Black Women Candidly Talk About Their Lesbian And Emasculation Of Black Men Experiences


For those not familiar with the term “pegging”, please see the link below for a short but comprehensive explanation:

I already to you in Negro Wars and many other thinking black men have mentioned the fact that in 2017 the overriding majority of black women are ticking time dykes. They want to be men so badly it’s almost unreal, and they wonder why they are chronically single at such a high clip. Most black men are looking for heterosexual, feminine women, however the pickings of those in black female society have become extremely slim to almost non existent.

It would seem that a significantly large portion of black women can’t to try their hand at licking the vaginas of the fellow members of the sisterhood. The black woman’s propensity towards lesbianism has to be one of the top reasons why black women as a collective simply aren’t suitable for dating or marriage, however those that would still try to shame us into dating and procreating with these monsters don’t dare venture down this avenue.

I’ve talked about black women and their love of homosexuality and lesbianism before in a more detailed article I wrote in February 2017 that went viral entitled Black Women, Their Love Of Homosexuals, Homosexuality and Lesbianism. Feminism has completely broken black society and as a result degenerate cancers like this have sprung forth like wildfire.

Black women love effeminate and homosexual black men because they are not a threat to the faux leadership positions black women have been given over black society via the state, this is why many black women have so many black male friends who are homosexual. However, these same women feel very uncomfortable around heterosexual black males who are grounded and who know exactly who they are, this is why they will try their best to either emasculate them or failing that distance themselves from such individuals as far as is humanly possible.

These are the commandments black women have been instructed to carry out at the behest of their white father aka the state in order to keep black society in a pile of ashes and rubble. Pro black pundits do not wish to admit the fact that black women are not family oriented females, they have no interests in keeping the legacy of black people thriving, these are some of the reasons why they are so happy to indulge in lesbian relationships as well to have bucket loads of children outside of commitment/wedlock.

What annoys me the most about the majority of these pro blacks squads is their complete disregard of the modern day black female’s deplorable state. Here you have black women openly talking about their lesbian encounters and yet fist pumping Rodney aswell as RBG acolytes such as Dr Umar Johnson will completely overlook this and many more dysfunctions and still attempt to persuade or in most cases shame thinking black men into still dealing with these broken beyond repair individuals.

What is even more disappointing and disturbing about the above Facebook chatter is the black men who are engaging in the conversations and cosigning the stupidity and the degeneracy of these women. In relation to Caroline Harper and Araya Araya, it’s not as if they have indulged in threesomes and allowed themselves to be pleasured by the man alone, that would be one thing. Nope, these chicks have decided the pleasure will go all around and the simp Phillip Milbourne jumped in to bolster these two carpet munching idiots.

Remember, feminism and homosexuality are one in the same, hence why feminists are big supporters of the LGBT community and its rights. In November 2016 94-96% of black women in the US(depending on what poles you look at) voted for the ultra left-wing, radical feminist, witch and known to have engaged in lesbian activity, one Mrs Hillary Clinton.

For a more detailed look into Hillary Clinton and her incredibly sordid history, one can pick up the book Trance: Formation Of America written by Cathy O’Brien which is an excellent read. See, because I read Cathy OBrien’s book years ago I am already fully aware of just how deep Hillary Clinton’s debauched mindset goes which is why I am even more disgusted with black women for supporting such an individual. However, as the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.

In conversing on the other two screenshots, do you see how black women love to emasculate black men? To them it is a profession which begins from when black males are very young. Again, in exchange for the temporary dainty treats and benefits from government this is what black women have agreed to. This is my whole point, because most black women do not operate in a normal fashion, they expect their men to be the same way and so they will always attempt to push their perversions and dysfunctions upon them.

Remember another article I wrote in back in January 2017 in which I featured screenshots of black women admitting that they enjoy feminising/emasculating black men? For those who missed it that article can be viewed in the link below:

This is one of the main problems when dealing with most black women as a heterosexual black male, you can guarantee that they will most likely have an agenda afoot to emasculate or effeminise you and they will not stop until either the mission is completed or you smell the coffee and decide to kick out before it’s too late. Why isn’t the pro black, RBG, manosphere dealing with these issues, why aren’t they telling black men the truth concerning black women and their propensity towards emasculate black men?

