Explaining Interracial Dating And Relationships To Simpleton Black Women And Their Pro Black Flunkies – SYSBM And Swirling Are NOT The Same

As of late black women and their pro black flunkies have been coming out of the woodwork thick and fast, a large portion of them have been hitting up the comments in the “About” section of the website as well as some of the older articles where they know they’ll most likely avoid the wrath of the thinking black men’s regiment. As I have stated many times before black women and their simp advocates whenever black men and interracial dating is mentioned immediately jump straight upon white women as if white females are the only option available to smart black brothers.

Don’t ever pay attention to black women and their pro black simps whenever they talk about black men being colour struck or being infatuated with white women because these same black females and the simps that worship them have white women on the brain more than they claim thinking black men do. SYSBM is all about expanding on your dating and marriage options, it isn’t about worshipping or putting any particular women up on a pedestal, that is not how we do it here at Slaying Evil. SYSBM in light of the dysfunctional black female is all about looking at what other options are available to yourself as a thinking black soldier.

However it seems that these rabid black sirens and their simp squads concerning black males believe that interracial dating and marriage only equates to black men getting together with white women alone. Showing a preference to one particular race of women does not equate to worship, we are all different here, we each have different tastes and thus the particular women we will go for will vary from man to man. Something else that needs to be added here is SYSBM is a LONG TERM strategy, not a short-term one. SYSBM is predominantly about the black male who is looking for a long-term relationship/marriage, the founder of SYSBM MadBusDriver has explained this many times before.

Sure, SYSBM can also be applied to short-term mating strategies, however these are not its primary focus. To the scumbag black females and pro black simps coming to the comment sections who cannot seem to put the pieces of the puzzle together yet, interracial dating and marriage means just that. Just because certain gentlemen here have a preference towards white females it doesn’t now mean that SYSBM is all about black men getting together with white women only, this is the raggedy, redundant, old, rinsed through, vestigial, shaming tactic rhetoric that the feminist black witch and her pro black male feminist cohorts continue to spew from their pie holes of disinformation.

The truth of the matter is black women know full well that interracial relationships on the side of black men involve more than just white women, however they purposely choose to be ignorant whenever black men decide to take the dating out path. Yet whenever they manage to land themselves a White, Asian, Arab or Latino man it is then and only then when they will decide to implement a full understanding of interracial dating and marriage(for themselves only). You see, according to the mindset of black women and their simp squads black men dating out only means dealing with white women, however whenever the roles are reversed and black females are brought into the equation, all of a sudden now the full racial spectrum counts.


At the end of the day bringing up a few accounts here and there of white women turning against black men pales in comparison to the black witch and the untold amount of destruction she has brought upon black men and black society as a whole. In your efforts to attempt to shame thinking black men back onto the plantation you forget that we fully understand that black women are active employees of the state and that their task is to keep both black men and black society broken and flat upon their faces.

As a long-term solution you would actually suggest that black men are better off dealing with the black witch as opposed to taking their chances elsewhere? Stay with the modern day black female who calls a black man a nigger every 2 minutes, you talked about white women and their potential racism yet the black woman’s hatred and racism against black men is much worse as well as blatantly overt/in your face.

What about the fact that black women are trying their hardest to mimic and resemble the same white women that they are so jealous of, did you ever think about that D32018? Since black women are trying to look like white women, isn’t that a sign by itself that white women are the superior model that black men ought to be looking at and going for?

We thinking black men do not live our lives out in fear over white women falsely accusing us of rape because black women pull that skullduggery far, far more often than their white female counterparts. Mike Tyson, Brian Banks, Tupac Shakur just to mention a few. This is not even taking into account the great swaths of black men who have lost their lives at the hands of these queans you worship so much.

And by the way this crying rape card that the select few of white women are pulling against black men is not having the same effect as it would have done back in the day. Times are changing, even the black females who frequently pull the “he raped me” card are finding out that taking such a route is not exempt of serious consequences if the individuals are discovered to be lying.

SYSBM is working very well, as I stated to you in my response comment on the 27th September 2017, we thinking black men know that SYSBM is functioning good and well because pro black simps like yourself at the behest of your queans are coming out of the woodwork thick and fast trying your best to shame us back onto the proverbial plantation.

