Simp Negro QueenzFlip Throws Drink On Another Black Man For Preferring Spanish Woman


For those of you who may not know who QueenzFlip is, here is a sampling of his YouTube videos:

I believe he is a Uber driver out of Queens, New York if I’m not mistaken, the skits of him pranking people in his car by pretending to go crazy whenever certain songs are played were what really put his face on the map. But then QueenzFlip decided to sink into the gutter by throwing on a freshly starched cape and pulling off an ultra simp move by throwing a drink upon another black man during an interview simply because he expressed a preference towards Spanish women.

These pro black simps are the worst, not only do they continue to gas up the heads of the most degenerate women on the planet but they also attempt to heavily dick police thinking black men to the hilt. The modern day black female is trash and I’ve got receipts after receipts on this website to prove it. As I continue to state again and again, in 2017 as I stated in Negro Wars black women cannot be defended on any level and those who attempt to do so are simply embarking upon a fool’s errand.

The dread head guy being interviewed was spot on, non black women in general know how to be women, they take care of their responsibilities as women and they additionally take care of their men, I can personally attest to this myself. See you have to understand, because the bootlicking simps can see black female dysfunction plain as day for themselves and because they have no defence for those black females who engage in such gutter behaviour, the simp’s next strategy is to attempt to bully the thinking black man into silence.

Do you see how the vodka throwing, yellow-bellied QueenzFlip and his flunky(more on QueenzFlip’s side though) attempted to shame said dude into silence by acting as if what he was saying wasn’t true? The guy was right, the black women of my mother’s generation knew how to cook and they prided themselves upon bringing wholesome and nutritious meals to the table. However these modern day black women are a completely different kettle of fish, their idea of cooking either involves some quickly thrown together slop if your lucky or a microwave/boil in the bag, ready in 3 minutes t.v dinner.

It’s no secret that most black women today either can’t cook, won’t cook or in many cases both. Why QueenzFlip is carrying on like black women’s homely skills and instincts are still in place is a delusion within itself, maybe his woman doesn’t fit the black female lazy slob demographic, however as I continue to repeat time and time again, exceptions do not override the general rule.

Listen to the tone of voice QueenzFlip is using against the dread head as if these modern day black females are upstanding citizens and can do no wrong. Let’s have a look at some queans in action, this is the gutter trash that frontline simp bootlickers like QueenzFlip is standing up for:

In the above picture note woman on the left holding her child’s face down in the water just so she can “strike a thot pose”. The above are indisputable receipts in relation to the black female’s severe malfunction, and this simp is throwing on a cape for this trash, smh? What about these “upstanding” members of black female society:

See the bootlicking shine QueenzFlip or the dummies at Independent Dope could never come against me on this issue of black women severely lacking because like I said before I document black female dysfunction on the daily, I’ve got the receipts hence why the pro black flunkies for the majority part steer clear of this website. QueenzFlip is one of those few simps who actually managed to land himself a woman, however most of the pro black squadron members are not so fortunate.

Notice how the dread head listed off the common issues that thinking black men have been raising concerning most black women for the longest while, it was then that simp boy Queanie decided to go into ultra cape mode and proceeded to throw his drink on the guy. I’m glad the dread went to swing out QueenzFlip because I would’ve done exactly the same thing if he disrespected me in such a manner.

Notice how these simp/mangina/white knights get hyper emotional over their queans whenever somebody comes along, reveals the true state of black women as a collective and said simps have no counter arguments to return. Thinking black men, don’t ever be bullied and shamed by gutter black female defenders such as QueenzFlip out of expanding on your love and companionship options. Equally if these floppy simps attempt to get brave and take things to the next stage, be sure to dish out some hard punishment to a sufficient degree whereby these bootlicking flunkies will think twice before stepping to a free thinking black male again.

Let’s list some of the common and well know US black female facts and statistics:

80% obesity rate.
60% of black women have children by multiple fathers.
70% plus of black children are raised in single mother households.
75% of black women are single.
50% of black women carry genital herpes.
1876 unborn black babies on average are erased by black women everyday in abortion centers.
US black women carry the most debt of all groups.
Over 10 billion dollars is spend on weave by black women every year.
US black women carry the highest STD rate of any group.
96% of black women voted for the ultra left-wing, radical feminist and professed witch Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

And these are the women that pro black simps like QueenzFlip is throwing vodka over another man for, smh.