We’ve all seen it around us, we seen it growing up, sad to say many of us have even been victims of black female emasculation, yet the pro black squads continue to gloss over these heavy defects and still expect us to walk these woman down the aisle. Black women have more testosterone flowing through their veins than non black women, this is why most black women walking the streets today resemble men. This is also the reason why they are cannibalising each other. Remember, a society cannot and will not prosper when it chooses to uplift the dregs and the scum of its people, pro blacks would do will to note and remember this.

Separate yourselves from the pestilence that is the modern day black female. The same God that black women claim to worship has now abandoned them and allowed their own minds of reprobation to consume them to destruction. They are now under the tutelage and instructions of Satan himself. Again, the lack of moral compass amongst the majority of black women is and has always been the pinnacle reason why I advise black men to seek love and companionship elsewhere. Those who still choose to deal with modern day black females do so at their own risk and cannot complain if dire consequences return to bite them in their backsides, once again you have been forewarned. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Keep Lesbians And Emasculating Black Females At Bay

Most High Bless

49 thoughts on “Black Women Candidly Talk About Their Lesbian And Emasculation Of Black Men Experiences

  1. The pattern [high testosterone] is not seen among teenage boys or among females.

    There is no indication of inordinately high T among young black women with low education.

    “Testosterone is the sex drive hormone, if you can’t put 2 and 2 together then I can’t help you. Since you wish to remain dishonest on the issue I have removed your link.”

    It’s more than the sex drive hormone but that doesn’t mean they have high levels of testosterone. I’ve provided evidence that they do not. I regret writing that article because no one reads my disclaimer, as you yourself know.

    Sure I use inferences, but you don’t need inference when you gave actual data. Read that paper by Alan Mazur. You’re wrong.

    By the way testosterone doesn’t cause crime nor aggression.

    So when if what you claimed about black women is true (with no empirical data I may add), it wouldn’t cause aggression and crime.

    You’re using anecdotes. I changed my view by reading. You’re wrong. Black women don’t have higher levels of testosterone than white women. Read that Mazur paper.

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    • You’re quoting fake news. This is what black democrats do all the time and then try to use word trickery to deceive people. This is why I don’t deal with pro blacks.

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      • No I’m not. You can attack the evidence, but I’m not citing “fake news”. Read Mazur’s analysis of the NHANES data and come back to me with critiques of his methods. Then show me the true level in black women.

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    • RaceRealist,

      One of the definitions of the word science according to is as follows,

      “systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through OBSERVATION and experimentation”.

      Not all parts of science are written down on paper by scientists. Scientists are not the be all and end all of science. It seems that many folks such as yourself who claim to follow science conveniently seem to omit the observation part of the process. I can observe that the sky is blue, I don’t have to wait for a PHD or a DR to scribe the same on paper in order for it now to be declared as “science”, it already is regardless of their declaration.

      The observable part of science does not correlate with the claim that there is not a higher level of testosterone in black women(educated or non educated). Here is yet more common science. A bull is far more aggressive than a cow. The testicles are responsible for testosterone production, yet when the bull is castrated its aggression disappears.

      Again, if you continue to refuse to put the pieces of the puzzle together, that is all on you. Are you trying to tell me that it is a coincidence that the particular area of the body responsible for testosterone production when removed causes the said creature to become more docile? Testosterone is the key here and it will always be.

      More science for you, roid rage is observed when a man has too much testosterone in his system(normally accumulated through injections). Again, the testosterone is the key to aggression and drive much like the bull that is NOT castrated. You can clearly observe that the behaviours in both are identical. This is real science mac.

      Now we can confidently translate this to the modern day black female who on average just like the bull without castration and the roid rage individual is hyper aggressive, loves to engage in street fighting, battle royales and on top of this has an observably higher sex drive than non black females and even the modern day black male in many cases.

