Thug Loving Rears Its Ugly Head Once Again – The Truth Revealed


But according to pro black pundits like Dr Umar Johnson we’re still supposed to wife up these broads right? Thinking black men, simply ignore black women who are still attempting to dismiss the fact that they much prefer the unproductive, in and out of prison, on the street corner, thug type black men over the decent, hard working blue/white-collar labouring brothers, the cat is out of the bag, in fact its been out for quite a long while now.

Yet simps like QueenieFlip, Ebrahim Aseem, Derrick Jaxn, Angel Ramirez Jordan, D32018 of the Dangerous News Network and many others continue to tell us that black females like this are still of high quality, smh. The guy that Jody is lusting over has been sent to prison because according to the information she has he murdered his daughter, yet she would still check for such a fellow?

Once again, just to make it clear, black women are free to choose whomever they wish, however our objection as free thinking black men who are worth a damn is the fact that when things go belly up and obviously don’t work out with Lil Greazy and J Boogie from the block, these same black harridans will then attempt to shame us into taking up the slack, coming in to fix up the mess that they themselves have created as well as taking onboard a rack of bastard children sired by different men. This is how the scenario usually pans out:

1. The black female spies out J Boogie and is instantly attracted to him. She already knows that he is a player that has many other women on rotation, yet she foolishly believes in her heart that she can change him.

2. J Boogie notes said black female’s interest in him, welcomes her aboard and adds her to his booty call roster.

3. Said black female believes that she can change J Boogie’s heart and convert him into a decent, hard working productive man if she has a child by him and so she sets out to get pregnant.

4. Said female gets pregnant yet notes J Boogie doesn’t change and continues to do what he has always done, play the field(oh dear).

5. Said black female has child and J Boogie is nowhere to be found. Furthermore J Boogie shows no interest in his offspring(of course he doesn’t as said female noted from before that Boogie had impregnated many of the other women on his roster and doesn’t pay his children with them any mind either).

6. Said black female confronts J Boogie concerning his irresponsible nature and his lack of due care towards his children, however J Boogie quickly reminds her that she knew this about him beforehand and yet in spite of this knowledge she still decided to take the plunge.

7. Said black female realises that she is going to have to raise the child by herself and applies for government assistance. If J Boogie on the off-chance happens to be working then she will immediately head down to the child support office.

8. Said black female now meets Lil Greazy on the block corner and once again is attracted to him. Points 1 through to 7 are repeated once again now in respect to him.

9. Said black female becomes bitter and immediately puts out a declaration on social media that all black men are worthless and rubbish even though the black men who she ought to have checked for she openly rejected and called them “educated lames, boring, squares” etc.

10. Said female now feels that she has the right to make outlandish, ridiculous and unrealistic requirements for any black man who wishes to approach her ie, he must be on a 6 figure salary as minimum, must own a car, must NOT have children, must own a home, must be over 6 feet tall, must be willing to pay any and all bills she has and must be willing to look after her children because they both come as a “package deal”.

11. Said black female has many men checking for her, however none are interested in anything long-term. The men she encounters simply want to smash and dash as they just aren’t interested in taking onboard another man’s children(understandably).

12. Said black female now turns to the thinking black men she rejected before being impregnated by J Boogie and in many cases now attempts to shame and guilt trip these fellows into taking her and her straggler children onboard. Thinking black men give her the middle finger, tell her that she should’ve thought about her future and taken it more seriously from the beginning, additionally remind her that her children are not their responsibility and thereafter walk off into the sunset hand in hand with their Ashley, Becky, Suzuki, Ming, Sadiq, Patel, Lopez, Gomez etc.

The above is isn’t an end all be all plan, it is simply meant to be a rough guide and can be adjusted according to many different circumstances. However, I simply wanted to put this out there so that folks who are looking from the outside in can get the full spectrum of truth rather than the disjointed and convenient lies most black women frequently put out in order to hold onto the mantle of victimhood. As I stated before the cat is out of the bag, check out this fantastic short skit I came across which sums it up in a nutshell:

The last lines the lady dropped before the video ended was classic, she knew that he was going to mess her life up, she would continue to pray to the Most High for a good man, however she would still bypass decent black men for the unproductive bums. This is what I and many other black men have been stating for the longest and we have so many receipts to prove it.

One of the many other smoking guns in that skit was the fact that the guy knew full well that he had an advantage over other men due to the fact that he was unemployed. Imagine that, you know that as an unproductive black male you have a much better chance of snagging your average black female over a black man who works and is responsible and adding to that you know that these same women will look after you without demanding anything from your end apart from being dicked down on the regular.

This is one of many reasons why the majority of black women are not worth a fart in a wind storm and why thinking black men must look elsewhere for love and companionship. What other group of women do you know of who think in such a discombobulated manner en masse, I’ll wait? #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid The Scraggle Daggle

Most High Bless

86 thoughts on “Thug Loving Rears Its Ugly Head Once Again – The Truth Revealed

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  2. Verbs, I wish I hadn’t clicked on tha Dangerous news link bullshit . Those so called “men” over there who are completely devoid of type of testicular material are utterly pathetic. Why don’t they go and get the gender surgery, buy their dresses at the local weave store and be done with it? They obviously think and act like the black whore bitches they make excuses for. Isn’t it odd how they never ever talk about the avalanche of news stories of black whores killing/harming their kids and black men? Remember a few months back when the black bitch with the racist white boy husband starved her 5yr old black male son but she took perfectly good care of his white kids? And by the way the racist white bitch said “I’m a rich white male that kid is not my responsibility”…or the pedophilia black bitch who sucked her 4month old sons dick on “Periscope”. .did the SIMP clowns say anything about that or any of the dozens of other stories of black bitches killing and harming their kids and black men?…HELL NO!!!! Because it dosent fit their psychotic narrative of the EVIL BLACK MALE and the equally hated EVIL WHITE FEMALE. I checked their pathetic archive and there are no stories that exist of the debauchery and per evil that black bitches do on a daily basis. But those are their “queens” I hope they all burn in the hellish flames of the so called “black community” that they’ve created and I will take my blonde hair blue eyed beauty and build my own legacy. BTW Verbs, you must be hitting a nerve with the SIMPS and black whores and the word is definitely spreading for you to be so entrenched in their everyday thoughts..LOL…#SYSBM..#TEAMWHITEGIRLS..#BREEDTHEMOUT

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    • Keith,

      D32018 is a complete dummy, he believes that defending black women means going in on black men instead of effectively dealing with the black female on her own merits. It wouldn’t surprise me if the dude wears a skirt, panties, tights and high heels in secret. I see the shine has written up some new articles………..but as per usual nothing in the defence of the black woman. We already know that in their current state black women cannot be defended on any level, however D32018 aka the shining bootlicker still refuses to read the writing on the wall.