Finally, notice that these same simp Negroes without fail continue to avoid checking black women on their swirling antics as well as their infatuation with white men. Why aren’t QueenzFlip and other simps such as D32018 of the Dangerous New Network around to engage in the conversation when it comes to things like this:

Enough said, keep your heads up thinking black men, be free. The welfare cuts are still coming. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Put Simps And Manginas In Their Place

Most High Bless

84 thoughts on “Simp Negro QueenzFlip Throws Drink On Another Black Man For Preferring Spanish Woman

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  2. Notice how violent simps and bastard sons of black single moms become.

    These dudes never call out the ratchet behavior, and if forced to, claim it’s a small number.

    One thing that blacks as a whole need to admit is that our community is predominately dysfunctional, otherwise we would not be living mainly in the third world hoods we live in.

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  3. Thank you for reminding us of the statistics about USA black women. Most of the challenges of USA black men are labeled as structural problems such as generational wealth. The majority of USA black men are working to address the issue of generational wealth. However, black women wearing hair weave, not using birth control, and being obese are not structural problems. For example, black women are not born wearing hair weaves and they are not born obese. 95% to 99% of USA black women are not worthy of any man’s time.

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      The modern day black female outside of her many other shortfalls is a financial liability, you simply cannot build wealth and fortune with the overwhelming majority of them, just ask Robert Dinero.

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      • This what a real relationship looks like, that brother made the good choice, at least that mix female looks good.

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  4. What, a black male simp threw a drink at a guy because of a simple, specific preference in women i.e. ethnicity? If this dread headed guy prefer a well-to-do, non-U.S. black women of good character and substance over most ratchet black U.S. women living in impoverished, Section 8 black areas, the outcome will still be the same, drink to the face. You heard from these pussified individuals that the black American woman is the most unprotected woman in the universe and all of that junk. QueanzFlip with other black male simps are from the same cloth as black women, products of their environment if you will. From their minds to their mouth “you can’t do no better than us, no other group of women will want you.” Shaming tactics to keep you locked up even worse than the so-called prison systems of the world that make it look like you standing in the corner for timeout. SYSBM.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      QueanzFlip and other simps like him do not like to see thinking black men progressing in leaps and bounds. Because they choose to stay with and defend the scraggle daggle, they automatically feel that we must do the same and they additionally get incredibly jealous when they see free thinking black men not having to go through the same drama they do.

      These simps are defending black women on nothing but fumes and hot air, they can clearly see that black women as a collective are deep in the toilet bowl, yet they still refuse to accept the reality of the situation.

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  5. Mark my words. One day some pro black simp just like this is gonna do the same or something similar to the wrong one and you’re gonna hear about them getting beat down or killed. You can’t go around throwing liquid on people because you don’t agree with their opinions but what can you expect from a group of dumb dudes who still think we’re living in slavery and ignorantly think that some how all black people have to think alike ? The same black women they put on a pedestal and willing to throw their lives away for are some of the same black women who don’t give a shit about and say some of the most hateful things about them. Isn’t it funny how the same hate and racism that these pro black clowns complain about receiving from white people is the same hate and racism they spew towards other black people ?

    Pro blacks are more hateful and racist to other black people just as much or if not more than white supremacists. This is one reason why I don’t follow nor do I take the majority of them seriously or deal with a lot of black folks. Especially the black people in America.

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    • Ayo,

      The worst thing about this is its not like these pro black simps are taking notes and going back to the lab seeking to improve black women in their areas where they are lacking and falling short, no, instead they attempt to shame us free thinkers into accepting black women in their current run down, degenerate state. The video above is exactly the reason why I don’t debate with simps, they are just like the black women they worship, they look at things from an emotional standpoint, this I have no time for.

      They cannot seem to register in their thick skulls the fact that black women hate them, they constantly throw on freshly starched capes for these women, meanwhile Tyrone and J Boogie from the block simply slide in without any need to put on the captain save a hoe/pro black simp theatrics. Black women and their pro black flunkies are the worst for racism, much more so than racists whites and other racist non blacks. The black community is dead, it is only alive in the minds of these fools, however they are still having great difficulty accepting this reality.

