“It’s Always F***ing Black Girls” – Korean Beauty Supply Owner Vents


Yep, it’s always black girls and women who bring trouble to Korean Beauty supply owners, They are constantly being confronted over stealing various items from these stores, however I don’t feel sorry for the owner either because he has set himself up as a merchant to fleece black women of their money, of course as they love being pimped black women are only too happy to hand over their cash to people outside of the black community.

See, the problem with the pro blacks is they believe that they can softly coax black women into better conduct by ignoring their dysfunctional behaviour and talking about the “good things” I believe the mangina/simp Angel Ramirez Jordan labels the technique as positive reinforcement, however it and other strategies similar to it are clearly NOT working.

Remember the case of the black women who was choked out by a Korean beauty supply owner because she was allegedly caught stealing? I seem to remember another case where a store owner punched a black woman in the face, maybe that was the same account, there are so many these days of black women stealing from stores:

Then what happened after that, in the case of the woman who was placed in a choke hold simp Negro men then took it upon themselves to confront the owner of the store which was the stupidest, most idiotic and backwards thing they did. They should’ve confronted black women and asked them why they continue to frequent these stores despite the verbal and sometimes physical abuse they suffer at the hands of the owners.

It’s no secret that people of the Far East as a whole are not fond of black people at all(overwhelmingly it is the men who continue to push the racist, black boogie man stereotypes), here we have yet another example of individuals who worship any and all things white in spite of the destruction white colonialism has brought upon them, their countries as well as their cultures. I see this kind of thing here in the UK all of the time where the young Far Eastern men(especially the tourists) follow the tight jean wearing, hair slicked to the side, Justin Bieber type look.

Back to the first video, you’ll notice that despite the store owner disparaging black females, the black women in the store continue to pick up items to purchase, but these are the most educated individuals in the US right? The man is disrespecting black women to their faces yet they are still picking up bundles of weave to buy from the store, let that sink in.

This is yet another reason why I encourage black men to date out, black women no longer have a sense of pride, dignity and integrity and when they engage in ignorant buffoonery like this it is an extremely bad look upon black men as they are immediately associated with us. Didn’t you hear what the idiot recording the video said, “I’ve gotta get my stuff”, you cannot make this up.

You stated that the prices in the store were astronomical but you still shopped there, the man insulted you yet you still shopped there. This is hard evidence showing you just how much of a disgrace and a blight the modern day black female has become upon black society as a whole. Since black women love bringing up white women so much as a comparator, please show me the white women being insulted by store owners and still choosing to purchase items from their stores, I’ll wait.

Something else that can be pointed out from the above video is the deep self-hatred seated in the overwhelming majority of black women. A man openly insults them but they still have to buy those bundles of weave so that they can continue attempting to climb the mountain of whiteness. Their desire to be white is so entrenched that they are prepared to be insulted, humiliated and choked out trying to reach that goal, smh.

I stated in Negro Wars that black women as a collective are a complete and utter disgrace to the black race, they commit the highest number of abortions and brag about taking the innocent lives of unborn children, they are the fattest women on the planet, they are the only women who wear the hair of other races of women upon their heads, they are the only women who brag about being “strong and independent”, they embrace the religion of feminism which as done absolutely nothing for them, they take pride in being rebellious, belligerent, arrogant, prideful, wallowing in their own decadence and filth, as I’ve stated before black women have become a blemish upon the image, reputation and survival of black society.

The reality is most black women are not very intelligent individuals and they typically raise their children in the same fashion, this is why we have so many screw loose, volatile, low IQ, hyper violent black youths walking the streets. Trust me, the case is the same over here in the UK as it is in the US. Walk away black men, walk away, the pro blacks can show you thousands upon thousands of pictures of good-looking black women but the reality is most westernised black women are mentally broken and damaged beyond repair individuals regardless of how good they look. Escape from Blackistan black men, at least you have the ability to do so. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Hoodrat Is A Mindset Not A Class

Most High Bless

49 thoughts on ““It’s Always F***ing Black Girls” – Korean Beauty Supply Owner Vents

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  2. Just more reason to breed them out. Make more Meghan Markles, Summer Kelseys, Alicia Key’s, and the women from the Shea Moisture commercial and the mixed girl that won the black beauty contest. At least they won’t need this weave so badly and won’t be a blight on black society.

