Crazy Green Haired Harpy Strikes Again


You know what is strange is despite her being a dysfunctional whore to the hilt her voice actually sounds feminine. Nevertheless the green haired bandit has struck once again. You may remember her from before, when I featured her video in an article in which she confesses to preferring drug dealers, gangsters and road men over productive black men, here is the video again for those who may have missed it:

Crazy, violent whores, this is the majority of black women in a nutshell, and pro black simp feminists like Dr Umar Johnson and Derrick Jaxn still expect us to wife up these broads, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass. This is one of the reasons why dealing with black women in 2017 is far too dangerous. I have stated many times before, terminating a relationship with a dysfunctional, crazy black woman is much easier said than done. Just in case you may be having any doubts allow me to refresh your memory with these blasts from the past:

This is one if not the primary reason why more younger black men are also beginning to give black women a wide berth. Crazy women really and truly should not be dealt with under any circumstances, this especially applies to black women as a collective who take crazy, loco behaviour through to the next level and beyond. Of course you notice that the green haired bandit used to usual “he has a small penis” shaming tactic on old boy at the end of the video.

Now lately there has been a spate of black women and their pro black simp feminist advocates coming to Slaying Evil attempting to use shaming tactics in their aims to change the direction of the website. Just to let you know, the direction of the website will remain the same, I will continue to warn black men concerning black female dysfunction and there is nothing you sirens or your pro black flunkies can do about it.

Do you remember how I talked about this in Negro Wars, how black women will attempt to shame you out of exposing them because they still wish to have unsuspecting victims available to them for prey? This is the main reason behind the “we know, you’ve moved on from black women, why don’t you stop talking about us already” Kansas City shuffle, if some black men remain behind and act as a beacon to warn others about black female dysfunction then the pickings black women will have to choose from will be extremely small.

This is exactly what is now happening, black women are finding it increasingly difficult to sucker thinking black men. Of course they still have the simps(whom they hate by the way), however black women enjoy conquering new territory which has been untainted by their hands, to them it is a thrill to contaminate those who are “clean” so to speak.

This is why whenever black women come to this website and attempt to shame me out of talking about their dysfunction by inferring that I am “whining, complaining and being a crybaby” I simply ignore them because I am very familiar with that particular shaming technique and what it is used for. Warning signs are always left in place as long as the danger concerned is still present and poses a threat. Here is an example of one such sign:

Nobody complains about the sign above when they see it, they appreciate being forewarned about being close to or entering a life threatening environment. Therefore, the reason why I continue to talk about black female dysfunction is because more black men need to be warned plus the danger is still present. The reason why black women get so bent out of shape about me warning black men concerning their rackets, tricks, deceptions and schemes is simply because they stand to lose out heavily if enough black men are given the heads up.

Thinking black men, you don’t need to be told to stay away from women like this, the bright green weave alone is a dead giveaway as to the mental instability of the woman above and others like her. Even the unproductive thug types that black women crave so badly are beginning to give them the middle finger and indeed this unusual phenomenon will continue to rise. SYSBM black men, stay away from crazy, loco, dumb black witches.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Crazy Witches

Most High Bless

46 thoughts on “Crazy Green Haired Harpy Strikes Again

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        As Ryan mentioned and I’ve stated many times before, most black women suffer from mental health issues, one of many reasons why I stopped dealing with them years ago, there will be no nuts neither spoons being handed out from here, lol.

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      • Indeed, the level of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder is rampant in these neighborhoods. Just look at all the stories I’ve done where the families came out and stated that the individual in the story was crazy. Incest…..

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  2. A lot of black women look more like men. I been starting to question if black women are in fact, women. Yeah, it’s safer to date out with white or Asian women.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Agreed, I walk the streets of London and see these manly looking black women in huge numbers all the time. As I’ve stated many times before, nature is obliging the black woman’s request to become a man.

