They Continue To Tell On Themselves, Part 8 – Black Women And Thug Love(Again)


I wonder if the penny has dropped for these pro black simps yet? Can’t they see from this clear-cut example(yet again) that licking the muddy boots of black females and pandering towards them will profit them absolutely nothing whatsoever. Here we have yet another fireside confession of a black woman telling us that she prefers in her own words “fine nighas which usually be hood dudes”. This is why most black men who champion for black women are single, again, why are the pro blacks not taking a leaf out of Tyrone’s or J Boogie’s book?

Again, the complaint that thinking black men have isn’t that black women are choosing thugs over them, the issue is when the consequences and the harsh realities of single motherhood begin to set in, it is at this point that these foolish women finally realise the value of a good, productive, free thinking black man and thereafter begin seeking out the same guys they curbed years before. Nope, sorry, it’s too late for you now, take the L on the chin and keep it moving, accept the consequences of your bad decisions and stop attempting to shame good black men into dating you.

The problems are not the black men who no longer wish to deal with you as a result of having x amount of children by x amount of men, the problem is you have proven yourself to be a slut of the highest order and that behaviour is not to be saluted under any circumstances. For some strange reason most black women seem to believe that their value remains the same even when they have 6 children en tow. Again, for evidence purposes you are reminded of this article which I wrote back in December 2016:

And yet another article I wrote on the same subject back in April this year:

I really don’t understand why black men who are worth a damn are still wasting their time believing that “the one” will come along, look at what you have to face first? If you aren’t sagging your trousers/jeans, don’t wear Air Jordans, haven’t graffitied your entire body with tattoos and don’t have a gold grill in your mouth then as far as black women as a collective are concerned, you can keep it moving as they’re not interested at all.

I will continue to bring the evidence to the table and place it in your lap for you to look at and digest by yourselves, the saying is true and has been proven yet again, most black women love low brow, unproductive, thug type black men and the above Facebook post is yet more proof of that. However what I find funny as mentioned before is the fact that non black women have no problems choosing the nerds, the suit wearers and the productive men of black society, ie the normal men of black society, what’s up with that?

Yet as soon as these black men are taken these are the same black women who go onto news shows and other TV programmes to complain about non black women(mainly white women)taking all the good black men ie the black men black women rejected. Well, of course they are, you don’t want them remember. It’s exactly what MadBusDriver said, black women find absolutely no interest in black men and see them as completely valueless until they begin dealing with non black women.

Not much more needs to be stated as I have already covered this topic many times before, only that black men with sense and intelligence will go where they will be accepted AS THEY ARE without having to put up a front. Black men, save yourselves and date out, at least you know that with a non black female you will be appreciated from the very beginning and not whenever you decide to take a different dating route. Again, black women are not looking for the clean-cut, smart-looking Negro male, therefore these types of black men should take heed and take themselves elsewhere, it’s that simple.

Non black women recognise the value in the same black men that most black women will label as “educated lames”, and they wonder why they remain chronically single at such high rates. Be sure to check out Negro Wars where I break down the dysfunction of the modern day black female in greater depth.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

48 thoughts on “They Continue To Tell On Themselves, Part 8 – Black Women And Thug Love(Again)

  1. Surprise! Surprise! Then again, NOT! Being a six figure professional black man in the DC Metro, I can attest to the sheer ridiculous antics I’ve dealt with from black women I’ve dealt with. Women want a bad boy in a suit! So guess what, that exactly what I give them! The more I treat women like shit and disrespect, the more play and respect I get. Visit any online site like,, and etc and I guarantee you will see the same females on each of them claiming to be looking for a good man along with a laundry list of qualifying stats needed to be able to ride them, oh my bad….to get with them. I’ve smashed more than a few them with no work. 🙂 Great article and truth!

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    • Santana,

      Black women as a whole devalued themselves a long time ago, therefore they must be treated accordingly. There’s not point putting value into something that is valueless, this is where the pro black squads go wrong, they place worth upon such women instead of treating them like the worthless trash most of them are.

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  2. Funny how White, Asian and Euro blonde women can find and savour good Black men, but black women can’t..

    For our resident prowack nigga, @d1ckh38d, hoping to get a sniff of that fetid punani, your Big Booty Bimbo god will give it up to Ray Ray, Dirty Dick Rodney and J Boogie long before she remembers you. Stay simping.


