The Violent Hand Of Feminism Strikes Once Again


This is typically what happens within western society when women are given a free unsupervised reign of the yard, are permitted to let Jezebel out of the cage and are never held accountable for any of their actions. Note how these women behave as soon as they come into western countries. It is well noted that she would’ve never attempted to carry out such a crime in her own country because she may not have walked away from it alive.

Note her complete disregard for the children in the car, she simply channelled that Jezebel spirit and allowed it to run amuck. Because of that, this woman rightly should’ve been beaten to within an inch of her life. why place your children in unnecessary danger just because of a disagreement you may have with their father?

We see this same scenario being played out again and again especially in black society, how many videos have we come across of black women freely destroying other people’s property without a care in the world, remember this lunatic:

That video is one of many I could’ve chosen from and what makes this even more bizarre is that was her own car. Remember the video which surfaced in which two black females after getting involved in a physical altercation decided to use their vehicles as bumper cars? For those who may not remember:

These and many more examples illustrate why women MUST be ruled over and controlled at all times, yes women need to be kept in check otherwise they will get involved in stupid and dangerous activities such as the above. At this stage I simply am not interested in those who would attempt to label me a misogynist, women as a collective prove many times over that if left to their own devices they will wreak havoc and bring about unnecessary destruction.

Her is yet another example of a woman destroying the property of another, note how this woman behaves, she acts as if smashing up somebody else’s vehicle is part of normal everyday life, and you wonder why I refer to the overwhelming majority of black women as mentally ill and mentally unstable:

The main problem here isn’t the fact that women are going around destroying other people’s property(normally the property of men), the problem is men ie western men are allowing these women to carry out these activities with impunity. I at the same time do understand the laws in western countries favour women which is one of many reasons why I much prefer the idea of living outside of the west but still using the west as your hub for making money.

A day of reckoning is soon coming to where western men will begin to throw off their fears of being accosted by the law for dealing with women who engage in destructive behaviour on the spot. Let’s face it, the laws of the west allows women to carry out destructive behaviours with the unfortunate individual left to foot the bill.

Many men have already broken the chains and shackles of fear and are no longer afraid to put a woman who steps out of line in her place. As I have stated many times before, if a woman becomes violent and it is possible to deal with her without having to face the consequences of the law then I encourage all men to proceed ahead, violent females must not be tolerated under any circumstances as they pose a direct threat to your life.

Gentlemen, avoid women like the above no matter how good-looking they are, in the long-term they will cause you more harm than good. Feminism is a dying religion which although is breathing its last breaths, still refuses to go down into the annuls of failed history without a fight. The cuts are soon coming and these feral females will be brought to heel. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Women Who Cannot Control Their Emotions

Stay Safe

Most High Bless

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  2. Note how these different purse puppy groups for liberals are surely enough turning the tide against themselves. Gays, trannies, feminists, “anti fascists”, and especially blacks are causing their own soon coming demise by shredding any last bit of sympathy others have for them.

    Again, the laws have been put in place to protect certain groups, especially women, to cause societal upheaval, destroy the fabric of the family, and of course, allow the white MEN pushing these laws to virtue signal and ty to out liberal each other.

    There’s no way in hell that women’s lib and other such movements would’ve survived the 60s had white men truly opposed them. What’s that tell you then?

    The roles are reversed in other communities: in black society, the majority of the women are destined for two damnations, whereas other women are for the most part removing the shackles of feminism and liberalism, impeded only by the liberalism that their men keep pushing. For those who still wish to lock arms with feminism, however, there WILL be examples made. And since they are actual females, unlike black women, they’ll go down without the need for an atomic bullet.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Agreed, all of the above groups you mentioned have the same thing in common, they hold onto the victimhood status by any means necessary. The west has truly contaminated itself with some jack up philosophies and laws to boot, only fools or those with hidden agendas would put in place laws which allow women to run amuck with little to no consequence.

      White men are indeed the ones pushing and sponsoring these anti masculine philosophies, groups and organisations, it has always been this way. Black women will learn nothing, the overwhelming majority of them are too deeply entrenched to save themselves or be saved, therefore they must be left to perish in their own folly.

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      • I’ve seen firsthand how older white men LOVE feminism, and have worked with younger white men who constantly y’all about sucking other men off while supposedly being straight. They claim that they’re “confident in their sexuality”. Hardcore Tito also did a video talking about the homosexuality that is rampant among supposedly straight white men.

        White men, even those who are seemingly talking the truth, have no excuse. For one thing, they still have men in the home and community. Even red necks believe in having a daddy somewhere around. White make society chose simphood and liberalism, black men were forced and raised into it.

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    • Looooool………….brothers, take a look at a quote directly from concerning feminism……..I look at this website everrrry now and again, but it can be a little extreme in certain things & sometimes inaccurate………….. but they were right on all accounts on this one:

      This is pure fire and brimstone, but who cares, the truth needs to be told………….

      This website can be riddled with innacuracies, so please, please always check things out for oneself with the help of the Most High, as there are false teachers everywhere…………..

      The Dangers Of Feminism

      By David J. Stewart

      Don’t let feminism ruin your life! Feminism is a deadly evil, responsible for most abortions, divorces and lesbianism. This is true especially in American culture because of all the demonic influence in Hollywood movies and worldly music today. Feminism is so prevalent that many churches and Christian families have been infiltrated with this destructive menace—virtually undetected.

      Feminism is very deceitful and subtle. The serpent (Satan, Revelation 20:2) came to Eve in the Garden of Eden, offering her liberation; but in reality, Eve became enslaved to sin and ruined her entire family. Oh, how Satan always pays with counterfeit money! Sin always takes you further than you wanted to go, keeps your longer than you planned to stay, and costs you more than you intended to pay.

      Feminists seek equality with authority, just as Lucifer, who said in Isaiah 14:14: “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I WILL BE LIKE THE MOST HIGH.” Feminists want equality of authority like Lucifer. It is evil. The Bible teaches that a husband is to “rule over” his wife (Genesis 3:16), and women are to “be in silence” publicly in the presence of men as evidence of their obedience to their husband (1st Timothy 2:12). This is the “meek and quiet spirit” that 1st Peter 3:4 teaches for Christian women to have.

