Marvin The Simp Animation Skit


Be sure to check out where you can view Marvin The Simp episodes 1 and 2 aswell as other animation features and merchandise. A massive big up and shout out to Timothy Pauling and crew for producing this animation piece which is based upon 100% fact. Isn’t this typical scenario exactly what thinking black men have been stating for the longest while? See, at the end of the day thinking black men know and see exactly what is going on, this is why the black female’s various techniques of trying to lull black men back under their hypnotic trance are no longer working.

I keep on telling you on the fence black men as well as the 14th regiment of simp soldiers under black female command that simping will get you absolutely nowhere. We thinking black men have been stating and you have seen it being played out for yourselves in real life, the fact that black women as a collective much prefer unemployed, on the street corner, unproductive, drug dealer, shoot up the streets, thug type black men, this is a fact as standard which is no longer up for debate.

You’ll notice that this is the case across the spectrum, from the typical garden variety hoodrat to the so called “educated” black female degreed up to the hilt working in the corporate world. Once again this proves the point that there is no mental difference between the hoodrat and the black female who is educated. As I have stated before, hoodrat is a mindset which can and is most often present across the board in black female society.

As is the situation in the majority of cases the simp will frequently lose out to the thug and on the off-chance that the simp does manage to score it is probably because the particular black female involved has no thug penis to turn to at that time. The reason why most black women are incapable of loving others is because they do not love and respect themselves enough first, if they did then they would be a lot more smarter and wiser when it came down to choosing the men they procreate with.

One of the major problems with simping is you are at the complete mercy of the women you chase after, observing your desperation, your lack of self-worth and value plus your willingness to psychologically castrate yourself, those same females will take full advantage of the situation and in most cases they will further the emasculation process. 21 Savage aka 21 simp found this out the hard way when he attended a recent slut walk with his thot companion, one Miss Amber Rose. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

No Simping

Most High Bless

51 thoughts on “Marvin The Simp Animation Skit

  1. You can see the regret in 21 savage face. He needs to sysbm asap. Black women worship thugs and as a thinking black man, I ask myself, how can you possibly build something with black women who think you’re weak for being educated? The answer is you can’t.

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    • Robert Chavis,

      The dude looks gutted and defeated, he knows he’s been emasculated, he knows that he shouldn’t have been there with that whore. One thing I have to say is education is not frowned upon by poor blacks in the UK like it is by their poor black male US counterparts(who are now the leaders of black culture over there). Let Tyrone, Lil Greazy and J Boogie from the block build with black women since they love those types of black men so much.

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    • Robert Chavis, since the gross, tattooed, no-hair Amber Rose (I think I’m the only black man who thinks she’s disgusting) is non-black, the argument can be made that 21 Savage did indeed SYSBM, and that’s what he ran to. This goes back to the Tiffany Jolene thread. Stay away from wigger bitches and single, white babymamas who identify with black women.

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      • Getting with a non black scraggle daggel is NOT #SYSBM. If you think #SYSBM is only about getting with non black women than you’ve missed the point.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      And to think that this is only part of the mental illness of the modern day black female on display. How can you bypass a man who is well dressed and instead home in on a bum who is decked out like a scruff pot? Lol at “sag master”. The pro black simps like to say that we thinking black men are complaining about black women, nope, we are simply pointed out their severe abnormalities and showing others exactly why we stopped dealing with them.

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  3. 14th regiment of Simp soldiers I am on the floor lmfao. 21 Savage looks gay he still could have said I am not holding these signs are you crazy bitch, but as I stated before most Simps might be under cover fags anyway. Simps these BW do not want you give it up all the evidence has been presented on this blog and you still do not get it.

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    • Sean,

      21 Simp messed up, he should’ve known what was going to happen, this is why Kanye West kicked out. These simps simply don’t learn anything even with so much evidence abounding.

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    • Whtgrlsrawsome,

      Thanks bro, came across it on Facebook, the guy who created it is on point. At least we know that there are many others who are also seeing how dumb your average simp is.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I remember that article, The Ultra Simp In Action – Part 2. These simps along side the black witch have to be lit up everytime they set a foot wrong, both they and black women are facilitating the continued destruction of a society which is already deep in the toilet bowl. Then these same women want thinking black men to roll in and pick up the pieces, not me, not at all, I’ll pass, I’m good.

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  4. Those short animation skits have a lot of valuable lessons. If I have to get advice about women from either a simp or a pimp, I’m listening to the pimp everytime (as he certainly has credibility lol). The pimp is giving advice about women in general, not just black women. Whereas the simp lives in lala land, believing his theories will always work when it comes to women. The problem is, the simps never have credible evidence to back up their theories. The pimp’s evidence is life itself. Now I’m not saying every thinking black man should be a pimp, but I will say you will understand all women way more than they understand themselves if you think like a pimp. #SYSBM

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    • Sigma Jones,

      100, all on point. The pimp will give you the real deal every time as he literally manages women and so is acutely akin to their behaviours, habits as well as how one ought to respond to female dysfunction, well said.