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  6. When are you gonna do UK articles. Similar to this. I would be very interested view this. Yet this is a great article. It’s time to get rid of these simps but they’re so many it’s unbelievable.

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    • Jon,

      You find me some black women and simps behaving badly in the UK and I will cover them, I have done a few UK articles, however the reason why I focus mostly on the US is because the black women and their simp squadrons over there are the ones leading the charge. Also, remember, the dysfunctional black female is an international problem, therefore what is happening with black women in the US we can safely apply to other places around the world including the UK.

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  7. Mark my words, this is a wounded beast’s death roar. Black folks as you know them are TOAST, and the pyramid heads are trying their damnedest to fight the poison. It’s too late though…….

    Soon, it’ll be a rarity to see a black man who has a woman to be WITH a black woman.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      I kept on saying this at the beginning of the year, that black women and their simp brigades would be pulling out all of the stops trying to get the black female situated before Trump brings the hammer down on section 8/welfare. At this stage the black community is a deader than a hammer, these pro black flunkies simply need to accept it instead of fighting the inevitable.

      Black women for the multitude of transgressions they have brought upon black men and black society as a whole have a judgement to drink down and they will not be able to escape their coming recompense.

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    • Like Master Roshi omce said in Dragon Ball Z (not Kai):

      “A candle will always burn brightest…

      …just before it goes out.”

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    • Truthfully is already is rare here in the Midwest. Most brothers I see are kicking it with Jill, Maria or Mai Lin. #SYSBM can’t be stopped!!

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  8. I know this clown, QueenFlip. He’s like and entertainment (battle rap) blogger who usually just covers any topics related to battle rap. He is an ass-hat & has a history of confronting, clashing with, or fighting random people and bloggers for no reason apparently. He’s one of those “Keep it Real”,stuck in the 90s, New York urban sub-species. I don’t like his ilk or personality. But this is far beyond what I would expect from him. Especially living in a metropolis surrounded by Hispanic & Latinos of all races in New York.

    Now, me being raised in the Northeast Tri-State Area (New Jersey/Upstate New York/East New York), I would not date a US raised Hispanic/Latino in the same area as they do exhibit ratchet behavior. New York P.R’s, Dominicans, and Cubans currently are exhibiting the same idealogy and lifestyle as AAW. But I do agree with his comments on Latina’s treating their Men better than AAW ie Brazilians, Colombians, Pananmians, Belizians,etc.

    Queensflip and his delusions of granduer in what is a problem in Black Society today. White Knighting and this inflated ego which holds no weight to truth & reality of our current time. Black Women raise the current mentally-ill, emotionally dis-jointed, unstable individual you see like QueenzFlip. What man (especially BLACK MAN @ that) would throw another drink in another man’s face. That’s something an African American ratchet thot nigger bitch would do on one of these Hip-Hop reality TV shows…lol

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    • I notice the ratchet behavior that a lot of Latinas in America (especially in NYC and NJ) display too. Have you ever dated any from NY or NJ ? What were your experiences ?

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  9. Black women say that black women wear hair weave because that is what black men want. LOL !!! Since when do black women start doing something that most black men want ?

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  10. For those of you looking for a good laugh, I came across a Lipstick Alley thread on Negro Wars from March 2016. 9 pages of comments and not one of those sorry rascals could refute any of the contents or state that something in the book wasn’t true. What made me laugh is the fact that the black men there were being heavily criticised by the black women for not being “outraged” at my work.

    They even pulled a quote out of the book where I stated that the comradeship black women pretend to have with black men is simply an illusion, yet right there in the comment thread you saw this being played out, those angry and bitter black sirens couldn’t wait to turn on those pro black simps. Yet another example of how simping doesn’t pay and how black women really do hate black men:

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    • >Kiss my fine dark ass, I love my dark skin, this author is a black woman hating man, he hates his mama…

      Signed, “Melanin Barbie”

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    • I checked out the LSA thread, pure comedy. It was pointed out that the OP had to actively SEARCH for “Negro Wars” on Amazon. Why actively SEARCH for something that you know will offend you, let alone post it to LSA, promoting it further? But we know negro females are on the constant search for drama and don’t think these things through.

      And yes, they couldn’t wait to devour the few pro-black males who post there like piranhas. Strange to me why a black man would even post on a female-centric board in the first place, but oh well.

