Simp Negro Mitchell Chance Speaks


This is probably one of the top reasons why thinking black men check out of black society and feel out their own path, because there are too many pro black simp Negroes like Chance/Nkrumah who seek to give dysfunctional black females a constant pass instead of rightfully holding them accountable and responsible for their many transgressions and shortfalls. This is open dishonesty at its finest.

Mitchell Nkrumah either doesn’t seem to understand or point-blank refuses to accept the fact that you cannot have a successful relationship if one party is consistently given a pass whilst the other is always held to blame even when they are not responsible. Mitchell Chance in the same manner as other simps such as Derrick Jaxn seek to exonerate dysfunctional black women and assist them in evading being held accountable and responsible at every turn, even when they are blatantly the ones at fault.

Do you want to know one of the main reasons why black women as a collective are so out of control and haven’t been recompensed yet(which would have brought them back to reality), look no further than Mr Mitchell Chance. Let’s talk about his video and break down the points made therein.

The main reason why Chance is still arguing with black women is because he like many other delusional and misguided black men still have that slither of hope in their hearts that one day black women as a group will finally see the error of their ways and initiate a change for the better. As I wrote in Negro Wars holding out believing that black women will turn over a new leaf is a complete waste of time, in 2017 as is clearly evident the overwhelming majority of black women love revelling in their own degeneracy and dysfunction.

Therefore in light of the fact that he has failed to get through to black women as a group, Chance has now decided to take the easy way out and venture down the “blame thinking black men for everything and hold them accountable and responsible for things they haven’t done” route. The is the usual path simps like to embark upon because they know that black men unlike black women will indeed hold themselves accountable and responsible, sadly in many cases even for things that they ought not be held culpable for.

“Taking the lead” means holding black women responsible for their actions, not excusing them and seeking to give them an out whenever their feet are held to the fire. If a black woman is saying that she feels fear around black men, black men ought to do what we thinking brothers have done and simply walk in the opposite direction. The most violent individuals on the planet would dare to complain about themselves not feeling safe around their male counterparts who are less violent than they??? Make that make sense.

Remember, these are the same women who street brawl and set up battle royales in business establishments as a hobby. Here are a few such examples:

Notice in the last video how they were duking it out like men, and these are the women who we are still supposed to cupcake and marry according to pro black pundits such as Dr Umar Johnson. You may ask why I continue to bring up Johnson’s name, its simple, he is one of the main proponents of black love and black unity who deliberately chooses to ignore the fact that in 2017 the overriding majority of black women simply aren’t relationship and marriage material period.

If a black woman states that she was harassed, assaulted and raped already knowing the black female’s propensity to lie through her back teeth, black men ought to take such accusations with a pinch of salt. In the majority of cases where a black woman is harassed or assaulted it is usually done by unproductive black men, the same Negroes that these black females gravitate towards anyway.

Rape is another card many black women love to use. Wasn’t it just recently that the rapper Nelly was accused of rape, arrested and subsequently released WITHOUT CHARGE? And how much do you want to bet that a black witch was the culprit responsible for those false rape allegations? The fact is the majority of false rape accusations levied against black men actually come from black women, not from white women as many of these pro black flunkies would like to make out.

Sorry Mitchell, I’m not willing to throw out my intellect especially when dealing with these types of issues. As for Damon Young from VSB and his hit piece on heterosexual black men calling us the white men of black society, in case you haven’t noticed Young is a black male feminist who long ago decided to lick the muddy boots of the sisterhood of failure as well as throw black men under the bus at every opportunity available.

In relation to the member of the angry and bitter black sisterhood, the failure Veronica Wells who ran her hit piece at the on life support publication Madame Noir equating black men to terrorists, simps like Chance ought to be checking these uncouth black harridans instead of once again attempting to sweep their iniquities under the rug.

There is no reconciliation until the underlying problems within black society have been dealt with PROPERLY, black women are included in this process. For example what Chance is saying in relation to NOT holding black women accountable is the equivalent to owning a dirty car with a flat tyre and believing that if you wash and clean the vehicle somehow the flat tyre will miraculously repair itself and inflate. It doesn’t matter how you try to work around it, the flat tyre WILL NOT fix itself, it will have to be dealt with DIRECTLY.

As I stated in Negro Wars which still holds true to this day, the pro black, back to Africa, RBG squads will continue to fail in their endeavours to save black society and rebuild it as long as they fail to deal with the enemy in their midst, that is the modern day black female.

Whores and the rest of the scum residing in black female society MUST NOT be saved. They must be left to stew, marinate, crash and burn in their own failures. Thinking black men, you already know NOT to take the advice of Mr Chance and embark upon a mission to start stringing up other black men, knowing the types of characters most black women frequently choose to deal with, this is how you’ll be guaranteed to end up with a bullet in the back of your head.

Black men have been checked and put in place forever, its BLACK WOMEN who are seriously lacking in the areas of accountability, responsibility and honesty. This is the proper way to deal with a problem, DEAL WITH IT DIRECTLY instead of trying to work around it believing that you are still making progress, thinking that you can fix black women without actually dealing with them directly is simply delusion 101 at its finest.