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      • This is very true…think about it? Only under certain circumstances “like black females” where an inferior bunch is propped up and passes on it genes?? All other instances in the aninmal and human kingdom ppl pass on superior genes and look to pass on positive traits…ONLY with black females do they seek out negative, degenerative and recessive traits…HENCE WHY BLACK FEMALES ARE THE ONLY GROUP OF PPL ACTUALLY GETTING SHORTER!!!! UNREAL! and think about it, these bitches from the time they are infants literally ONLY PROCESS GARBAGE 24/7!!! whether is hot cheetoes and soda pop as an infant!! Nonstop cursing music polluting their brains, they never learn or read, extremely violent and crazy outburst!! think about it? No wonder as evil and NASTY as black women are they are LITERALLY GETTING UGLIER and more MANLY!!! seriously, im not joking!! they are disgusting!!!!

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  3. American Black Women love to rave about our interracial dating numbers and try to scapegoat the “White Woman” boogie woman. But truth and facts be told, AABW are raliroading Black Men in numbers. And even these, “White Saviors” aren’t safe. Black Women are the only race of woman with unchecked mental issues. As well, their narcissism, dysfunction, aggressive manipulating nature has made them a burden & liability. In 2017, Black Men have to realize the sobering truth that Black Women are too unitelligent & unstable to deal with on any circumstance.

    It’s something I’ve said too myself too many times. They aren’t good girlfriends, wives, mothers, or even employees. Their even starting to become slack as whores. They only thing that only makes them desirable (to other races of men) is their willing to whore themselves and tolerate anything next to nothing. Well, that’s until you have a child with them or marry them & destroy everything you built via Rob Kardashian, Wissam al Mana, Robin Thicke, and the names go on. It looks even bad to the suitors of the said “Swirlers”.

    How could you even think to work with, live with, procreate with, or marry this new sub-species of AABW created circa 1970 and afterwards.

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    • Exactly, NO other race of women are railroading black men like this, and all that “white girls gon gitcha” crap from black Women AND white men is to keep black men on the plantation with no companions to build with.

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      • Wrong Afrofuturism… white women railroad black men all the time. Even Baron Davis and Paul George aren’t immune and they are NBA celebrities… not the barely getting by nigga like you.

        Instead of criticizing black women… contribute and there won’t be much of this crap.

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      • Wow a whole two examples! Did you also know that you can die from drinking too much water? I guess water is as dangerous to drink as vodka now!

        And then there’s the “contribute/build” crap. You simps make me sick. I won’t be threatened by things that barely effect me. See you on the plantation, (excuse the term) niggar!!

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      • afrofuturism…

        You’re the only house nigger on this page.

        I gave you two accurate examples of white women railroading black men.

        Truth is that white women don’t like black men that much like you think.

        You and Verbs and the rest of you coons have to learn the hard way.

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    • Ryan,

      And we are still expected to marry women like this, smh. Can you imagine living with any one of the beasts in the videos you posted? A nightmare for real. Black women have become a menace to everybody else around them.

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    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      This is the modern day black woman in a nutshell, she lives and thrives off drama, war, strife, contention and beef and on top of this we have the black women’s regiment of simp soldiers who attempt to shame thinking black men into accepting such dysfunctional behaviour as normal.

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  4. I know from experience black women will try to get violent with you if you are a “educated lame” and refuse to date or talk to them. I have a fat hog beast threaten me saying she will have me beaten up for disrespecting a black queen. Mind you all I did to this women was not talk to her and eventually tell her I didn’t want to date her. That’s right. Even in the suburbs black women all seem to have a private army of thugs to do their bidding but they don’t date thugs lol.

    When welfare cuts hit these women hard they will start assaulting us when they see us walking in the mall with becky.

    The low IQ black men will stay with their queens. HIgh IQ black men will get quality.

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    • Yours Truly,

      Yep, the black witch cannot accept being rejected and in many cases she will resort to violence or at least unleash her supporting band of thugs upon you. I remember writing a post on black women and their pro black simps in the near future roaming the streets looking to fight and cause harm to black men who have non black women particularly white women. They cannot simply live and let live.

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      • “I remember writing a post on black women and their pro black simps in the near future roaming the streets looking to fight and cause harm to black men who have non black women particularly white women.”

