Tiffany Jolene The Fraud, However I Don’t Feel Sorry For Black Women Either!


Thanks Jay for sending me this information. For those of you who may not remember Tiffany Jolene was the white woman who in early October became an overnight sensation and a hero amongst the angry and bitter black sisterhood with her infamous post reprimanding the black men on her friend’s list for constantly being in her inbox. Well, as the commenter Bill Smith and others quite rightly hypothesised, a black woman by the name of Jennifer Renee has now stepped forward and claimed that the post actually originated from herself.

I wrote an article on the situation at the time it went down, that can be seen in the link below:

Of course the irony is here we have a black woman who claims to be angry with a white woman she used to be friends with while at the same time wearing the hair of a white woman on her head. Thus, we genuinely have to question whether Miss Renee is actually angry at Tiffany Jolene at all or is this simply a case of Renee blowing off hot air.

I don’t feel sorry for Miss Renee at all because it seems that she had no problems riding the “Tiffany Jolene throw black men under the bus” express with a 1st class ticket until Jolene began to garner her own traction out of the publicity and set up her own groups ie build her own empire. Of course the black harridans at Lipstick Alley have chimed in with their own views and opinions on the latest developments:

Of course, these same black females who were praising Tiffany Jolene before are now talking about “white women and white people can’t be trusted”. Interpretation – white women/people can’t be trusted UNLESS there is a plan afoot to shaft black men. Black women are always up for trusting white women and white folks in general when it is time to throw black men under the bus, don’t believe black females who talk that “white women can’t be trusted” talk.

As we already know black women as a group are desperate for validation from white males, they live for the day that white men will finally turn to them and say “we accept you”. However we thinking black men already know that day will NEVER come to pass.

Understand this and understand it well, most black women stay guzzling down high-octane dumb fuel for life and they are most proud of their numbskull status, white women have been using these broads from day one, yet in their eagerness to be accepted by white society they have deliberately ignored the warning signs of a trap or the potential of being shafted again and again.

In light of these latest developments are you seeing how dumb black women look(nothing new here) and how they have been caught with egg on their faces yet again? This is one of the reasons why I advise thinking black men to date out, as this serious lack of intelligence most black women possess can be passed down to subsequent generations. Why even bother taking the risk dating, marrying and having children with a group of females who pride themselves on being hard-headed, ignorant, foolish and unintelligent?

Due to the incredible heat and backlash from the angry and bitter black sisterhood Tiffany Jolene has subsequently disabled her Facebook page and shut down the groups she started. This is exactly what I stated before, black women weren’t her friends before nor are they her friends now. We know and have already seen for ourselves how jealous and resentful the overwhelming majority of black women are of white women and how black females so desire to climb the mountain of whiteness.

As soon as they discovered that Jolene had transgressed against them they turned against her like a pack of rabid wild dogs, so much for the “friendship”, what happened to the “Christianity” in these black women, shouldn’t they be forgiving Tiffany Jolene and forgetting her sin? As I’ve already stated in Negro Wars black women love being pimped and merchandised, don’t be fooled by this fake outrage because the institutional church beast black pastors are fleecing black women week in and week out yet they say nothing with regards to them.

I don’t really expect to hear much from the angry and bitter banshees of black female society with regards to this situation seeing as this is a serious embarrassment on their part, however I’m not really surprised as most black women are not honest individuals and will only speak out on issues that don’t paint them in a negative light. This is exactly why black female society continues to trundle downhill at a rapid pace.

Both Hardcore Tito,  KiD Organic and The Straight shooter have also addressed these latest Tiffany Jolene developments, their videos can be viewed here, here and here. Well, another L for black women once again, black women have taken so many losses in 2017 that I am struggling to keep count. Of course as I stated before in their desire to be accepted by white society they won’t learn their lesson from this burning and sooner or later another merchant will step up to claim his/her piece of the pie.

From the information I have seen Jolene does not have a clean past at all but then the racy photos she has posted on Instagram as well as on other social media sites to be honest are automatic giveaways. As I stated before black men, don’t deal with white or other non black women who surround themselves with black females as they have most assuredly been contaminated and they will exhibit the same traits and behaviours as the scraggle daggle.

