Black Women And Their Poor Food Standards – No Wonder They’re So Unhealthy At Such A High Clip


Yuck, yuck and yuck once again. Just as you thought that things couldn’t get any worse with black women, they decide to sink to a new low. I had to search engine chitterlings because it’s not something that I am familiar with here in the UK, though I’ve heard YouTuber Jointron33SYSBM mention many times that black women love eating that stuff. Over here there is a food called black pudding which is cooked pigs blood and pork scratchings which is fried pig skin(yuck, nasty). I personally don’t touch any of that stuff and I try my best to avoid eating pork as much as possible.

I keep on saying that the decadency of the modern day black female hasn’t hit its bottom yet, however whenever they decide to descend further into the dysfunctional and degenerate abyss, even I still find myself shaking my head in disbelief. Pork is not a healthy meat at all, it takes at least 3-4 weeks of freezing to completely kill all of the bacteria contained within the meat, I much prefer lamb, beef, buffalo meat, chicken and fish any day of the week.

Pigs are notorious for eating anything and everything, thus their intestines and the contents therein are no different from your local sewer works. In turn the intestines of the people who decide to eat such slop end up in more or less the same condition. Now, do you guys remember that article I wrote back at the beginning of April this year in which I talked about black women as a collective having smelly vaginas as well as poor sexual health? If not that article can be seen by clicking on the link below:

If you read the article you’ll see I clearly stated that A POOR DIET was one of the main factors behind most black women having such putrid private parts. Look at the above videos again, she squeezed the rectum of the pig, some runny faeces oozed out and she stated that she was still going to eat it. This is a quintessential example right here demonstrating one of many reasons as to why black women’s sexual health is in the toilet.

Since when is it cool and ok to consume the faeces from a pig? And you have many black men who will readily accept meals from these queans without questioning the food or the standard under which it was prepared. Do you see how far black women have fallen? I remember way back in the day when black women were renowned for cooking nutritious and wholesome meals, they put their heart and soul into providing quality food for their boyfriends/husbands, children and other family members.

However nowadays most black women have adopted an “I don’t care and I can’t be bothered” attitude towards almost everything in life, and they wonder why they are last in practically everything, dating, marriage, love, finances, money management, health, environment etc. Remember, the top killers of black women are health related issues(heart disease, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease etc), not black men as the dumb feminist duo Jamilah Lemieux and Amber Phillips love to claim. This is something that I covered in a short article I wrote in December 2016, please see the link below:

The fact of the matter is black women as a whole as is clearly observed have no love nor respect for themselves, hence the main reason why they treat others with the same cold-hearted contempt. SYSBM black men, you are not obligated to deal with degenerate women who have no problems consuming a pig’s rectum and giving those same animal parts out to others. Remember the saying, you are what you eat. But “white women do it too right”???? #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

32 thoughts on “Black Women And Their Poor Food Standards – No Wonder They’re So Unhealthy At Such A High Clip

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  2. I recently had a few conversations concerning this. One involving a black girl who was somewhat skinny involved her raving about chitlins, which I referred to as shitlins.

    The other involved a slightly chunky white girl who didn’t know what they were, and when she found out, she said she would never eat them.

    Black Women literally engage in the worst of everything, and outside of most of the flesh meat (fried chicken, gizzards, ribs) non-Cajun soul food is overrated as hell.

    Despite their claims to fame with cooking soul food, notice that most black women don’t cook except for themselves!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,
      Yep, they either cook for themselves or its nothing but microwave dinners and greasy take aways. I couldn’t believe what this food consists of, incredible. They only have themselves to blame as to why they are in such poor shape and health. Is it any wonder why the children coming out of the homes of single black mothers are by and large are retarded and in many cases out of shape themselves?

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      • Just look at the video I did about the 11 year old. Most of those black girls, namely the dark skinned ones, are 3000 pounds overweight. It’d be one thing for a few of them to be slightly chunky, but for the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of them to be so fat, and at such a young age.

        Also, notice how the fat will make them extra ugly, as if they needed any help!

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      • Verbs2015
        I agreed with you brother, but also we got some simp ass black men allow their kids mother feed them his kids with some bullshit unhealthy foods, and he don’t check his woman/wife about that.

