Penny Claps Back, Putting Black Women And Simps Back In Their Place – Part 7

Once again, much respect the Vurbyl Khent for creating these fantastic memes:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Penny Keeps Giving It To Them

Most High Bless

27 thoughts on “Penny Claps Back, Putting Black Women And Simps Back In Their Place – Part 7

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  2. Hoodrats specialize in revising history. They start revising their own individual histories in their 20’s and 30’s after they have slept around, gotten fat, wasted their youth and beauty, and birthed bastard children by losers. They tell everyone that they are good godly women who were done wrong by evil no good men who took advantage of them when they were young.

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    • James S,

      Black women especially in their latter years are forever attempting to repackage themselves, hence the so called pro black, conscious, queen, mother earth garbage that many black women embrace to use as cover for their shady past and their back to Africa simp squads who facilitate and propagate these black females in their delusions.

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  3. I’ve recently come to the realization that I’m physically attracted to BW, but not emotionally, mentally etc. It is what it is. I don’t hate them, but I know my own racial counterpart too well. They are mentally F’d up I’ve known this for years. I don’t think BW can surprise me or disappoint me any more than they already have I don’t expect them anything more of them or anything less. A couple months back my mom and I were talking, and she mentioned how my grandmother when we were kids used to treat my biracial cousin better than us. It infuriated my mother, and she would never visit my grandmother for weeks at a time. It broke my heart to hear that because I held my grandmother in high esteem. Is it wrong that I lost a lot of respect for my grandmother, even though she has been dead for over 10yrs? Also a couple weeks back me and my mother were chatting at her kitchen table and the subject of interracial dating came up and she said ” that’s why they get those Mexican women, because they know a sista wouldnt put up with any of that” again that’s why I say black women cant disappoint and surprise me anymore than they already have. My sister has the typical black woman mentality, and she would be classified as light skinned. Which is why I don’t associate with my sister anymore. In fact, I’m almost 30 and I’ve never had a little brother, big sister relationship with my sister, it is what it is. The same mentality a lot of black women have I can find among my own family members. I remember what kid organic said in one of his videos that it feels like a curse to have a race of women like BW. Well, he wasnt lying. I’m not interested in WW or Non black women, just my preference. Its truly sad,depressing, and you develop a pessimistic outlook regarding BW and the black community as a whole. Reading Twitter/Instagram/facebook post from BW makes me even more of a pessimist and a nihilist. I still like BW its just something i cant change even if I wanted to, its like being in purgatory. Hearing my mother tell me that about my grandmother, and hearing her say what she said really messed me up mentally. My mother is/was the last hope I had in BW. Now, I don’t even know anymore. I’ve never had a problem with interracial dating its just not for me.


    • Here is my 2 cents as a married black man, I got lucky meeting the black woman that I’m with. My wife is mixed and was raised overseas (far away from blackistan and its influence) in a 2 parent military family. That being said, if I hadn’t met her I’m almost positive that I would still be single or be with a non-black woman. The majority of black women that I come across I would not date. For some reason it has become popular and accepted even for black women to be fat, childish, combative, and to deface their bodies with tattoos and piercings to look like orcs and demons.

      The other day I was at brunch with my wife and saw some young black people on a double date. On one side of the table were two in shape, clean cut looking young black men. On the other side of the table were two overweight young black women. I thought to myself “thats the damn problem”, as long as guys date/impregnate fat BW the black female obesity epidemic will never end.

      I can understand the pessimism. The worst for me was back when I was still dating I would meet BW who were nice looking and would seem intelligent, then be blown away when I would look at their social media page and see them hugged up with thugs. In the coming days I believe hood rats will become much more insidious in hiding their thug loving and whoring ways/past from good BM, especially as the welfare cuts come down, more of them become aware of SYSBM, they realize that their fancied non-black captain save a hoe isn’t coming to marry them, and they are forced to accept that there is a exodus of good black men from the black community.

      So yes, there still are good black women out there, but the black community is in such bad shape that we are in the time where finding a good black woman is almost like looking for a needle in a haystack. You may have loved your grandmother but you still have to accept that she is a product of her time, if she is as old as I’m assuming she was it doesn’t surprise me that she had a colorisim issue, there is no excuse for modern blacks to have this mentality though.

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    • @ Deathtobabylon & James S.

