Section 8/Welfare Cuts Are Signed Off Today – Let Black Women Lick Up Dust And Eat Apocalyptic Gravel!





For the longest while in black society the majority bulk of money, finances and spending power has been placed into the hands of the most irresponsible, reckless and materialistic individual on the planet, the modern day black woman. For years black men have watched as black women have and still are taking black society into the deep abyss and the lowest depths of hell through attempting to satisfy their childish lusts for money and materials.

However, the beginning of the end of those times are now upon us. For years black women in the US who are 6-7% of the black population but who make up 40% of welfare recipients have sat on their lazy behinds using the government coffers as their weekly/monthly salary. Well, the 45th President of the United States, one Donald J Trump has set the wheels in motion to where those who are able to work will have to work or alternatively starve.

Yes and before any of you black heifers step up and say anything I am well aware of the fact that not all black women claim welfare, thus since this doesn’t apply to those that don’t, if the demographic doesn’t fit you, you needn’t step forward. However the fact of the matter remains that there are a huge amount of welfare recipients who are black women and the vast majority of those claimants put frankly are decadent, lazy slobs who until now the government has thrown its money at.

Let’s quickly go through a brief timeline of the events leading up to this moment. Remember back in 2015 when this black woman wearing a bright blonde weave released a video thanking the government for “being a real father to her children and putting her on” by providing her with the money she requires to take care of her bastard seedlings:

Now remember back in December 2016 in light of Trump’s election I released my first section 8 article in which I talked about the fact that concerning the coming cuts, more black women would be resorting to prostitution, escorting, robbery and fraud. That article can be seen in the link below:

Of course black women and their pro black simp advocates still didn’t heed the warnings. Then a black woman dropped a video at the end of December 2016 again trying to show other black women(namely those who have been chilling in the cut with welfare/section 8) that the cuts were indeed coming and that they had better prepare themselves for tough times ahead:

The warnings still were not taken seriously until I dropped my ultra viral article with regards to several individuals who had been sent letters by the Tennessee Housing Development Agency informing them of pending cuts, now it was beginning to get personal. Please see that article below:

Now, I received some criticism for the above article because I didn’t provide any links within it, I only posted the pictures that others had supplied. Ok, but the only problem with that is there were so many articles dealing with as Obsidian Radio would label it The Section 8 Apocalypse. If only black folks had looked then they would’ve found them with ease, here are just a few:

Of course even at this point there were still some black folks who remained in denial, however many of them began to change their tune a little when I came out with another article in September of this year highlighting the fact that many black women namely single mothers were already feeling the pinch and were resorting to pitching themselves on social media in the hopes of finding a mate before the crunch time, the link to that article below:

Because of black women and the disjointed mentality they have injected into black society, most black folks today cannot accept the truth and reality and they believe that if they continually deny the facts, somehow this action will stop those facts from remaining the truth. Well guess what, that Merlin the Magician, hocus pocus, Sabrina the Teenage Witch wishful type thinking doesn’t work in the real world, not at all.

The section 8 cuts are finally here, it’s now time for black women to lick up the dust and eat some hard gravel. Of course the so called “strength and independence” black women have bragged about for many years will finally be put to the test, let’s just see how strong and independent these black queans are post a section 8/welfare government divorce.

Do I feel sorry for black women, not at all. Remember these are the same women who have gleefully destroyed black society at the behest of the same government who is now cutting them off, they have raised their sons to be violent hoodlums and hooligans who go about terrorising local black communities and have even now begun to reek havoc upon others. Behold, these are the savages that black women(namely single black mothers) have unleashed upon us, these are the fruits of feminism and single motherhood within black society and black women and their pro black simps want me as a thinking black man to feel sorry for them, sorry, not this Negro, not at all:

More importantly what needs to be highlighted at this point are the years of pain ahead. As many black men especially on YouTube have already warned about, some black women will indeed come to you with their hands held out begging, however there will be many others who will attempt to syphon money from your pockets via force and deception.

These are the pestilent scum buckets to particularly watch out for, remember though things are slowly beginning to change in that department the child support hustle is still in place, so expect to see a huge surge in black women offering up sex and unlike before not being particularly fussy over who they choose to open their legs to. Also, expect to see an increase in black women attempting to venture down Swirl Avenue. Yes non black men, they will try to hem you up as well if they can, therefore from now on you ought to view black women throwing themselves at you with extreme suspicion.