      Communist Roots of the Feminist Movement

      We are living in perilous, as foretold in 2nd Timothy 3:1-5 (note: All Scriptures refer only to the inspired and trustworthy King James Bible), when Christians are divorcing at the same rate as the unsaved. This is a direct result of feminism, which has trained women to be intolerant of a less than perfect husband. Communism is the mother of feminism, abortion, birth control, children’s rights, immoral rights, and the homosexual movement…

      In a recent book, Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women’s Liberation, (2002) feminist historian Kate Weigand states: “ideas, activists and traditions that emanated from the Communist movement of the forties and fifties continued to shape the direction of the new women’s movement of the 1960s and later.”

      In fact, Weigand, a lecturer at Smith College, shows that modern feminism is a direct outgrowth of American Communism. There is nothing that feminists said or did in the 1960’s-1980’s that wasn’t prefigured in the CPUSA of the 1940’s and 1950’s. Many second-wave feminist leaders were “red diaper babies,” the children of Communists.

      Communists pioneered the political and cultural analysis of woman’s oppression. They originated women’s studies, and advocated public daycare, birth control, abortion and even children’s rights. They forged key feminist concepts such as “the personal is the political” and techniques such as “consciousness raising.” …

      In conclusion, the feminist pursuit of “equal rights” is a mask for an invidious Communist agenda. The Communist MO has always been deception, infiltration and subversion. The goal is the destruction of western civilization and creation of a new world order run by monopoly capital.

      SOURCE: Henry Makow, Ph. D. (

      The average Christian today is completely ignorant concerning these evils. It is my heart’s desire to wake up as many people as possible to the evil conspiracies at work in society to destroy courtship, marriage, and family.

      Most people are woefully ignorant of Communist philosophy and goals. Sadly, America today has become Karl Marx’s dream come true. The 5th plank of Karl Marx’s Communist manifesto called for a Federal Reserve System. The 10th plank called for a public school system. The social engineer’s of today’s American society were all Communists. The public school system was born out of an antichrist, antifamily, and anti-country mentality. Here’s a couple quotes from the Godless social engineer, G. Brock Chisholm:

      “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.”

      “The re-interpretation and eventually eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training, the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of the old people, these are the belated objectives of practically all effective psychotherapy.”

      —George Brock Chisholm

      America today is Karl Marx’s dream come true; yet we American’s still foolishly believe we are guaranteed perpetual freedom. I tell you, our freedoms are being diminished rapidly. The noose has been placed around our neck as a nation and is being ever so gently tightened, and one of these days we will find our selves hanging. As of 2011, TSA airport security are sticking their hands down passenger’s pants and blouses, touching their genitals.

      The police state is being formed right under our noses in the name of “national security.” In case you haven’t figured it out yet, “terrorists” are anyone who resists the government. Thomas Jefferson warned us about such tyranny, stating: Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God. Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego resisted wicked king Nebuchadnezzar and were thrown into a fiery furnace (Daniel 3:18). They resisted tyranny, choosing rather to obey God than man.

      Christians are already being labeled as “homophobes” and “hate-mongers” for preaching against homosexuality in public. Singer Elton John has called Bible-preaching Christians, “hateful lemmings,” and has stated that he will go to prison if necessary to defend gay rights. Gay-marriages will soon be granted by federal law. Christ-honoring Christians will eventually be arrested, convicted, and imprisoned for “terrorizing” homosexuals. Homosexuality is a sin (Leviticus 20:13; Romans 1:24-32). The TRUTH is the TRUTH even if no one believes it; and a LIE is a LIE even if everyone believes it.

      God is Still for Big Families!

      It is a shame that so many people have stopped having big families because of the anti-family agendas at work in society today. From birth control to abortion, families are getting smaller and smaller. God is still for big families today. Jesus said in Luke 12:30 that the unsaved world worries about food and future provisions. As believers we ought to trust God.

      The notion that parents shouldn’t have more than 2 children for economic reasons is sinful. It doesn’t cost that much to have a child. God will provide. Time magazine reported that economic recession in the U.S. has resulted in smaller families. That’s their intended plan. That’s why they have bankrupt our economy. It’s all by design. There is plenty of food in the world. The problem is greedy and evil people who horde.

      Multi-billionaire, Ted Turner wants to make the U.S. like China, having a one-child policy. They started out in China by applying a tax to parents who had more than one child; but then the government changed it to a crime punishable by forced abortion, forced sterilization, and a hefty fine. This is heathendom!

      The Godly Woman Verses the Feminist

      So where does feminism fit into all of this? Several books could be written concerning the evils and destructive forces inherent to feminism. Feminism is anti-God, anti-marriage, and anti-family. What is feminism? Let’s start with what feminism isn’t. It is NOT women’s rights, as many have been deliberately misled to believe. God created man and woman equal in dignity, worth, and human rights.

      However, God did NOT create man and woman equal in authority. God clearly mandated that the husband would rule over his wife (Genesis 3:16, “…and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee”). This is the dividing line, the great barrier that separates God-fearing women from the feminist movement. In a word—AUTHORITY. The godly wife obeys her husband. No husband is perfect, and the godly woman understands this. She loves her husband, and is patient with him. She wills no evil towards him, and does her best to help him with his life’s work (keeping the house in order while he’s at work). She is his “help meet” (Genesis 2:18).

      In sharp contrast, society today has become corrupted by government Communist programs designed to place women into the workplace, abort their children, and eliminate the role of homemaker. Career women are failures in God’s eyes (1st Timothy 5:14-15). Just because a women has been taught since childhood that a career is the way to go, doesn’t make it God’s will for her life. The Bible teaches in 1st Timothy 5:14 that a woman’s place is in the home, raising her children and keeping home. Verse 15 plainly states that career women have turned aside after Satan. Don’t get mad at me, get mad at God, because He said it in the Bible. You cannot please yourself and pursue a career; while being the mother that God intended for you to be. Childcare centers don’t care! Mothers belong at home.

      Freezing Eggs to Pursue a Career is Insane!

      It’s gotten so crazy in American society that young women are having their eggs frozen so they can have fun and have children 15 or 20 years down the road (when their body is unable to reproduce naturally). That’s just insanity! Oh how the Devil is a beautiful liar! Young women are so pressured to enter the workplace and pursue a career, yet they still want motherhood SOMEDAY. Someday may never come my friend (Proverb 27:1).

