Black Women And Their Unrealistic Expectations/The Bureaucratic Black Female – Part 2


The following conversation took place between the black woman above who goes by the name of Njyia Shelton and a pro black simp. Her comments are in blue, the pro black simp’s in grey. I will be giving my commentary and breakdown every so often, enjoy.

The pro black simp is right, it is homosexuals and feminists who have destroyed black society and black women are at the root of both of these groups, they subscribe to feminism and they equally indulge in, create, welcome and embrace homosexuals and lesbians into black communities. Remember this article I wrote back in February of this year that went semi viral with over 10k shares:

I have to laugh whenever black women ask black men the question of what they are doing for the black community knowing full well that black women themselves have been given the specific task by the state of ensuring that the same said community remains in a pile of ashes and rubble. The best thinking black men can do at this time is reach out and save another potential free thinking black males from a society which is already 12 feet deep in the toilet bowl.

The simp continues to make the seriously erroneous action of addressing the woman above as “beautiful” and “cute” when clearly and visibly she certainly does not fit any of those two categories. She’s overweight by a long shot and simply isn’t attractive. Most pro black men are willing to stick their penis into anything that moves, they lack self-respect and certainly do not have any standards.

With regards to black youth complaining about homosexuals and feminists, black males are realising that black women are the root cause of both, are instead voting with their feet and choosing to deal with non black females instead.

It’s funny how black women expect black men to teach youth black male youth about growing food, making financially smart decisions and starting businesses yet at the same time they are going out of their ways to actively scramble the minds of these same youths from a very young age making the above feats nigh impossible to achieve. Besides, black women have been given the faux position of leaders in black society, so why aren’t they teaching these things to black male youth? Mind you these are the same black females who open their legs to and procreate with black men who aren’t leadership material to begin with, go figure.

Do you see how she went out of her way to say something disrespectful ie “you’re about to say something dumb as hell, I feel it coming”? Had he made a dumb statement beforehand then I could understand her position, however as per usual black women as a group always feel the need to emasculate and disrespect black men for the fun of it at every turn.

This pro black simp continues to bestow upon this harridan accolades that she in no wise deserves, you calling this chick gorgeous now, really bruh? She is a feminist, a teacher so we already know the ill begotten fate that awaits the black males she is teaching, she shops at and promotes black owned businesses, is also involved in community outreaches, is involved in an organisation which celebrates black single motherhood and helped start a community garden and is working on a pro black fashion mentorship and book club to be launched in autumn of 2018.

Just take a wild guess as to who benefits the most from her current projects aswell as the group that will gain the most from her future endeavours, that’s right, black women. As sure as night follows day as a feminist you can rest assured that she is NOT looking out for black males at all. Of course the simp had to call her a queen, however the title of quean would more fit Shelton. Do you see the arrogance in this woman, she looks like an overweight tugboat yet she is more prideful and haughty than attractive black females.

Submission should be inbuilt into a woman as standard, submission should not based upon the man’s financial status(you notice how this women continues to return to the money aspect time and time again):

Above are some examples of poor families, the men don’t have much money at all yet their women have stuck by them. This is one of the reasons why black women remain chronically single at such a high clip, they believe that the foundation of any relationship or marriage is money instead of love, companionship and commitment. This is what I continue to tell thinking black men, there is no such thing as love in the overwhelming majority of black on black relationships, it simply a case of the black male bringing home the money and the black female spending it while at the same time saving her own cash, remember that.

I keep on telling you thinking black men that black women view you as slaves, to her you are an asset to be used at her pleasure with sex thrown in on occasion to keep you in place and to give you the impression that you are getting something out of the relationship, however nothing could be further from the truth. Black women only bring out the feminine lovey, dovey side of themselves when dealing with non black men, however because most black women are mentally unstable individuals, their dark side is beginning to come out even with the non black women they worship. Here is a comedy skit demonstrating the problem:

Then of course this delusional broad had to talk about her credit score. Let’s make something clear, credit is debt, thus your credit score is based upon how much debt you get into ie how many times you borrow money from companies and the efficiency in which you pay the debts off. The more money you borrow and pay back on time then the higher your credit score will be. My credit score is low not from making financially irresponsible decision but from the fact that I do not borrow money and I buy the things I need outright. I don’t like debt, I don’t deal with credit.

