Black Women Cannot Keep Their Legs Closed


From what I understand the percentage of children born outside of committed relationships in black America has now increased to a rate of over 80%, some say the figure is around 84-85%. I told you in Negro Wars that the bottom hasn’t dropped out yet for black women, the worst is still yet to come. This woman is an open whore, did you see how proud she was to announce the fact that she was pregnant once again and that she would be returning to Maury’s show for yet another DNA test?

Of course as per usual she was heavily overweight, as it stands currently in the United States black women are overweight at a clip of 80%. I told you that black women as a collective as per the edicts and the tenets of feminism enjoy being whores and embrace the slut culture to the fullest. What is also amazing here is the low standards many black men have when it comes down to the women they choose to sleep with. The woman to be honest looks like an overweight tranny and a number of black men still chose to place their penises inside of her, yuck, yuck and triple yuck.

Look at how masculine looking her face is, this is what Obsidian radio and many other black men alike have been raising legitimate concerns about for the longest while, the fact that black female society especially in the west as well as many other places in the world is currently suffering from an extremely serious shortage of good-looking women. I can testify to this personally, I walk the streets here in London everyday and the common sights quite frankly are horrendous.

Masculine looking black women, black women who are overweight, African women with bleached faces, yet their hands and feet are still the original darker colour, weaves, wigs, long nails, thick layers of make up, blue/green/grey contact lenses, fake eye lashes, fake eye brows, tattoos all over the body, the list goes on and on. The worst thing about this is that black women believe they are enhancing their looks by the use of these extra appendages, whereas the reality of the matter is black women who use all of these things typically look no different to the guy below:

Take a look at this next Maury clip:

One thing I want you to note here is how strong the angry and bitter black sisterhood is, did you see how the sister turned on her own brother in support of the whore until it was revealed that the man was indeed not the child’s father? Do you see typically how these black women work, they’ll have no problems throwing male family members under the bus in order to form Voltron with other black females from outside of the family, take note of that as I’m sure many of you black men can attest to having gone through similar experiences within your own lives.

There isn’t much more to say on this, the evidence speaks for itself. Remember now, Dr Umar Johnson says that despite such a huge number of short comings we should still be marrying these black women. You’ll notice that even though he is telling us to marry black women, Dr Umar Johnson and pundits like him are NOT getting to work repairing these same females in order to render them suitable for dating and marriage. Again, black men, you are not obligated to deal or unify with broken beyond repair individuals.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Broken Beyond Repair Black Females

Most High Bless

49 thoughts on “Black Women Cannot Keep Their Legs Closed

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  2. How can these men even stomach copulating with these creatures?

    Also, how can anyone contest that we have THE ugliest women on the planet?

    Black Women as a whole look either like men or monkeys, pure and simple. If they were so attractive, other men would be lusting for them with reckless abandon, but they aren’t. What does that tell you?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      You’ll have no arguments or disagreements from me on that. The ugly black woman has become the standard look within black female society, good looking black women have now become the rarity. Like I stated in the article, I see this first hand and I’m based over here in the UK. Simply the serious lack of beauty amongst black women is one of the main reasons why more black men are walking away from them and why more non black men who have nothing against interracial dating are also giving them a wide berth.

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    • “How can these men even stomach copulating with these creatures?” That’s easy. They are easy as hell to get into bed with, bust a few nutts and bounce. If you are a “thinking (?) man, you don’t give these t.h.o.t.s any real information to track you down. No fuss, no mess. And any woman who just drops a baby (pregnant accidentally on purpose) deserves no respect, because if she respected herself she would not be in that predicament!

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  3. I always say a black dude has to be gay in sort of way to even consider putting his dick anywhere near
    these masculine LAND WHALES…#SYSBM

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    • Keith,

      The standard of black female beauty is in the toilet and that extra testosterone the majority of black women have running through their veins is a very large contributing factor.

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  4. Just remember, pro blacks like umar and tariq want us “beta, lame black men” to date these low tier black women while they keep all of the fine women to themselves while at the same time clown us “beta” men for even being with unattractive black women. This is a numbers game.

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    • Tariq wasn’t too bad back in the day when he only did shows on dating advice. He used to often tell dudes the truth about American black women on his podcast, he is even married to a bi-racial BW with a white mother.

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      • James S,

        I much prefer the old Tariq, I wrote an article earlier this year in which I featured one of his videos from when he visited Brazil(before he got married). His old shows were much better because at least he told the truth and was advising black men to expand on their dating options. The 2017 Tariq Nasheed however is on some “pimp black people” nonsense and goes in on black men when they point to the many shortfalls of black women, smh.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      The one thing I have to give Nasheed is at least he is married, unlike Umar Johnson who has to resort to dicking down single mothers and strippers.


