When Swirling Goes Horribly Wrong


I warned you non black men in Negro Wars that just because black women some what “behave” for you it doesn’t mean that they are now all of a sudden functional individuals. They are still mentally damaged and mentally broken females and as we see with the video above it is only a matter of time till their Valley girl act collapses and they malfunction.

I’m finding it hard to believe and still struggling in my mind to come to terms with the fact that this man from the Far East actually decided to place his penis in such a monster and procreate with her. Not only that but he is also married to this woman, smh. From what I’m gathering the black witch attempted to put her child in danger(no surprises there, black women as a group enjoy spilling the blood of innocent children, we only need check the abortion figures for confirmation of this) and the husband stepped in to save the child.

Old boy from the Far East is finding out very quickly that he made a serious mistake marrying this woman. Of course the feral black female as per usual has to resort to violence. She’s acting as if she cares for the child, however my guess is there is probably some financial incentive involved with her having possession of the baby. It’s standard knowledge that black women as a collective hate children and only use them as a means to get on the government payroll.

Dude needs to sign those divorce papers pronto and in addition to that apply for full custody(she alluded to her Asian husband close to making $100000) so he will most definitely be able to afford the legal fees. This is the mental dysfunction of the modern day black female right here, however as I stated before because black women put on an act for their non black boyfriends and husbands, many of these same non black men tend to go the route of the pro black simps and accuse thinking black men of whining and complaining over nothing.

This isn’t the first time a black female has gone feral and shown her true nature to non black men, look at how Christelyn Karazin and the swirling sisterhood of failure reacted against the Vegainator when he made it known that he did not swirl. This is yet another L that black women are going to have to take on the chin, more non black men will view the above video, recognise the serious dangers and perils of dealing with modern day black women and in turn opt for women of other ethnicities.

Notice how this swirler had no problems putting the life of her child in danger, pulling the pram to and fro and swing punches at her husband. Non black men would do wise to think twice before dealing with these women as this is what is underneath the hood, don’t be fooled by the flashy exterior(there certainly ISN’T any flashy exterior with the woman above). I have to commend the police who when they eventually arrived came in and didn’t automatically take the woman’s side which is all too common in the west.

As predicted the usual suspects residing on Swirl Mountain are completely silent on this video as they already know that this is an extremely bad look for those black women who are trying to expand upon their dating and marriage options. Where black women are the least desired females on the planet by default, this exhibit of uncontrollable savagery has tanked them in further into non marriageable obscurity and dating oblivion.

In all honesty old boy from the East played it smart as had I been in the same situation I know for a fact that I would not have had the same patience for somebody physically attacking me. Again, as commenter Bill Smith always says, the best policy in terms of dating and marriage is to avoid dealing with black women at all costs and to equally steer clear of them in normal everyday life as much as you can.

#SYSBM black men, many of you have gone through similar drama like the above, black women in 2017 just aren’t worth the trouble. As MadBusDriver would say, date out and be free. You non black men as I stated before are playing an extremely dangerous game of Russian Roulette whenever you insert your penis into a black female. As I tell black men, if you get bitten in the process you only have yourself to blame.

Lastly, please check out this video that the high priestess of swirling Christelyn Karazin released back in 2013 in which she interviews some Far Eastern men who are involved in the very small Far Eastern/Asian Men and Black Women dating community. Notice the horrid state of the black women lining up to get their groove on, notice how desperate these same women look and notice how the men in the video fit the beta male type profile:

At the end of the day black men are dating and marrying Far Eastern woman at a much higher rate than black women are dating and marrying Far Eastern men. Also don’t forget the fact that when it comes to dating Middle and Far Eastern men just like black women are at the bottom of that pole. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Mentally Ill Women At All Costs

Most High Bless

70 thoughts on “When Swirling Goes Horribly Wrong

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  2. If it were me, I’d have Kung fud her to death!

    Notice how ugly these women are, but they have the nerve to talk about black men and fat white women. Conversely, you will notice that, as much as they’re going into overdrive to push it, swirling is on the decrease. No one wants these burly, barrel chested behemoths of women known as the negro female.