    Conversely, I think to some extent black women know how ugly and masculine they are, and know that they need whatever help they can get to look feminine. Thus, the weave epidemic.

    These black bimbos will actually sit there and be cussed, if not punched out just to look non-black. Also, I thought drives of non-black men were ousting over their ugly, manly looking black @$$e$?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      You raise an extremely valid point, the extent to which black women are spending money on weave in 2017 has gotten ridiculous, $1 billion dollars per month. They know that they as a group aren’t attractive and so they use the weaves as well as other external appendages to soften their masculine looking facial features. It has now become a struggle to spot a black female who isn’t afraid to rock her natural hair. Their journey to climb the mountain of whiteness is in vain. It’s what I stated before, since most black women want to be men so badly nature is now beginning to oblige them in their quest.

      I see black women flooding into the same beauty supplies here in the UK, however over here it is the Indians and the Pakistanis who have the monopoly on weave and black hair care products industry. Here is one of if not the biggest supplier and distributor of weaves, wigs and black hair and body care products:


      The Pakistanis in the UK are making a killing off black women just like the Koreans in the US. If you go to the “contact us” section of the above website and scroll down the page to look at the different branch locations, I can tell you that the overwhelming majority of them are in areas with a high black population, Peckham, Harlesden, Dalston and Wood Green are key areas in London with a high black presence.

      Nope, black women love being used, pimped and especially enjoy handing their money over to complete strangers, that is one of the reasons why they won’t run these businesses themselves in addition to them not being very bright individuals to begin with.

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      • Hahaha! These Pak Cosmetics shops are huge! And of course the skin bleached Nigerian monster is there with her bad attitude trying to get a discount…. Smgdh

        “pro blacks can show you thousands upon thousands of pictures of good-looking black women but the reality is most …”

        …are choking their chicken to PornHub and Ghetto Gaggers every night.

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      • Michel,

        I’ve personally come across two Pak Cosmetics shops, one in Finsbury Park and the other in Walthamstow Market. Black women flood into these shops on the daily, the owners over here equally disrespect them yet they will still buy from the stores. As for most of the pro blacks, they stay single for life surfing porn sites. You’d have thought that they would’ve been putting the pieces of the puzzle together by now, here they are uplifting black women yet black women still don’t want them and equally treat the pro black men like trash, smh

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    • @afrofuturism1
      Yeah man, sadly BW do look more masculine in facial features than non-BW, I think its just genetics. The sad part is that even though they may have a masculine face, if they kept themselves in shape and had a pleasant attitude they could still get a good man, but they wont do that, they are overweight and combative. I think its like Verbs says, their ugly diets and ugly ways are starting to take a toll on them mentally and physically, nature is starting to make them look the way that they act.

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      • Honestly, the masculine tranny look is WAAY more of a no no for me then the weight even. I’d say most of the world agrees, because notice how skinny black women in African countries are still dead last when it comes to foreign brides desired compared to Asian, European, and Latin women.

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  3. CONVERSely, If Black Women we’re so intelligent, educated and enterprising, why don’t they at least run these businesses themselves? As Kid Organic has said, there’s a huge number of Arab, Indian, and Asian owned businesses in the black community, in fact, they’re some of the only neighborhoods in the black community.

    Also, who else noticed that dark skinned fruit?

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    • Schadenfreude,

      And with black women further alienating black men as per the instructions of the state, when the proverbial hits the fan they will really be up the creek without a paddle.

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  4. Well, Well,…will black dudes ever get it? Please leave these parasites alone and date interracially, any time you do, you life is overwhelmingly better. They have nothing but hate and disdain for you. GET THE FUCK OUT OF BLACKISTAN !!!!..#SYSBM

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  5. ….And these rawtarted n*ggacunts call themselves…”warrior queens and princesses” Ahehehehehe…..And uh? I see that angela ramirez is still f*ckin with these raggedy punk b*tches with HIS PUNK B*TCH ASS!! Brothas…mark you calendars….!!!!
    12-16-17 is doomsday!!!!

