Derrick Jaxn, You Bastard – I Read Your Book – Article By Mumia Obsidian Ali

Book review of “”Single Mothers Are For Grown Men ONLY! – One Man’s Takedown of the Stereotypes Against Single Mothers”
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8:06 AM 10/3/2017 Tue
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By Mumia Obsidian Ali

“Rommell, you bastard! I read your book!”
-General George S. Patton

While the online Black community was still reeling from yet another frontal assault on Black men en masse in the form of “Very Smart Brotha” Damon Young’s missive arguing that (straight) Black men were somehow the “White People of Black people” (read: Black women) last month, another BS bomb was dropped by self-styled poet, author and newly minted “relationship expert” one Mr. Derrick Jaxn. For those of who may not be aware, Jaxn can be seen on Facebook, Instagram and increasingly YouTube, plying his apologia for Black Female Fuckery trade, doing what all such “experts” do – tell Black women what they want to hear, not necessarily the truth and definitely not the facts. His most recent work, “Single Mothers Are For Grown Men ONLY!” (as if putting that last word ALL IN CAPS is gonna make any difference – hrrmph), firmly establishes the heretofore cagey Jaxn when it came to tossing his hat into the Black Male Relationship Expert Industrial Complex (BMREIC) ring as, well a “relationship expert”. Now that he has, I fully consider him fair game.

Sans any experience in the realm of parenting (Jaxn’s a newly minted parent himself, a proud baby daddy to a little girl bundle of joy brought about by his years-on-end dealings with his baby mama, whom rumor has it he met while at Tuskeegee), marriage (see above) or relationships (at just under 30, how much of a track record can he really have?), Jaxn nevertheless sees himself as imminently qualified to give “homespun wisdom” and “commonsense” to the Black female addled masses. But, if the aforementioned Young piece over at VSB and the more recent one appearing on the Madame Noire website written by staffer Veronica Wells, where she argues for calling Black men en masse “terrorists” is anything to go by, it is clear that Black women couldn’t give a toss about facts, data or empirical evidence – especially when any of the above might threaten to cast them in a less than favorable light. Talk about “Don’t bring me no bad news!” – the Age of Ignorance, is upon us, indeed.

The Personal Is Political – Sorta
The basis of Jaxn’s book is half excoriation of Black men, half apologia for the horrendous life choices of so many Black women, all couched in terms explained by the subtitle on the cover: “One man’s takedown of the stereotypes against single mothers” and puts it in the context of the supposedly fine exemplar of exceptional single moms like his own, Barack Obama’s and Ciara, prior to her highly publicized (and highly controversial) wedding to Super Bowl winning quarterback, Russell Wilson. Jaxn argues that these heroines are getting short shrift in the court of public opinion and he’s here to swing into action like the proverbial Captain Save ‘Em to set the record straight. Unfortunately though – and no small surprise to me in the least – Jaxn’s extraordinary claims aren’t accompanied with any corresponding evidence. All we have is his “wisdom” on the matter, all of which is jam-packed inside of 130 pages – no references, no citations, no footnotes, no bibliography, no index – just one oversized pamphlet comprising 24 “chapters” (if one considers a few pages of text such a thing) that purports to “tell it like it is”.

Too bad the facts, evidence and data – now more than a generation in scope – says otherwise. We’ll get to that in a moment.

But for now though, we have to appreciate the fact that it is completely understandable that Jaxn, a guy who prides himself on being the catnip to the ladies combo of “tough on the outside, soft on the inside”, would make this book at least in part personal. Sure, assuming that his mom was indeed exceptional, even taking for granted that the same was true for Obama’s mama and Ciara (and we know in both of those cases they weren’t – Obama was actually raised by his GRANDPARENTS in Hawaii, and Ciara, a high fashion model who managed to keep her looks after popping out rapper and notorious womanizer Future’s kid, made the headlines and was the rage of/on Black social media the entire summer of 2015 BECAUSE her case was so rare, so exceptional – again as the stats will soon bear out), the evidence again, sadly bears out that this is simply not the case for the rank and file Black baby mama. And no amount of hawking feelgood overgrown pamphlets to Black women to whom the designation “baby mama” accurately applies, is going to change that harsh reality on the ground.

