But I Thought White Women Were Out To Get Us – The White Boogie Man Rhetoric Fails Once Again(Last Article Of 2017)



Thanks J for sending me this story. Now of course the common narrative created by black women and the pro black squads is white women and white folks in general are out to get black people. Where this may be true in terms of some racist whites(remember, not all racist whites strike out against black people offensively, some simply don’t won’t to be around black folks period and take the necessary defensive actions in order to achieve that goal ie white flight), the fact of the matter is decent black folks are persecuted more by their own people than by outsiders.

When I was growing up and throughout my school years it was black youth who gave me the most grief, in fact I distinctly remember a specific occasion where an unproductive, thug, hoodrat type black male was giving me trouble and it was actually a young white male who came to my defence. Most blacks get attacked by their own people first before anybody else, however the pro black, back to Africa squads purposely choose to ignore the many grievances coming from their own camp and instead choose to focus upon the outside boogie man who in many cases hasn’t troubled them personally in years and they equally encourage other blacks to do the same.

Where I most certainly do not deny racism exists, whenever I see folks at anti racism marches, guess which group makes up the overwhelming majority of the crowd, white people. The same can be said for pro-life rallies, yet again white folks particularly white women make up the majority bulk of those protesting. Another issue that has me questioning the “white folks are gonna get you” rhetoric is the fact that more white people adopt black children than black folks, make that make sense.

When we look at all of the evidence and we’re honest about the findings, the fact of the matter is we see that there are more white people who care about black people more than most black folks do. Dealing with the story, of course looking at the young brother we can already tell that the overwhelming majority of black women would regard him as an “educated lame”, thus they would’ve already rejected him on the spot.

Isn’t it funny how black women as a group typically see no value in good black men until those same black men decide to expand upon their dating options ie go SYSBM? Of course the angry and bitter black sisterhood in conjunction with their pro black flunkies will call Chris a coon, a sell out, an Uncle Tom/Ruckus and a self hater, all the while standing in a pool of hypocrisy as these same black females write mountain loads of novels talking about being the side pieces/sex slaves of white men.

Let us also not forget Ghetto Gaggers, some of the most putrid and repugnant pornography to hit the adult entertainment industry, where black women openly allow themselves to be degraded to the maximum degree by white men for an extremely cheap fee. And there is no shortage of applications from black women on that web site looking to take their degeneracy 50 feet deeper.

If we are quick to tell white people that not all blacks fit the stereotypical hoodrat, 12 children by 8 different fathers, sagging pants, hooded up, gun slinging, common portrayals projected by the mainstream media, then shouldn’t we also give those white folks who prove themselves to be of a genuine heart the same consideration?

I see nothing wrong and everything right with this story, a young intelligent, non stereotypical black man in a relationship with a young respectful white woman and her parents and family members supporting the couple all of the way. Now, whether things are the same on the side of Chris’s family remains to be seen as we already know how militant black folks particularly single black mothers can be towards their SONS involving themselves in interracial relationships, however they will always give their daughters and themselves a pass whenever they engage in the same.

Black men, you have plenty of other options available to you, don’t be afraid to use them and most certainly never allow yourself to be bullied by black women and their advocates into “keeping it black” knowing full well that sticking to dating black women alone in 2017 is a recipe for disaster and certainly a death sentence.

I can never understand the pro black squads, how they will purposely ignore the fact that black men overwhelmingly are being deceived, shafted, gutted, indicted, turned out and ran over by black women, yet they will always jump on a small minority of cases involving white women railroading black men and use those as their so called “smoking guns” in their attempts to deter the thinking black men’s regiment from dating out, smh.

It’s not going to happen, until the back to Africa squads deal with the vast numbers of black women who are dragging black men through the coals(and enjoying what they are doing by the way), they have no rights and absolutely no grounds to talk about white women being out to get black men, they simply cannot be taken seriously.