      Everything I’ve talked about above is scientific by definition. Since your claim is black women DO NOT have higher levels of testosterone in comparison to non black women, you are now going to have to identify the hormone that is responsible for their masculine looks, hyper aggression and their high sex drive. By the way, don’t bother bringing up Estrogen because that is the female hormone which brings about softer looking facial features as well as more feminine behaviour. I’ll wait.

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      • Humans aren’t bulls. Read my articles I cited. I’ve destroyed the testosterone causes crime and aggression point.

        “Everything I’ve talked about above is scientific by definition. Since your claim is black women DO NOT have higher levels of testosterone in comparison to non black women, you are now going to have to identify the hormone that is responsible for their masculine looks, hyper aggression and their high sex drive. ”

        I don’t know why but I literally cited the most recent evidence that they don’t have higher levels of testosterone.

        You’re clearly an idealogue looking to buttress your current biases, which is why you came across my article and deliberately skimmed past my disclaimer at the top.

        Don’t worry you’re not the only one to do this. This just shows who’s biased and looking for things to confirm their views they already have and who looks at the data and changes their views based on that data.

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      • RaceRealist,

        Rats and mice aren’t human either yet they are still used to test various products before they are released to the general public. The fact is they are mammals and have similarities to us. You’re making this too easy for me bruh and I’m still waiting for you to identify the chemical/mechanism/hormone responsible for the black woman’s high aggression, unusual masculine features as well as her hyper sex drive.

        This is the problem when you put aside your own thinking and reasoning faculties and allow so called “scientists” to call the shots even when the observable data DOES NOT correlate with their studies. Your “scientific” outlook is extremely problematic because it does not parallel with what we observe in everyday life. By the way, you might want to read this article on scientific papers and the fact that most of them are fraudulent:

        There are a lot of scientists making a comfortable living on grants telling lies and spreading falsehoods, they aren’t about to have their meal ticket flushed down the toilet. We don’t deal with bias here at Slaying Evil, we deal with the truth regardless of who gets caught in the line of fire.

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      • “Rats and mice aren’t human either yet they are still used to test various products before they are released to the general public. The fact is they are mammals and have similarities to us.”

        You’re aware that just because things are tested on animals and you see effects there that it doesn’t necessarily hold true for humans, for correct?

        A good example is leptin. When the hormone was discovered in the early 90s in mice, in ob/ob mice. They have a mutant gene which causes them to eat excessively due to mutations in the gene responsible for leptin production. When we made this discovery we thought it’d help obese patients. What do you know? It doesn’t because we have different metabolisms.

        Studying organisms like mice is good to begin human trials, but to draw broad claims then you need more evidence than animal studies. People who cite animal studies have no idea what they’re talking about.

        Another is soy supposedly causing sexual impotency. People use rat studies to prove this too. However rats have different isoflavone metabolisms which is why it affects them and not us. Weird, huh? We have different metabolisms and physiological systems so what holds true in one organism doesn’t hold true in another

        “You’re making this too easy for me bruh and I’m still waiting for you to identify the chemical/mechanism/hormone responsible for the black woman’s high aggression, unusual masculine features as well as her hyper sex drive.”

        Do you have citations for unusual masculine features and not cherry picked photographs? I am not talking about masculine features and aggression. I’m disproving that claims that a) black women have higher testosterone than white women; b) testosterone causes aggression and c) testosterone causes crime. If you’d have read my other articles on my blog you’d see how my views have changed. But you gave an agenda to push so you ignored it.

        “This is the problem when you put aside your own thinking and reasoning faculties and allow so called “scientists” to call the shots even when the observable data DOES NOT correlate with their studies. Your “scientific” outlook is extremely problematic because it does not parallel with what we observe in everyday life. By the way, you might want to read this article on scientific papers and the fact that most of them are fraudulent”

        I bet you’d cite studies that support your case without being critical of them. Because you don’t know the first thing about this literature. I do.

        You’re saying anything you disagree with is a conspiracy but what you agree with isn’t. Typical idealogue.

