Just Being Around Black Women Is a Hazard – She Did Him Dirty


Absolutely disgusting and despicable, do you see how simply being in the same vicinity as most black women can get you into a world of trouble? The man was shot twice because the thug, gang banger, criminal this glorified hoodrat decided to deal with believed that she had another man on the side. I believe the defendant whole heartedly when he stated that this occasion hadn’t been the first time that her Tyrone had been violent towards her. We already know that black women as a group love thugs and will defend these same primal savages and their feral actions until the cows come home.

The defendant should’ve read Negro Wars, I stated in my book that black men with sense and intelligence must refuse to deal with black women on any level and keep them as far away from themselves as is humanly possible.

I do feel sorry for the defendant, however on the flip side my sympathy for him fades to a degree because despite the fact that the plaintiff is dragging his black side through the hot coals of the judicial system, he still stood there with his freshly starched cape flapping in the court room and stated that she was a good woman and a good friend.

Sorry mac, a good friend wouldn’t have taken you to court over damage that was done to their property by their crazy nut boyfriend. My suspicion is that she set the defendant up in that because of the violent nature of her ex, she moved out of that condo, decided to rent it out and threw in that ultra sneaky clause relating to the tenant being responsible for property damage caused by third parties because she knew there was a strong possibility that her gang banger thug ex boyfriend could return to the premises. A dirty move, an extremely dirty move, legal but extremely dirty.

I personally believe that the defendant wanted a relationship with the plaintiff but she friend-zoned him and decided to take on board J Boogie from the block instead. How many articles have I written in the past demonstrating beyond any doubt that black women pass over good men for the unproductive, unemployed, thug, gangster type males of black society? Here are just a few of them for your personal reference:








And by the way I’ll have further articles coming out in 2018 yet again demonstrating the love black women in general have for thugs and gutter black male culture. $4957 the defendant now has to pay because of the emotional savage the plaintiff was getting dicked down by. It wouldn’t actually surprise me if she was still hopping on J Boogie’s penis in order to satisfy her sexual appetite as in 2017 this is how most black women roll.

Essentially the defendant walked into a serious booby trap but was too blinded by his desire to get with the plaintiff to read the contract properly and realise that he was signing himself into an extremely raw tenancy agreement. He assumed that because he and the plaintiff were friends she had his best interests at heart and wouldn’t shaft him, however as we can clearly see this was so not the case.

I told you black men already, black women have no problems throwing you under the bus, they have no allegiance towards you, they are not your friends and will not hesitate to hang you out to dry whenever convenient or necessary. The defendant learned his lesson the hard way(we hope), he had to receive two bullets because of this whore’s dirty dealings to realise that she isn’t worth a fart in a wind-storm.

He really needs to cut his friendship off with that woman(if he hasn’t already) and move on, either way because of this tragic event the friendship they had will never be the same again. Of course she was wearing a weave because that is all most black females know, throwing the hair of white and other non black women upon their heads in their efforts to climb the mountain of whiteness.

How many times before have we come across this same scenario being played out? I distinctly remember seeing a video a while back on Facebook of a thug who was fresh out of prison, with his homeboy recording decided to confront his baby mother’s new boyfriend in her house flexing and telling the new dude to leave the premises immediately.

Finally, notice how the plaintiff tried to present herself as some sort of professional woman, however her so called professionalism was immediately negated and thrown out of the window as soon as she began dealing with hanging out on the block black males. You can try to present yourself as an upstanding individual whilst at the same time dealing with roughnecks, however at that point you are simply being looked upon as a laughingstock and a running joke.

The defendant ought to have counter sued for wages lost due to the incident as well as compensation for injuries sustained, he had every right to, however the simp in him simply wouldn’t allow it. Oh well, as the saying goes some people have to learn their lessons the hard way.

This is what you get when you deal with the overwhelming majority of black women, nothing but drama and bullets flying. They have proven themselves many times over to be untrustworthy. Date out black men, be free of the drama, the turmoil and the headaches of dealing with black females especially single mothers. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Thug Loving Females

Most High Bless

50 thoughts on “Just Being Around Black Women Is a Hazard – She Did Him Dirty

  1. “She’s a good friend”..yeah right, if that hood whore is a friend then his enemies must be some upper level ISIS members, because that mutant almost got him killed and then the feral whore took him to court. As Verbs said, he still dawned his cape and on went on national TV to SIMP for that sewer sludge. But I don’t feel sorry for him, this what happens when you deal with the overwhelming majority of black chicks, nothing but DRAMA, VIOLENCE, BASTARD BABIES and DEBAUCHERY. Again brothers, leave these feral black females creatures alone and date interracially and you could be in Paris🗼🗼 on New Years Eve with a beautiful 5’3, 113lb, blonde hair, blue eyed beauty like me😆😆😆. #SYSBM, #TEAMWHITEGIRLS