      The worship of black women the pro black squads commit to is off the chain. It’s what I talked about in Negro Wars about the pro blacks having a chip inbuilt into their brains to where they are incapable of holding the feet of black women to the fire of accountability. These pro black slobs in conjunction with their black female slave masters are the real white supremacists as they use exactly the same words, names and slogans that racist white men tout.

      Simp D32018 to date has NO articles in his archive in relation black female skullduggery, simps like him choose to be willingly ignorant ie dumb on purpose. This is why the simp brigades cannot be taken seriously as if they were truly concerned and genuinely care about black women then they would hold them accountable without question. There is indeed a special place in hell for the simp squads who continue to give dysfunctional black women a pass on their transgressions.

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      • @d1ckh38d

        Knew it. You weren’t man enough to do it.

        Here you are, the perfect “black power” story – racist white man kills black child, and you couldn’t be bothered to write a single word about it?

        You lazy, disingenuous, bootlicking shine. Enjoy PornHub tonight.

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    • Keith…

      You’re a loser and a crybaby ass boy that most black women wouldn’t even think twice to disrespect.

      You are the type that think you are owed respect even though you ain’t did nothing in life to deserve that. Even if you are successful… you aren’t exactly building.

      You are in no position to criticize black women.

      I call out white supremacists on my website man OR woman.

      I also call out the black female swirlers as well.

      I just do not favor your Uncle Tom ass and I certainly don’t favor the white cracker bitch.

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      • D32018,

        Lying bum, you have no articles on your website calling out the swirling black sisterhood, NONE. As per usual you RGB court jesters are constantly attempting to dick police other black men. You should be concerned with building for the angry and bitter black sisterhood, not worrying about where other black men are sticking their penises. That’s suspect right there.


      • Verbs…

        It makes no difference who you fuck… even though I totally disagree with your methods.

        Still… I don’t give two fucks where you stick your dick in.

        I care about the survival of the black community.

        I know that you hate black women and I am exposing you as a misogynoir.

        Ain’t nothing suspect about me.

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      • D32018,

        If you care about the black community so much then stop bothering those who don’t care about it and go and unite with those that do. There are enough of you pro blacks to build a new dynasty for your queans, you ought to be getting on the job and doing that instead of attempting to go back and forth with black men who simply don’t hold the same interests. All the best catering towards a group of women who hate you with a passion.


      • Hey PUSSY BOY, so you took time out of you busy schedule of Simping and kissing black females fat diseased asses to address me. So PUSSY BOY, lets take each of you so called “points” 1 by 1…

        A. White women murder , get abortions and take injections and white women are the most materialistic women in the world, just one of the many belly laughs I will have while roasting you pussy SIMP ass. Of course white women get injections, however white women do not try to look like black whores. Lets take a look at one of your favorite queens Nikki Minaj, there’s absolutely nothing on her that’s real, fake hair(weave), fake skin tone (skin bleaching), fake eye brows(drawn on), stupid mine sweeper eyelashes, fake breasts(implants), fake ass( implant) oh by the way, I thought black whores had the best asses, so why do they need implants? Black bitches have a psychotic hatred, envy and jealousy of WHITE QUEENS because they know most of them can never even come close to the femininity, intelligence, beauty and class of most white women. That’s why black bitches spend billions every year on weaves and skin bleaching cream to like them.

        B.Black bitches have aborted over 20 million babies since 1973, they have a 3 to 1 abortion rate of white women. In 2013 in New York state black bitches had more abortions than live births. Show me the state where white women have had more abortions than live births you SIMP ass clown.

        C.Materialism is something that is in the black bitch DNA, they will spend their last dollar on a bundle of weave before they pay their electric bill or buy food for their section8 house of bastard kids!

        D. Calling out Black Females…., who have you called out, I didn’t see anything on you pathetic site about the black bitch who is married to her racist white knight bitch ass husband…you know the one who starved her 5 year old black male son while she was taking wonderful care of the racist white punk ass husband kids. Did you happen to hear what he said , I will quote him….” I’M A RICH WHITE MALE, IT’S NOT MY RESPONSIBLITY TO TAKE CARE OF HER KID”. Did you get that pussy boy?. She was down at the court house right by his side, but I guess that did’nt bother you did it PUSSY BOY? But you bleed in your tampax screaming about the white chick who put her roommate’s toothbrush up her ass so the black chick could use it, didn’t you?

        E. Thugs are Protectors and leaders….Lord have mercy,I can stop right here and you would’ve check off every box for being the OMEGA SUPER SIMP OF THE DECADE. So let me get this straight dumb ass….an unemployed thug is a leader and protector? LOL!!!!!!

        Black chicks are an excuse machine who will never take responsibility for their actions,:
        They weight 300lbs …NOT THEIR FAULT
        They have 5 kids by 5 different Thug leaders and Protectors…NOT THEIR FAULT
        They live on Section8..NOT THEIR FAULT
        They starve their children to please their racist white husband …NOT THEIR FAULT
        They tape their kids to wall and post it on Facebook…NOT THEIR FAULT
        They suck their 4 month old sons dick live on Periscope…NOT THEIR FAULT
        They have a $5 net worth….NOT THEIR FAULD

        F. Black bitches can get a white man anytime she wants and rejects them because she’s supposedly so loyal to black men…LOL….NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, it’s because white men, black men and any other race of men with more than a single digit IQ don’t want the 300lb, weave wearing, $5 net worth, diseased, tatted up, 5 babies buy 5 different thug leaders and protectors, SECTION8, EBT CARD, violent, belligerent whores. And if that’s the case why are black chicks the least married/dated group of harlots in the US?. There are twice as many married black men as black chicks, can you explain that to me PUSSY BOY?

