Dealing With Most Black Women In 2017 Is Too Dangerous


Yet more evidence that clearly demonstrates the mental instability of the modern day black woman. I’ve been telling you for the longest while that in 2017 dealing with black women as a collective is a huge risk with extremely severe and dire consequences if the interactions go wrong(which more often than not they do).

The woman threw acid on the guy because he decided to break up with her and move on. Haven’t we thinking black men been stating over and over how breaking up/separating from your average black quean is no easy feat? How many accounts have we come across of black women shooting, stabbing and in some cases killing black men who simply had enough of their dysfunctional garbage and wanted to move on with their lives?

What about the black women who feel the need to destroy the property of the men who split up with them, how many times have we seen black women using knives, screwdrivers, bricks, baseball bats etc against cars and houses? But these are the most educated individuals in the US right? Additionally here we have a case of swirling gone wrong and black women wonder why more white men who had no problems dealing with them in the past are beginning to give them a wide berth in favour of women from other cultures.

I’ve seen quite a few cases where a black quean has turned against her lord, saviour, master and father the European man. We saw this with the Vegainator, the angry and bitter black sisterhood turned on him like a pack of rabid wild dogs when he made the declaration that he didn’t swirl. Any white male who decides to cross the black witch’s coven will receive exactly the same treatment.

Something that needs to be explained to white men is just because black women behave a lot better for you it doesn’t now mean that their mental instability has been rectified. The fact that they have to fake the funk by putting on a valley girl accent and behave like white women when with you is smoking gun proof that black women’s mental insanity is etched into their psyche regardless of who they date and marry.

I keep on telling you black men and the same can be declared to white men as well, deal with modern day black females at your own risk. If you still choose to go there and get bitten in the process then you only have yourselves to blame because you were forewarned. I also mentioned this in Negro Wars. To be honest Mark Van Dongen made his mistake by returning to the black witch’s house. He had a chance to break free when he first left but alas he threw it down the toilet and this cost him his life.

You’ll notice that the likes of the swirling black sisterhood and their jefe(boss in spanish) one Miss Christelyn Karazin are eerily silent on this story, obviously this is not a good look for black women at all. Acid attacks are very common in Middle Eastern countries such as India and Pakistan, they are normally carried out by incredibly insecure and disgruntled men upon women who have subsequently rejected these same men for dating or marriage.

There have been many acid attacks here in the UK as of late especially in London. This is one of many problems when living in a city type environment, it becomes too easy for other people to directly interfere with your life. This is why I personally much prefer living in the countryside/provinces as the less people around you, typically the less trouble can come your way.

Berlinah Wallace looks like a psychopath, she laughed at Mark Van Dongen before throwing the acid upon him, what kind of Norman Bates type behaviour is that? I keep on telling you, from a secular perspective most black women are mentally insane, from the spiritual standpoint they are possessed by evil spirits who now fully control them. The souls of the real individuals were evicted from their own bodies a long time ago, this is why most black women are so cold and heartless in character.

Stay safe out there gentlemen, stay as far away from black women as you can, they are extremely loose cannon and incredibly unpredictable individuals. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of Psychopathic Females

Most High Bless

50 thoughts on “Dealing With Most Black Women In 2017 Is Too Dangerous

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    • And notice that both parties (white men and black women) will usually claim the reverse: that since “weak” black men can’t handle “strong” black Women, they’ll get a “Becky” who’s fat and/or easy to control.

      Funny we’d mention this. I’ve got two stories of relevance. One is that a black girl in my class was public ally lamenting her break up with her snow king boyfriend. Said girl looked like a pit bull in the face, and once she explained that he wouldn’t talk to his friends about her or show her off, I knew that the only thing he wanted out of her was some nasty poonaner and to probably grab and suck on her (honestly very large and succulent) titties. Once an ACTUAL female, and not a black tranny with a boob job presented herself, he headed for the hills.

      Also, I recently encountered a black girl I knew in the mall. Said girl, when I was younger, wouldn’t give me the time of day. Now, she (whose actually good looking) was literally being dragged around the mall by her snow king, whose pants and white (actually browning) t shirt were ripped, with him looking like he had just got through trying to sell pork in every no go zone ever. They will literally take swamp rat white men!