You got shook up when I said that you were sitting at home with a tub of industrial strength vaseline in one hand and a greasy penis in the other because your member hadn’t seen the walls of a vagina in years. As I stated in my article dealing with most pro blacks being single, this is a fact that very few of you black female worshipping goons have the guts to face, most of you guys spend your days and nights on Pornhub stroking one off after the next, dreaming of dicking down your queanies in real life.

You would have thought that you would’ve learned something from The Gospel Of Tyrone, he blatantly showed you that licking the muddy boots of black women will avail you nothing. In fact licking the muddy shoes of any females irrespective of their race is a big NO NO. Slaying Evil and Negro Wars are here to document the skullduggery and dysfunctional mannerisms of the modern day black female as well as to encourage black men in light of these negatives to expand upon their dating and marriage options.

Only a fool would still continue to bat and stand for a group of women who not only hate his guts but openly display their hatred for him on a daily basis. Use your head D32018, if black women were worth defending then you would have been posting positive articles on your Dangerous News Network website uplifting your queans, but to date you don’t have a single article up defending them, you’re looking really silly right now bruh.

Just to clarify SYSBM, please take a look at some of the following women that are available to the thinking black male when he decides to expand upon his dating options:

Thinking black men are not stupid, we understand that non black females also come with their issues and problems, however at the same time we also note that their issues and faults are much less prevalent due to their cultures for the most part still being intact and thus there is a far higher chance of finding stable individuals within these groups who do not have children as opposed to attempting to seek the same conditions amongst today’s black women, there simply is no comparison.

Miss me with that nonsense about left over white women being the thinking black man’s only option, you’re just jealous because you see us making big strides, leaps and bounds. If you choose to keep yourself on the plantation then that is your own fault and nobody else’s. The pictures above are only a small sample of the non black women black men have to choose from and can easily obtain. Black men, be on the lookout for deceptive black women such as Cynthia G and pro black simps like D32018 trying to run Jedi mind tricks and Kansas City Shuffles on you.

Finally it should be mentioned here that SYSBM and the swirl movement are NOT one and the same. I’ve been noticing a lot of black women sneakily attempting to put the two together, however both are very different. The foundation of swirling is built upon a spiteful hatred and a disdain for black men as well as a worship of non black males especially white men, whereas SYSBM is all about long-term mating strategies in light of the modern day black female’s severe derailment as well as her deep-rooted hatred towards black men.

Black women worship white men as gods, this is why your typical black female will take onboard any white man across the entire, social, economic and academic spectrum, whether he be the CEO of a company or a white nationalist living on the streets out of a cardboard box, decked out in rags who rummages through bins, trash cans and dumpsters in search of his meals. Black men on the other hand DO NOT worship non black women, we have standards and will typically go for our non black female social, academic and economic equals. Unlike most black females non black women who date interracial recognise smart, thinking black men for their worth and their value.

By the way SYSBM INCLUDES feminine black women from non westernised countries, however modern day western black women conveniently omit this nugget of information whenever they choose to go in on black men who have chosen to walk away from them. This is yet another fundamental difference between SYSBM and the swirl movement, the swirl movement completely eliminates black men no matter what country they come from, as per the edicts and the philosophies handed down from swirl mountain, black men worldwide are completely excluded from a swirling black woman’s dating and marriage preferences.

Something else which the swirling sisterhood deliberately refuses to inform non black men about concerning a part of the swirl doctrine is the fact that these non black men out of the swirling black female’s hatred for black men will now be the ones who will be used for support and resources. Quite a convenient omission huh, I wonder what white men would think about that? SYSBM on the other hand is not about using non black women on any level as once again it deals with LONG TERM MATING STRATEGIES ie building a family to keep the man’s family tree in continuance.

SYSBM is literally all about black men’s survival ie saving themselves from the clutches of a group of women who wish to see them dead. That can be proven by the way, please check out an article I wrote back in April this year in which a black woman named Victoria Marie tells us how she really feels about black men. That article can be seen here. The section 8 cuts are coming and black women left and right are pulling out all of the stops trying to situate themselves before the first hammer comes down on December 16th this year.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From The Scraggle Daggle

Most High Bless

50 thoughts on “Explaining Interracial Dating And Relationships To Simpleton Black Women And Their Pro Black Flunkies – SYSBM And Swirling Are NOT The Same

  1. Just to give you guys a heads up, I will be posting another article from Obsidian tomorrow, it will be a review of Derrick Jaxn’s book Single Mothers Are Only For Grown Men. Yes I know, the overgrown simp Jaxn actually went there attempting to give single mothers accolades they so do not deserve.