      Feminism Has Women Freezing Eggs (endlessly searching for the non-existent Mr. Right). Women go from one relationship to another, living a lifestyle of fornication, looking for the perfect man. They all want a knight in shining armor, but in reality the armor eventually rusts ladies. Every woman wants a cowboy to ride off into the sunset with, but cowboys eventually become cowmen. Every woman wants to find prince charming, but as Mark Twain said, “familiarity breeds contempt,” and your prince won’t always seem so charming once you realize he has faults. Feminism teaches women to be intolerant of their less than perfect husband; but a godly wife will stand by her man no matter what!

      The practice of freezing eggs is very disturbing. Listen to some of the demonic and ridiculous attitudes that feminism has instilled in women today…

      “I’m 33, but I don’t feel like I’m in a rush,” she says. “When someone says you don’t have many years left, it’s like, I’m me! I’m having a great time! I love my life, I don’t feel like that”—marriage, kids—“is where I’m supposed to be right now.” She’s thinking of doing another round of freezing. But while she’s in a relationship, and he might be “the one,” she’s not going to make the same mistake twice. This time she’s going to freeze eggs instead of embryos.

      SOURCE: Is Egg Freezing the Next Big Thing for New York Career Women Facing Infertility?

      Another woman foolishly says…

      “I could forget the whole thing”—kids, love—“and just be a high-powered exec. But for what? I’d like to have my own child,” says Sofia, also 37 and another patient of Noyes’s. Sofia is in sales at a Fortune 500 company, owns real estate, and has plenty of purchasing power (she calls the freezing fee “a year’s cost” in handbags, shoes, and hair). “My life is pretty good,” she says. “What’s the next thing to do? Replicate yourself. Have mini-me’s.”

      She doesn’t want to do it alone; she wants to have children with a man she loves. “To me, the joy will not be 100 percent if I’m not with someone.”

      SOURCE: Is Egg Freezing the Next Big Thing for New York Career Women Facing Infertility?

      What said testimonies! Sofia is already 37-years old with no children because she chose to pursue a career instead, now an executive in a top fortune 500 company. Big deal, so what? Motherhood is worth more than all the money in the world! I just don’t understand it. Oh how the Devil blinds women from reality. God never created a woman to surrender her life to a career and forfeit motherhood until she’s in her 50’s.

      Sadly, I doubt if Sofia will ever have any children, because her attitude is that she can “forget the whole thing” (i.e., motherhood). What a sorry attitude. I wouldn’t want to be your child woman. If you can forget the whole thing, then you shouldn’t be a mother, because that what abortionists do… they forget the whole THING! That’s all a child is to them… a “thing.” But Jeremiah 1:5 teaches that God FORMED Jeremiah in his mother’s womb. A child is a gift from God almighty. Psalm 127:3, “Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”

      Don’t be a fool woman… be a mother and homemaker now! One of the biggest excuses that Planned Parenthood uses to talk young girls into murdering their babies is that they’re not READY to be a mother. Who is ever ready? Look, abortion doesn’t make a woman unpregnant, it just leaves a mother with a dead baby! Feminism has young women either terminating their pregnancies, or freezing their eggs for children they plan to have decades down the road. It’s just not the same as normal motherhood. I promise you at the end of your life that you won’t rejoice over all the money you made. You will regret having an abortion. You will regret not having children when you were naturally able to do so. The idea of a 50-year old woman giving birth by having her frozen eggs from decades ago put back into her is INSANE!!!

      Morality Cannot Be Legislated

      The Devil has turned people into nuts. We live in a whacko society. Only in America does a pizza arrive at your front door faster than an ambulance. The same Americans who support banning the Bible in America’s schools, act bewildered when their neighbors commit unthinkable crimes. Then they want more laws passed. We have more laws in America than any nation on earth; yet we still have massive crime in our cities, big and small. You cannot legislate morality! As each generation becomes increasingly immoral, lacking any moral compass without the Bible, they are committing more crimes. Consequently, their neighbors cry out for more legislation, which gives elite tyrants more and more control over every facet of our lives. It’s a domino effect that can only lead to a totalitarian Police State!

      The American people want a Godless society without God’s Law; yet they also want to live in a nice place surrounded by nice people. You can’t have it both ways. A Godless society that forsakes God’s Law is an immoral society of heathens!

      Never before have so many women chosen a career over being a homemaker and mother. The tool of “political correctness” has been used extensively to place women into men’s roles, for no reason other than to avoid discrimination lawsuits. Companies today operate in fear because of feminist-driven LAWS made by Communist GOVERNMENT agencies.

      Women and lesbians are being placed into the highest levels of government and corporate offices, and most are what I term “she-men.” They are she-devils. There are few things worse in my opinion than a woman who takes on the disposition of an authoritative man. A woman in a business suit caring a briefcase is a sad sight to see. Hollywood commonly portrays women in AUTHORITATIVE roles, which goes totally contrary to the Word of God.

      As a result of women performing men’s jobs, the Biblical husband is facing increased hardships against a radically feminist-controlled government system, especially in the courts. Feminism is rebellion against the Word of God. God equates rebellion with the sin of witchcraft (1st Samuel 15:23). Feminism is impatient, intolerant, and seeks immediate divorce from a husband who is less than perfect. Feminism is demonic propaganda designed and intended to ruin your marriage, kill your baby, and destroy your family. That’s what feminists do, that’s all they do!

      Divorce is Always a Sin!

      Feminism shows no mercy towards a faulty husband, and results in unforgiving self-righteous divorce. All divorce is a sin. There are NO Biblical grounds for divorce. The biggest lie in churches today is that divorce is permissible in cases of adultery. If that were true, then what about all the other sins one’s spouse can commit… murder, theft, extortion, lust? Jesus taught in Matthew 5:28 that lust is the same as adultery. If you believe that lust is a sin, then every wife of a husband who lusts has grounds for divorce. Clearly, Jesus did not intend for anyone to divorce, which He makes very clear in Matthew 19:8. Divorce is always a sin.

