Thinking Black Man In The UK Gets It


This is an oldie but goody, I don’t think black men in the US would have been aware of this conversation from circa 2010/2011 when the UK presenter Vanessa Feltz had her slot on BBC Radio. I’m sure that commenters like Michel who is also from the UK would remember when this took place. Of course when the caller finished the pro black simps were coming out of the woodwork thick and fast defending their black queans, additionally black women themselves had to put their 2 pence worth into the conversation attempting to save a reputation that they threw into the gutter years ago, the extended version of that show can be heard below:

Please see the link directly below for the source:

In terms of the state of things in the US, aren’t guys like yourselves aswell as others such as Obsidian Radio continually pointing out the fact that good-looking black women have become an extreme rarity? What, you didn’t think it was any different over here did you? Nope, Phillipe was on point all the way and just to think that this radio clip was from 7 years ago.

Isn’t everything Phillipe described about the condition of black women as a collective in the UK more or less the same as their US cousins? Of course the presenter Vanessa Feltz just like the rest of the mainstream media pundits immediately slipped into PC mode and used the talking points that typically come from the mouths of black females, your mother, daughter, sister aunt etc are black, blah, blah, blah. The British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC) is the equivalent of your CNN/ABC/FOX/MSNBC in the US.

When you listen to the hour-long version you’ll clearly hear how most folks over here in the UK(especially blacks) are ultra PC and how very few if any of them actually wish to talk about and deal with the real issue of the problematic black female. This is yet another reason why black men need their own media outlets, just like in the US black women in the UK using the mainstream media have urinated and defecated upon the heads of their black male counterparts at every opportunity given, as you can see there’s nothing new under the sun.

The interracial dating rate for black men here in the UK is at 53% and rising, in other words the majority of black men over here date out. If what Phillipe was saying held no truth to it then why are so many black men passing over black women and opting for non black females instead? We all know the reasons why, black women here for the most part look like men, they’re overweight, they embrace feminism, they too rock the weaves, fake eye lashes, fake eye brows, they too bleach their skin in their efforts to climb the mountain of whiteness, they too suffer from the same mental illnesses as the US black sisterhood.

When I stated that problematic black women are an international issue I’m sure that you can now see that there is truth to that statement. You’ll notice that the caller immediately after Phillipe talked about the fact that as a dark skinned black man black women pass over him for the lighter skinned and mixed race black men in order to get pregnant so that they can have children with “good hair”, now I’m sure that sounds very familiar to the thinking black men’s regiment across the pond.

Remember, when it comes down to the UK black women and the guys they choose they are no different to the same women in the US, the UK equivalents of Dey Dey, Tyrone and J Boogie from the block are Delroy, Leroy and Jermaine on the council estate. Remember that article I wrote back in January 2017 in which I showcased a short video clip from the Facebook page Black British Banter demonstrating the fact that black women in the UK as a collective also love dealing with the thugs and bad boys? For those who missed it please see a link to the article below:

See, we thinking black men now have plenty of receipts, we have mountain loads of prove which is why black women for the most part have slowly backed off from arguing with us. Sure, there are still a few die-hard stragglers still trying to urinate against the wind, however alas all they can do for the most part is attack the messenger as well as the message, they can never deal with the points raised.

Of course where would your average black woman be without introducing the concept of “self-hatred” into the equation, even though most black women will brasenly engage in openly redefining words to bolster their redundant arguments. I mean let’s be honest, how much more true self-hatred can you get than wearing white women’s hair upon your head, putting on 50 layers of make up trying to lighten yourself and bleaching your skin?

Black women and their pro black simp advocates are nothing more than your modern day house Negroes who talk a big talk about white supremacy and oppression on the one hand yet on the other will quickly run to the table of whitey whenever any crumbs fall from their master’s hands. Since they both refuse to talk about the real issues within black society we thinking black men will simply do so over in our own corners.

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid The Scraggle Daggle

Most High Bless

35 thoughts on “Thinking Black Man In The UK Gets It

  1. Gentlemen,

    Our resident pro black simp D32018 aka @d1ckh38d due to growing pressure and forever looking like a hypocrite has written his first blog post attempting to uplift the angry and bitter black sisterhood. According to simp D32018 we thinking black men have plenty of options to choose from within black female society and are overlooking black baby mothers, obese black females, black women who live in messy houses, tall black women, black women who can’t cook and plain Jane black females. I kid you not, take a look:

    These simps still don’t get it and many of them never will. As commenter Michel stated in one of the previous articles, once the simp’s usefulness has ended, black women will discard of his blackside with the quickness. Simps such as D32028 believe that by throwing black men under the bus they are gaining favour with the angry and bitter black sisterhood, however nothing could be further from the truth.

    Additionally, I posted a comment on his article which is awaiting moderation, just in case he doesn’t approve it, here’s what I posted:

    “So, due to the pressure of constantly looking like a hypocrite you’ve finally decided to write your first article attempting to uplift the reprobate black sisterhood. Black baby mommas, fat black women, black women who can’t cook, messy black women, plain Jane black women etc are options within black female society that thinking black men are overlooking, really bruh???

    What makes me laugh is despite this expansive list of “options” you’ve given, you yourself are still single. See, all of the above types of black women you’ve mentioned have one thing in common, THEY HATE SIMPS LIKE YOU, this is why despite you lowering your standards in order to accommodate such gutter, low grade trash, these same black females by and large will never give you the time of day.

