For The Dick Challenge – A Look At The Future Scraggle Daggles Currently In Production, Section 8 Cuts Are Still Coming


As pretty as the girl in the white top and the dark red/brown jeans is, she most assuredly will be dicked down by Lil Greasy, Tyrone, Lil Mouse, J Boogie, Lil Mike, Dirty Dick Rodney or Delroy from the block within no time whatsoever and she will have her first child by at the most 16/17 years of age, I would say even earlier. What did I tell you in Negro Wars, what have I been telling you concerning how black women raise their children to be sexually primed from a very young age, hence why young black girls and boys tend to lose their virginity the earliest?

This “For The Penis/Vagina” challenge has been propelled into the spotlight by black female celebrities including Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall, Erykah Badu, Cardi B, Sanaa Lathan, Issa Rae, T Boz(TLC) however according to the following video made by TMZ it was an unknown black female rapper out of Louisiana who originated the idea, take a look:

You see how in 2017 when it comes down to black women and music art forms how they will always talk about slack behaviour or decadency? These Jezebels cannot wait to talk about how many penises they can swallow, how many men they have on the go, how many penises they can hop onto in a week, which types of man they use for what, how they are boss bitches etc, etc, etc, etc. In fact talking about boss bitches, do any of you folks remember this song that came out around 3 years ago:

Admittedly when it comes to today’s rapping standards black men are really doing no better, this modern day hiphop is a joke and here are some examples:

Feel free to add more videos of more crappers to the above list in the comment section below. This is what the modern day black female has created, grounds which are fertile and receptive to the above dribble, whether it be for the penis/vagina challenges right down to these modern day “hiphop” artists who engage in nothing short of mumble jumble rap.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the rappers of old were seasoned veterans, they came correct, they could’ve never gotten away with the grunts, groans and snarls of these modern day rat scallions. Putting a hiphop artist on the market today is as easy as going to a street corner where a lot of unproductive black men loiter, picking one of them out of the crowd, throwing a gold chain around his neck, putting some gold grills in his mouth, paying him 1 million dollars and telling him to get into the studio and start churning out tracks asap.

This is how I believe the selection process now works because there are far too many of these so called rappers who simply can’t rap. This is what skilled, seasoned, make sense rapping should actually sound like:

Hiphop from the 1990s was of much higher quality than the nonsense that is being churned out today, the majority of the rappers back then had real skills and worked their way through from the ground up. However because the minds of young black children have already been fragged and scattered by single black mothers, these youth are primed and now ready to receive all manner of garbage. And you’ll notice that they are especially quick to mimic black celebrities and their actions, the for the dick challenge being a prime example.

Shouldn’t these so called professional black female celebrities know better, do you see how black women even when they have a bit of money in their pockets and some fame will still come out of the woodwork at the behest of their beloved White/Jewish slave masters and carry out their decadent bidding? Now we have a situation where young black girls are running around in high schools talking about the lengths they will go to in order to jump on a penis, smh. I keep on telling you that ‘hoodrat’ is a mindset which also exists in professional, educated black females. There really is no difference whatever side of the spectrum you look upon.

And why am I not surprised that this trend was started by a black woman? This is unfortunately the nature of black society today, anything that is good, wholesome, pure, right and has moral structure black folks on the whole reject and instead gravitate towards all things decadent, degenerate as well as debauchery at it’s finest. And black folks wonder why black communities are in the trouble that they are in.

Again, as I have stated before no society can prosper uplifting the scum of its people and their degenerate behaviours, the promotion of all things homosexual as well as anti male is one of the primary reasons why white society is slowing beginning to go to the dogs. You cannot promote behaviours and lifestyles that attack the very fabric of society itself(the family structure) and still expect that same society to stand strong, sorry, it isn’t going to happen.

This is why I have to laugh at the swath of pro black minstrels who talk about rebuilding black society, how on earth is that going to happen when your queanies are talking about hopping from one penis to the next and the lengths they will go to in order to get dicked down? If that’s the foundation on which you wish to rebuild black communities then you pro blacks and your plans are already dead in the water.

And there you have it folks, morally slack high school girls copying equally irresponsible black female celebrities already talking about what they will do in order to get to that penis, yet these will be the same girls who will shortly be getting pregnant, in most cases will have to raise the child by themselves because they chose a no good, unproductive black male to open their legs to and then later on they will claim that all black men are no good because they don’t look after their children.

No heifer, you simply prefer to home in on the guys whom you already know are NOT fit for fatherhood. Lil Greazy is popular with the women because of his greasy nature, Dirty Dick Rodney is popular with the woman because of his dirty penis(its been around the block many times), in like manner Tyrone is popular with the ladies because of his pump and dump policies, yet black women as a collective being the dumbest individuals on the planet will never be able to put the pieces of this simple puzzle together.

Young black men need to steer clear of these ticking Jezebels and I’m pleased to see that the message is getting through. I’m glad that more black boys especially in their teens seeing how dysfunctional young black girls are, are implementing SYSBM as standard. As I have stated many times before, abandonment is the best tool black men have against the scraggle daggle. Keep up the good work.