Just The Facts, Jaxn
So, without further ado, here’s just a few of the hard and fast facts about the realities of single motherhood. The following is from a study conducted by Ohio State University, where some 102K single mothers were surveyed coast to coast, between the ages of 18-34 and between the years 1980-1995 (bear in mind, that Jaxn himself was born circa 1989 or so):

1. Single mothers are 30% less likely to marry than their non-baby mama counterparts

2. Those single moms who do marry get hubbies that are significantly older, less educated and therefore, make significantly less money than women who get married before having kids by someone else

3. More than 30% of baby mamas and their kids/families live in poverty, vs. only 6% of married mamas

4. And, even when baby mamas do get married, those marriages are of markedly less quality, don’t go the distance and have all manner of problems, due in large part to the aforementioned stock of men available for these baby mamas to marry in the first place

Keep in mind, that the aforementioned study/survey sampled single moms nationwide, regardless as to color. Now, let’s bring in the hard and fast stats as they relate to Black America:

1. According to, the current marital rate in Black America is 29% – an all-time low since US Census records have been kept since 1890

2. According to govt sources such as the CDC and the US Census, the Black out of wedlock birth rate has now exceeded 70% (and in dense urban inner-city cores) like Baltimore, Newark, Philly and NYC, that number can reach as high as 80% or more)

3. Put the above two facts, and the OSU study, together with the fact that most Black women have a net worth of $5 USD, and you can see how and why so many Black women are in fact, either living in poverty or on its knife’s edge – Baby Mamaism, leads to either not getting married at all, or marrying a markedly lower quality of man, which in turn leads to, yup, you guessed it, poverty. In the USA, for most people most of the time, the surefire way OUT of poverty and into the middle class, is to get married BEFORE YOU HAVE KIDS, stay married, both you and your spouse work, plan and save and viola!-you’ve made it into the middle class (Shoutout to Walter Williams!). Of the relatively few married Black American couples remaining who have adhered to this script, they are living proof of its veracity.

(For those who want to know more about single motherhood or what I have referred to as “Baby Mamaism”, has done quite possibly irreversible damage to the Black American family, I strongly urge you to checkout Manhattan Institute’s “City Journal” editor Ms. Kay Hymowitz’s excellent work, “The Black Family: 40 Years of Lies”.)

But the harsh truth is that so many Black women knock themselves completely out of the running to the good life here in America, because so many of them make so many bad decisions – which brings me to the next point…

Giving Baby Mamas A Pass
As previously noted, Jaxn spends a goodly amount of his book upbraiding Black men on one hand, while giving nothing but “context” to Black baby mamas on the other. For example, he attempts to explain away, rationalize and justify how and why so many Black women get with “ain’t shit” Black men (also known as “thugs”, ne’er do wells and the like) – it’s because, Jaxn argues, so many Black women are so tired of “wolves in sheep’s clothing” Black men. This is a truly interesting development to witness – since the rise of what some have dubbed “the Black Manosphere” on social media and YouTube in particular, where everyday Black men are now having a platform to have their sides of the story being told, Black women and their proxies, like Jaxn, can no longer deny, deny, deny, that they DO indeed have a thing for thugs and knuckleheads – so what they’ve now done is “blame the victim and kill the messenger”, but attempting to frame their incredibly fucked up mating choices on “fake good brothers” – riiight. It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that so many Black women’s mating compasses are so askew to begin with? It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with so many Black women simply not valuing “boring” qualities (at least not when they’re young, hot and DON’T HAVE KIDS) – you know, like honesty, character and work ethic/studiousness? It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that so many Black women are drawn like a moth to a flame to the WORST kinds of Black men? And, it couldn’t possibly have anything in the least to do with the idea that so many Black women honestly believe that “they can change him”?

Not at all, right?

Jaxn further argues that to suggest that a Black baby mama should have done a better job of vetting her baby dad(dies) is unfair, since no one is a psychic; but the simple truth is that so many of these women were living in DENIAL, refusing to see and accept, what was clearly right in front of them. Look, knuckleheads are called as such because no one is accusing them of being criminal masterminds – as Jaxn says himself in his book, these guys wear their thuggishness on their sleeves. What you see, is what you get – and when so many Black women get invariably burned, rode hard, hung out wet and with several kids in tow (how many Black baby mamas do YOU personally know who only has one?), NOW all of a sudden they turn to guys like Jaxn, who will tell them that “Black Men Ain’t Shit” – all for a fee, of course.