        G. Threating to divest from the hell hole know as the “black community”. Thinking black men have already left. the only thing that remains are the black whores and the Thug leaders and protectors. Exactly what are you divesting?
        Black female ages 24-65 have an average net worth of $100
        Black single females with bastard kids have a net worth of ZERO…YEP READ AGAIN PUSSY BOY…ZERO
        Which when both are averaged out, brings the AVERAGE NET WORTH OF BLACK CHICKS TO $5!

        Black men’s average net worth is about $26k, when he’s single and has children it’s about 10k, now I will admit that’s nothing to write home about but as you can see even your SIMP brain can calculate that it’s thousands of times better than your queen. So I ask what is she divesting? She brings nothing to the table besides death, violence, despair, bastard babies, HIV, Herpes and total and complete neighbor destruction. Let me ask you this question PUSSY BOY. why is it that every black neighborhood that is occupied by single black female whores and the thug leaders and protectors are nothing but a war zones?.

        The thinking black men AKA..” Educated Lames” have already left and are now living happy lives with their White queens, Asian queens, Indian queens and Mexican queens and any other non black female… you know REAL WOMEN….something that most black chicks are unwilling or just unable to be, which is the reason why black men date out at about 3 to1 and marry out at about 2 to 1 and growing. Did you know clown that 31% of Black men who are married with a college degree marry a non black female, so we’ve already left or in the process of leaving BITCH!!!

        But wait PUSSY BOY, how are black men who date/marry WHITE QUEENS leaving the so call “black community” in “shambles” as you said? I thought your black queens where the “backbone of the community” and I thought the Thugs where the leaders and protectors? So why isn’t that tag team keeping the so called “community from going to hell? I can answer that for you PUSSY BOY, that’s because both of them are the DEVIL and they absolutely deserve each other and I hope they both go down in flames especially as the WELFARE CUTS ARE COMING NEXT MONTH.

        In closing PUSSY BOY I have absolutely ZERO respect for about 95% of black bitches, because most are nothing more than FAT,DISEASED, BELLIGERENT, SECTION8,VIOLENT, ENTITLED,BASTARD BABY MAKING,MULTIPLE BABIES BY MULTIPLE THUG LEADERS AND PROTECTORS,$5 NET WORTH, WEAVE WEARING, TATTED UP, TWERKING, BRAWLING IN THE STREETS LIKE ANIMALS, KILLING THEIR KIDS, EXCUSE MAKING WHORES. Now take your SIMP ass to the hospital to get you GENDER REASSIGNMENT SURGERY done and on you way home stop by the weave shop to get you 24 inch Brazilian wookie weave and a dress….OK PUSSY BOY!!!!!….#SYSBM, #TEAMWHITEGIRLS


      • Kirkature Jones…

        I am not fooled by you or the rest of you sycophants worshiping Verbs.

        A. You use Nikki Minaj as if all black women are like her. You are delusional enough to eat up Verbs’ sensationalized bullshit. Most black women don’t use fake injections like Nikki Minaj. Most black women don’t bleach their skin like Minaj. However… you… just like Verbs… cannot see past the sensationalized misogynoir bullshit Verbs write.

        B. White women abort more children than black women could ever do. It is true that black women make up 28% of abortion clients. White women are damn near 40%. Source: Read it and weep you bitter ass misogynoir Uncle Tom.

        C. White women crave for materials more than black women. However… black women are demonized by white supremacists and misogynoirs for asking the black man to step up to the bat for what should be his basic responsibility.

        D. I never heard of the white man starving the black boy because it wasn’t his biological son though that cracker was dead wrong all the same. I did hear that white bitch attempting to murder a black woman just because she was black. And you would still fuck that white bitch? You… Kirkature Jones… are sick in the head for your thinking. You are a white supremacist in black face. You are worse than a Sambo. You are worse than an Uncle Tom. You are a sick in the head white supremacist in black face. Willie Lynch got you really good.

        E. Putting words in my mouth as if you knew what I was saying… but you MISSED the fucking mark ONCE AGAIN you white supremacist in black face. I NEVER for a minute said thugs were protectors or leaders of the black community. I said black women ran to them for a sense of protection… howebeit false it was. You SYSBM’s have no such backbone to protect black women. You would be destroyed by these thugs. Who’s the dummy? YOU. Keep using ad hominem attacks to try to beat me in a debate and keep coming up lame you fucking loser.

        F. More black women have advanced degrees than black men have jobs in a 3-1 ratio. That is the most pathetic part about most black men. Black women are more upwardly mobile than black men and could easily divest in black men at any time and some have divested. Most of you SYSBM’s miss the mark on this. Most of you don’t know that no woman of any race would deal with you black woman bashing demons. Most black women don’t weigh 300 lbs. Not even the ghetto ones I run into in my city Pontiac MI or Detroit MI… where I used to live. Most black women I see are in decent enough shape to snag men of any race even if they are not competition for the supermodel types. Most black women where I live… even if they don’t have the college degree… they work two jobs (if need be) to try to make it in an increasingly cold white supremacist world because too many black men aren’t willing to do what the fuck it takes to protect black women. There are some black women on section 8 as there are WHITE women on section 8 and there are black MEN on section 8. You are one ignorant misogynoir.

        G. Damn right. Like I said in point E… black women are tired of you guys bashing them and demonizing them at every turn and some are going to other races of men and too many of them are just not dealing with you damaged beyond repair black men anymore and you guys stay mad instead of fixing your faces and building a black community. THAT is why the black community stays on the fucking bottom. It starts with the MAN. You ain’t no man. You’re just a boy crying because you were too lame to impress a black woman. Get over yourself nigga.

        You have no respect for black women. That is obvious. You could have fooled me into thinking otherwise if I was dumb enough to fall for it.

        I can say the same for YOU Uncle Toms that worship the white supremacist system designed to keep the black man and black woman divided.

        You call black women violent and entitled? I can say that for you SYSBM’s. You are entitled in your own mind to unnotched women in her young age even if you don’t put in any type of work. I am not talking about your net worth… I am talking about your game… which judging you… you fall completely FLAT on your face.

        Go FUCK yourself you white supremacist wannabe house nigga.