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    • Afrofuturism,

      Indeed, I see that there is quite a stir over a thick mixed race chick by the name of Demetria Obilor who does traffic reports. No doubt the angry and bitter black sisterhood is already on her case as she has been receiving quite a bit of mail from haters. On another note she looks like she’d be right up your alley, lol, one of those thickums:

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      • Holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-

        Daaaaamn this woman is fine! I would straight up, If given the chance, nut inside of her for about 15 minutes straight, pull out method would NOT be employed.

        But guess what would?

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      • That chick is fine as hell but seems like the type who will hit the wall hard (weight gain) after a child or a few years time once that metabolism starts slowing down. Hopefully she is smart enough to lock down a good man now while she is young and pretty.

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      • James S,

        The majority of the time the reason why women put on weight after having a child is because their hormones are way out of balance. If she looks after herself physically, exercises her femininity to the fullest and keeps Jezebel locked up in the cage then she’ll be alright. Agreed, she would do well to get a good man now that she has the potential to do so, this is what a woman’s prime years are for.

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  3. I found some Ammo for the next Celebrating Mixed Female Beauty!!

    And you KNOW that the bitter sisterhood is mad cuz “dat light skin b1tch ain’t $hit!!!!”

    Oh yeah, her momma white!!!


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  4. Not date-able, unattractive (of their own fault), not marriage material, rotten attitudes, love for thugs and losers, sexually promiscuous, and in the beginning of a long string of welfare cuts planned out by the current government, this video shows the future of many American BW post welfare cuts:

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    • The lady in the above video has EIGHT KIDS and I’m going to assume they are by different fathers and she is about to be homeless, this is a small illustration of the caliber of men that modern American BW spread their legs for. She has EIGHT KIDS and none of the fathers can give her a dime to keep her and her kids off the streets, because the fathers are likely thugs and losers. She has no skills that will pay her enough of a wage for her to be able to afford to pay her bills and the state has NO SECTION 8 HOUSING for her. Her family has likely turned their backs on her because she is ghetto, or her family cant help her because her family isn’t worth a damn either. When the food stamp and section 8 cuts start hitting the weight of many of these single mothers bad choices in men (and life) will be brought to bear on them and unfortunately their children as well.

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    • only a MF female can get away with shit like that . they got laws a for seat belts but not for a slut that breeds like a roach . she should have been put in prison at child no 3 and chemically sterilized before being let out . that ho made a career move to live off the system . I feel for those kids

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  5. What I believe is that Black women simply have de evolved. They were attracted to the thug archetype of black men and bred with them in mass on a 80/20 ratio. The kids they have are even dumber than the parents. The mothers are horrible and raise the kids to make the same mistakes she made. For the dick/pussy challenge anyone? They seek out the worst of black men to mate with because of the welfare section 8 cushion available to them and we have generations of women breeding with bums and now bums are seen as the alpha males in the black community.

    She sees a photo of accomplished black males with masters degrees and phd and all she has to say is “these guys are lame” If she saw a photo with a bunch of inmates picking up trash on the side of the highway she would say “Man these guys are fine.” “I want to bail these sexy brothas out lol xoxo!!!” African Americans will always be at the bottom because our women only desire to mate with the bottom at least until they hit the wall and want to be saved by an “educated lame” or a White man. Even if they get one somebody to “save them” like a locust she will just run through his resources and divorce him eventually joining the rest of the spinsters and crazy cat ladies of America. The well to do black men will date non-black women and their resources will create a upper middle class biracial community that will stand in stark contrast to the dark skinned ghettos.

    Black women will deflect and say this is because of “colorism” or “muh white standard of beauty” but in reality it is because this is the end result of decades of government funded “Thuggin Love” Even black women who might read this post will be in denial of what I am saying. They want a community that looks like the white communities but don’t realize those communities got built because the women were choosing builders to get pregnant by not thugs. Do they think the white community would look the way it does if white women were rejecting Tony in accounting to get knocked up by bobby-joe cooking meth in his RV because Bobby-joe has swag? Not saying they treated these men like kings but they had the common sense to go after good guys FIRST and then cheat on them with Chad Thundercock LATER.

    Black women get 5 kids deep with ray-ray and wonder why steve urkle doesn’t want to invest a dime in a black community and “hops the fence.”