        Prove that the research in citing is fraudulent. Your anecdotal accounts don’t prove anything. Cherry picked pictures and studies with small ns don’t prove anything.

        Read the NHANES study by Mazur. Black women don’t have higher testosterone than white women.

        “We don’t deal with bias here at Slaying Evil, we deal with the truth regardless of who gets caught in the line of fire.”

        You seem to be dealing with quoting articles out of context and not reading disclaimers in articles you cite to buttress your point. The studies that show black women have higher testosterone than white women are old, they have small ns and don’t take into account numerous factors. Mazur’s analysis is the most robust I know of and he proves they don’t have higher testosterone.

        Testosterone doesn’t cause aggression or crime. Black women don’t have higher testosterone than white women.


      • RaceRealist,

        When I stated that black women have higher levels of testosterone compared to non black females I listed the observations(which I’ve already shown you are part of the scientific process) to substantiate my claims, unlike yourself who has failed to answer the simple question of what is behind the black woman’s masculine features, high sex drive and hyper aggression. Your dishonesty is disturbingly problematic, it’s pretty obvious at this point that nobody is going to get an honest and truthful answer from you and that all you will continue to do is monkey branch from one subject to the next in order to save face from serious embarrassment.

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      • Your observations are anecdotal and meaningless. My citations disprove your point. You don’t know the literature so of course you’re repeating the same garbage ad nauseum. You’re wrong.

        Observations are part of the scientific process. So it stops there? No assays? Assays prove your point wrong. Admit it. You’re clueless here and are a clear idealogue.

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      • RaceRealist,
        Your full of crap, you wouldn’t know anything about the scientific method if it slapped you dead in the face at 100mph. Observations are not anecdotal. If you are that retarded that your require a PhD to first write a paper(most of which are fraudulent anyway) on the said subject before you will accept it as the official truth then that is on you. The sky is blue(exactly what type of essay would be written on such a topic), this is an indisputable scientific observation which is not written on paper and at the same time is NOT anecdotal. Your theory is rubbish, I understand that you are finding it hard letting go, however this is what the scientific method is all about. If your hypothesis is proven to be wrong then you must throw it out and start again. This is the problem with disingenuous buzzards such as yourself, you believe that you have the right to move the goal posts concerning what constitutes as science whenever you get caught with your pants down. I’m done.

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  3. So I’m assuming by her dainties (something about black women being dainty? Hahaha!!!) she means the lingerie? Wtf? Black Women are FREAKS, and I DON’T mean fun in bed.

    Notice the dude talking about “toxic masculinity”: yep, darker skinned looking dude. As I’ve said before in my videos, these dudes being conquered like this shows how far down the rabbit (ass)hole the black community has fallen. Dark skinned, non-mixed black men are the most visibly masculine men on the planet.

    Conversely, it’s the same rule for the non-mixed black women. Dude above KNOWS he’s being dishonest as hell. Most non-mixed dark skinned black women look like a Terry Crews with a weave, and that’s just when they’re TRYING to look sexy.

    As I’ve said before, anything outside of breeding dark skinned black women out is actually child abuse, because you KNOW they will be deemed the least desirable sexual object, losing even to hollowed out cacti. 🌵

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      The simp squadrons are forever dishonest for their queans. They believe that lying for these women will somehow bring about a more positive change in them, however nothing could be further from the truth. We already know that black women stay lying and will defend their debauchery until the cows come home, this revelation comes as no surprise to us.

      As for dude, attempting to defend that which is indefensible is own his own head. The science doesn’t line up with what he is claiming. I’m still waiting for an explanation on his part.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is what it is all about, the terms are part of the deprogramming and decontamination process, the more logical terms we can muster up the better and the easier it will be for those black men behind us who are seeking the truth. That’s an excellent term you’ve coined by the way.

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  4. I can assure you these women ain’t pegging Tyrone or Ray Ray especially when the thugs be having their way with these same women. They’re trying to do this to the so called lame educated black men.

