Another Simp/Mangina Pandering For Scooby Snacks And Doggy Treats From Black Women


These simp/mangina cucks of misandry and feminism make me sick to my stomach. They are forever licking the muddy boots of the angry and bitter black sisterhood looking for some pats on the head, some doggy treats and possible sexual gratification, however as we already know black women HATE simps and only used them as a means to bolster their own position. It’s seems that this pro black simp bootlicking Negro has yet to learn this valuable lesson.

You have to understand that the simp is a bigger problem than the dysfunctional black females he is constantly jumping up to protect and defend, if it wasn’t for the legions of simp squadrons that are roaming about and lurking in every dark corner then black women would have received their harsh lesson in reality years ago.

Now remember, the section 8/welfare cuts kick in from December 16th 2017 and what I have I as well as many other free thinking black men been stating what would be happening in the run up to the pending chops, that’s right, the black witch would send out her army of simps to patrol and attempt to shame thinking black men back unto her proverbial plantation.

You’ll notice that the black woman and the pro black simp more or less use the same tactics against thinking black men and this fellow here has not failed to disappoint. Of course he talked about black men not liking black women as if black men just woke up one day and randomly decided that they were going to hate black women from that day forward for no apparent reason, being a beta male simp this guy cannot be honest, such integrity is not built into his DNA.

The fact of the matter is for the last 60 years black women have engaged in reprobate and deplorable behaviour that is worthy of hate, they in confederacy with the state have continually urinated and defecated upon the heads of black men in exchange for crumbs and shekels from their government father’s table. Has this bootlicker conveniently forgotten how black women from the late 1980s until the early 2000s have dragged black men though the mud using the mainstream media, what has this dude been hiding under rock.

By the way, talking about hate, will this guy denounce this hatred coming from black women towards black men:

Of course he won’t because guys like him worship the black woman even though your average black female will never give Izundu the time of day. Simps like Izundu spend all of their days chasing after black snatch only to have those same black women they worship pass them over for Tyrone and J Boogie from the block. Yet they’ll still refuse to take a leaf out of Tyrone’s book. Can’t they see that Tyrone DOESN’T simp yet the women still flock towards him?

Allow me to answer this fool’s points with some counter arguments and questions shine boy Izundu should’ve considered before putting his foot in it, and then I’m done, I cannot stand stupid and those who revel in it.

1. What about the fact that black women are coming out of the woodwork declaring themselves to be proud side chicks and confident hoes, will Izundu deal with that?

2. What about the fact that black women hate themselves so much that they are chasing after the white man’s seed in order to have mixed children, why isn’t this guy talking about that trend?

3. Thinking black men/geeks/nerds ie normal black men don’t complain about black women rejecting them because they’ve moved on from them long ago. The thinking black man’s complaint is the fact that these same black women don’t want to deal with the consequences of choosing the wrong men and when things go wrong they then expect decent black men to swoop in, save them and clean up the mess they’ve made. Nope, sorry, it’s not going to happen.

4. Black women choose to pay all of the bills and take care of J Boogie from the block corner in exchange for some thug penis, that is the deal they agree to. Don’t look at and criticise the guest, look at the host accommodating the guest. Besides, aren’t these the same black females who are always bragging about being “strong and independent”?

5. Why doesn’t he first deal with the single black mothers who are breeding with no good black men and in turn are producing those black males with “no ambition”?

6. Isn’t tearing down black men exactly what this guy is attempting to do now? Is this statement supposed to be some kind of joke?

7. Aren’t you a yellow-bellied coward for posting such a simp/mangina cuck piece of misandry?

8. Black men are the most involved in their children’s lives, you can save that deadbeat dad propaganda for the scrap-heap because that is exactly where it belongs. By the way, why aren’t you dealing with the multitude of deadbeat black mothers who openly don’t care for their children and simply throw them to the wayside?

9. Abusers of what, women, children, what? Black women are the highest abusers bar none and if they happen to be involved in abusive relationships is because they wanted things that way, take a look at this link here.