    This is the beauty of SYSBM, there is no need to compromise one’s standards as top quality women can easily be garnered without any of the shortcomings. You are doing yourself a great disservice by limiting yourself to the modern day black female, especially seeing as black women don’t like black men anyway. Read the Gospel Of Tyrone on my website and do yourself a favour instead of constantly looking like a nob”.

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    • @Verbs,
      I’m sorry, I wouldn’t waste my time, eyeball muscles(inferior rectus) or bandwidth visiting “PUSSY BOY’S DEN OF THE SIMPTASTIC” blog page.That clown doesn’t have an once of testicular material to even be considered a man. So I’ll pass, but thanks for alerting us that he decided to write his “GIRL POWER” monologue after his GENDER REASIGNMENT SURGERY”..I know he looks wonderful in his weave, skirt and high heels with his skin all bleached up and a couple of tattoos on his fake enhanced breasts….hell, I bet he looks more feminine than 90% of the black chicks who boots he loves to lick so much..I mean, it’s
      not that hard to do 😂😂😂. The brothers here in the US are fastly approaching the brothers in the UK numbers. I believe the date out rate for black men is 28% and the marry out rate is 25% and both are rising fast. As I will continue to say black men.. run with the speed and grace of Usain Bolt to other races of women if you value you health, sanity, finances and life….#SYSBM

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      • Keith,

        I don’t blame you, dude is a sucker for defending women that don’t give a rat’s behind about him. Since he called me out in his article its only right that I paid him a visit, lol. I’m glad to see that American black men now more than ever are beginning to get it, let the simps like D32018 fight amongst themselves for the scraggle daggle.

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    • Well well well… @d1ckh38d did it. He actually wrote an article uplifting thy big booty bimbo god.

      So, I’m a “coon”, and an “Uncle Tom” for dating White girls, yet here’s Mr @d1ckh38d is advertising himself for baby mamas and obese bitches? And guess what? he’ll STILL be single and he’ll STILL be wacking off to PornHub tonight.

      A right royal @d1ckh38d.

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    • took a look at his article.
      “single mothers can be just as good a catch as childless women”

      Stopped reading there.

      Proves everything I say about the gender war.
      Black women have no more sexual value and after slutting it up with thugs, white boys, and big daddy goverment so they and their simp army have to try to repackage and sell the idea of single mothers,born again sluts, and fat chicks to black men. It will fail because why would we settle for that when we can get non-black women who are young,submissive, and childless?!
      At least the simps are good for a laugh.

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      • Yours Truly,

        This is the level of contempt and the disrespect black women as a collective feel they have a right to place upon black men, as far as they are concerned we deserve no better than the sub standard trash they’re offering us, hence why they refuse to improve themselves for black men. Simps like D32018 are there to police and try their best to enforce the raw deal via the use of shaming tactics mainly. Again, dude is opening himself up to all of these types of women who normally would be seen as a straight liability, yet he himself still remains single, lol.

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    • Innit?
      Dat’s bare long, fam.
      Dat’s so peak.
      I’ll take your wifey.
      Wat do u mean u don’t know Badman from endz?
      Wud u snitch on man?
      U hate ur culture.

      Remind me never to work with, or speak to common Negroes. Fucking hell.

      #SYSBM, including from most black folk. Skinfolk ain’t kinfolk.

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    • Michel,

      Lol, nah, that wasn’t me though I wish it was because I would’ve gone in hard on Feltz for her caping. She kept using white women as a comparator in order to shield the scraggle daggle from proper scrutiny.

      This is why mainstream radio for the majority part just like the rest of mainstream media empire is a dead horse, they don’t want to deal with the real issues and the above clips are clear examples of that.

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      • For the American brothers:

        Vanessa Feltz is a radio (and former TV) chat show host, a sort of an obese Jenny Jones. She was married, divorced, and has a Black boyfriend of several years, much to the hatred of her community. Divorced Jewish women are seen as outcasts, so she went ahead and got herself a brother.

        Now she had to play the straight bat, as it’s the BBC, but a part of her must wonder why her boyfriend chose her, and not the “sustas”. That 53% dating out rate is a fact, that Vanessa is a part of!

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  3. I looked up Vanessa Feltz. Ugh. Brother could’ve done a hell of a lot better. She must be playing sugar mama. Good hustle. He’ll end up dumping her for his real (younger) girlfriend soon enough.

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  4. In that 80% of black females are overweight, by any standard, where are these quality black women that the simps speak of? In addition, 10% of the black women that are not fat are slim because of substance abuse. Most of the black females that are not fat are substance abusers and black women with metabolism issues. If a black female, over age 25, has no children, it is often an infertility issue.

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      • “Quality black women” are out there, but they are statistically insignificant. You may as well pass “Go” and head straight for white or Asian women IMO. You’ll be happier.

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  5. “The interracial dating rate for black men here in the UK is at 53%”

    This figure is completely fabricated! It is actually KNOWN to be completely false. How would anybody know who is dating who?

    Stop promoting black genocide propaganda. If we all abandon black women then that is the END of the black race. Is this your aim?


    • RetCon,

      If you are going to state that the information concerning black men and interracial dating in the UK is false then at least provide some evidence that counters the position.

      Talk to black women first about the astronomical amount of abortions they are carrying out before coming here with that pro black, end of the black race nonsense.


    • No, dumb ass, those numbers have been verified for years by pew research, BBC and SKY news, and the numbers are heading in that same direction for bm/ww interracial dating in the US…FAST!!!! Just because your SIMP ass don’t like the FACTS doesn’t make them any less true… #SYSBM

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