Dumb As Hell – Like Mother Like Son


These are the irresponsible, lying knuckleheads being raised by the modern day black female. Did you notice how the son was just as dumb and reckless as the mother? Of course she would say that she believes her son because they both probably sat down, conspired together and made up that cock and bull story about the son being attacked by a dog. Of course as per usual concerning most black women with children, there is no father or father figure involved in the child’s life.

This is how the overwhelming majority of black women and their offspring roll, they claim to raise their children to high standards yet the same youths can be seen clear as day reeking havoc in the neighbourhood, always involving themselves in mischief and quite often running into trouble with the police. Yet when Dey Dey gets a bullet in his head these same black females will run into the streets, cry in front of a camera and state that he didn’t deserve to be killed.

Honestly, what do these women expect? They are the ones responsible for raising the overwhelming majority of dysfunctional, unproductive black men, yet these same black sirens are now beginning to complain about the very defective products they have unleashed into black society. Do you see how it works, if their sons turn out to be productive members of the so called “community” then black women will take all the credit, yet if the same boys turn out to be destructive, thug, gangster, sit in the house all day, loft on the street corner type males, black women will immediately place the blame at the feet of other individuals, normally the father is her first target and scapegoat even though the father according to her has been absent, make that make sense.

This is the disjointed thinking of the modern day black female, she’ll blame people who are absent for things that go wrong in her own life. That is the equivalent of me having a car accident over here in the UK and blaming somebody in the US for the outcome. The people PRESENT are responsible for the outcome, not the people who are absent, however black women as a collective cannot seem to grasp this concept or they purposely don’t want to get it.

Now remember not so long ago dumb young Negro males as well as a few members of non black society were going around playing a “prank” whereby they would say “put him in a coffin” before proceeding to jump onto or into whatever was designated as the target, here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

You’ll notice that jumping on people’s cars are included in the so called “prank”. Maybe the court case occurred before this degenerate prank took off, however we already know that most black women as standard raise their children to be terrorists. You’ll notice that young black girls particularly have a mind to think up unlimited evil thoughts and of course they are able to persuade the knucklehead Negro males they hang out with to equally participate in the decadent stupidity.

This is exactly what Jointron33SYSBM continues to refer to in many of his videos, the fact that black society as a whole is becoming retarded due to the rampant inbreeding that occurs as well as black women in general choosing to procreate with street head Negros who exhibit little to no intelligence. Black women single handedly are sending black society back into the stone age and they are determined to see the job through to its completion.

SYSBM black men, don’t procreate with dumb and dumber black women thus by default becoming a contributor to the ongoing problems within the ashes and rubble black community. Date and marry out, unlike the black female you have the power to. The cuts are coming. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Retarded Females

Most High Bless

24 thoughts on “Dumb As Hell – Like Mother Like Son

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  2. Notice that slow ass cro magnon look to them. These negroes are literally missing links, and they’re damning the rest of the community to that same fate through their rampant cousin humping.

    Also, what shade were the black people in question?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Dark skinned Negroes as always. The mentality of the majority of black women and the children they raise is completely in the gutter. Imagine that, this dude will be looked upon as a hero in the so called community, whereas folks like us will be shunned and ridiculed because we speak well and do not subscribe to the black witch’s dysfunction, make that make sense.

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      • NOTice how they were willing to take this other black man to court over some n1gg@ business…..

        Blacks in the hood don’t even respect black life, so why should anyone else?

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  3. Digging the Predator thumbnail! But he wasn’t slow, just the token black guy to be killed off before the Schwarzenegger grand finale.

    Anyway, the CUTS are coming. 9 days until the welfare apocalypse.


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  4. That man will be waiting until Armageddon to get that $6k, that woman probably barley has $60. The guy probably just went to court for the principle of the matter, I doubt he actually expects to get paid, if he does I have a bridge to sell him. The dumbass son that the woman raised is costing her money, if she had raised him better he would be a benefit to her. The boy sounded dumb when he first opened his mouth, “Dat is Corek.”

    “black society as a whole is becoming retarded due to the rampant inbreeding that occurs as well as black women in general choosing to procreate with street head Negros who exhibit little to no intelligence.”
    TRUTH, and BW and the little idiots they raise along with the dusty dudes who impregnate them should be left alone to deal with the consequences.

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    • James S,

      Agreed, I will not be saving these dysfunctional black females in their hour of tribulation and distress, let them lick up the dust and wallow in their own decadent filth. The cuts are still coming. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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  5. You could catch a simple negro or your typical lying filthy black woman coming out of a bank after it was robbed, with a gun and a bag full of cash, and needs moronic Negroes would still try to talk their way out of it, deny they did it, and catch an attitude for you even suggesting that they robbed the bank.
    This is why you cannot speak to, attempt to convince, or try to use any form of logic when dealing with the vast majority of black people. Sadly it’s in their nature to lie. In this way of thinking permeates the black community because black women are in charge of everything. And as we all know black women are the biggest liars, cheaters, and the biggest deceiving, deceitful wenches on the planet earth.
    And you still have these idiotic black women talking about how whitewomen are a threat to the lives of Blackmen. You can’t make this shit up.

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  6. Verbs2015,
    What Purpose is There Procreating With Garbage Period? What Good Comes Of It At All? Cause in The End All You Get is Garbage. Now I Greatly Respect My Fellow Afro American Brothers Like Minister Farrakhan, Mr. Sharpton And Other’s, But If They’ve Seen The Numerous Youtube Video’s Or Look Around in Numerous Inner City Area’s of American Black Women Acting All Kinds of Ridiculous, Violent & Or Stupid Either Out in Public or Inside The Home, They Probably Wouldn’t Be So Quick to Judge Other Like Minded Black Men Who Are Like ”I Can’t Deal With Her She’s Too DAMN Bossy, Mean, Stubborn, Spiteful, Strife Driven & Such”. American Black Women Have Fallen So Far Off The Rails. That It Would Take Generations to Get Them Back on Track, But By The Time That Happens They’ll Be So Far Down/Below The Dating Pool They’ll Start Dating & Mating Each Other in Massive Droves If They Haven’t Already, But I Digress. Bottom Line #SYSBMFORLIFE!!!

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      • They are in full on dyke mode, because they want to be men so bad, and are jealous of black men, the only thing be the mentally ill black women can do, is weakly attempt to try and take the place of black men by TRYING to be a black man, and being a companion to black women.
        Most of these mentally ill black women are so obsessed with Blackmen, and want to be Blackmen so badly, that they are trying to do everything in their power to be Blackmen. There is only one problem. Black women can never be Blackmen. Black women can never replace Blackmen. Black women are so caught up in trying to compete with Blackmen, that they have no idea that they are women, and Blackmen are men.
        But most of the mentality of black women comes from their need to follow the lesbian White women’s ideology, and the Black women’s need to try to imitate everything Whitewomen do and say. Avoid black women at all costs.

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  7. Verbs2015, are you familiar with the YouTube channel of ‘ChroniclesOfJudah 144’? If not, you should check out his channel. He is very on point regarding the nonsense we see in this perverse, backward, women worshipping society we live in. Thanks.

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  9. Dumb as hell? That’s an insult to Hell itself.

    I would call them dumber than a box of rocks, but that would be an insult to rocks.

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