Thinking black men, continue to do you and walk your own path, the black community cannot be saved and fellows like Mitchell Chance will have to learn this the hard way. You cannot build up black men by getting them to accept blame where blame is not due, black men must begin to speak out against black female dysfunction, not gloss over it and attempt to give these women continual exceptions. Most black women are reprobates regardless of outside influences. If you find that black women refuse to receive your message then you simply walk away from them instead of shifting the blame onto innocent parties, it’s that easy and simple.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Save The Scraggle Daggle

Most High Bless

23 thoughts on “Simp Negro Mitchell Chance Speaks

  1. Wattup Verbs2015. Appreciate your commitment to the cause brother.

    Yeah, this dude is Simp101. All I got to say to him is “good luck with that”


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  3. They ALWAYS get a pass, and black men ALWAYS have to come clean up messes they didn’t make.
    Notice how he essentially said it was black men’s fault of black women felt unsafe, and that they should correct that. Couldn’t racist white people use this same logic? Oh yeah, I forgot, two sides of the same coin.!!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      These pro blacks put simply are dumb, I don’t know how they believe that any relationship can work where one party is unconditionally exempt from scrutiny, examination, criticism and reprimand. Yet we are still expected to build with these women, how is that possible? Answer, it isn’t.

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  4. This guy and the rest of the pro black fools are nothing more than black sjw’s. He is basicly premoting what is known in white sjw circles as the “listen and believe” mindset.

    I was involved in #gamergate
    #notyourshield and let me tell you these pro-black simps are reading from the white woman’s feminist handbook. These men are closeted cucks. All male feminist are. Just ask Anthony Burch. Sooner ore later these types of men ALWAYS get outed as freaks.

    This is why I dont take anything these idiots say seriously. At the end of the day these fools are just sjw’s with dark skin.

    My brothers
    Just point,tilt your head back, and laugh!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Yours Truly,

      Notice how these pro wack shines always want to leave black women untouched, again how can any relationship last the distance when one party is forever being given a pass? Agreed, these dudes must be laughed at as giving black women a continual exemption hasn’t helped them at all, in fact they have gotten much worse as a result of NOT being held accountable.

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      • They have a deep desire to be emasculated and humiliated. This is why they go for scraggle daggle and defend everything these women do. They white knight for these whores calling them queens only to get thrown under the bus and rejected for thugs and racist white men. Deep down they know this and they are turned on by the humiliation. They are no different than your average white liberal cuck who worships white feminists who would rather have europe over run with terrorists than be with a “Good white man”

        Black women lay down with home-grown terrorists (thugs) then says I wan’t a good black men to come in a play captain save a hoe while she still has the thugs dick in her mouth.

        Two sides of the same coin. We have black/white whores and the army of simps that worship them in hopes of getting some village bicycle pussy.

        It’s all going to come crashing down when these women realize the simips don’t have enough $$$ to take care of them and all their kids. THAT will be funny.

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  5. Any chance of you covering the woman who baked her two young sons??

    I wish this made headline news. Very small price to pay for saving the black man.

    Only black women would be so wicked to BAKE THEIR OWN BABIES.


    • HitDogsWillHoller,

      Thanks for sending me those. I’ve got an article coming up on black women and children so I’ll incorporate these links into that article.


    • I said it before. When these women start loosing custody of their kids and/or start getting kicked off section 8 they will start killing their kids in larger quantities and more savage methods. Read the book called “The Road” Black women are the cannibals who have babies just to eat them.

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    • What a surprise the killer mother is let out on a free.
      She must continue her path of death and destruction, since she’s bought and paid for, this is her job.

      Brothers, #SYSBM for your children.

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  6. Interesting how black men are expected to do everything under the sun in order to ‘uplift’ and ‘support’ black women, and make sure their lives are happy, safe,and secure, but black women are required and expected to do absolutely NOTHING for black men or anyone other than themselves? ‘You niggas need to do better’. Applause and ‘somebody has to call black men out and hold them accountable’.
    ‘Black women need to do better’. BOO!!!!!! ‘Why you bashing black women’? ‘You have self hate issues’!!!!! ‘Yo momma black’!!!!!! ‘White women do the same things as black women’!!!!!! Blah, Blah, Blah…………….. The so called black community (which doesn’t really exist anyway) is controlled by black women, and these stupid simple ass simps ALLOW black women to do and get away anything, and never say a word about it. Because these guys are so focused on getting some pussy from these back females, they only heap words of praise upon a group of women who only deserve to be condemned for their disgusting way of life. Business as usual among black folks sadly.

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    • >Interesting how black men are expected to do everything under the sun in order to ‘uplift’ and ‘support’ black women,

      Here’s an example of a purveyor of death and destruction these SIMPs just LOVE to worship:

      What say the queans? What say the hoteps? What say the pro-blacks? What say the SIMPs? Nothing but crickets. Their silence speaks volumes.

      Brothers – avoid the death and destruction and get with a non-black-woman. Otherwise your bloodlines will be destroyed by the 325 lb. example of a quean!

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and those supertanker queans hit the iceberg and sink like the titanic!


  7. I literally stumbled upon your blog by accident yesterday. MAN, YOU ARE THE TRUTH!!!!!! I attempted the pro-black approach and what I saw in college was a bunch of ignorant black people that didn’t want to learn shit but collect a tuition check, and this happened to be in an AFRICAN STUDIES CLASS!!!!! My God this angered me man, and right then and there, I knew I couldn’t save the black community. Keep it up bro!


    • Antwan Woods,

      Thanks bro. You’ll find that the pro blacks by and large are a complete joke, time and time again they refuse to self examine and self improve. They’ll always blame an outside source for their woes and troubles, yet if the black woman is at fault they’ll completely bypass blaming her and find somebody else to pin their troubles on, normally free thinking black men or “white supremacy”. The black community is dead, black women in confederation with their pro black simps en tow following the instructions of their white slave master is what has killed black society. Save yourself and don’t look back. #SYSBM


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