Moreover, as noted in the highly acclaimed work, “Promises I Can Keep: Why Poor Women Put Motherhood Before Marriage”, its authors Kathryn Edin and Maria Kefalas note that poor (read: Black) women know exactly what they’re doing when they get knocked up, contrary to popular (and grossly misinformed) opinion. Many of these women get pregnant for varying reasons, ranging from being able to garner attention in their social circle, family and neighborhood, to having “someone to love”, to attempting to “change a man” (see above), and so on. Many of those women see having a baby as one of the relatively few things they CAN do, amidst a sea of despair that surrounds them. Many know that they aren’t likely to ever become wives, but they CAN become (single) mothers – and so they do. Of course, Jaxn won’t cite any of these facts, because he either (A) doesn’t know them to begin with, and/or (B) dares not bring such unsavory facts before the Sistahood – lest they turn on him like killer bees on a swarm.

You just cannot make this stuff up – speaking of which…

Bizarroland Is Black America
On my daily podcast talk show aimed at Black men and which can be heard on YouTube, I often liken Black America to one of Superman’s enemies, the villan Bizarro. For those who are only or largely familiar with Superman due to the Christopher Reeves or Henry Cavill films, or for those in the audience old enough to remember the George Reeves television show that originally aired in the 1950s(!), you might not recognize the name “Bizarro” – but for diehard comic book fans like yours truly, knew him very well.

You see, unlike Lex Luthor or General Zod, Bizarro was in many ways, exactly like Superman – just a hyped up, twisted, perverted vision of himself. Bizarro had many of the same qualities as Superman, but he was a very “askew” version of him at the same time – recall a “funny house” or a “hall of mirrors” when you go to a carnival. How your face and body looks distorted? Well, that’s Bizarro – and I’ve long argued that Black America itself is, in so many ways, the “Bizarroland” to White America’s “Superman”.

Why am I bringing this up? Because earlier in this piece I cited Ms. Kay Hymowitz, whose work in the area of documenting 70 ways to Sunday how and why Baby Mamaism has utterly destroyed Black America and is on the fast track to doing the same to the nation at large (Charles Murrary also discusses this in his excellent work, “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010”) – she’s a Jewish woman. In the annals of human history one is hard pressed to come up with a group of people more obsessed with “matchmaking” than the Jews (OK, the Desi/Hindu Indians come a close second). Ever heard of “speed dating”? It was invented by a Jewish Rabbi. The dating and matchmaking coaching business is disproportionately represented by Jewish people (Evan Marc Katz, Rachel Greenwald, Susan Patton, etc., et. al.). Even one of the most popular Jewish-themed musicals-turned-major motion pictures ever – “Fiddler On The Roof” – notes this fact in one of its signature songs: “Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match”. It is downright inconceivable to see or hear of a Jewish person actually arguing what Jaxn does vis-a-vie his book – in fact, the ONLY place, where such a book could be written, published and then taken seriously, sans a even scintilla of evidence, data or facts to back it up, is “Bizarroland” Black America – because EVERYWHERE ELSE the very idea would be laughed out of polite society. In fact, comparing Jewish to Black America is a case study in serious contrasts, because the former praises the things Walter Williams notes above, while the latter clearly does not – and it shows. One of the major reasons why Jewish America is so very successful and why Black America is not, is almost entirely due to the topic of this book review – simply put, Baby Mamaism is a fast track to nowhere. Hymowitz cares more about the Black family than Jaxn does, and this too, shows – just compare and contrast their respective writings. That Jaxn is able to get any traction at all with his screed, just goes to show how askew modern day Black America truly is. Un-freaking believable.

Baby Mamas – What Are They Good For?
As noted in the title to his book, Jaxn argues that only “grown men” can or should be able to deal with baby mamas – it’s a lot of shaming language, pandering and “sound and fury”, signifying nothing. On the contrary, smart, successful men who have their heads on straight, not only avoid baby mamas, they fix their lives such that their social world orbits stay far away from that of single moms. Never shall the two collide.