  5. Just wow. These bitches are straight nasty. Who would hit that, let alone unprotected? But you gotta understand, these fat, black hoes are the circumscribed black man’s only option. When you have a felony record and can’t get a decent job, or you’re on the run from child support, or even raised by your single mama to think beasts like the above are attractive, this is what you have to choose from. Fat, nasty Family Dollar bitches with a dozen kids by unknown babydaddies who are willing to let you bust raw.

    I’ve said on here I’m an older fellow and have been SYSBM before there was even a name for it. I think that the philosophy is crucial in 2017-18. Expand your options, import your women, do not take the bust-downs that are on offer in the hood.

    Did you know that the Mann Act which prohibited a black man from taking a white woman across state lines was put in place because of the boxer Jack Johnson’s dating white women almost 100 years ago? Now you can import all your chicks across state lines. Make Jack proud.

    In all the hysteria about cops shooting unarmed black men in the streets (the vast majority of whom brought it on themselves by living that thug life or being put in bad positions by black women) what’s not said is the responsible, clean-cut, educated black man with no record and no out of wedlock kids has never been more free in modern history. There is nothing stopping you from getting a passport and traveling where you want. Or going to any school you want. Or even raising up out of your shitty hood to live somewhere better. Women of other races are throwing themselves at black men at an unprecedented rate. Shit’s uncanny! The only obstacle is yourself.

    Do you black man, don’t be one of these dudes on Maury. SYSBM.

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    • Family dollar, haha!

      Yeah, they love spreading these boogeyman tales but neglect a few key details. Black men have the world at their fingertips, and this is the main reason as to why they try to keep us on lockdown.

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    • Yep. Shows like Maury’s paternity test episodes and other talk/reality shows showing BW acting a fool have been contributing to the growth of the wall of silence before the term was even coined. Good black men can either remain single and focus on themselves or date out, neither is a bad option. The only bad option is dating some hoodrat with kids by pookie and ray ray.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Got my passport, been travelling the world for around 10 years. Travelling really opens up your eyes to women of different cultures and the way a man ought to be treated vs the cruddy treatment he regularly receives at the hand of the black witch. Once I started travelling my whole perspective on black women changed. I immediately rendered them to be rejected, what an incredible difference when you actually experience better quality females.

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  6. When the welfare apocalypse begins be prepared to witnesses the largest push ever from the pro-wack establishment where every media outlet they have starts pushing for black men without kids to “step up to the plate” and start taking in these single mother and their bastard kids. They will try to claim the reason all these women are becoming homeless is because black men abandoned their kids when in actuality it will expose the fact that these women got knocked up by bums and the men you are trying to shame don’t even have kids.

    Alpha fux/Beta bux has ruined the black community because the lion’s share of black women attractive or not have already been knocked up by the thugs. There will be hordes of single mothers who will end up in fema camps or worse and all the simps know the only way to save the black community in it’s current state is for a entire generation of “Good Black Men” tm. to cuck themselves and spend all their time and resources on trying to invest in Tyrone’s leftovers. Do you all remember the Steve Wilkos video where the mother tried to force her son to be a cuck and take care of a kid Steve just proved wasn’t his? This is what happens in a Matriarchy. The women have no control over their sexuality and no agency of any kind. They know deep down they can’t say no to thug dick so they need a army of worker drones to keep their “community” afloat. They build recruits from the bastard sons and daughters they create in junction with the beta bux they get from the welfare state and any simp dumb enough to knock them up. They know deep down that isn’t going to happen and most of these guys are going to hop the fence taking their beta bux elsewhere because why put up with a black woman and all of her baggage when you can just get a white women with none?

    This will leave the majority of black women in shambles as they will have no one to save them. No government and no simp to the rescue. This is the core of everything. It’s why mgtow,sysbm,ibmor, herbivore and other movements have popped up all over the western world. The “beta males” all over the world are getting their revenge and taking their place as the true alpha male by simply sitting back and letting these traitorous whores die by their own hand. They never thought beta males would say no to them. They never though the welfare train would come to a stop. Jokes on them.

    The Maury show has women of all races on the show but the Black women ALWAYS make the biggest fools of themselves. Maury always tries to convince men who are not the father to still raise the kid because even he knows that despite the fact that he is making a living off exploiting these idiots at the end of the day these idiots are having a shitload of kids and somebody has to take care of them so society pushes the kids on the worker drones. What happens when the worker drones say no?

    Doom and gloom await these women in just 11 days time.

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      • I Think there is a growing number of black men who think like us but are silent. When the welfare cuts happen and these women go stone cold crazy it will force a awakening in black men because they will be forced to awaken when everybody from top to bottom starts trying to force black men to be cucks. White men have their own problem with cuckolding due to fears of inadequacy and fear of the BBC. Lot’s of White men are growing up without fathers and becoming cucks. We in the Black community know that Black men who become cucks always come from single mothers.