Lastly, you’ll notice that white women as a group will not come to Jolene’s defence, this is because unlike black females the majority of them have integrity and recognise the need to separate themselves from contaminated individuals. White women do not defend and protect the scum buckets and the trash of white female society, black women on the other hand will lay down their lives for the gutter reprobates that lurk in the dark alleys of the black witch covens, enough said.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Thots

Most High Bless

60 thoughts on “Tiffany Jolene The Fraud, However I Don’t Feel Sorry For Black Women Either!

  1. Good article. This what happens when you go down the route of the Urban, ghetto, ratchet black female regardless of your ethnicity for acceptance and try to be like her, you’ll end up becoming a fraud like her (black women). Tiffany Nolene gets no sympathy from me. SYSBM.

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  2. And again I ask, what exactly is the end game?

    You do the same thing that hip hop has done in relegating black women to less than dirt.

    You would rather have black women slave on your own black plantations that typically yield nothing more than dried grains than she serve for something better than benefits her as it should to be quite honest.

    Thinking so called educated brothers are filled with bullshit.

    Harriet Tubman was first married to a thinking brother. And that thinking brother gladly wanted to rat out Harriet for even attempting to flee slavery.

    You can blame everything on black women for all I care.

    But this is getting old mighty fast.

    Black men as a collective are lazy sons of bitches.

    Remember that most of you so called thinking brothers are very sons of the bitches you despise.

    You would rather have your black women slave for damn near close to nothing on your own dry dead fields.

    Black men should only get the chance to run towards some form of lighter skin acceptance while you leave your black women to die for doing the EXACT SAME THING.

    You’ve already declared war on black women and yes in your theory the educated black women is tossed into this pile as well.

    I do warn you that although you will win certain battles, you won’t win the war.

    There are too many black men that think the way you do. And as a collective, you are all abusive or harbor abusive tendencies varying from physical abuse to emotional and psychological abuse.

    I was unaware that there were way many more men like you out there.

    At least the ONLY thing we agree with is that the black culture as it is needs to die.

    But so do most of you lazy ungrateful selfish bastards.

    You do not get to call out the lack of morals that black women have without dealing with your own.

    A civilization is only as good as its male leadership.

    This movement itself will also fall apart soon and you’ll be back on the plantation you wanted to return to in the first place.

    It was black women who Ied others out of EVERY PHYSICAL PLANTATION to date including trying to bail your lazy ungrateful asses in the plantation you men call prison.

    The fucked up thing is that most black women don’t think in terms of warfare like you men do when it comes to dealing with us collectively. You would rather put up with the white supremacy for another 1000 years than to continue dealing with black women as a collective.

    I am seriously hoping that more black women visit such SYSBM and MGTOW sites.

    A man who does not lead his civilization efficiently and effectively deserves to die. And maybe the civilization eventually save for a very small percentage of people who manage to survive it all.

    Trust me, the day when black women really come against you with pitchforks and flames is when you should really worry.

    Everything is ALWAYS about just about everyone else EXCEPT for black women.

    Those welfare cuts you gleefully await to punish and hurt black women struggling?

    You know damn well that welfare was initially NOT MEANT FOR BLACKS AT ALL. Welfare as you know it was meant to be for whites.

    Why punish black women for wanting more in the first place when we had to deal with many things close to nothing from the very beginning?

    Honestly fuck your complaints. You were lazy then, you’re lazier now.

    Nature doesn’t change right?

    Then fuck your complaints at this point.

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    • B1tch, what black Woman today has led anyone out of plantations? More like back onto the plantations, or even mine fields!

      You bring up colorism yet it is black women who push this on black society.

      Your entire demeanor is more reason to date out, so as to not deal with such toxic individuals as a group of mates. Also, the end game is BREEDING YOU OUT!!!

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      • @Afrofuturism1
        Now I’m going to have to disagree with you on the leadership of the black queens. They have lead black females…they’ve lead them to the front of the line at THE WELFARE OFFICE. I just laugh at these black female clowns, the more they talk the more black men run to other races of females. This shit with Tiffany Holene is so gut busting funny I can barely contain myself. This just shows the level of hatred these black whores have for black men. Lucifer himself could crawl from the depths of hell and say something critical of black men and they would also invite him to the barbecue. They are an absolute lost cause and thank god I stopped dealing with the black whores back in the 8th grade.#SYSBM

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      • “Colorism” is black women’s way of making racism be all about them, as if black men are not victims of “colorism.”

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      • Afrofuturism…

        You just got called out you misogynoir motherfucker. You attack black women when you can’t win a debate.