      Great posts, guys. Keep putting it out there. If these bitches can read stuff like that and still not smell the coffee, there’s really no hope for them or for black culture.

      I also have family members who display many of the symptoms, including my mom…

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    • I can relate to your situation. Personally, I’ve always been an “full variety” type of person, meaning I was open to dating any race of woman so long as I deemed the woman attractive. However, over the years I’ve been straying away from BW more and more. It started as a few incidences, and then I started to notice a pattern of hypocrisy and self hate among black women.
      My biggest issue, and the starting point of my straying away, was the noticeable difference in treatment that Black women gave to White men. Similar to how you lost respect for your grandmother after realizing her colorism towards your cousin. I started to lose respect for BW once I continued to notice how warm and welcoming they were towards white men, but the moment a brother comes around, myself included, here comes that typical BW bad attitude and aggressive/defensive behavior. I tried to ignore it and chop it up to being a few isolated incidents. Then I noticed the hypocrisy, the double standard of celebrating sisters who dated out but bashing brothers who did the same. It also doesn’t help that BW are literally writing books, making Tumblr pages, and creating YouTube channels about how great it is to be with White men (the Swirl movement).
      With all of this evidence, I just find it difficult to have any long-term attraction or respect for BW. I will admit that I see some physically attractive BW on occasion, but I see them as a waste of my time and don’t bother pursing anything with them. There is a 99% chance she either A)Only dates thugs and jailbirds or B)Only dates White guys. It’s just not worth the energy anymore IMO.

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    • Here’s a very interesting video about “momma’s boys” from the series James S posted in the thread above. It gets a little bogged down in football analogies late in the vid, but still it is a damn good treatise saying many things that truly need to be said. I think every black man with a momma should watch this shit.

      We all know that simps are a liability, but don’t sleep on the “momma’s boys”… Time to cast down “momma’s boyism” too! I think in jamaican patois there’s a term for homosexuals pronounced “mama man”… I wonder if that term is related to the term “mama’s boy”… because it definitely should be!

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  4. Funny that you guys would mention family. I have a cousin who married a white woman and had three mixed kids by her. Apparently my mom and the local troupe that stuck around with her don’t like this white woman. Who wants to guess why? Also, one of the half breeds (my age) has seen the light and himself has already married and had a child by his white wife. I’ll admit, I envy him. Dude has a good job working on cars, doing what he loves. THAT’S the model that black dudes my age and younger should follow: actually forming families with wives and children, not out still being hoes themselves into their damn 50s.

    Conversely, my mother and her cousins her age have NO problem with the brutish junkyard dog of a white dude who knocked my other, fatass jiffy pop bag wearing cousin up. There’s nothing romantic about their relationship at all, and they sure as hell ain’t married.

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    • @afrofuturism1 Good for him. Interesting, I didn’t know biracial dudes were having that much success with white woman, who knew. Hearing that story gives me some added motivation as someone who is lightskin. Have you found that special one at college yet?

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  5. DeathtoBabylon, there are BW all over the world you do not have to date an AAW. Check out South America Brazil, even Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica have people of color in these countries. And The Dominican Republic as well. Ethiopians and Etrien women are gorgeous as well. But if you do venture to other countries in search of BW just make sure they do not have American type attitudes. But you do not have to limit yourself to AAW. Another thing I just touched on this in another post about how I have no relationship with some female members in my family because they disowned me because I do not date AAW. Like you said you see the messed up mentality of AAW within your own family.

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    • @Sean I’m in the same boat as you brother. I’m afraid to profess my preference for white woman to my parents. Who cares anyway, its my life. #SYSBM

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    • @Sean I’m in the same boat as you brother. I’m afraid that I’m going to get disowned for professing my preference for white woman to my parents. Who cares anyway, its my life. #SYSBM

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  6. “It takes a strong man to accept someboy else’s chidren and step up teo the plate another man left on the table.”
    These women hit the wall so hard they are reduced to 90’s tier shaming tactics to get fools to take care of the thug babies.

    At first I was like “You educated lames didn’t assert yourselves so we got with thugs.”

    But then I was like “You educated lames should have checked the thugs who were getting with black.” women”

    And now I’m like “If you educated lames were real strong men you would take care of all the kids we had with thugs and build us a community.”

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