Black Woman Brags About Killing Her Unborn Children


Why is it that the majority of black women are at their most proudest whenever they engage in evil acts? You’ll also notice that black women as a collective have no issues in shedding the blood of children. Like I stated in Negro Wars and like I continue to state on this blog, black women on the whole hate children unless they are mixed race, light-skinned or white. In the case of mixed or light-skinned children the mother must be black as they hate mixed and light-skinned children who have black fathers.

Having mixed race children is one of the main catalysts behind the black woman’s obsession with the white man ie swirling, because she hates being black and wishes to escape from who she really is, by having mixed children she can live vicariously through her offspring which she then believes is helping distance herself from her own blackness.

This woman not only brags about having 10 abortions but also revels in the fact that she has 5 children no doubt from multiple men. Didn’t she also state that she knows 20 friends who have had more abortions than she has(if I’m reading that correctly) and who also have multiple children? Where are the pro blacks to explain this one? You’ll notice that they are conveniently never around when their queans put their feet in the proverbial excrement and expose themselves.

On top of this woman knows about the origins surrounding the slaughter of children. Today is no different, unborn children are still being sacrificed to Satan, however these days there is no physically red-hot idol in place which the children would be placed upon to be burned alive. In 2017 the idol Moloch/Molech has simply been replaced by the abortion center.

Black women in the United States slaughter an average of 1876 unborn black children per day in abortion centers, they are the group who commit the highest number of abortions, almost 5 times higher than their white female counterparts. Put bluntly your average black woman has no regard for the life of the young and the unborn.

Yet we thinking black soldiers are forever being told by the pro black squadrons that we are coons, Uncle Toms, sellouts and betraying the race simply because we do not wish to unify with such barbaric, bloodthirsty black female savages and goons. A question to ask these pro blacks is how on earth can we build with women who do not like and delight in killing off black children? This is yet another question these bootlickers have yet to answer.

Just over 2 and a half years ago the famous radio show host Alex Jones joined a group of pro-life advocates who were protesting outside a Planned Parenthood center in Austin, Texas. There were heated exchanges and from what I remember some of the SJWs protesting against the pro lifers decided to somewhat get physical with Jones himself but nothing serious. Amongst the SJW protestors was a swirling black witch who had something very interesting to say, take a look:

That’s right, “I Kill My Kids”, this is your modern day black female in a nutshell right here, a cold-blooded killer who enjoys spilling the life force of the innocent. Remember, upwards of 80% of black women profess to be bible believing Christians yet how can this be when they are openly engaging in such barbarism?

Since black women love talking about the bible so much and Jesus, here is what Jesus had to say concerning those who harm the young, Matthew 18:6 reads:

18:6 – But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Luke 17:2 reads slightly different as follows:

17:2 – It will better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

For their innumerable transgressions black women as a group are cursed and they have a recompense coming the likes of which they have never seen before neither will they ever see again. The Most High has poured out and put to the side a cup of judgement especially meted out for them which shortly the angry and bitter black sisterhood will be guzzling down whether they like it or not.

Black women cannot be saved and they don’t want to be saved. Therefore it is in the thinking black man’s best interests to separate himself from such contaminants lest he also suffers the same judgement when the Most High decides to fully open his can of wrath upon these black females. In 2017 unifying with black women is no different to forming a confederacy with Satan, death and hell, no thanks, not me, I’ll pass, I’m good.

For those who may not be familiar with abortion procedures if you can stomach it read up about the various slaughter techniques used in clinics, then search engine “aborted babies”, “spirit cooking” and thereafter “dead babies found in garbage”. Don’t forget, a lot of black women who are actually giving birth to children are simply throwing them in the trash, flushing them down the toilet, cooking them in the microwave or baking them alive in the oven. Also remember that Black Lives Matter being pro choice fully supports abortion as well as these barbaric practices. Check out these articles:

You simply cannot build with the majority of black women, broken beyond repair, cold-hearted, barbaric killers means just that and any black men who still go ahead, bypass the warning and get bitten in the process only have themselves to blame. Finally, check out this short clip from a programme that aired over here in the UK on the BBC2 network:

As per usual here we have a situation where certain women want to the freedom to be irresponsible and reckless with their vaginas yet don’t wish to face the consequences of their reckless actions, for the overwhelming majority of women who support abortion this is what it is really boils down to. I say either execute or sterilise such individuals after one abortion, that way they won’t be able to make the same “mistake” again.

