Tyrese Gibson vs The Black Witch – The Struggles Of A Father In Western Society


Let me tell you something Tyrese, the mother of your daughter hates you with a passion as this is part of the standard hatred and disdain that black women display towards black men. Right now the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure aswell as their pro black simp regiment is smiling with glee and laughing at Tyrese’s current situation concerning his daughter and the ongoing custody battle, we at the thinking black men’s regiment already know that black women as a collective are dysfunctional beyond repair, thus their fuel for life consists of war, contention, strife, drama, beef, pain, suffering, misery, death, the spilling of innocent blood etc.

No doubt the pro black simps, you know the same black men that lick the muddy boots of the very women that hate their guts will also be coming out of the woodwork thick and fast poking fun at Tyrese and his current predicament. Again, in the same manner as the black woman the pro black simp hates seeing black men free and off the proverbial plantation, this is why he spends a large amount of his time dick policing attempting to castigate the free thinking black man on his choice to expand upon his dating and marriage options.

I really have to laugh at these pathetic excuses for black men(crafted and produced by none other than the black witch herself), by railing against their fellow brethren they honestly believe that somehow they are gaining ground as well as favour with black women, however nothing could be further from the truth. These guys don’t seem to understand and learn the fact that the more they brown nose and bootlick the more black women will hate and despise them. You typically see this on websites such as Lipstick Alley, black men breaking their backs and necks to please these $5 sirens while at the same time the black women there call these simps all kinds of names and boldly mock them to their faces, smh.

Why black men would sign up to Lipstick Alley to begin with as far as I am concerned is simply down to a lack of self-respect as well as not having any standards. You can conduct reconnaissance stealth missions to gather intelligence from Lipstick Alley without having to sign up to the website. Of course the simps will always follow the same black females that hate them everywhere they go and trash other black men in the hopes of finally landing themselves some contaminated snatch, Lipstick Alley is no exception, case and point right here:


And these pro black, back to Africa idiots despite the above smoking gun evidence will still stand there and try to persuade me that the black woman has the black man’s back. Black women are the most efficient professionals at plunging knives and other sharp instruments into the backs of black men, however one thing black women most definitely are NOT towards black men is supportive. The above link as well as many other articles I have written containing similar evidence proves my position beyond any doubt.

When it was known that Tyrese had married his new wife Samantha Lee Gibson who do you think were the predominant two groups of individuals who had a major problem with their union? I don’t even need to ask you because I know that you thinking brothers already know the answer, that’s right, racist white men and equally racist black women. Remember Samantha isn’t even white, she is of mixed heritage but because she looks Caucasian we already know that the two groups above will be coming after her with knives and daggers drawn.

I and many other black men have been telling the thinking black men’s regiment for the longest while that black women along side their racist white male counterparts have a serious problem with black men dating out and being happy in doing so. The continual hate that Tyrese and Samantha have been receiving has been coming overwhelmingly from these two groups and if you asked them I am positive they would most definitely confirm that this is the case.

I already told you in my book Negro Wars under the chapter of Black Women And Children that most black women are habitual liars and who also have no hang ups about using the children they have as a weapon against the father. In 2017 one of the worst mistakes that any black man can make in life is having a child with a modern day black woman as she will put you through absolute hell where you are simply trying to visit and bond with your seed. Remember, black women now subscribe to a mutant form of feminism which is far deeper and many times more wicked than the feminism they were introduced to in the 1960s.

Now many folks will say that non black women also take advantage of the legal system to use against the fathers of their children and this is indeed true. However the difference is this, non black women who hate children are in the minority, most non black females on the whole love children, albeit when you cross over to the modern day black female the dynamic changes completely. Most black women hate children and typically only have them in order to garner extra finances or to use that child as a pawn in their efforts to inflict pain and suffering upon the father.

In the video Tyrese talked about the fact that he has moved on, however its clear that his ex-wife hasn’t. Not only is she bitter at the fact that Tyrese barring his daughter has started a completely new life, she is also heavily disgruntled at Tyrese’s new wife Samantha, the fact that she is beautiful and is feminine(we thinking black men already understand that feminism is the standard religion of the black witch). Tyrese’s ex-wife Norma is a dysfunctional wreck which is exactly the reason why the relationship fell apart and he decided to move on to new pastures.