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  3. Good article. Pig intestines or Chitterlings is considered a delicacy in black culture over here to my knowledge going back a century. I used to eat a little bit of that disgusting stuff that my father cooked when I was younger. It had the house stinking. He loves that stuff since he was a kid but now he cooks it once in a while because my mom don’t like the smell and I can agree which led him cooking it outside starting a couple of years ago using a hotplate. I slowly got off of pork around 2010 and tried to avoid it to this very day in products after seeing a white pastor on TV saying swine, certain birds, rodent or any bottom feeder is unhealthy to eat basically the following animals mentioned was created to store away the filth and poisons within its body from mankind. My parents asked me from time to time why don’t I eat pork, shrimp and etc… I don’t explain my reason behind this move even to this very day because they won’t understand fully. You will have these so-called Christians say that it’s okay to eat all meats because Christ got rid of the law or the Jews still bind to this dietary restriction. Going back to the subject matter of this topic, the poor food standards of black women and the community at large in these poverty stricten black areas brings forth physical and mental disorders galore when you include adding unnatural additives/chemicals in the food and water supply in the poor, underdeveloped black areas. SYSBM.

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    • Yeah good point about the diet causing health and mental disorders, I’ve thought that for a while now. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, etc. can be tied to diet.

      There was also a study a while back showing that while all other groups are growing taller American BW were getting shorter, no shit:

      Dysgenics at work.
      BWs bad diet, bad choices in men, bastard baby making, bad parenting, and the flight/exile of good black men is the death of the black community.

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      • @JamesS I can only speak for myself as a thinking black man but I don’t want to engage in a relationship with a female who has bunch of genetic abnormalities and defects. I want to procreate with a gorgeous, health conscious, loyal, intelligent, supportive woman who is also genetically fit.

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  4. Are these the same as chitlins? No idea as, like Verbs, British viewers have no idea.

    Btw we have haggis, which is a sheep’s stomach filled with lamb mince, potato and herbs. Not quite as disgusting but the ingredients have to be requested, in order not to throw up….

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  5. I grew up in the south and I’ve never eaten chitterlings and thankfully no one in my family cooked them. You are what you eat. Single BW ru(i)n the black community and crank out bastard kids by losers, and if this doesn’t disadvantage the kids enough the queans feed them garbage. If BW are eating and feeding their kids pig intestines and assholes, junk food, and soda that’s just another reason added to the list of why so many black people are unhealthy and unbalanced mentally. BW could learn from other groups of women who know how to eat clean. You can eat clean even if you are low income, chicken is cheap, salad is cheap, water is damn near free, etc. Not all black people live in “food deserts” either so I don’t buy that excuse, and even if they have access to fresh food it won’t matter if they don’t want it.

    Hoodrats are used to eating garbage so when the welfare cuts continue to come down over the course of the next few years they may be dumpster diving for more than weave… I only feel sorry for the children.

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  6. Smmfh!! Goddamn! WHAT POISON ANIMAL EATING SAVAGES!!! these are the saaaame n*ggacunts that will tell you that “white peepo do it toooo” OR! that “one drop rule” and other bullsh*t…..YET they eat GUTS!!! which makes them…GUT EATERS!!! A pig’s anus….THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH THESE SAVAGES!!!??

    Oh Oh Oh!! check this out brothas!! If YOU were to tell these punk ass n*ggacunts that you’re a vegetarian, you eat clean and live clean and healthy, you dont drink, you dont smoke, Accoooooording to THEM!!! “YOU GAY!!!” how do I know this? I. Was. Told. This!!! Countless….COUNTLESS Times. Including….the token white,hispanic and asian b*tch cunts who PAL AROUND these silverblack b*tches(i.e. biffany jokelene)

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      • Just go to ‘kid organic forever’ channel on YouTube. The title of this video is ‘ the word coon is now irrelevant’. And on a side note, I’m sure black women and black women swirlers are throwing a party because Prince Harry got engaged to Meghan Markle. You show me the average black woman that looks like Meghan Markle. Meghan Markle is basically a white woman with tan. But because black women live in a world of fantasy and delusion, the engagement of Prince Harry and this woman who is 98 percent white, with a drop of black blood, is some type of proof that White men value, desire and are willing to marry black women. Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
        Prince Harry is not marrying a black woman, let’s not get this situation confused. Once again you show me a black woman who looks like Meghan Markle. Black women are so thirsty for the love of white men that they will use the most obscure example in order to somehow prove to the world that white men want black women. If Prince Harry was engaged to Jennifer Hudson then maybe I could possibly consider that white men really value black women.
        But these mentally ill delusional black women are going to jump on the engagement of Prince Harry, and try to put it in the faces of Blackmen that white men love and appreciate black women.
        Black women are a fucking joke.