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        The “you can’t handle a strong black woman” argument they normally run against black men is a crock of nonsense. If you have a car that is constantly problematic, you are looked upon as wise for getting rid of it and opting for a car that runs smoothly with the least amount of issues. This principle is expected to be applied to everything except black women. In their case their problems and dysfunctions we are expected to overlook, accept and take on board as normal.

        Obsidian is right when he refers to black society as bizarro land. Yep, we already know that black women apply NO STANDARDS when it comes to white men. The dude could be living in a tent out in the forest rummaging for scraps here and there and the black witch will still welcome him with open arms, a cup of coco and free lodging, smh. He crosses her though and it’s all over for him.

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    • There’s a small interesting detail I found when reading about this case on another site. They’re both HIV positive! I wonder who gave who the virus?!?

      The age gap was a red flag too. They started dating when he was 24 and she 43 and spent 5 years together. He was paying her hundreds of pounds every week to ‘study at university’ and she was apparently very abusive throughout the relationship. Sadly, she was likely hustling this guy from the start and he probably thought she loved him. When questioned over the incident, her defense was that he was the one to hand her the glass filled with acid and that he had instructed her to take her pills with it, claiming that she never knew it was acid and thought it was water. For whatever reason she decided to throw the contents of the glass at him and that’s her story. Analysis of her Internet search history revealed not only did SHE buy the acid but, she also searched whether sulphuric acid would kill if ingested and also looked for acid attack court cases.

      VERDICT : Guilty!!!

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    • The same @d1ckh38d that will not write a single word in defense of them, despite us being called all kinds of “coons” “house niggers” and “uncle toms”.

      The same one jacking off to Round and Brown, Cum Bamg and Ghetto Gaggers, hoping his screen comes with a smell-o-vision…

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      • Exactly. Simps like him are the same idiots who’ll call you a coon for stating facts and showing evidence like this though. The same black women clowns like him worship and put on a pedestal are some of the same ones who look down on them. This is one reason why I don’t trust pro black/conscious women. They’re phony.

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      • Michel,

        D1ckh38d aka D32018 won’t address these blatant transgressions at the hands of the black witch because he’s a chicken necked coward.


  2. I expect absolute silence from the usual suspects who call us coons and other various derogatory terms.
    When black women engage in ultra-violence with the men they date the pro-black simps are nowhere to be seen but in any other situation they are warning us about white women like she is the boogyman going so far as to use low tier grad horror films like “Get Out” to scare black men away from white women.

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  3. Dude was a damn fool for going back to that nut case she also poured boiling water on him if that is not a warning of her violent nature I do not know what is.

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  4. Can’t think of one instance where the horrible white woman has thrown acid at her black man, killing him. I thought Becky was out to get us.

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  5. Dealing with most modern day BW particularly on a romantic level is sadly a fools errand these days. The Wall of Silence is IMO the best solution for dealing with BW socially. Don’t fight with BW, don’t say “I don’t date BW” or “I don’t like BW’ to any of them or in public, just don’t approach them, date them, or have sex with them, only deal with them on a cordial professional level, but not romantically.

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  6. James S. I will add that one must also use caution when dealing with the black women in one’s family. The family relationship does not take away the fact that 95 % to 99.5% of black women are mentally unstable.

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  7. Don’t look at black women, don’t speak to black women, don’t associate with black women, and ignore black women.
    Unless they are mixed or very very light skinned!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!

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  8. This is so interesting n I received a well educated guess that most of u have had it pretty bad with women period. U talk so bad about your up bringing n white men that it seem u (most ) gave a horrible issue of being black n birth from a black mom. When u read the article u truly feel the writer is white or an angry black man. U called the black women evil n u get credit to the white whom u seem to idolize. U truly gave it bad, even in your writing. U come across as pretending u r educated. N if u do have any degrees…… I am almost sure base on your writing that u come across child thought with a child’s mind. U are one of the most bitter human beings in the internet who has found a way to gain a profit based on hate. The one thing u are apparently sure if us your born hate for women n black women. Anytime u have to separate the two races u are the biggest Bigot of them all. I feel sorry for u n God is watching u put this evil to print n u call black women evil. I have been reading your blog if hate for some time now n I say to u n all of your negative comments. I am praying for us all. God have mercy on our very souls.