The accusations of child abuse that Norma has railed against Tyrese don’t really surprise me at all as in general this is a common deceptive tactic bitter women use in order to get one up on the father and to persuade the courts to award them sole custody of the child, this happens all the time. However, most abusers of children are actually women not men. This is something else I talked about in my book, because the lame stream media is constantly portraying men as villains, this allows women a free reign to abuse children with ease due to the biased focus upon males:


Also, Tyrese talked about the real fathers not being judged differently from the so called “deadbeats”. According to a study conducted by the CDC we already know that black men are the most involved in their children’s lives, a study that the black sisterhood of failure is eager to ignore and dismiss as it doesn’t bode well with their n***as ain’t s*** false narrative:


Tyrese also talked about not hating his ex-wife because that would mean that he hates his daughter, however this is clearly a logical fallacy as it is his ex-wife who is making his life difficult, not his daughter Shayla. The fact that his daughter was birthed by his ex-wife means nothing, they share DNA and a similar skin complexion, however this is where the commonalities stops. The mother is NOT the daughter and vice versa. Black folks need to stop believing that because we share the same skin colour and within family circles may be related by blood this all of a sudden now means that we are all connected as one, NO, not at all.

This is the main argument and tool of leverage most black women commonly use in order to evade examination, scrutiny and criticism of themselves, the old “your mother’s black” Kansas City shuffle. However because this trickery is no longer working effectively black women are now turning up the ante and resorting to churning out hit piece articles in fairly well know publications in their efforts to smear and besmirch the image and the reputation of black men.

Tyrese needs to understand the modern day black woman and her mindset, there is no reasoning with these black sirens, they’re now possessed by evil spirits, the real individuals left their bodies a long time ago. They sit at the right hand side of Satan himself as his henchwomen, they willingly pay homage to and worship him via carrying out his malevolent bidding through utilisation of the feminist laws of the state in their efforts to destroy black men.

Always remember that these are the same black harridans who profess to believe in the Most High, Christ and the bible. Yet what scriptures in the bible state that a mother is free to use her child as a pawn if she has an issue or a disagreement with the child’s father, I’ll wait? Does this type of behaviour sound Christ like to any of you? What part of the bible condones the killing of children? Yet black women kill the highest number of children inside and outside of the womb.

This is why Tyrese’s ex-wife is continuing upon her road of destruction, unlike Tyrese Norma being your typical black female is energised and revitalised through seeing him suffer, erecting blatant lies so that Tyrese is unable to see his daughter and dragging him to court in her efforts to gain sole custody and to prevent Tyrese from seeing his daughter on a permanent basis. Norma has a smile on her face whenever she sees her ex husband in emotional pain, this is your modern day black witch right here, a heartless, emotionless leviathan who gets a kick out of placing others in positions of pain, suffering and misery.

When I first began calling black women witches I was mocked by many(especially by black women) and my description of them was likened to something out of a Harry Potter movie, however when you begin to closely examine the ritualistic behaviours that most black women exhibit, you’ll soon realise that the title of witch I bestow upon them is very real indeed. This is what Tyrese Gibson is literally dealing with, a black witch who at this moment is openly practising the dark arts against him and his wife and who will never be satisfied until she destroys Tyrese’s life completely, this is something he ought to be aware of.

Norma wants Tyrese Gibson’s blood literally and no amount of money offered and placed on the table will quench her blood lust. Thinking black men, here is yet another example of the Jezebel spirit in full swing coupled with feminism and misandry. Reason 1,568,097,574 why the modern day black woman should be avoided at all costs. This is why I will NEVER get married or have children in any country where the laws are NOT stacked in the man’s favour. To be honest signing a marriage certificate is a huge trap within itself as it places THE STATE as the head and the overseer of married couples and NOT the Most High.

For rich and wealthy men it is very different as in the event of a separation they already have sufficient money to where they are more than capable of buffering the shortfalls and loses, however for your average Joe six-pack often times the complete opposite is the case. It is not uncommon for a man to separate from his wife and via a decision by the court be thrown out onto the streets, no longer able to access the very house that he himself bought and is paying for.

The judicial systems of the west(UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, western Europe) do not protect and stand for the rights of men and fathers, they simply see us as cannon fodder, the truth is they have absolutely no interest in the welfare of any of the parties involved, to them cases involving child support, alimony, divorce etc are all about commerce and generating revenue and many foolish women voluntarily step forward and allow themselves to be used as tools in order to facilitate the process.