10. Why don’t you tell these black women being cheated on to stop chasing after and sleeping with the guys that already have handfuls of women on deck in the first place? They already know that he’s not faithful and plays the field but these black women still decides to go there. Capital D for dumb.

I’m done, stay sharp thinking black men and expect more garbage like this to be thrown in our direction more and more as crunch time approaches.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Expose Simps and Manginas

Most High Bless

35 thoughts on “Another Simp/Mangina Pandering For Scooby Snacks And Doggy Treats From Black Women

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  2. Igbo? Damn an African Simp?!!!

    If the black women from da mudderland are so great, why is this dude parroting the same mess??!!

    Once again, especially in the nerds/geeks category, who is actually mad of black women don’t want them? That’s like being mad that a shark doesn’t want to eat you.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Don’t be fooled, the simpology is international. African men from certain parts of the continent can be some of the biggest simps on the planet. Exactly, we aren’t mad that black women reject us in place of J Boogie, that move actually works in our favour.

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  3. Look. When the welfare cuts happen I don’t want a horde of welfare queens knocking at my door. Let these simps put on the cape and sit on the front lines. I love how they still throw shade on us geeks and nerds. Makes it that much more ironic when these fools meet their demise. I have had a few run-ins with black women from my high school all grown years later and that shit ain’t pretty. I didn’t even take pleasure in how bad she had fucked her life up and how she was now begging me to giver her a chance. I just wanted to get away from her because the sight of her sickened me. Of course when I looked on her facebook a week later I saw she had a kid by a white boy and he was nowhere to be found.

    (George Lucas voice) “It’s like poetry.”

    These simps are like NPC characters in a video game. They all same the same shit regardless of what town,city,state,or country you are in. What a joke.

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    • Yours Truly,

      The queans will come rolling in by the hundreds, however I left off dealing with them years ago. They made it very clear that they didn’t want to deal with me back then so them coming through now still tells me the same thing, they aren’t interested in me per say, they simply want me to save them from their impending financial doom.

      The simps are a complete and utter joke, caping for women who aren’t even interested in them, smh. You would’ve thought that the simps would be happy because by us walking away there are now more black women for them, but no, as per usual they are more interested in where the thinking black man is putting his penis as opposed to channelling their energy into snagging up these queans they profess to love and care for so much.

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      • I stumbled upon this website on accident. I am truly in shock. These are very precarious times we are living in, and I was floored to hear the numerous verbal attacks on black women. It’s unclear to me. Is it your sole intention to belittle, demean, and disrespect black women. If so, then well done. If you really cared (and im assuming that you do) about the psychological and emotional dilemmas and stereotypes destroying the image of us all, not just black women in particular, then why are you exacerbating the issues with your insensitive and hurtful tirades?? This is not to imply that there isnt some underlying truth in some instances, but the discussion of it feels more like a self righteous one sided megalomaniacalambush. This only creates even more separation and negative preconceived notions between us all. How did we get here?? There was a time when we were all we had. Maybe I’m naive in my thinking or maybe you think I’m delusional or crazy but how can we even get to the root of any problem by bashing or blaming a certain demographic? We are all flawed human beings. Your posts are so filled with hate and degradation that it’s almost palpable. I’m not trying to attack you or start a fight. People are allowed to feel or say whatever they want, and maybe these words are falling on deaf ears, but I felt compelled to say something. Goodnight. God bless.


  4. Notice how these simps who worship at the feet of black women are never married to one. If black women are so great, why aren’t they snatching up the men who are defending them?

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    • Morpheus,

      That’s the problem, because they see that despite their bootlicking efforts black women pass over them for J Boogie and Lil Greazy from the block and on top of this they see thinking black men who date out scoring it big, they want to see us suffering like themselves, thus out of jealousy they move in to dick police the thinking black men’s regiment. These dudes are a joke, singing the praises of the angry and bitter black sisterhood all day yet they themselves remain single like a one way train ticket.