I do not like borrowing from others, this is my personal decision and the way I live my life. I understand that people may need to use their credit status under certain circumstances and I do not condemn them, I am simply telling you what my personal position is on the subject. Moving on, do you see how she is still continuing to evaluate a potential relationship based upon financial and educational status?

You’ll notice that non black women typically are more concerned with a man’s character and personality traits ie the things that are the most important in a relationship as opposed to his education and his financial position. Again, note how she is measuring this pro black simp, everything is based upon money, money and more money, smh.

She talks about how she is ahead of the simp, yet this numbskull has already forgotten that she has already been placed ahead of black men BY THE STATE, black women didn’t get ahead of the black male by pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps, they were put in that position, thus they are beholden to big government yet they continue to forget this time and time again.

We’ll see how “ahead” these black women are now that the welfare cuts kicked in on December 16th 2017:

And by the way as I’ve mentioned before these welfare cuts aren’t only taking place in the US, the UK is also going through a purge of state benefits stragglers who have been leaching off the government for years:

Ahead, how is she ahead when black women in their prime working years have a median net worth of only $5? This is in comparison to black men of the same who have a net worth of over $7000. Why this dude even attempted to converse with this woman is beyond me. Black women do not have a submission relay in their heads when it comes down to black men, the simp already knew this so what was the point of thinking that this dusty black siren was worth the wasted journey?

When was the last time Suzie, Suzuki, Ming, Patel, Gomez, Sadiq, Abdullah or Kim brought up finances or your credit score in determining whether you would be a suitable candidate for a relationship? This is why I continue to advise black men to walk away from black women, they simply don’t get it, most black women don’t understand what is supposed to be the foundation of any relationship and by the looks of things most of them will never put 2 and 2 together.

Why even waste your time attempting to reason with a female who doesn’t like you as a black male to begin with? Do you see how she went out of her way to lead this guy around the houses before finally laying down the hammer? Did you see how she constantly viewed the conversation as a challenge? Haven’t I and many other black men been repeating the fact that in most black on black relationships black women view black men as competition instead of seeing us as team mates, partners and companions?

Leave the pro black simps breaking their necks trying to impress these black females most of whom aren’t even worth a fart in a wind storm. Of course always remember that this same chick giving this guy the 3rd degree will readily open her legs for Tyrone and J Boogie from the block. Stop trying to satisfy the unrealistic and foolish standards of these bureaucratic, Jezebelian, feminist black females as you will never be able to. As MadBusDriver continues to say, date out black men, be free, SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Oil Tankers And Tug Boat Built Black Females

Most High Bless

46 thoughts on “Black Women And Their Unrealistic Expectations/The Bureaucratic Black Female – Part 2

  1. For starters, this brod needs to take a steel wool pad to her dirty ass neck. WTF!

    I’m not doing a gawd damm thing to fix the modern shit hole of a ‘community’ that BLACK WOMEN created with their fukery. That’s THEIR, and the simp + faggot minions problem.

    I wouldn’t piss on ’em if they were on fire.

    If it aint xbout red-pilled, thinking Heterosexual brothers… I couldn’t give a rusty fuk

    #SYSBM #iBMOR #WallOfSilence #BlaxitFromBlackistan

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    • Preme,

      They wreck the community in partnership with Tyrone and J Boogie from the block but then expect the likes of Simon and Stephen to clean up the mess, smh. Let them both clean up their own mess.

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      • Brother,

        Unlike the simp in this post I REFUSE TO DEFEND MY INACTION. I’ll tell someone QUICK that I simply do not care.

        I’m beyond shaming.

        Honestly, most black Men would find themselves better off being Indifferent to the evisiration of the modern community.

        Let The Purge Begin.

        Thanks to brothers like yourself, more and more black Men are understanding this is NOW a game of self interest and self preservation.


