Delusional Women – And They Wonder Why They Remain Single


Here is the post that accompanied this garbage:

You’ve got me messed up if you believe for one second that I am going to marry you without first putting your backside through the fire and getting to know you thoroughly before I put a ring on your finger. This black harridan right here is a quintessential example of the type of black women more and more black men are beginning to walk away from and avoid.

Men in general are NOT going to form unions with broken beyond repair women, Spring’s threat of “marry me or I’m single” will only cause more black men to discard of her single black side in favour of greener pastures. Bringing your slick extremely high decibel motormouth to the table and you expect men to jump for joy and wife you up without question, really woman???

This chick Springs who is a stand up comedian out of Florida honestly believes she’s slick, her aim is to have you marry her in the shortest period of time ie the longest stretch she can manage to keep the rest of her dysfunctional antics under wraps and she has no problems putting her breasts on display(which honestly don’t look too bad, however I’m not fooled) in order to bait in potential candidates.

No doubt the simps have already flooded all her inboxes with marriage proposals, however black men as a whole would do well to steer clear of women like this as her cooch leads straight into the lower deaths of hell and there will be many years of pain ahead for any person who chooses to deal with a woman like this. The juice simply isn’t worth the squeeze.

Of course she has a typical “from the hood, 40 ounce, ghetto” type name, Daphnique, therefore those in the know will already be on high alert because black women with ghetto sounding names normally come with ghetto style behaviour. Daphnique indeed confirms this typical trend, notice the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde switcheroo mannerisms, how many times have we seen that before?

To be honest she is an average looking woman(with the make up), however the foul attitude brimming over plus the delusional expectations are major red flags and then some. “I’m single until I’m married”, this is simply to interpreted as her wishing to have the right to let Jezebel out of the cage whenever she pleases and open her legs to any other men that pass by right up until the wedding day. Of course, already in the act of hopping from one penis to the next until the wedding day, there is no guarantee that she will remain faithful even after the deed is done,

Notice the usual “strong black woman” traits, the clapping of the hands like a child, the loud mouth, the frequent moving of the head from side to side, the wide-eyed crazed look etc. Of course where would any strong black woman be without referring to black men as niggers, just like their racist white father they love using racist terms again their male counterparts.

Let’s talk about the post that came with the video on Facebook. Springs talks about taking it back to 1935, however what this disjointed mentally ill banshee purposely omits is the fact that the women of 1935 exclusively courted the men who they were due to marry. As far as they were concerned as soon as they entered into a relationship they were OFF the dating market, unlike our resident Jezebel MISS Springs who wishes to keep her legs……………sorry options open.

Take a look at another video she recently posted:

Again, notice her breasts are put on advertisement once again as an “incentive” to get men to initiate the bidding and the chasing, these are exactly the types of booby traps that get black men snagged and hemmed up on child support for 18 plus years. How much do you want to bet that Springs is a single mother? As per usual it is the single mothers who couldn’t make the right choices in the past with regards to picking a quality father for their children who now believe they have the right to make outlandish demands and unrealistic expectations having x amount of children en tow.

Black women stay delusional and guzzling down high-octane dumb fuel for life, which man in his right mind looking out for his own welfare and observing her dysfunctional behaviour is going to wife this chick up? Look at her attitude, now you understand why she remains single and why as she put it “the average black relationship is we’ve been together for 10 years, maybe I’ll marry you now”.

Black women in their embrace of feminism and misandry find it extremely difficult to nigh on impossible to exhibit any feminine traits and Daphnique Springs is no exception to the rule, she is a typical member of the angry and bitter black sisterhood. Here is yet another example of this:

To the simps as a washed up single mother Springs has the room make up these kinds of deep space rules and regulations because she knows that they will still worship her believing that one day she will give up the cooch. Of course we already know that Springs is being dicked down by Tyrone, Dey Dey, J Boogie and Lil Greazy from the block, guys who by the way she wouldn’t dare ask for anything lest they bust her upside the head.

Notice in the friend zone video who she expects to bring her flowers and gifts, that’s right, the simp, not Tyrone or Dey Dey, no, the beta male simp is responsible for paying her way and footing various expenses. Any black man who allows this washed up ancient relic with her moth-eaten vagina to dictate anything to them is a fool and needs his manhood status revoked immediately.