Tyrese as a black man and a father is learning a very harsh lesson in dealing with a bitter and scorned black female who cannot accept the fact that the other party concerned namely himself has moved on to bigger and better things. Court hearings are extremely tiring, draining and soul-destroying for normal individuals, unfortunately Norma already being dysfunctional will relish every moment. The good news is for the meantime after not seeing his daughter for a period of two months a judge has ruled that Tyrese can now see Shayla under supervised conditions:


White men have a hell of a lot to answer for as they are the ones who have introduced and put in place the systems and the laws that allow women to run amuck and gain an unfair advantage over men, yet these white males are the same individuals who are now complaining about their own cancerous creations and the contaminated fruits thereof. Make that make sense.

Women must always be controlled and held accountable for their actions at every turn, they must never be given a free reign of the yard unsupervised as they have demonstrated many times that they cannot be trusted to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion by themselves. As much as I have issues with Islam, its overall theme concerning keeping women under heel I completely agree with, though I don’t support many of the methods the religion uses to do so. Western society is exactly what happens when women’s options are not limited or heavily restricted. Women generally are selfish individuals, they tend to do things based upon there being some sort of beneficial outcome for themselves. Women are also masters at playing the victim and Norma Gibson is no exception, she fits the typical profile.

Thinking black men, steer clear of the Jezebel modern day black female, additionally stay away from any women exhibiting feminist, Jezebel, witchcraft and misandric traits as they are not good for your health as well as your soul. They will suck your energy/life force dry in order to rejuvenate themselves, don’t be a victim, don’t be that guy. Tyrese recognised the need to dilute the black bloodline in order to increase his chances of finding a beautiful, cooperative, accountable, honest, responsible and feminine female, thinking black men must implement the same process.

Tyrese is paying $13,000 dollars per month to his ex-wife and she still isn’t satisfied. Like I’ve stated before, this isn’t about the money, this is predominantly a revenge mission to destroy his life. The same God that most black women profess to believe in will be the same individual that will send the overwhelming majority of them straight down to Hell on a one way ticket because of their innumerable transgressions against black men, black children and black society a whole. How much do you want to bet that black women right now are hitting up his ex-wife’s social media telling her “you go girl, do your thing”?

Tyrese needs to stop suppressing his true feelings and understand that in view of the circumstances he would be perfectly justified to hate his ex-wife. I would hold a complete and utter disdain for any woman who put me though the things that he is current dealing with. It’s not wrong to hate wicked people, it certainly is not a sin to hate those who remain unrepentant, stubborn and prideful. I notice that a lot of people are afraid to use the word hate especially when it relates to dysfunctional individuals reeking havoc in one’s life, enjoying it and the results that follow. I talked about suppressing legitimate emotions and the damage it causes in my Institutional Church Beast book.

Of course at this point your average black female who claims to be a Christian will immediately open up her bible and point to Matthew 5:44 where Christ instructs his disciples to love their enemies, to bless and do good to them that hate you. However that commandment was a temporary one that Christ put in place simply in order to get his disciples grounded in the gospel without any hiccups before his departure. Proof, in Luke 22:36 Christ instructs these same disciples to buy swords, even to sell their clothes if they have to in order to get some. Solomon stated in Ecclesiastes 3:1 that for every thing there is a time and a season, this is NOT the season to be loving people who deliberately bring pain and misery into your life.

I continue to tell you black men, this modern day black female is NOT your friend. She is your number one enemy, however many of you still refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall. Norma Gibson as per the instructions of her white father is simply fulfilling her contractual obligations towards the state by getting another black man entangled in the western judicial washing machine. Always remember, black women are pro state, pro feminism, pro big government, however they are anti family, anti life, anti progress, pro death, destruction, pain and misery.

Black men who have sense and intelligence would be wise to separate themselves from black women as the Most High has poured out and separated an undiluted cup of judgement that they will drink down at an appointed time coming soon. DO NOT have children with these feral black females and do not try to save them from their pending fate lest you also be judged with that same judgement. Whether an individual believes in God or not, it is still a universal understanding that “you reap what you sow” and “what goes around comes around”, there is no escaping these universal laws and black women will shortly discover this the hard way. The cuts are still coming. #SYSBM


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Clear Of Harridans and Jezebels

Most High Bless

47 thoughts on “Tyrese Gibson vs The Black Witch – The Struggles Of A Father In Western Society

  1. Good article. Don’t be surprised if the response by Tyrese’s daughter’s mother was due to his move of marrying someone else aka SYSBM upgrading after her and then here comes a bird (a black bird(s)) whispering in her ear instructing her to do this all in spite. Crazy.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      We already know that a contingent of bitter black women are most definitely in his ex wife’s inbox congratulating her on breaking Tyrese and encouraging her to continue along the same path, this is how these black she devils roll. And they still stand there scratching their heads wondering why nobody wants to date or marry them.