        You and the rest of the misogynoir coons are the reason why the black community stays in last place.

        Calling black women toxic when you are toxic your damn self makes you a hypocrite.

        I am a black man that thinks NOTHING like you misogynoir Uncle Tom motherfuckers.

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      • D32018,

        And despite your simping and bootlicking those same black women you stand up for and defend still aren’t giving you anything in return. For that flop of an article you posted on your website not one of these black harridans has passed through and commented thanking you for standing in their corner. But you still don’t get it yet do you simp.

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      • @Michel
        I agree, I’m done explaining and arguing with these chicks too. However I did get a chuckle out of this statement from her:
        “Trust me, the day when black women really come against you with pitchforks and flames is when you should really worry.”

        I guess the “pitchforks and flames” are going to be pointed at pookie and ray ray because good BM are leaving.
        These cuts that are coming are going to be ugly but they are necessary.

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    • NABW,

      I told you before, my end game is to educate thinking black men about the perils and the dangers concerning modern day black women, and from the overwhelmingly positive feedback I’ve been receiving, my efforts are not in vain. Black women have thrown themselves in the toilet through their own embrace of dysfunction and degeneracy, thus it is only logical and reasonable that black men with sense and intelligence should walk away from such contaminants.

      Of course to you thinking, educated black men are full of garbage, this is how the disjointed mind of the modern day black female works. She exalts and praises the scum of black male society while at the same time she frowns upon, mocks and despises the black men who are actually trying to make something positive of their lives and get themselves situated.

      No worries, Becky, Ling, Suzuki, Abdullah, Lopez, Kim, Sadiq etc appreciate the thinking brother, they know exactly where to finds us and unlike you black sirens they aren’t disparaging us because of stupid decisions they themselves have made. Your “black men ain’t s**t” narrative have been in circulation for the last 50 years, its only recently that black women have been placed under the microscope and the thinking black men’s regiment is only just getting started.

      Your vestigial shaming tactics won’t work over here at Slaying Evil, you will be examined and no stone will be left unturned regarding the huge part black women have played in the ongoing destruction of black men and black society as a whole. Tubman is dead and has been that way for a very long time, this is 2017 not the mid 1800s.

      “Your mother’s black” won’t work over here either, black mothers are NOT exempt from scrutiny and examination just like every other black female. The educated black woman is typically a dummy, all of those qualifications and degrees and yet these same women are still getting knocked up by Pookie, Ray Ray and J Boogie from the block. Education and intelligence are NOT one and the same, remember that.

      Thinking black men are all about abandoning black women, miss me with the emotional, physical, psychological abuse garbage, talk to the thugs and the road men about that. Besides, black women love getting their heads bashed in by those thug types, this is why they are so eager to square up to them and the reason why they continue to return to such fellows again and again.

      You black harridans are the leading cause of black men being funnelled into the judicial system as well as the prison industrial complex at alarming rates. By the way it is a fact that most of the slave revolts were sabotaged by black women due to them have “privileged” positions on the plantation(normally in the slave master’s house as a whore). You black female degenerates were traitors back then and you’re still traitors to this day, nothing has changed but the times.

      Thinking black men are choosing to build elsewhere seeing as per the instructions of the state it is the black woman’s contractual obligation to ensure that black men and black society both remain flat on their faces. #SYSBM will continue to grow in leaps and bounds, get Tyrone, J Boogie and the legion of pro black simps you have created to lead you, black women are no longer our responsibility. We see who you really work for, we are not stupid. I do not lead nor do I build for devils.

      Because of their innumerable crimes and transgressions black women have a judgement coming the likes of which they have never seen before nor will they ever see again. Your recompense is nigh, a fresh cup a judgement has been poured out and placed on the side ready for you to guzzle down. Those welfare cuts can’t come soon enough, black women will perish in the streets and I will NOT be reaching out to save them in their times of tribulation and distress.

      Your fun in the sun has finally come to an end, devils like yourself deserve to rot in the deepest darkest depths of hell. Now if you’re finished menstruating all over my article.