This is borne out right there in Jaxn’s adopted hometown of Atlanta, GA. Long seen as “the Black Mecca” of Black America, according to Wikipedia, ATL now has one of the highest percentage of Black advanced degree holders than anywhere else in the country outside of historic Prince George’s County, MD. Atlanta is home to Georgia Tech, Clark Atlanta University and of course, Morehouse – and that’s not counting for the thousands of successful Black men who relocate to or otherwise spend formidable amounts of time in the Peachtree State.

Put another way: if you’re a Black woman who’s looking to mate with smart, successful Black men, Atlanta should be on your “to do” list (right behind the aforementioned PGC and of course, the “DMV” area at large), if for no other reason than the simple fact that there are just more of them per capita, than in other areas of the country. Ahh, but here comes the rub: if you’re a baby mama, well, that reduces your chances of even catching the eye of these guys significantly – to say nothing of actually locking one down. Add to this the incredibly high clinical morbid obesity rates among Black women, especially in the South (yet another major issue Jaxn, a dedicated gym rat who is keen to let his fawning fangirls know it by hosting live chats and the like shirtless, demures from telling the Sistahood the truth about), high school, car, house and consumer debt, notoriously bitchy attitudes, and, well, now you know why so many of Jaxn’s fangirls are constantly talking about “ain’t shit” Black men – as the OSU study makes clear above, when you fuck up your life with bad decision after bad decision like so many Black women do, all that is left available to you are “ain’t shit” Black men (which, in ATL, can be largerly found on the southern half of the city; the better off brothas tend to be on the northern end). Water really does seek its own level, which also explains how and why Black women as a group are the least married cohort of American women – not only do better off Black men don’t want to be bothered by and large, but neither do American men of other races. This is something that is repeatedly borne out by stats and data bearing not only on marriage but even online dating studies, etc. Of course, because this IS Bizarroland Black America we’re talking about, and catering to Black women and what they want to hear at that, this is yet another fact that will be conveniently left out of Jaxn’s daily mini-diatribes on YouTube, left out of his books, left off his t-shirts and whatever else he can get his hands on to hawk to the ladies.

Bottomline: being a Baby Mama is a virtual guarantee that your life AND that of your kids, is filled with hardship, pain, poverty and even early death – that is not hyperbole, ladies. That is the cold, hard truth, that the BMREIC simply will not tell you. Instead, they’ll continue to fill your heads with absolute nonsense about how it is somehow all Black men’s fault for not seeing your Baby Mama’d arse as a worthy mate and wifey material, facts, evidence and data to the contrary be damned.

But, as the wise man from a previous era, one Niccolo Machiavelli, said so very well:

“Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived.”

Something to think about, as you read Jaxn’s “book”, ladies.

Mumia Obsidian Ali is a podcaster, talk show host and citizen journalist focused on Black men’s issues. Check him out on “Obsidian Radio” heard on YouTube!

38 thoughts on “Derrick Jaxn, You Bastard – I Read Your Book – Article By Mumia Obsidian Ali

  1. The seven alternative benefits of dating a single mother:

    1) Being put on child support for 20 years.

    2) Having J-Boogie shoot you up for messing with his “gurl”

    3) Having your masculinity challenged by a fat angry bitch

    4) Watching your adopted kid tell you “you’re not my daddy”

    5) Having said single mother tell you “nigga ass nigga bitch ass nigga my house nugga”

    6) Watching said adopted kid listening to trap hip hop and being trained to be a thug/thot.

    7) Not paying said child support and ending up in slave labour camp aka prison.

    The cuts are coming. #SYSBM

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    • With the cuts coming, the armory that thots had will be reduced to that of an empty refrigerator. Dudes who drop fries in grease for a living will be drowning in nasty black taint. Bring snorkels.

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        These black sirens still believe that they are invincible, however we are already seeing the cracks with all of these hit pieces demonising us. The clock is ticking, I’ve seen news articles regarding the welfare cuts executive order. There is nowhere for black women to run to.