      In Matthew 19:9 Jesus simply taught that if a man’s wife divorces him, then he is the victim, and not committing adultery by remarriage. She filed. It was her self-righteousness that dragged the husband into court. By comparing Scripture with Scripture, it is plain that divorce is never permissible. The person who files for divorce is sinning, and has no Biblical grounds for remarriage (to do so is the horrible sin of adultery, Matthew 5:32). The Apostle Paul is careful in 1st Corinthians 7:10 to use the word “depart,” concerning the wife who leaves her husband; but Paul does NOT mention putting away (divorce). The wife who departs is clearly commanded not to shack up nor remarry.

      Divorce is one’s unwillingness to forgive their spouse! No wife would ever divorce her husband if she truly loved him—not one! I don’t care if he beats her, she won’t divorce him (leave, yes; divorce, no). Say what you will, I don’t recall any disclaimer in the wedding vows for spousal abuse which would permit a divorce. And by the way, there are NO Scriptural grounds for divorce.

      Society Has Gone Insane

      Women today have been brainwashed by domestic violence literature to seek divorce at the first sign of abuse. I was recently reading a pamphlet from an organization called VARO (Victim’s Advocates Reaching Out). There are thousands of such non-prophet anti-violence and abuse organizations all across America. I couldn’t believe what the VARO pamphlet said inside. There was a listing of “signs of abuse,” with questions, and then at the bottom they requested for the reader to seek help at once if they answered” yes” to any of the questions. One of the questions was, “Is your spouse tracking your time?”

      Another asked, “Does your spouse ever make any belittling comments to you in front of others?,” “Are you often criticized for little things?” Another question asked, “Has your spouse ever tried to prevent you from contacting friends or family?” One of the questions asked “Has your husband ever forced you to have sex against your will?” The implications are clearly against an authoritative husband who decides where, when, what, who, and why concerning his wife’s life, activates, and friends.

      “Who’s teaching the women? We know that many socially conservative organizations are now teaching men to be good fathers. Think about it. Women are learning about issues of marriage and dealing with husbands through Women’s Studies courses (feminist and humanist propaganda), local “battered women’s shelters” (which disseminate more of the same in each community) and many other kinds of organizations that teach women to be independent—independent from husbands. Women are also taught by such organizations to know the incentives to divorce (propaganda and tactics that make divorce an easy lifestyle option for them). Most conservative organizations have been recipients of some of the same liberal, anti-family propaganda—many without knowing it.” -Men’s News Daily

      You probably won’t like this; but a husband has a God-given RIGHT to decide who his wife associates with, where she goes, when she goes there, when she has sex with him, how she dresses, et cetera. Now a loving husband will be fair, and desire for his wife to have a happy life; but the husband should have veto power in a marriage. I believe a husband who loves his wife will want to let her do what makes her happy most of the time. However, in those few decisions where the husband and wife disagree, the wife is commanded by God in the Bible to submit to her husband (Colossians 3:18). I am not advocating domestic violence; but a husband who tracks his wife’s time, whereabouts, and associations is NOT being abusive–he is RULING over his wife as God expects him to.

      Rebellious Feminists Divorce their Husbands

      It is because of idiots, like the people running VARO, that so many women are filing for divorce. Notice in Genesis 3:16 that God said, “…and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” Eve didn’t have VARO, a feminist court system, blood-sucking lawyers, feminist friends, meddling parents, heathen judges, Godless laws, shelters to run to, visitation houses, etc.

      If Eve didn’t obey her husband, she was tough out of luck. Today, a woman living in America can CRUCIFY her husband if he tries to control her, which is his Biblical right. Feminism forbids a husband from controlling his wife in any manner; but God says the husband should have total control.

      Please understand that I am NOT advocating domestic violence, nor abuse in any way. I am saying that feminists have deliberately redefined “abuse” to indict the Biblical husband for exercising his God-given right. The feminists consider an authoritative husband “abusive.” If a husband feels that his mother-in-law is trying to meddle in his marriage, and he tells his wife to distance herself from her mother for a while, then the wife should comply. If a husband criticizes his wife for not cleaning the house, on a regular basis, feminism calls him “abusive.” In reality, a husband who goes to work, while his wife sits home, has every RIGHT to expect a clean house when he returns.

      Feminism is a direct attack on the authoritative husband–the Biblical husband. A godly man is NOT hen-pecked, he stands his ground; but in love and patience towards his wife. Feminism refuses to allow a husband to rule over his wife as God commanded.

      Society today is becoming increasingly hostile towards anyone who stands for God, Biblical truth, and genuine justice. Christians are increasingly being persecuted for exercising their Bill of Rights. Godly husbands, who control their wives (as 1st Timothy 3:4 states, “One that ruleth well his own house…”) are being labeled as “abusive.” A husband is to RULE his wife and children. Feminism calls that abuse. Clearly, feminism and the Word of God are DIAMETRICALLY opposed to each other. The Devil is working relentlessly to corrupt America with immorality, divorce, and pornography. Feminism is the fueling factor behind the lesbian movement in America. Feminism’s dead-end is lesbianism! As I mentioned earlier, Communism is behind feminism…

      In her article The Planned Destruction of the Family, Erin Pizzey touches on the fact that the rhetoric and tactics of radical feminists are firmly rooted in communist ideological traditions (including terrorism – that includes terrorist bombings). In my mind the tactics and strategies of the radical feminists differ little from those used by the Nazis in the twenties and the early thirties to squelch their political opponents in their quest for power.

      However, Erin Pizzey also described that posters of Mao and Guevera were featured prominently in the living rooms of the middle-class, white, radical feminists who eventually usurped her Chiswick women’s refuge and that these women liberally used communist phraseology in their rhetoric, even to the extent that they distributed copies of “The Little Red Book.” –Fathers for Life

      Feminism isn’t just a seemingly harmless word that male-chauvinists toss around; it is a war against the God-fearing husband who tries to rule his family. Feminism is rebellion!

      Feminist “Christian” Wives

      It is tragic! I’ve never seen so many professed “Christian” women leaving their husbands, and filing for divorce. This is why I said earlier that feminism has subtly crept into many Christian homes in America. The Godless court system in America has made it extremely easy for women to divorce their husbands, and take him to the cleaners financially. Women are provided with a free public lawyer, simply by claiming spousal abuse. The husband has no choice but to go into debt for $20,000 to hire an attorney (and most husbands still lose).