Little do these simps know that if they implemented SYSBM they could land themselves a woman of many times better quality than Springs without the attitude and the extra baggage of children to boot. Daphnique Springs is your typical scraggle daggle, women like her are why lifestyles like SYSBM exist. Free thinking black men, let the pro black simps scramble and fight amongst themselves for these bottom of the barrel, $5 dollars median net worth, loud mouth whores, you on the other hand as men who have removed the chains and shackles and walked free from the plantation can do much better for yourselves. Springs is a walking failure, the welfare cuts are still coming. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of The Daphnique Springs Of The World

Most High Bless

58 thoughts on “Delusional Women – And They Wonder Why They Remain Single

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  2. Booby trapped indeed.

    Notice how illegitimate (much like their children) black Women are when it comes to anything resembling conservatism, old fashionism, or morality. Those super Mormon white women and traditional middle eastern women OOZE femininity and quietness, whereas this chick is no different than the typical black chick found sliding up and down a pole. The only thing she oozes is pus out of her disgusting, beaten and battered cooch.

    Honestly, the only way I could see dudes screwing/besting it to black women is to have them getting hit from the back. God forbid you look into the eyes of evil.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Her Instagram is chocked full of dumb videos, she even has one about sticking by a cheating man which doesn’t really come as a surprise because she is already on Dey Dey and Tyrone’s rotation list. Again, the simps are the ones who gas up the heads of these broads, I’m finding that even some of the most ugly black females are too practising the same “I make demands and you must cater towards them or else” nonsense. She knows she’s washed up, this is why she has to place her breasts on display.

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    • “The only thing she oozes is pus out of her disgusting, beaten and battered cooch.”

      That’s could be……………?!?

      …….Bacterial Vaginosis
      …….Leftover semen from the train ran from the trap/”bando”
      …….previous children placentas
      …….used condom juice
      …….used lube juice
      …….her current miscarriage
      …….remnants of her previous abortion
      …….remnants of her current abortion
      …….her current abortion
      …….a bloody tampon lost in there too long
      …….Her current boyfriends drugs
      …….Her side-dudes drugs
      …….Her STD ointment
      …….Love juice from her Backpage Trick

      Who knows….?!?

      Let’s find out on the next blog of “Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock”

      Stay Tuned…!!!

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      • I’m assuming a man wrote this article. More than likely one who isn’t married and a baby daddy with no wife to be found nowhere. One whom likely barely attained a high school level education. Because looking at the rhetoric on this page, these thoughts would not come out of a college level citizen in their right mind. Only from someone with a high school level education or lower. All I’m hearing are double standards. And it’s quite obvious you don’t know the struggles of today’s black woman. So close your mouth clown.


      • T, johnson,

        The sad part about you throwing on a freshly starched cape for the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure is they won’t show you any appreciation for your muddy bootlicking and brown nosing efforts.

        The struggle of the black woman, get out of here with that garbage, black women are only just beginning to understand what struggling is. For years these black sirens have ridden that gravy train at the expense of black men, now it’s time to repay for their sins.

        You can try and stop their coming judgement and recompense, however be warned that you’ll just be consumed in the fire with them.


  3. I’m just LMAO, this black gutter chicks with bastard babies making demands…lol..well if the throw the fishy smelling pussy into the water enough times I guess you’re bound to eventually get a bite.

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  4. Good article. This Daphnique Springs chick and other broken beyond repair, delusional women like her only has three marriage options: Marry a male simp, marry a female simp or marrying their own individual self which equates to remaining single to focus on self. It’s over for them. SYSBM.

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  5. Truer words have never been stated. She is your typical sista looking for a mark to exploit in her quest to fulfill her dual mating strategy. You can best believe that any unsuspecting guy who falls for this will have to follow a completely different set of dating rules, starting with having to court and ‘woo’ her for months on end while she uses the ‘born-again virgin’ hustle. Book it…

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    • Inner Circle,

      Woo her and you still have to deal with the possibility of some other dude coming along and snatching her from you(in her own words). These black women with their own mouths and dysfunctional actions injure themselves in the dating and marriage arenas, smh.

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  6. “Marry me or I’m single.”
    They can’t even hide their desperation anymore man, keep building the wall of silence, and keep walking away. Any chick with a ghetto name should be a red flag for brothers to avoid dating them.

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  7. Ever notice how these women that make demands of Men you never Ever NOT EVER see a consistent Man in their lives??? It’s like they’re imagining all these Men they’re supposedly talking to.

    Either that or they’re too ashamed to show the degenerate-class-of-men that they ACTUALLY settle for b’cuz thorough, thinking Men give these types of brods the #WallOfSilence

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      • @Michel,
        You stole my comment, I was about to say the same thing about PUSSY BOY..LOL.. That’s his type of “black queen”… masculine, foul mouth, ran through by every dick in the neighborhood with bastard kids, his panties must get soaked when listens to her videos…lol. .#SYSBM

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  8. Calling all SIMPs!