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    • Michel,

      I laughed when I read your list but it’s all true. I wouldn’t like to be Derrick Jaxn on judgement day, dude has no shame. Blatantly pimping black females, however they are equally as stupid for following the guy’s lead. Then dude is trying to go in on black men for rejecting single mothers, the simp/pimp game is strong in this one.

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    • Brotha Michel!! Can…Can you pass the spear? And I love. Loooove love love love repeat this worthy yet constructive axiom I came up with…

      ….Single Mothers…Especially in western society (black,white,hispanic and asian In all forms/areas) Are Nothing But Welfare Recipient Femicunts…Bottom Line…Let’s Not Play Games. They have a blood/cum stained entitlement mentality of THE WORST KIND!! Always and fo’eva Walking on a machine called “The Misandric Treadmill” which keeps them 1% fit most of the time…yet they ride “The Cock Carousel” as a hypergamous, financial substitute/supplement for entertainment purposes only!! They oughta be ashamed of themselves…

      Now!! If any man in this nation thinks that a single mother is wifey marriage material just because she’s “takin care of her kiiiids” “takin care of biznaaaz” and have this “I dont neeeed no maaaaaayan” in her psyche etc. Then you’re trippin big homie.

      These are the same women who work full-time jobs and still receive “retainer balances” and the same ones who exploit men who’ve no children etc. by doing the financial and emotional damage shaming language. So here’s the deal…and this should be passed on…That once the moment you exploit us men financially and emotionally, then it is within us as men to look at you women as cum receptacles. THIS IS CODE!!!!

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      • “I take care of my keeeds”

        You’re supposed to, you dumb bitch….
        Lets be clear, the idea of looking after children is simply dress, feed and shelter. That’s it.
        Try teaching these hateful, low self esteem having “women” about the concept of unconditional love, attention and interest in their development…

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  3. These relationship gurus are basically no different from pastors. Tell em what they wanna hear so you can hit it from da rear!

    Conversely, as usual, notice the guys single status and relationship with his “woman” who is nothing but a baby momma. Black Women come out smelling like week old diarrhea when the only men willing to bat for them are simps who still won’t marry them and, on occasion, white men who intend to sick them on black society.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Its always the usual suspects and black women always fall for the okey doke without fail. Yet another reason why thinking black men ought to walk away from them, how can you be expected to unify with a group of women who deliberately walk into calamity simply because what they are being told sounds good? Dumb with a capital D.

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  4. What an idiot Derrick jaxn is. So I should spend the rest of my life with a woman who allowed another man ejaculate in her and had his child, because, she can cook and not go to the club? Like woman with no children can’t cook.
    Does this fool understand that the father of that woman’s child will ALWAYS be involved in not only his child’s life, but in the life of the woman who gave birth to his child. If a woman is willing to have a child with a man don’t you think that somewhere deep down in her brain she has a physical attachment to that man that will exist for the rest of her life because she actually carried his child in her womb? The so-called benefits this clown listed are puerile, weak, and laughable at best.
    So I am supposed to be with a woman who has children because that will give me a preview of what type of mother she will be to my child? These type of Blackmen have got to be some of the weakest, dumbest fools on the planet earth.
    I wouldn’t be with the woman who was children if you paid me to do it. Getting involved with a woman who has children is getting involved with the father of her children for the remainder of your time with that woman. The father of her children has a legitimate reason to contact her contact the children and be ‘around’, for no reason other than the fact that he has children with this woman. Why on earth would I ever want to financially take care of children that are not mine?
    Derrick Jaxn is the text book definition of a Simp. I’m not sure if he actually believes what he saying or is he just trying to get support from black women and SIMPS who have gotten involved with single women with children. Annie man that would actually listen to this garbage and think that this is true is actually dumber and more simple than Derrick Jaxn is.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Jaxn is a straight simp/pimp and as per usual the black women who follow him are too stupid to realise that they are being merchandised and played. Just like Afrofuturism1 stated before Jaxn is no different to these institutional church beast pastors who fleece black women week in and week out, tell these foolish women what they want to hear and they will practically throw pounds and dollars at your feet.

      What sickens me about that video Jaxn made is that all the so called “benefits” he listed are all based upon lies, most black women can’t and don’t cook, how many stories have we come across of black women leaving their children in car in order to shake a leg in club or see an artist at a concert? I really don’t know how that dude can sleep at night, and then he had the cheek to say at the end of his diatribe that no woman would be benefited by being with a man who believes that he should start his own legacy/family tree from scratch.