Lastly, notice that racist white men conversely will use “the black boogie man is out to get you” narrative in their efforts to dissuade white women from dealing with black men. Again, do you see how black women, the pro black men who support them and racist white men are three sides of the same rusty, decadent coin?

By the way both narratives on both sides aren’t working by a long shot, if anything because of such attacks stemming from insecure hearts, interracial relations between white women and black men have increased exponentially worldwide, SYSBM cannot be stopped. Black women using the movie Get Out as part of their arsenal isn’t working either. Here is a recent article written by Dominique Huff demonstrating this and more:



NOTE: This will be my last article of 2017, I’ll be taking a well deserved break over the Christmas and New Year period. I’ve been blogging non stop since August 2016, covering the modern day black female and her continued sinking into the proverbial gutter and I haven’t taken any time off.

I need to recharge so I will be taking a few weeks rest and will be back to regular blogging again from Wednesday 10th January 2018. I’d like to thank all of you for your continued support since taking up the mantle to stand in the corner of the thinking black man. No doubt this black female will sink to even lower depths in 2018 and I will be there to cover her continued fall as well as be a beacon to encourage thinking black men to expand on their dating and marriage options.

I will still be commenting and responding to comments so feel free to use this article or the Off Topic section of the site to bring things to my attention. Afrofuturism1, whenever you’re ready to put up the list of your new videos simply post them here as usual. Once again, wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Be Free Black Men, SYSBM

Most High Bless

70 thoughts on “But I Thought White Women Were Out To Get Us – The White Boogie Man Rhetoric Fails Once Again(Last Article Of 2017)

  1. And a very merry Christmas to you too @Verbs. Let 2018 be the year that SYSBM becomes mainstream. Let us continue to save ourselves, and may the scraggledaggle rot in hell.


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  3. But she gon caul de klan on him, have him beez hanging frum dat tree, beez like da movie get out!

    Again, sadly, black people will be assisted, helped, spoken to, and befriended far more and far friendlier by non-blacks. This will especially go for whites, namely women. This is also why customer Service is the way it is, as people who are hiring KNOW that black women will typically be the most bitter, unfriendly people possible.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I haven’t actually seen that film yet, all I know is black women are using it in their attempts to dissuade black men from dating out, however as I stated before it simply isn’t working. Again, blacks cannot be taken seriously constantly call out the so called “white boogie man” while at the same time purposely ignoring the devils in their own back yards. Black women typically have the worst attitudes which is why most folks try their best to avoid them regardless of race.

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  4. @Verbs2015
    I read the article as well and had a giant cheeseburger grin on my face while doing so. That young brother saved himself by being involved with a beautiful feminine
    White young lady whom she obviously loves and respect. I will keep telling black men to run with the speed and grace of Usain Bolt away from the filth and depravity of the black female whore and find themselves a white female or any other race of woman . I will also be incognito for about 11 days as I and my beautiful blonde girlfriend will be leaving for Paris🗼🗼 On Dec 26 and won’t be returning until Jan 3rd so MERRY CHRISTMAS🎄🎄🎄 to you and Thank you…Thank You.. Thank You for all that you do and I’m sure your blade of truth will be even sharper as you slay even more of the ratchet black females in 2018. ..#SYSBM, TEAMWHITEGIRL

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    • Keith,

      Thanks Keith, have a wonderful time in Paris and enjoy the Christmas and New Year seasons. As we speak I’ve already got some articles lined up for next year, going to have to go in on these dysfunctional harridans even harder. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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  5. Good article. It’s time for more decent, thinking black men in western society to expand their international dating and mating options in 2018. You have these simps and their “lord, saviour and god” black women calling black men like myself that wants better ‘self-haters’, well, if I stick around this ilk of black women and simps and don’t think outside of the box to do, be and live better then I would personally classify myself as a self-hater (meaning I hate myself) because my life will have no reason or worth. Have a good New Year for 2018. SYSBM.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      Agreed, as black women continue to sink further into degeneracy, as I stated in Negro Wars even some simps who are not that far gone in the head will finally be forced to accept the writing on the wall, most however will still perish. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you too brother.