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      • True, they sold us out to the Zionist/Vatican controlled ‘government’ which is now owned by the Russian Jewish Mafiya and expect us to carry their weight. Some things never change no matter which puppet sits in the House of Lords, or the White House.



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  2. Black women are beyond delusional. Black women talk about education, finances, etc. despite the fact that they are last in these categories. Likewise, they will demand that a black man possess a good financial standing when they, themselves, have a $5.00 (USD) net worth. Finally, if black women are so interested in a man’s finances, then why do so many black females choose to have bastard babies with thugs and bums? Black women do not even excel in entertainment and sports. Beyonce is the only USA-born black female singer of note. Serena Williams is the only USA-born female athlete of note. Both Beyonce and Serena Williams are in their mid-30s. They will both fade in the next three years.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Its what I keep on saying, black women view us as their slaves, hence they see what we possess in terms of stock commodities they can use for themselves. Sorry, this Negro is being used by anyone, my resources are for myself first.

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  3. This Njyia chick, geez man but they’re women like her holding the urban black community hostage with that unstable mindset. If you’re a successful thinking black men, they are going to try to guilt you into giving back to the community, the same community that looked down at you and didn’t give you a chance to begin with in your early years. SYSBM.

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  5. I’m assuming from the name and appearance that this corpulent creature is Nigerian. Smh, dats da mudderlan for you.

    Now I’ll give the Simp credit, he was actually talking a lot of sense at the beginning. His main pitfall was first off chasing this diseased hippo. Secondly, when she came with the bureaucratic nonsense, like some kinda interview from hell, he should’ve returned in kind, as well as note that it was creatures like herself, the lgbt loving black feminist, that ruined the hood. Thus, she and the thugboys she loves so much should fix it, not anyone worth a damn.

    Again, those people need to be wiped out, period. Stop wasting time trying to help them, it’s a fools errand.

    Conversely, you really do have to dilute, If not depart from entirely, the black bloodline to get a female that has any kind of feminine cheeriness? Why do you think “colorism” exists, and why dudes are thirsty as hell over yellow thickums like Demetria Obilor? She actually acts smiley and cheery, like a ****in woman! The chick above looks like a dog I saw guarding a scrapyard once.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      These simps having been raised by feral black women are taught not to have any standards. How on earth could he call this wide load beautiful? Didn’t dude see the ridiculous weave on her head in addition to the bright red lipstick and the fact that she is seriously overweight? Yep, breed them out and don’t be afraid to have standards.

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  6. #closedewallet. My wallet is mine and mines alone. I tell black women to go to your baby daddy for money, they reply, he’s in prison, which I reply, nope, no money for you. I’m not the clean up man.

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  7. Both people involved in that conversation are problems in the black community, but in this situation I would say that the simp is the bigger problem. The obese BW with the bull ring in her nose is feeling herself for the usual single black female reasons (college degree and a job) and BTW a good credit score only means that you are responsible with credit and pay your debts on time, you can be flat broke and have a great credit score. She said that she does projects to “celebrate black single mothers”, so that shows you what kind of knowledge and values she is passing on to the youth that she works with. I can remember some of the BW school teachers I had growing up, they were totally different from the few white female teachers that I had and not in a good way. The older black female school teachers I had were good, they were strict but they were good teachers, the younger ones were often just hoodrats with degrees.

    I had an older black female teacher in Jr High who was close to retirement, the class would get so rowd and disrespectful sometimes that she would often say “You know where we are going with kids like y’all, right back to slavery”. I’m dead serious, she saw how messed up things were.

    The simp is the other half of the dysfunctional equation, simps like him are the reason why these obese, tatted up, undesirable BW have large egos and also they reason why they are able to get pregnant. If it wasn’t for simps like this guy BW wouldn’t be able to have bastard kids at the current rate and would be forced to lose weight and have better attitudes, guys like him help to enable the dysfunctional hoodrats along with gov welfare. Don’t be surprised if this chick actually gets with the guy in that conversation, because at the end of the day she knows that non-BM dont want her, good BM dont want her, and broke thirsty simps like him are her only option outside of lesbianisim. She may even get pregnant for him and then jump on the black single mother train herself (assuming that she doesn’t already have kids).