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  3. Ironically, the other day I heard a loud noise and looked to notice a gleeful halfling toddler running about. Unsure at first of his origin, I eventually saw an Asian woman pick him up, kiss him, and tell him that mommy loves him.

    Conversely, in work the other day, another Asian woman came with her FINE ASS mixed daughter. Dat blasian fever is growing.

    I also have noticed in my adventures how much more approachable and receptive non-black women are, namely concerning differences. A white girl i know stated that she drinks on occasion on Friday evenings (which a lot of adults, male or female, do), but she was obviously totally fine with the fact that I did not. Conversely, I know a dude who was silently rejected by a black chick after he told her that he didn’t smoke weed, which she bragged about doing constantly. Should I mention that this woman constantly talks about God?!!!

    Blacks will become a class of mulattoes in the West, just you wait.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Asian women are increasingly showing a preference towards black men because unlike white men we aren’t out here promoting and sponsoring anti-male, feminist misandry. The up-tick of black men with Asian women is a sight to behold.

      Because most black women live such contaminated lives they feel very uncomfortable seeing you living clean, they feel that they must do something in order to corrupt you. This is exactly what I stated in Negro Wars, with non black women you don’t have to pretend to be somebody you’re not.

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    • afrofuturism1,

      No surprise there, black women and their niglet offspring can never accept that some black people do not fit into a box of stereotypes. In order to be accepted by the scraggle daggle one must babble incoherent ebonics, be a career criminal, only listen to rnb and rap music, smoke weed and dress showing your ass to the entire world and have no hobbies and interests that are considered too white like:

      Rock Climbing
      Horse riding
      Chess and Checkers
      Instruments like the Piano and Violin
      Music outside of hip hop and rnb

      Show any interest in these and dare to speak a decent level of English then you will be accused of worshiping white people or “looking like you only like/date white girls.” (If I had a dollar every time a black woman has uttered the latter to me.)

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      • Kameron Brown,

        I see some black women are beginning to get involved the video gaming/comic world now, however nearly all of them are doing this in order to try to get their swirl on. They seem to believe that white men will be more attracted to them if they pretend to be avid gamers and geeks, smh.

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      • Oddysey,

        What you’ve just listed above is one of the primary reasons why normal black folks check out of black society. Back when I was younger I did a bit of horse riding(which is fun) and I played the clarinet for a short period. The horse riding was the best, however you could never talk to your average black female about Equestrian activities as they will give you the strangest look as if you’ve just come from a different dimension.

        Rambling is a good hobby as well, however most of these black women can’t even walk to their local gym yet alone walk up hills, mountains and through valleys. It’s not even that we are nerds and geeks, we are simply normal, intelligent black men who realise that black women are not attracted to normal black males.

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      • “Rambling is a good hobby as well, however most of these black women can’t even walk to their local gym yet alone walk up hills, mountains and through valleys.”

        It’s interesting that you say that, because it’s a reminder of how deeply a black man has to lower his standards if he wants to stick exclusively to black women. I like to hike — but finding a black woman in my age range who CAN hike (let alone LIKES to hike) is pretty much impossible.

        The basic standard of being able to walk more than a few feet is too high if you’re looking for a black woman over the age of 40. Sure, they exist, but in such low numbers that finding one that can still walk and is compatible in other ways is a pipe dream.

        Most of the ones I’ve met have bad knees (even artificial knees) from being obese most of their lives, or are otherwise in such horrible shape that walking any distance is absolute punishment to them. And the few that are in reasonably decent shape are such obnoxious egotists for it that they’re just disgusting. Because most mature black women are in horrible physical shape, and blatant egotism is something they embrace and encourage among themselves, a mature black woman in decent shape comes with a very high price for any black dude. She wants the world for it. Among nonblack women, on the other hand, being in decent shape is fairly common, so they’re far less conceited about it.