        Men who have strong fathers in their lives would never entertain such nonsense regardless of race. It is the women and the government who desire cucks.The women fuck thugs, The thug babies grow up to become thugs and knock up more women before going to jail to make more money for the prison industrial complex. The high crime caused by the bastards gives way for more expansive police state. The sluts born from single mothers cause more societal breakdowns by promoting more out of wedlock nonsense and voting Democrat every 4 years to collect more welfare and government handouts. Government imports muslims who like western women do nothing but commit crime and drain the welfare state. All this money comes from the Beta bux. Soon the welfare state collapses and now we have marshal law/new world order.

        Men who would never in a million years even think of picking up Big dick Tyrone or Chad Thundercock’s tab are suddenly going to be bombarded with media trying to socially engineer men to becoming cuckolds because that is the way they will combat MGTOW. They know attacking us all day isn’t going to work so they will go for the younglings. GQ magazine was pushing for men to be cucks for fucks sake. It is only a matter of time before the rest of the media outlets,magazines, and opinion pieces make the rounds trying to promote single mothers the same way they promote fat women,feminism,homosexuality,transsexuality,pedophilia, and every other degenerate thing under the sun.

        They desperately need the welfare train on the Beta bux express to keep moving. When they do this it will force young men to wake up just like the young men in Australia are waking up. In other countries like France being a cuck is built in to their laws. What do I mean? In France you can’t get a paternity test without the woman’s consent. If she doesn’t want to get the test then you know the kid isn’t yours. If you divorce her because of this she will take you to the cleaners so guys stay and raise some bad boy’s kids.

        It’s not just about saying no to captain save a ho. It’s about helping to get rid of the welfare state because welfare destroys countries. No welfare = no hoodrat scum,illegal mexicans,muslim immigrants,ect.

        I grew up with a dad and my mother would kill me if I came home with some bitch with a bunch of kids by a crack dealer or wanna be rapper. “I didn’t sacrifice all I did you can take care of some whore’s kids with the money your father left you in his will.” Most black men don’t have mothers like that but I do.
        That’s the problem. If men were raised by MEN all this bullshit wouldn’t even be a problem.

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      • Yours Truly,

        Some cannonballs of serious truth you releasing right there bro. I’m glad to see that more of the youth are catching on to the game and aren’t falling for it. #SYSBMFORLIFE #SAYNOTORAISINGANOTHERMANSCHILDREN

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  7. I have noticed the decline of good looking black women for about 15 years now and even when you see a cute one they messed themselves up with the multitude of many tattoos, crazy hair colors, and of course the ghetto hood mentality. Yours truly you are correct once the welfare purge order 66 takes place they will look at the clean cut educated black man to help clean up the mess. Not this thinking black man right here I will watch as BW swim in their own waste and drown in it. Verbs lmao at yuck, yuck, and triple yuck.

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  8. I am well aware, and do understand, the young heterosexual black’s man need to be around black females. Men, however, over the age of 30, need to steer black men away from 95 % to 99.9% of black females. Black females, as a group, are not even worth a few minutes of one’s time. $5.00 net worth, nasty and expensive hair weave, obesity, bastard children, etc. are mainstream factors for black women. Many black females want to talk nonsense about the supposed many non-black men that want black women. The fact is that few non-black men want mainstream black women for serious relationships. In the sex industry, black women are at the bottom of that industry. Black women are not in demand as sex workers. There is no major area of life in which black women are wanted. At least, in earlier decades, black women could be entertainers. Today, the only USA black female singer of any note is Beyonce. Black women cannot even sell sex or entertain. The black man has many problems. The black woman has infinite problems that cannot be counted by people or machines.

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  9. I am always amazed at how Blackmen could actually live with such disgusting, fat, absolutely awful looking women. Then again when you are raised around nothing but black people, and the only women you’ve ever had conversations with have mostly been overweight, arrogant, loud black females. I suppose if you grow up eating shit everyday your life, you would see nothing wrong with eating shit. This is what many Blackmen have to deal with. Most of these Blackmen have probably never even spoken to one nonblack woman with the exception of in a store or something. So tell them there is absolutely nothing wrong with not only having sex with, but getting pregnant one of these that stinking, ugly, smelly, black whale looking women.
    When ever I am in public I always see the biggest ugliest fattest black woman with like three children with her, and I always say to myself ‘some black man actually CHOSE to have sex with that beast’. Most black women don’t give a damn about their financial situation, the neighborhood they live in, for the type of life that their children will have. Black women are only interested in having children as a way to get attention, welfare benefits, and the way to show the world that they are actually loved by somebody because someone cared enough about them to impregnate them. And that ‘someone’ is the brain dead, sex driven, non thinking black male.
    Black women can keep their legs or their mouth’s closed. And many of these simple stupid black men are so concerned with getting some ‘pussy’, they will sleep with ANY beast like, ugly black woman because that’s all they know. Sad.