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    • Keith,

      Lol, I’m hearing you on the Paris front, just across the English Channel for me, 2 hours and 15 minutes away in the train. On the video, dude at least should’ve held his dignity and integrity intact instead of throwing on a cape. These simps never learn, they continue to hold out believing that one day black women will finally see the error of their ways and change for the better. It hasn’t happened yet and it never will. Agreed, non black women are most definitely the way forward for the thinking brother regardless of what labels the pro black simps will throw at us.

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    • Gospel of the Simps, chapter 21

      “And as the Pan-Africanists were droning out racist and lame drivel it came to pass that a group of single non-Hebrew women were passing by the convection. A couple of educated young men, brilliant and smart turned their heads, and the angel of God placed in them a strong urge to leave the harlot clowns that black women had become. Satan cursed and swore as again he was defeated.

      “HOLY …. bro these gals look hot!”

      Before the native fools could finish glorifying the past of the planters’ and contract laborers’ peoples a good portion of the male population had left to check out SYSBM, only the manginas and witches were left behind,”

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  2. Another case of the BW wanting thug dick and a simp on the side.
    And he’s obviously blind to it all.

    In that same vein I walked away from the white girl I was seeing last week, as she was running the same game on me. When she cancelled a date at the last minute with a bullshit excuse, that was it.

    Brothers, don’t let women like this beta zone you and destroy your self esteem, and above all, do not fuck with the scraggle-daggle.

    Merry Christmas to all. #SYSBM The CUTS!!!!!!!! are coming, January 1st.

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    • Michel,

      Agreed, these women have to understand that they can be easily be replaced and black men shouldn’t hesitate to replace them immediately when they start with the rubbish. Cut them off with the swiftness and move on, we have the power and the advantage, they don’t. These chicks love thugs, all the more reason to kick them to the curb.

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  3. Wow! These so called “professional” women have no idea what’s coming to them. Not violence (I know the sisterhood reads this blog) not hostility….. what’s coming to them – deservedly so I might add – is our total utter ambivalence. Their attempts at shame will no longer work. Their opinions have no weight….it’s over for them.

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      Black women have burned all of their bridges, the welfare cuts have been signed off and they are still acting as if everything is all gravy. They’re going to find out what the real score is very soon and it won’t be pretty.

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  5. Expect more stuff like this in the coming days. The cuts are about to hit the fan, and scraggle Daggle will be mighty desperate. Dudes will genuinely good hearts will end up taken through hell and back from trying to save these beasts.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      She hung the dude out to dry good and proper and didn’t feel an ounce of remorse or sympathy for the tragedy that befell him because of herself, she’s nothing but a cold hearted witch. But as you said these types of cut throat, every man for himself, back stabbing manoeuvres in these changing times are to be expected as the black witch moves in desperately to buffer the shortfall of cash. The cuts have been signed off, I’ve warned folks that black women will get incredibly deceptive, cunning and sneaky as the cuts begin to bite. It only takes one encounter with the scraggle daggle for one’s life to be ruined and turned upside down. Most black women hold to no moral standard to begin with, you can only imagine what things will be like when times get really tough.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        I myself keep on saying that the bottom hasn’t dropped out yet with the modern day black female and her debauchery. I suspect that there are black women lurking in some dark corners who have already ventured down that road.

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  6. The simp took two bullets and almost lost his life due to her criminal bf/ex-bf and she is suing him for damages? How much do you want a bet that she NEVER pressed any charges whatsoever to Pookie who broke inside of her property and endangered the life of her tenant? If that was me I would move out from that condo and never speak to the bitch again.

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    • John Dough,

      Black women never go after the real criminals, they continue to victimise those who as Afrofuturism1 stated have a good heart. She’s a ruthless, cut throat witch and there’s a special place in hell reserved for her and women of her ilk.