        #BLACK POWER

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      • Pussy Boy,
        Your Tampax is leaking I can smell it through the computer.😷😷😷. Black bitches make up 7% of the general population and 13% of the female population but they make up 41% of welfare recipients. Oh PUSSY BOY, I guess you also missed that national story about 10 days ago of your black queen who put her 2 kids in the oven and roasted them, or the one last month of the black evil whore bitch who cut her baby’s head off, I could go on and on listing all of the barbaric, filthy, evil shit that your black whore queens do on a daily basis kids/bm but that would be another full time job. Look PUSSY BOY, if you love your black, evil, demented, diseased,obese, weave wearing, tatted up, belligerent, violent, 5 kids by 5 different thug leaders and protectors, abortion loving, $5 net worth, welfare loving queens, then by all means go be with them and I wish you all the best as you and your queens burn in the hellish flames of the putrid sewers of the “black ccommunity” OK PUSSY BOY, now run…I’m sorry ,I mean skip along and let the MEN have an adult discussion while you go change out your Tampax because you’re stinking up the place. 😷😷Ohhhh, once again I’m sorry PUSSY BOY you probably can’t smell that rotten fish between your legs because you hang with your black queens who also have the same HORRIBLE PERSONAL HYGIENE, so you all smell like rotten just kinda blends in don’t it😷😷😷😷..My bad, but at least I was a gentleman and made you aware of it, now skip along…#SYSBM, #TEAMWHITEGIRLS

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      • D32018,

        You’re a lying bitch made SIMP clown, you haven’t called out shit on that rag of a website. Did you call out the black bitch who is married to the racist white boy who she starved her five-year-old son while she took very good care of his white children and her white daddy said and I quote… “I’m a rich white male, it’s not my job to take care of her child”. I noticed you didn’t bleed in your Tampax about that story like you did about the white girl who stuck the toothbrush up her ass so the black chick could use it. But I’m glad your PUSSY BOY ass addressed me. Let me take a few of your so called points that you made. Black bitches are the most materialistic whores on the planet they will spend their last dollar on a bundle of weave instead of feeding her bastard babie. Black bitches aborted over 20 million babies since 1973, in 2013 black chicks in New York state had more abortions than live births. You said thugs are the leaders and protectors of the black community, that pathetic statement alone has vaulted you to the OMEGA LEVEL SIMP OF THE CENTURY. You said black chicks have no trouble getting white men they just reject them because they’re supposedly are so loyal to black men., it’s because wm, bm and any other race a men with more than a double digit IQ don’t want the obese, diseased,
        belligerent,violent, multiple babies by multiple Thug leaders and protectors, $5 net worth, weave wearing, tatted up whores. And the funniest thing your bitch made ass said is…black females are divesting from the black community. So they’re divesting…what?..Black chicks between the ages of 24-64 have an average net worth of $100, single black chicks with kids have an average net worth of ZERO…..YEAH PUSSY BOY READ IT…ZERO. So when the 2 are averaged together your black queens have an average net worth of $5. So again what are black whores divesting? They are the least dated and married group of whores in the US, twice as many bm are married than black chicks. They have a 72% out of wedlock birth rate of which 60% of that are multiple babies by multiple Thug leaders and protectors. No one wants the black whores that’s why they blow their weaves when they see black men with their WHITE QUEENS. The black thinking men AKA..”educated lames” have already divested long ago and have hooked up in massive numbers with other races of REAL WOMEN. So we “educated lames” have have left the so called “black community” in the capable hands of the black queens who are supposedly the backbone of the black community and the people they love so much, the thug leaders and protectors. So tell me PUSSY BOY how has that worked out. Would you like me to point to any major city on the map that has a high concentration of single black females with kids and look at the crime statistics? Black females take absolutely no responsibility for their fucked up behaviors,choices and actions, its always someone else’s fault. In closing PUSSY BOY, I have ZERO respect for about 95% of black females because they are nothing more than
        obese,diseased,entitled,belligerent, weave wearing, tatted-up,entitled, violent multiple babies by multiple Thug leaders and protectors. I will tell every black man until I’m blue in the face to run with the speed and grace of Usain Bolt away from the cesspool hellhole known as the so-called black community and the black female whore and get yourself a white woman or any other non black female if you value your safety, health, sanity or finances. Now, go take your SIMP ass to the hospital for your GENDER REASSIGNMENT SURGERY, and on your way home stop by The Weave Shop so you can get your 24 inch Brazilian Wookie weave, blue/green/ grey contacts, your drawn on eye brows, your mine sweeper eye lashes, you foot long fake nails along with your dress that’s 3 sizes to small so you can show off all of your rolls of fat so you can then look like the fat, unattractive masculine black females who you love to SIMP and make excuses for so much! #SYSBM, #TEAMWHITEGIRL

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      • Keith…

        You are a delusional misogynoir black man that hates your own kind. You are full of self hate.

        That story about the black boy that starved did not get to me… so I did not addressed that. That racist white girl story was national news and I roasted that cracker bitch.

        Calling me pussy boy does nothing to win your argument you ofay loving cracker worshiping Uncle Tom.

        Just admit it cracker lover… you worship peckerwoods… even if they are outright white supremacists. The Stockholm Syndrome in black men is so much worse than it is in black women.

        Like I told you before… the reason why black women get belligerent is because they are just a symptom of YOUR sorry black ass. Black women have to deal with disrespectful misogynoirs who cares nothing about them… dusty niggas that ain’t about nothing and whitewashed lame ass niggas like you SYSBM’s. Of course black women have nothing to be grateful about. White and non-black women are protected by THEIR men. THEIR men would destroy your black ass if you even tried to date them unless they are so undesirable they wouldn’t care. So who is delusional? YOU Keith and the rest of Verbs’ fanboys who fall for the bullshit.

        So go join the fucking Ku Klux Klan if you hate black women so much if you think these ofays will accept your black ass.

        Or if the KKK isn’t your thing… join the alt-right movement with your ofay worshipping ass.

        #BLACK POWER

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      • D32018,

        You delusional buzzard, you stand up for the angry black sisterhood all day everyday yet they never come to your website and thank you for your efforts. You’ve yet to have black women thank you for licking their muddy boots, this is how discombobulated your mindset is.

        Verbs doesn’t have fan boys, thinking black men visit this website because I speak the truth here, not like your biased bs at Dangerous News Network. Thinking black men are fans of the truth, not the messenger. Still no articles on your website uplifting your queans to date, you’re still looking like a fool bruh.