        Not to “bash” black women (and I certainly don’t want to bash people with health issues), but this is just the truth: Mere BASIC stuff, like not being covered in tacky tattoos or being able to go for a long walk, is EXTRAORDINARY among american black women over the age of 40 (at least in my town). lol

        And one that both CAN hike and WANTS TO hike? So rare that she might as well be a unicorn.

        Find that decent woman while you’re young, fellas! — because it sure as hell doesn’t get any easier as you get older. lol

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      • check urself,

        It’s a well known fact that black women are lazy as fuck which is why they’re so quick to lead with their “edumacation” they got from some basic as community college. Why do you think heart disease is one of the leading deaths of black women? It’s because they’re lazy and unhealthy and refuse to workout for fear of getting sweat into their weaves…..

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      • Babs–sooner or later, they’ll be booted off Mount Swirlympus, just like Zeus threw Hepestatus when he sided with Hera (you’ll be familiar with this story if you know your Greek mythology).

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      • Wow your ignorant.
        Maybe you should get some class and find classy black women. Sounds like your talking about a bunch of teens. I know plenty of black women with hobbies education and ideas for the future. Your prob some dude that was rejected for having a small dick so you date outside your race because other races aren’t used to large ones so they will settle for your little pee pee.


    • @afrofuturism1 How many generations do you think it will take for blacks to become mulattoes? I can’t wait to transfer to a four year university so many girls to meet. Damn bro, what’s your secret your getting “dates” and numbers” left and right? I like redheads and brunettes more than blondes!

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    • I ran with a huge clique of people in college, with quite a few brothers in it. We were all studying Asian languages and cultures and quite a few of the Ebony men went to Japan. Almost all of them were with J-girls, some married with children on the way in the space of a year. If you’re a righteous brother, you can do very well in Asia. The world is yours!


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  4. These black whores are being replaced and an astonishing rate, they know it and the dickless SUPER SIMPS know it too, that’s the reason there’s an all out attempt to shame and scare black men back to the plantation befores before the welfare hammer drops on their weaves. I only date white women and I’m damn proud of it, but I did date a very cute korean girl who was 5’2 103lbs a few years ago but they moved back to LA where the rest of her family are. We still stay in contact and she’s currently talking to a black guy who attends UCLA. Im pushing her to start a LTR with him. I will always try and steer bm away from the toxic sewer sludge aka..BLACK FEMALES….#SYSBM4LIFE

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    • Keith,

      Black women can only blame themselves for their failure in the department of relationships. Constantly blaming black men for their shortfalls is a fool’s errand because if indeed it is our fault then why aren’t non black men looking at black women as a grand prize and snapping these females up? You can only blame black men for so long until people begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together for themselves and see who is really at fault.

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    • @Verbs

      Got to slightly disagree with you here regarding the “worship” of White women…

      The close friends I’ve made that accepted who I am as a person were White (and non-Black) women. The people who were kindest to me were White women. Those who helped in my career? White women. The woman I’m seeing? Guess.

      …so of course I think very highly of them. Praise the Most High for White women!

      Nobody else gave a shit, definitely not the “community”, two big booty bimbos actively seeking to throw rocks in my path, and old azz Rasta pro-wack niggaz wanting to stare my woman out.

      Go where you’re celebrated. I’m with them White girls.


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      • I 1000000% agree with you, black females are toxic anchor of which I discarded myself of. White women are everything these black whores want to be but can never measure up to, that’s why they have such a psychotic hatered of white women. Go where you’re wanted, loved and respected and thats with white women and other races of women and leave the wookie weave land whales black female garbage to slither around in the toxic sludge they’ve created…#SYSBM4LIFE..#WHITEGIRLSDOITBETTER…#TEAMWHITEGIRLS

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      • >Aren’t white women behind the innocence project that helps black men?
        And conversely, aren’t black women behind the guilty project that helps incarcerate black men?

        Brothers – get with the innocent and avoid the guilty.

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off and the weave-wearing Bravo Tango-1Kilos are bred out of existence!

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      • Exactly. while i’ve had great experiences overall with women, the worst have been black and the best have ALL been white. Friends, co-workers, people who helped me in life, love, etc.