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    • James S, spot on Bro the Simp calling this land whale water buffalo beautiful is crazy. I noticed the same thing when she mentioned a program for single mothers. Now she was upset with the Simp about saying BW women need to be more submissive, but I bet she is telling those single mothers how to get over on men smh. Also she was talking about growing a garden ok she does not look like she has been eating her veggies. Big fat cow probably eats a whole cow everyday wtf. BW think good credit and a degree defined them as a person no just being a overall good person with good personality traits make you a good person. BW worship material things instead of good people that’s why they are always mostly single, divorced, or just a baby momma. That fat piece of shit has no right to think she is like that really.

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  8. That piercing in her nose makes her look like exactly what she is..A FAT ASS BLACK COW!!!!.UGGGGGHH😷😷😷..#SYSBM, #TEAMWHITEGIRLS

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  9. I was talking to my friend at work letting him know that I was taking my girlfriend who is white to Paris for New Years with some of the proceeds from my Litecoin crypto currency that’s been going up like crazy and I’ve made a bundle on it. So of course one of the Scraggle Daggles that slithers around on my ward heard about it and all they could talk about for the entire night (under their breath, of course) is that I should be taking a “sista” to Paris and not some wanna be “barbie” white girl. And of course the…”everytime a nigga get some money he wants to go spend it on white girls” BS shaming tatic was tossed around all night. So in kind, I talked about the trip the entire night and how beautiful she’s going to be looking when we’re standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, I was obviously trolling the clowns and loved every minute of it. They were so visibly angry, the look on their faces was priceless. My BROTHERS, I’m begging you to invest in crypto currencies because it will turn your financial future around. I could literally quit my job right now if I wanted to but..A. I’m not brave enough to do that just yet… and B. Despite the black female clowns I have the misfortune of working with I actually enjoy being an RN. So again invest in CRYPTO CURRENCIES then pursue other races of women, DO NOT and I mean DO NOT contaminate your success and happiness with these black females…#SYSBM, #TEAMWHITEGIRLS

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    • @Keith
      You are a brave guy. If I was in your shoes I wouldn’t tell the BW I worked with about my non-black gf. I would also not tell anyone about newfound wealth I might have. You know how petty hoodrats can be and the bitter broads might try to get you messed up at your job some way. IMO enjoy you money and happiness, but keep a low profile as to not make yourself a target. I don’t talk about my money or my personal life at work, back in the day when my co workers found out I was getting married many of them didn’t even know that I was in a relationship. lol #WALLOFSILENCE

      On a side note I should have got in on bitcoin back in the day, I thought it was a novelty at best and a scam at worst though. Especially after what happened with Mt.GOX.

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      • @James S
        I told my friend about the trip I didn’t tell him how i was paying for it, now I’ve been discussing crypto currencies with him so I’m sure he put 2 and 2 together and figured it out. Now as for the black female clowns ,I don’t coward to them, If I feel the need to discuss my white girlfriend, then I will and I could care less what they think or may try to do. I understand exactly what you’re talking about but I will not live in fear or watch what I say because the insecure bitter black female will get her feelings hurt…#SYSBM

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    • @Keith I don’t know much about cryptocurrencies(i.e. Bitcoin & Litecoin) but Iove hear some tips and pointers from you.


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      • @Kameron Brown

        Go to to set up an account, there are several videos on YouTube like “Alt coin buzz” that explains what crypto currencies are. I started trading back in February with as little as $10 dollars at first then I got more educated about it and put $2000 into 3 different Alt currencies, that means coins other than Bitcoin like Litecoin, Etherium, and Ripple. It’s been exciting, exhausting all at once, between work and constantly checking charts. But it’s paid off in a BIG BIG way…#SYSBM

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  10. The Pro-Black Simp is more dangerous to black men than black women are. Why? The Pro-Black Simp refuses to see what black women are. They continue to enable black women in all their fuckery, they continue to support black women in every way shape or form, and they continue to derail Thinking Black Men Movement from black women. These Pro-Black Simps are so fucking thirsty for pussy it’s unreal. Are they really that blind? Black women fucking hate them. LOL! Black women use them, degrade them, humiliate them, are rude and disrespectful towards them, and they still come running towards black women like Palvo’s Dog. My sympathy for black men is fresh out. If they still cape for black women, then let them rot wit black women in their ghetto hellholes.

