Another Black Feminist Further Illustrates How Most Black Women Are Retards And Numbskulls


You’ll frequently notice that it is the most ugly, busted, run down, over the hill, tug boat black females who have the biggest mouths and Miss Henry is no exception to the rule. Just go to her Facebook page and take a look at her pictures. Once you have finished there head over to her blog and look at what is written at the top of the page, “Mother. Grandmother. Still Fine As Hell”. What do you think about Miss Henry, is she “fine as hell” or does she quickly need to be cast upon a scrap-heap?

There is one thing you have to love black women for, the fact that they willingly provide you with the ammunition you need to use against them, they provide me with the many receipts I have. You see, most black women do not have the will nor the intelligence to change their degenerate behaviour in order to start proving thinking black men like me wrong, nope, they much prefer to double down and wallow in their own filth.

I’ve heard a number of people state that most feminists are ugly and fat, Miss Henry would definitely fit into those two categories. I’m not surprised that she is a feminist, what man in his RIGHT mind would sleep with such a beast? You’ll see on her Facebook page that she has a bucket load of bastard children en tow, therefore there were guys with no standards who decided to deposit their seed in such a hideous looking being, smh.

Her Facebook page is filled with misandry to the highest degree, of course what would you expect from black feminists? Feminism hasn’t helped black women at all yet most still refuse to read the writing on the wall. White and other non black women for the most part despite their shortfalls have recognised feminism for the failed religion that it is and have taken action accordingly.

Black women on the other hand have instead dug their heels further into feminism and misandry in their efforts to get one over on black men. Black feminism is in a league of its own, there is very little if any comradeship between white feminists and their black female counterparts, white feminists when it suits them simply summon the useful idiots known as black women to bolster their numbers on various occasions and soon thereafter kick them to the curb once they have served their purpose.

You’ll notice that in the Intro screenshot taken from her Facebook profile the following is written, “Black. Feminist. Destroying the community since 1997”. You see that, give black women enough time and they will reveal their true colours and intentions. Yet in this recent Facebook post Henry mocks black men for daring to make the suggestion that feminism has been the main catalyst behind the destruction of black society:

So, this is how it works. Thinking black men point out that feminism has indeed destroyed black society and Henry moves in to mock and make fun of them, yet on her own Facebook introduction page she declares herself a black feminist who has been destroying the black community since 1997, make that make sense. Do you see how stupid most black women are, how they very rarely if ever cover their tracks?

Black men, women like the potty mouth granny are damaged goods in more ways than one, looking at her physical condition can we really be surprised that she turned towards the dark side ie feminism? Are we really surprised that no man wanted to settle down with and get married to her? Henry is a quintessential example of your average modern day black woman, most black women today think like her. Equally, most black women walking the streets in the west are mentally damaged beyond repair.

See, most black women cannot deal with facts, points and true statements, therefore like Henry they instead will resort to mocking and ridiculing the examiner or his/her points believing that by going about things this way they are winning the argument. And retard Kathy M Henry had the nerve to call black men dummies.

Thinking black men, the best weapon you have against black women like this is abandonment. As I have stated before black women as a collective are NOT interested in change for the better, they are damaged goods who enjoy swimming in the gutter, however this is certainly no good for your soul and spirit. As you can see for yourselves there is no ground for reasoning with these women, hence why I am constantly advising thinking black men to seek love and companionship elsewhere and I’m glad to see that they are taking this advice. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Beware The Black Witch Lurks

Most High Bless

38 thoughts on “Another Black Feminist Further Illustrates How Most Black Women Are Retards And Numbskulls

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  2. This chick said fine as hell….

    Y’all do realize that we have the ugliest chicks imaginable to choose from, right? Hell, even the dudes that still wanna hold out for a hero with black chicks will mention preferring Ethiopian/Eritrean chicks, who look HIGHLY mixed anyways. That lets you KNOW that these black chicks’ features are ugly by default.

    Honestly, racism has probably been the only thing that kept black men screwing black women. I can’t imagine being potentially lynched just for looking at an ACTUAL female, and then having to go home and screw Mammy from Gone With The Wind. Ugh……

    She also has no shame in admitting her part in black society’s destruction. Do black Women EVER have ANY shame? But it’s all other groups of women who we should be afraid of, right? Once again, statistically (since white men and black women claim to love numbers), who is destroying black society for black men and black children? Hell, this heifer admitted it!!

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    • @afrofuturism1 True statement. When it comes to beauty they’ve regressed in a downward spiral. In my honest opinion the sexiest and hottest black chicks are those of mixed heritage(i.e. Asian, Jewish, White, Latina), northern African descent(I.e. Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) and eastern African descent like you said in your post.

      “I can’t imagine being potentially lynched just for looking at an ACTUAL female, and then having to go home and screw Mammy from Gone With The Wind. Ugh……”

      Me neither bro, I would rather go celibate than have a monogamous relationship with a black woman who looks like “Mammy from Gone With The Wind”.

      Y’all do realize that we have the ugliest chicks imaginable to choose from, right?