      All promotion is good promotion, so it helps “Negro Wars” in the end.


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  11. Sorry I would have gave this Simp a royal beat down he is a ignorant piece of garbage like the BW he defends. The video of him in the car with the kids speaks volumes about this Simp. They make me sick to my stomach like the black demon women. Generational wealth to black women is child support, government assistance, and divorce settlement payments in some instances. There is no way you can build generational wealth with a black woman, as stated the black community is dead and will stay dead because of the BW decadents. I wish a Simp would disrespect me like this clown he will need multiple surgeries when I’m done with him smh.

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    • Sean,

      You’ll notice he has his boys in place whenever the going gets rough, he wouldn’t dare pull any of these wild boy antics if he was by himself. The black community is a rotting carcass and simps like QueanzFlip and the black sirens he supports are ensuring that black society remains flat-lined.

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  12. This is why I try to avoid the majority of black people. The men behave exactly like the black women who raised them. Reactionary, violent, unstable ‘people’ they are. What group of people do you know of en mass, that feel it is perfectly justifiable to physically assault a person because of WORDS they don’t like? But this type of behavior is perfectly acceptable among large segments of black people, because black women have been behaving like this for YEARS, nobody has challenged this behavior, so many black people (male and female), feel they can ‘get away’ with this animal like behavior, because black women have been getting ‘away with murder’ their entire miserable life. Unreal. Queenz Flip is just another brain dead negro, who thinks he can do whatever he wants because he ‘feels’ like it. And this is the mentality of most black women. The stupidity never ends.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Yep, the same behaviours we see from the black witch are exactly the same with the pro black simp squads. The best thing to do is to steer clear of both groups as none of them can be reasoned with on any level.
      Just like black women I don’t bother reaching out to simps either because the logical, common sense, reason and intelligent area of their brains as a result of being raised by single black mothers has been isolated and deactivated.

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      • And you thought mommy was a b1tch!!!!

        Universal Studios presents, the next generation of horror, it’s a new milestone in monster movie madness: The Sons of Scraggle Daggle!!!!

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    • “But this type of behavior is perfectly acceptable among large segments of black people, because black women have been behaving like this for YEARS, nobody has challenged this behavior, so many black people (male and female), feel they can ‘get away’ with this animal like behavior, because black women have been getting ‘away with murder’ their entire miserable life. Unreal.”

      Cosign 110% Bill Smith. I’m in my late 40s and there has never in my lifetime been a “golden age” where black women knew how to act. EVER. I see these young post-crack epidemic bucks romanticizing the sistas of the 80s and 90s, nope.

      What’s funny is, to them, they’re blameless. There is enough documented fuckery to fuel a whole sector of YouTube, blogs and books, yet according to the LSA thread, they’re clueless.

      I personally haven’t messed with sistas since 1990. Unless you’re a nationalistic brotha who wants full-black kids, there’s nothing a black woman can do that an Asian or white woman can’t do better. Point blank.

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    • Queens flip told the truth on you coons when he gave that crispy charcoal black dude his comeuppance for disrespecting black women.

      That lame ass dread dude had the gumption to glorify Spanish women as if they had any more loyalty toward black men.


      • d32018,

        Simp would’ve caught a beatdown if his boys hadn’t been there so who really got the comeuppance?

        Every race of female treats their men better than black women. Only brainwashed, single babymama-raised simps like you hang around the plantation to be mistreated and dissed.

        You should be out getting your balls drained and your back rubbed and fed lunch by your Black Queen who treats you so well, but instead you’re playing slave-catcher to a bunch of strangers on the internet. ‘Nuff said.

        You’re a punk.

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      • Schandenfreude

        I am not so sure QueenzFlip would have had a hand laid on by that wack dude.

        It is that wack ass charcoal boy that got his comeuppance.

        Every race of women treats their men AND white men better than black men. However… black men have only themselves to blame for the black women not respecting black men.

        The only punk is YOU because YOU got exploited by Verbs. YOU hate black women so much you were willing to psych yourself out to Verbs the demagogue.

        So who is playing slave catcher? YOU.



