Some Thug With Your Soup Madam?


How much more confirmation do black men need that black women as a collective willingly pass over normal black men for Dey Dey and J Boogie from the block? Yet again here it is straight from the weaved up horse’s mouth, your typical garden variety dysfunctional black female openly stating that YES, she does indeed want the thug types. She even goes as far as to mock the black men who have questioned her concerning her “taste” in men. “Duh” is interpreted as “don’t you black men get it yet, haven’t you put 2 and 2 together, of course we prefer the thugs, are you still thick and stupid”?

When black women talk about preppy, nerd, geek, intelligent black men, this is simply code for normal. See, despite the black woman’s efforts to paint geeks and nerds within black society as something out of the ordinary, it is in fact the thug, gangster type black males who are the abnormal and dysfunctional individuals within black male society. Of course black women for the most part being dysfunctional themselves are drawn towards these characters.

You see, one of the main reasons why black women reject normal black men is because they don’t like men around them who are clean as this makes the black witch feel extremely uncomfortable. Black women enjoy wallowing in their own filth, hence why they feel more comfortable being around those who are just as filthy and dirty as they are.

Once again, this is a clear example showing you how black women DON’T want to rebuild black society, they instead wish to continue destroying it which is why they much prefer to form a confederacy with their unproductive black male partners of destruction. They procreate with Dey Dey and wreck shop but then in their latter years look towards the same normal black men they dismissed when they were younger to save them from the consequences of their sins.

I keep on telling you that most black women are blockheads to the 10th power, just check out this post made by another member of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure:

Do you see how stupid black women as a group are? This delusional soul actually believes that thugs are rebelling against white supremacy and the white man. How is killing your own people at an astronomical rate rebelling against the system of white supremacy? How is sagging your trousers ie advertising yourself as an available rent boy for hire rebelling against white supremacy? Isn’t it this same system of white supremacy she talks about responsible for promoting homosexuality and all things related? Homosexuals are absolutely loving the thugs who walk the streets sagging their trousers, that’s prime eye candy to them.

Dumber than a box of rocks Suzy Jean Baptiste then goes on to suggest that thugs are further defying the white man in not getting educated and making their money illegally. How stupid can you be, that is the problem with these modern day black females, they don’t know their history. Back in the days of slavery reading and educating one’s self was forbidden, whites in general then and many now feel more comfortable being around black folks who are NOT educated.

White folks in general do not like or feel comfortable around educated and intelligent black men, therefore it would make more logical sense to go in the opposite direction of what they feel comfortable with, ie EDUCATE one’s self and embrace intelligent thought. As for making money illegally, I really have to question Baptiste’s IQ level as isn’t it these same bootlickers who talk about the government funnelling the drugs into the black community ie the same drugs that many of these thugs then pick up and sell?

How is selling the very drugs supplied to you by white supremacy rebelling against that same system? Most black women like Baptiste stay guzzling down dumb fuel for life. Walk away black men, walk away, stupid and mental illness is for life when it comes down to these types of women. They believe “real” black men are the ones who gang bang, shoot up the streets and have multiple females on deck, many of whom are either pregnant or have already had children by these same fellows. They continue to tell on themselves. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Dumb Broads

Most High Bless

71 thoughts on “Some Thug With Your Soup Madam?

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  2. They can’t even help themselves at this point…..

    Notice how the gender dynamics are way different everywhere else. As mentioned on here and in my videos, in other communities, it is the men who are the problem, and who are leading the way in dysfunction. Black people have only ever been able to build with black women briefly while under the auspices of white folk, and even then they were quick to betray us again with welfare. Their partnership with us theretofore was out of convenience.

    And how is being every being stereotype under the sun going against the grain? White men are actually fine with both thugs and pro-blacks, because they know that no matter how loud those dogs bark, they will never build anything.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I keep on saying, the majority of black women are brain damaged individuals, this is a form of mental illness that in the overwhelming majority of cases cannot be rectified. Like I’ve stated before black women love wallowing in their own filth, in fact they see nothing wrong with their current gutter condition, this is a clear illustration of just how broken they are as a group.

      Thinking black men simply need to keep walking away, some will do so in silence whereas others will be vocal about their departure. Either way the abandonment of the modern day black female is definitely the best way forward.