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  6. This was another good one Verbs, I could spend all day dissecting that short video. What we see represented in the video is a microcosm of the hood in general. There were no good black men around, just hoodrats, an Asian/Arab store owner, and a homosexual black man, the only thing left out are feral illegitimate kids. There was an Asian man doing business with some of the worst, most unreasonable customers in the world, BW. The BW at the end was like “Y’all crazy if yall stay in here”, DUH, I could have told her that for a number of reasons haha.

    The Asians and Arabs settle for selling horse hair to BW because they make good money from it, but they probably HATE doing it. They probably HATE opening stores in the ghetto, they HATE going to work in the ghetto, and they HATE having to deal with nothing but BW. Anyone who has worked in public service or customer service knows that BW are the WORST group to deal with, they will get loud, make a scene, act a fool, fight, etc. to get their way. I worked in public service for a number of years and BW and their out of control kids are the worst. Nobody likes dealing with BW, and if they are your main customer base you are going to have it very rough.

    The Asian store owner in that video seems like he has had it, he probably wishes that he had a nice store in a nice mall somewhere, but that avenue isnt available to him (yet) so he has to sell horse hair to Shaniqua until he gets his money up. BW are content letting the Asian/Arab store owners insult them, overcharge them, punch/slap/choke them out all so they can get some fake hair, etc. to look more like white women. Its a sad situation man.

    “It’s no secret that people of the Far East as a whole are not fond of black people at all”
    TRUTH. Indian men are the worst from what I’ve seen.

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    • James S,

      I can’t wait for these section 8/welfare cuts to kick in. The Senate passed the Tax Reform Bill last Saturday morning, as we already know welfare reform is part of that bill which is why liberal women especially black females don’t like it.

      For the longest while black women have been given the majority bulk of spending power within black society and they haven’t such an advantageous position to better black communities, on the contrary they have feed into their childish lusts for money and material possessions. This is one of many reasons why you simply cannot build anything with the overwhelming majority of black women as they have a very short term mindset.

      Asians and everybody else love exploiting black communities and black women give them the power to do so. However, now that the cuts are kicking in, that power is now going to be slowly taken away from them.

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  7. Can any group of people be more mentally deranged than USA black women? [The media is spreading the conduct of USA black women globally]. A black female will procreate with the bottom 10% of men. She will name her bastard child: LaMoFotavious, D’quelliana, Jayvondra, etc. and, therefore, burden the child for life with a comic book name. She will be substantially overweight and proclaim herself as curvy and thick. She will avoid being with any man of substance. She will brag about the status of black women despite the fact that she is last in every category. She will also express anger at a black man for dating and marrying non-black women. This anger will come in spite of the fact that these non-black women are often getting the same men that she once rejected as being “lame” or “corny.” Some have suggested that the status of being a black female should be classified as a mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM).

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    • @Gregory Chandler

      The ghetto names are the worst. BW don’t even care that they are setting their children up to be ostracized by society by giving them ghetto names. It sucks for the kids because they will probably be judged and denied jobs and other opportunities on their name alone. It’s basically like branding the word GHETTO on a child’s forehead when you give them a ghetto name. BW don’t gaf though, they think it’s cute.

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      • James S —– Ghetto names are a big problem. Even people with ghetto names look down on people with ghetto names. Black women often shout: BLACK MEN ARE NOT BUILDERS. Black women, however, do not seem to understand or want to understand that it is harder to build when your name sounds like a contagious disease. I would never introduce a promising young man to a female with a ghetto name.

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      • This is why I mention in my videos that the people who reside in these ghettoes 9 times out of 3 deserve whatever fate befalls them: you HAVE to be evil to have kids in these conditions and then curse them to the fate of having these ghetto names, through which they will never be able to do much of anything besides deliver sandwiches from Jimmy Johns.

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      • But-But what about Oprah and Condeleeza? They’s successful black wimmens with ghetto names! I want a unique name fo’ my chile not no white name!


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      • Black women are GOOD at spreading falsehoods about large numbers of white women wearing hair weave. [As a fact, 99.9% of hair weave, in the USA, is worn by black women]. Black women, however, have failed to spread the detailed research that a person with a ghetto name is burdened in society with a ghetto name.

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    • The term defined in the 1800s was “Constitutional Psychopath Inferiority Syndrome”. This an actual term which may be referenced in Black’s Law Dictionary. However such term broadly applies to all individuals who do not live up the standards of civilization or the civilized society in specific.