  13. Verbs2015, I went to the lipstick alley thread, and was only able to get through the first page of comments. Black women are truly mentally ill, bitter, lying demons. Black women will attempt to use any excuse in order to try to place black men in a bad light. Those black women demons never seem to actually address the points we are making regarding the behavior of black women. They just invent things, name call, and claim the are more educated, more employed, smarter and more valuable than black men. But it’s the same old tired song coming from black women. If black men are so insignificant, why the hell do black women lose their minds anytime a black man does or says anything black women disagree with. Because despite all the garbage black women talk, black women are obsessed with the only group of men on earth that actually attempt to be in a relationship with them. Black women are so easily seen through it is laughable

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    • Bill Smith,

      Black women as a whole cannot deal with points raised by thinking black men concerning their behaviour, therefore what they choose to do instead is to ridicule the messenger and/or the material he/she brings forward believing that this is somehow winning them the argument. Name calling, slogan slinging and fabricating is the order of the day for most black women, they hate the truth hence why just like vampires to sun they scurry into the darkness whenever the light is shone on their degeneracy. I even gave a brief synopsis in my book as to how black women would react to it and they haven’t disappointed me. The mental illness and deep rooted narcissism was alive and well observing their comments, they’ve treated black men like utter garbage for the last 50 years yet still ask the question as to why more and more black men have a rapidly growing disdain for them, how stupid and mentally broken can one be? Black women are many kegs short of a six pack.

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  14. Verbs2015, Couldn’t have said it better myself. The validity of the message is always overshadowed by all of the nonsense black women and simps say in order to distract from the point.

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  15. Just stating his preference for Spanish women was enough to get such an emotional response. Sound like he has more pussy in him than the most estrogen infused woman in history.

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  16. Ryan, lmao @ New York urban sub species. And you are absolutely right about Spanish women who were raised in America stay away from them they act just like AAW. Especially the Dominicans and Puerto Ricans as you stated. I prefer to go to their country not dealing with any woman no matter the race that act like these AAW demons.

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    • And the spanish women in New York have no loyalty toward black men. They know they ain’t black like you guys.

      Black women are the only women black men have and this divisive rhetoric is costing black men the only women they can count on.


      • d32018 — Shut up with that stupidity. You’re insulting everyone by feigning rationality.

        It’s true that not having a viable female counterpart from our own culture is a major loss for black men. However, what has caused black men this loss is dysfunctional, unpalatable, untenable BLACK FEMALE CULTURE. Black women have shirked their duty and are proud to VIOLATE in the most disgusting ways of all: serving as “chief demoralizer” of black men on behalf of the forces who hate black men. And worse of all, they carry out this disgusting treachery to compensate for insecurities and in pursuit of vanity… The weaves and tattoos tell the tale… They’re outward symptoms of the syndrome…

        If you’re going to pretend to be rational, start by showing us that you can see the all the immense dysfunction in modern black female culture. Until then, no one with a brain should take you seriously.

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      • Check urself…

        What I said is absolutely true. No stupidity here.

        The black female culture got untenable because our ancestors did nothing to build… putting us at a big disadvantage on everything positive.

        Yes… there are a lot of dysfunctional black women and I am not defending them at all… but if we were anything great as black men… there wouldn’t be so much black dysfunction.

        White supremacists designed this shit from the start and too many of us black men fell for the hype and as a result… we as a race are at the bottom of the totem pole.


  17. That whole scene was stupid. Maybe you youngsters can tell me — what did he mean by “you don’t have to wake up to your clipped smoked”? Something to do with weed? That seems to be the remark that set the “queenz” guy off… lol

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    • Check Urself,

      Coming from the UK I haven’t got a clue what he was talking about, I imagine it would have something to do with weed, however I’m still just guessing. Queenie Flip is a dummy and part of the main problems in black society today.

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  18. Hey Verbs2015, the demonic succubus has bit the hand that has fed her. And guess who the whore is doing an interview with. I couldn’t make this shit up. You should do a story on it:

    She said she was exposing Chris Foerster for “racial injustice”. What a bowl of shit…!!!
    There is more to the story than what meets the eye. And I don’t believe the whore.
    They can’t even be good whores…lol. Seriously, what are they good for ?!?