      Again, it is not the job of the thinking black man to rehabilitate and save mentally ill, mentally broken and mentally damaged black women.

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  3. “Advertising yourself as an available rent boy for hire”?

    What does that mean?

    Also, it’s impossible for thugs and hood niggaz to “rebel” against the “system” of “white supremacy”, especially since they’re playing right into the hands of the system by living up to the stereotypes.

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  4. Black women are a weird hybrid of a black man (with her foul mouth, aggressive mannerisms/energy) and a nonblack woman (with her nonblack hair weave) and it transforms them into a shemale – but that’s how much they hate black womanhood they’d rather take on the persona of both a black man and the attempted look of a nonblack woman and combine the two…sad

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      • Verbs2015,
        Things may be get worse for men in the US because the elites are engineering a female president in 2020 it’s likely going to be black woman instead of white women, so they would easily control to make things really bad behind the scenes.

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  5. My views are consistent in that I always state that the teenage girl period for a black female is from age 12 to age 32. Non-black women have, on average, a teenage girl period from age 12 to age 22. White supremacy has trained the black female to engage in dysfunctional behavior and to favor black males that act just like her. In the warped mind of black females, thugs are alpha males. On another point, always look for a black woman, with a hair weave, to constantly touch her hair weave. Notice how the black woman in the video plays with her hair weave. A black female hair weave wearer has more love for her purchased hair then she will have for her children or mate. Spread the word. Do not start a new relationship with a black female. Black females are, of course, females but their conduct and thinking are very different from the thinking and conduct of non-black females. Under no circumstances should a man say that all females are the same. Any black man that makes this statement shows a substantial lack of intelligence.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      “All females are like that” is a common mantra I hear coming from the mouths of many black men these days. As I have stated before as bad as many non black women do indeed have their shortcomings, they aren’t half as bad as the innumerable problems black females have. “All Women Are Like That” is not an honest statement.

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      • WJen nonblack women are in poverty yet making the weave industry a billion dollar industry, then we can talk. Until then, stop letting these white boys complain and act like their problems are the same.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        Agreed, I don’t see non black women creating ghettos and making others incredibly rich off their insecurities about self. Black women have taken this weave wearing lunacy to the next level, but we aren’t supposed to talk about it right? White men aren’t dealing with the same problems concerning their women, white females are an easy stroll in the park in comparison to modern day black females.

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    • I would actually argue that most black womens teenage period extends to their 40s if not 50s. I’ve noticed that most black Women will be members of AARP and yet still be running the damn streets.

      Non black women are not creating Compton’s, Cabrini Greens, Chiraqs, or Detroit’s. They are building gated communities with their men. “All women are like that” is a disingenuous mantra spouted by mainly white men, especially if they can use it to convince black men not to date out.

      Also, notice that these white men, being pushovers, expect the same flawless fairy tale marriage and relationship image that they complain about women falling into.

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    • Those phones were collecting information on drug deals, resulting in several men of interest being scooped up by the feds. Twas an inside job.

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  6. The black girl in that video talks like slavery just ended. She’s telling you flat-out she doesn’t want a preppy college boy, but would be the first to trip at the sight of a good black man hugged up with a white girl. I say give the thug-loving Negro wench the world that she wants.

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  7. What makes it worse is that some thug/simp will probably knock this hoodrat up. The cuts cant come fast enough man, I’m tired of tax money that could be going toward something worthwhile going to subsidize hoodrats like this after they have kids with pookie and ray ray. The black community is a dysfunctional matriarchy. We are so deep down the single motherhood rabbit hole that even when BW try to point the finger at no good black men they are forced to acknowledge (whether they want to or not) that he was likely raised by a single BW. Good black men should walk away and not look back. I enjoy speaking with like minded brothers about this topic on the internet, but in public I’m 100% Wall of Silence.

    Hopefully in the words of Willie D, “One of these days, there ain’t gonna be no welfare bitches”:

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    • James S,

      The dysfunctional matriarchy is exactly what the black community cannot be saved. The black witch’s reign is coming to a close, however she has caused so much damage that this current black society will have to be scrapped and another built from scratch excluding westernised black women. I done said in Negro Wars that the pro blacks won’t be able to build anything until they thoroughly deal with black women first and my statement still stands true to this day.