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    • Sean,

      Yep, they’ll simp and get absolutely nowhere. As the modern day black woman is the laughingstock of the world, the pro black simp is the black female’s joke and regular entertainment.

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  5. Here’s the type of queans the Marvin The Simps of the world worship:

    “22-year-old woman shot dead by police after hitting officer with car was aspiring lawyer”

    If the so-called educated queans are capable of death and destruction, the ratchets multiply that capability by a factor of 100.

    Brothers – avoid the edumucated queans and get with the educated non-black women!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the death-and-destruction queans go the way of the Dodo bird.

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    • Michel,

      Its time to start diversifying from YouTube, the gestapo over there are not free speech friendly at all plus black women are extremely butt hurt over the fact that more and more black men are refusing to accept their garbage. KiD Organic needs to have back ups like Bitchute, Vidme, Vimeo or even Patreon. Kirigakure Jones, GW3 Extreme and Brian Solonge have already been putting this method into practice.

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    • >Kid Organic just got his videos deleted from YouTube.

      The more the queans tighten their grip, the more thinking black men slip through their fingers.

      Just came back from my local farmer’s market, and it looks like the SYSBM ground is going strong! Saw a thinking black man with a beautiful blonde Becky (I’m married to a beautiful brunette Becky myself). A smile came to my face as I said to myself SYSBM!

      Brothers – the ground game will continue to grow, and there’s nothing these weave-blowing queans can do about it on YouTube or otherwise.

      SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the ground game reaches critical mass!

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      • “The more the queans tighten their grip, the more thinking black men slip through their fingers.”

        Princess Leia remix quote for the win.


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      • Remember that white girl who bashed black men? Look who had a live chat with her: none other than Christelyn Karazin… What does that white girl have to do with the black girl “swirl” cause? After all, they’re about swirling, not bashing black men, right? lol

        Even ESSENCE ( and the THE NEW YORK POST ( picked up that white girl’s blather bashing black men.

        In the meanwhile, black male voices that call out the fuckery (such as Kid Organic) get shut the fuck down. If it’s not CLEAR to the simps what black men are up against in 2017, I don’t know what it’s gonna take to convince them.

        Why doesn’t Christelyn Karazin’s channel get flagged into oblivion? Because black men have better things to do than watch that bitch. Because black men don’t care what black women do with their convict hole. It’s only black bitches who have to CENSOR black men because they know what we’re saying is TRUE and they’re desperate for it to never see the light of day.

        Below is Karazin’s chat with the white girl. I didn’t watch it because I’m not interested (and I can’t stand Karazin’s voice), but one comment there by a black women struck me. That black girl said:

        “We already know that BM place more value on BW if they think shes with a WM”.

        Black men place more value on a BW if she’s with a WM?? Wow. I find it INCREDIBLE that bw are this “far gone” in their delusion and egotism. Black women are downright spooky. Their self-delusion and mass psychosis is like something out of a fucking science fiction movie…

        FIND THAT NONBLACK WOMAN WHILE YOU ARE YOUNG GUYS. Things are never going to get any better between black men and black women. Not ever. This is how we’re going out as a culture.

        These bitches would like nothing better than to step over you, hand in hand with a nazi, while you sleep on the street. Do NOT let these bitches psychoses demoralize you, and leave you holding the bag. It’s time to “go hard”, make sure you RISE, and make sure that their psychoses and betrayal results in THEIR loss, and not YOURS.

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      • “We already know that BM place more value on BW if they think shes with a WM”

        😑 😑 😑 😑 😑 We do, since when? I thought the majority of pro black guys wanted BW whom are loyal “to the cause,” and the others just want to date or be with non-black women…..

        Again black women are really not all that attractive……

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      • Some black women are attractive, some aren’t. Black women on the whole MAKE themselves unattractive, by pursuing a very ugly way of presenting themselves, not carry about their figures, and embracing obnoxious egotism and “attitude”. The end result is that they’re the least attractive women of all. However if they had more imagination and recognized that they, just like all people, have plenty of room for improvement, they could make themselves more attractive.

        That being said, it’s alarming that black women believe that getting with white men is what ups their value. They’re so deluded that up is down and down is up. Most black men, rightly or wrongly, devalue a black woman who sleeps with white men, because most white men hold a grudge and rivalry against black men. Black men who have experiences with this, and experience with black female “attitude”, understand that most black women who sleep with white men also hold a grudge and rivalry against black men… So those women aren’t more valuable, they’re less valuable. Those women neither increase their value as individuals, nor do they increase the value of black women collectively in the eyes of most black men.

        Yet black women carry the delusion that laying down with white men increases their value to black men. It’s scary how deeply they’ve turned against black men and the delusions and self adulation at play in this. Seriously, what’s happening to black women is like the script of some weird sci fi horror movie.