Notice which woman in the clip was the most upset and emotional, of course the black witch herself. As we already know black women as a collective hate children and relish the fact that big government has given them the convenient and legal means to spill the blood of the innocent. I despise and have absolutely no time for child killers and always remember the swirl queen herself Christelyn Karazin is all for the slaughter of unborn black male children, never forget this. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Baby Killers

Most High Bless

32 thoughts on “Black Woman Brags About Killing Her Unborn Children

  1. Black women get very pissed off when you say “congratulations” to them for being pregnant. They love getting pregnant by Tyrone and day-day because they’re the “bucks” and “hung stallons” that the slavemaster ordered to get any or all black women pregnant. They hate black boys, but will breast feed a white baby.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      Yet the pro black pundits like Dr Umar Johnson are still trying to convince the thinking black men’s regiment that we should build with a group of women who hate everything in relation to their very being including their nationality and heritage. What ticks me off is nobody of substance has confronted Johnson and black men who think like him on the fact that degenerative black females cannot and do not want to be saved nor do they wish to build with the actual builders of black male society. Black women are the property of white men and they are quite happy keeping such an arrangement in place.

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  2. Spirit cooking is very real with black women. The children they abort is only with thinking black men, not the drug dealers, pimps, and NBA players.

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  3. First Dove, now Nivea are capitalising on the billion-dollar skin bleaching industry. Guess which part of the world Nivea are selling this product in….? Guess whose throwing their dollars at this product….?

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    • Michel,

      It has to Africa, black women over there are infatuated with climbing the mountain of whiteness, they for the most part hate being black just like their cousins in the US.


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  5. As you mentioned, these same chicks will turn around and bring up God, as if he means anything to them.

    Something also prevalent is how black women who do have children, despite claiming to be independent, will drop them off constantly on other people, namely old as dirt grandmothers who themselves are invalids.

    And again, notice the link between feminism and homosexuality, namely amongst black women. What do I call them? Ticking time Dykes! And why are Dykes getting pregnant?

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Yep, I featured a video not so long ago involving a black woman dropping her child off at the grandmother’s house. Homosexuality and feminism are one and the same, we have to remember that what they call third wave feminism in the 1960s was front lined by lesbians and funded by the Rockefellers. It’s fitting how BLM is more or less of the same set up, front lined by 3 black lesbians while at the same time being bank rolled by a white billionaire named George Soros. And most blacks still support the group, smh.

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  6. She put the baby in the fucking microwave………WTF! I wonder if this doxxer that’s going after me, MBD, and Tito will go after these women that kill their already born babies.

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  7. Verbs2015, Clowns look like Umar Johnson would respond to the statement that black women don’t want to build anything of substance by saying ‘ brothers we have to show black women that we first want to build something then they will follow our lead’. ‘ Brothers we can’t expect black women to want to build anything when they see their men not wanting to build anything brother’. ‘ Brothers we are the leaders of the black community, we are the men brothers’. ‘ So we as men have to set an example for our sisters, our sisters will see that and then they will fall in line with us brother’……
    This is the mentality of these pro-black and the Simp Negro clown idiots. They never want to deal with the fact that no matter what Blackmen do, no matter how hard Blackmen try, no matter how hard Blackmen pander to black women in every shape, form and fashion, black women will never attempt to be a part of anything worth a damn, because black women aren’t worth a damn.
    Black women simply are bad people. Black women have bad intentions, bad attitudes, bad thoughts, bad children, bad baby daddy’s, bad way of life, and bad everything. The only thing black women are concerned about building toward is more bastard children, more government welfare, more section 8 housing, and more weave.
    How any of these Blackmen can’t see just how negative and pure evil the vast majority of black women are is beyond me. But these clowns keep attempting to push this idea that black men need to be with black women and if they are with any other type of woman but a black woman, it is those black men have some type of issue.
    But they always seem to never mention the myriad of issues that black women have and how the issues that black women have destroyed and brought down everything amongst black people. Most of these guys even if they know what we are saying is true, are too concerned with trying to get some pussy or some money out of these disgusting black women.
    The thing that gets me is after these pro-black idiots like Umar Johnson go on a20 minute rant against Blackmen being with Whitewomen, they always say a few times ‘I am not against being with who you want to be with’.
    Hey Umar Johnson, if you are not against people being with who they want to be with, then why the hell did you just going to 20 minute rant about the need for Blackmen to only be with black women? The mentality of the vast majority of black people is just utterly laughable. And these Simp fools are the biggest morons of all.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Yet evidence like this clearly shows us that black women are not interested in rebuilding black society, rather they wish to see the small remaining parts of it that are intact destroyed. And again, pro black simps like Dr Umar Johnson remain chronically single precisely for the same reason. Johnson’s dick policing at this stage is redundant, he looks like a fool telling black men to “build, build, build and the women will follow”. Again, if black women were genuinely interested in black who build then they would be avoiding the likes of Lil Greazy and J Boogie from the block, the most unproductive men in black society.