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    • LadyDay77,

      As per usual black women like yourself take no absolutely no responsibility for your own actions, all you know is how to grasp onto the mantle of victimhood. Well guess what, nobody is seeing or accepting black women as victims anymore, in fact more and more people are getting sick and tired of black women and their constant whining and complaining.

      “Your momma black”, how predictable. “Angry black man”, how predictable once again. The most educated group yet at the same time the least intelligent. Err, before you begin to talk to me about my writing I would strongly suggest that you examine your own first. You black women are well overdue for judgement and I will happily stand by and watch your demise. Like I said before nobody sees you as a victim, not even the Most High. I hope you like it hot.


      • I agree with you.

        Personally, if I saw one of them burning, not only would I not put out the fire, I would bust out a bag of marshmallows and roast one over her burning remains.

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      • Verbs…

        Lady Day told the truth on you coons.

        You bash black women and you worship white pussy.

        White women could threaten to lynch you and you still worship them.

        Black women can do one thing wrong and you are all over the blogs bashing them.

        I side with Lady Day 77 on this topic.

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      • D32018,

        You’ll notice that your comments appear immediately here on Slaying Evil, whereas the comment I left on the latest article on your website is still awaiting approval. This is the problem with yellow bellied, milk toast, limp biscuit, shea butter simps like yourself, you’re afraid to face the music and be challenged on your ideologies.

        I told you already bootlicker, my misses is mixed race. Unlike yourself who despite expanding his options to include baby mothers, messy black women, fat black women, black women who can’t cook etc, you’ve still yet to bag yourself one of these “overlooked black queans”. Enjoy beating your monkey tonight to the ebony selection on Pornhub.

        That’s the problem though sunshine, black women are doing many things wrong, in fact the amount of things they are doing wrong in 2017 cannot be numbered. Of course you will always side with the reprobate sisterhood even though they’ll never show you any gratitude for brown nosing services rendered.

        Lastly, the difference between your yourself and I is I possess the receipts which prove my points whereas you have nothing to support your position. Baby mommas, a good catch for black men, really bruh???


      • Verbs…

        I got to change my comment section to auto-approve.

        However… black women are acting out because we as black men failed miserably to protect our women.

        White women act way worse around black men than black women. White women… though… will side with their men even though white men are not exempt from the acting out from white women. White women side with their white men because white men protect them. Asian men protect their women as well even though there are plenty of Asian women with bad attitudes.

        Baby mommas do not get a fair shake from anybody… even though not all baby mommas are hoodrats.

        White women get more than enough chances to prove themselves even if they are totally busted.

        White supremacy has a lot to do with the divide and conquer that has been executed between the black man and woman. Black men perpetuate this being dusty and being whitewashed.

        Mixed race women are considered black… but if they do not explicitly identify as black… I throw them out to the white man.

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      • D32018,

        Your baby mommas still aren’t giving you a look in despite you opening up your options to include them. In fact as I stated before you’ve expanded your dating options to more or less include all the dregs of black female society and you’re still single.

        Black women as a collective have become decadent, lazy, treacherous slobs, this has been their nature at least since the days of slavery, they were selling black men down the river then and they’re still doing it now.

        The modern day black female is a traitor, thus she is not entitled to any protection whatsoever. Non black women unlike black women are NOT openly destroying their own people and selling their race down the river for empty trinkets and poisonous dainty treats from the state, this is why their men will protect them.

        The brainwashed individual is the black man who sees black women openly engaging in enemy warfare against black men and black society, says nothing about it and on top of this castigates those black men that do decide to speak out against the terror.

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    • To Miss Dumb B**tch:

      You have a lot to say about the man who wrote this article, but let me ask you one simple question:


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      • That was actually almost satirical! LOL

        There’s no way they can argue without trying to bring education into it somehow.

        I think she was disappointed that the comments are mostly reasoned and well written instead of ghetto slang bs. If it was the latter she would comfortably assume we were ‘low-value’ men. Nope.

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