        I do not prefer white women as a group, I don’t show preference to any race. But, white women have been the best to me in every measurable way.

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  5. Yikes after viewing the picture at the beginning of this article. D32018 is like most of these pro-black males, they’re only subject to black westernized women of the black urban, matriarchal innercities as a reflection of him, DYSFUNCTIONAL. Black males in this pro-black movement don’t go outside of their environment and date non-stereotypical black women that are different from the ones they grew up with, ratchet as you know what. As I said in a comment to a recent article here on Slaying Evil, decent black men in SYSBM blend, focusing on the inside (true intimacy and companionship) while the swirlers focus on the outside meaning glamour and status via skin color, come-uppings, etc… If this pro-black crowd think that decent, thinking black male default preference is white women then they’re out of their minds. Like fellow SYSBM brother on YouTube ‘Let’s Be Frank’ stated, “no woman is our woman”. What he means is don’t limit yourself just to only one race of woman with similar phenotype as you. We have our individual preference in women regardless of race. Oriental women are coming up as the most sought out women today. The primary goal of SYSBM should and will be a LONG TERM strategy, not short-term. SYSBM.

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  6. You can’t have a relationship with a the modern blk she beast..they’re grandma status at thirty great grand at forty. No value whatsoever except for a quicy.they know what thyre real worth is that’s why they’re on self destruction mode..fucking strangers for chum change raw allover the net ..the fighting etc.they know no good bm wants them due to bad decisions..all they can do is tell themselves we want thugs..yes you do at 23,you got several kids by thugs its too late you got no choice but to date thugs.and like verbs been saying men need to start their family from scratch not some whore who got several thug DNA all up her body maybe your kids might inherite that bs DNA..I might be being far fetched here but who knows.

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  7. Truth time.
    Black American women are the polar opposite of white-washed Japanese women.
    They fall in lust with the white man’s resources and leave their men in mass (causing Japanese men to eventual become herbivore men) Those types of Asian girls go only for white guys and don’t care who knows it. The black woman is the same way but the difference is the average white man isn’t interested in marrying black women the same way they will marry Asian girl. Because she can’t swirl like the Asian girl the black woman plays both sides of the fence. She has a army of simps telling everybody to “keep it black” while all these pro-black feminists are trying to swirl 24/7. She is mad because what she REALLY wants to do is what WE are doing right now. LEAVING THEM IN MASS.

    FANTASY:All these women thought that the white man would come riding in on his birth of a nation horse to save her from the hood (she created) and take her to safety in the suburbs and leaving us black brutes to die in the hood.She would spend every waking minute of every day on social media bragging about how she is with a white man to the point that MadBusDriverX would blush.

    REALITY: Good Black men are leaving the scraggle daggle and going for non-Black and non-Black American women in mass and there is nothing these women can do to stop it so they send their simp army to try and scare us back to the plantation. She runs to her white daddy for help but he is too busy trying to cut all of her welfare. Now they are becoming desperate because the shaming tactics don’t work anymore. The welfare cuts are still coming and like we have all been saying the closer they come the crazier these women will get. I think the “For the Dick Challenge” and the “Black men are the White men of the Black community” garbage Proves my point. When you are reduced to SCARING and SHAMING people into dating you it’s time to throw in the towel sysbm.

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  8. It’s also interesting that “rape” is coming up more and more in the public charges that black women are leveling against black men as a collective. Don’t forget — the black rapist “boogeyman” is what white racists used to justify the brutal subjugation of black men under jim crow… In spite of the fact that they were having their way with willing black women left and right, any thought of black men having sex with white women was countered with the specter of the black male’s supposed hyper-propensity for rape.

    Now, apparently black women have taken a page from the racist playbook, and are painting us all as rapists. I think this trend is something to watch.

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    • Check Urself,

      Its what I and many other black men have been saying for the longest while, black women are the local enforcement arm of white supremacy within black society. They and racist white men are two sides of the same decadent, rusty coin.

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    • She doesn’t want black men to be free so she will do anything to make non-black women avoid us.
      White men are putting up fliers up on college campus trying to stop white women from being with black men. Black women are getting ready to pump out a bunch of articles saying all black men are rapists. The white SJW’s already did this saying all men are rapists (mainly white) and need to take consent classes to learn not to rape. The black alien queen will say all black men are evil rapists but still want to be with us. Why? if were a bunch of evil murdering rapists you should be happy we are leaving you. You won’t have to worry about being raped anymore lol.