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    • Thanks for the vid Ryan —

      A few thoughts…

      1. The bitch is PREGNANT. And she has two BLACK kids (I wonder by how many guys??).

      2. She probably thought this Foerster dude would leave his wife for her… He said “no” so she brought him down… This ho ain’t no hero…

      3. She claims her white stepfather sexually abused her… Yet her mom is still with the dude. This bitch is just a mess…

      4. She says that Chris Foerster is small potatoes compared to the other rich white men she’s seeing… Yet she claims she’s doing this all for the dignity of black people?? All while she’s PREGNANT.

      5. Tattooed… Weaved-up… Bedwenching/whoring at age 33… Two kids already… Calls herself a “model”… and PREGNANT.

      6. Says she has other vids … and is writing a book… based on a “relationship” that lasted a couple months…

      7. By saying she’s doing this shit for the community, she makes a mockery of the real issues. She didn’t have to attach this to racial issues at all… especially since she says that Foerster idiot never uttered a word of contempt for his black players. She’s dragging us all through her muck by making this about race.

      8. Many, many of the comments I’m seeing on media sites are from white dudes being really abusive… Calling her “monkey” and “nigger whore” and saying shit like “never trust blacks” … But what I’m NOT seeing is any angry pushback from bw, you know, like black men get whenever we say anything critical about bw… lol BW take abuse from white dudes in stride, yet when black men dare air ANY legitimate concerns about the state of BW, we’re satan incarnate…

      9. This bitch is a walking, talking advertisement of the state of black women today… Including her treachery toward that idiot Foerster AND her treachery toward black people by trying to make this about the national anthem protest and Colin Kaepernick.

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      • check urself – Thank You. I saw the same points through-out the video. Only the black community would hold-up a whore as a hero. Now I really think Pro-Black are suspect and race hustlers/pimps. Especially Tariq Nasheed for co-signing this bullshit. Ghetto Gagging for Justice & Black Empowerment ?!? LMAO..!!! What a joke. This is the point I was making. What a walking contradiction. By the way Foerster video was, she was the side whore and wanted more. She was extorting & blackmailing him for a relationship and got exposed.

        She’s not gaining shit nor will this hurt Foerster in the long run. She will be still slumming as a single-mother stripper in the dessert…lmao!!!

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      • Afrofuturism1,
        Black women on the whole have become nothing short of trouble makers. I’ve seen you’ve dropped another mother load, will be checking this lot out later.

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      • @Ryan — Yes, Foerster will be okay in the long run… UNLESS he was stupid enough to make a baby by this bitch. Remember, she’s pregnant. If that’s his child, that’s a big problem. He may in fact have lost his wife and current family thanks to this scandal, and gained a new “biracial” child that he didn’t ask for by this degenerate whore… Trusting her may have turned his entire life upside down.

        Message to white guys: You have no clue how desperate and feral a lot of these black bitches are. When you “swirl”, you better make sure put it up her ass or down her throat instead of in her musk hole… and make sure you watch her spit it in the toilet and flush!

        You cannot trust her to not “draft” you into fatherhood. The only thing that exceeds their contempt for black men is their desire to make babies. And the “half breed” baby (with the “good hair” — no weave necessary) is a prize among them!

        “Swirl” with these bitches at your own risk!

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    • Ryan,

      At this stage they are good for nothing just like what Trick Daddy said would happen to them if they continued down their road of destruction, I’ll be sure to check that video out.

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  19. Ryan, check urself, and Verbs you really cannot make this shit up and the mountain of evidence is higher than MT.Everest. How can Simps defend these scumbags how can they refute the evidence. Placing whores on a pedestal has really shown how far the black community has fallen l.

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  20. That crispy ass house negro moron that talked shit about black women got his comeuppance for his ignorance. There are black men that do NOT think like Verbs and his sycophants.

    I am a black man that does not think like Verbs the demagogue that exploits the black community for his gain.

    Willie Lynch is alive and well in the black community.

    NO. Black women are not the threat to the black community.

    Black men that think like Verbs are.

    Instead of Verbs and his sycophants looking in the collective mirrors and see their failures for what it is… they blame white men… black women and black men that do not think anything like them for their failures.

    Too lame to impress a black woman… but want to blame the white man. Too lame to impress a black woman… but want to blame black women. Too lame to impress a black woman… but want to blame black men that do not agree with the negativity spewed against black women by the misogynoir so-called bmgtow sysbm collective.