    It would be easy to just blame Jews for their heavy promotion of this garbage we call rap music but the women despite all of the negative effects STILL continue to fuck thugs in mass while telling educated black men we didn’t assert ourselves and it’s our fault black women fuck thugs. Young black men these days are literally referring to themselves as “savages” to impress black women. I can only hope that these people die off in fema camps so the black race can start over.

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    • THank you! I’ve been saying that soon, the only dark skinned blacks will reside in the ghetto, and that if you think colorism is bad now, just wait! It’s about to get where no one will even touch dark skinned black women.

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    • @afrofuturism1 @YoursTruly
      “What I believe is that Black women simply have devolved.”
      The rampant inbreeding and dysgenic mating explains why some black people and to a certain extent black woman have that “down syndrome” look and unfortunately have lower intellect. Me personally, I wouldn’t touch a female from a low income neighborhood. Black men should practice “sexual selection” where they are looking for the “cream of the crop” women who are not only beautiful but emotionally, genetically, and intellectually fit. #SYSBM

      As classic educated lames what are you guys majoring in?

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      • I was in a bad spot and recently recovering from a series of unfortunate events. My old house flooded and a few other things. I have a new place now and planning to go back to school to get my bachelors next year. Currently studying film and I’m also working on writing science fiction novels and a friend of mine is trying to get a comic book off the ground and want’s me to write.

        It’s a work in progress but I feel very strongly about writing science fiction and furthering my education in film. No criminal record,no kids, money in the bank and nothing but time on my side now. I’m living in boxes right now working overtime to buy a new car, laptop (old one lost in flood) and other essentials then it’s back to school. I didn’t get no fucking section 8.
        I had medicare and they abandoned me in a hospital room for 3 hours and forgot I was there.

        People who rely on the government are just slaves.

        I have no sympathy for these fools on section 8 I was practically homeless for almost a year and still had a 3.0 gpa in college and had a job. I was lucky enough to be able to sleep on a friends couch. If I didn’t know them I would have been on the street. I don’t like to brag about it because honestly I was miserable and depressed the whole time but still tho. I don’t know manny black women interested in struggling with a educated lame like me but I know plenty who will struggle with some wannabe 50 Cent homo thug with 4 baby mamas and a bad case of HIV.

        These fools go out of their way to put themselves into poverty and stay there then blame everybody else for their problems. The crazy thing is when I was in school I worked on a homeless white guy’s film and his won first place in our class. I thought to myself I don’t know how I would make it if I was in his shoes but here I am. I wonder where he is now.
        Brighter days are here for thinking black men like us. Black men have survived through it all and will continue to do so.

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      • @TheAmazingSecularist
        “The rampant inbreeding and dysgenic mating explains why some black people and to a certain extent black woman have that “down syndrome” look and unfortunately have lower intellect. ”
        I’ve noticed that look among hoodrats too, I feel bad for thinking it but its true. The best and brightest left the ghettos a long time ago, its mostly just hoodrats breeding with dusty dudes at this point. Like the movie Idiocracy.

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  6. Verbs, as usual you turned the flame thrower setting up to EXTRA HOT🔥🔥 🔥. I literally shake my head and laugh when I visit my aunt, who still lives in the hood back in St.Louis as I look around and all I see are 140lb black dudes with 350lb masculine, weave wearing, tatted up belligerent black whores with bastard baby/babies in tow. I’m 23 with a BS in Nursing and I’ve been dating WHITE FEMALES exclusively since the 8th grade thanks to my wonderful uncle. I moved to Dallas about 18 months ago after I graduated from nursing school and the IR dating scene in North Dallas is absolutely crazy with bm/ww couples being ubiquitous and that’s where I met my 20 year old 5’3, 114 blonde hair blue eyed beautiful girlfriend. The hospital where I work has a few black females on my ward and I only wish I could have taken a picture of the looks on the faces of those masculine, putrid looking black female Land Whales when my beautiful girlfriend brought me dinner up to my ward. That’s all the whores could talk about the entire night under their breath is how “Becky” is stealing all of the good black men. Even if I was single right now, I would rather cut off my scrotum with a rusty dull hack saw blade than even consider dating a Black Female Toxic Beast. I will say one positive thing about visiting St.Louis, is that before I left there was a lot of IR dating between bm/ww, hell my high school I attended I would say that 70-80% of the black dudes dated NON BLACK FEMALES…overwhelmingly white girls. So the SYSBM movement is now systemic and there’s no stopping it. So I beg black men to run with the speed and grace of Usain Bolt away from the black whores and date out to fine yourselves a real woman! !!…#SYSBM, #TEAMWHITEGIRLS, #BREEDTHEMOUT