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  6. Verbs,

    I honestly appreciate your work, it has been consistent, we written, intelligent and though provoking.

    2018 will be interesting and I suspect the house of cards will come down crashing


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  7. Verbs,

    Happy Holidays and enjoy your vacation it is well deserved. I appreciate the time and effort that you put in to help us brothers out. Keep up the great work appreciate you bro. In 2018 I think will be a bad year for black women more and more brothers will be jumping ship and saving themselves. Order 66 the black woman purge will be in full force.

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    • Sean,

      Thanks bro. Yep, the attacks against black men will intensify as black women continue to sink lower into the gutter. However, we as thinking black men will always be ready for them. The pro black simps however will be in deep trouble. Umar Johnson is a quintessential example of what can happen when the sisterhood of failure determines to sink their teeth into a simp’s neck looking for blood.

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      • Verbs,

        I agree the attacks on black men will intensify because black Women with the cuts coming know the river of government help is drying up. And once they see more black men choosing other options they will be going ape shit ballistic. 2018 will be a year of reckoning for black women.

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  8. A black man must remember that all USA black women are the same. If you have dated five USA black women, you have dated every type of USA black woman that exists. In a political contest, 95% to 98% of USA black women will vote for the same candidate. If you see a USA black female reporter on the news, they all have the same type of hair weave. Never listen to the black woman’s statement of NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT. ALL USA BLACK WOMEN ARE THE SAME.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      That’s the way it is starting to look and the fact that 96% of them voted for the Democrat and feminist Hillary Clinton speaks volumes as far as I am concerned. Thanks for continually reminding us of the USA black female’s voting pattern, we need constant reminders like that, they confirm exactly what we talk about here on the blog.

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  9. >But I Thought White Women Were Out To Get Us

    This guy probably wishes he got with a non-black female. This story from Youtube is nothing short of F-ed up.

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      I remember this, this case was completely messed up and the dude was right, how is putting him in jail in the best interests of the child? Answer, it isn’t.

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      • All the more reason thinking brothers should heed your advice and steer clear of these queans. They guarantee nothing but a life of the four D’s – Death, Drama, Destruction and Despair.

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  10. True bro. I don’t like Trump due to his Kosher Nostra connections and support of the Nazi-Communist state of Israel but the cuts were the best thing he could have ever done for America in a long time. Keep exposing the scum Verbs2015!


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    • Covertwar,

      Will do sir. Yep, even though most blacks don’t like Trump, he is the necessary remedy required for a purge of black society. #SYSBMFORLIFE


      • Neat bro! Most people don’t know how connected Pan-Africanism and Nazism are, both are essentially the same thing except Nazism was just made to look more Nordic to fool the Germanic whites into accepting tyranny.


  11. Enjoy your time off, Verbs. And Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    Also, great article. I knew this brotha about 10 years ago who was in his late twenties, unemployed and had a hard time finding a job here in VA. He met this nice looking white girl and they hit it off. She ended up moving back to her native hometown Houston, and took him with her. She got him a job with her company and last I heard they were married and living in a big house with kids. You would never hear of a daggle doing that for a black man.

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    • Morpheus2275,

      Thanks bro, will do. Nope, black women want a boil in the bag, ready in 3 minutes guy because their idea of a relationship is based upon finances and materials instead of love, friendship, companionship etc and most black women will remain single because of this pervasive mindset. Glad to hear that brother is doing well. It just goes to show you that there is more chance of success through implementing SYSBM.


      • Babs, did you hear???

        The scraggledaggle wants to boycott the upcoming Black Panther film because the guy that’s playing the main antagonist is with a non black woman!!

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      • Babs, did you hear???

        The scraggledaggle wants to boycott the upcoming Black Panther film because the guy that’s playing the main antagonist is with a non black woman!!

        You should look into it!