      You know its really bad when every other race of mens’ “plain janes” look ten times better than ours. #SYSBM

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Isn’t that the truth, just came from a walk in my local area and as always the sights concerning black women are looking very grim indeed. Of course in addition the overwhelming majority of these black females were weaved up to the hilt. Those pictures of pretty black women that the pro blacks love to post up are extreme rarities and miniscule exceptions to the rule.

      Most of these pro blacks will read Miss Henry’s intro description and will still choose to remain in denial, even though here she is openly admitting to contributing towards the destruction of black society using the tool of feminism. Its good that she was upfront and honest yet at the same time we have been sounding this same trumpet for the longest while.

      As I and many other thinking black men have been stating for the longest while, the modern day black female is the enemy of the black male, however unlike Miss Henry most of these black harridans won’t be forthcoming and admit this.

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  3. Wow, what a huge admission by Kathy Henry: “Destroying the (black) community since 1997” and they want their men to build up and repair the same impoverished, urban black community in return the women will trash it again. Bailing out. SYSBM.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      Yet the pro black savages will tell us that dating out is selling out. There are no bigger sell outs within black society than these black females. Build what, this is my point. Black women do not want to build anything with black men, they are under contract by their white father to destroy black society and Miss Potty Mouth Henry has come clean and told us what we already can see with our own eyes.

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  4. Black women look worse now than they did in the 60’s. Plus to add no gym membership, eating all the food at golden corral, kids out of wedlock,. I wonder if she know who actually got her pregnant? Sysbm.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Hence why black women as a collective can be addressed as the ugly, angry and bitter black sisterhood of continual failure. Black women in the 1960s looked a lot better than these hideous monsters walking the streets today.

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    • In my area for every 1 in shape black woman you see 3 overweight/obese black women. Its sad man because this is completely unnecessary and avoidable with proper diet and exercise. I’ve always found in shape black women to be the most physically attractive women, but from what I’m seeing in my area I don’t think American black women care about being attractive and healthy anymore, far too many have fully embraced gluttony and sloth. Anytime I’m at the gym I rarely ever see BW, its mostly black men, white men, and white women. It is a sad situation.

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  5. “Miss Henry” looks bloated and constipated like she hasn’t taken a good shit in years! Its messed up that every other race of women plain janes. Look ten times better than black women. And its to the point that Stevie Wonder can see that! We all deserve the best women possible! I appreciate all you Brothers on this site. Peace

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    • Shawn aka @sdot,

      I keep on saying that because most black women are so desperate to throw off femininity and to embrace masculinity, nature is obliging their desire. There is no amount of as Trick Daddy would say “tightening up” that can save them at this point, it’s a wrap.

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      • So true! Im not a big conspiracy theorist anymore. Yet the pro black simps are convinced Beyonce,Michelle Obama, Serena and Venus were boys that had sex changes. Plus these women have deep ties to the Illuminati.
        Whatever that means?
        What Im pointing to is they fail to point out in your great article Verbs. That the so called everyday black women is turning into a man. And they want to be men! Regardless if they had a sex change or not .
        Yet pro black simps will deflect to using the Illuminati regarding black women. Instead of calling out their so called “queenz”

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    • I was walking through Downtown Chicago a few months ago and saw a homeless BW with her two kids crouched in an alleyway. You could tell that they were homeless by how dirty and disheveled they were. The woman was reading a book and the kids were playing with toys, blissfully unaware of their situation. I didn’t care about the woman, but my heart hurt for those kids, they didn’t choose to be born into that situation. These welfare cuts are going to be the beginning of judgement day for a lot of these wicked hoodrats, they say that they are strong and independent and they will soon be made to prove it as the gov and good BM will not be there to bail them out. For the simps and dusty dudes who keep impregnating these hood rats, I hope we see a large wave of child support enforcement, and if they don’t pay lock them up. Seeing single moms homeless and struggling and the simps and losers who get them pregnant locked up may have enough of a psychological impact on future generations to slow the tide of bastard babies we are seeing. There will be a lot of black children going into family and government custody, and that may be for the best. We are in a rare position where the bad guys (Trump & Co.) are doing something beneficial for Black people that we cant do for our selves, cutting off the life blood that is sustaining the ghettos and the dysfunction that is generated there, welfare. What’s coming isn’t going to be pretty for the black community, but the cuts are necessary to free us of a lot of the dead weight we have in our community that is holding us back.

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      • James S,

        Trump is a necessary recompense for black society in the US. For too long black folks have been chilling in the cut taking handout after handout from the state. Over here in the UK the Conservative government is also cutting back on the state benefits and social programmes, thus the single mothers and the benefit loaders over here are going to start feeling the pinch too. You may know of the saying, when the US sneezes, the UK catches a cold. Black women such as the potty mouth granny Henry who have openly engaged in the destruction of their own communities much be left to crash and burn, they must and will drink down their cup of judgement and I will not be there to save them.