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    • ALERT, ALERT 🚨🚨..The “SYSBM SIMP DETECTION GRID” has detected an OMEGA LEVEL SIMP in our in our compound. Be on the ALERT…the system has analyzed the droplets of menstruation blood left in the hallways of the compound and has concluded that it’s yet another solider from the “12th REGIMENT SIMP ARMY” attempting to infiltrate and collect data in their losing effort to silence THE INTELLIGENT THINKING BLACK MAN. Black men knew the minute we read the post that a black whore who wrote it, It had all of the vernacular, slang and talking points of the BITTER BLACK BITCH. The lazy welfare, section8, ebt card weave addicted black female scum will lose all of their government hand out goodies next month and your “queans” will finally get a chance to show everyone just how supposedly “skrong” and I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T they really are. So PUSSY BOY #2, you’re so blinded by your SIMPTASTIC goggles you’re wearing to see that what black men have been saying all along that black bitches are a bunch of back stabbing barracudas who care for no one but themselves. I thought Ms Jolene was an honorary “sista” and was invited to the barbecue after the bullshit she stole from another BITTER BLACK BITCH…can you answer that one PUSSY BOY#2? The only power that most black females have…is the power to destroy and disgust. They destroy everything and everyone they associate themselves with and their actions and behaviors are the most disgusting of any group of people in this country. Don’t believe me go to Tommy Sotomayor and Willie Williams YouTube channels just to name a few and they post 5-6 videos everyday of the destruction, whoredom, violence, mayhem and debauchery that your so called “quean” show everyday. So PUSSY BOY#2 I will continue to tell thinking black men to run with the speed and grace of Usain Bolt to white and other races of women if they value their health, sanity, finances and life. Now, I don’t know if you’re a BITTER BLACK OBESE BLACK BITCH or a SIMPTASTIC moron because you both look, sound and act the same. But in any case like Verbs said please stop menstruating all over this blog…#SYSBM4LIFE

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      • Keith…

        I am not related to NABW.

        However… I will say this:

        NABW told the truth on you SYSBM’s.

        Tiffany Jolene is like most white women… NOT for black men to have any faith in.

        Black women act out on us black men because too many of us can’t lead like men.

        You guys complain about the lack of quality black women… but you refuse to look at yourself in the mirror.

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      • @d33018,
        Typical SIMP talking points. Black men are leading just fine when he’s with a real feminine woman(white and non black women) who has his back and is not trying to bury a hatchet in it. BTW, I thought your “Queens” were so strong and independent and didn’t need no man because she can do baaaaaad all by herself?..#SYSBM

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      • Keith…

        You’re dead wrong. White women and non-black women aren’t dating black men like that. There are exceptions… but they are not the rule.

        You are celebrating black women’s perceived downfall if the welfare cuts take effect as if black women make up the majority of welfare recipients.

        You SYSBM’s are bitter bobbies and NABW called Verbs’ misogynoir rag out and I am calling you out for calling black women bitches.

        Not all black men think like you misogynoirs and I certainly as a black man do NOT think like your misogynoir ass.

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    • WOW, that was a lot of NOTHING, for nothing. Here is the end game. Reversing the generational damage done to American Men of African decent in this country by black women like yourself by starving you out. Educating young brothers to date out, use escorts, masturbate, anything, just stay away from black women. Re-enforcing the idea that American men of African decent have OPTIONS and that they should take it. This has to be drilled into their heads EVERYDAY to undo the damage done to their minds and souls……that will leave only the dirty dicks, homos, simps and lesbians for you scaggle daggles.

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      • @Sage
        Preach brother, I would rather saw off my scrotum with a rusty, dull hacksaw blade than even consider dating these black whores. My uncle steered me away from the daggles when I was 13 and I haven’t looked back.#SYSBM

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    • The reason why we entered slavery and remained in chains so long in the first place was because of the black females historic worship of white men. This is well documented. Black women were assisting white men in rounding up slaves and also assisted in snitching on slave revolts. Black women are the left arm of white supremacy. Not even the white woman is as much an ally of white supremacy as the black female.

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  4. It was only a matter of time before those hoodrats turned on her, oh well. The cuts are coming and the Wall of Silence continues to build.

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  5. I called this chick out my livestream last month and pateron as well, glad to see I was proven right this Hoelene chick is nothing but a double dick clutcing pill popping thot

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  6. Let the rift between ratchet white women and black women continue. Let the bridges continue to burn… forever…soon the black female will find herself all alone with no one but, thugs, gays, simps, transsexuals, and lesbians. Think of a nightmarish, twisted version of PARADISE ISLAND.

