People Who Live In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones


I found this post by chance by randomly putting “Negro Wars” into the Facebook search bar. Of course when I went to check out this harridan’s page it was immediately made evident that she is a weave wearing single mother with 4 bastard children. Thus it didn’t really surprise me that she was offended and butthurt at the truth.

Of course when you check out the comments you’ll notice the usual brigade of simps, one pro black simpleton in particular by the name of Tommy Hayes who I remember very well runs an online publication by the name of Strive Now Magazine. You may remember this article Hayes wrote back in July this year in his attempts to refute the above article, persuade thinking black men to remain on the plantation or return to it if they had already left and also in defence his black queans:

Of course just like every other pro black flunky that has come before him attempting to defend the modern day black female he failed miserably because the evidence was and still is heavily stacked in my favour. Hayes just like the pro black pundit Dr Umar Johnson promotes the idea of black love, black unity and saving the community, however how can black men possibly unify with black women when behind closed doors these same black females are engaged in activities like this:

Of course Strive Now Magazine’s CEO Hayes can’t defend this sort of behaviour, neither can any of the pro black bootlickers, therefore instead they will typically resort to calling you names and using shaming tactics. As I’ve stated before, I’ve got plenty of receipts which is why dysfunctional black women rarely if ever comment on this site any more. Bootlickers like Hayes need to accept the fact that the black community is a goner and at this juncture it is all about black men with smarts saving themselves and expanding upon their dating and marriage options.

If the black community could’ve been saved then it would’ve been a long time ago, the problem as I’ve already mentioned in my book Negro Wars is these pro blacks don’t have the balls to check and bring back into line the very individuals who have destroyed black society to begin with, that is modern day black women. Because of this slackness on the part of these back to Africa proselytes there will never be a restoration of black society in their lifetime, NEVER.

How on earth do you expect to improve black communities when there is only ever one party(black men) that is held responsible for the ills of it? This is why the majority of these pro black slaves are full of garbage and should never be taken seriously. Back to this goofy $5 black siren, this is the mentally ill and brasen attitude of the modern day black female right here, she has 4 bastard children, she is wearing a weave and looks like a tranny but she still had the audacity to call me out as if she has the moral high ground.

Notice how these harridans and their pro black flunkies can never deal with the open hatred black women boldly display towards black men, here is an example right here:

Nothing but crickets and tumble weeds. Those black men who continue to refuse to treat black women according to the hatred they are not afraid to show us on social media are only injuring and making themselves look extremely stupid. Such a slack standard and lack of self-respect on the part of pro black men demonstrates how great of a job black women have fragmented and destroyed the minds of those same black males.

Simps like Hayes gassing up the heads of sub par feral creatures like Taylor are the cause behind the black female’s postponed crash and judgement, however these captain save ems can only hold off the wrath for so long. The section 8/welfare cuts are coming and there is nothing that Hayes or Taylor for that matter can do to stop them from kicking in. Hoteps/pro blacks and their slippery slope illogical babble and thought processes, they continue to chase after the very women that despise them to the core:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Expose Dysfunctional Black Females And The Simps That Support Them

Most High Bless

32 thoughts on “People Who Live In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones

    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      Thanks bro. These black male simps don’t get it and it seems that many of them will stay guzzling down high octane dumb fuel for life. They act as if black women are still a catch, smh.

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      • Yep Verbs,

        Dudes like Tommy Hayes don’t have to shame and guilt decent black men into staying with these black women. It’s open season for Hayes to get the best or in this case the worst of this flock of black women in Western urban society.

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      • Dude keep on going hard bro! The Jewish/Roman Catholic overlords must have be s..g in their pants when you licked that bombshell upon them! Keep on un-brainwashing everyone bro, Hope you are successful.

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  1. What the hell. An epiphany of sorts hit me when reading this article. Yes I know this is a war between black men and women, but the title and contents of Negro Wars reveal that there is a legitimate ‘Negro War’ underway. Damn!

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    • Frilla77,

      The welfare cuts kick in tomorrow, many of these arrogant black women will be left scrambling trying to make ends meet. Black women are a straight enemy of the black race, it’s just a pity more black men refuse to see them that way. We are indeed in a Negro War.

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  2. These pro blk simp idiots are mentally feminine.. There’s nothing you can do to change that.what real sane masculine man would propagate dating women with 3,4 kids by different men?.hell even some few non ghettorized sane women wouldn’t allow men they care about to do same.I can’t for the life of me tell my mom or aunts I’m dating women with three thug kids.they’d have heart attacks.