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  8. SMDH, And that dumb ass (I can’t get a white daddy) You tuber black bitch Synthetic aka Cynthia g probably feels the same way too.Blk woman and their white daddy is WS……

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  9. You know, I have made a lot of posts on this website regarding the ridiculous and lowlife violent nature of black women. And it would seem like I would have nothing else to say regarding these demons and how low they are. But each and every day there is another clown like loudmouth, disgusting, vile, crude, vulgar, aggressive, violent, disgusting, ugly, phony, combative black ‘woman’, who not only goes out of her way to make herself look like the complete and total idiot she is, but actually puts her nonsense on the Internet for the world to see.
    In the mind of the majority of these disgusting black women demons, thugs, overly masculine, hyper aggressive, violent, criminal subhuman scum, are who and what constitutes what a real man is.
    And you notice the stupid ass black women actually believe that these black, violent, criminal, brain-dead, ignorant, buffoon, Simp Negro males, are somehow taking a stand against or combating alleged white supremacy by their ignorant ass stupid behavior. These dumb ass, animal like, criminal, beast, brain-dead, dumbass Negro SIMPS are every alleged white supremacist’s dream.
    But I’m not concerned about the so-called white supremacist and with their dreams are. It is the black woman who wants to see the black man brain-dead, ignorant, violent, and unable to question or think constructively about any issue. Because this way the demonic black woman can have control over Blackmen, and make sure the Blackman’s life is turned into a living hell that he has no control over. Black women feed off of negativity. Black women feed off confrontation. Black women feed off violence. Black women feed off of gossip. Black women feed off hating not only Blackmen but hating other black women. There is absolutely no positive aspect regarding any mental, physical, or spiritual attributes of the vast majority of black women.
    But I forgot Whitewomen are doing everything in their power in order to mimic and look like black women. Just when you thought that black women couldn’t get any more stupid, whorish, phony and vile than they already are, here comes another wave of these black women demons to take themselves to a lower level of ignorance and stupidity.
    And black women have the nerve to actually question why white women and women of other races are thought of and valued more than they are. Keep black women far far away from me. I will take my chances with Becky.

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    • Nothing black women do shocks me anymore. I just avoid them as much as I possibly can. The only time I will even talk to a black woman is if she is not from the United States.

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      • @YoursTruly Me too. It’s embarrassing and sad to think about but its “true” we have the most unattractive and mentally deficient(low IQ) to choose from. I’m jumping ship!

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    • @BillSmith Indeed. Hopefully when I enroll in college during the spring I’ll be able to meet some cute white girls. Have you found your snowbunny yet? #TeamWhiteGirls

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      • Not yet. I live in a town that is probably 70% white and 30% black. Actually it’s more like 55% white 25% black, and the rest are Mexican. But I’m just on my lazy bullshit. I will eventually find her, but I’m really in no rush. And why should I be? I get all the pussy I want with no strings attached. But eventually I would actually like to settle down with a good woman so I can relax and stop being the weirdo that I am. Hahaha!!!! Avoid black women at all costs. Peace.

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    • Bill Smith,

      On point as always. By the way it looks like you were right on that Tiffany Jolene post originally be created by a black female. Article coming on that tomorrow.


      • Yes Verbs2015, looks like I was. Black women are so eager to attempt to prove how worthless Blackmen are that they will do anything, including a lie and lie and lie, in a week and transparent attempt to paint Blackmen in the way that they want Blackmen to be painted.
        Like I originally said it was obvious that some mentally ill black woman demon wrote this garbage in a week attempt to try to say ‘see were not the only ones who understand how worthless Blackmen are, Whitewomen feel the same way we do’……
        But like most things that the vast majority of black women do, their every action is filled with lies, deception, and a ‘end game’ of trying to destroy everything they come in contact with.
        Avoid black women at all costs.