      These pro wacks still believe that this modern day black female is their friend even though black women openly display their deep seated hatred for black men upon their shoulders. Umar Johnson and black men like him I simply cannot take seriously, to deliberately gloss over the innumerable discrepancies of the modern day black female is simply dishonesty at it’s height. Black women only want to build with white men, full stop.

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  8. Only a filthy black whore would be proud of having 10 abortions and 5 kids. That means she got nutted in raw dog-style at least 15 times. And I’m willing to bet not all nutts were from the same man. I’m also willing to bet there are at least 3 daddies amongst the 5 kids. I just don’t understand the pro-black simps. The modern black woman is no prize. She’s certainly not a queen. SYSBM is the best and ONLY strategy for the thinking black man to navigate the treacherous waters of the gynocracy.

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    • Morpheus2275,

      Indeed, most black women today are whores who happily hop from one penis to the next and they are equally proud to embrace such a degenerate culture. Yet these are the gutter types of women who the pro black simp squadrons are trying to shame us into unifying with. No thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

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  9. “I had 10 abortions when I was young I have 5 Children”
    Black men keep in mind this is what happens to the babies that get turned over to “planned parenthood”
    She even appears to be aware of the elites moloch worship.
    Apparently black women have no problem giving up black babies to be given to satanic democratic demons who sacrifice “chickens” to Moloch.
    These whores sell their damn soul for a damn welfare check and weave.
    Also for those who didn’t know this already. Hillary Clinton has KURU disease because she is a cannibal. They kidnap kids from Hati and use them in their spirit cooking rituals. A woman investigating them wound up murdered. A old friend of Hillary was arrested posing as a missionary trying to kidnap kids. Her husband took many trips to Lolita Island with Epistien. They have a moloch shrine on the island. They blackmail politicians and they become their willing slaves who have to push the satanic globalist agenda or else.
    Just another reason on the long list of reasons why I will never stick my dick in a black woman. White trash women willingly gave up their babies to be raped by the lead singer of “The Lost Prophets” rock band. I have no doubt that these black alien queens have no problem giving up their babies to Moloch for a little bit of weave.
    I said it before. Read the book “The Road” It’s black women in a nutshell. soulless devil worshiping scum. They have kids just to eat them. If you care about your future children STAY AWAY FROM THESE WOMEN. Black Alien Queens of the damned. Fuck Becky I want Ripely at this point. We need to nuke the site from orbit #SYSBM.
    The elite know if they can push degenerate filth on black women the rest of society is soon to follow. Americans are obsessed with Black people because we set almost all the trends in the country. It is through that the elite use to push their satanic ideology on the masses.
    I doubt she knows about the kill rooms or the farms where they get rid of the bodies by feeding them to pigs (like in Hannibal) The weave is worth it.

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  10. All women are dumb, but black women have a special type of utter stupidity. See the enclosed link:
    Did she not hear about the R Kelly trial? Did she not see the Chappelle Show skits? What am I missing in this equation?!?!?
    She poses as if she is some victim that finally had the “courage” to come forward and “expose” R Kelly? Really? The rest of the world knew!! She wanted the bad-boy…….

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      These women love playing the harlot first and then claim so called “innocence” thereafter. She knew what she was getting into, her victimhood playbook isn’t working with me at all, I’m no sucker.

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