      • Verbs…

        Michelle… Kirkature Jones… Keith… Yours Truly… Nofuturism and Va Jay jay are the worst offenders.

        None of my stories are biased. They are fair and balanced. I fact check my stories before airing it out to the DNN.


        #NO GAME NO GIRL




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      • D32018,

        Pandering for cooch will get you no-where, that’s why you’re still single and I’m not. Take a leaf out of the Book of Tyrone bruh otherwise you’ll remain single with tub a vaseline, a slippery penis and a greasy right hand for life. Still no articles on your website uplifting your queans, just what I’ve been saying, you’re a fraud.


      • Verbs…

        I don’t pander for pussy.

        You do pander… but you pander for white supremacist minded black men.

        You do a good job in that department considering how many bitter Bobby fanboys display their misogynoir commentary.

        The only fraud is YOU.

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      • “That story about the black boy that starved did not get to me… so I did not addressed that.”

        Gosh, what a surprise………..

        Where’s that article defending the sisterhood, @d1ckh38d?

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      • Michel,

        Typical biased behaviour from our resident pro black flunky. The thought process of these buffoons is priceless. I could throw this dude into a cage and study him for the next 20 years.


      • @d1ckh38d

        No facts available? Then use your brain, d1ckh38d and Google the story.
        I’m surprised… a black kid dies at the hands of a racist white man and you’ve got nothing to say? Really, d1ckh38d?

        I await both your article, and your “uplifting your queans” article now. Get writing.

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      • @d1ckh38d

        I’ll even help you with the second article. Here the first paragraph:

        “I think Black women are great because…………..”

        Get writing, you chickenshit coward.

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      • Michelle…

        I don’t need help from a shit for brains like you.

        The only coward is YOU for debasing black women instead of owning up to your inadequacies.


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      • @d1ckh38d

        Knew it. You weren’t man enough to do it.

        Here you are, the perfect “black power” story – racist white man kills black child, and you couldn’t be bothered to write a single word about it?

        You lazy, disingenuous, bootlicking shine. Enjoy PornHub tonight.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Michel,

        The dude has to be a skirt wearer with the way that he is talking and guess what, eh still has NO articles on his website defending the scraggle daggle, D32018 is a fraudster straight up and down.


      • Michel,

        Yep, the dude has to be wearing a mini skirt. I’m glad that you also picked up on the black female vocabulary this shine bone simp is using, smh.


      • @Michel

        Exactly, once Pussy boy’s GENDER REASSIGNMENT SURGERY is completed he can go pick up his dress, with his 24 inch Brazilian wookie weave,his blue/grey/green contacts, mine sweeper eyelashes,draw his eyebrows on and his foot long fake nails and then he will look like the black whores that he loves to make excuses for….#SYSBM


  3. White men and non-black men build whole communities to protect their women in SPITE of their woman’s character. White women murder… get abortions and do plenty of fake injections. White women are the most materialistic women in the world and white men STILL have no problem building for their women.

    Black women do so much as ONE thing that black men don’t like… most black men abandon them… even if black women did nothing that was confirmed objectively wrong.

    THAT is why the black community is failing. It is US black men that are failing black women. Verbs is not a leader. He is a fraud.

    The sycophants that follow Verbs here are delusional crybaby bitter Bobby suckers that hate black women.

    Even the black men that worked enough and were smart enough to have the resources to build… by and large were so eager to jump to non-black women… they did not count on the racist views they harbored… so they got cleaned out and the black community is none the wiser.

    THAT is why black men and women can’t work together. It is US black men that are too eager to make excuses… however stupid these excuses are. NOT black women’s attitudes or her desire for thugs and white men.

    Truth is that a black woman might seek out thugs because she seeks some protection… something the SYSBM’s haven’t exactly been willing to do and honestly… most SYSBM’s here couldn’t because they can’t lead.

    Black women have no trouble getting white men in spite of the double talk of Verbs and his misogynoir rag. They by and large reject most white men because they care for black men… in SPITE of the shortcomings of black men.

    However… black women are threatening to divest from black men and if they follow through by and large… game over black community. THAT is why you see black women that have no problem disrespecting black men that have not exactly earned the respect of black women by the way.

    If black women had bad attitudes like that… she would seek out black men and murder them. That is not what is happening by and large.

    If you black men built communities and start respecting your women and stop being dusty and stop being whitewashed… black women would respect you guys… but you swirling black men want the easy way out… so the black community will stay in shambles. NOT because of guys like me that do not think like you SYSBM swirlers.

    Verbs… calling me a simp and dummy in your blog does not help your case.

    You Verbs are a fraud. You stoke the hatred of black women in black men that harbor their misogynoir views and the sycophantic fanboys that follow you are suckers for falling for your misogynoir bullshit. Because they are delusional enough to think white women are some fucking prize and because they are bitter Bobbies… you… Verbs… didn’t even have to try that hard to fool the sycophantic entourage into thinking you are some leader.

    You SYSBM’s started this gender war against black women and everyone is watching in disgust of you guys’ misogynoir attitudes towards black women. The black men that do not think like you… black women and most non-black people are against your smear campaign on black women. This is a war you guys will lose and you are sinking the black community.

    Liked by 1 person

    • D32018,

      The difference between yourself and myself is I always provide the proof in relation to what I am talking about, your approach however is one of idealism ie how you would prefer black women conducted themselves and behaved. You never bring the receipts which in actual fact makes you the fraud not myself. It is you pro black minstrels who are causing black society to collapse through your incessant buck dancing and truffle shuffling every time thinking black men attempt to hold dysfunctional black women accountable.

      I reckon right now that you are sitting in front of your computer wearing panties, a skirt and a bra because there is no way that a man of testicular fortitude would be talking in the same manner as yourself. You simps are the number one problem within black society, in fact in many ways you have become an even greater problem than the disjointed black female herself. Constantly licking the muddy boots of a group of women who continually give you the middle finger, how stupid can you get?

      Meanwhile the thug type black males these same women will bypass you for yet you won’t go and check these thugs because you know that they’d light your backside up literally. Why are you pro black simps looking towards thinking black men to clean up the black woman’s mess? What’s stopping bootlickers like yourself from building for black women by yourselves since you have all the mouth? Since free thinking black men are now out of the equation, this now leaves more room for you RBG squads to build, build and build again.