      The wife is provided free housing, food, transportation, and plenty of destructive heathen advice at any one of thousands of shelters across America. Where is a husband to go when his wife disobeys him and refuses to be a wife and a mother? The wife is automatically viewed and treated as the victim in a marriage dispute, while the husband is usually demonized by the entire system. Women are often provided free education, an apartment, welfare, et cetera—everything she needs to abandon her husband and move on into the dream world of feminism.

      Please don’t misunderstand what I am saying; I’m not against helping a legitimately battered woman getting on her feet. However, many of the women claiming spousal abusive are shiftless, lazy, irresponsible, cut-throat women who simply exploit the system to leave their husband. They’re looking for an easy way out. The system is often a “way out” for careless and irresponsible women who leave their husbands holding the bag–the job, the mortgage, the kids, the problems, the debts, etc. Divorce is a horrible sin!

      I’ve known several women who just got tired and used “the system” to escape their problematic marriage. But the husband cannot do that, as he has nowhere to go—except back to work for another stressful day at the job. Feminism has provided wives and mothers with a way to escape responsibility, and hurt their husband legally. I’m so tired of hearing about “deadbeats” dads. Do you know why there are hardly any deadbeat mothers? It’s because the court system goes after the breadwinner—the father. Did you ever stop to think that many of those fathers who refuse to pay child-support are doing so in PROTEST—against an evil system that is trying to FORCE him to provide for his children … while his wife shacks up with another man in adultery?

      It’s a matter of principal and a man’s dignity. If a man’s wife is rebellious against him, and she tries to hurt him further with the courts, it is not surprising to me that such men would refuse to cooperate with a Godless court order. In America, a woman is not expected to obey her husband. So when a man thinks he is marrying a “Christian” woman who will obey him, and 10 years down the road she drags him into a heathen court system for a divorce, he is up a creek without a paddle. It is a frightening thing for a man to marry a woman in America nowadays.

      The American court system is Godless, allowing wives to rebel against their husbands, and then expecting the husband to comply with court orders made by Godless judges in a rigged system. Should this be surprising in a court system that allows the murdering of millions of children through abortions? I think not. How about a system that breaks a man’s door down, places a gun to his head, arrests him, confiscate his property, imprisons him—all because he had some plants (Marijuana) in his home; but that same system allows it’s militarized thugs to get plastered on Jack Daniels legally? What hypocrites! This is the American court system.

      In one East Coast court room, a convicted child-molester is sentenced to probation; yet in another courtroom across the country on the West Coast, a man is sentenced to 50 years in prison (in California) for stealing some video tapes of Snow White and Free Willy. While Wall Street bankers steal $23,700,000,000 from American citizens, a mother in Kansas gets life in prison for possessing $40 worth of cocaine. Feminism is flourishing in this corrupted, unjust, and Godless court system, and husbands are getting pulverized in court. There’s nothing fair about America’s corrupt courts.

      Christian wives in America are in a unique situation where they can either obey their husbands, or jump on the feminist bandwagon and crucify their husbands in court. In poorer parts of the world today, wives are far more reluctant to divorce or drag their husbands into court—because they’ll starve without the breadwinner.

      Thus, women are forced into submission for economic reasons. This is far closer to being right than the rebellious evil divorce system in America. The feminism which has infested America’s homes is destructive. Although some statistical groups have challenged the 50% divorce rate, the actual divorce rate is no less than 41-43%. In California the divorce rate is now over 75%. Is it really worth arguing whether the divorce rate is 38% or 52%? There is NO argument that at least one-third of all divorces now end in divorce (or three-fourths in California). That is tragic!

      Furthermore, what all of these organizations who contest the 50% divorce rate FAIL to consider, is the fact that more people are choosing to shack-up together nowadays than get married at all. From a moral standpoint, this is disgraceful of America as a nation. It requires more than just a casual willingness, on the part of Christian wives, to obey their husbands nowadays. It requires the commitment of a martyr! I will die before I divorce! Every Christian wife should vow to NEVER divorce her husband! She may need to leave for a while; but divorce is out of the question.

      I know a born-again man whose “Christian” wife looked him in the eye, after 18 years of marriage, and said, “I don’t love you anymore.” He had never heard her say that before in all the years they were married. He said he cried uncontrollably in the back of their home. Less than 6-months later she abandoned him and the kids, and filed for divorce. He was devastated. Do you think this is acceptable to the Lord? Do you think God approves of a “Christian” wife filing for divorce? Wasn’t it God in Hebrews 13:5 who PROMISED that He would “never leave us, nor forsake us”? Yes, that is exactly what God has promised to every believer. If Jesus Christ is our Example, and He certainly should be, then we should honor the very same commitment to our spouse that God has given to us — I will NEVER leave you, nor forsake you … no matter what!!!

      Don’t Allow Feminism to Kill, Steal, and Destroy Your Family

      Has feminism crept into your marriage? Are you continually threatening your husband with divorce? Are you thinking about it? Feminism is a POISON ladies—a poison of the mind. Feminism poisons a wife’s mind to believe that she is a victim who needs to be liberated. Women are more than twice as likely to file for divorce than men. MOST women today who divorce their husbands were NOT victims of anything, except their own worldliness, stubbornness, bad attitudes, selfishness, and sinful pride.

      Every marriage has problems. Jesus was willing to become a victim for our sins. Jesus allowed Himself to be beaten, spit upon, mocked, scourged, and crucified. Why is it then that we are so quick to file for divorce? Instead of looking for greener pastures, try planting some of your own grass. Don’t allow feminism to rob you of your marriage. Don’t throw away your husband. You PROMISED “’til death do us part.”

      John 10:10, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” —JESUS CHRIST

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  3. Black women are fucked. Trump will cash checks on their asses soon. Especially, since he is in talks to end child tax credit next year.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I envision a future where Straight couples might be ridiculed. With all this rampant gayness/feminism. walking the street as two loving heterosexual couples might get you some envy stares by feminaziretards who didn’t make right choices to begin with.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cosmicbodi,

      You’re on to something there, that kind of future outcome wouldn’t surprise me at all. However feminists and homosexuals being minority groups had better be careful with how far they decide to push the general public as the end result won’t be pretty for them either.

