Penny Claps Back, Putting Black Women And Simps Back In Their Place – Part 8

Once again, a massive big up to Vurbyl Khent for creating these masterful memes:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Penny Continues To Clap Back Relentlessly

Most High Bless

22 thoughts on “Penny Claps Back, Putting Black Women And Simps Back In Their Place – Part 8

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  3. Verbs,

    Is it just my imagination? You haven’t touched the whole Meghan Markle issue, particularly black women’s hypocrisy when it comes to WMBW relationships. I know you got something coming, right? 😉

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  4. Black women have let us down and continue to every day.

    -Single abusive neglectful mothers

    -Making black fathers pay for access to their kids or else their kids will barely know their fathers

    -when they successfully wear down the fathers’ will and legal powers to see their children, they then corrupt their childrens minds against the father, resulting in subconscious distrust for black men in general.

    – Raising boys in single black female dominated families/villages where boys are constantly subtlely and also so not so subtlely emasculated.

    -Where the boys are going through this “up”bringing, they turn homo through lack of PERSONAL PRINCIPAL AND DISCIPLINE… ALSO BECAUSE NOBODY SHOWED THEM THAT THEY CAAAAN GET GIRLS / THAT NOT ALL GIRLS ARE COLD AND HARD LIKE THESE BLACK WOMEN (who raise our innocent beloved black girls to be like them)

    -The gay black boys envy they straight ones and join with the meanest black girls in whatever they decide to do

    -The straight black boys realise that weave is fake hair and that non black girls wear real hear or just extensions which really isnt that bad because its not everyday or all month that extensions are left in.

    -The straight black boys date outside their race more n more as they get older for an escape from the TRAUMA of their childhoods subconsiously

    -many black boys end up brainwashed thinking they need to look after their mothers at an early age before they could possibly understand the world, law and system built around them. They get older, do illegal activities and fuck up their lives for FEMALE VALIDATION .. Because of all the emasculation they were raised with.

    -Watching their single/dominant mothers go crazy and get their way (female priveledge) teaches them a lack of self control which is all to often exploited by malicious law enforcement, teacher/authority figures, other races clowning the black race, work and customer service desks refusing to show proper respect.

    – Rinse and repeat this cycle for thirty plus years, combined with technology and you have #blackmenaretrash #blacklivesmatterbutblacknuclearfamiliesdont and other trends

    -there is no realistic/DOABLE solution to this and we must let other black men and good black women know. Date outside the race because black boys are targets and black girls are raised to be like the black woman in the new ghostbusters.

    – Its sad but dw there is nothing new under the sun and pendulum will always keep swinging. Never lose sight that this was done to us and that in the end we are all victims of a system designed way before any of us were born by people who have access to much more knowledge about the earth than we. Try not to hate black women but feel sorry for them. See them for the science experiment they are. Leave them to embarras the race because all the other races laugh at black women’s ways and opinions in beauty, relationships, feminism to the point that its just entertainment – look at all the funny shit this “educated” black woman is saying on national tv while shes middle aged, weave look stank, aint got no sex appeal but got 100 degrees talking about theres no good black men 😂😂😂 your unnatractive, YOUR puppy fat aint cute!, why get a weave wearer when i can get an extension wearer (at least lol) and all the beauty products youve used during ur life has resulted in your skin, hair and body looking like shit. Any man with you long enough may feel trapped and become angry at his own choices where even your fatter/slimmer non black friends dress with more sex appeal bitch take off that damn pantsuit bitch this isnt work! Sighs* fuck it Im gna cheat and she wont ever see what made me do it hahahaa oh the life of a black man who chooses to remain with the modern black female.

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  5. Another Penny claps back. Black men make me sick to my stomach. No sweetie black women make me sick to my stomach with your stinking weave and funky body odor.

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    • IzeLDN,

      Black women as a group love showing off and abusing their children especially in public. Notice how they never show their children any love nor affection but on the flip side they’re master at handing out what they call “punishment”. #SYSBMFORLIFE


  6. Verbs2015,
    The Ricky Smiley One Showed How Much of a Hypocritical Simp He Is. He Congratulates Serena Williams & Her White Husband on Getting Married, Yet Shit’s On His Son Malik Who’s 15 Years Old For Saying He Had Bad Experiences With Dating American Black Women. If I Were His Father I Wouldn’t Have Chastised Him. I Would Have Told Him ”If That’ Your Decision Son, Then I Respect it 100%”. Not Smiley. He Caters to The American Black Bed Wench. So I Have Zero Respect For Him. #SYSBM!!!

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