      Black women murder black children more than black men because the children are an easier target. Why aren’t you talking about the fact that black women murder 5 times more unborn children than white women? Why aren’t you dealing with the fact that the single mother rate in Black America is twice that of White America? Why aren’t you dealing with the fact that the black women is the most disease ridden individual on the planet bar none?

      I have articles proving all of the above yet what information can you bring to the table in defence of your queans, as per usual NOTHING. By the way I checked your website and once again you have absolutely no articles praising and uplifting black queans(you know, the same black women you claim to love and care for) but you have quite a few going in on black men because that is all you simpleton yellow bellied simps know and understand.

      Stop using the free thinking black man as the excuse as to why you haven’t built anything for black women, we removed ourselves from black society a long time ago because we saw and recognised that trying to save it was a dead end task ie a fool’s errand. You back to Africa court jesters are the ones who are still refusing to read the writing on the wall. The fact that you buck dancing minstrels haven’t built anything for black society yet simply goes to show you that the black community is indeed dead, it cannot be saved.

      I’ve never once claimed to be a leader, however when I see bs(unlike yourself) I will call it out for what it is, that’s what a man of honesty and integrity is supposed to do. You pro blacks are feminist trash who ought to be tarred, feathered and burned at the stake for facilitating the black witch in the continuance of her transgressions.

      I don’t sit at the table with devils, I don’t build for devils either. Go and construct something of worth for the devil spawn black females and their malevolent seedlings you love so much if you so feel the need to do so, however leave the thinking black men’s regiment out of it as we simply aren’t interested in building for women who clearly despise us and give us the middle finger on the daily.


      • Verbs…

        I wouldn’t look for a fraud like you to clean up the mess American black men caused by abandoning black women in America.

        What I see is that white men protect their women… irregardless of how obviously unfit the white woman is.

        White women can be crazy as hell and the white man STILL builds for her.

        White women are the women that does all the fake breast injections and the butt lifts. White women are the ones that have the insatiable desire for money… but white men STILL build for them.

        Why can’t we as black men do this for our women? Our women are nowhere near as money hungry as the white devil women. They are tired of black men coming up short of the basics of responsibility. At least black women’s assets are the real McCoy. Black women can do no right by most of you SYSBM swirling black men… even when there is no admissible evidence towards black women being faulty beyond repair.

        We as black men have gotten lazy and arrogant after the Civil Rights movement and we think we have the right to be surprised when black women are tired of tolerating us?

        I have my fundamental differences with black women… but I also have MUCH bigger fundamental differences with guys that scam black men into thinking the grass is greener with non-black women and guys that are misogynoir and delusional enough to eat that bullshit up.

        I am no idealist and I am certainly no hotep. I tell the truth.

        That is what I see in this blog of yours.

        Liked by 1 person

      • D32018,

        I told you before, I don’t sit at the table with and build for devils. If you wish to construct a dynasty for Satan’s right hand henchwomen then knock yourself out, however I will not be joining you in your fool’s errand. I’ll stop worrying about your website when you actually start putting in the work and start walking the walk you keep talking about instead of being ultra lazy and thinking that you can defend and elevate black women by constantly attacking black men, white women and white men. You’re looking very weak bruh. Again, show and prove. If black women are so great then why don’t you have any articles on your website praising, glorifying and uplifting them? That’s the missing piece of the puzzle which is making you look like a complete laughingstock right now.


    • “black women are threatening to divest from black men and if they follow through by and large… game over black community.”

      Good. Fuck ’em, let them walk.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Michael, these fools say things like this as if ANYTHING black women do will have an impact on thinking black men. As if black women have any option other than black men. Maybe black women will walk away from black men and fall off a cliff into the ocean. SIMPS have to be th biggest idiots on the planet earth.

        Liked by 1 person

      • If black females could have divested from black men, they would have done it a long time ago. Only the top 2% genetically-blessed BW have a chance of dating out and getting their white knight. 98% will be stuck in Blackistan forever and ever, amen.

        Why isn’t d1ckh34d out building for his queens instead of trying to dick police the thinking black man?

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Yet another video of a hoodrat (notice that tattoos on her breasts) and her kids who became homeless right after losing her section 8 housing:

    It is easy to find these videos/stories of hoodrats swiftly falling into poverty after being cut off from white daddy’s welfare dollars. With the coming welfare/section 8 cuts judgement is coming for all of the hoodrats out dealing/breeding with the losers and bums of black society. These chicks breed with the worst of black men and then rely on government programs to do what a good father would be doing. We are going to see some seriously desperate black women in the coming days who are going to be looking for a good man (married or single, they have no shame in being a mistress/homewrecker) to save them, don’t give them a dime or a second of your time. Call CPS if her children appear neglected but thats it. Don’t give Shaniqua, Pookie, Ray Ray or any of their type a life line, they need to go extinct for the future of the black community.

    Liked by 1 person

    • James S,

      I don’t feel sorry for the woman in the video either, no doubt she was and probably still is one of the typical “I’m an independent woman, I don’t need a man” types. Its common knowledge that one of the best ways to escape poverty is to get married/be involved a long term committed relationship and have a family. However most black women don’t believe in marriage, they subscribe to feminism which tells them to remain single, kill most of their unborn children and the few they do decide to have to use as leverage to get on the government payroll. Let shine bones like D32018 save these broads, these pro black simps love black women so much, let them step up to the plate and take care of them and their bastard children. #SYSBM

      Liked by 1 person

    • Note in the first video, her baby looks pretty light-skinned. Given that she’s in Salt Lake City, and listening to her diction, I’d venture to guess that swirling went wrong for this bedwench. If it was a black guy that left his family to hang out in a park all day and go to a shelter at night, you wouldn’t hear the end of it. But never a cross word about White Daddy, even when he abandons them. Oh well, those cuts are a beast. Too bad. SYSBM!