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  6. The levels of ‘Delusions Of Grandeur’ suffered by black women these days is at an all time high. I mean, I’m even seeing “corporate” brods with the W O R S T looking hot-mess yakki-weaves. No excuses for these “successful” women to look so dilapidated.

    There simply is NO COMPETITION between the modern black women and all the other women they have to compete with for today’s highly-prized Thinking Black Man.

    There will be 3 options/outcomes for a majority of today’s black woman

    1. Spinster’hood
    2. Situational’Lesbianism
    3. Dirty d*ck Rodneys and his degenerate cohorts along with the plague of STD’s that will accompany them


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    • @Preme — “Delusions of grandeur” is absolutely right…

      …And black women are the ONLY women who will come right out and TELL you that they’re “beautiful” (or in this case “fine as hell”). …before anyone has a chance to make up their own mind about it.. lol

      That kind of shit — stating that they’re beautiful, unprompted, unasked — is taboo in ALL other cultures of women… It’s called “conceit” and “narcissism” in other cultures. But it’s something that is EMBRACED and ENCOURAGED among black women.

      It’s like — who are they trying to convince? The world? … Or THEMSELVES? They know they’re ugly, yet they ADD TO the ugly, with the vanity, egotism and arrogance.

      In their natural state (like half a century ago) black women would be as attractive, if not more so, than other kinds of women. Now they seem to simply WANT to be ugly, in every way … and they’re succeeding.


  7. This is all set up for the likes of @d1ckh38d and War Stories to finally get a sniff after December 16th.

    For the smart brothers, it’s #SYSBM all day, erry day.

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  8. Funny how the cartoon of her in the masthead of her blog is colored LIGHTER than she really is in her Facebook pics. Also funny how busted, fat, menopausal hoes like The Pottymouth Granny are bitching about the “lack of quality men,” as if a “quality man” is checking for a busted, fat, menopausal hoe with multiple kids and grandkids. A “quality man” of middle age (40s, early 50s) with his shit together can have a woman half his age.

    Gentlemen, abandonment is working, you can see the cries for help if you read between the lines. Leave these black “feminists” to fend for themselves. Remember, black men are “terrorists”, and if you say hello it’s “harassment”, the juice is just not worth the squeeze. Let BW cannibalize each other, it’s already happening.

    I love WW, but quiet as it’s kept, the younger ones are getting as toxic as BW with feminism, shitty attitudes, fat, too many tats, and dykeism.


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    • Schadenfreude,

      Though the contamination isn’t to the same degree as younger black females I would be lying if I’d say that I cannot see the same thing. This is why I believe the best white women to go for are those from Russia and Eastern Europe as they come from countries where feminism is not tolerated and as a result these women are more in tune with their proper and natural roles as women. MBD was smart, he knew what he was doing when he picked up his wife from Russia and he found her in the sticks. Women who live in the city as a whole are always the worst choice, as a founding principle it is far better to source your woman from the rural areas no matter what part of the world she comes from.

      These older black women are delusional and they believe that by us pointing this out is a faulty argument. So be it, let them crash and burn in their own ignorance and folly. Let the simps deal with them and their dysfunction.


  9. Most of these BW today look like offensive and defensive linemen that could play for the Pittsburgh Steelers. When you walk past them on the street they body odor stinks and their weave stinks who in their right mind want these disgusting beast. Me personally I will never go back to these BW scum sewer dwellers. They are mentally gone you cannot even have a intellectual conversation with them so why deal with a ugly monster who you cannot talk to. I am a strong independent BW no you are dependent BW who depends on the government you delusional fools.

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    • Sean,

      Trump is about to bring about the divorce between black women and the state, now we are going to see just how strong and independent these sirens are. In terms of personal hygiene and general health I agree, black women are in the toilet and these days they seem to enjoy being that way. SYSBM is for the thinking black man.


    • Michel,

      “Black men have to do better. They have to realize that black women are a prized possession and only want to help our men grow and prosper. We want nothing but the best for them”.

      That is the biggest crock of nonsense I’ve read today, nothing but lies and I have the receipts to prove it. Indeed, reading between the lines these black sirens are crying out for help, however they must be left alone in order for their judgement to fall upon them, they must not be saved. The cuts are coming.


      • Interesting article and it is a cry for help. Too bad the SYSBM train has left the station. It’s the female version of that old “I’m Sorry I’m Not Idris Elba” meme.

        Like I’ve said many times on here, it’s one thing when the so-called “beta male” nerds that they never wanted in the first place leave the building, but it’s another when the swag dudes, the thugs, the guys that BW like, the Trey Songz of the world, are abandoning ship. Once you have been able to travel, there’s no going back to some dusty hood chick or angry misandrist. This is the main reason they want to keep black boys broken, so they won’t flee the black matriarchal plantation.

        I am an older brother and I’m glad I’ve lived long enough to see the tables turn. The upcoming cuts will be like V-E Day (Google it) for black men. I actually voted for Hillary, but I lowkey approve this outcome (and a few other of his policies). Let them eat cake.

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