Also men alike MUST be on the lookout for women who will attempt to use their sperm for insemination purposes, after using that condom make sure you dispose of it correctly or something like this may happen to you:

Now remember the black witch known as Wendy Williams on her show 3 years ago gave the same advise to women who wish to become pregnant but who have men who desire the opposite, that’s right, she advised those women to trick their men into pregnancy. Therefore men, guard you sperm with great care and due diligence, treat your seed as if it is gold/platinum because in the coming years ahead to these women it will be viewed as having the same value as precious metals and world resources.

Of course we will see a lot more black women resorting to robbery and theft in order to make ends meet. From this point forward black women ought to be viewed with an extremely suspicious eye, all men need to be on guard and be on the look out as these queans could strike at any time and at any location. As I stated in my book Negro Wars, expect to see more black women with their goon squads venturing into the suburbs and more affluent areas in order to pick off victims in their efforts to curb the money shortfall. Be sure to open carry in states that permit or at least keep you concealed carry licence up to date because you may have to light up one of these dysfunctional queans and her pack rat of goons if push comes to shove.

As much as these are great times in that the evil power black women have wielded over black society for the past 50 years will finally be taken away from them, these are also extremely perilous times in that these same feral monsters will become even more primal and animalistic as the cuts begin to take hold and the squeeze locks in. By the way, these bottom feeders are a large part of the reason why your taxes are currently so high.

Now, there is the issue of the children, Verbs2015, won’t you feel sorry for the children who will be affected by these cuts? At first I did but when I thought more deeply upon the matter my answer to that question is now a resounding NO, unlike most black women I haven’t been irresponsible with my seed and haven’t brought any children into this world whist living in gutter type conditions. The bastard children of these single mothers are not my burden to bear, let these black sirens who sired those children deal with them, they have nothing to do with me.

Another reason why I won’t feel sorry for black women and their children who will be affected by these cuts is simply because of the fact that as I mentioned before black women as a collective raise their children to be violent savages, not upstanding members of society. Venture into a poor white neighbourhood and you won’t nearly see as much dysfunction and violence as a poor black one.

For the longest while black women have formed a confederacy with Babylon and the devil through worship of the state aka big government. The Most High has set aside an extremely harsh judgement for the modern day black female because of the vast destruction she has brought upon black men and black society as a whole, I for one will not be standing in his way nor will I be reaching out to save black women lest those same judgements set for them fall upon me.

Whenever a person chooses to form an alliance with Satan, the devil will always require repayment normally in the form of that person’s life. On top of this the Most High must also recompense that same individual for whatever evil deeds they’ve committed, so it’s a double whammy for black women whichever way you slice it.

In the years to come the carcasses of dead dysfunctional black females, their devil spawn children and the pro black simps that support both of these groups will serve well as wholesome nourishment to the beasts of the field, the ravens, crows, vultures, eagles, hawks and other birds of prey. You will see black women abandoning their children in the streets in droves, you will see dead children, you will see the rotting flesh of both, you will even see and hear accounts of black women eating their own children for lack of food, however you must always remember that this is THEIR recompense and judgement to bear ALONE.

The horrible sights you will witness in the streets may not be pleasant and comfortable to the eyes but they are just and right. To date black women have assassinated between 17-20 million unborn children and are still killing children in abortion clinics to the tune of 1876 on average murders per day. Should they not pay a price for such a grand slaughter of innocence? The Most High is not sleeping, he has seen and noted the wickedness that this black female has wrought and the blood that she has spilled with her own two hands and now it is time to pay the price for engaging in such malevolence.

I’ve always stated that black folks as a whole do a lot better for themselves when under persecution and tribulation, we saw this during the period between the end of chattel slavery right up until the civil rights era. We have to face the facts, black people do the worst for themselves when they are in a comfort zone and this much-needed kick up the backside Trump has given black society will do well to begin the process of weeding out the pestilent individuals from the productive.

Let the pro black simps deal with and save these contaminated women and their polluted offspring, they will only curse themselves and perish attempting to stand in the way of a righteous recompense and payback. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I refuse to be a clean up man for somebody else’s mess. When I was a younger lad when my room was untidy it was my responsibility alone to clean that room up, however because of the pervasive and decadent arm of feminism, black women have latched onto the outlandish notion that it is always somebody else’s responsibility to clean up the very mess that they’ve created.