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  7. On another note aware you guys aware of the so call ed racist night club in london called dstrkt who refuse to let dark skin black women and overweight women into the club?Also in NYC darkskin black women who work in stripclubs have gone on strike because of “colorism” im bring these things up because I think you guys would have a field day writing articles about them. Anyways cheers guys

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    • @Proudbedbuckinthelandofpawgs
      The black female clown has a “ism” for everything, now it’s this “colorism” bullshit. The strippers that you speak of in NYC
      I’m sure look like your typical black chick….. FAT, UGLY,TATS, MULTI COLORED WEAVE, MASCULINE LOOKING with a million stretch marks from her 5 bastard babies with a nasty, toxic corrosive attitude. What dude with more than a single digit IQ would spend his money on trash like that. It’s not “colorism” it’s “UGLYISM”…….#SYSBM, #TEAMWHITEGIRLS

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      • You speak the truth brother.I grew in manchester jamaica and black women the biggest perpetrators
        of “colorism” who are the majority of skin bleacher you guess it.The black bitches getting upset over a brother dating interractially are the ones who would say things like “go weh bwoy you black an ugly like etc.apparent these heffers never looked in the mirror.

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  8. But wait haven’t you guys seen Cynthia G’s video titled ‘Another swirling man learns the dangers of dealing with white women’? There is NOTHING more dangerous than a black woman. Black women are deceitful, cunning, deceptive, and pure evil.
    And you STILL have these pro black idiots attempting to perpetuate this nonsense that white women are a danger to black men. SMH.

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    • Yes, Bill Smith I’ve seen the video. I think it’s about Oklahoma star player Rodney Anderson who was accused rape by a wg. Cynthia G forgot to mention that those charges were dropped, because the wg lied. Just remember we as black men can get caught up by women of any race.

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      • SevenKingsblog,

        True, however in the overwhelming majority of cases black men are being turned out, deceived and shafted by black women. This factor cannot be ignored. I say until the pro black squads address this part, they have no grounds to keep on repeating the “white women are going to get you” rhetoric.


    • Bill Smith,

      I’ve noticed how the black witch Cynthia G is trying to put the term swirling upon black men who date out when nothing could be further from the truth. The term swirling was coined by Christelyn Karazin and is exclusive to black women who wish to date out. Swirling has NOTHING to do with black men, NOTHING. Black men for the majority part are still following behind idiot black women and they really expect to rebuild black society with such a dysfunctional order, what a joke.


  9. Verbs2015, how many times are black men going to say ‘remember black men can get caught up by women of any race’? We are NOT talking about women of any race. We are speaking about black women. It’s so repetitive and boring to repeat over and over the same ‘it’s not only black women’ garbage.
    And you’re completely right about Cynthia G trying to use this term swirling regarding Blackmen and then dating Whitewomen. Blackmen have never gotten on the Internet or anywhere and coined a phrase for their attempts to get with Whitewomen. But black women have entire Internet and YouTube channels devoted to black women chasing after white men, and black women referring to it as swirling. But as usual black women try to project everything that’s in their heart and in their wicked souls onto Blackmen.
    Any Blackmen that actually takes Cynthia G seriously and listens to what she says as if there’s any truth involved and it is actually worse than the black woman could ever be. These are the type of simple ass black men who allow black women to run rampant and destroy the black community. Because no matter how ridiculous these black women look, no matter the ridiculous things that black women say, no matter how much black women try to look like Whitewomen, no matter how much black women disrespect Blackmen openly, and no matter how much black women chase after white men, elevate white men, and worship white men, you will always have weak, stupid, simple Blackmen who are willing to support and follow behind these mentally ill black women. You actually have Blackmen in the comment section of Cynthia G’s video talking about what a ‘strong sister’ she is and how she’s ‘fighting’ for black people.
    This is how simple many Blackmen are and this is the reason why black women walk all over most Blackmen. Blackmen are willing to put up with anything black women do if there is even the slightest chance that they might get some ‘pussy’ off of this stinking Black woman. SMH.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Cynthia G, a “strong sister”, wearing a weave and plastering her face 50 feet deep in make up?? Where exactly is the strength, lol???? Again, how can she be fighting for black folks while at the same time openly advertising that a European type look is better than her own? Like you said, most black men are brain dead and are equally being lead to the slaughter by cunning and deceptive black women like Cynthia G. I can’t believe how many black men have been blinded by that witch, unbelievable. However, isn’t this exactly what I wrote about in Negro Wars, how many black men will become victims and casualties chasing after the very same black women who hate them with a passion?