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    • My mistake. I see that you actually first posted that video, and then kit organic followed up on it. Either way the video was pure truth. I can’t wait till thinking Blackmen start posting videos regarding Prince Harry and his marriage to the ‘ black woman’ Meghan Markle. Black women are excited about Prince Harry marrying basically a white woman with a tan and two drops of black blood in her. But because black women love white men so much they will look for any excuse to validate their thirsty disgusting illogical thought process that tells them white men love them and desire them. The vast majority of black women are a fucking joke.

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      • Tyrese marries biracial “black queen” = She ain’t *really* black
        Biracial Meghan engaged to royal = Poster child for every black woman on Earth


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      • Schadenfreude,

        As we know already, black women and their pro wack flunkies are selective of who they label as black depending on if it suits them or not, indeed, smh.


  7. Verbs2015,
    If You Were to Come to NYC, L.A. or Any Other Inner City Neighborhood in America. You’ll Find Plenty of Chinese Food Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants All Over. Mostly With American Black Women Clogging Their Bodies With All Sorts of Oil’s & Chemicals With Fried Foods. Just Contributing to The Stereotype of Being Overweight & Out of Shape, Most of them Don’t Know How to Cook or How to Food Shop So They’ll Blow What Ever Piece of Change They Get On Either Popeye’s. Pizza Hut, Burger King, McDonald’s ETC. I Myself Love Fast Food, But I Don’t Indulge to Absolute Excess & They End Up Looking Like The DreamDates of That Star Wars Character Jabba The Hut. Hence Forth Another Reason to #SYSBM 100%!!!

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  8. Man, did you know that Soncerae (the woman Tommy Sotomayor made infamous) is pregnant by a married man?

    I swear these BW YouTube clowns are looking for dick. The rounds of “coon”, “uncle ruckus”, “sell-out nigga” etc is just one big mating game.

    This is why Hardcore Tito, Kid Organic, MBD, Straight Shooter, Kiri Jones get trolled daily, because they are seen as the cream of the crop Black men that these BW want the seed from. For BW it’s not about making them see sense, (they won’t see sense) it’s about getting BM sperm. Gotdamn it…

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    • [b]”This is why Hardcore Tito, Kid Organic, MBD, Straight Shooter, Kiri Jones get trolled daily, because they are seen as the cream of the crop Black men that these BW want the seed from. For BW it’s not about making them see sense, (they won’t see sense) it’s about getting BM sperm. Gotdamn it…”[/b]

      Wow, that’s a new take. I thought they got trolled because they’re not saying what BW want to hear.

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      • @Schadenfreude

        This is why BW get so angry over Black men, White women and their biracial children – they’ve lost out on high quality sperm.

        Cynthetic G, Egypt Ann and Madame LooseCannon are all this batshit crazy because they are ***desperate*** for thinking black men’s seed. It’s us they really want. They want *our* high quality genetics in order to destroy it.
        J-Boogie’s DNA is already corrupted, whilst SIMPs like @d1ckh38d are never selected due to their weak genes.

        (I’ve just had an epiphany through this Ho-cerae saga)

        This is why #SYSBM makes them mad.

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  9. Did you guys see one of the prince’s of England is engaged to a black woman? This is how fucking stupid black woman are. Black women are so thirsty for the love of white men, that day will site basically a White women with a tan with two drops of black blood in her, as some sort of proof that black women are valued, wanted, and loved by white men.
    The truly interesting thing is black women are so quick to hate on light skin and mixed black women, because they are jealous of them, but the second a so-called black woman who doesn’t look black at all gets with the white man, then black women rejoice and celebrate the fact that a black woman is with a white man. Meghan Markle doesn’t look anything like your average black woman. Black black women are celebrating the fact that Meghan Markle is engaged to a white man. Will somebody please show the dumbass black women that Meghan Markle doesn’t look anything like them. Jennifer Hudson is a black woman. Oprah Winfrey is a black woman. Meghan Markle is NOT a black woman. Sure she has a drop or two of black blood, Blake go to Annie majority black city in America and you show me a black woman that looks like Meghan Markle. Black women are mentally ill.


    • If Tyrese considers Samantha Gibson black, then so is Meghan Markle.

      …then Miss Texas 2016 is Black, and so is Miss Universe from South Africa. Rachel Dolzeal is black, and so is that WoahVicky troll.

      Again, its a problem for dark skin BW, because they aren’t getting that sperm.

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    • I consider Meghan to be a BW, but a bi-racial one who looks NOTHING like most black women. Meghan is fair skinned (could pass for white), in shape, attractive, and doesn’t appear to be ghetto. So while I do consider her to be a black woman, she looks NOTHING like the average American BW so the swirlers shouldn’t get their hopes up.

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