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  7. “Doesn’t build anything in civilization” but lets just be logical and think about who receives all of the pension checks for all of the construction labor done in the USA for the past 60 years. The severe lack of basic ability to form intelligent thought beyond mere “imagined idea” is quite apparent. Any a never ending obsession with slavery, yet always practicing mental slavery and customs that produce slaves.

    Greatest need these days are mental re-education facilities.

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  8. Kid Organic video was spot on. I’m pro bw, but Farrakhan keep telling bw not to be in league with ww, because they get the short end of the stick. Tiffany Jolene gets a book deal, bw get left holding the bag. Christelyn Karazin had the audacity to do a Google video with this chick. I keep telling you guys, like The Vegenator, Christelyn Karazin will soon be blaming bm for the wm opioid addiction. What a mess

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  9. Verbs2015, I will comment about this a bit later. But have you seen the YouTube video that’s a couple years old titled ‘ Black women are destroying themselves and black men’? This black woman Erika absolutely told the truth about black women.
    But the interesting thing is if you look at her her hair is absolutely real and very long and she probably has some Native American admixture in her or something else that’s nonblack that gives her some damn sense, unlike your typical black woman bitch.
    If you have seen it please let me know, and if you have not seen it you should watch it. She was spot on in everything she said.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Ah, that’s Melissa Speaks, she ran into some beef with Sotomayor some years back and she ran with Jason Black for a short while. I believe she comes from Puerto Rico. She told the truth alright and black women back then didn’t listen, just like they aren’t listening today and one of the main reasons why I only reach out to thinking black men. As several commenters have already mentioned, we are done explaining things to black women, if they don’t get it by now they never will. I personally believe that they wish to remain ignorant, stubborn and prideful on purpose, like I’ve stated many times before they simply aren’t interested in anything good black men have to offer them.

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  10. I will have more to say about this Tiffany Jolene situation soon. But very quickly I just wanted to say do you notice how black women (as long as Blackmen are being destroyed, the lives are turned into a living hell, black men are slandered, and black men are held responsible for every evil action under the sun and all the problems on the planet earth) will jump up out of their filthy beds and support anyone who has something negative to say about Blackmen?
    Black women have such a deep desire to see Blackmen dead, suffering, tortured, and in pain, that black women will support, encourage, and advocate for ANYONE who is publicly speaking negatively about Blackmen. But because the vast majority of black women are stupid, and will go with any idea or movement that supports their pathological, mentally ill desire to see Blackmen dead, that they don’t question anything as long as it has to do with attempting to destroy and kill Blackmen mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
    This is why some ridiculous Internet post created by some mentally ill black woman demon whore was able to gain Internet fame and go viral. Because in the small stupid minds of black women they love to imagine this fantasyland idea that it’s not only black women who hate Blackmen but all women hate black men, especially the White woman, who black women want to be like, look like, and worship. These mentally ill black women have really convinced themselves, that their absolutely ridiculous hatred of black men (the only group of men that are dumb enough to deal with them en mass) is not only correct, but is now validated because some imaginary White woman, who never wrote this post in the first place, has publicly stated what black women have been ‘feeling’ for years.
    As soon as I read that post that was allegedly written by a white woman, I knew it was written by some mentally ill black woman. It was so clear that some black woman animal wrote this post and tried to attribute it to some White woman in a weak attempt to say ‘see white women feel the same way black women do about Black men’. But those of us who understand the absolute devious, lying, treacherous, disgusting nature of black women, understand that there is no limit to the length’s black women will go to to slander Blackmen and make the lives of Blackmen a living hell and there also is no limit to how badly black women want to link up with and associate themselves with the White woman who they want to be like and are extremely jealous of.
    Looks like I didn’t wait till later to comment about this situation. Avoid black women at all costs.

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  11. Verbs, when u posted the first article about Tiffany Jolene remember I posted it will be a matter of time before BW turned on her lmfao. You cannot make this stuff up there is so much ammunition against BW their time is coming to an end they will be left in a post apocalyptic wasteland 😂😂😂

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    • Sean,

      Yep, I remember saying the same thing too, black women are so predictable in their actions. This situation right here is one of the main reasons why black women as a collective are increasingly finding themselves by themselves.

