The Ultra Simp In Action – Part 3


You know what’s funny, when I visited to the Dominican Republic some years ago I came across a growing trend of some men getting their nails manicured, polished and covered with clear nail varnish. In the same vein some time ago I was pulled aside by an Eastern European woman managing a stall in a shopping center based in London and asked whether I would be interested in purchasing a man’s manicure set. Of course I swiftly declined and reminded her that this sort of thing is for women, bar trimming down the finger nails a man’s hands are supposed to be rugged, raw and uncut.

The ongoing agenda to emasculate men is very real and it seems that many men are simply going along with various trends not investigating or really knowing about the hidden agendas behind them. In like manner the simp agenda that has been unleashed upon black society by the black witch herself has now reached epidemic proportions, now we have black men painting the toe nails of black women, smh.

You know what makes me laugh about the picture above is many a time women will employee the services of a beta male to carry out these kinds of feminine tasks and that same male will receive very little to nothing in return for bootlicking and brown-nosing services rendered, however in the meantime these same woman will be getting dicked down by the most ruthless and rugged thug, gangster type males who they wouldn’t dare ask to do the same.

Take a look at this video where a wife decided to paint her husband’s fingernails purple while he was asleep:

This is the problem with western gynocentric societies, because they give women a free reign of the yard unsupervised, many women continue to push the boundaries and encroach their feminine natures upon men. This is one of many reasons why women must be controlled and given very little in terms of options. We can compare and contrast western societies with non western ones, in the non western societies by and large the women there are in a better condition and tend to remain within their own boundaries.

The woman who decided to paint her husband’s fingernails felt brave enough to do so because her husband is most probably a grade A simp who hasn’t been keeping his wife in line. If I was her husband then I personally would’ve slapped her in the face and then instructed her to break out the nail remover and take the stuff off immediately. However, if you establish boundaries that women are not supposed to cross from the very beginning then you will not run into such problems down the pike.

The problem with a lot of men ie simps is they believe that if they check women and bring them into line then this will most certainly ruin their chances of getting together and having sex with those same females, however nothing could be further from the truth. On the contrary, it is in the woman’s nature to submit to correction and authority, however the doctrine of feminism has somewhat scrambled the receptive abilities of many women, hence why they must lead back to their natural path.

Sorry, I don’t care what the feminists say, women in order to be kept orderly and chasted must be controlled and lead at all times. Now let’s talk about the super simp jumping out of his vehicle in the leading video, this goes to show you the incredible damage that black women have brought upon most black men, this is how they raise their sons, to bootlick and pander towards black women especially.

Dude made a complete mockery of himself, also did you notice the fruity clothing he was wearing, a pink shirt(a trend amongst black men that I have never understood as the colour pink has always been recognised by other societies as being a girl’s colour) in combination with some ultra skinny light purple trousers and a purple do-rag.

A man who knows his worth will not carry out the above, these are the fruits of feminism at work to where the man is lead to believe that it is his duty to constantly serenade the woman instead of the reverse. After all if the couple decides to get married it will be the man’s last name that the woman will be taking onboard. It is also the woman’s duty to constantly demonstrate to the man why she ought to continue being his girlfriend/wife and why he should continue to protect her ie provide her with security.

Contrary to popular belief the man is the nucleus and the central focus of the family not the woman, women in non western countries that have not been stained by the dark hand of feminism still recognise this to be the case. You’ll notice that whenever the powers that be wish to beta test an effeminisation programme that they will always begin with black male society first. Because of the way that black women raise their sons ie effeminise them from a very young age, they have already primed the ground for others to step in and continue the work without difficulty. Just take a look at this:

I wrote an article back in June 2013 talking about black men wearing skirts and showing pictures of various black male celebrities who have been pushed to the forefront to promote this androgynous, homosexual-esque trend, that article can be seen in the link below:

Since homosexuality and feminism are one and the same we can safely determine that their end goals will equally match, feminism seeks to effeminise and subjugate all men while placing women above them, homosexuality and lesbianism seeks to convert heterosexual men and women into engaging sodomites, thus to increase their own dating and sex pool.