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      • Kameron Brown,

        I was looking forward to having a nice, peaceful and relaxing day till you brought this across my desk, lol. I see the film is coming out next month, what I’ll do is draft up an article for release this month talking about black women and their proposed action and shortly after the film is released I will produce another article talking about the effects of the boycott(if any). This is Birth Of A Nation part 2 and you still have stupid black men out there supporting these black female wolves in sheep’s clothing, smh.


      • I apologize.

        Myself, the only reason I found out about that was because Tommy Sotomayor did a live show about this very action around the same time my work shift started at 10:30 last night.

        However, I think that their planned “boycott” will fail for two major reasons:

        A) Birth of a Nation was more or less an indie film with a relatively small budget behind it. Black Panther (as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe), however, has the backing of one of the giants of entertainment and media (Disney).

        B) Only a negligible amount of black women actually care about comics and comic based movies.

        I doubt that Black Panther would suffer even if EVERY SINGLE BLACK WOMAN IN AMERICA decided to boycott this movie.

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      • Kameron Brown,

        Its cool bro, I’m just playing around. I’m glad you brought this to my attention as it shows yet again how black women will go out of their way in their attempts to sabotage any film which depicts black male leadership. I completely agree with your reasoning, black women WILL NOT be able to put a dent in this movie like they did to Birth Of A Nation, Marvel and Disney are the big boys.

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  12. Happy New Year. I looking forward to your article on the beef between umar and tariq nasheed and how he exposed umar scam hustle and worse, tariq knew about the school scam from the very beginning.


  13. @Verbs

    Another review of your book:

    “I’ve just finished Negro Wars, it’s one of the greatest books ever written…”

    “…greatest book ever read since the Art of War”

    “…it’s so truthful, what’s in the book is the same shit I went through with these black hoes”

    He will be dating out from now on.

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    • Michel,

      Thanks bro. The truth is getting out there and thinking black men are realising that they don’t have to tolerate sub standard, gutter, trash black women. Many other options are available to us. Just gearing up to get back into the saddle next week. I see black women are rolling into 2018 in the same way they left 2017, smh.

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      • With their 80% obesity rate,black females are rolling into 2018 without their legs…

        Ah, speaking of which,one BW tried that cut-eye routine with me,I just laughed. If only she knew two white girls are after me….

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      • Michel,

        SYSBM is even more prevalent in the UK that it is in the US. These black harridans over here can miss me with that cut eye nonsense, rolling out wearing Becky hats as if that is normal behaviour. Black men have so many options here it’s ridiculous.

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  14. I find it funny that the hair hats would boycott black panther because Michael b Jordan was dating a non black female.Wrent these the same females saying he was gay. A year ago?! Lmao

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      • Verbs2015:
        Of Course They Don’t. They Did The Same To Luke Cage Actor Mike Colter, Fast & Furious Franchise Actor Tyrese Gibson, Birth of a Nation Actor & Director Nate Parker & Ricky Smiley’s Son Malik Smiley & He’s Only A Kid at 16 Years Old. American Black Women Always Play The Shaming Game or Run Their Mouths of Either He’s a Sell-Out, A House Nigger or He’s Gay, Because They Figure If This Nigga Ain’t Gonna Date Us Them We’ll Sham Them Into Dating Us. This Tactic Falls Directly Into The Mindset of a Slave Master. In Which Way Back Then Their Policy Was ”If This Nigger Ain’t Gonna Be My Slave. Then He Won’t Be Anyone Else’s Slave”. It Always Amazes Me When American Black Women Claim They Hate White Women This. Can’t Stand White Women That, Yet At The Same Time They Mimic Them in Both Attitude & Appearance Except American Black Women Take it To The Extremes. American Black Women Always Think They’re The Smartest When in Actuality They’re The Most Naive in The Bunch. It’s Even More Sadder When They’re Playing The Censor Ship Game With Black Men Who Are Trying to Help Them. Give Them a Healthy & Much Needed Dose of Truth Either on Youtube or Other Blog Posts & Instead of Taking What’s Being Said as FACT. They Instead Choose to Ignore it or Censor it By ”White Daddy”, American Black Women Have Become So Far Gone That It Would Take Generations Beyond Generations For Them to Come Back & Honestly I Don’t Even Think That Would Work. Bottom Line #SYSBM. BTW HAPPY NEW YEAR Verbs!!!