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  11. I’m still shell shocked by how terrible The Last Jedi was but I just want to point out that these women are so done they don’t even know it. The welfare countdown ending on Dec 16th was the time they had to get the tax bill through the house and senate. Now that they have succeeded the cuts themselves are not going into effect until Jan 1st of 2018.
    Just sit back and let these women keep talking shit. They have already burned all the bridges and dug themselves into a hole they can’t possible get themselves out of. I don’t feel sorry for that simp calling that nasty bitch a “queen” any man who calls a black woman a “queen” is a homosexual in my honest opinion.

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  12. Yours Truly,
    Lmfao man The Last Jedi was the worst Star Wars movie out of all the Star Wars movies I left the movie like wtf is this. I’m on the floor it took about 2 days for me to recover from that fiasco. But the alien creature where Luke got the breast milk from looks 20 times better than this fat piece of garbage in this article. Hey Keith I’m about to get into crypto as well but I probably open my account On Gemini comparing that to Coinbase it seems somewhat better lower fees. What alt coins do you have I’m looking at Ripple, IOTA, NEO, XEM, and Dent. I just found out about a program investing in crypto where your initial investment will basically earn 1% a day 30% monthly. I think I might do that as well as my own trading. Fellas we need to get in on this still really in its infancy stage.

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    • @Sean
      “I just found out about a program investing in crypto where your initial investment will basically earn 1% a day 30% monthly.”

      I would like to know what program it is.


  13. FreeBlackMan,

    I was smh the Simp was still submissive to the BW in this article I would have let her fat asteroid ass have it I’m not taking nothing from no woman. But a big fat piece of disgust like this hell fucking no, these simps are super thirsty.

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    • These Pro-Black Simps will be the death of us. I was reading today that there’s a new HBO show being developed about a single bi-sexual black man. I was just shaking my head, why would they do that? Well as it turns out the reason heterosexual black men don’t get television shows made for them is because according to studio execs, after sports, black men will simply watch what black women watch and therefore there’s no need to cater to black men. As first I didn’t believe it. But you know what it actually makes since. Who wants to see homosexuality? Black women. Who wants to control black men’s sexuality? Black women. Who wants to destroy black men and keep him subservient? Black women. And who watches all these shows with black women? The Pro-Black Simps and homosexuals. White women watch what white men watch. Black men watch what black women watch. LOL. It’s like a perfect chaotic circle come to fruition.

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      • Free Black Man,

        I’m not surprised at all about that show coming out on HBO they are pushing the gay agenda hard. They are trying to get you to accept the gay agenda and they in part are using black women to try to accomplish this.

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      • And the simp slaves wonder why BW put whiteness on a pedestal. Because they (the simps) have decided to submit to her whimsical standards (to say it nicely). Why would any woman want to submit to a sacrificial lamb? Can’t blame the loser BW for wanting and worshipping WP. The commoner WM and classic brothers has standards. They wouldn’t publicly acknowledge aa woman like her, less knowing calling this chick looking like the Texas Longhorn mascot a queen. These dudes ain’t learn from the average WM about submitting to a woman (i.e. feminism). Hell, as I have said before, these pro-blacks love WP like the BW these idiots follow. #SYSBMAllDay


  14. FREE BLACK MAN. In recent decades, black women have control over the minds of black men. In recent decades, for example, they typical USA black woman has become fat. Therefore, black women condition non-thinking black men into fat acceptance. White women have less control over white men in my humble opinion.