    If you sysbms thought about getting a job… building something for the black community and staying out of the white man’s traps (jails… gangs and drugs) and had a stitch of pride for the black community… black women would respect black men a lot more.


    • Let’s get something straight, bucko.

      1. Why would anyone be mad to not get with a black woman? That’s like being mad to not have gotten an std, which they would give you, btw.

      2. It’s not like it’s that hard. For light skinned men especially, getting a black woman is easier than waking up with a boner in the morning.

      3. You claim we should “up our game” and not be drug dealers to get with these women, yet it is these types of men whom your queenies love so much. Black Women waste their weekends by dropping their drawers so that Day Day, Nook Nook, Pookie, Tyrone, and Lil’ Doink Doink can split their butt cheeks with their dicks.

      4. Why would the so called lames go back and build a dog house for the same community that shunned them in the first place? Said productivity is what got these people sent away, and hoodrats only admire those qualities when they can guilt trip worth a damn Blacks into fixing THEIR neighborhoods.

      5. You talk about impressing white men, yet your queenies live for this very thing. Conversely, if leaving the hood and scraggle daggle behind is to impress whitey, that’s the same ol acting white rhetoric that demonizes productivity in blacks and has us (understandably) seen as an inferior race.

      Hoteps and pro blacks are the foot soldiers of both black women and white men, pick your poison. Their job is to keep black men from thinking, to buy into the same old lines (lies), and stay on the plantation.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Afrofuturism1,

        You have to understand the mentality of D32108 and pro black flunkies like him, he is getting nowhere fast with the black queanies he worships and stands up for so much, yet the overwhelming majority of thinking black men who comment on this site are either married, have girlfriends or are in the process of choosing potential non black female companions and just like these angry and bitter black sisterhood the dude is butt hurt and jealous.

        Because he is still under the “keep it real” spell the dude is perplexed as to how we are moving forward in leaps and bounds down SYSBM avenue. SYSBM is the best decision I have made in terms of dating, within months of making the decision to date out I landed a woman. I was kicking myself in the head at the fact that I should’ve implemented SYSBM from way back, however as the saying goes, “better late than never”.

        These dumb pro black racist savages have no idea of the severe handicap they automatically place upon themselves when they stick to the “black women only” route.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Afrofuturism…

        The only bucko is YOU you buck-dancing Uncle Tom house nigger.

        1. You ARE mad at black women. That is why you can’t stop bashing black women. If your preference is really white women… you would keep your idiotic ignorant comments to yourself and date out and leave black women the fuck alone. Nobody in the black community will miss your whitewashed ass.

        2. I’m probably lighter skinned than you… but I’m still a black man and black is the only race I claim and I have EVER claimed. I don’t pretend to be any other race UNLIKE some of you coons.

        3. DAMN right. Furthermore… black women do not all want drug dealers and kingpins. They do want the flavor of Damon Dash and Jay Z and Tupac Shakur… but they also value intellect. They just don’t want mentally damaged garbage like your ass.

        4. It is EVERY black man’s job to build a strong black community. It matters not what status you are. It matters how your work ethic is and judging from you… you ain’t got it.

        5. At least I don’t blame white men for every wrong in the black community. If you could lead worth a shit… you’d be worth something to the black community… but you can’t so you ain’t worth nothing to the black community.

        I ain’t no hotep and nothing I have said was hotep. If you were smart enough to read… you’d understand that… but you want to call me a simp because I called out your ignorant misogynoir.


      • Michelle…

        Go fuck yourself faggot.

        You hate women and you hate black people and you hate black women… the only women who has your back.

        Don’t drop the soap when bending you moist ass faggot coon ass house nigger.