      Liked by 2 people

    • I foresee the opposite, and to the detriment of two certain groups. Even women make fun of blue haired, 3000 pound cat lady feminists, and with even the women now turning against feminism and the government soon to make huge cuts, it’ll no longer be profitable. Conversely, the lgbt crowd will soon push too far. Notice the uptick in crime and abuse commutted by the lgbt crowd that liberals no longer try to even cover up.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. When a beast is able to roam free that beast will roam free. These women have been given free reign to do anything and everything they want to do without any consequence. And we see what the results are.
    On another note the American female rapper Eve was on a American show called ‘ The Talk’. The rapper Eve was formally a no-nonsense street hood ghetto tight black chick who took no nonsense was aggressive and would let you know if she had a problem with you or something you did. Now she is married to some Weitman from Britain and she has completely transformed herself into a feminine dainty angel . You should’ve seen her on the show waxing poetic about the love she has for this white man, and the lengths she went to please this white man and to make him happy.
    Any black man who cannot see just how much black women hate black men, are against Blackmen, and would do things for white men that they would never even consider doing for a black man is either blind, stupid, or in denial.

    Liked by 3 people

    • They’ll feminine it up for Massa, but try swinging a dingaling bigger than yours if dealing with black men.

      These chicks, especially the dark and ugly ones, will throw themselves as sex slaves to white men.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yep that’s why in public you don’t smile with blkwomen.let them know respect must be earned SIMPs don’t get that that’s why blkmen never get respected. In our case we must never make eye contact with blkwomen. Make it seem as natural as possible so they don’t know its on purpose.

      Liked by 1 person

    • That particular white man is very very rich. At least she married him and didn’t do the baby mama thing like Serena did.


    • This is why I feel no sympathy for what happens to these women after the cuts.
      For ages black women keep asking black men “Why do you date white women” and we tell them “Because they treat us better.” They deflect and say “Oh you just want that white women so you can walk all over her” or “You just can’t handle a strong independent black woman”

      HOWEVER. As soon as they find a white boy who is interested in them even if he just wants a one night stand she will change from the wicked witch of the west into princess fucking Jasmine in about 2 seconds.

      THEY KNOW THEIR ATTITUDE IS FUCKED UP AND NO MAN IN HIS RIGHT MIND WOULD DEAL WITH IT. They just treat black men like this because they hate us.

      RED PILL TIME!!!
      When black men say “why would I want a woman who has fake blonde hair when i can get a girl who has real blonde hair” Black women feel the same way about educated black men. To black women only non-black men can be educated. Black men simply “mimic” white and other races of men. They are not “educated” to her. She feels “Why would I get a black guy pretending to be white (aka you talk/dress/act like you are white because you don’t dress like a crack dealer and have a education” when I can just get the real thing?”

      The only black women I care about is my mother. The rest can enjoy their Fema camps.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. Afrofuturism1, so true. Yet these simp idiots refuse to see or admit this truth. Black women are preprogrammed to be friendly to white men, and to be incredibly hostile and cold toward black men. This is why I refuse to look at, speak to, or have any dealings with black women. Black women have it in their heart to destroy black men. There is something deep down in the perverted twisted soul of black women that drive them to want to see Blackmen suffer, in pain, tortured, and dead. But somehow when the white man shows up, all of these things go out the window and black women are willing to do anything and everything in order to please that white man. How many times have we seen black women in public smiling from ear to ear , laughing, and being as friendly as possible with some white man they just met? Let a black man come along and the black woman transforms into a cold hearted, bitter, angry, witch, who treats that black man who she doesn’t even know as if he just stole her life savings or physically assaulted her.
    Black women are mentally ill demons. And any black man who can’t see this is setting himself up for his life to be destroyed by the same black woman who he goes out of his way to praise.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I couldn’t agree more, this very behavior was the beginning of my drifting away from BW. White men have to exert zero effort to get a Black Woman to treat him with respect, she has been programmed to do it naturally. I’ve seen so called “woke” Black women do the same thing, in fact they’re the worst at it. “Woke” BW love to talk about how awful and oppressive White people are…that is until a White guy gets involved with them. After they find themselves a White daddy, all that oppression talk turns into “well love has no color” or “well its not all white people”.I’ve experienced this firsthand.
      BW love to be around Chad, but God forbid a “woke” BW witnesses you so much as having a conversation with a WW or any non-Black woman, then its a problem. I simply don’t have the energy to deal with this level of hypocrisy from Black women any longer.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Modern American BW’s dysfunction is starting to bite them on many fronts. I have been noticing something on TV that has probably been mentioned before but I’m just starting to see it. From what I’m noticing an increasing amount of Black women on TV and in commercials are of the fair skinned/bi-racial variety. I still see plenty of dark skinned Black males but it seems as if lack women are being slowly replaced in Hollywood. Once I started noticing this I couldn’t stop noticing it. I’m on the fence as to how I feel about this, its unfortunate but not surprising.

    While I’m sure that euro-centric views of female beauty play a role in this phenomenon, I doubt that the average overweight, tatted up, weave wearing American Black woman is helping the image of Black women in the eyes of Hollywood casting. Perhaps the American BW’s reputation and lack of physical fitness is affecting their casting opportunities and representation in the media. I also notice more BM/WW couples with interracial children in the media these days too, but not many BW/WM couples out side of Scandal (which is created by a BW).

    My point being is that it seems to me that American BW are being pushed to the fringe of society on many fronts, I wonder how many of them realize this or even care. The American Black community has a long road to recovery from the mess that we are in, assuming that recovery is even still an option, hoodrats and the thugs and simps (who were likely raised by a hoodrat) that impregnate them are dragging us down and need to go.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “I’m noticing an increasing amount of Black women on TV and in commercials are of the fair skinned/bi-racial variety.”

      @ James S. I’ve noticed that also. That’s why they always bitch about colorism & “Light-Skinned/Bi-Racial” Privilege. This is not only in Hollywood but in the job sector as well. Many BW are being ousted for subpar job performance & hostile work enviroment in fields that they thought were comfortable & cushy. You wanna know what else I noticed? They are also being replaced by transgendered men…lmao. How embarrassing. The same liberal,government hand-out, slut-walk supporting, LGBT friendly alliance has bitten them in the ass.