  10. Verbs2015;
    I Can Still Remember The Story I Heard From a Youtube Channel Called ”The Angryman Channel” in One of His Videos on The Subject of Why Black Men Refuse to Date American Black Women. He Mentions a Story in Which a Black Man Who Goes Through Daily Hell With His Baby Mama. She Gets in His Face Constantly Harassing/Nagging Him Over Diapers. He Throws The Money at Her. Due to Her Foul Attitude. Next Thing You Know His Baby Mama Gets a Butcher Knife & Stabs Him in The Chest With it. He Had to Be Rushed to The Emergency Room. Fortunately, The Doctor Told Him That Had the Knife Been Driven an Inch More in His Chest. It Would Have Punctured His Heart & He Would Have DIED.I Was All Kinds of Shocked & Horrified When I Heard That Story. Not to Mention Disgusted. I Was Like This…This is What American Black Women Have Become Masculine, Short-Tempered, Domineering Psychopaths? The Same Type of Psychopaths That Took Down Most Of The Angryman’s Youtube Videos as Many Other Forward Thing Black Men’s Video’s on American Black Females. They Truly Have Become the New Agents Of White Men. That is Until ”White Daddy” Has Decided to Take Away Their Pacifiers. Mostly Food Stamps & Now Their Scrambling or In This Case Begging to Be Taken Back By Black Men Who Are Dumb/Gullible Enough to Want to Save The Scraggle Daggles. ”NOT ME” They Can Waste Their Lives Trying to Shine Ca-Ca.I On The Other Hand Am About #SYSBM 100%!!! P.S. #MerryChristmas Verbs & #HappyNewYear Keep On Doing What Your Doing.

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    • Shawn Swint,

      That video sounds like it was from Angry Man’s former days before he made the fundamental mistake of apologising to the high priestess of swirling Christelyn Karazin. This modern day black female is simply too dangerous to be around, it’s best to avoid contact with them as much as is humanly possible. Those black men who still wish to deal with black women can have at it and enjoy themselves, however in doing so their fates will immediately be sealed. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you too sir.


  11. Verbs2015, I totally agree with you regarding Angryman, but regarding most black men in general. Even those black men who claim to be exposing the nonsense of black women ( I won’t mention the usual suspects) eventually back down and bow down to the black woman demon. There is an underlying, unspoken about fear most black men have of black women.
    Even if these Blackmen put up a front that they are exposing black women, and the nonsense that comes with having black women in charge of things, over time the weakness of these black men comes out, and they end up pandering, directly or indirectly, to black women, and trying to paint this picture of ‘well black women are at fault, but brothers we have to look in the mirror’.
    As I’m typing this (and I know I have spoken about his bullshit), Tommy Sotomayor is going on about how much he loves black women, how there is nothing more beautiful than a black woman, how he loves to see a black man and a black woman walking down the street together, blah, blah, blah.
    But in the next breath he is waxing poetic about Lana, his white Russian ex, and how he was never more happy in a relationship ever. And continued to speak about all of the superior attributes this white woman had over the black woman. But he STILL goes back to the tired ‘I really love black women, and I am saying what I say because I want to be with a black woman, and I want black women to do better’ garbage.
    The vast majority of these black men who claim to be enlightened and claim to be hip to the games and tricks of black women, I really just another group of black men who worship and are afraid of black women.
    Hey Tommy, do you really want to be with a black woman who you claim is the most beautiful woman there is? Or do you think that black women are the ugliest group of women on earth like you claim? Tommy, was your relationship with the white Russian woman Lana the best relationship you’ve ever had? If so then why are you still talking about how you really want to be with a black woman and the black woman is the woman who you think is the most beautiful woman there is, and the one who you feel most comfortable being with?
    Even the most popular of these so-called black men who seem to be exposing black women for the nonsense that they perpetrate, when you get to the bottom of it, these guys are mentally all over the place, and in reality they warship black women and are afraid of black women.
    How the hell could Tommy SotoMayor still be talking about this Russian Whitewoman he was with three years ago, and to this day is still saying she was the best relationship he ever had, and then the next words out of his mouth are about how the black woman is the most beautiful woman on earth and how he really loves black women above all other women?
    A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. You have to be either hot or cold. There cannot be this train of thought that all black women are evil, black women are destroying the black community, black woman abuse black children, black women abuse Blackmen, etc etc. and then 10 minutes later we are apologizing to black women and talking about how beautiful black women are and how we really love them and want to be with them.
    Most Blackmen don’t get respect from anybody because they are too weak and stupid to actually stand by a position and live their lives according to that position. And although he still makes some good points regarding black women, Tommy Sotomayor is more of a hypocrite and a joke than he has ever been. But his zombies refuse to see or can’t see what a money hungry, black woman ass kisser he really is, despite him ranting and raving against the behavior of black women. Sorry to ramble, but it is this mindset and way of conducting themselves, on the part of many black men that gives black women power to do and say without consequence.