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  10. I have actually heard black women both online and IRL give me the same reason why they like thugs that this “Suzy jean baptiste” They say a thug is the closest thing to rebelling against the “White system” and feel that black men getting a education and a job/carrer is “selling out to the white man” but wasting your life a literal fuel for the prison industrial complex isn’t. Note that when it comes to black woman’s education it is her pride and joy. There is nothing a black women would rather do then brag to you about how educated she is but a black man with a PHD or Bachelors is “lame” and “weak”

    These women have lowered their collective IQ from the massive breeding/inbreeding with thugs and bums and that is why they don’t like educated men. Muslims have this problem to the difference is the inbreeding is done on purpose and the women are trying to get away from the violent culture of the men. Black men are leaving the violent culture that comes from the black woman. Being around one makes them realize just how dumb they are. I bet Suzy Jean baptiste will have a kid out of wedlock by a thug if she hasn’t already only to run to the “lames” for help when Trump takes her section 8 away.

    Of course after demonizing and frowning upon educated black men she and the rest of them will go online and tell us all about her “education” and how we need to start “building.” What a joke.

    These women follow the same pattern and no amount of “education” can change them.

    Black women mating process.

    1. Seek out thug (reject everybody who isn’t a thug and classify them as lame,nerd,ect.)

    2. Have a child by the thug. (the fact that he has 12 kids already is irrelevant)

    3.When he leaves you apply for section 8

    4.Work on finding a baby sitter while you go to the club to work on getting knocked up by a new thug.

    5. When this life catches up with you turn around and place the blame and responsibility of your womb on men you never even had sex with aka “Lames” “Nerds” Tell them they have to mentor all these bastard kids and if they don’t then the downfall of the community is their fault not hers.

    These women have no idea just how many black men are prepared to just sit back and let these baby factories crash and burn come December 15th. They will just have to wait and see. Sooo many single mothers think they are gonna land them a 6ft man with washboard abs, 14 inch dick, and a 6 figure income who will be more than happy to take care of her daycare center she created while on section 8. You can’t reason with people like that. All you can do is sit back and let reality have a few words with her. I have no sympathy for any of these women or their children. The sooner these low IQ death factories all die off the better the Black race will be. I might change my name to Black Hitler lol.

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    • “These women have no idea just how many black men are prepared to just sit back and let these baby factories crash and burn come December 15th.”

      Many hoodrats are too dumb to realize how screwed they are. As welfare continues to be reduced they will have no one to run too. Good men don’t want them and the black male losers that they had children with (pookie and ray ray) have no money or resources to give to them. They can file child support claims against pookie and ray ray but if pookie and ray ray are broke then they wont pay much if anything. Straight Shooter was right in his video about hyperinflation, there are going to be a lot of hoodrats living in shelters, on the streets, and crowded together in one house like Mexican immigrants as these cuts keep coming. Sadly sites like backpage and ghetto gaggers will be flooded with new “talent”.

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  11. Verbs out of all the BW demons you have posted these 2 bitches have to be the dumbest ever posted on this site. How are they rebelling against white supremacy when they are killing each other and also BW talking about rebelling against white supremacy what a damn joke. Ok!!!!!, you are the same BW who are using the White Supremacy programs welfare, child support, section 8 do you see how fucking dumb these BW are.

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    • Sean,

      This is one of many reasons why black men need to stop breeding up these women. The dumb factor will be carried forward to the next generation and beyond. Thinking black men must be very selective of the women they choose to date, marry and procreate with. The modern day black woman’s lack of logic is an enigma to say the least.


    • But black men ARE “building.” Only with non-black or non-American women, or both. Hahaha! Love sitting back in the cut watching it all unfold.

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  12. Notice how the idiot black woman referenced the ‘white man’s way of dress’. Black women are completely retarded. First of all what the hell is the white man’s way of dress? Second of all does this idiot black woman understand that if there is a white man’s way of dress, these stupid ass thug Blackmen are still dressing in the alleged white man’s way of dress?
    Lastly you notice how she referenced the white man’s way of dress but has no comment about black women putting on hair in order to appear like the Whitewomen who they idolize and hate at the same time.
    Black women are unbelievably stupid.

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  13. Verbs2015,
    My Fear is Usually Spiders & In Truth it Still Is, But Now The American Black Female is At Fear #2 For Me. Imagine The Existence of a Creature Species Called ”The American Black Spider Woman”. Now That Would Be Something to Fear & Be Repulsed At.

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    • Shawn Swint,

      The black female of the US is a very scary individual indeed and she hasn’t even bottomed out with her dysfunction. There is still worse to come from her.


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