Penny Claps Back, Putting Black Women And Simps Back In Their Place – Part 6

Vurbyl Khent does it once again. Continuing on from part 5:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

27 thoughts on “Penny Claps Back, Putting Black Women And Simps Back In Their Place – Part 6

  1. Here is yet another black male simp from the UK putting out his “apology to black women” which no doubt will be used by them as toilet paper. What have I been stating over and over again, black women as a collective DO NOT APPRECIATE anything good black men have to offer them, apologises are included in such rejections:

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        These apologetic simps just don’t get it, they put out these extra soft, lotionised apologies, meanwhile Tyrone is slapping these females on the behind, pulling their hair as well as talking disrespectfully towards them and these same black women will open their legs to said dudes all day with no resistance.

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  3. Those Penny Clap backs are GOOD. Black men have problems. Black women have an infinite number of problems. A math professor cannot count the number of problems that Black women have. I often hear black women talk about black men being with fat and ugly white women. These black women never speak about which group of USA women are viewed as the fattest and ugliest. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHICH GROUP OF USA WOMEN IS KNOW FOR BEING OVERWEIGHT AND UGLY ? I will await your answers !!

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    • Gregory Chandler,

      The modern day black female represents the fattest group of women in the US at a rate of 80%. Black women are in no position to talk about fat ugly white women because most of them now fit perfectly into the fat and ugly demographic themselves.

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    • Pound for pound, if you’re gonna mess with a fat bitch, a white one is the way to go. She’ll do anything you want in the bedroom, then fix you something to eat and generally treat you like a king, while the bitter black one won’t do shit for you. Fat white women are prettier in the face too. And if they got a fat bubble butt it’s a wrap. I was at a jazz festival last summer and this black dude was showing off his white BBW like she was Princess Di.

      SYSBM family!


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  4. These simps are gay and are as soft as cotton candy. Something else that is so funny that someone should ask these butter cup moist gay simps, where are videos or books of black women apologizing to black men I will wait. I am so glad I am a thinking black man these simps need to be dealt with, Verbs keep destroying these fools smh.

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  5. One can look up the name: SATOSHI KANAZAWA. Mr. Kanazawa caused quite a bit of anger when his research concluded that black women are the ugliest women on the planet. [I give no opinion, here, on his research].

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  6. Verbs2015,

    “Ladies, would you date a man that worked at McDonalds?”

    “No they prefer their men unemployed.”

    DAMN….. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

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  7. It’s a damn shame that those tweets are what 99% of black bitches actually believe. Contradictory, ignorant, self-aggrandizing, self-righteous, selfish… Sad. Black people are NEVER getting out of the hole we’re in, because these bitches are POSSESSED. And shame on the fucking SIMPS for encouraging this nonsense that is KILLING black culture.

    It’s also ironic that black women are STILL misquoting the stats about black women being “the most educated” by race and gender. For all that “education”, they’re too STUPID to do the tiny amount of research necessary to reveal they in fact are NOT the most educated by race or gender.

    Perfect examples of the Dunning-Kruger effect — “a cognitive bias in which people of low cognitive ability suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their cognitive ability to be greater than it is… The cognitive bias of illusory superiority derives from the meta-cognitive inability of low ability persons to recognize their own ineptitude.”

    And even if they were somehow “the most educated”, all they would do is crow about it and try to use it to put down black men… “Educated” black women most certainly would not help black people, because all these fools know how to do is throw their weight behind racist power structure — just as anyone who understands the black female psyche would predict of them…

    I predict this new era is going see many more examples like Eunice Rivers Laurie, the nurse who recruited for and coordinated the Tuskegee syphilis experiment on black men. Eunice was also “highly educated” — and become nothing more than a cold-hearted soldier for the racial power structure who could see no human value in black men as long as she was getting a paycheck. Of course, those poor, unsophisticated black men trusted her because she was a “sista” — and many died for that trust.

    We’re going to see “Eunices” operating in hollywood, the corporate realm, law — hell, maybe even more of them in medical experimentation.

    If they can starve their sons because they’re black, while feeding their “mixed” children, right there in the same household with the white stepfather, what evil AREN’T they capable of doing? Some might say “that’s just one example”… No, it’s not. The anti-black male fuckery is a THEME that we’re seeing throughout black female culture … Finally we’re waking up to it… except, of course, the simps…

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  8. @ checkurself i never knew about about that bitch nurse rivers goes to show you wat blkwomen really are about.

    Thugs and SIMPs are both sides of same long as these ppl are around the tragedy of the diaspora blkness will remain as it is.I’m starting to hate these SIMPs/thugs now more so than these blkshedevils but then again they’re products of these shedevils. Simps are for emotional support while thugs are sexual.the best we must do is avoid these ppl.

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    • Michel,

      Somebody sent me that video about a week ago, it was nothing short of disgusting and pure evil. The violence of black women namely black mothers is clearly international, those that come from the West Indies especially places like Jamaica are notoriously feral. Notice how these black sirens always have a convenient excuse for their bloodthirsty barbarism and notice how these yellow bellied simps will always jump to their defence. This woman ought to be burned alive at the stake for what she did, not reintroduced into society where she will be able to wreak even more havoc.

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      • Verbs2015,

        Yup Caribbean women are the WORST when it comes to capital punishment on their own children. African women and African American women aren’t anywhere near as bad as they’re. Jamaican women in particular have a sick affinity for child abuse. .

        As an Afro-Caribbean man I was VERY fortunate that my mother was a kind and gentle woman. However I had friends and family who were not so lucky and had to endure the sick pathology and psychosis of Jamaican and other Caribbean mothers. My cousin went through physical hell growing up with a black feral chimp that would beat him almost black and blue for stupidest of things like not closing the curtain properly.

        But you want to know what really makes me laugh the most though Verbs? These very same women that love to beat and abuse their black children will turn around and cry when black men beat their asses. All of a sudden it’s “I’m a woman PROTECT MEEEE,” but this so called delicate little woman had no problem torturing and beating the snot out of a defenseless child who’s 1/5 her size.

        This is why I don’t take their cries for help seriously…..


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