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    • Bill Smith,

      It’s funny you should bring up Tommy Sotomayor, you’d think that the guy would apply the same logic he brags about having to his dating life. Since he claims that the relationship with the Russian woman was the best he ever had, you’d have thought that he would have followed that train of thought through and attempted to replicate the same conditions or something similar once again. However, what we see instead is a man who is clearly broken, confused and requires some serious therapy.

      Sotomayor since his breakup with Lana has lost his fire, pre 2015 he actually stood for what he believed in, after breaking up with the previous black girlfriend he was with(the one who had a teenage son)he finally realised that this was his chance to break free and start a new. He landed Lana, had an excellent thing but then wrecked it due to his ego. Exposing her to the same ruthless savages he condemned on the daily, what did he expect was going to happen?

      What somebody wants vs what is ultimately best for them don’t always line up, non black women seeing what happened to Lana simply won’t deal with him on a serious, long term level, therefore he has decided to return to the devil’s den and see what pickings he can get from there. I hear you loud and clear on his conflicting talk, that line you dropped from the scriptures is classic and key, “a double minded man is unstable in all of his ways”.

      Black women as a group are far from beautiful, they are wicked, evil, vindictive, cunning and deceitful individuals, there is very little if anything to like or love about the overwhelming majority of them. The hypocrisy with this guy just like the modern day black female is off the chain, plus the fact that he deceived folks into donating towards a film that has yet to see the light of day makes him look even more dubious.

      He’s now trying to gain acceptance amongst the very same savages he rightly stood against and called out in the past, we both know that this feat will surely end in failure and disaster. This is the problem when you don’t go SYSBM, you remain in a compromised position. And yes you are 100% correct, he isn’t the only one calling out black women in one breath but then claiming that they “love the sistas” in the next.


      • Is simple, Tommy needs a daddy. His single mother upbringing always leaks out. Ask for the Russian chick, supposedly SHE started stepping out on him. I’m not surprised and unfortunately, I can’t say I really blame her. It’s cold but she is a woman with options . A woman like that can only be around a man for so long before she gets complacent of him.

        Tommy and doctor Umar Johnson are useful cautionary tales.

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  12. Looks like Ifatunde aka Dr. Umar Johnson is being taken to court over his fake doctoral credentials. He could lose the right to call himself Doctor. Guess who he blames?

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    • Michel,

      This is exactly what happens to simps like Umar Johnson when they continually throw on a cape for the sisterhood. He’s defending them to the hilt, preaching the victimhood narrative and the dysfunctional black contingent still moved against him. Black women and the very pro blacks he claims to be in partnership with are trying to take him down. It’s exactly what The Straight Shooter said in his latest video, simping has no rewards:

      Black women knowing that the welfare cuts are on their doorstep are now going for broke, as Kid Organic says they are specifically going after heterosexual black men. However we have the better weapons of war, ABANDONMENT and AVOIDANCE.


      • @Michel
        I saw The Straight Shooter video and almost ruptured my spleen laughing so hard. His “Queens” turned on him like the pack of vicious rabbid bitches that they are. Maybe he’ll learn, but I think not because I think his SIMPING is encoded into his DNA. #SYSBM

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    • @Keith

      Serves his simp ass right.

      And, no he won’t learn a goddamn thing, and that will be his down fall. Blinded by the stank. Guess he didn’t read the urban bible passages:

      Umar 20:17

      And thus thy big booty bimbo bitch, thy stiff necked god did smite thy prince of Egypt.

      “Thou hath bring forth deception upon thy kingdom! Thou talketh from thine ass, thou spew forth illogical dispute, and thou hath presented thyself as king of kings. BEGONE WITH THINE HEAD!”

      The condemned prince remarked upon his sealed fate: “Traitor-ass niggaz…”

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      • Michel,

        Black women lead the charge against that fool but he still won’t turn against the big booty bimbo aka scraggle daggle. Like I stated in Negro Wars, many of these pro black simps will perish chasing after sweaty and smelly booties.


  13. Verbs2015, Absolutely and completely true. These guys are not standing on solid ground because they refuse to practice what they preach. How many times do these guys need to get burned by black women before they can realize that you cannot change or uplift a group of women who do not want to change nor be uplifted? It boggles my mind to listen to these guys who have endless horror stories regarding their experiences with black women, STILL publicly proclaimed their love for the same black women who have done them wrong time and time again. Unbelievable.

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  14. To paraphrase MBD:

    “Dealing with the Scraggle Daggle with get you either shot – or locked up…”

    Heed those words – or suffer the consequences.


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