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  15. Gregory,

    Man about 3 months ago I was in a Subway getting a sub it was this big sloppy black lady there and she had 4 kids and her boyfriend or husband was there with her. Apparently they had a disagreement about something and she unleashed on the guy I mean talking all types of trash to him, I really wanted to help the young lad out it was sad. First off I was wondering who hell gave this woman 4 kids and then how could the guy let that big piece of trash talk to him like that keep in mind she was way bigger than the woman in this article. They have really did a number on black men for accepting the fat BW and letting BW walk all over BM. No women you are not thick you are fat.

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    • @Sean
      She was able to talk to him like that because he was likely a dusty man child who depended on her for food and a place to stay. Those are the only types of “men” most BW are able to get with these days. A good black man who had his life together wouldn’t be with a ghetto beast like that.

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  16. Notice how everything with black women when they are dealing with Blackmen is an attempt to show that Blackman that they are better than him in every shape, form or fashion. Everything with black women when it comes to Blackmen is some type of perverted competition in which the black woman feels she must emasculate that black man, show that black man that his place is beneath her, and to let that Blackmen know that she will never ever submit or even attempt to be mildly agreeable with that Blackman.
    Black women due to this false sense of power that they’ve been given by white daddy, actually believe they should be in charge of the household, finances, children, decision-making, and most of all in control of the black man who she is with.
    The exchange between that fat ugly cow looking beast and that weak minded simple Negro is so laughable on so many levels. First of all why this stupid Negro clown continually tries to give this combative, argumentative, smug, mentally ill animal compliments regarding how beautiful and gorgeous she is is beyond me. Blackmen still don’t realize that no amount of compliments and ass-kissing to these black women who don’t deserve any compliments at all will never ever transform their perverted mindset, and view of black men. These deranged black women actually believe because they have some bullshit degree from some nonexisting university somewhere or some BS job given to them simply because they are black women, means that they should be in charge of the black man who she’s in a relationship and be able to tell him what to do.
    How sick in your mind do you have to be to have the mentality that ‘ well I make more money than this guy so there’s no way he can uplift me (black women so overuse the term uplift), therefore I by default should be in charge of the relationship and the man. Do you know how many non black relationships there are where the woman makes more than the man, but the relationship is strong because those women don’t want be men.
    Black women literally want to be Blackmen. And what type of woman actually asks about a person’s credit score or how much money they make as if that is relevant in terms of a relationship, and the reality that men are the natural head of women? But as we can all see black women do not want to be happy, black women enjoy being confrontational, black women enjoy attempting to show Blackmen that they are better then black men.
    The minds of black women are so perverse that they cannot see anything other than finance when it comes to a relationship. This is why I met countless nonblack women and mainly white women who have really given a damn about what I do for a living, what my credit score is and how much money I have. I’m not saying that those things are not important or of value, but to black women those are the only things that matter.
    The ironic thing is even if that black beast wore to meet a black man who made more money than she does, and she probably doesn’t even make that much money, she would never in a million years think of submitting to that man, at least attempting to act like a feminine woman would in a relationship. Just by reading a few of the texts of this black beast, you can see the frame of mind she’s in. Not could you imagine actually attempting to have a relationship with this animal? Forget about how physically ugly she is. Just read her words. Does this sound like a sane rational stable feminine woman? What does she sound like 99.9% of all other black females who swallowed down this feminist bullshit that makes them think they not only can take the place of men but they really believe that they are men.
    And that brain dead Negro clown was actually calling this combative animal a ‘queen’. When the hell will Blackmen actually wake up and realize that you cannot convince a black woman of anything, no matter how true it is.
    But I keep forgetting that the Whitewoman is out to get me and is a danger to my life and well-being.

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  17. Black men, as a group, have problems. Most of these problems are structural in nature. Generational wealth, for example, is one structural problem for many black males. The absence of quality black women is another structural problem for black men. Black women, as a group, have an infinite number of problems. No individual can even attempt to count the problems of black women. Obesity, for example, is a problem that exists among black women because of their poor eating habits and the wearing of fake hair that makes black women avoid physical exercise. Having children out of wedlock is another problem for black women. The making of bastard babies is a problem that black women refuse to avoid. A female has numerous methods to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Many black women, however, take the view that males and females have the same power to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

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