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  3. I’ve never seen so much unnecessary hate for a celebrity as I’ve seen with Tyrese. Dude has been and still is called soot, crispy, charcoal and a host of other things by OTHER black people, namely black women who are just as dark as him. And people wonder why black men INCLUDING Tyrese typically try their damndest to head for lighter pastures?

    As you mentioned, white men have some damn nerve to create this monster and then b1tch about it themselves. It is EXACTLY like black women creating nothing but thugs, and then complaining about it and trying to swirl.

    On the same note, you will be able to count on one of Nightcrawler’s hands the number of white and other non-black men who come to Tyrese’s defense. This is fine, but notice that those same (predominantly) white men will beg for other men to “come together” and help them out when the crap hits the fan.

    With all this lack masculinity and their own pushing of feminism, is it any wonder why there is so much homosexuality amongst white men?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Its a joke bro. I remember talking about the fact that black women openly disparage Tyrese for his dark skin complexion in my article dealing with his marriage, black women as a collective truly aren’t worth a fart in a windstorm, in fact most black folks are in the same boat. There is no support from these savages yet these are the same crackpots demanding that thinking black men come in and clean up the mess they’ve created with Tyrone and Dirty Dick Rodney. Who is supporting this guy in his time of need, outside of his wife? NOBODY, absolutely nobody. If anybody wants proof of just how jacked up and unsupportive the overwhelming majority of black people are look no further than this situation right here.

      White men have created these situations and dragged everybody else down with them. Movements like MGTOW would not have been necessary if they’d shut down this feminist nonsense from the beginning. Nope, most of them won’t come to the dude’s defence either but like you said they’ll still expect us to reinforce their ranks whenever required, smh.

      #SYSBMFORLIFE, there is no black community to save, where is the love for fellow blacks who need a helping hand, nowhere to be found. As much as I have issue with Tommy Sotomayor he’s spot on when he states that thinking black men should give the so called black community the middle finger and move on with their lives, how blacks are currently treating Tyrese is proof positive of that.

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      • Afrofuturism,

        Western white males have become extremely soft, notice how these feminism nonsense doesn’t fly in Eastern European countries. Putting laws in place to hand women an advantage over them even though they are the ones who build and sustain kingdoms, how dumb and stupid can white men be?

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  4. $13,000 a month just to sit on your ass and also how does lying on the father of your child help the child these BW are true demons. Like you said Verbs it burns when I hear dudes say I do not hate or dislike my ex that is my kids mother. No if any human is caused hurt, harm and trying to do you in I do not care who it is I will have disdain for them. Tyrese your daughter is a separate person from her mother all the pain she is causing you fuck her. She is just mad because his new wife looks better and he moved on these BW are sickening.

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    • Sean,

      Black women as a collective as per the edicts of feminism are decadent lazy slobs looking for free handouts and an easy ride through life, using the court system to syphon more money out of black men is the standard protocol for these savages.

      Tyrese is going to have to scale back the lavish living in order to buffer the blows of child support as well as his legal expenses. All these business about flossing has to be canned. Black women are loving every moment of this but their time of troubles and tribulation will soon be upon them, the welfare cuts are still coming.

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  5. Tyrese seems like a good guy and I wish him luck, but in the US legal system the odds are stacked against him. Tyrese’s wife was likely scared that now that Tyrese has gotten married and has a two parent household that she would lose custody and the child support that comes with it, so she put false child abuse charges on him and there isn’t much that he can do about it. The US has created an evil system that IMO is stacked against both men and traditional two parent households.

    Just as white males created the legal system that puts men at a disadvantage in situations like Tyrese’s, they also created the welfare system that has led to government subsidized black female single motherhood and the dysfunctional ghetto culture that has come from it. I’m glad that you mentioned this, it isn’t enough for thinking black men to point the finger at hoodrats and thugs, we must also be able to see the conditions that led to this situation. You can lessen the chances of ending up in Tyrese’s shoes by avoiding most BW, but sadly as a BM if you date a WW and end up in court against her it will probably be WORSE, thats just the system that we are in.