        Then you sir are a prophet.
        I have always hated when feminists talk about how they are “cat called” and “street harassed” by men they reject when in my history from middle school all the way to college I have had black women literally physically assault me for not wanting to date them. I have been slapped, kicked in the balls, called gay, had rumors spread about me to make other women not want to date me, and almost jumped at the request of a scraggle daggle bitches in the suburbs that I rejected. In my senior year of high school I had freshmen scraggle daggle come on to me. I rejected her because I didn’t like them and also didn’t want to have chris Hanson tell me to sit down somewhere and ya know what happened after that? For months I had an army of simps accuse me of raping their black queen only to find out she spread a rumor that I pumped and dumped her when we never so much as held hands. I’ve never been able to talk about it because if I did people would just say I’m lying and being arrogant. People act crazy like this around black men but if we notice it all of a sudden WE are the arrogant ones who only think with “muh dick.” Projection 24/7. So I kept it to myself all these years. I’m good looking but I’m no Will Smith or Denzel Washington. Lots of black women out here are fucking gone now. Their SMV is in the red so they are losing their minds. They know the Alpha fux/Beta bux con job has been exposed and there is nothing they can do about it.

        Soon they will start calling for their simps to start hunting black men like us just like you said. Good thing I will have my ccw next year.
        Come december 17th the only thing they will get from me is a bullet.

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      • Yours Truly,

        Oh no, over here the thinking black men’s regiment definitely believes you because we also know first hand what the black witch can be like. No doubt those simps who harassed you for months on end once they found out that old girl was lying didn’t harass her in the same way, “dats our quean yo”. As I have stated many times before most black women are simply horrible individuals who have been raised by dysfunctional black female savages themselves, thus they are extremely dangerous to deal with and to be around.

        Yep, you’ve always got to be prepared to deal with any and all black women and their simp soldiers who decide to step out of line trying to bring harm to you and your significant other. I remember when I first mentioned this trend in a short Facebook post last year, black women were laughing at me, however most black women are tricksters to the core therefore their laughter must be interpreted as guilt. The commenter Ryan has many accounts of calming these attacking wild beasts down through neutralisation using a taser.


    • Oh yea, I have had this happen as well…just refusing to be with them or look in their nasty diseased direction will have them get violent and threaten you.


  5. The best idea is to simply ignore, not speak to, not look at, not engage, and in no shape form or fashion deal with black women in any way. Black women will literally get you killed. Black women are great at pretending. At first black women pretend to be actual women, but beneath the surface there is a vicious, black man hating, violent, reactionary, wanna be white woman, who is extremely selfish, and if she ‘feels’ disrespected or slighted, will go to any length to destroy the life of the black man who was stupid enough to get involved with her in the first place.
    Never trust a black woman for any reason. I am so grateful to have never become involved with a black woman. Sure I had a few ‘dates’ or interactions with black women. But I was wise enough to see certain things that are common among black women, that the black females I was talking to had, that made me vow to never become involved pr even speak to a non family member black woman EVER again. Brian Solonge has a very good video on BITCHUTE that addresses black women and their worship of white men.
    Avoid black women at all costs.

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    • I learned at a young age that 3/4 of the BW in my generation weren’t worth being around, that also applies to this generation of young “men” who were raised by them. In High school I had girls call me gay and get angry because I didn’t want to date them. These weren’t bad looking girls either, but they were GHETTO and couldn’t understand why I didn’t want them. I came from a traditional 2 parent black household and most of my peers did not, my father and grandfathers were hardworking, and my mother and grandmothers were polite, kind, and ladylike. I had good examples of what good men were and what good women were and how a household and marriage was supposed to work. Which is why most of my young life in school felt like I was in Bizzaro world, because I knew that most of the black males/females at my school weren’t right, but they thought that their attitudes and behavior were fine and that I was the strange one. Either way I am happily married now with a new house far away from blackistan. Like an anthropologist I am watching the decay of the black “community” but from a distance and explaining to my wife everything that went wrong. I don’t even like Trump but im cautiously optimistic that the welfare/section 8 cuts will help us right the ship, even if only a little bit.