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      • True story, a number of years ago, I had an ex-friend who out of nowhere tried to drag me for being “down on the sistas” as I was mostly known at the time to date white women. I asked him where his black queen was since they were so great. He, of course, was single at the time. It’s worth noting that this guy was raised by his mama and had two older sisters. After this incident, I stopped speaking to the man. Flash forward to today, and I find out via mutual Facebook friends that this guy, who was waving the flag for black women, has an Asian girlfriend.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        The penny finally dropped and your ex friend realised that the love he was giving black women wasn’t being reciprocated at all(we already know they hate simps). There are many simps who aren’t in that deep, thus being rejected and passed over by black women for Lil Greazy and J Boogie from the block a few times will quickly wake them up.


  5. So you say/claim some aggregation of men are engaging in “self-defeating” “detrimental” “non-thinking” behaviors? Based upon ideas which they hold in their mind as a strong belief? Accordingly, These ideas and beliefs again are the ruler of their lives and interpretation of life’s events. (worldview and presuppositions)

    And do you at the same time believe this is not the condition of “mental slavery”? Do tell.

    Romans 1….


    • Lurker,

      The more important question is where are you going with your reckoning and what does Romans 1 have to do with pro black simps attempting to dick police thinking black men in their efforts to lick the muddy boots of the modern day black female?

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      • It’s the new pro-wack tactic of being as covertly vague and threatening as possible whilst saying nothing of substance.

        Like this example from Cantona 1:

        “When ze seagull follow ze trawler, it I’d because they think fish are being thrown into ze sea”

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      • You should probably ignore them if they are giving you suggestions that are not to the benefit of your life or if you were an immersive anthropologist or experimental type of fellow you would follow the slavish teachings and make a BBC documentary or book based on said experiences. Choice is yours.

        Romans 1 details the results of said mental slavery in that it lays out the expectant behaviors, some of which you have identified as occurring in your various postings. That being said you should expect those who you believe to be your opposition in well..take accordingly opposing positions.

        “Dicking policing” appears to me to describe some sort of term for shaming or socially, psychologically pressuring one to make a decision where to park/use their reproductive organs. It has no force of law in fact. It is dependent on the choice of the individual. So in reality there is no “policy” its just pressure marketing/affliliate marketing. Seems like a pretty sketchy and potentially unprofitable activity at any rate without actually “getting hands on” (Which is unlawful and criminal).

        Also consider most men wear pants, you cant pass public laws over private parts. This is plain foolishness to even consider as a real threat. An invisible threat for an unseen part. Baffling.

        All to consider is that Naturally, marketers are usually paid for their activities, however if you marketers were drawn from a pool of individuals who have mental health issues, then well product and quality control as well as outreach and customer service of said operations will be probably lacking. So if Romans 1 describes the condition and conduct of nations out of place with the Most High, then “what else do you expect?”. In these days a man must find his own salvation and has it ever been any other way?

        The lack of payment issue pay be grounds for future social labor litigation..Stay Tuned..


      • Lurker,

        You’ll need to be more specific and point to the verses concerned in Romans 1 that allude to the present day condition of black society because you do realise that from the end of slavery up until the 1960s we didn’t have this type of dysfunction prevalent in black society, thus your argument doesn’t really hold any weight as the black folks who were closer to the emancipated slaves who should’ve been affected more than those of today weren’t engaging in such reprobation.

        A law/laws are not required to dick police, these individuals do not hold their options to themselves, they attempt to force their believes onto said subjects concerned many times through violence, therefore it isn’t as simple as just “ignoring them”. Here is an example of physical dick policing without any laws in place:

        These white men are jealous of the fact that the black guy has a good looking white woman. Talk to black men who have reasonable to good looking non black females and they will tell you about the dirty looks, the stares and the verbal harassment they receive from racist white men, other non black men as well as black women.

        Here is another video with an interracial couple eating food in a black owned restaurant and being harassed by a pro black flunky:

        Dick policing is real, it isn’t something you can simply turn your back on. So much for the “invisible threat” in light of the evidence placed in front of you. Exactly what realm are you operating in sir?

        I’m talking about pro black squads and their dick policing tactics, meanwhile you decide to converse on marketing, I hope you can observe your perplexing derailment. I would strongly suggest that you stay in your lane and that you don’t attempt to take onboard topics you know little to nothing about.