    There is your quean – ripe for the picking. GO GET HER!

    And let us thinking black men know how it works out for you…

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  9. This woman is a comedian, so this is some kind of joke right? She lost me in the first video with the tell-tale hoodrat cobra-head swivel. It’s really a waste ’cause she’s not bad looking. I always said it would be cool if you could take a chick like this and pop a white girl SIM into her neck. Just upload a better personality and keep it moving.

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  10. You know, in humor, what makes it humorous is the truth behind the statement or situation. Making Life a Parody of itself. In honesty, this is what the average Black Woman thinks & wants to aspire to. But the cold reality is many will never be wives & most are not good wives. As well, with the joke, being the most undesired and unmarried women. You have to be pretty desperate to make statements and demands for someone to want you to marry them.

    Who would want to marry an individual who’s family is utterly low-class & impoverished? A dysfunctional failed matriarchy that has not passed down knowledge, wealth, character, nor moral? A person who can work for trinkets but cannot build wealth? A woman who’s personal/internal struggles & baggage interfere with her intimate relationships? Let me ask you this. Who is willing to live with the undiagnosed mental illnesses many Black Women possess? Imagine living with a bi-polar manic with a splice of split personality disorder & narcisstic personality disorder.

    Yup. This is what you see above with Daphnique Springs. The sad part isn’t the Simps, White Knights, or Pussy-Panderers that cater to their ilk. Nor is it the fact that she has made such a fool of herself & bold statements online. Its the fact women like her will never achieve that dream they are aspiring to reach. I see women like this all the time bitching on online dating sites for decades…lol. No one will ever marry let alone “Date” Daphnique Springs due to marriage not being feasible and out-dated by today’s modern hyper-feminist instant gratification society.

    There are plenty of men willing to allot their resources & assets within their means. Also, most men with common sense would rather use his cash on Backpage escorts before crumbling to the demands of a woman with no incentives. Most Black Women are going to have to realize in the current climate under these conditions, marriage is extinct & a non-option. Relationships are dying(“Black love” is dead…lol). Dating is obsolete if a woman hold little to no desirable qualities.

    The even more depressing part, most modern Black Women (for the most part), once they get that marriage (better yet that infamous newborn or pregnancy), the relationships dissolves immediately. It does not matter what race or ethnicity of the man is. Janet Jackson, Shar Jackson, Kesha Pulliam Knight, Blac Chyna, Garcielle Beauvius, and the list goes on & on. Many will resort to having to share the same low-class undesirable men, Lesbianism, Sex Trades, Poverty, and Desolation.

    #SYSBM #thecutsarehere2018

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  11. This is also off Daphnique Springs page:

    Imagine if this incident were to really happen in real life. It would be one of those TNN News Raw-Tommy Sotomayor stories we hear about.Absolute shit Single Mothers…lol. And they want to be wives. FOH.

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  12. Just look at that attitude of the woman in the first video. Look at how aggressive she is, look at the look in her eyes look, at the way she speaks. Everything about her is offputting in every way. Black women just have bad attitudes absolutely no fucking reason. But like I’ve said before, black women feel it’s their duty as a woman to be confrontational, combative, aggressive, negative, argumentative, etc, etc. In the stupid mind of the majority of black women any woman who doesn’t have their piss poor attitude is considered weak and stupid by them.
    Just look at the way all other races of women carry themselves, and then compare that with the way the majority of black American females carry themselves. It’s like night and day difference. The truly sad thing is I’m sure there’s no shortage of Simp ass simple stupid Negro men who are probably beating her door down in order just to get some pussy.
    ‘ You just want a white girl because you can’t handle a black woman’….. Hey stupid ass black woman, animals are to be handled. What man in his right mind would want to deal with a woman who believes she needs to be handled by anybody? This is the way black women think. Black women live for drama, fighting, confrontation, arguments, and negativity. Black women feed off these things. And any black man who gets involved with 99.9% of black women will have these things brought into his life immediately.
    The concept of being feminine, sweet, pleasant, agreeable, nice, warm, happy, etc, etc is something that is alien to the vast majority of black women. And black women still have the audacity to question why black men are fleeing from black women in large large numbers.
    Black women are so arrogant, entitled, and stupid that they believe that black men are supposed to put up with, accepted, and understand the horrific and deplorable attitudes of black women. Black women are literally fucking retarded. Avoid black women at all costs. Your life depends on it.

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  13. Oh look. Another single black mother on facebook making silly damands of single childless men of means. I don’t think anyone told her her sexual market value in in the red after pushing out ray-ray’s thug babies.