    I can not stress enough that they need to be bred out. We all know that the only ones that 9 out of 6 men would screw, let alone date and marry are the ones with heavy admixture of non-black blood. Non-mixed Black Women look like non-mixed black men, period!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The 21st century black female is simply in no position to talk about looks, she spends $1 billion per month on weaves and other external appendages in her efforts to soften her ugly, masculine looks as well as to continue her already failed mission in attempting to climb the mountain of whiteness.

      Swirling is indeed on the decrease, how these same black women can spend all their time trying to look like other ethnicities of female, engage in whoredoms and violent behaviour and still expect white and other non black males to be attracted to them at the same rate is mind boggling.

      Non black men simply aren’t checking for black women like that, in other words black women as a whole are not wanted. The fact that they on the whole are NOT desired is NOT the fault of black men, this is the fault of black women, they did this to themselves through their own dysfunctional conduct.

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      • Verbs2015, other races of women aren’t really checking for black men either. Look at the online dating statistics.


      • Eugenix2018,

        Trying to wish the poor conditions of black women concerning interracial dating upon black men will not work, in the US black men are dating interracial at over twice the rate of black women and here in the UK black men are dating and marrying out at a rate of 53%. Sorry, your Merlin the magician attempts will not alter the facts, when will black women and their pro black simp advocates learn that they cannot rewrite the truth?


      • I don’t have any “agenda” except the truth as I see it. Looking at the online dating statistics – in addition to what I see in public – black men simply are not that successful at getting QUALITY interracial encounters.

        Now, I live in the U.S, and things may be different in the U.K. Are they a lot of mixed girls over there? And do they like black men?


      • Eugenix2018,

        YouTuber MadBusDriver proves the “black men aren’t getting quality non black women” mantra to be false all the time. Again, your hocus pocus Kansas City shuffle isn’t working over here. Since you’re talking about stats so much why don’t you post them?


    • I agreed, but interracial dating rates for black men are also on the decline. Black people (of both genders) are on the bottom of the totem pole.


  3. Notice how it’s very easy for black women to lie and then try to act docile around white police officers. Stay away from them. I learned my lesson the hard way. Never again.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Everybody has a story to tell when it comes down to black women and their feral nature, whether it be female family members, ex girlfriends or other black women in general, smh. Yet black women will continue to brow beat black men instead of cleaning up their own image and reputation, make that make sense.

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      • I’m curious? Is this applicable to all black women? There are none of value in your and your followers eyes? Including your mother? Your sisters? I really don’t need an entire diatribe. Just a simple yes or no. Are ALL black women just backward degenerates in your eyes?

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      • Curious,

        I no longer deal with the “its not all/are you saying all black women are like that” mantra because I realise that black women and their pro black simp advocates are simply using these phrases as a distraction in order to stall the conversation concerning the black female and her rampant dysfunction. Common sense should tell you that if the word ALL is neither mentioned nor implied, then the degenerate descriptions listed only relate to a particular demographic of black women.


      • You make use of the term “black women as a collective” more than a handful of times in your “articles” and when you present your “facts” so I don’t know why you’re throwing common sense into the mix. I simply wanted a yes or no answer. It’s your perogative to write as you please and air your views as you please on your site, there are many people who do and it’s not my place to tell you how to live your life but it’s a little disheartening that you were raised by a black woman and can so easily throw and entire demographic under the bus in such a demeaning manner. I’d like to glean from your name that you’re African but so am I, and still live in Africa and I have never heard another man at home or in any other African country speak in such a vile way about women. You also say you’re based in the UK so how or why do the antics of black women in the US (who you reference A LOT) concern you so much? Also that you’re a man of God. But you’re so hateful. Why not just live your “godly” life with your white wife and just go about your business? You’re not really helping better anyone’s life here.

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      • Curious,

        I always present the evidence at the beginning of my articles, the evidence is the evidence, if you have a problem with that then take it up with the dysfunctional black females supplying me with the ammunition. African women can be just as ratchet and dysfunctional as their western cousins, I have written a few articles on African women and their dysfunction in their efforts to copy the Afro American female. Being raised by a black woman doesn’t now mean that black women all of a sudden are exempt from scrutiny and examination. I don’t know where black women get this idea from. African men are walking away from black women in silence, they are voting with their feet.


  4. Good article. Both black wonen of this ilk and Asian men (to a certain extent) are the least desired in the world according to some. To me, unions between Oriental men and bottom of the barrel, broken black American women/westernized black women are not compatiable. SYSBM.