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  12. Ayo my brothas! Go back to The Straight Shooter’s recent Classick video on this topic and…come to find out…this TYPICAL peckkkawood femicunt b*tch says….”i was raped by 2 blackmen!!” When in all actuality, she was cheating on her husband! Sound familiar don’t it? SCOTTIE NELL HUGHES said the SAME. SH*T!!!! When she was cheating on her husband!!! “Oh my oh my wah wah wah I WAS RAPED!!!!” Let that sink…

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    • Themelancholictigah,

      Yep, sounds like typical behaviour straight out of the black witch’s handbook. She should’ve kept her mouth shut and never forged a confederacy with black women.

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    • Michel,

      Good article. We know already that racist white men, black women and their pro black flunkies keep the same talking points and fear mongering propaganda in circulation in their attempts to keep black men on the proverbial plantation.

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    • @Michel Enjoy your thanksgiving day brother. There is a lot of validity in the article that dispels the preconceived stereotypes of white woman who date black men.


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      • It’s about time White women start standing up against those perpetuating falsehoods and start demolishing their bullshit talking points.


        And a peaceful holiday to you too. SYSBM.

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      • @Michel It puts a smile on my face knowing that their is a segment of white women in society that has black mans’ best interest at heart!


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  13. I’d love to see a year-end list of all the L’s black women have taken in 2017. Seems like they’ve been coming thick and fast. Here are a few off the top of my head…

    Ghetto white bitch Tiffany Jolene exposed as a fraud
    Shea Butter promoting to non-black women
    Hazel-eyed, pro-black Jesse Williams dumping black wife for a white actress
    Luke Cage star revealed to have white wife
    Bedwench with mixed son crying on camera because no black man wanted to dance with her
    Lexi D: “Why Don’t Black Men Want Us”?
    Section 8 cuts
    Flagging campaign against black male YouTubers failed

    Anybody got anymore?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    • Schadenfreude,

      Trick Daddy telling black women to tighten up.

      Kodak Black stating that he only prefers light skinned black women.

      Rapper Crougs dropping his freestyle calling out the decadent sisterhood and their hypocrisy.

      Black women in preparation for the coming cuts begging black men for help.

      The L’s these sirens have taken have been off the chain and we still have one month left to the end of the year.

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    • Going through the archives:

      Robert deNiro revealing his wife burning his money off

      Jeremy Meeks (black women lusting after light skinned thug) turns out to be married to a white woman with kids

      Jamaican diaper ape beating her kid with a machete – whole world sees it, she is arrested

      Kaneeka Jenkins – walked into a freezer, smdh….

      The Dick Challenge – THE biggest L in 2017

      Tyrese Gibson marrying his “black queen” Samantha Gibson, AND winning custody of his daughter.

      “Wendell” Williams strokes out on stage

      Black woman bakes kids in oven, escapes death sentence.

      Horse hair stealing bitch in Jamaica

      Loud restaurant guide dog-hatinh bitch and her cuck husband revealed to have been stealing food

      Piss-hurling demon on the bus

      … And finally, the CUTS are coming! 22 days to go.

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      • the black bitch that sucked her 4-month-old dick on periscope,

        the bitch that taped her son to wall and streamed it on Facebook

        The 300lb black bitch that sat on her niece and suffocated her

        the black bitch that starved her 5 year old black male son while taking perfectly good care of her white husband’s white kids.. and isn’t it amazing how none of these black bitches made “Charlemagne the God” Donkey of the Day.. oh I forgot that’s reserved for black men and white people only, they can’t put their black queens on that..#SYSBM

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  14. MAJOR L FOR BLACK WOMEN: The recent Memphis, Tennessee conviction of a black women in the HAIR WEAVE MURDERS. Black women say: ALL WOMEN DO IT, TOO !! When was the last time you became aware of a non-black woman committing a crime or attacking an animal for hair? In that only black women wear hair weave, you will not see a non-black woman committing crimes or abusing animals for hair.

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    • If that’s the murdering animalistic black bitch whore that killed that man, woman and her unborn child for some damn weave? From what I’m reading that black bitch animal may only get 15 years, now let’s flip the gender, tell me what would the sentence be if a black man had did this?

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    • What an intelligent and though-provoking pack of rebuttals you’ve presented disproving once and for all the sub-intellectualism of the sheboon! NOT!

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    • @BlackCaesar Their is nothing worse than a non-black who takes on the degenerative behavior and mannerisms of black culture. You don’t get a high five for taking out other races’ throwaways; that is nothing to be proud about. period, point, and blank.

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