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  6. You can tell it’s pandering, because so many of the flaws he describes have to do with black men’s relationship to black women.

    If he truly wanted to improve black men, there are plenty of flaws in black male culture that he could’ve touched upon instead, which have nothing to do with our relations with black women.

    This dude is seeing black men through black women’s eyes… Almost as fucked up as black people who see black people through the nazi’s eyes.


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    • Check Urself,

      I believe the thinking black men’s regiment swarmed his comment section because the last I checked his profile page has been altered and that post has disappeared. Good, I’m glad that black men are clocking on to the treacherous antics of the simps and dealing with them according.

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  7. Verbs2015,
    Two Words Come to Mind For That Tool ”Weak Willed”. Another Slow Minded Simp Bowing Down to The American Black Bed Wench Just to Receive Table Scraps From The Dark Mistress Herself, It’s Both Sad & Pathetic At The Same Time. #SYSBM!!!

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  8. Kid Organic spitting some SERIOUS fire!

    YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have been co-opted by as the official agent of the government of the Sistuh’s Republic Of Blackistan! Time to make a FExit, YExit, TExit and high-tail it to!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the social media platorms mentioned become extinct in the hearts and minds of more thinking black men!

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    • Thebackhandofreality,

      I have to visit saveyourselfblackman more often, its just where I’m writing so many articles over here my time is very limited. I agree, all of these social media platforms are death traps for thinking black men, its time to retreat back to websites and forums.

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  9. Marvin The Simp should be a new universal term for SIMPs worldwide!

    If Becky is the universal term for white women, Marvin should be the universal term for SIMPs.

    So let it be written.

    So let it be done!

    #SMEXIT (Social Media Exit)
    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the Marvins and Queans of the world become extinct.

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  10. Gentlemen,

    From the last two videos MBD has made it seems that the anonymous person responsible for doxxing Hardcore Tito, The Straight Shooter as well as getting KiD Organic’s YouTube channel shut down is none other than the Negromanosphere chief himself, Oshay Duke Jackson. Between two channels Oshay has over 53000 plus subscribers, why he is targetting black men who have on average 2000-7000 subscribers has me scratching my head.

    Not just many of you guys but other black men on Facebook have approached me and voiced their disappointment at the fact that Oshay as well as other members of the Negromanosphere sector in light of the attacks they’ve recently suffered at the hands of the angry and bitter black sisterhood on YouTube have now turned against black men. It looks like you guys were right, the dude and those who associate with him cannot be trusted under any circumstances.

    I’m disappointed but not surprised. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jackson was actually one of the culprits working hand in glove with Simone 56, Christelyn Karazin and Sophia Nelson back in March earlier this year. This is why certain Negroes cannot be trusted and why backups outside of YouTube are a must.


    • If anybody ever asks why black men can’t build, look no further than the above post. So-called “brothas” are all too willing to sell out their own gender in a heartbeat. The joke is that Oshay is at Ground Zero for some of the most beautiful, marriage-minded women on the planet (Poland), yet he’s long-distance e-simping for past their expiration date Black American Female Scooby Snacks.

      Gentlemen, all our skinfolk ain’t our kinfolk. We must remain ever-vigilant. Apply this to your everyday life as well. I do.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Agreed, there are many black men who claim to be for our cause but clearly aren’t. That rampage black women went on back in March to get black male Youtubers channels shut down revealed a hell of a lot.