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  7. What’s up Santana I am from the DC metro area as well. Man these BW here are the worst bro, but anyway the thing is the so called lanes black men with degrees and six figure jobs do not want these low grade tatted up, potty mouth, over weight black women anyway. See that is why BW talk trash about the so called lames because they know these type of BM want nothing to do with them and they cannot assault his pockets so they resort to name calling. But the funny thing is you still have older BW women who still want thugs these BW are below the abyss they are a utter disgrace to society.

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    • Yeah man! I relocated here from the midwest and it’s the worst! DC Metro is great for jobs and career moves but meeting quality women is not good at all! Damn shame too man! Good to see fellas in the area indeed! Keep it up Playboy!

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  8. For some strange reason it’s almost as if black women enjoy being difficult. Black women enjoy dating lowlifes thugs. Black women enjoy fighting, strife, arguments, and all behaviors, attitude, and way of life that are contrary to anything logical, peaceful, tranquil, and sane.
    There is a serious mental flaw with the majority of black women that almost forces them to have a bad attitude, choose the absolute lowest scumbag men to deal with, and makes black women believe that no matter what they do, no matter what they say, and no matter how they act, it’s always somebody else’s fault (mainly black men).
    Although I’ve grown less and less fond of him in the past few years, Tommy Sotomayor had a gem of a video on YouTube titled ‘Hair Hatted black chick tries to convince the world that this blonde lace front looks good’. It’s on his ‘ The Maltliquor Sippers’ channel.
    It’s literally like black women are being exposed more and more on a daily basis for the mentally ill demons they actually are, and how black women are directly responsible for the majority of problems amongst black people. Black women falsely attempted to dish it out to Blackmen for many many years. Now that the truth regarding the nature of black women is being revealed, black women are up in arms and don’t know what to do other than call names and claim that Blackmen are gay.
    I literally hate 99.9% of black women. There is nothing good or redeemable about the vast majority of black women. Black women are pure evil
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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  9. USA Black women, as a group, make the false complaint that: BLACK MEN ARE NOT BUILDING ANYTHING. A major problem is that most young black women are not interested in a young black man during the 20 years, more or less, that it takes to build a good life. Black women have, typically, a 20-year teenage girl period that lasts from age 12 to age 32. These immature black women lack the sophistication and patience to go through the long building phases of life. This explains the 70% single rate for black females. This figure also explains why the percentage of black males marrying non-black women grows each decade. My prediction is that in 20 years 50% of USA black men will be married to non-black women.

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    • When black women say that black men aren’t building, what they REALLY mean is:

      A) The black men that they ARE attracted to (the thugs, gangbangers, etc.) aren’t building anything.

      B) The black men that black women are NOT attracted to (the so called educated lames) aren’t building anything…

      …FOR THEM.

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  10. Black women continue to accuse Becky of “stealing” the good men, but BW are giving these so called “educated lames” away free of charge. Modern BW don’t seem to understand how stealing actually works. Thinking Black Men, i.e. “educated lames”, will continue to build and produce for women of other races who see the value in quality brothers. Black Women will continue to spend the majority of there lives dating thugs and using social media (Lipstick Alley and Afropunk) to complain about the so called “lack” of good black men.

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  11. Verbs2015,
    Clearly Their is No Saving Our Sisters. As Bill Smith Stated They Enjoy Being Difficult, Argumentative, Disillusioned, Spiteful, Strife Driven. Basically They Truly Have Become The New American White Women For American White Men. I Can Tell You The Many Terrible Experiences I’ve Had With American BW, But I Have So Many I Don’t Know Where to Begin. Bottom Line. No American Black Woman For Me. I Stick With #SYSBM 100%!!!

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    • Shawn Swint,

      There is no saving the modern day black female, she is trundling towards hell and the abyss trying her best to take others down with her along the way. Jill Scott recently getting divorced is a classic example of what you stated above, he husband put her on blast and called her out as an evil woman. Black women are failures in many things but especially in the relationship department. The westernised black female is a dead horse and ought to be abandoned at all costs. #SYSBMFORLIFE


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