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Verbs2015 I am all for listening to opinions even the ones I disagree with. But this d32018 black woman worshipper is so far gone, with this ‘ black women are queens’, ‘ white women are evil’ nonsense, that engaging these types of black ‘men’ is simply a waste of time.
    Literally every talking point he has is the same crap that these,stupid black women talk about. The mentality of these Simp Blackmen cannot fathom questioning or holding Black women responsible for anything. It always goes back to what Blackmen aren’t doing. This guy actually said that black women have the opportunity to be with Weitman but they aren’t because they care for Blackmen so much. Can you believe these fools?
    And just like black women do these idiots always go back to talking about Whitewomen and how evil white women are. The Simp negro clown male is so caught up in the deification of these disgusting black women that reality simply doesn’t exist. Black women and the Simp live in a fantasy world created by black women in order to justify their ridiculous and animallike behavior. And like the simple, weak buffoons they are they follow behind and believe everything black woman say. These type of ‘men’ conveniently ignore the fact that black women destroy the lives of black men, black children and black fetuses on a daily basis without any consequence. Yet these morons are still screaming about white supremacy and what Whitewomen are doing.
    And these simps still haven’t gotten the memo that no matter how much name-calling they do, how much screaming about Whitewomen they do, and how much they scream about white supremacy, they will never change the minds of thinking Blackmen because we are actually men enough to deal with reality. Reality being a concept that black women and these Negro clowns simply cannot deal with.
    And if what we are saying here is so incorrect why wouldn’t this Simp Nigro clown just ignore what we are saying and build his heaven on earth with the black woman he worships? The truth is black women and morons like this guy, understand that what we are saying is true, but they refuse to accept what we are saying, and would rather come to this site as opposed to actually trying to change the way black women behave.
    But then again black women simply aren’t able to change their behavior, because the majority of them are pure evil. How any sane black man could not see just how wicked and vile the majority of black women are is beyond me. But then many black men are wicked and vile because they were raised by these black women who are wicked and vile.
    So the cycle continues. I would probably ban this guy. He brings nothing but distraction and confusion to this website just like black women do to every situation they place themselves in. Trying to reason with somebody is stupid as this guy is an exercise in futility.


    • @Bill

      Just me speaking here, but I kinda enjoy reading the fevered ramblings of Mr @d1ckh38d, his simpery and shaming language is fruitless in the face of the #SYSBM tsunami. We can see it, he can’t.

      Don’t take him too seriously, small dumb animals usually makes the most noise.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Bill Smith,

      There’s no reasoning with this fool, he’s completely blinded, I would say by the black woman’s cooch but as is normally the case the pro black squads are left out in the dry for the majority part when it comes down to who most black women choose to open their legs to. The dude is a clown and must be treated as such, as Michel stated I see the shine as entertainment, he is a living case study of a soft, milk toast, yellow backed black male who was most likely raised in a single mother household, hence his blind worship of the angry and bitter black sisterhood. You’ve pretty much nailed though I won’t ban him just yet because I want him to continue making a fool out of himself for just a little bit longer.


  6. Michael, Kameron Brown, Verbs2015, I hear all of your very valid points. I just get sick of listening to the same, old, tired, lame talking point that these mentally ill black women have been using for years and these weak black men repeat over and over again.
    It’s like hearing a SIMP broken record. But it is good to let this moron keep exposing the just how idiotic these ‘men’ are, and how they follow anything and everything black women do and say. And black men wonder why they are not taken seriously by anyone. If black men would actually be men and stop following behind and excusing the ridiculous behavior of black women, maybe they would be.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bill Smith,

      Don’t worry bro, its business as usual at Slaying Evil, D32018 aka d1ckh38d aka Pussy Boy aka Ultra Simp won’t be changing the direction of anything over here. Simps like him will have to learn their lessons the hard way, such is life for the blind who choose to worship and follow the blind. Notice as per usual that the pro black simps can never refute the evidence presented, just like their dysfunctional black female counterparts the only form of defence they have is repeating the same redundant talking points as well as attempting to smear the messenger. We already know their techniques and they just aren’t working any more.


  7. 37 days till the cuts are here. The scraggle daggle and simp army have 37 days to convince thinking black men with bright futures and high SMV to sell themselves short and take care of the horde of thug babies that were spawned by black whores and thugs as they are about to lose their section 8.

    Let’s see…… Get with a fine childless non-black women who actually respects and submits to a black man
    Get with a black woman who hates being black so much she spends billions to have white weave. A black women who openly bedwenches for white men in the office place and everywhere else. A black woman who seeks out the worst of black men to have babies by only to shame good men into taking care of other mens kids and actually say this is what makes someone a “real man”. A black women who says black men who are educated are lame but black men who kill other black men and destroy entire communities “fine” and full of “swag” a woman who has no concept of personal responsibility and has 20 million abortions

    Wow guys this is such a hard decision for us thinking black men to make. Whatever will we do?

    Liked by 1 person

    • @YoursTruly

      “A black women who says black men who are educated are lame but black men who kill other black men and destroy entire communities “fine” and full of “swag” a woman who has no concept of personal responsibility and has 20 million abortions”.

      It’s ironic how these negroes slander educated black people with adhominem attacks and accuse them of “acting white” and then expect those same individuals to come back and help the so-called community. I could care less black America is not worthy of my time, money, and respect. #SYSBM

      Liked by 1 person

    • Keith,

      We also have to remember that the simps will sound identical to the black females they worship, I believe its a man with very strong female tendencies due to being raised up by and around nothing but dysfunctional black women.