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  5. “We’ve all seen it around us, we seen it growing up, sad to say many of us have even been victims of black female emasculation, yet the pro black squads continue to gloss over these heavy defects and still expect us to walk these woman down the aisle.”

    Many young black males are raised in poverty by emasculating angry hoodrats and even if you were lucky enough to not have a hoodrat mother you still probably had to deal with angry hoodrats in school occasionally (I avoided dealing with/dating them in school and some of them HATED me for it). I think that is one of the reasons that you have so many lost black “man children” walking around. The dusty broken looking black dudes walking around aimlessly with their pants sagging and looking like they need a bath and a mentor, they were likely raised by a hoodrat single mom who got knocked up by a loser/thug.

    I’m grateful that I had a two parent household with good parents, you cant choose what kind of family you are born into and black boys cant help that they are born to hoodrat single “mothers”, they just have to deal with it until they get old enough to leave (assuming that they aren’t a broken man child and are prepared to leave).

    Either way the Wall of Silence still holds and continues to grow and it probably would even if sites like this and the various youtube channels didn’t exist.

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    • James S,

      As The Straight Shooter stated in his recent video critiquing a comment made by a member of the angry and bitter black sisterhood who goes by the name of Izadora Storm, many black men are playing catch up in terms of restoring their masculinity due to the defective upbringing they received at the hands of single mothers.

      However, now that we are in the truth we have the power to ensure that with us the cycle of dysfunction doesn’t continue ie dealing with the scraggle daggle is a positive NO NO.

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  6. I never knew what “Pegging” was but now that I’m aware (and utterly grossed out), this would not surprised me in the least bit. In the terms of homosexuality & feminism being under the same umbrella, this is why the BLM movement, Cynthia G, and the pro-black feminist (which does not make sense) exist. It’s the reason why you see Black Women supporting Gays yet calling straight Black Men “Beta Males” or “Faggots” if that makes sense.

    They have them there as cheerleaders and this is what you get when you have single-mother sluts and feminist running the home with Black Boys. Yet they are complaining about the quality of men that they are getting. This is why I’m VERY grateful I have isolated myself from the life succubi known as the modern feminist Black Woman. If your a Black Man in a position of status, wealth, and/or power, it’s best not to invest anything on these leeches as they will drain you to the core.

    To be honest with you, with the state of the current Black Women and dynamic shift, I’m not surprised they have been pegging for the last 3 decades. Knowing the loose decadent & feminist dykish nature of Black Women. AABW are the only Black Women to curse more than men, have more tattoos than men, more violent,& look more like trannies with all the fake shit they put in. With the average AABW stating when angry; “Suck My Dick”, does it come to any surprise that they are pegging and having Black Penis Envy.

    Regular Average Black Men & your run of the mill Pro-Black males are going to have to deal with and understand your average Black woman is your Cynthia G’s, Christelyn Karazins, Za Za Alis, Melanin Sut Tekh, and the ilk. This is your average Pro-Whack female as a whole. Notice the Euro-centric praise. The shift in mood and personalities which indicates Split Personality & Bi-Polar Disorder. Her speech and masculine traits. Notice how @ 7:15, she talks about “Pegging” Black Men. #SYSBM

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    • MY GOD!!! Did you hear how deep this woman’s voice was? On top of that, she looked just like “Beauty”, the local drag queen/tranny out squatting to piss on the streets and giving head for 2 cents.

      But they’re no less feminine then other women, right?

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      • afrofuturisim1
        And We as Thinking Black Men Are Suppose to Find This Shit ”Attractive” & ”SEXY”.(RIGHT). A Person Must Be Seriously High as a Kite to Have That Kind of Mentality.

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  7. Good article. Over the past few weeks, the term “toxic masculinity” has been thrown around as a way to shame true masculinity in a man. I believe toxic masculinity is basically a so-called heterosexual man with effeminate traits/sweetness in the tank or homosexuality (anti-masculinity). The black woman in the second image said she likes a man that’s into pegging, well, you don’t see a lot of black males participating in the act but you do see it within certain whites and Asian communities through BDSM. I bet she got a pegging dungeon full of emasculated non-black males in different income brackets waiting to be dominated and abused, calling her queen, empress, goddess and all of that bull while the men crawling on the floor like a dog, wearing a collar and on a leash. Geez, I don’t want to go any further thinking this reverse Ghetto Gagger act out. SYSBM.