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  5. Actually east asian women are LEAST likely to be marry a black person. Less than ONE percent of “asian” women in the U.S are married to black/hispanic men.

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    • CJ,

      What difference does that make? My statement read that black men are dating and marrying Far Eastern women more than black women are dating and marrying Far Eastern men. Besides, times are changing, I guarantee that the less than one percent stat(if true) is not reflective of today’s society. This is 2017, not 1970.

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      • Cj should talk to some black male military veterans about black men and Asian women. Cj should also note that in many areas of the USA, there are essentially no Asian women around to marry men of any race.

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      • You guys need to stop trying to “compete” with black women. It’s actually pathetic. I get that the modern day black female is a joke, but we aren’t that far behind. Women, for the most part, view us as walking dicks with no other value.

        Sure, it’s easy to get sex, but actual respect? No.

        We also need to look at the quality of women we are getting. Sure, they may look good, but how many men have they been with before us, do they have daddy issues, etc? These are the things we should be looking into instead of comparing ourselves with hopeless women.

        I wish black people were capable of discussing race in a dispassionate, non-emotional and objective way. But this is literally impossible for you guys. I have to talk about race with Asian/non-black people because I have almost never met a black person capable of discussing issues without their ego getting in the way. It’s like either you are a self-hating coon, downing your own people for acceptance, or you are an overly proud egoist who is incapable of admitting his own flaws.

        The saddest part is that you guys are obviously intelligent, and you still don’t get this.

        I love being black, but mentally it feels like I am trapped in the wrong race. Everywhere I go I see black people exhibiting the same bizarre, degenerate thinking patterns have made us the laughing stock of the world.

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      • Eugenix2018,

        You can only compete with people who are level or higher than you, in terms of interracial dating there is no competition between black men and black women, black men are already way ahead through little to no effort on our part. “Women for the most part view us as walking dicks”, can you please supply the evidence to substantiate such a claim? It seems to me that you are having trouble with the women you are running into and you are further attempting to project these failures upon the rest of us.

        We thinking black men aren’t running into the same difficulties as yourself, we are not having any problems locking down quality non black females. By the way, my girlfriend respects and appreciates me for more than my penis. Again, you continue to bring up this comparison talk, perhaps you ought to be first talking to black women who seem to be preoccupied with continually comparing themselves to us. Remember, they are the ones who want to be men.

        Black men have been battered from pillar to post for years, race plays a key factor in most things and non blacks have not be disenfranchised in the same manner as black folks have. The dynamics are completely different so of course those on the top will be able to talk about race in a different manner when compared to those who are still suffering. There is nothing wrong with being proud of who we are and holding our heads up high. The flaws of black men are the only flaws that have ever been talked about, if you go through my articles you’ll see plenty of them dealing with problematic black males.

        However, its now time to focus on those individuals who have yet to be examined ie modern day black women. I see the degenerate thinking patterns you talk about, however I don’t see them amongst the thinking black men’s regiment. If you disagree with this statement then please point to such behaviours among us.


    • Hey bud, the point is that there are SIX TIMES as many Asian woman/Black man marriages than the reverse. And that’s just marriage. Cohabitation and casual relationships is way higher, as it’s less acceptable for Asians to settle with a black person.

      Don’t think Asian women don’t sleep with black men or date us, I grew up ion queens, NY my dick knows better than that.

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  6. Cj. I did military time in South Korea. My military duties also took me to Japan and the Philippines. Your views are incorrect about interracial marriages between black men and what you call “Asian” women. You also are probably not skilled in history, demographics, and logic. First, are you aware that the so-called Asian women did not even exist in large numbers, in the USA, until recent decades? Second, given the low numbers of Asian women in the USA, that would explain the number of marriages. In many areas of the USA, Asian women basically do not even exist. Third, many Asian women come to the USA already married to husbands from their native nation. The existing marriages tends to lessen the fact that she would be married to a black man that is a citizen of the USA. Bottom line is that marriages between USA black men and Asian women are quite common. If you ever get a chance to speak with a black male military veteran, who has served in East Asia, he can correct your views.

