Young White Woman Speaks Boldly On Black Female Dysfunction


Of course you already know that at this very moment the angry and bitter black sisterhood in conjunction with their pro black flunkies are without rest working night and day scouring the entire social media abyss trying desperately to find this woman’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat profiles(if she has any) so that they can do what they are best at, that is call her a white bitch and a cracker because this is the highest level of the English Language that most black women and their simp squads have attained to.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, black women are incredibly foolish and ignorant if they honestly believe that women of other races cannot observe the despicable, dirty and foul ways in which these same black females deal with and treat good black men. I have written at least 3 articles in which white women have called out black women on their dysfunctional behaviours, in particular their deplorable habit of deliberately choosing irresponsible, unaccountable, unproductive black men to procreate with.

Let’s list the points that the young lady made in the video and look over them:

1. Black women don’t know how to treat their men right(correct).

2. Black women are gold-diggers ie they have an insatiable appetite for money and material possessions(correct).

3. Black women are now trying to look like white women via the wearing of blonde weaves and blue contact lenses(correct).

Dealing with the first point, remember this semi viral article I released back in September 2016 in which I showcased a post from a white woman who called out black women on their feminism as well as the types of black men they are choosing to procreate with:

In relation to point number 2 we as thinking black men already know this to be the case, hence why when it comes down to decent black men black women will make demands concerning the minimum wage he must be making ie a six to seven-figure salary. This is for the purpose of sponsoring her childish lusts for materials and spending enormous amounts of money on worthless relics such as Gucci bags, expensive clothes, expensive shoes, weaves, make up, fake nails, fake eye lashes etc. Just to further demonstrate the point here is a sample of a few modern day music videos that black women are putting out there(thanks Ryan for posting these before):

Dealing with the third point raised remember the series of articles I wrote back in December 2016 with the follow-up in May 2017 entitled But I Thought You Aren’t Trying To Look White? For those who may have missed them please check the links below:

Also we must never forget the skin bleaching epidemic that is rife amongst many black women today, this is yet more proof of black women as group wanting to be white, please see the link below:

And finally let us not forget our old friend Ari Nagel aka the Sperminator, the Jewish maths professor out of New York who provides a free sperm donation service to women who want to have children(the overwhelming majority of his clientele are black females). We already know that most black women love, cherish, worship and fawn over white, mixed race and light skinned children because in their self hatred they favour offspring with “good hair” over what they call “nappy headed” children ie non mixed black youth.

By the way, Ari Nagel is still going strong, black women are still lining up to be impregnated by his seed and Mr Nagel is still handing out his sperm in the toilets of supermarkets and other stores. And to think that black women had the audacity to get upset over a recent Dove commercial in which a black woman is shown to change into a white woman. For those who haven’t seen that commercial, here is the video:

Kid Organic also made a recent video dealing with this supposedly “controversial” Dove commercial which was available to view until the YouTube Gestapo recently shut down his account(no doubt black women and bootlicking simps were behind this latest attack). I honestly don’t see why black women are upset, they walk around with blue/green/grey contact lenses in their eyes, European hair of all different colours glued onto their heads or stitched into their natural hair, bleached skin and they still get upset when somebody calls them out on their journey to climb the mountain of whiteness.

As long as black women continue to practice self hate and try their best to distance themselves from their blackness, they will always be an easy target for other groups to poke fun at, sneak ridicule and mock. Notice how you don’t see any adverts of a similar nature depicting black men in the same “I want to be white” light, because unlike black women black men are comfortable with being who we are, we do not have any problems wearing our black skin.

Once again Brother Polight who now seems to have seen the light just like Trick Daddy and many other black men is trying to school these black women on stepping their game up, however you can guarantee that most of them simply won’t get it, they will be more concerned with finding out who old girl is as opposed to cleaning up their own image and reputation. Remember, white female society warned black women before:

SYSBM thinking black men, go to where you will be loved and appreciated not to where you will be mocked, scorned and hated. Black women as a collective will remain insecure and jealous of white women until the cows come home, black men, date out. As MBD stated a while back, black women are being replaced and phased out and there is nothing that they can do to stop the process.

Finally, when the young lady was asked how she would treat Polight ie a black male her response was that SHE WOULD COOK for him, SHE would take him out somewhere and SHE would spend money on him instead of the other way around. Now, when was the last time you heard these words proceed forth from the mouths of black females, I’ll wait………………………..enough said. #SYSBMFORLIFE

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Haters, Mingle And Join with Appreciators

Most High Bless

47 thoughts on “Young White Woman Speaks Boldly On Black Female Dysfunction

  1. But wait, aren’t the black whores going to give her a high five and invite her to the barbecue? I mean that is what they said to the “mandigofied” white girl Tiffany Jolene, correct? So when a white female who is married to and has a baby by a black man says something negative about bm its party time and high fives, but when a white female says something negative AND ABSOLUTELY TRUE about a black whore she’s a RACIST,HMMMM…talk about a bipolar hypocritical delusional world these black whores live in. This lovely white woman spoke nothing but the truth and black whores can’t handle it, hence the reason why there are so many black men dating/marrying interracially and why black whores are the least married and dated group of slime in the US. And one more thing fellows, DO NOT , and I mean DO NOT, date a white girl who has more than 1 black female friend. That black whore is like a virus and will infect every female in her vinicity with her toxicity, whoredom, belligerence and debauchery behavior. Please keep dating interracially brothers, it’s working wonderfully because the black whores are in desperation mode. #SYSBM

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    • A few thoughts.