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  8. The idiot simp from above has failed to take into account that much of “science”, especially studies that are controversial, are highly, highly politicized. Meaning that before you take anything that scientists today come out with as gospel, you have to know their motivations, who paid to have the “study” done, what they stand to gain or lose, ect, ect. Put simply, today’s AABW truly IS more masculine than her non black counterparts by a country mile and the experiences of hundreds of thousands of black males in western countries around the world for the last 50 plus years stands as a damning testament to this incontrovertible evidence. No girly man, as Verbs so succinctly put it, we don’t need a PhD. to tell us that the sky is blue or that water is wet, fire burns, ect. My,my what a simp won’t do to get us back on the plantation, or barring that, at least shut us up and sysbm down. Neither will happen, and it’s their own fault. Brothers, continue waking thinking black men up and remember to throw that rope back over the wall when you finally get free!

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    • Andre,

      The simp cannot answer a simple question, plus note how he purposely ignored the fact that it has been established for quite some time that in 2017 most science papers are fraudulent. This is my point right here, the simp blatantly disregards what is in front of him in favour of papers which don’t reflect the truth at all.

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      • Case in point: Tiffany (bloody hell, more Tiffanys creating racial trouble 😆) N. Calloway and her bullshit study claiming 92% of biracial children are born out of wedlock.

        Where is Ms. Calloway?

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  9. Ive said before on this site that the pro-blacks were cucks and perverts giving praise to their thug loving bed wenching black alien queen of the damned. They don’t like that sysbm and mgtow wakes up the “beta males” to the truth while the feminists and pro-blacks want to keep these men in the dark and emasculate them. Trust me. You do some more digging and more will come out about the Black alien queen of the damned and her simp army of homosexuals and emasculated cucks. The only men who listen to feminists are cucks end of story.

    Less than a month to go and the simps and closet cucks are in a frenzy trying to get as manny black men on their side before the cuts come and these bitches are thrown out on their ass.

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  11. Gentlemen,

    Since the RaceRealist has written a new post on his website attempting to light me up claiming that I embarrassed myself because I did not provide any scientific data(even though as you all saw I clearly illustrated that according to observations are indeed a part of science, I thought that that I would provide you with a assortment of links demonstrating just how rife scientific misconduct is, how large portions of scientific papers are indeed fraudulent and as a result they just like the black woman cannot be trusted:

    Like I stated before, fraudulent conduct within the ‘scientific community” is at an all time high, this is why I have to laugh because RaceRealist once again is deliberately ignoring a fundamentally huge problem and is instead choosing to go along with what the scientists say based purely on blind faith. Some people cannot think and reason for themselves and so they expect the scientists aka the gods in white coats to do their thinking and reasoning for them. Again, note how the dude was unable to provide a simply explanation as to why black women by and large are hyper aggressive, look heavily masculine in the face and on average have a much higher sex drive when compared to non black females.

    Male and female bodybuilders who take testosterone injections(steroids) report having an increase in their sex drive as well as feeling more aggressive and driven. With the women their voices will deepen and the clitoris will increase in size(check the forums and visit your local gym for your own confirmation). But according to RaceRealist this firsthand evidence must be shelved and left to collect dust until PhD Fitzgerald Smith can get round to having a look at it and thereafter drafting up a report when he eventually has the time, smh.
    Some people simply cannot be helped.