It’s unfortunate for them that many non black females have clocked onto what is really going on with feminism and have decided to give it a wide berth, the same however cannot be said for most black women who have instead decided to lock themselves in and double down on their feminist stance. And we wonder why there are so many lesbians inside of the closet as well as outside of it within black female society.

Black men beware, at the behest of their beloved white father the above photo of the guy standing beside the car wearing the long skirt is exactly where the majority of black women desire to take you. Be on the lookout for women in general and black women in particular who attempt to push any effeminate agendas upon you, shut them down immediately. This is the dark road simping can take that very few wish to talk about. Gentlemen, don’t ever allow yourself to be emasculated by any woman, NEVER.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Effeminising Women

Most High Bless

35 thoughts on “The Ultra Simp In Action – Part 3

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  2. Thanks for ruining that ****ing song for me! That dude couldn’t even sing worth a damn!

    You will notice these freaks roam in abundance in the hood. Negroes painting their nails, wearing wigs, jiffy pop bags, and straight up lingerie. At the same time, they’ll actually sit there and try to act hard. IF you have such a high number of these individuals running around who are dysfunctional at a basic level, is it any wonder why their communities are in shambles?

    It’s almost as if black women and the white men they work for want black men in a position to NEVER reclaim an authoritative position…..

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      That’s exactly what the plan is, the have black men remain under the thumb of the black female, however the Tax Reform Bill should be the beginning of the end for that agenda.

      Black women have completed flooded black society with all creatures great and small, it’s a struggle to even identify some of the specimens walking the streets these days.

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    • @afro
      Homosexuality is slowly becoming normalized among black males and I’m not sure if many black men even realize it. First rappers started sagging, then they started sagging skinny jeans, then they started dying their hair wild colors, and now we have rappers like young thug and lil uzi vert that are pretty much gay without saying it. I used to not believe that there was a “gay agenda” in Hollywood but I do now. I don’t care if a person is naturally gay, but it seems that there may be some pushed social engineering going on when it comes to black “entertainment”.

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  3. On YouTube there are many white women who speak out against feminism. As you stated Verbs I have never seen black women speak out against feminism. As far as the dude who wife painted his nails purple he probably was acting like he was sleep and is a faggot. These women know these men are gay but they still engage in relationships with them, these women are mentally challenged. The gay agenda is being pushed hard from Hollywood, music, here in the States they try to push churches to accept homosexuality the mark of the beast is here.

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    • You will never see black women push back against feminism, despite it not even being intended for them. And quite honestly, you will see FAR more black men, conservative or otherwise, calling out the homosexuality than their white male counterparts.

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    • Sean,

      The Sodomite agenda is real and black women are the main enforcers of it within black society. This is one of many reasons why thinking black men recognise the fact that you cannot build with these women period.


      • True boss, now I wonder why I followed the Pan-Africanism shit when I was younger. Bro modern day black women look like slopply done anime cosplayers and even then the cosplayers are WAAY more beautiful than them.

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  4. I called it. Ive said before all these simps/pro-blacks/male feminists are just cucks.
    This already happened to the white community during the Gamergate/NotYourShield years.
    Look at what feminists have done to these white boys This is the tame stuff.

    Mark my words and write them down by 2019 you will have black men making “rap” videos like this.

    Remember the beta faggot who posted a article link here talking about how black men are “overlooking” single mothers,fat chicks, and women who can’t cook? Remember the article saying that straight black men are white supremacists?
    They know we are not dealing with their bullshit so they have to convert as many of us into cucks as possible so they will have somebody to take care of their horde of thug babies. Their is a much more sinister reason for why feminists have become this crazy. The elites want the majority of men in America to become emasculated to the point that they have no will to fight so America can become like Sweeden. In Sweden the “refugees” rape women and children and the police are powerless to stop them because they don’t have enough man power. Their feminist government has money to bring refugees into the country but apparently not enough money to have a effective police force to protect people from the refugees. Terrorist attacks and riots become the norm. Boys have to sit down when they pee. The men are too focused on worshiping their queen’s to notice the invading force. South Korea has praticly been destroyed by their Feminist president who was outed for being in a cult. Here is a video about the subject