    The cuts are still coming, but I wonder it the cuts will go far enough? The food stamp cuts are good, but IMO with the exception of the elderly and the disabled Section 8 needs to go away completely. Even as we speak in the US the Sec. of Education is pushing for a school voucher system that will basically amount to Section 8 for private schools. She wants to give vouchers to kids so that they can take the voucher money and attend private schools of their choice, very similar to Section 8. I would not be opposed to this plan if it only applied to kids with good grades and good disciplinary records but come from low income families, but that’s not the case. Using section 8 vouchers to try to bring blackistan to your nice neighborhood isn’t enough, they now want school section 8 to bring blackistan to private schools too.

    The system is the illness and the hoodrats and their dysfunctional spawn are the symptoms.

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  6. At some point we have to hold the Tyrese’s of the world accountable for making the bed in which they are now forced to lie. I’m sure Tyrese would have been one of those simps telling US how misguided we are and how NABWALT.

    Look at him now! My how the tables have turned.

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    • Its possible that Tyrese was a simp, but he is woke to American BW fuckery. BW hate him because he called them out for wearing weave:
      “WE KNOW the difference in real hair and fake clips-ons, we know eyelash extensions… you guys are really starting to go TOO FAR with manufactured beauty —fake lips, skinny nose barely can even breathe through your own nostrils. I’m not trying to be mean I’m just sending a message that US REAL MEN SEE THE BULLS**T and IF He decide to rock with you it’s just cause they wanna get one off. No one will EVER take you serious… [because] you look like a manufactured clown.”

      and he also earned BW’s ire by calling out fat people (which is a box most BW check also):
      “No two situations are the same. If you are fat and nasty and you don’t like the way you look, do something about it. It’s simple.

      When you take a shower and you put your fat, nasty body in the shower and by the time you get out, the mirrors are all steamed up so you don’t look at what you did to yourself. That may sound offensive or insensitive but ultimately, you are big as hell because you have earned that sh*t. You worked your a** off to eat everything in sight to get big as hell.

      If you got a problem with the way you look, then you need to do something about it. Excuses sound best to the people that’s making them up.”

      Tyrese may have been a simp at one point, and he is paying for it now, but I don’t think he is anymore. Sadly it looks like he had to learn the hard way though.

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      • James S,

        I remember when he called black women out on their weaves wearing as well as their plastic surgery, the black sisterhood was none too pleased. Then when he married his new wife and called her a black queen black women felt as if that was an additional dagger in the back. They’ve been patiently waiting on the sidelines for something to go wrong and now they have their moment.

        However, black women are short term thinkers, they forget that their recompense is soon coming. The cuts are going to be a major stumbling block for them, couple that with SYSBM and these harridans are really going to feel the heat. The cuts haven’t even kicked in yet and look at how heterosexual black man are being attacked by black women from all angles. One hit piece after the next, rather than taking the path of reconciliation black women are instead choosing to double down on their road towards total destruction.

        You have to remember that there are many other things taking place which all form part of the can of judgement. The cuts aren’t the be all and end all, however they are a huge part of the wrath black women are set to receive.

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  7. Tough times for Black Ty. So much for “keeping it real with a sista.” $13K a month ain’t no joke. He better start shooting the next “Fast & The Furious” movie stat.

    Black female vultures love to see a dark-skinned black man suffering. Far as they’re concerned, this is payback for him marrying his new “black queen.” Unbelievable.

    Agree with all the gentlemen here. Do not stick your unprotected penis into these black witches, do not procreate with them. it’s an invitation to disaster. Let Tyrese be a case in point for everybody to see, especially the young cats.

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  8. Gentlemen,

    I just came across this, it looks like the child abuse charges against Tyrese have been dropped. We’ll wait for the official report to confirm, however assuming that this is the case I’m not surprised at all. Like I stated before in my article, it’s very common for a disgruntled mother to roll into court and lie against the father in her efforts to swing a judgement of permanent custody of a child in her favour:



  9. The next time you hear lines such as: ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME; WHITE WOMEN DO IT TOO; etc. Remember that all women may do junk, but black women always take the nonsense up several levels. I always say that if 20% of the white women in your area are fat then 80% of the black women in your area are fat.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      Agreed, there is a vast difference between dysfunctional black women and the dysfunctions of non black females, a huge difference. There is no comparison.