      White man can’t compete on a even playing field in the interracial mating game and neither can the black woman. That is why they work together to make sure black men grow up to be thugs that only black women love. If he grows up to be a thinking black man then women of ALL races will be checking for him and black women and white men DON’T want that. The black man can pull hot chicks from every race with a shoe string budget Chinese men have to go to africa to find wives because of their female shortage but when African men go to China they have NO PROBLEM getting women and the men are PISSED. How can I the White/Asian man with all of my resources and power be rejected for this lowly nigger?!?!??!?!? That is what they all ask themselves as they jerk off to cuckold and interracial porn both of whom are viewed predominately by white men. NOT us. Black women have nothing bad to say about bedwenching, race play porn, and 4-the-dick-challenges but will ALWAYS attack us being with non-black women. That should tell you something fellow black men.

      White men don’t realize that the welfare state was the worse thing to happen to them. Now that thinking black men have no more loyalty to black women for al of the crimes she has commited. Black men are going to spread out and be with non-black women. If black women were more loyal all this interracial stuff wouldn’t even be happening and white men could still live in la-la land where they have their choice of non-white women and little to no competition. All of a sudden we have what MAYBE 10 years of competition and they fall apart. Same for the Black women. At first she was like “I’m gonna swirl niggas ain’t shit.” But then she was like “You black men are just a bunch of self-hating coons no come over here and take care of my thug babies.”

      THIS Is what it all comes down to at the end of the day.

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  9. I’m so glad I found this community, some of the articles on this website describe how I’ve been feeling for years about the double standards of black women. For the longest time I felt like I was one of the few black men on earth who noticed and acknowledged the hypocrisy and contradictions of many black women and “woke” black feminist. I especially picked up on how black women gave preferential treatment to white men and obsessed over swirling . I had no idea there was an entire community of thinking black men who felt the same way I did. Thank you for putting in writing the things that I’ve wanted to speak on for years. The irony is that I found this site on accident a few months ago, while searching on Google for a forum discussion from years ago. I’m now starting to think it was not an accident.

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    • SunGodRa,

      Welcome aboard sir, there are many more black men like yourself and the fact that you’ve stumbled across this site shows that the message of SYSBM(Save Yourself Black Men) is getting out there. You’ll find that black women and so called black feminists are simply one and the same because feminism is the black woman’s standard religion.

      Black women as a whole are straight up hypocrites when it comes down to many things especially interracial dating. Put frankly there is no building with the overwhelming majority of westernised black females as their dysfunctional natures make it impossible to do so.

      It was no accident that you found this site, its about time that somebody documented and evidenced black female dysfunction, black society is completely in the toilet and this calamity has been the black female’s doing. Be sure to take a look at some of the older articles in order further confirm what was already in your mind.

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  10. i remember than. when they said they was leaving the hood lol. a place tgem decided to make. kicking out those of us without a pack brain. but noe sense other culture women reap the rewards and they are doing far worst than we. they want to go back lol. bitches dont even know how to say sorry. meaning repair broken bonds smfh. verbs im out

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  11. Great job. I was too busy to catch this article when it was published. SYSBM doesn’t imply a BM date or marry WW exclusively. WW are used as a foil because she is the one BW feen the most threatened by. BW are most envious of WW so quite naturally they are obsessed with the BM/WW relationship. Seems BW are dick monitoring BM and vulva monitoring WW.

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  12. I thank God that I found this website because as a black man growing up in the 1980s and 1990s in London, I too felt like a outcast in the black community because I am slim build short guy at 5ft 7in tall, I talk proper english and I sound like a white guy, I am into marvel and DC comics, I love football as I am a Arsenal fan, I love all things Sci fi plus I love watching super hero movies, my favorite music is old school garage, drum and base, jungle, dance and retro music and black women hated me for it because I was different and I didn’t conform to the black man stereotypes. Whereas with non black women I can be myself around them and they accept me for me and I don’t have to pretend to be thug just to get their attention. ☀️💯😊🙂🌍

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