    (I have lot’s of links I could post if you want more proof of that btw.) There were massive riots that the msm didn’t want you to see or know about because she was outed during the election and is basically Hillary Clinton with subtitles. Hillary would have flooded this country with muslims and caused the economy to collapse under the welfare state because we all know these immigrants don’t have jobs or work and most of them can’t read. what alot of people DON’T know is a lot of the refugees have aids and a Aids epidemic will blow up in Europe soon

    This would have happened in America if not for Trump being elected. Hate him if you want but know way he was REALLY elected and why white women voted for him to the tune of 55% despite Trump grabbing them by the pussy. Whites are on their way out the door if they don’t get rid of the feminist disease that has infested their community. Feminism has destroyed the black community as well.

    Sharia is the endgame because globalist politicians are closeted pedophiles and Sharia is a desired political system for them because it condones pedophilia and just about every other unforgivable sin. Our countries are being blackmailed by Suadi Arabia look up Jeffery Epstine,Laura Sibley and their connection to the Clintons. Also note the fact that Suadi’s gave millions to Hillary’s campaign. YOu yourself ‘Verbs” posted a article where a black women admitted that she is aware of the elite’s Moloch worship (That is why I call them the queens of the damned btw) Black women are too far gone to care about anymore but I feel more black men should be aware of what is truly at stake in this “gender war” The women are all useful idiots. Feminism itself was created by the CIA and is just Marxism for dummies at the end of the day.

    The simps you will find are all rapists or pedophiles themselves. If I recall one of these male feminists admitted to raping a woman did he not?

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    • True. Damn the Zionist/Roman Catholic overlords must be laughing their heads off at America, how far we have fallen from the ‘sovereign black republic’ ideal that made us great. Hopefully you guys don’t turn into a copy of my nation Jamaica which is known as the world’s ‘murder capital’, everyday a murder goes on round there. A week ago you customs guys found about 130 guns with ammunition and cartridges ready to be unleashed upon the populace when received in Jamaica. Sigh.. some things never change.


  5. Here is your first trip down the rabbit hole brothers.

    South Korean Officials Forced to Resign Amid 8 Goddesses Corruption Conspiracy

    “Eight fairies, siphoned money and a shaman fortune teller:
    South Korea’s presidency ‘on the brink of collapse” http://
    “Secret advisers, nepotism, and even rumors of a religious
    cult:the political scandal that could destroy South Korea’s
    “South Korea’s All-Female Shadow Government Exposed” http://
    Influence-Peddling Scandal Rocks South Korean President https://
    “Megalia” The South Korean Radical Feminism group mocks Sewol
    Tragedy among other crazy things.
    The Sewol Tragedy

    Owners of sunken South Korean Ferry linked to mass cult suicide
    2016 South Korean Political Scandal
    Park Geun-Hye Wikipedia
    “South Korea’s president is hardly the only leader to turn to
    mystics and shamans.”
    Park Geun-hye: South Korea Lawmakers vote to impeach
    “South Korean President Accepts Parliment’s Impeachment
    VORTEX” [This is an official Wikileaks document showing that The
    United States Government was aware that the South Korean
    President was indoctrinated by a Jim Jones type cult leader and
    chose to just observe and report.]


  6. Today’s news. 98% of the black women in Alabama voted for the Democrat in the US Senate race. Whatever your political views are, one must note that black women will still do the same old things in 2018. 93% of black men voted for the Democrat. Most white women voted for the Republican. In short, black women are voting for welfare and Section 8. Also, the 5% gap between black men and black women shows that black men are slowly breaking away from the control of black women. Furthermore, the voting gap between white women and black women shows that the fools and simps are wrong when they shout: ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME. One can believe that all women are the same when Japan becomes filled with obese, baby mamas that are wearing hair weaves.