      1. The white girl is pretty cute, but I can do without the “wiggerism”… Ladies you can be 100% down with black men, without the wigger accent & mannerisms… If your dude wanted a black chick, he would be with a black chick…

      Frankly, I would rather not see her knocking white dudes either, especially not with the “mandingo” stereotype… Now, some might say “How can you say that, yet you shit on Tiffany Jolene’s commentary?” Simple, I don’t think Tiffany Jolene is experiencing much of what she wrote about. She’s just “virtue signalling” to black chicks… Trying too hard to be down with them… Kissing their asses… Making an issue out of a non-issue.

      I find it hard to believe that there’s some epidemic of black men approaching white women by knocking black women… (In spite of the vid) that kind of stuff generally doesn’t come up between perfect strangers… Plus most black men know instinctively that would not go over well… Only valley-girl-wannabe negresses wear their alienation from black men on their sleeves, like Cameron from the WWE (video below).

      2. I wonder if Polite’s vid will get any play in Essence and the NY Post like Jolene’s stuff did? lol Actually I don’t wonder, but it would be nice if a white chick made a real rebuttal that actually comments on the crisis in black relations that narcissistic, self-righteous, dysfunctional black female culture has given birth to…

      3. I read recently some wise black man referred to black blondes as “the REAL ‘dumb blonde'”… I thought that was so appropriate! Black women walking around in blonde wigs, weaves and lye-straightened hair dyed blonde are the TRUE “dumb blondes”… That shit should be a meme…

      4. I’m glad that the whole world is picking up on black women’s fetish for long straight hair. lol. It’s a joke, and I’m glad the world is seeing it for the joke it is. I don’t think even global ridicule will break that psychological addiction though… I mean, you see them actually digging it out of DUMPSTERS online… Cutting hair off a HORSE’S TAIL to wear on their heads… and regularly getting their asses kicked at korean beauty shops for stealing “yakkie yakkie”…

      …all while rationalizing it with the weakest of excuses. I’d have more respect for them if they simply said “negro hair is ugly” and called it a day… but nope — a penchant for facile, stupid, self-righteous rationalization is one of the many symptoms of “black girl syndrome”…


  2. The black woman in the final video flew off that stage faster than the Roadrunner, Speedy Gonzalez and The Flash combine when she was exposed for what was under her fake red wig. Most of the Gen-Y aka Millenniums of the urban black populist are destroyed and the Generation Z is now feeling the pinch and what’s not helping this situation is all of this modern day rap trap music. SYSBM.

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  3. What mi a sey? Dem White gyal dem, dem a loooove di black man dem. Mi definitely haff fi tip mi ‘at to di brudda Polighy, ‘im na bodda wif dem nasty black gyal nuh more.

    #SYSBM in full effec’, yuh dun know.

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  4. I was over on Polight’s page and admittedly I was causing mischief with my posts and I enjoyed every moment pointing out black bitches hypocrisy with Tiffany Jolene…lol..##SYSBM

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    • Keith,

      Polight has seen the light, that trip he made to Hollywood really opened his eyes, I’ve been to Hollywood and seen the women out there. There is no way that you can remain pro black after looking at the women in that place, no chance.

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      • Verbs2015, exactly, those LA women are other wordly beautiful AND THEY LOVE BLACK MEN, just ask KiD Organic. The Scraggle Daggle know they can’t compete in the open dating market, especially with white women so they’ll continue to blow ther maggot infested weaves when they see a beautiful feminine white queen with a black man..#SYSBM4LIFE

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  6. The ground game is strong, got a video to upload tonight about some white boys discouraging “apes who make eyes at white girls”.

    White men and black women are a disgrace, and their mutual ineptitude is what is driving their counterparts together.

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    • Both white men and black women want to “have their cake and eat it too”… Black women disgust me when they condemn black men for dating out, then say black women do it because they “have to”…

      Actually, we both sort of “have to”… the reason we “have to” is because black women KILLED black love…

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  7. Ok, I listened to the first video in the article and decided to comment, I haven’t read the whole thing yet. That being said, I CANT STAND ghetto white chicks like her! Just because you like black men doesn’t mean that you have to like a ghetto black woman! 😡

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  8. Black women spend billions trying to look like white women and act supprised when white women notice amd make fun of you?

    They are just a lost cause.

    Women of other races are coming in and have their pick of clean cut black men. These women are submissive, cook, clean, in shape, and don’t come to the table with a bunch of bastard kids from low I.Q. bums.

    Black women know they can’t compete due to their large oow birth rates and are reduced to shaming and scaring men into dating them.