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  7. OMG. That video with the group seems to have 10 thirsty black women for every 2 Asian men. Given demographic facts, I suppose that many of these Asian men are looking for a GREEN CARD and not a BLACK WOMAN. Anyway, a 250 pound black woman and a 150 Asian man is probably not a good mix. Likewise, a 250 pound black woman with a 180 pound black man is often not a good mix. USA black women are just getting too big for the men of the world.

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    • @ Gregory Chandler
      I was thinking the same thing. For every one Asian man that is interested in a BW there are probably 30 thirsty hoodrats that are interested in an Asian man. I don’t think these Asian guys are ready to deal with the average American BW, not even for a green card. Non-BM probably look at the black community and black female behavior and understand that BW are overwhelmingly single and un-married for a reason. Non-BM see the same stuff that BM see with BW’s behavior, this is why swirling still hasn’t taken off, but sites like ghetto gaggers have.

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  8. ‘ gimme MY baby’…… Notice how the black woman demon gives no thought or consideration regarding the fact that the baby is both hers and the father’s. Black women are absolutely selfish, insane animals. What person viewing this nightmare of a scene with think it’s a good idea to give this baby over to a absolutely insane, unstable, crazy black woman for any reason? That black woman could have easily thrown that baby onto train tracks or into a river just to get back at the father. And you actually have black women asking ‘what drove her to this point’?
    She is irate because she cannot control the situation. She is extra upset and irate because the baby is mixed, and this is the only way this ugly Bernie Mac looking black beast can get attention. But to be absolutely honest the blame lies at the feet of this Asian man or whatever he is for getting involved with this mentally ill black woman to begin with. I mean just look at how ugly and insane this black woman demon is, and this guy actually chose to lay down with her (it), get married to it, and have a child with it? What a fool.
    Black women view nonblack men as men who are more worthy of respect then Blackmen are. And look at how she is treating this week ass Asian boy. So you can only imagine the fate that awaits any black man that gets involved with 99.9% of black women.
    And ugly, violent, irrational, irate, mentally unstable, black woman demon, losing her mind because she can’t be in control of the man, the baby, and the relationship. That’s typical black woman way of life. Black women live to use Blackmen in order to get children and then use that child in order to make the life of that black man a living hell.
    But like I said before, a huge part of the reason why she is so upset, is because she can’t handle the fact that she might not be able to tote this mixed light-skinned Asian looking baby around, so you can get the attention that she has always craved, but has never been able to obtain being her black ugly self. It’s still boggles my mind that Blackmen cannot see how much black women hate them and have utter disdain for them. But once again as I really think about it, most of the simple ass stupid Blackmen have been raised by these demonic black women, so the vast majority of these black men are like fucking puppy dogs following behind their black woman owners.
    Just look at how insane that black woman in the video is. But these black men only seem to learn their lesson when they are either dead or in jail for child support.
    But I keep forgetting that the White woman is my biggest threat as a black man.

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  9. And notice the white women who are trying to calm this black beast down. But I keep forgetting white women and white supremacy is out to get me. Verbs2015, I hope you have a Meghan Markle article coming out. Black women are a fucking embarrassment.

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    • My point exactly. Who was there to calm the situation down? White women (a vastly superior upgrade).

      Also who wasn’t there to cape for that ass? Black men.

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    • There’s nothing to really say about the Meghan Markle. Black women just want to claim her because she married a white man. Nothing more. Black women hate biracial women, first off, second off Meghan Markle looks like a white woman with a tan. Meghan Markle and women like Kim Kardashian, are known to get tans, because they want to be seen as women of color or exotic. Both women are way whiter than they lay on. The great irony in this is that black women think that they’ll have brown children. That’s how delusional black women are. The Royal family are still a white family with white children. Black women are truly weird. Black women think that it’s a win for them, when in fact it’s really a lost for them. Nobody on planet Earth considers Meghan Markle black. LOL. You can’t make this shit up.

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  10. The problem with black women is they refuse to acknowledge they have horrible attitudes that make them a pain to be around. All the weave and skin bleaching creams can’t make up for you being a bitch to everyone around you. Swirlers wrote books telling black women to hide their “strong and independent” attitude when you are with a white or non-black man but it’s only a matter of time before it slips out and reaches the surface. This creates a interracial imbalance because women of all races are interested in black men but nobody is interested in black women because of how they carry themselves.