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    • @Gregory
      BW are the democrats most loyal and reliable voter base. BW receive all of their welfare from democrat policies and would not be able to continue their thug loving baby mama lifestyle without the Democrats. BW have the most to lose when the democrats lose power. I’m an independent and don’t belong to either party, but if the GOP put their racism aside they could probably reach out to BM for votes with the right message and policies. I don’t think that BM are nearly as loyal to the dems as BW are.

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  7. Yours Truly, yes I have read about all that stuff in South Korea it is crazy. And you are correct about rap videos they are already dressing like women soon they will be straight saying in their songs they are gay.

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  8. I bet the driver was looking at this dude like “This muthafucka CAN’T be serious.” and I’m pretty sure the females were laughing pretty hard on the inside when they saw him and EVEN HARDER when it was all over.

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  9. Even though he was “going along” with it, I bet on the inside the driver was looking at this dude like “This muthafucka CAN’T be serious.” and I’m pretty sure the female was laughing pretty hard on the inside when she saw him and EVEN HARDER when it was all over.

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  10. Black gay men are the worst thing on this planet. Easily the most fucked up demographic of people I’ve ever seen.


    • I have not had much experience with black gay men. However, one black gay man that I had an internet contact with this year seemed like a man from another planet. In closing, one must note that many mental health professionals still view homosexuality as a mental disorder.

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  11. Aww yeas!….hispanicunts!!! Before I begin, I’d… to ask a question though if I may, Um? who do you think hispanic females find more attractive and more appealing to their eyes the most? blackmen? or their “men”?

    I sat back and watched how this hispanicunt humiliated her fat no-job husband/boyfriend whatever; in his sleep by painting his fingernails. This is all symbolic within that humiliation that when it comes down to these nazican b*tches, The Mental Illness Of White Identification magic is ingrained in them fully. Kinda why their “men” act soooooo f*ckin EFFETE 99% of the time….punk muthaf*ckas!!

    What do I mean by The Mental Illness Of White Identification? In order to get accolades, kudos, “you go girl” social currencies, with a little bit of under-the table money grabs, you have to practice feminism in either your marriages and/or relationships etc. If you do that, then hey! just make sure you check:WHITE in the census box!

    These are the things that these lot lizard trash dirtscum bags dont even talk about. And of course the females aint gon’ say sh*t about it rather than make half steppin fake love videos about us.
    But!? their “women” knows that they’ll never stop loving them if they tried. Naw that love will never fade. HOMO or NOT!!! this is why hispanic males and females get along so great. WHY!? the language. He know her. She knows him. When you approach them, THEY DON’T KNOW YOU!! and DON’T WANNA KNOW YOU!!

    So therefore hence, all this bullsh*t about “hispanic females love blackmen” Ayo stop it brothas. Stop. IT!! Ok? Because….whether or not you realize it, hispanicunts love these moist ass f*ckers just like the white and black b*tch does in all areas. And the logical answer is…they dont pose a THREAT to their agenda like….I DO!!!

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  12. @Themelan in my experience dating Spanish women here in the States and abroad just speaking for me the ones I dated like real men take charge leading men. Of course some Spanish women especially the ones that grew up in the States have adopted feminism and countries like Argentina have a strong feminist movement. But I have dated Spanish women since high school I’m
    In my 40s now there are still many of them who want real men. Now the Spanish men that are here in the States many of them want to be white so bad especially the Mexican men those dudes are gone.

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  13. @afro yes you are right the rappers have this homo thug going on, what I was saying in the next few years in their lyrics everything they rap about will straight be saying I’m gay and so on and so on. Right now they are so called still trying to rap like they are gangster and thug but wearing female attire but soon the lyrics will match their look.

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  14. Verbs,

    Yes Argentina is done the feminist movement has been strong there for a minute now. Another thing that is funny to me is I know you have been hearing about all these sexual scandals here in the States. From Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and others. The funny thing is these women did not say anything when all of the alleged events actually were going on. So they elected to take this behavior so their career would not be jeopardized so you are telling me your career was more important than getting sexually assaulted now women are coming out the woodworks complaining but no one is calling them out on choosing their career and money over getting sexually abused. And I am not saying these men did not do anything but I am saying to the women why did you not say anything when this was happening nobody is saying anything about that.

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