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  12. No matter what they do, no matter what they say, and no matter how black women pretend to be, the true colors and the true nature of the black woman always comes to the surface. Black women want to be Blackmen. Black women are extremely jealous of, and hate black men, because Blackmen are able to do what black women only wish they could do.
    Black women have really convince themselves that they can be both the man and the woman. Black women have convinced themselves that they don’t need black men, but somehow these black women NEEDED a black man in order to give birth to their meal ticket, free housing, free medical, free everything children, that black women use to be able to live life doing nothing, and using the children to make the lives of their black fathers a living hell.
    And this new wave of young black dykes, have got to be the most disgusting, vile embarrassments to ever walk the face of the earth. These mentally ill black dykes will be the first ones to tell you ‘black men ain’t shit’, while doing everything they can to imitate and look like Blackmen. Just when you think the mentally ill black woman demon can’t get any lower, any more stupid, any more disgusting, black women seem to always come up with new ways to embarrass themselves in front of the planet earth.
    But I forgot the main two problems on the planet earth are Blackmen, and Becky the white woman, according to these disgusting black women. When I see Blackmen in public with 99.9% of black women, I just shake my head and think to myself ‘your life will more than likely be turned into a living hell by the same black woman who you are doing everything in your power to please’.

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  13. Verbs, racerealist the fraud thinks that black men can’t “science” apparently. There are multiple examples in academia (many of which you’ve already pointed to) of the writers of these studies having a clear agenda and being terribly biased in the formation of their so called “studies” in order to push said agenda. Many have been exposed as frauds for having put their thumbs on the scale in order to get the outcome they wanted and some have had their Phd. status revoked because of it. Does anyone remember that so called study that “proved” that black men in interracial relationships abandon their children at high rates sponsored by The Root magazine? When they tried to contact the author of the paper, she was M.I.A. Even that rag had to admit that the study had to be taken with a grain of salt. Under what conditons was idiot boy’s cited study done under, was it a double blind study (to insure that the researcher’s own bias was kept out)? What’s the researcher’s political and social affiliations? Voting habits and social leanings? Are there other unaffiliated researchers, with no skin in the game, coming to the same conclusions? Finally, why should we believe this Phd’s findings over the findings of that one Japanese scientist that argued in the affirmative that black women DO have higher concentrations of testosterone in their blood on average than their non black counterparts. As you would say “I’ll wait” for an answer, although I truly don’t expect one to be forthcoming. SYSBM now, SYSBM forevermore!!!

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  14. P.S. That’s exactly why one should NEVER discount one’s own observation when confronting these socially charged issues. Countless men have experienced these truths of the black woman’s hyper aggressive, masculine and domineering attitude for themselves for decades. When black men from different socio-economic groups, different political stripes, different religions and different countries all have the exact same complaints about black women as a whole in these countries, it’s time to deal with the problem first hand. Since murdering them outright is still illegal (I jest), abandonment must be the order of the day.

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  15. The award for Biggest Strawman Argument of the Year 2017 goes to “RaceRealist” for “Do Black Women Have Higher Testosterone Levels Than White Women?”

    The CUTS! are coming! 15 glorious days to go!


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    • >The award for Biggest Strawman Argument of the Year 2017 goes to “RaceRealist”

      Strawman is the perfect description for RaceRealist because he shares the same trait with The Scarecrow from The Wizard Of Oz – lack of a brain.

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  16. The medical science is that black people–males and females–have, as a group, a higher level of muscle mass than non-blacks, as a group. That is why the glomerular filtration rates (GFR) for blacks and non-blacks are calculated with different numbers from non-blacks. One can research GFR to understand the medical science. Black women, according to the medical science, do have, as a group, for testosterone than non-black women.

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  17. WTF is Matt Horton talking about toxic masculinity dude you think letting a woman peg you is ok you are a damn faggot. Man these Simp, Pink Panty wearing men make me sick.

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  18. From…..Saying that BLACKMEN are on the down low……..”pegging” Smmfh DAMN MAN I’m trying my ab-so-f*ckin-lute what the f*ck and how the the f*ck is keeping these dark skinned peckkkawood femicunt b*tches alive though?

    And uh? You know what? Simpathetic muthaf*ckas like…..derrick jokeson and that rape apologist consensualizer(lemme know what this dude’s name is) etc. Cosign this bullsh*t…..I’ll make it plain. If you as a Blackman have to bend over backwards for black b*tch to show IT how masculine you are, YOU. DESERVE. TO. BE. ANNIHILATED!!!!