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    • Cosmicbodi,

      The pro blacks(most of whom have been raised by single black mothers) for the most part will never be able to see the error of their ways encouraging black men to take on scraps. Let they themselves step up and take somebody else’s baggage on board.

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  3. 100% of black male simos are raised by single black mothers they have been brainwashed from birth.

    They are like Cypher from The Matrix. If you ever took the out of the matrix they would betray all of us in a heartbeat to get back in. They should all be left do die with the scraggle daggle.

    I’m a firm believer that some people don’t deserve to see the light and should remain in plato’s cave forever.

    I enjoy simps for the same reason I enjoy bronies,feminists, and pro-blacks.
    endless hours of free entertainment

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    • Yours Truly,

      I completely agree with your sentiments, the pro blacks will perish along side the black women they are trying so desperately to save. Let them have each other and burn in the fire together.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      That’s that Jess Hilarious chick. Indeed, she look like a straight up trannie which as we already know is the way the majority of black women look in 2017. #SYSBM #THECUTSAREHERE

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Black women believe that the weave, fakes eye lashes, heavy make up etc makes them look more appealing, however nothing could be further from the truth. If anything those things add to their already present hideous visage.

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      • Verbs2015,

        She indeed does Verbs. It’s irritating how masculine many black women look and it’s even more irritating how completely oblivious many of them are to it.

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      • Oddysey,

        Black women and their masculine looking selves has become a serious epidemic. But remember, Dr Umar Johnson still expects us to marry these broads, smh.

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  5. Notice its the ugliest black women that always have something to say about EVERYTHING! NONE of the Black MEN here wants anything to do with her or her community yet here she come, all up in the business of people who don’t want her.

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  6. I just checked out her facebook page. GODAMN, its full of either FULLBLOWN SIMPS, or hardcore black female battle bots. But the simps have me laughing my ass OFF. In all of her pictures, you got these manvaginas saying she’s fine, she’s a queen and so on. Damn, that simp gene is strong in most people.

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    • If that woman’s fine, I’m a freaking trillionairre. That chick looks like a dude I used to kill nazis on call of duty with.

      Most black chicks look like refugees from Donkey Kong Country. Jess Hilarious especially is a straight up tranny ape. And y’all wonder why black women with mixed bloodlines are more attractive: look at the purer strains!! Actually, DON’T LOOK, you might vomit!

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  7. I thought that USA black women had hit an all-time low when 96% of them voted for Hillary Clinton. The numbers are that USA black women in Alabama voted at the 98% rate for the Democrat Doug Jones. I am not pro-Republican, but it is beyond bizarre that black women keep doing the same old thing. If one asks a USA black woman about what Obama did for USA blacks, she could not give you an answer. The fact about Obama doing nothing for USA blacks exists even with the understanding of the limited power of a US president. USA black women are beyond stupid. The voting behavior of USA black women is very different from non-black USA women. The next time a man says: ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME, you know that this man is a fool. The USA black woman stands alone in obesity, low marriage rates, $5.00 net worth, fake hair, bastard children, and voting for Democrats. If white men had a desire for black women, there would be almost no black women married to black men. Any USA black man that married a USA black women since year 2000, has a black wife by default. Basically, most black man that recently married a black woman is married to her because no white man wanted her. USA white men do want, for example, women that are Chinese in the ethnic sense. That is why 50% of USA ethnic Chinese women marry white men. When USA white men develop a serious BLACK GIRL FETISH, there will be no black women for mainstream black men to marry. [By the way, 93% of Alabama black men voted for the Democrat in this week’s election. Two thoughts: (1) a small number of USA black men have broken away from the mind control of USA black women, and, (2) USA black women will continue down the wrong path in the near future.] Note: even dictators typically do not get 98% of the vote. Black women make Robert Mugabe, and other dictators, seem like amateur politicians.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Doug Jones won’t be able to save black women(not that he plans to anyway). Their fate is already sealed and no amount of pushing democrats forward will save them. Black women as a collective will continue to vote like idiots ie for the people who will continue to push the victimhood narrative and give them free handouts, thus their pending fate will be secured even further.

      As for Obama, he was always an empty suit and I predicted that he would do absolutely nothing for black folks before he was elected President. The only way black folks in the US will snap out of this circular Democrat voting is with a major catastrophe and believe me such an event is coming very soon.


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