  8. And They Wonder Why Thinking Minded Black Men Never Want to Associate With ”Them” The Images From @_khayess Twitter Page Speaks For Themselves. Wanting to Be Near Garbage Like Her & The Other American Black Bedwenches is Essentially Lowering Yourself to a Lesser Creature & The Sad Thing is That The American Black Bedwenches Teach Their Sons, Daughter’s or Bastard Sons, Daughter’s That ”Thug Life” Stupidity. Bottom Line: Scraggle Daggles Like @_khayess Fall Under The ”MUST AVOID AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE” Category. #SYSBM!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Yours Truly, ‘Get With a black woman who hates being black so much she spends billions to have white weave’…..
    Yours Truly, don’t you know that black women are spending billions of dollars not to look like white women? Because the fake ridiculous looking hair that they are sewing in their heads for the most part comes from Indians (mostly) or Brazilian women……..
    This is how freaking stupid black women are, and these are the lengths that black women go to to excuse their ridiculous look and their ridiculous desire to be a White woman. And I have mentioned this before, that now black women are claiming that ancient African women had hair weaves, so them selling fake hair into their head is just a style, not a desire to be a White woman. And like the article Verbs2015 put up a few months ago stated, black women are even attempting to use Australian aborigines and Melanesian people with blond straight hair in order to justify their clown like appearance.
    Funny how black women claim that everything they do is NOT a second rate attempt to mimic, imitate the mannerisms of, appearance of, and overall essence of a white woman. But when some third rate white man comes around and gives the stupid black woman three seconds of attention, that black woman magically transforms into an angelic, affable, feminine slave for that White man. And that black woman will do everything and anything she can imitate the White woman who she is eternally jealous of and wants to replace.
    Black women are the biggest hypocrites on the planet earth. And everything about black women is laughably transparent and easily dissected by anyone with half a brain. Stay away from black women, do not speak to black women, do not look at black women, and avoid black women at all costs.
    Typical black woman logic- ‘There are Black women in Australia with long blonde straight hair’. ‘I’m not trying to look like a White woman, I’m just switching up my style as a black woman’…..
    Black women are beyond retarded, beyond stupid, beyond logic, beyond rational same thought, and they are beyond pathetic in everything they do, think, or say. But I forgot I’m a self hater and a coon for saying these things. But the Black woman who does everything in her power to look like a second rate mockery of the White woman is not a coon and is never called a coon by any black man or woman. Unbelievable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s ptojection 101.
      They project all their flaws on thinking black men.

      for example

      “you act like you white!” she said after she finished reading her how to swirl book that basicly tells black women to act white to attract white men.

      “you just want that white womrn because she is a pushover” she said as she let’s Tyrone sleep on her couch rent free because he dicks her down every night.

      “You educated lames are just mad you didn’t get pussy in high school!” she said trying to shame thoes very same educated lames 15 years later into taking care of her 3 bastard kids she had with thugs

      “Black men suffer from colorism”

      She said ignoring the fact that black women coined the phrase “good hair”

      “You rejects only get fat white women nobody else wants” she said as she stands to be the most overweight group of women in the country.

      It never ends.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. also Ibjust ledt a comment on a different article saying if black women saw inmates on the side of the road she would talk about how fine they are and on the same day we have a black women’s pussy getting wet looking at fucking mug shots.

    Ayy lamo

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Yours truly. 80% of black women are fat, as to the lenient standards of body weight. Yet, a favorite line of black women, who are typically land whales, is: WHITE WOMEN ARE FAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. The most dangerous place on the planet for black men/children to be is with a SINGLE BLACK FEMALE, just check any and all war torn inner cities that are infested with Single Black Females and her Thug Leaders and Protectors…#SYSBM


  13. @Keith

    Hardcore Tito did suggest the SIMP was the last stand of the “community”, and it is over a month until the CUTS! so I do think @d1ckh38d is a male.

    However there’s nothing masculine about @d1ckh38d. Cannot build, doesn’t walk his talk, cannot defend his beloved queans, cannot write pro-Black articles on his blog, just dick monitors thinking brothers, hoping to get a whiff of that fetid fish hole. The ultra SIMP in action.

    Treat him as you would a frog in a Perspex box.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. The simps are afraid that when the cuts happen the thugs will run wild in the streets. Trump will release the national guard and round up the “community” into fema camps when the hordes of thugs and single moms riot in the streets when the ebt cards run out of money and get evicted from their section 8.

    They want the educated lames to come back because we are the only ones with resources in the “community” The simps and thugs live under the black alien queen of the damned and she only has a net worth of 5 bucks living on section 8. Alpha fux/Beta bux is a game that black women can’t afford to play but played it they did. Now they will be left with nothing but the thugs and simps they love so much.

    the gender war is already over and the losers are in a state of panic.

    They tell us we should build and protect for our “women” a few things about that.
    Men “build” for their wives who are childless and faithful to them.
    When you have a collective of men getting married they will naturally come together to form communities where business and schools form.

    If you have a group of women who reject educated men so they can get knocked up by thugs and bums in mass to the point where it is not common for black women to have kids by 2-3 different men building will not happen. It is the duty of the man to build for his children. If he doesn’t want to have kids with you why would he build for you? Do you fools honestly expect black men to build for women who rejected educated men for section 8 goodies? You don’t get to give the thugs the pussy for free then charge a fee for the good black man after the pussy is all used up. Black women need to go to the black men that knocked them up and tell them to take care of their kids and build their community back up. They know these men will never do that because the men they got knocked up by are bums and thugs. These men don’t even have a place to stay they are living in her section 8 apartment. These men never even finished high school but WE are lame lol.

    All you pieces of shit are just mad that you are so stupid and shortsighted that you shunned the only group of people who could be bothered to help you….educated black men. You come at us talking about how we are jealous we didn’t get laid, virgins, lame, ect but lets keep it real. WHO is coming to WHO decades later begging WHO to come back? Thats what I thought. Us educated lames got over you whores long ago and moved on and your pissed because we won’t come back to take care of your thug spawns and buy you wookie weave. Get ready for you fema camps and tent cities.

    The gender war is basically “educated lames” walking away and dating/marrying non-black women leaving black women to the mercy of the government and thugs they betrayed us for. They will try to shame us back with any excuse they can think of but it won’t work because the cuts are still coming. They know they are living literally on borrowed time because the cuts were suppose to start Oct. 1st.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Great comment Yours Truly. I have to shake my head at these simps trying to tell us to build our women up. They do not understand they are not our women they are the governments women. Why would you try to build something with a groups of women that are confrontational, combative, evil, overweight, stinking weave wearers, multiple kids with multiple fathers, loud, sit on their ass all day, clown make up, and diseased infested demons. How can you build anything with that these simps are gone they are truly gone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “Building” is just the new flavor of the month shaming tactic they use at us because the old shaming tactic of blaming educated lames for what the thugs do isn’t working anymore. Now it’s “WHAT ARE YOU BUILDING NIGGA?!” Ignoring what building actually IS. When they speak of building they are talking about guys with money dumping it all into the ghetto so they can continue their ghetto fabulous lifestyle. The Democrats are on their way out the door as a political party because they won’t be able to buy votes with welfare checks anymore so they want us to take over where they left off and just dump boatloads of money into the ghetto so ray-ray’s kids might grow up to be something. Sorry but it’s the real world. If you can swim you bown to drizzown as they say. Let them build for their “women” if they want to.

      Liked by 1 person

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