And by the way, welfare reform is also taking place in the UK, thus the scrounging black harridans on this side of the pond are also biting a serious bullet. The saying “when the US sneezes the UK catches a cold” is quite true. Take a look at these articles concerning the welfare cutbacks currently taking place over here:

Finally, I know that there will be some black women who will immediately jump up and say “but white women are on benefits too”. This is indeed true and unlike the pro blacks who will jump in attempting to save as many black women as they can, white society will watch their bottom feeder females crash and burn. Besides, how does bringing that information up alter YOUR pending fate, lol? Pointing to women of other ethnic groups in the same condition as yourself WON”T SAVE YOU.

41% of welfare recipients are white followed closely by blacks at 40%(the majority of those are black women). Again, when the excrement hits the fan(which has now happened), how is using the quote of “more white people are on welfare than black people” going to help YOU BLACK FEMALES in your time of tribulation and wrath? Keep on deflecting, even when your bones dry up into powder it is very doubtful that you will accept reality even at that point.

You have to understand that white folks refer to Section 8 welfare as Section APE welfare, they see that type of welfare as something that is almost exclusive to black folks, namely black women. Whites for the most part have pride and view collecting money from the state as a position of shame, however black women feel completely different on the matter. They are proud to ponce off of the state and be at the financial mercy of big government, sad and just outright pathetic.

By the way, voting for and successfully managing to secure a win for the Democrat candidate Doug Jones in the recent senate race in Alabama at a rate of 98% won’t save your hides either, you fate has already been sealed and Doug Jones will not be able to hold off your coming judgement. I would suggest that you buckle in your seatbelts and prepare for the bumpy ride ahead. Doug Jones CANNOT and WILL NOT SAVE YOU, so what’s your next plan?

I am not in favour of forced sterilisation however in the case of the overwhelming majority of black women(seeing as they openly display dysfunctional tendencies as well as their reckless usage of the womb) I would make a notable exception. Black women as a group in my opinion should be psychologically evaluated(especially those coming from single parent households) before being allowed to have children and those found wanting should immediately be sterilised on the spot.

Now, I understand the dark side of this process as forced sterilisation has been used by governments against women in the past under false pretences and the end results were a complete mess. The government whenever in charge of programmes will typically abuse them, this is the history of western governments especially. I would personally opt for a local community approach to the process instead.

The treacherous modern day black female has been charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to spend the rest of her days in hell, this is indeed a moment to be celebrated, let us break out the popcorn, wine, champagne, sherry, fresh juice etc in honour of this momentous day. The westernised black female’s pomp and arrogance has finally been brought down to the ground.

All those years of calling black men every negative name, term and title under the sun, all those years of using the mainstream media as their platform to besmirch the image, character and reputation of the black male, all those years of using the system against us black women will surely remember and regret when judgement begins to fall upon them. The black witch will finally be burned at the stake, she will cry out and nobody will help her. Thy recompense has finally come upon thee o black woman, I hope you like it hot. BURN!

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Cuts Are Finally In

Most High Bless

36 thoughts on “Section 8/Welfare Cuts Are Signed Off Today – Let Black Women Lick Up Dust And Eat Apocalyptic Gravel!

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  2. Let. Them. ROT!!!!!

    I agree with you entirely, I have NO sympathy for these women or their devil spawn. Remember, those kids by the age of 5 months are already ingrained to believe “niggas ain’t $hit!!!”, and there’s can simply no saving them. Never mind the inbreeding that literally biologically screws them up.

    Secondly, I have to say that the main reason blacks did so well right before and during the civil rights movement was because other groups, namely white people, were mean to us. Even then, said success was overstated, given the findings in things such as the Moynihan Report.

    In the meanwhile, relax, enjoy, and celebrate as the demons are slowly but surely removed from power. Honestly, I HOPE there is a wave of gentrification that sweeps these hoods to the point where the negroes have nowhere to call their own and must truly rebuild again.

    Amongst the cries and screams of the demons, all I hear is

    Liked by 3 people

    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is now their time to suffer. They’ve spat in the faces of black men for so long that very few if any individuals will feel sorry for them at this point. Their constant grabbing onto the mantle of victimhood certainly hasn’t helped their image and reputation either. It’s time for the purge and an extremely large amount of black women and simp black men are going to bite the bullet.