  15. This reminds me of Guyver: Dark Hero, Crysis (video game series), as well as the first two RE movies (Resident Evil) fused together, with westernized black women acting as the Zoanoids’ (Roman Catholic/Zionist unholy alliance against mankind and African Christianity) goon squads to terrorize and destroy resistance to their plans ( not Nazism and Communism which are Zionist fronts) with simps, manginas, Pan-Africanists and white supremacists acting as backup and brain-dead zombies programmed to destroy society.


  16. i decided to go on this “ilikeyou” dating website where you play rating games where you look at pictures of women and cllick “like” or “skip” and rate them from 1 to 10 so far it is mainly white women who click “like” on my profile and giving me high ratings from 6-10 my overall rating is 9/10 you can also choose to allow the to date you, maybe or never.


  17. Happy New Year, gentlemen! And we can see that black women are starting 2018 on some nonsense with the Michael B. Jordan “boycott.” Verbs may be resting, but black female fuccery never takes a holiday!

    How strange that BW feel like they can now control the very comic book/nerd sh*t that they shunned as not cool or thug enough. The irony is that if you kill the Black Panther movie, you also kill their dark-skinned goddess, Lupita, who is co-starring. And of course we’re supposed to throw ticker tape parades for Serena and Meghan Markle, who wouldn’t even be considered black if she weren’t marrying a white man. The hypocrisy is real.

    But yay for Michael B. Jordan! His woman is foine! No wonder these ashy black hoes are triggered.

    As I enter 2018, I personally believe that not only is SYSBM essential, but BLAXIT is, as well. I find 90% of conventional black American thought as counter-productive. If you as a black man have anything going for you, leave them all behind and give them the black community that they want. Let them build with the thugs, gay boys, lesbos, and deadbeat babydaddies that they love and don’t play clean-up for hoes who friendzoned you or outright rejected you in their prime.

    Looking forward to Verbs’ return!

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    • Schadenfreude,

      I’m back in the saddle from Wednesday and this Michael B Jordan issue is first on the list. Black women as a collective stay stupid and hypocritical for life. Black women this year are determined to take even more L’s than the last. Indeed, black women and their hypocritical nature is very real.


  18. So I went to Michael b Jordans instagram page and clicked the picture of the killmonger drawing and I see some becky hat cretin talking shit bceause MBJ practices SYSBM.So I scroll through some of her pic’s and saw that she has a picture of herself and chris hemsworth captioned MCM love at first sight.The sad part is im not surprised in the slightest.So this hair hat degenerate thinks its okay to lust after non black men particularly white men but want black men to only desire date marry and fuck black women only.And she obviously doesnt see anything wrong with her hypocracy. I swear you cant make this shit up Lmao.Her instagram handle is the_glam_guru.

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    • Proudbedbucksinthelandofpawgs,

      Just checking out the heifer’s profile now, all I see is weave, grey contacts and heavy make up. I have a feeling this chick looks terrible in her natural state, I’m not fooled by the cosmetics. I can’t find a single photo of her without any make up, grey contacts or weave in her head. As per usual as with the majority of black women who wear weaves her hairline begins on top of her head instead of being at the front, they love trying to climb the mountain of whiteness all day. Black women believe that they have the right to be hypocritical, yet another blatant and open indicator of their mentally broken state. For anybody else who wishes to take a look at this black Becky wannabe, please see the link below:



      • Verbs2015,
        The_Glam_Guru is a Piece of Hypocritical Scraggle Shit, Anyone Who Wants to Date or Breed With Her Has to Be The Dumbest Person on The Planet. #SYSBM!!!

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  19. The view about who is out to get black men is odd given the number of black women taking off their oversize panties with the intention of becoming baby mamas that receive child support.

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