      Just like these hit pieces that have been coming in thick and fast against thinking black men, he is attempting to get many of these destitute single mothers situated before the welfare cuts kick in, in just under 2 months. Its too late for these harridans, they’ve made their decadent nests which they must now lay in.


    • Bill Smith
      Unfortunately theirs many good Blackman who’s single, good job, good credit and no kids offen date single black mother who Is out of shape, multiple kids, and who sometimes look like a dude, but the good news is many good Blackmen is waking up and getting away from these women.

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    • Tony Starkes,

      Obsidian has also produced a podcast to accompany this article, check out the link below if you have done so already:

      Thanks bro, just helping Obsidian put the information out there. Penny Claps back once again tomorrow.

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  5. Blkmale SIMPs and thugs come from the same defunct babymamas this fool knows only wat he experienced growing up. Its like someone who dropped out of highschool trying to lecture a PhD holder…. This is typical know it all single babymama westernised modern day blk women mentality, our way is right…this idiot is a product of his upbringing by these women.

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    • Cosmicbodi,

      From what I understand Jaxn was indeed raised in a single mother household. Black women are even more idiotic to be listening to guys like this as their dating and marriage situations are only getting worse. You’d have thought that they would’ve put 2 and 2 together by now and recognised the scam, however no such luck.

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  6. Benefits of dating a single mother? lol!!! This guy acts as if being a single mother makes you an angel.

    For one, single mothers (especially black ones) tend to treat their men like they’re just another one of their bad ass kids. There’s a huge difference between how embittered, jilted single mothers look at men and the way women without children look at men. A single mother is as different in outlook from a woman without kids as a sexually active woman is from a virgin. Single mothers are sometimes bitter and cynical… or desperate and hoping for marriage… They’re generally not as much fun overall.

    For two, the “benefit” of having a woman who can cook only counts if she’s a good cook! Most of them THINK that they are… but it’s subjective! Most of the chicks who have cooked for me weren’t such good cooks to my taste — because they liked their food too salty and tended to enjoy really unhealthy food. On top of that, even if she is a good cook, it didn’t start when she had a child! Women without children can be good cooks… and if they aren’t, that doesn’t suddenly change when she has kids…

    Plus, cooking isn’t that big a deal! Unless the chick is an extraordinary cook, I’m fine with the relatively healthy stuff I can throw together myself. When I want a culinary experience, I’ll go to a restaurant. I don’t need rich food everyday.

    For three… Single mothers have less time, and less energy. And having kids around isn’t sexy… And her body is probably blown out after a kid or two (women tend to gain weight after childbirth). That’s all fine and good if the kids are MINE — but somebody else’s? I’ll pass…

    Four — single motherhood is not good for the community. We have to begin to discourage women from being single mothers. We need to make them better “gatekeepers” of that pussy. They need a reminder that they AREN’T men… sex should mean something different for them because in the case of breakup, the woman generally stays with the child. If men shunned single mothers, and women realized that it’s a hard and lonely path, there would probably be fewer of single mothers. It would force women to fix the way they look at men..
    and be more discriminating about who they let into their bodies… and value the guys in their lives more (including the baby daddy)…

    The guy in the vid thinks he’s helping by “selling” single mothers. When will simps learn that they are NOT helping by kissing up to black women?? Black female culture is a HUGE part of the dysfunction in the black community. As long as black women remain the “sacred cow”… As long as they continue to think they’re perfect and continue to turn up their noses at self examination… things will CONTINUE to deteriorate.

    He would help much more by encouraging men to AVOID single mothers… and encouraging both men and women to not have kids by people they don’t intend to cohabitate with… Gotta realize having a child should NOT be a casual thing, like “let’s go halfs on a baby” …

    Having a child is probably one of the most consequential things you’ll do in life, but that’s the message NOBODY is telling kids these days… including black single mothers, who should be shouting that message from the rooftops.