      The same feminist, independent single mothers have raised misandrist males that have sexual gender identity issues & are now giving them competition in education & workforce…lol. I bullshit you not:

      Black Women were worried about Black Men being “DL” or Bi-Sexual. They better worry about competing for the same jobs with Trannies in the future…lol

      And to add further insult to injury,L’Oreal has their first Transgender Model,Munroe Bergdorf (which was Black & should be a slap in the face to Black Women). Many (professional) modeling companies & cosmetic companies rarely have women of color featured or on their runways. Two reasons;(1)Many are not that attractive & (2)Their personality & character is shitty and their difficult to work with. It’s pretty fucking bad that they would hire a fucking man in a wig to model make-up instead of an actual Black Women.

      But considering how your average Black Woman looks like & all the fake shit she wears, no-one can tell the difference these days anymore.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Brother Ryan,

        Please have a look at this Nivea advert apparently aimed towards West African Women……………………………..


        Have a look at this b*llsh*t in regards the major cosmetic brands when you made the comment “I’m noticing an increasing amount of Black women on TV and in commercials are of the fair skinned/bi-racial variety.”

        Hmmmm, you have extremely dumb dark skinned black women (who will ANYTHING for MONEY) doing these types of commercials…………….LGBTQ people are certainly the most purposely confused people on the PLANET but dark skinned women TOP THEM BY FAAAR when it comes to GLOBAL STUPIDITY.

        My advice to all black brothers on here………………………IF YOU DO MARRY A WOMAN (VILLAGE RAISED & UN-CORRUPTED) FROM AFRICA, WEST INDIES OR ASIA ……………………..DO NOT BRING THEM TO ANY OF THE EUROPEAN COUNTRIES IN WHICH YOU CURRENTLY LIVE………………….GO AND MARRY THEM THERE AND STAY THERE…………………….if you bring them here and you will lose your wife and children to the nastiness in UK, USA, AUSTRALIA, etc……………………..

        Those of you going for non-black women, I need not advise you to also choose wisely on that count………do not forget the Most High’s instructions for each of you individually………………………………as he did for our biblical forefathers back in the day………..

        All the best for you all………………….choose right, live right……….


    • Tyrese bought his bad situation on himself for bashing his ex-wife. Black women can ruin any life of those that disrespects them.

      I don’t feel bad for the coon Tyrese. Should have never abused his ex-wife and talked bad about black women.

      You want to cause emotional pain to your spouse… get ready to pay. That’s what I say.


      • @d1ckh38d

        Tyrese will be vindicated. Remember, his very beautiful Black queen is a lawyer… Meanwhile you have no woman.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Michelle…

        Tyrese will lose BADLY and I… as a black man… feel GOOD about it.

        When you talk grimy about black women and you physically and psychologically abuse black women… don’t be surprised for a minute when a black woman unleashes her well justified wrath.

        The only thing Tyrese will have is a shitload of debt to his ex-wife.

        And Samantha Lee is not black. She is a cracker/wetback that Tyrese is passing as black and Samantha Lee won’t be married to his black ass for long and I am willing to bet that.

        Worry about getting a job you punk ass moist coon.



      • If you say so, but how is that when a black woman causes emotional and physical pain on her husband and children, she don’t have to pay/account for anything, please answer that one?

        We ALL have to account for what we have done while alive but black women seem to get a pass ALL THE TIME……………and it needs to STOP!

        I am tired…………………

        Ignorantia juris non excusat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Israellion…

        Tyrese was the one that caused emotional pain to Norma Gibson… his ex-wife and he thought he was going to get off Scott-free.

        Run tell that.

        Norma Gibson did not cause any emotional trauma that was not justified. Tyrese did this to himself for his emotional abuse of his ex-wife and his misogynoir rhetoric.

        Black men… by and large… need to shut the fuck up and build and stop criticizing black women… the only women that care for black men.

        White women are not going to lift a finger for us black men when we lose one of our men to these race soldiers. Their cracker asses are going to stand side by side with their cracker men.

        You’re right though… everyone is accountable… EVEN black women. EVERYONE is accountable and we ALL as a black community need to be accountable TOGETHER.


      • @d1ckh38d

        When you finally land that big booty bimbo (and stop masturbating to PornHub) make sure you’re jobless. She likes it like that.

        Now excuse me, this “coon” just got paid.

        Liked by 1 person

      • When you can impress a black woman… I will be impressed.

        Until then lame ass… suck a dick you moist ass faggot.



  8. As usual, we have more examples of radical feminism & unbridaled fuckery from coming from the Afro-Feminazis. It seems people want to underestimate the extreme amount if damage a modern day Black Woman can have on people around her. Women do this because they know that the penalties are much lighter and less stiff for them in these Westernized-Industrial Countries. Let them try that shit in a Third World or Developing Country. Let alone an Islamic Arabic Country.

    In the modern-day gynocentric “PC” feminizing society, this is how they want it to be. “Overly educated”, & under-paid. Over-sexed yet undesired. Over-weight but unscrutinized. Over-bearing & un-appreciative. ANY MAN, Black or otherwise, that even dates, or even thinks of whoring around with Black Women will end-up lossing his livelyhood & sanity. It doesn’t matter who they are. There are plenty of White Men in Reddit and other underground website that are talking about avoiding AABW altogether.

    Black Women can champion Eve, Tika Sumpter, Serena Williams, and whoever else but that is only 0.000012% of their population in dating or in general. Also, these dumb ass swirlers don’t state IR-dating numbers have been going down for BW since Obama. Anywho, before I went into a tangent, I ssaw a comment from Bill Smith that resonated with me. “Black women have it in their heart to destroy black men. There is something deep down in the perverted twisted soul of black women that drive them to want to see Blackmen suffer, in pain, tortured, and dead.”