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    • Bill Smith,

      The lack of standards many black men have in relation to the black women they choose to sleep with are absolutely atrocious. Again, what you said, if that is what they are used to then they are unlikely to know any better.

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  10. Black women can’t keep their legs or their mouths closed. Where is edit feature? The dam microphone feature always translates my speech wrong.

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  11. Maaaaaaaan I keep trying to yall about these never wrong. never crazy. never bad. never nasty. never evil. never demonic. never satanic. NEVA!!!! Yet ALWAYS! always right. always good. always joyful. always great. always awesome. always very clean. always down for her man…etc. Etc. ETC! ho ass n*ggacunts!!

    I just…just couldn’t!! Now some of yall gonna hate me for saying this….But isn’t this white female(i.e. biffany jokelene) have the same mentality though???

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  12. Dude bw aren’t caring about this. Christelyn Karazin is bragging about Serena Williams marriage & Meghan Markle upcoming wedding to Prince Harry. Christelyn said that the recent news about the Slave market is a way to upstage Meghan Markle nuptials. I find that funny considering that news report on humanitarian causes everyday. But what I find even funnier, she won’t address who is behind this slave market which I will bet is her white GOD. Always follow the money. Now I don’t have sympathy for Africa, because they keep selling their people. GOD BLESS

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    • Serena married financially down. And Meghan Markle looks like a white woman with a tan. Nobody calls this woman a black woman except black woman. Hell, nobody even calls that woman mixed. The way black woman talk, you would think the prince married Lupita Nyongo. Black woman really think they look like Meghan Markle. LOL!

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      • FreeBlackMan,

        Both of these unions advantage black women absolutely nothing, they’re jumping up and down with excitement waving their pom poms like cheerleaders yet they themselves still remain single at such a high clip, smh.

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    • SevenKingsblog,

      Karazin is a disingenuous buzzard just like the overwhelming majority of black females today. Swirlers are the last individuals to care about black men yet alone black folks as a group. Karazin won’t cover anything of importance, substance and truth unless it lands on her personal front door, her clash with the Vegainator is one such example.

      Serena Williams was still a baby mother before she was married following the typical trend of black women collectively, Markle is mixed race. Christelyn Karazin and the rest of the swirling sisterhood love living through the success of others. They believe through the success of Markle and Williams they stand a better chance at landing themselves a white man, however nothing could be further from the truth.


      • Verbs2015. LOL. Black women jumping up and down and waving their pom poms and acting like CHEERLEADERS. Perhaps. However, I think that black women are mainly running their mouths and being delusional. Black women, as a group, are at the bottom of the bottom on every man’s list of women. Jumping up and down is a problem given that 80% of USA black women are fat. Meghan Markle is, at most, 5% black and with a slender body. Markle is not a fat USA black woman.

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  13. Did anybody see the new video of the black woman flipping out in a custody dispute in Times Square? Go to YouTube and type in ‘custody dispute’. The 15th video down with a thumbnail of the crazy looking black woman with glasses that’s the video I want you guys to see.
    You guys really have to see this video. It is the ultimate warning to any black man who is even considering laying down with a black woman to have a child.

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  14. Debunking and free Blackman it’s so funny BW are trying to champion Meghan Merkle as a straight BW she is biracial and because Harry will never get the throne the Royals are not tripping to bad. Do these BW know that despite Harry will never take the throne the Royal PR people have been telling Merkle behind the scenes to not mention that she is partially black. As racist as that is once again BW that should show you that you will never be anything but a cum bucket to white men.

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  15. usually these women are 1000% sure he is the babby daddy i just skip straight to the Paternity results and am never let down to the truth. #sysbm


  16. Maybe i´m wrong but… it seems that in every single post you make you generalize all black women, i think using the word “some” it´s really important. It´s kinda sad to see that a lot of black men think like that about us, or well, i know i´m not like those type of women that you described so yeah, it´s upsetting . Anyways, that`s just my point of view and opinion.


    • Nata Gutiérrez,

      You cannot “generalise all”, such a statement is an oxymoron. A lot of black men hold this view concerning most black women because again the majority of them now fit the degenerate demographic. If you and other black women don’t like how you’re being viewed then change the gutter, bottom of the sewer type behaviour, it’s that simple. I also tend to find that those who claim not to be like the rest typically are no different than the rest.


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