    Anyway, this is something that black men need to control, because women have all the options when it comes to pregnancy, so they will deliberately get pregnant, for many shady reasons. Black men should take a look at that monster black bitch “swirler” who made the news because she fed her “mixed race” children well while starving her black son, right there in the household with her white guy… or Christelyn Karazin, who proudly told tommy sotomayor that she enrolls her mix kids in piano lessons, but won’t enroll her black child because according to her, the black father doesn’t pay support… Your kids could really suffer if you have them by the wrong bitch. Not to mention you will suffer too, if she puts that ass in the child support collection system, taking 17% of your income, possibly for LIFE…

    Both men and women need to be far more deliberate about having kids. Don’t get trapped!

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      • Bill Smith
        It’s true that men are better cooks then women on average, but in the black communities its taught to make blacks believe that black women cooks better then black men, i see this brainwash going on in New York City where I live.

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  7. >The guy in the vid thinks he’s helping by “selling” single mothers.

    I would rather buy a flood-damaged, used car from Hurricane Harvey than to get with one of those disease-ridden, attitude-laden, $5 quean mothers. A flood-damaged vehicle is worth more $$$$.

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off, and the Welfare/Section 8 cuts decimate the population of queans and SIMPs

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  8. Verbs, I mentioned this before but I am from Washington D.C. and used to live in PG County. I currently live in Northern Virginia had to get away from PG the vibe and the women in PG are horrible. Although you have highly educated brothers in PG this is the kicker the educated women from PG still choose thugs to have kids with. But they have the worst attitudes and think they are doing something or better than everybody because they have a degrees and yet most are still single, divorced, and lonely because of there wicked ways. A degree has not brought you happiness but they do not get it and still act like crazed maniacs. I would strongly suggest a brother stay away from a woman with a degree from PG County I have first hand knowledge of how these women act here. I moved to Northern Virginia because it is more mixed races living in Fairfax County and the vibe is fantastic. Those fake successful black women in PG is just a cover up for their ghetto demon ways I am telling you the hardcore facts on that. Now to this foolish writer so in a nutshell he is saying men need to be the bail out plan for these irresponsible baby making, hoodrat mentality, mentally insane, over weight, nasty attitudes, weave wearing ugly women. Wow these Simps are growing in numbers.

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    • Hello Sean. This is everywhere. The academics & corporate thot(s). It does not matter where you move in the United States. These chicks are usually in the beauty, medical, health, financial, government, and business sector. Former ratchets, escorts ,& strippers who probably got stuck in a dead-end and decided to get their shit together. There is alot of that going on in the 2010’s generation. Although it was happening back in the 1990s & 2000s, the element of shame is gone. As well, most Black Women have fully accepted faux religion and full-blown feminism as a doctrine.

      The thugs they seek and validate are the ones they use for drugs,sex, and protection. They feel between Child Support, Alimony (if she is lucky), Government Assistance, her “Career” & Side-Simps, there will be no need for a Black Mans income supposedly. That’s why they are so “independent and strong” which is a crock of shit. Single Mothers bring on nothing but poverty,dysfunction, & the next generations of fuck-ups who are the new wave of faggots, whores, and convicts.

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    • Sean,

      This issue with black women touting their education as some sort of grand card of leverage is at severe epidemic levels. Indeed, educated black women are the worst for the attitudes aswell as picking unproductive black men to open their legs to, this is proof right there that education and intelligence are not one and the same.

      We must leave these women to stew and marinate in their own failures, it is not our job as thinking black men to rehabilitate and save single black mothers or angry and miserable black women period, let them keep their lives of misery and loneliness to themselves.


  9. Hey Ryan, everything you said is spot on and yes it is all over the States this crazy behavior. But I just wanted to make a point about PG County because many black men think it is a place to meet educated women with their head in straight which is the furthest thing from the truth. I have met so many brothers that have relocated to PG and had their pipe dreams burst. They say these are the worst women they have encountered and constantly say the women in PG County are crazy. The strong black independent woman statement has to be the worst slogan in history. You are independent but you are using the state to get money wow you are so strong. I do not understand how people are still chasing black women here in the States they absolutely bring nothing to the table but misery.