    Feminism causes interracial dating because the women turn on their men but not all men. Asian guys go for black chicks because Asian girls go for white guys because white girls go for black guys because black guys can’t stand black women anymore.

    You know that man regrets having a kid with the straggle dangle. This is why SYSBM exists. With the good black men checking out the straggle daggle will be unleashed upon non-white men and simps of all races. They will find out first hand why black men are leaving.

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      • I suspect that the Asian guy was going to sign the divorce papers and abscond with the baby back to Korea or China or whatever, hence the black chick going insane.

        A lot of these non-black dudes (especially these hip-hop wiggers and wannabe Timberlakes or Thickes) really think they’re getting over on brothas when they date or marry black women. Little do they know it’s like take them off our hands. Especially if they look like the women in these videos. I used to try to grade BW on a curve for attractiveness, but more and more of them are just plain butt-ugly.

        Karazin herself isn’t bad to look at, but that fake Valley Girl voice is annoying.

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    • Yours Truly,

      Not a problem, all they’ve caused is for thinking black men to have these conversations in our own corners and to devise appropriate solutions tailored to the individual. Black women have a judgement coming that they will not be able to escape from, singledom.

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  11. Great Article again Verbs.

    I for one appreciate the continue documenting of the dysfunction.

    You have lifted the veil, consistently in what Feminism has directly caused.

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  12. What I didn’t mentioned in my first post on this article which is geared to the Asian guy who has a child with that beastly wife. By looking at this dude, he’s not your manly, alpha type of Asian man, he’s more of a water downed beta with a limited amount of testosterone.


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  13. Gentlemen, the spectre of the welfare CUTS!!!!!!!!! is upon us. Let us savour this moment, as the end days for the Big Booty Bimbo Bitch draws near. Let us also not forget the legion of pro-wack simp niggaz that pussy begged on our behalf, whilst being shat upon by the very queans they caped for. They too will perish in the flames of hell.

    For the thinking brothers who were called Uncle Toms, Uncle Ruckus, niggers, coons, sell-outs, broke, sexual abusers, weak, terrorists, white people of black people, non-builders, non-protectors, non-defenders, White women worshippers, thirsty…… your redemption now awaits.

    “if you sit by the riverbank and wait long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies float by” – Sun Tzu.

    The CUTS!!!! are coming. 4 days left until the great welfare apocalypse.


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  14. Sucks to be that Asian guy. His race of people are most likely dying of laughter for his poor choice of a mate. When you make $100k or just $25K a year, a low class woman as such in the video is a fool’s choice. I doubt this violence is an isolated incident since she was very comfortable with resorting to it. No such thing with such women will ever happen to me.

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  15. Rick Anthony so true. This black witch had absolutely no problem physically assaulting this guy in public. And I guarantee that anytime she feels things aren’t ‘ Going her way’ she resorts to this animalistic, reactionary, violent, irrational behavior, and the guy just has to sit back and take it. You are literally playing with your life dealing with the vast majority of black women. And the reason why black women behave the way they do, particularly toward Blackmen, because black women know that there is absolutely no consequences for their actions. A black woman could smack a black man in the face, abuse her child, destroy property, and nothing will happen to them. Look at how insane this black witch is in the video. All she has to do is get pissed off at the man for any reason call the police and that man will be locked up. But at least that Asian man might be able to talk his way out of it. If you are a black man and a black woman calls the cops on you you better believe your black ass is getting thrown in jail very quickly. And these Simp black men are still trying to defend black women, and claim white women are a danger to black men.


  16. Long time reader, first time commenter…
    As David Carroll would say, there’s a lot in this…
    Hand clapping while talking, check
    Guttural growls and roars, check
    Heeeere’s Johnny look in her eyes, check
    And of course, the white man was the only one able to soothe this savage beast.
    Lucky my mom wasn’t like this. I feel really sorry for a lot of the kids raised by these black “mothers”, they are in for a world of hurt

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    • DJ,

      Welcome aboard. This is why I refer to the overwhelming majority of black women as feral because that is exactly what they are as a group. They only respond to the commands of white men, however even that chip is now beginning to slowly malfunction. Let white men deal with them since they created this monster to begin with.


  17. First of all that black female demon looks like a damn Ghoul, that Asian guy must have took some of that Asian ice had to be on drugs to mess with that peanut M&M face looking creature.

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