      I hear you, even though the success of black folks wasn’t stupendous pre civil rights, nether the less it was a lot better than what we have today. Plus blacks back then actually valued education and intelligence and more of us came from two parent households. We need persecution in order to do well for ourselves, that’s a fact that has proven itself to be true throughout our history.

      Black men should be hitting up wineshops, bars, restaurants and other socialising venues and celebrating this day, 16th December 2017, the day the modern day black female finally got her welfare/section8 wings clipped.

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      • It’s a shame we can’t use Gangnam Style right here cause the singer’s a North Korean bro! DEATH TO COMMUNISM AND NAZIONISM! HELL YEAH BABY!


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    • Same here. Let them rot. They took for granted the welfare state was never going to end. I hasn’t ended but this is a good start. As far as them and the bastard kids, let them eat air.

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  3. Oooooooo gawdtdamn! Now brothas let’s…let’s be fair! Just a bit for a sec. If you go to your local welfare offices in your towns, cities whatever have you, 97-99% of black,white and hispanic females are filled flooded with those lemon squeezing sucubuses. Where I reside, that’s all I see mainly. With a little asian females sprinkled in that mix.

    And uh? Welp? Like I told y’all this B.O.L.O. there will be Countless…Countless fakebook posts and dating site profiles of these welfare savages(mainly black white hispanic) and asian females smut pedaling…And panhandling! Watch It! That illiterate ILLogical n*ggaroachoe and many many others like her are gonna follow up and get suited and booted for a pet wallet you watch!

    Now if they can’t get what they’re entitled to which is your hard earned resources, then the #metoo cunt-paign protocol wolf cries will consist of and perceived to be either…harassment, impoliteness, and /or rape attempts etc. So brothas, keep your wallets bulletproof.

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    • Sound advice.

      Quality brothers aren’t checking for Shenaynays, Shitavious and Tiffany Holenes anyway, but the advice still stands. Protect your assets.

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  4. Tis a momentous day. The day the cuts have arrived.

    You brothers that were slandered and called “terrorists”, “rapists”, “harrassers”, “white people of black people”, “ain’t shit”, “weak”, “niggers, uncle Toms, coons”… Today is your day.

    The CUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are finally here.

    Pass the orange juice.

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  5. I tried to warn them about the cuts. Was called an uncle Tom, coon, and weak nigga for my efforts. So now I say, let Tyrone and day day but your groceries. I feel indifferent towards black women.

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  6. I LOVE IT, SLASH THE HELL OUT OF THESE ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMS for these black whores. Brothers rejoice with the CUTS now here and brothers heavy into the crypto currencies like myself it’s a happy happy day. CUTS AND CRYPTO… what a wonderful combination😆😆😆😆💰💰💰💰💰. #SYSBM, #TEAMWHITEGIRLS

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  7. If ghettogaggers was hapening before the cuts whats coming next beastiality you know these beasts gotta do anything for weave and clown makeup
    Also verbs checkout that Lorenzen wright former NBA player probably co-murdered by his deacon ex wife.yes deacon.

    The cuts are good xmass and new years gift.

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  8. Former NBA player Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife arrested for setting him up to be murdered! Another example of what happens when you date/marry Black Women smfh RIP to that brotha

    Liked by 3 people

  9. So you’re a single black bachelor who’s done everything right. Education, degree, good job, house, car, insurance. No kids, no criminal record. What’s your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? A Gabrielle Union? An Aisha Tyler? A Tabria Majors? Nope. Taking in some ghetto bird with three kids by three different baby daddies, two of whom by her own admission are locked up. All she’s bringing to the table is played out pussy, bastard kids and food stamps. That’s the deal on offer from that first woman posted in the article above. These bitches are straight delusional. So glad it’s Day Zero of the cuts! As I’ve said before on here, yes, I voted for Hillary, but I approve of this outcome. Verbs, I appreciate your coverage of the welfare apocalypse. You were the canary in the coalmine for almost two years. The current #metoo wave will also negatively impact these harridans as men overall regardless of race start to walk away.

    Christmas has come early!


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  10. Awesome great article. Let the cuts begin and burn up these EBT cards and food stamps. Plus a wrecking ball needs to be put to those Government assistance housing areas housed by irresponsible black women with multiple kids by different men. SYSBM.

    afrofuturism1, this is the real, old-school style of justice music.

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