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  8. @Verbs2015 @afrofuturism1
    Now watch this…Watch how these n*ggacunts floooood either facebook and/or dating sites with their riverbend battle cries for help. And if you noticed back in the day, these saaame welfare b*tch recipients will tell you over a meal etc. “I could use just a lil help if you dont mind. Cause I really lak you and I think you are the one for me!” Yall heard it all before have we not??

    I…for one, aint giving no f*cks and sh*ts about this at all. So I’m saying look! All the stuff these n*ggacunts got was ALL gov’ment funded! Including….the grandiose “black women are the most educated group in the world!!” hype. Stop and Think for a second. Gov’ment funded lunch tickets. Slutsidisded housing. Grants for College etc. Lay-a-weave-aways. Medicaid.(although they claim to look toos gud to go to dadocta) WIC(Warthogs Ignoring their own Children) Under the table moines no matter where it comes from.

    All of the above according to them…makes them the “most educated” of them all!! Sheeeeeit ya damn right!! If you “educated” enough to squeeze the average taxpayer etc. dollar, and turn around and blame men…with THEIR slothful thievery, what could be betta b*atch! Then they turn around and war chant “aint no gud mayan out heya!!” yet WIPE their big stank booty asses with toilet paper degrees in lieu of, being a sexualutionary white man’s b*tch…………………..But call blackmen “mentally ill” for asking questions???
    Smmfh(shrugging shoulders) I dont know and cant speak for you brothas but…this western black femicunt…is NOT the factor anymore. “Give NOT Thy Strength To…Black Femicunts, Nor The Ways Which DESTROYS Kings”

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  9. The male/female birth ratio gives about 110 male births for every 100 female births. In addition, immigration into the USA leans towards male immigration over female immigration. Outside forces such as war, job accidents, and incarceration often makes for a small dent in the male/female ration. Nonetheless, black women are often SHOCKED when they are told that there are more young black men in the USA than young black women. The male/female ratio tends to hold up until age 50. In addition, the financial net worth for single black males, as a group, is higher than the financial net worth of single black females. Single black females, as a group, have a financial net worth of $5.00 (USD). The next time a black female talks about the so-called shortage of good black men, one can confront her with facts that can be researched and verified.

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      • >black Women are the ones who ruined black society.

        It’s just business as usual in The Sistuh’s Republic Of Blackistan.

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  10. I can personally attest to how little Korean and Japanese folks think of black women. But good lord… Only the mentally deranged would think that somehow these women can be saved!!! #SYSBM

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  11. LOL. If “all women are like that,” then 80% of Japanese women are fat. Likewise, 80% of the young women in Russia have hair weaves. Furthermore, 96% of USA white women voted for Hillary Clinton for president.

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  12. LOL. If “all women are like that,” then 80% of Japanese women are fat. Likewise, 80% of the young women in Russia have hair weaves. Furthermore, 96% of USA white women voted for Hillary Clinton for president. [Sarcasm alert ]

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    • If all women are like that, then 70+% of Asian children are born out of wedlock, the same number of Indian women make twerk videos as black videos as black women, and the same number of middle eastern women fight over weave.

      But I’m just being a Simp.

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  13. Have you ever heard a white woman–in the distance–shout: BLACK WOMEN DO IT, TOO !!! If all women are the same, white women must shout this statement constantly.

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  14. Black women are all over the internet with videos celebrating the marriage of SERENA WILLIAMS. I do not recall, however, seeing anyone making videos celebrating Michael Jordan’s marriage to a woman of Cuban ethnicity. IS NOT THAT ODD ?

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    • You will also notice that men of other groups, namely white men, will look at their women, namely the pretty ones, being with black men as a sign of “degeneracy and whoredom”. Conversely, bring up our issues with black Women, and they will attempt to discount them as “whining” or “they NEVER act like that with me”.

      We must ALWAYS be cognizant it the groups who are ACTUALLY our allies, and not end up in similar situations to the above videos.

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  15. WOW! the stigein Orwellian underworld of the Detroit gynocracy smh these thieves are insane boy …….#sysbm just grow your own hair problem solved …….


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