  10. Verbs2015.
    Another Well Written Article Brother Verbs. I Feel Tremendously Bad For Tyrese. I Mean He Himself Was Simping For American Black Women in The Past, Till Eventually He Saw The Light & Married a Woman of Light Skinned Variety & Then The Evil American Black Sisterhood Came Down on Him Like a Pack of Wolves For Marring a Who They Consider is Not Black & Now That He’s Having a Difficult Time With Both His Issues With His Fast & Furious Co-Star & This Custody War. The American Black Sisterhood is Swooping in Like Vultures That Smell Wounded Prey With Wendy(Look-A-Like-A-Man)Williams Taking Her Cheep Shots in. Verbs it’s Sad.

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    • Shawn Swint,

      Thanks bro. I remember his simping days especially when he did that show with Rev Run, one thing that can be said in his favour though is at least he finally saw the light and implemented SYSBM unlike these pro black simps who continue to try to force a square block into a round hole. The angry and bitter black sisterhood couldn’t wait to descend upon him like a pack of rabid hyenas. Well, at least the charges of child abuse have been dropped so that particular chain has been removed from his neck.

      Wendy Williams needs to keep her mouth shut after that mini stroke she had on stage the other day. The tranny does not have a right to speak on anything, rather she ought to concentrate upon sorting out her own contaminated life. Taking pot shots at Tyrese will not wipe away the L that she received at the hands of Judge Mathis, he lit her scrawny little backside up really good.


  11. Ha. Tyrese is getting his comeuppance and it couldn’t have come soon enough for someone that finds it fit to trash the only women black men have.

    That’s right. Screw Tyrese. Screw SYSBM. Screw the black men swirlers.

    They have damaged the black community and they have contributed nothing to the black community.

    If Tyrese thought for a second that lambasting black women was going to win him some cool points… he was delusional… just like you SYSBM’s.

    Norma Gibson told no lies about Tyrese’s emotional abuse to her or the physical abuse he dished out to his daughter.

    I love it when black men blame black women for their problems instead of getting professional help and improving themselves. These type of black men are the worse type of black men for black women and are part of the method to why black women are acting out this way.

    Nuff said.

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    • D32018,

      Hey dunce, you seem to be lagging behind with the latest. Norma Gibson lied about the child abuse, this is why the charges against Tyrese have now been dropped. Another example of your black queans proving themselves to be nothing more than worthless trash.

      You are truly a dunce, if black women are the only women black men have then can you please explain why your black queans are lining up around the block to collect semen from the Sperminator aka Ari Nagel?


      Oh, don’t worry bootlicker, I’ve got an update coming soon on that guy, he’s still going strong and your contingent of scraggle daggles are his number one customers, smh.


      • Verbs…

        The dropped charges proves nothing against Norma’s character and proves nothing in favor of Tyrese’s case.

        I am no dunce.

        Tyrese will lose to Norma and it couldn’t have happened to a much more deserving guy than Tyrese.

        I am still developing my blog to incorporate news… sports and politics at the same time… but I am going to write when I am off work.

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      • D32018,

        The dropped charges means she lied plain and simple, what is in your head, water? So in your disjointed mind liars are now of good character. You couldn’t make this stuff up. She’s proven herself to be a liar and I hope she suffers in full for pulling such a foul move. You still need to explain why your black queans are lining up around the US for the sperm of a white man.


      • Verbs…

        Norma isn’t a liar. She was abused emotionally by Tyrese and his coon ass.

        Norma was likely physically abused as well.

        13 grand a month from the divorce and humiliating Tyrese in the process is well justified. Tyrese should be happy his ass ain’t in jail. If this was an average black man… the book would be thrown at his ass.

        The reason why I won’t address the black women lining up to that Jew for sperm is because not all black women are like this. Very few black women are that into white men matter of fact… in spite of your sensationalized drivel.

        Run tell that.

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      • D32018,

        Stay delusional bruh and let me know when you finish your first article defending the bitter black sisterhood of failure.


      • I am telling the truth. You are the one that are feeding lies. Misogynoir lies.

        Furthermore… the only delusional people here are most of your fanboys. They know who they are. They are delusional for falling for your misogynoir bullshit.

        You bash black women… but forget to talk about where the brotherhood has failed and it is a LOT where the brotherhood has failed.

        Blame black women and bashing black women are all you and your sycophantic bitter Bobbies have.

        Even if you guys are succeeding in life… you guys aren’t exactly building. THAT is why the black community can’t succeed. NOT black women.

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      • @Verbs

        If you know this is what a Black woman do to you at anytime she feels like, why volunteer so hard to be that sacrificial goat?