  21. Phoney Fake Ass Pro-Back Clowns Like QueenzFlip Are The Perfect Poster Boys For ”Simps of America”, A Smart Thinking Black Man Knows That The American Black Bed Wench is Not Worth Defending. Not To Mention Worth Giving a Glance Over. #SYSBM!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  22. I could be wrong, but I think d32018 is probably a black woman. I’m not saying I know this is a fact. And it could possibly be some simple ass Negro clown man Simp. But just reading the comments of this idiot, and understanding the way black women speak and communicate about Blackmen, leads me to believe that this is more than likely a black woman attempting to mask herself as a black man. Now I didn’t read that that poster identified themselves as a male or female, but I would bet my money on the fact that it is some delusional mentally ill black woman who is attempting to portray herself as a black man. I could be wrong, but the rhetoric is so close to the garbage that most black women spew regarding Blackmen, I would think that it’s a black woman who is posting this nonsense.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. Bill Smith that is exactly what I was thinking that DB whatever the hell his or her name is is a black woman. DB everybody is not a drug dealer most BW do not want productive black men so your Simp antics do not work over here. Let me ask you something DB if you kept doing something and getting negative results logic would say stop doing the same thing that is getting you negative results right!!!!! So why do you get mad at black men who were dealing with black women and kept getting negative results that makes no sense to keep dealing with them. Also when you try to talk to black women in a constructive manner about things they are doing that is causing negative affects in their relationships or in their community they do not listen and want to argue. Let us do us and you do you bro or sis see how that works out for you.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. My reply to d32108. The best advice to give to a young man: Be the type of LAME guy that does not impress black women. Most black women are of poor quality. Black women are most impressed by black men that are also of poor quality.

    Liked by 2 people

    • BW with a net worth of $5 telling us to “step our game up”?

      Yes step your game up, and get a quality Becky.


      Liked by 2 people

  25. With the welfare cuts on the way the scraggle daggle is now sending out their moist pro-black simp foot soldiers
    to harass black men leaving the plantation.

    Oh boy they are getting pretty desprate.

    What other race of men are obsessed over like this? Why are Black men the only men ON EARTH dick policed like this? We are so desired that we are hated.

    they talk shit on us to try to get us to stay on the plantation because we are tje least controlling men on earth.

    Mexican, White,& Muslim men treat their women like property. Black men don’t look at women that way.

    Black women might say black men treat them bad but thata because black women SEEK OUT thugs to mistreat them only to complain about it later.

    Other races of women see that REAL black men(not thugs) treat the women they are with like people not property. Now they arr making themselves available to black men like never before and people are losing their shit. I love it. Do they think throwing a drink in a guys face will stop him from being with a beautiful latina?!
    Do you think calling a black man a coon will stop him from being with becky?

    Black women had their chance with black men and they sold us down the river for a welfare. I doubt Becky will do the same.

    How many simps will be left when sexbots go mainstream?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yours Truly,

      A lot of men from different races can be very tough and strict on their women but generally they’re able to provide more stable lifestyles for their women. Due to having higher income levels on average then black men. I think this is the reason why black men are generally viewed as “fun” or just for “sex” if you know what I mean.

      However you’re 100% right about the dick policing of black males. Nobody on the planet is more dick policed then black men.

      Liked by 2 people

      • They are able to provide stable lifestyles for their women because non-black women as a collective are smart enough to have kids with the builders FIRST where as black women lay up and have 2-5 kids buy thugs. and bums and wonder why they don’t live in stable enviroment.

        mgtow started because non-black women. started no fault divorcing their husbands sending white boys to the cleaners. The women got with and supported the building white man and he gave his woman paradise only for her to divorce him.

        Black women reject builders and get 5-10 kids deep with tyrone and ray-ray, black builders marry non-black women and leave the black community.

        How stable do you think the white community would be if becky was passing up Brad in accounting to be a baby mamma no#13. for a Tony the meth dealer in a biker gang?

        white women marry good white man then divorce him, then get with bad boy.

        Black women get knocked up by bad boy then expect good black men to marry them.

        see the difference?

        Liked by 2 people

      • Yours Truly,

        Yup that’s all true….Despite the difference in income levels between black men and non black men, black women are horrible at choosing life partners.

        Liked by 2 people

  26. D32018,

    Once again our resident pro black bootlicking simp is back. As I stated before, for an update I went to your website to see if you had posted any articles in support of black women and once again, NOTHING. This is why very few people are bothering to respond to you, because they now know for sure that you’re full of cow manure. Get your weight up, start writing on your own website about the same black woman whom you claim to love and care for so much and then we can talk. Until then scram simp.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. The FOUR HORSEMEN pic is the funniest thing i ever saw this week LLLOOOOOLLLLL. I must state queenzflip is always overacting this coming from a guy that pranks women on fake dates, that wigs out when his song comes on lol, that has arguments with other mc’s on his page lol. He is what he is great drop

    Liked by 2 people

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