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    • Yours Truly,

      Remember that Ethiopian woman who came out some years back and called out the US black witch on her dysfunctional behaviour:

      This isn’t hidden, this is out in the open and black women seeing that outsiders have clocked on to their decadence are digging their heels in even deeper instead of reversing the trend and cleaning themselves up.


      • Wait a sec — isn’t this bitch with a non-black (asian) dude herself? She also doesn’t mention the epidemic of abject white-worship among east african chicks too… White guys have a field day in ethiopia. East africans are as bad as filipinas in the shamelessness in which they throw themselves at white men.

        The symptom of trying to distance oneself from blackness is deep in east africa… I’ve seen vids of them calling themselves “white” and posts on youtube in which they refer to west africans as “apes”… The hair straightening / fade cream thing is gigantic over there too…

        That’s why I say, be careful of the foreign chicks too… Like I said in my other post: ” If you can find a woman who can see how fucked up black women have become, ***who won’t also try to pretend that people of her own culture are angels***, you’ve found a winner.”

        The bitch is this vid is exactly what you would expect of her… Spiteful, artificially straightened, and combining “swirling” with derision toward black people. Not a prize.

        I’m glad to see that there are other east africans in her comments who put her in her place.

        For me, sysbm is about seeing black men rise, in spite of all the bullshit, including this existential threat that is black girl syndrome… It’s about us taking our rightful place and being able to get maximum return from whatever personal assets we have, instead of seeing them discounted everywhere you look (including among black women) because we are black men… It’s not about carrying doe-eyed illusions about other kinds of people, whether it’s non-western black people, nonblack women, or white women…

        If anyone’s gotta be the “top” — sorry, that’s gotta be me… No simping for any kind of bitch, including nonwestern, nonblack and white… Only bitch worth her salt is the one that shows me she has my back, and that’s that.


      • I completly forgot about her. In 2017 the BAW are forced to admit that that woman was right.
        The cuts are still coming.


    • Maybe you´re talking about SOME black women in America, idk. Because from what i´ve seen, most black women that surround me, including myself also, are not like that. We should try to stop generalizing and try to understand that not all black women have the same purposes or ideals on life. You just don´t know the whole black women population. Just saying.


      • Nata Gutiérrez,
        Exceptions to the rule do not buck the general trend. If your account is to be believed the women you surround yourself with are in the minority, their behaviours do not represent black female society as a whole. Generalisation are necessary whenever a trend has formed. Most black women today are gutter trash, that’s the truth and something most black women don’t want to deal with. The problem with women such as yourself is you look within your own circles only and assume those outside are of the same calibre, however nothing could be further from the truth. I suggest you come out of your bubble and take a look at the real world.


  9. Yours Truly, you are correct avoid foreign women who want to be white and avoid foreigners and domestic non black women who act like hood rat black chicks as well. But there are Filipinos who just like black guys to, I have been over there believe there are many who only like black men. But you will find that in Thailand as well the bleaching of the skin and some just want white men. But there are many Thais who exclusively mess with black men. See another to the women who mess with the white guys know they will Simp to the ends of the Earth some of those girls get with white men just for that reason. It’s a wild dynamic wherever you go just have to be smart and not fall into the Simp traps, but as I mentioned before if you meet a cool girl from overseas I would never bring them to any westernized country. SYSBM


    • Bringing foreign women back to the states is suicide. “I want half Eddie!” “What have you done for me lately Eddie?!”

      Also only simps would date a wigger white chick. Only the cream of the crop for sysbm.


  10. Verbs2015,
    Just Another Prime Example of How The American Black Female Cannot Take Criticism.Especially If it’s Criticism Coming From The Race of Women They Can’t Stand & The Pro-Simps That Are Always Defending Their Dysfunctional/Ratchet/Discombobulated Behavior Are Just As Sad & Pathetic As They Are. #SYSBM!!!


      • Verbs, sistas have been losing all year. Jesse Williams, Shea Butter, Luke Cage’s white wife, QueenAPlus crying outside the Chris Brown concert because no black man wanted her, Section 8 cuts, the failure to silence black male YouTubers, white women flagrantly picking off the good black men and bragging about it on social media, et al. Looking forward to the Slaying Evil Year in Review!

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  11. ‘As MBD stated a while back, black women are being replaced and phased out and there is nothing that they can do to stop the process.’

    This part troubled me. You do realise that BW being ‘phased out’ means BM will also be phased out, right? I’m all for discussing existing social paradigms with an aim to avoid trouble where need be but, this is encroaching upon eugenics territory.

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    • RetCon,

      The plight of the modern day black female has nothing to do with black men, we share the same skin colour but this is where the commonality stops. A black man is able to pass on his genetic potential regardless of the race of woman he decides to unite with. Black women are actually engaging in Eugenics as we speak via carrying out on average 1876 abortions per day.

      You simply cannot for a confederacy with a group of women who wish to see their entire race and heritage exterminated because of their love for their white father and any and all things white. Even black women in some third world countries to a degree are beginning to adopt this same white is right/black is fright attitude, the skin bleaching epidemic in Africa is one example that springs to mind and I see these skin bleaching reprobates all day everyday here in the UK.


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