        An utter @d1ckh38d.

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      • Michel,

        D32018 aka d1ckh38d doesn’t learn anything, he believes that it is noble to put yourself in a position to be shafted by a black woman. Even with him offering up himself as a sacrificial goat, he is still single, lol. Some dudes just don’t get it or they wish to remain ignorant on purpose.


  12. THIS is why so many fathers aren’t involved in their children’s lives, not always because they don’t care but because they won’t end like Tyrese crying on camera. It’s not the uninvolved fathers that’s making it hard, it’s these broads running off the fathers of these children and making it hard for them to be fathers to their children not only because the system is stacked against them, but also because they’re not kissing their asses.

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  13. The good that came out of this is it will cause more young black men to avoid black women.
    I knew at a young age that sticking your dick in a black woman was a dream killer. The less we have young black men fucking black women the more black men we will have that actually survive and become something in this world other than a statistic. It doesn’t matter how good of a father you are. It doesn’t matter if you want to be in your kids life. If you get a black woman pregnant she will put you on child support because that check is all she ever wanted anyway. Your kids will be molested by her new homo thug boyfriend. You will be bankrupt from child support and the money you give wont even go to the child. It will go to the getting her her weave and prada handbags while your kid is wearing clothes from a gas station eating lunchables. The cuts will make child support payments over 9000 so more black men will avoid black women simply because they know they won’t be able to afford the child support.

    This is just darwinism. The welfare cuts will weed out the low IQ men like Tyrese. I feel sorry for him and I hate to see a black man cry but black men like him will HAVE to suffer like this because it is the only way other black men will wake up to the truth. Sooner or later they will know. It’s like a poison dart frog. Animals know not to go near them when they see the bright markings because so manny other animals have tried and paid with their lives. Black men will evolve and learn to see the markings “bright blonde weave” for example and instantly unconsciously think “I am in danger.” “I need to get away from this person they are poisonous” They will hear the shaming language and instantly unconsciously think “it’s a trap!” “Don’t listen to her.” “She will say anything to get me back on the plantation.”

    By 2020 every black man over the age of 16 will know if you want to have a future you can’t have it with a black women unless you leave the country and go to Africa or Brazil something I expect to see alot of in the near future btw. Black flight lol.
    It is inevitable.

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    • Yours Truly,

      And black women will still sit there and question why successful black men avoid them. I hear what you are saying, his suffering is necessary as to warn others about the perils of dealing with the black witch. The fact that black women are descending up this man like a pack of rabid dogs is also a testimony against them. They are openly demonstrating the clear fact that they aren’t supportive and have no problems turning against a brother. This is another serious L for the angry and bitter black sisterhood, folks namely white men yet again are observing how rank and file black women are with their wickedness towards black men. The swirl movement just got that much smaller.


      • These women are just too dumb to keep up the con they have been running on black men. They claim to love us but decades of documented evidence shows quite the opposite.
        On monday they say “you are a black king” On Tuesday they say you ain’t shit. and a black man in college is no different than a black man selling crack on the block. On Wednesday It’s were gonna swirl but by thursday they are saying they are pro black and any black man with a cave beast is a coon. They are the boy who cried wolf to the 10th power.

        These women are happy in the moment because a black man who criticized them for wearing weave and left a black wife for a exotic one is now crying and having a breakdown because of child support payments and other scraggle daggle nonsense.

        Years down the line when his daughter grows up to be 15 and pregnant or walks in a freezer black women will put all the blame on the black man that was run out of the child’s life by the government and the black alien queen of the damned.

        I always have a good laugh when these black women don’t realize that ever since they started the “swirl” movement white men have been paying extra close attention to black women as potential dating partners and are thinking to themselves “I think I will just stay with white and asian girls.” I remember a black woman who praised her white man as better than all black men (she dated nothing but thugs so the white boy doesn’t have to do much to try to be better than that.) Soon as this white boy lost his job she threw him under the bus faster than the speed of light and embarrassed him on national tv. Mind you this was a white guy who was actually handsome and made good money.

        These women are burning every bridge they possible can and they don’t even realize it.


    • I agree as I have said before I hope there is a wave of child support enforcement that comes after the cuts to make the simps pay and lock them up if they don’t. Sadly this will be hard on the kids, but I don’t see anyway around it. Welfare for the non elderly/disabled needs to go. You said the kids would be eating lunchables, I doubt it because those are relatively expensive. The kids will likely be eating free breakfast and lunch at school (like many already are) and have nothing or next to nothing on evenings and weekends.