        They also will “pick on” black men when they’re out with white men to try to make us look bad (if we react) and “prove” that we give a shit about what they’re doing. That shit is no joke… They’re adding their weight to the frustrations that black men experience in a racist society, hand in hand with white men who hate black men. It demonstrates how far gone they are… There’s really no coming back from this as a culture…

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  6. Kid organic put up another channel on Youtube titled “FOREVER ORGANIC’. But did you see HardCore Tito is going to prison for a few years because of the accusation of a woman he broke up with that he beat her. He has a goodbye video up on Youtube on his channel titled….. He already removed the video. But I was able to view it. Be careful when dealing with women gents. Anything a woman says she will be believed and you will be in jail. Dam Tito.

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  7. Verbs2015,
    To Go Off Topic For a Moment. This Raises a Serious Question That Always Comes to My Mind Every Time. Would You Bring a Foreign Woman Be It Jamaican, Haitian, Brazilian African or Even German, Italian or Islamic That You Were Dating to The Wilderness Known as North America? Cause I Always Say to Myself ”NO” I Would Never Bring Them Here, Because Bringing them To America is Essentially Like Bringing a Healthy Person to a Quarantine Zone. All You’ll Do is Get Them Infected By The American Black Bed Wench.

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    • Shawn Swint,

      Indeed, it is best NOT to bring a foreign woman over to the US or any other western country permanently as the likelihood of her becoming contaminated with the western ways is very high. This is why I like the YouTuber Charles Tyler as he promotes the idea of first creating an online business and then moving abroad. Use the west to make you money while living in a different location. I understand that this may not be possible for everyone, however it’s still the best solution overall.

      To bring the woman over for a short visit is not a problem, however I would ensure that it is no more than 3 months at a time. The problem with the west is it gives women too many options which is the equivalent of placing a child in a candy store, you already know that the end results will not be good.

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      • Living abroad is the optimal situation, but like you said, not everyone can swing it.

        I would suggest that wherever you choose to live, you find a woman who you can speak honestly about this very strange situation we’re in. If you can find a woman who can see how fucked up black women have become, who won’t also try to pretend that people of her own culture are angels, you’ve found a winner.

        Thinking man needs a thinking woman. Thinking women are very, very rare, but that underscores how serious our situation has become. That’s why I would advise black men to look for women very deliberately and consciously, rather than just “fall into” relationships.

        If she understands why you like her and understands why you’re disgusted by black women, plus sees you as a good man, plus sees the downsides to western culture as clearly as the upsides, plus wants to better her life by living in the west, you might have a winner.

        If she just agrees with everything you say, and misinterprets it as “I’m better than these women because I’m (insert culture here)”, you’ve just found another bitch who probably looks down on you too. She just might try to “guarantee” her life in the west by taking you for all you’ve got… lol

        Good women are very valuable and very very rare, no matter the culture. Western black women, however, are in a fucked up category all their own… Western white women are probably the best choice for a successful black man in the west, and more and more successful black men are seeing that. Western white women can be fucked up too, but they’re more of a “mixed bag” than other kinds of women, which is all you can ask for at this point…

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      • Check Urself,

        I’ve seen first hand that you can garner a much higher quality of life with less stress outside of the west. Stress is one of the main killers in western society, therefore if one has the opportunity to remove themselves from the western environment and its pressures then it is advisable to take it.

        There is a well known pick up artist(his name escapes me at the moment) who finally found a woman in Russia and moved over there. Western non black women as messed up as they sometimes can be are still a good option because there is still a much high chance of finding a decent one as opposed to looking for the same in the black female. Non black females have left black women in the dust, yet instead of regrouping and cleaning up their image and reputation, black women instead continue to burrow deeper and deeper into the gutter.

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      • Verbs2015,

        Yup another thing I’ve noticed about non black women in general is they tend to grow up much quicker then black women. Many of them will thot around in their 20’s but then grow out of it by their late 20’s. Black women on the other hand tend to still act this way even well into their 40’s!

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      • “Black women on the other hand tend to still act this way even well into their 40’s!” Amen.

        I’ve seen bw in their ***60s*** showing off their asses in bathing suits on POF. I kid you not.

        They seem to NEVER grow out of wanting to show off their asses. And if I remember correctly, this bitch mentioned that she was Christian in her profile.

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  8. Oddysey & check urself. A constant theme of mine is that the black female has a long teenage girl period. At a minimum, black females remain in the teenage girl stage from age 12 to age 32. As stated above, the black female teenage girl period often lasts much longer. Non-black females tend to have a teenage girl period from age 12 to age 22. The result of the black female’s long teenage girl period is a primary factor in much of the conduct exhibited by black female. IN CLOSING, REMEMBER, THERE IS VERY LITTLE DIVERSITY AMONG BLACK FEMALES. THE CONDUCT OF ONE BLACK FEMALE IS ALMOST ALWAYS THE CONDUCT OF ALL BLACK FEMALES.

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  9. These are merely the effects of mental slavery upon a nation who has not yet honored the principles of their ancient mother and father and who has ingested too much artificial culture such that they can not distinguish wrong from right, benefit from detriment, natural from artificial, etc.


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