article. I figure the next logical step for black women is to blame the “boycott hoax” on Asian Women because they (Asian Women) are threatened by the ever increasing number of black women taking white men. ROTFLMBO

    Liked by 1 person

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  24. I cannot imagine being so bitter and insecure as to so vehemently vilify an entire group of people that has a long history of and will continue to support and put black men first in names of “community” as the males on this site. Although I can’t stand the idea of it, I know that some males on here have little innocent black daughters unfortunate enough to look like them; sisters, mothers.The unparalleled amount of abuse and violence they must face from those that look just like them – family even – because they were simply born with two X chromosomes and a healthy dose of melanin is as much of a tragedy as it is embarrassing.

    Ironically, it is the infamous ‘angry black female’ trope, a weapon so visibly used against black women by those here, turned clear on its head and applied to the male accusers themselves! It suddenly hit me as I read the title and scrolled down why the whining sounding so familiar. A fascinating phenomena to say the least!

    I would be inclined to pray for y’all, but I’m an atheist, and honestly, I just don’t care enough. It takes entirely too much energy to be so blindly hateful. I will say that black women have no problem finding security, beauty, and love within each other. Maybe it’s a fragile male thing, as evident in the obsession y’all seem to have with toxic straight black male masculinity?

    Regardless, when Black Panther comes out in less than a week, I’m going to go see it mainly for the beautiful, bad-ass black women in the movie like the dora milaje and my love Lupita, of course. I cannot remember ever being so excited to see a movie purely because the women looked like me, had qualities that I admired, and captivated both myself and the audience with their unconventional beauty. I can’t recall a single instance of seeing females that looked like myself on the big screen and not being able to decide if I wanted to be them or date them. That and to see an imaginative world were Africa and her daughters were left alone to thrive.

    It also occurred to me that if by some chance black women were truly as delusional and paranoid as thought and boycotted everything that featured an interracial couple involving a black man, the majority of black culture would never be and what was left of this so called “community” would crumble. You (singularly-meaning without black women) would be organizing your own protest while being murdered in cold blood by the police and marching alone, left up to your own devices to organize effective movements to save yourselves.

    Just like the civil rights movement. Just like with the recent election in Alaba—no wait. That was us.

    I tell you, Happy Black History Month to ya. Cheers!


  25. Black women’s objections are about money. It’s about generational wealth.
    It’s about black male celebrities buying their white woman fantasies with money wrenched out of African American history and contemporary African American aspirations.

    Black man uses black identity to forge his career.
    Black women, men and children support him. They buy his brand.
    He becomes famous and makes lots of money.
    Then he dates white; marries white; gives money made off black support
    to one or more white women and thier famiies. No part of his wealth returns to Africana culture.

    He joins the “Any Woman But A Black Woman Club.”
    Some even publically disparage all black woman, in order to absolve themselves.
    He produces children that don’t look like nor identify with his family nor culture.
    Within two generations his children have turned to the white base of their family tree by marrying white, oblitherating his gene pool on both the black and white branches of his family tree.

    The money generated by his black based celebrity career and his black fanbase begins its long legacy of enriching white women, their children, and their second generation of children, who are now white again and rich at the behest of the national black community. This issue represents billions of dollars that come out of the national black community, but don’t return either through the black nucelar family nor the collective efforts of the black monied class efforts to build corporations that produce prosperity and entrepreneurship for African American women and their two black parent children.

    This type of behavior is now an expectation among monied black men.
    Both black and white observers have come to expect that most black millionaires have either a white or some other kind of ethnicity as a wife, who will produce children that don’t look like him nor his family. Rejection of black women by black famous men has set up an assumption for black boys, that part of being rich and famous means you have to have a white woman. So many of them use black girls until they can fulfill their life’s goal to get a white woman. They walk away from their fully black children they have produced, and publically fawn over the children they have produced in their efforts to commit genetic suicide.

    A spirit of remorse and rejection has set up among African American women.
    It is real; it is depressing; it is doing serious harm to African American culture. Too many black men, both celebrity and otherwise, are tone-deaf to the perspectives of black women; women who should have a right to expect validation by black men, but recieve indifference by too many of those who have a high profiles. A growing black women’s response has taken root that essentially says,”If you won’t validate us in real life; if you refuse to commit to the growth of African American wealth and family stability, then we won’t give you our money.” Taye Diggs and Nat Parker have already experienced that ignoring black women fanbase objections are costly.

    Money is green to represent that it is a living organism. You plant it in the right places, in the right ways, it will grow perpetually. Benjamin Franklin’s trust is still making money. So this issue of black derived money, not promoting black families and nor building prosperity in black communities is a paramount issue. All other ethnics in the US understand this, and practice cultural behavior designed to keep the wealth that they produce among their own people.


  26. Late Winter 2018 update————–Black women are pretending that few black women had a problem with the Black Panther movie.


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