    This is true. You see it everyday in the way they mentally & physically thier sons from toddlers. You see it everyday in every false allegation filed. For every man set-up by their slut-thot element and killed. You see it everyday when the Family Courts put that a child support felony order on unsuspecting men because of their vindictive & spiteful nature. Black Men (& other races) reading this post, do like the Cappadonna song & “RUN”. Look at what Tyrese ex-wife has put him through & these Black Whores are bitching of what he married currently. This is what Black Women can do to your children & family stucture:

    Liked by 1 person

    • $13,000 a month!!???
      Thats criminal, unless the child is severely disabled or sick no one needs that much to raise a child. I would cap all CS payments at no more than $1,500 a month max regardless of how rich the non-custodial parent is, the custodial parent should be required to work and contribute as well. I would also bet that his ex lied about the child abuse to stop him from being able to get custody so she could keep those $13k a month checks coming. This shit is evil man. My heart goes out to Tyrese, he is stuck in this evil system and is reduced to tears because of how helpless he is in the face of it. SYSBM isn’t enough to keep you out of Tyrese’s shoes sadly, you would have to leave the country (or the West in general). With false domestic violence claims, false child abuse claims, etc the family court system in the US makes it easy for any woman to be able to do this to you and get away with it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • James S,

        Don’t watch our resident pro black flunky D32018, he comes round every so often blowing his busted and blown out trumpet pretending to care for black women but when you check out his website you’ll see that he hasn’t bothered to post up one single article defending his black queans. A black woman could defecate upon D32018’s head and urinate in his face and he would still jump up to defend such a feral savage.


    • Ryan,

      Got an article coming out tomorrow on Tyrese, his ex wife and their current custody battle. Black women are anti family which is one of many reasons why they must be avoided at all costs(as Bill Smith would say). The angry and bitter black sisterhood right now are watching Tyrese’s pain and suffering and are laughing and gloating to themselves, this is what black women do whenever they see black men at a negative point in their lives. As far as they are concerned this is payback for marrying somebody outside of his race, this is the price you pay as a black man for being happy. Again, what Bill Smith stated is correct, black women DON’T like seeing black men happy, indeed they do have a deep seated hatred towards us, they wish to see us be completely destroyed and if they had the power to do it themselves they would’ve done so a long time ago.


      • @ Verbs2015. Awesome.I can’t wait for it. This needs to be covered & BM don’t understand. They haven’t learned from other Black Male Celebrities. Then Black Women wonder why they aren’t a priority or even applicable when it comes to dating & marriage if a man make mores than six figures. Please also mention these misandrist SIMPs who are making light & fun of Tyrese’s struggle. I’ve literally seen reaction videos & comments from Black Women and Men telling Tyrese to “Man Up” & stop being a bitch.

        I don’t know what dysfunction or lack of empathy would give one satisfaction from seeing this Man’s demise. Maybe their ghetto broken asses don’t realize he is paying over 3 million dollars in 21 years & having difficulties having joint custody of his child. Seeing someone lose their livelyhood & wealth for just being a father (and probably a good one at that) is fucking criminal.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. Everything we have said on this thread is absolutely 100% true gentleman. The only time a black woman is actually and genuinely happy is when a black man is suffering or being punished, for when they are paid three seconds of attention to buy some white man in the street, being used as a sex slave by some white man, or in a relationship with some second rate white man, who the majority of white women won’t even look at.
    Any other time you see a black woman she is absolutely miserable, bitter, cold, hostile, and devious. And knees demonic qualities she brings in to any dealings she has with a black man. You couldn’t pay me to get involved with 99.9% of black women. Black women are dangerous, and sooner or later if the black man is stupid enough to become involved with them in a relationship, his life will be turned into a living hell. The interesting thing is all of the Simp clowns who defend black women no matter what they do, I’m sure the vast majority of them have had their lives negatively affected by some mentally ill black woman who had a vendetta against him. But you can’t get the Simp clown to actually admit that the black woman has nothing but evil intentions directed toward Blackmen. Unbelievable.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. @Ryan @Bill Smith,

    Case and point right here:

    Exactly what you both stated, they love seeing a black man in pain and suffering. Tyrese may crash and burn but don’t worry, the time of the sisterhood of failure is coming and in like manner I will stand and watch with happiness and excitement as they crash and burn themselves. The cuts are still coming.


  11. Yet blk whores like Haley berry pay thousands in child support to wm…also that blk bitch who played Ross’s gf in friends took care of an unemployed wm in real life … after that they expect bm to take em back lol ..writings are on the sure Serena will find some simp bm to date very soon..its basically .psychological warfare on us now this won’t end well for blkwomen though.
    It all comes down to simping Haley did all she did yet you got rappers singing Haley berry(hurricanechris I think) SIMPs are the culprits of this mess birthed by these many white men would make song for a ww after doing a scene like monsters ball with a bm.

    Anyway wat could be worse is if tyrese ex gets a wm mooching of tyrese payments lol.Laurence fushburn ex is now with a wm…notice how if thing get a Lil uncomfortable in a relationship they go ir just to get back at bm?.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. James S, the black community will never recover its a wrap. Also these Back celebrities, athletes, etc better stay away and not have kids with these BW demons. As a matter of fact any black man with sense need to stay clear of these possessed satanic demons. BW have no interest in having families to them kids are nothing more than a monthly payment. SYSBM.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Verbs2015, I often go to “Lipstick Alley” to get insight into the evil mind of black women. If any black man (or any man for that matter wants a window into the ‘soul’ of black women look no further than ‘Lipstick Alley’. What you see on that website is page after page of the rantings and ravings of the typical black woman. Nothing but a bunch of lunatics who delight in gossip, strife, and enjoy any opportunity to blame black men for every problem under the sun. But do we really expect anything other than this type of attitude from black women? I think not.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bill Smith,

      Indeed, it’s good to go into Lipstick Alley and similar websites every so often on stealth reconnaissance missions in order to gather intelligence. The simps however will take it to the next level, they’ll sign up and get an account in order to follow and worship their queans. Its unbelievable how the black women over there will openly and boldly mock the black men in the forums and these pro black flunkies will still go back for more hoping to eventually land themselves some vagina, smh.


  14. Verbs2015, so true. The simp negro clown will accept ANYTHING the black woman whore demon does, if they think they might be able to get some pussy or gain favor with the black woman who hates the black man. The simple stupid black man will never even consider the reality regarding black women. ‘Pussy’ is what drives the majority of black men. The carnal nature of most black men, is what allows the black woman whore demon to reign supreme in the so called black community. Sad.

    Liked by 1 person

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