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      • James S,

        Black women ensure they sabotage the minds of their children from a very young age, hence why young black girls for the most part are dysfunctional to the core and continue in that path all the way up until their old age. You dodged a huge bullet sir, your recognised that you needed to escape blackistan and you did. For that I salute you. #SYSBMFORLIFE

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  6. Ryan, your commentary was 1,000% accurate. Yours truly, I have female family members that do not speak wit me anymore just because I stated I no longer date black women. These BW are crazy what does me not dating black women have to do with us being a family I never disrespected some of my Aunts and female cousins. Now because I stated I do not date BW they no longer want anything to do with me you cannot make this stuff up when it comes to BW.

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    • I feel terrible for you Sean. My female family members are the only Black women I still have respect for. They are more open minded about IR dating because non of them ever had a problem getting black men because they are traditional women. Only women who are feminist minded and can’t compete have a problem with IR dating.

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    • Sean…

      GOOD for your aunts and cousins for disowning your negropean ass.

      You disrespected them by being openly misogynoir. No black woman… family or not… should be subjected to misogynoir attitudes like you.

      I don’t feel bad for you at all.

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  7. Please note that there is very little diversity among USA black women. USA black women, as a group, have the same bodies, same behaviors, same attitudes, etc. By default, one already knows, for example, the political voting conduct of USA black women. At least USA black men have a small amount of diversity. One does not have to be a mental health professional to determine that between 95% to 99% of USA black women are not mentally sound. One theory for the USA black women’s odd behavior is her low sexual market value. USA black men know that there are many USA black men that can have, for example, higher than average incomes. USA black women know that they cannot, as a group, match the sexual market value of non-black women. This fact torments the USA black woman and brings about her mental instability.

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    • The Straight Shooter,

      You’ll notice that Dr Umar Johnson is never brought around people who are going examine and scrutinise him thoroughly. The Breakfast Club didn’t hold him accountable, Roland Martin though he wasn’t that great either did a much better job than them in asking Johnson some pertinent questions, however he too fell short.

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  8. Hey Verbs did you hear about this?

    Now what was so offensive about what Trick Daddy, Malik Smiley, and Tyrese said again because it wasn’t even half as bad as what this woman said. This post has been up on Facebook for at least four days according to the time stamp, yet you’ve heard virtually nothing from pro-blacks or black social media in general. No one has threatened this woman, cyber bullied her, doxxed her, got her fired or “roasted” or “dragged” her for what she said.

    I’m not angry, heck, I’m not even surprised. But these people will actually call you crazy for believing your eyes lol.

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    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      Aysha Bee is nothing but a joke, I don’t even bother with her any more because the points she raises are redundant and so easily refutable. Yep, the pro blacks and black men in general will be spending their time trying to convince her to come back to them as opposed to reprimanding her for wanting to have children by non black men, something which thinking black men are forever being castigated for by the angry and bitter black sisterhood. As we all know the black woman is the scared cow of black society, thus in the eyes of the pro black simp she can do no wrong.

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    • whtgrlsrawesome,

      “This post has been up on Facebook for at least four days according to the time stamp, yet you’ve heard virtually nothing from pro-blacks or black social media in general. No one has threatened this woman, cyber bullied her, doxxed her, got her fired or “roasted” or “dragged” her for what she said.”

      That’s because no one really wants black women thus nobody gets upset. If a random dog could speak one day and told you he wouldn’t date you, would you care? lol of course not.

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    • One reason nobody cares or notices or bothers to speak on stuff like this when it comes from black women is because as Tommy Sotomayor likes to say black women are the “retarded kid in class.” Nobody really cares what black women threaten or say there getting white men, or aren’t gonna have black babies, etc…because everyone knows black women are a joke!!! And nobody wants them…plus black women have been “bitching” at nauseaum for DECADES!! nobody cares to listen to their bullshit anymore because all they do is run their mouths…and more ppl have caught on to the sherade that is black women, and simply don’t care what they have to say anymore.


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