  11. The women in Poland probably think Oshay Duke Jackson is a gorilla who escaped from the zoo. But seriously, Oshay Duke Jackson is the typical negro SIMP idiot who despite talking a big game, and claiming to be some type of strong black male leader, the reality of the situation he is just another weak simple moron, who displays every negative trait that black women display and even worse. I say even worse because you would think that as a male he would actually display some type of integrity. As we all know sadly the vast majority of black folks have absolutely no integrity whatsoever and will not hesitate to do everything in their power to destroy the lives of other black people. Once again, where is the white supremacy bogeyman involved in any of this?
    Even guys who I formally had respect for on YouTube, like the brother of logic and common sense, even she has released some videos recently and he’s making the same talking points that black women have been making for years regarding Blackmen and Whitewomen relationships.
    This is what gets me out of bed in the morning. The horror of having to leave where I live and be forced to live in a community full of black people is my motivation. Sadly you just cannot trust most black people. For reasons unknown, there seems to be some nonsensical motivation on the part of black people to either mess with other black people, hurt other black people, commit acts of violence against other black people, and attempt to destroy the lives of other black people.
    It’s absolutely insane that you hear some black people talk about white supremacy and how evil white people are all day long, when the fact is that black people are the biggest danger to black people hands-down.
    Oshay Duke Jackson has always come across to me as disingenuous, a self-proclaimed know it all, and a person who displays personality traits that are infantile and woman like. Some of these YouTube personalities behave as if they know everything and you must come and learn at their feet. David Carroll is another guy who may make some decent points, but his delivery and his sense of self importance is beyond ridiculous and it just makes him look like a moron. But most of these guys on YouTube who claim to be Blackmen for leaders are morons anyway.


    • Bill Smith,

      There are too many black men lurking about who claim to be for our causes but are secretly on the side of the dysfunctional black sisterhood. Like I’ve stated many times before, the simps in these latter times are coming out of the woodwork thick and fast. I had to go and watch those two videos from MBD again in order to let them sink in properly. First the dude at not so very smart brothers and now this, smh. You would’ve thought that these guys would see by now the futility in standing up for and defending the black witch, however it seems that most of those guys wish to remain ignorant on purpose.

      It’s sad that we have a situation where thinking black men are speaking out and standing up for the rights of their brethren yet those same fellows instead are choosing to spit in the faces of those who have their best interests at heart, sad. In relation to Akwesi 100 you’re not the first person I’ve heard talk about him beginning to rattle off the black woman’s typical talking points, many other black men have been saying the same thing. As for David Carroll, for a man the acknowledges the modern day black female is the origin of the overwhelming majority of problems within black society today, I’m still surprised that he spends most of his time going in on black men. Common sense would say that you ought to attack the issues in black society at their source.

      See, the problem with those guys is dealing with the scraggle daggle for the most part they lack the capacity to still call out black female dysfunction solidly. There are only a very small handful of black men I’ve seen who can do this.


      • The unseen fat hand of the big booty bimbo cannot stop the coming welfare armageddon. The devil demands repayment, and these covert operation attempts will be paid back in full. Oshay will do very well to remember this.

        The cuts are coming. #SYSBM

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      • Verbs2015,

        It was all about pussy with those guys. That is one point I will agree with the scraggle daggle on….I see brothas on social media making comments like, “Now with the cuts happening finally black women will have to pay attention to lames like us” and I’m like “You just said a few months ago you hated black women and wanted nothing to do with them.” So what the hell gives? To me it just seems you disliked the fact you weren’t getting any attention from them. If they ignored you when everything was honkey dorey why the fuck would you want them only when they come to you when the chips are down? Like where is your pride fella? It’s like a geek or nerd at school who tries his hardest to fit in with the cool kids at school even though they diss him, disrespect him, humiliate and punk him out he has other nerds and geeks who are just like him and actually like him for him but he ignores them because his ego wants to win over what he can’t have.

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      • Oddysey,

        These dudes don’t seem to understand, yes black women will finally pay them some attention, however they have conveniently forgotten that black women for the most part are still dysfunctional individuals. Black women are at the bottom, just because certain guys may be able to finally get some play, the selection of black women to choose from is very still poor.

        SYSBM is the only sensible option for the thinking black man, I left black women over a decade ago, it’s been plain sailing every since and I’m never going back. The simp would rather wait until times get hard for these women just so that he can finally get a look in, as opposed to implementing SYSBM now and getting a quality non black female almost immediately, smh.

        The simp has to realise that when the hard times hit he will still only be the fall back option, nothing has changed in that respect. But then again many of these bootlickers will relish the moment and will have no problems stepping in, cleaning up the black female’s mess and performing the services of a sacrificial goat. Not me, not at all, I have standards.


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