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    • Themelancholictigah,

      I believe the other guy you are talking about is Mitchell Chance. He made one recent video going in on black women but then quickly reverted back to his doctrine of simpology.

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  21. hoo boy. okayyyy……I like MGTOW type writing because it often contains clues as to my own self improvement which does not include depending on my sense of self worth from being loved or desired. and get ready to throw rotten eggs at me I’m a white female 68 years old, (might maybe have a black ancestor somewhere might not some secret buried a long time ago too far back to show). THERE IS A LOT OF WILD GENERALIZATION THAT GOES ON HERE AND ALL PAGES WHERE IT IS EXPLAINED WHAT MEN LIKE OR DON’T LIKE, WHAT WOMEN LIKE OR DON’T LIKE, WHAT MEN ARE LIKE OR NOT WHAT WOMEN ARE LIKE OR NOT.

    To the author’s credit he explicitly several times exempts women who don’t fit what he complaining of.

    I think that all the weird makeup and hair shit and so forth is stupid on black and white women. I think a high maintenance woman (and any woman or man for that matter who wants a big expensive wedding and considers that the greatest day in one’s life is something to run real fast away from). of course, this is a handy philosophy to have since I tend to be a slob, but there is objective validity to this as well. Like what someone in the white MGTOW scene said, that a lot of women want a wedding, not a marriage or the man himself, he’s just a way to get that wedding and the status of wife and mother and all that play at roles bullshit instead of just deal with life as it comes at you.

    now as to black women being ugly, define beauty. are you perhaps looking subconsciously at features more “refined” like white women as your standard? and there are LOTS of ugly white women, and you look at old photos before all this sex war trouble, and there are plenty of ugly black and ugly white women. define ugly. define beautiful. and how much is not so much beauty as merely exotic?

    women (so I’m generalizing now) dress up less to impress men than other women, lots of jealousy and competition and envy between them. THIS IS UNGODLY IN ITSELF. (the church women wearing hats designed to compete and upstage each other brings this bullshit into the house of God. shame on them)

    “Redpill” MGTOWs argue that women’s biologiy makes them inherently incapable of love, they want resources and often these writers describe men in terms once reserved for women, when it was only women who were capable of love and self sacrifice and men who were heartless. (obviously generalizations.) MGTOW theory is often driven by evolution notions and traces of Ayn Rand. not a good thing, not biblical which in fact goes against this idea of inherent female nature because we weren’t created that way.

    now, all this masculine vs. feminine crap why should there be some leader and subordinate in a life long love affair? do you have to be boss over your male friends? Genesis says woman was designed to be man’s partner the term is EZER a helper who is like a partner not a servant, God is sometimes called ezer, and often a helper who is in a superior position like pulling you out of a ditch you the person is in a better position because not in the ditch. often miswritten as “helpmate” it is help MEET Elizabethan English for fit or appropriate. Hebrew is neged, face to face like man to man can mean opposition or friendship depending on context.

    A partner fit for him BECAUSE LIKE HIM.

    now your stuff is your stuff and her stuff is her stuff. if you take her into your home unless you like her interior decorating style there is no need for to take over. you designate a woman cave for her and her weird stuff that doesn’t fit your taste, you don’t let yourself get pushed into a man cave. and if its her home her name on the deed or lease or her camp, ditto in reverse.

    respect for each other. do unto others as you would have them do unto you. “love your neighbor as yourself” said Jesus and Paul used the same phrasing “love your wives as yourselves.” the submitting of the woman to the man is in a larger context that is mutual. the legal and social context already existed, Paul just pulled the fangs when you read his remarks in context. the passage about woman usurping authority over a man uses the word authentein, never used elsewhere in NT for authority, and it has violent and obscene implications. sounds like the sort of women you are complaining (rightly) about.

    but if you base your sense of self worth on having someone to look down on, and if you got and are nothing at least you got a woman to look down on, then what are you really? more ungodly ego games.


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