    It seems all they have to offer a good black man is some drug dealer’s kids to take care of.

    They are making sysbm grow for us.

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  14. Lets do some simple math here fellas.

    Delusional + Insane – Common Sense= Black Women. To all those who got the equation correct you get a first class seat on the SYSBM express.

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    • >To all those who got the equation correct you get a first class seat on the SYSBM express.

      I have my own individual first-class suite on the SYSBM express.


  15. Verbs2015,
    It Always Kills Me When American Black Women Always Say ”Why Ain’t There No Good Black Men Who Want Me””? And Never Ask The Real Question or Questions. ”What Did I Do For Black Men to Stay Away From Me & What Can I Do to Change It”?

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    • Shawn Swint,

      When black women say words to that effect or “where are all the good men at”, what they are really asking is why can’t they get the thugs to commit to them exclusively because the thug, unproductive type black male is the typical black woman’s idea of a good man.


      • Verbs2015,
        And The Thinking Black Man is Always The One to Mock, Ridicule & Single Out. Which is Why When You See Good Black Men Dating Out of The Community With Women Of Different Ethnicity. Then In Comes The Demonizing & Shamming From Either The Racist White Men/Closet Racist White Men & Then Come The Bitter American Black Sisterhood to Join in On The Fray/Beating With Statements Like ”That House Nigger This or That Sell-Out Nigga That”. All The While Bowing Down & Bending Over Backwards For Their White Daddies Just For a Crumb. ”Pathetic”. Which is Why I’m Full On #SYSBM 100%!!!

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  16. That first video HAD to be a comedy shot of some sort. She’s trying out for a role or something because that was FUNNY AS FUCK!



    …then that was sad as fuck too…

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    • Sage,

      She on a roll with the outlandish stupidity, be sure to check out her Instagram page where you can see more of her outrageous standards as well as her loco demands.


  17. Thanks for the laugh!!!! Most of all thanks for the promotion. Be sure to watch me this Friday, Dec. 15th @10pm on HBO. All Def Comedy. Be sure to come out and see me, I go on tour in 2018. By the way, I have money, a successful black man that’s not a simp and no kids. 😂😂😂 These Videos have gotten so much hate from black men. It’s part truth exaggerated with comedy. Even with all the hate from black men, I still love you black kings. I’m going to parlay this into millions$$$. Then I’m going to double back and put black men through college. Love you all! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


    • Daphnique Springs,

      If this is genuinely you then where you are breathing fresh life into negative stereotypes concerning modern day black women, its only right that the thinking black men’s regiment is going to come out and criticise the behaviour. I personally believe its ALL truth as these are the same behaviours that proceed from the overwhelming majority of black females today, however you have chosen to cloak these truths in comedy(which is your right).

      Producing videos in your car with your breasts practically outdoors demonstrates a lack of self respect as well as a lack of respect for your man(noted, NOT your husband). This is one of the main reasons why I call your man a simp/mangina, because he’s tolerant of the slack way in which you present yourself dress wise in your public service announcement videos.

      Because of this I really have to question if you actually do have a man(it seems to me that you are rather pitching yourself). In pushing dysfunctional behaviour through comedy you are making the statement to black women that such degenerate mannerisms are normal, with this in mind don’t expect black men to be happy as those that still deal with black women wrestle with these very things day by day.

      Oh don’t worry, I’ll be watching you, looking out for more outlandish Facebook posts and Instagram videos to light you up on in further articles. Be sure to check back every so often, adios.


  18. She’s a C-O-M-E-D-I-A-N !

    Her whole personality is contrived!
    This entire article was an unprovoked rant. Who is he really mad at? Because it can’t be the woman on the stage telling JOKES!


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  20. I do not follow this woman, had never even heard of her until she made a slanderous and untrue video rant a few months ago about my personal friend and boss, Dwayne Carter, aka, Lil Wayne. People who know Wayne are ride or die – all off from his assistants, housekeeper, chefs, security, drivers to Mack Maine to Gudda and Hoody. I politely and professionally commented on her IG post that making assumptions and posting such brutal falsehoods certainly isn’t fair when she doesn’t know him. I finally deleted the comment just two hours ago because she still keeps coming at me and her followers are exactly like her. I’m all about accepting all people and minding my business, but I also don’t sit back and let people bash Wayne. Her relies are about as sophisticated as a middle school girl in detention for behavioral problems. I have no idea what happened to her in her life to make her so bitter and salty and hateful, but I told her I’d pray for her. Some people just don’t get it. But there will come a day when adversity will engulf her, and she will have to honestly ask herself what motivated her to be so unnecessarily mean and target people on social media that she’s never even met. I pity her.


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