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  10. -Over 70% of black women are single mothers.
    -Now more than ever thinking black men are refusing to date black women all together and if they DO date black women they are very strict on what they will not tolerate.
    -No attitude
    -No kids out of wedlock
    -No fat chicks
    -No AF/BB
    -No weave
    This is why they are saying “Straight Black men are the White men of the black community”
    This is why men like Derrick Jaxan exist. These types HAVE to push the idea of dating single moms because OVER 70% OF BLACK WOMEN ARE SINGLE MOTHERS. YOU CAN GET RID OF THE WEAVE,ATTITUDE, AND HIT THE GYM BUT YOU CAN’T GET RID OF THE THUG BABIES.
    Now “Black youtube” is going crazy because they know that black men are leaving the building and there are more than enough non-black women who love good black men to go around and these women for the most part DON’T come with all the aforementioned baggage that the scraggle daggle. They are discussing what I commented on here before about the fact that black men are going to create a new mulatto race of blacks leaving the scraggle daggle in the dust with her simps and white daddy.

    Kim Kardashian was just the beginning. Non-black women of all races are getting fat ass,slim waist, cute face,no kids,no attitude,and THEY ARE THROWING THEMSELVES AT CLEAN CUT BROTHERS 100MPH. Meanwhile black women and simps like Derrick Jaxan are running around trying to sell brothers on washed up single black mothers who have 5 kids from 5 different men. What a joke black women are done and they know it.
    The cuts are coming. I’m going to see “The Last Jedi” while these bitches get “The Last Welfare Check” #sysbm

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    • Yours Truly,

      Jaxn is simply running game on black women and unfortunately like many others he is using heterosexual thinking black men as his cannon fodder, however this isn’t like back in the day where there was no internet and the information black men had pertaining to what was really going on was limited. This is the information age, Jaxn can play his part as he attempts to get these babymothers situated, however the black men who are most needed to build black society are now checking out of it.

      Like I stated before, let these black women build with the Pookies and J Boogies they so love to open their legs to so much, they’ve already made it abundantly clear that the thinking black man is off their radar, therefore in light of this revelation it is only right that we take ourselves elsewhere to place where we will be loved and appreciated. You’re right, for free thinking black men there is more than a sufficient amount of non black women to go around, we’re straight.


      • Pookie and J Boogies were just sperm donors to these women. Deep down they KNOW he was never going to stick around. She always assumed a simp would come along and clean up her mess. The best move for the scraggle daggle is to admit defeat and stop trying to shame thinking black men into raising another mans kids. She needs to start giving these simps some play because soon even they will decide enough is enough and leave her as well. Last time I checked even rappers and members of the pro-black simp community are trading up for non black women whenever possible.

        This gender war in the 2000-20XX is all about the fact that the internet ruined Alpha fucks/Beta bucks because men could communicate all over the world in a matter of seconds. It also gave birth to social media like facebook or Twitter where women can indulge in their vanity and tell on themselves thus further exposing AF/BB.

        I was 16 and learned about AF/BB by Tom Leykis. It didn’t have a name at the time but the concept was easy enough to understand. He also explained the concept of sexual market value which goes hand in hand with AF/BB. I kept my head down, focused on myself, and didn’t chase girls. Now everything Tom said has come to pass. The guys who use to clown me are now slaves on the scraggle daggle plantation. They have admitted that they envy my freedom. They are ashamed to be seen with these women in public because the scraggle daggle got fat and ugly real quick. They see now non-black women looking how black women use to look in the 70’s and are mad as hell that the “lames” like me will be snatching them up. Revenge of the nerds indeed.

        The women have hit the wall and are losing their minds while I just laugh. They are so delusional they think men without kids see single mothers as a first choice. They will learn soon enough.

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  11. All black single moms are not dumb, fat, weave wearing, money hungry, poor, thots, etc. All black men are not immature little boys going from woman to woman making babies. All black men and women without children are not necessarily great candidates for marriage. Research conducted in high proverty urban areas do not represent the black community. If the same research was conducted in trailer parks, then obviously similar results would be shown. We can’t just blame one party for the destruction of Black America. You have to consider the destruction of the black man, woman and inevitably the black family.


    • Knj1022,

      Black women are NOT victims, sorry, trying to conjure up the victimhood card on their behalf will not work over here at Slaying Evil. Take that nonsense somewhere else.


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