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  14. That was the best comment that I’ve ever seen on this website, Yours Truly. By all of the evidence that shows that American black women are absolutely dangerous to deal with, our senses have to be finely tuned to run away as far as possible whenever Black Female Fuckery rears its ugly head. As for me, a black man that’s gainfully employed with no kids, I am automatically turned off whenever I spot danger signs (fake hair, tons of make-up, shaming tactics, etc) coming from a black woman. It amazes me how so many more brothers STILL fall victim to BFF with all of the information that is available nowadays smh

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think it’s because a lot of these men are born into single mother households and the mothers raise them to become simps. Even if the black female fuckery is staring them in the face they will ignore it and give it a pass. I didn’t grow up in a single mother home so all of this behavior was alien to me when I started noticing it and called it out. They tell me “How dare you criticize a black woman, yo mamma black!” I think to myself If my mother knew who you were she would look at you like a inbred peasant.

      Lot’s of these guy are literally born in a matrix of sorts. Guys like me were lucky enough to be born outside it. The only thing that can wake them up is something that all men regardless of origin can relate to and don’t like…..women fucking with your money, kids, and happiness. They worship these women and get nothing but pain and suffering in return. Young black men are avoiding black women in growing numbers. Remember when Rickey Smiley’s son drove black women on the internet insane by saying he didn’t date black women? He is just one of many. They know that these women are all looking for some dumb buck to knock them up so she can live off the government. They ALL know this but don’t say anything. They are going to be ghost. The funny thing is the younger generation is waking up fast and these simps won’t be able to shame them back to the scraggle daggle plantation. They look a the older generation and see that worshiping the black alien queen of the damned has gotten the simps nowhere and they will not follow in their footsteps.

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  15. I don’t feel sorry for this man, he is so thirsty that after this marriage ended he posted a love letter online and the new wife responded, she is now pregnant, this is a little boy who does not feel like a man if he does not have a woman, ever heard of hypergamy?

    Liked by 1 person

    • 3r1istruth,

      Thirsty for trying to find true love in a long term companion???? As a celebrity it’s not that easy to find a decent woman as most of the females you will encounter are money and resource motivated and driven already knowing that you’re famous. As far as I am concerned it is not a case of feeling sorry for him, this is all about highlighting his situation and using it as a tool to warn other black men of the perils in dealing with the overwhelming majority of modern day westernised black women. Hypergamy is unavoidable if you are famous and choose to go for somebody of lesser status. His new wife Samantha actually stated that she purposely avoided dealing with Tyrese for a long time because of his fame and status. There isn’t anything wrong with desiring a woman though I will agree on the point that putting out the open love letter was a questionable move. He needs to keep his stuff more private.


      • Yes he does! There is something pathological about airing your inner most feels to millions who undoubtedly don’t care. Its like a cry for ” look at me, I should be your focus” well into a life a little rain must fall…. get over yourself and take it like a man and fix things in your life like a man and stop regressing to little boy tactics

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  16. Watch out! this Face Book like typology is no good. Watch out black people less you be known as Feral. We should be encouraging one another no matter what is happening in our personal lives and the lives of others. Infantile behavior and feral like mannerism…. check your self and get the speck out your own eye first

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  17. I appreciate the site for purposes of it being a www, but it is another tautology ( useless repetition) of who done this to that one and the angry black woman vs. the some not all…..Unmanly black man. Black women have her reasons for being angry. she has not been treated any fairly than the black man however, no black man need jump on that patriarchal state of mind ( also invented by men) as THE MALE HEAD’ UNLESS he is truly willing to forget his own will and do the will of God. Black men or any man is Head when he does that

    treat women like human beings, not door mats, treat her like she has a thinking mind… she does….be good to her… because she has the highest emotional essence than a man and he should learn how to understand that. Women will follow in the sense that she is being treated well…. and that’s not saying her following makes her less, nor inadequate. it is saying she is doing God’s will and not her own. Its about how people treat each other. Why should a woman follow a man who is treating her badly and women why would you expect good treatment if you are not treating your self as the professed Queen you are

    Liked by 1 person

  18. It take more than a body con dress and nice earrings and shoes to be a Queen. Read ‘ damn it” about the real black Queens in and of antiquity and learn from them what it is to be Queen.
    Pathological and narcissistic Queen-ism don’t cut. Read…….

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