Free thinking black men, do not fall for this nonsense about what these black females will supposedly do for the penis, they haven’t had a change of heart, this is yet another deceptive scheme that black women have pulled out of their rusty, decadent hats in light of the first wave of section 8/welfare cuts which will commence on December 16th 2017. Black women are simply attempting to get themselves situated before the first hammer comes down in 2 months time. Any stunts these sirens pull out of the hat from now MUST be looked upon in terms of the up and coming section 8 apocalypse. Black women being the Jezebels that they are, are simply trying to appeal to a man’s base instinct, sex. The simps and the thug, unproductive types will be snagged and will get caught up, thinking black men on the other hand will recognise this scam for what it is and simply keep it moving. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Scraggle Daggles

Most High Bless

51 thoughts on “For The Dick Challenge – A Look At The Future Scraggle Daggles Currently In Production, Section 8 Cuts Are Still Coming

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  2. Notice how coarse and like fat trannies some of those girls already looked like.

    These are bt-1200s, pumped and primed ready to destroy black society unwittingly just be breathing.

    Breed them out and have them literally becoming museum exhibits by the year 2050. I don’t care if that makes me a coon, I’m literally tired of even looking at them. The thing is, the world at large feels the same way.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Nah, keeping their babyfather in the home would be going against their contractual obligations towards the state. Its funny though, when the section 8 cuts finally kick in these black sirens will no longer have the incentives to be single mothers, however the overwhelming majority of them because of their deep seated hatred of black men will still choose to roll down babymother avenue, smh.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Yet the pro blacks are still telling us to marry them. This is the point right here, nobody can look at these women from a logical standpoint and still conclude that they are suitable candidates for dating, marriage and motherhood. #SYSBM

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  3. The Black Sluts have pulled out their bullhorns and are now shouting worldwide that they are a bunch of complete and unbashful WHORES…These slimy obese black whores are in a race to the bottom of the debauchery barrel without breaks and seemingly no obstacles in their path to stop them…no thank you… I’ll stick to my beautiful, feminine and attractive WHITE QUEENS and I would plead with all black men to do the same because this whore monster cannot be stopped or contained…#SYSBM4LIFE,#TEAMWHITEGIRLS

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  4. In addition to being some of the most physically ugly females on the planet earth (I’m just being honest) black females have to be the most vulgar group of women ever to walk the face of the earth. It’s almost as if black women take pleasure in being disgusting and vulgar in this speech the way they present themselves in their actions. Everything about black women is absolutely vulgar and vile. And the first video you could see out of about I don’t know nine or so black women there was one attractive female in the bunch. And she was just as vile and vulgar as the rest of them were. And black women encourage this type of behavior and think this type of behavior is funny or cute.
    I’ve said it before, please show me an endless stream of videos of white girls Chinese girls Japanese girls Hispanic girls Jewish girls Arab girls Indian girls singing about what they would do for dick and thinking it’s funny?
    But the main reason why these young black girls think that being vile vulgar and disgusting is funny and cute, is because they’ve watched their black mothers be vile vulgar and disgusting from the time they were born and don’t think anything is wrong with behaving like this. It’s almost as if black women and sadly most black people because they were raised by single black women have a disconnect from understanding that your speech and behavior has everything to do with the actions and decisions you make in life.
    Just when you thought black people couldn’t get any dumber here comes the for the dick challenge. Now you see these week stupid simple Blackmen doing a for the pussy challenge.
    I am beyond being done with 99% of black people. The behavior we see coming from most black people and black women are responsible for upholding and teaching this nonsense, is beyond reprehensible. But of course because black women can do no wrong if you actually question this stupidity, you are the guilty one. If you question the behavior of black women you are the one who is in the wrong, you are the one who is called names, you are the one who they scream ‘ how dare you say anything about children just having fun’.
    And as stupid as this for the dick garbage is, there will soon be another stupid challenge that black women and black people in general will pick up and run with because they think it’s funny or cute. There is nothing funny or cute about teenage black girls and grown ass black women rapping about what they would do for dick. But because most black people is so fucking stupid they actually do think this is funny and cute. The state of most black people mentally is just unbelievably stupid.

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    • Bill Smith,

      You nailed it once again. As you stated, we’ll just wait for the next stupid fad to come along and watch black women jump right on it in their efforts in trying to be accepted by white society.

      However, you’ll notice that white folks for the majority part aren’t on this for the dick/pussy stupidity. Nope, it’s predominantly black women dominating the show mixed in with a few simp Negroes trying to get some brownie points.


      • Verbs2015, so true and so sad. And you actually have black women in a weak and pathetic attempt to justify this nonsense, claiming that ‘other’ races of women are participating in this debauchery. Let’s hypothetically say that every other nonblack woman on the planet earth was doing this challenge garbage( which we know they are not), why do black women feel a need to claim that other people are acting like idiots, so it’s okay for us to act like idiots?
        I can’t take black women. I want absolutely nothing to do with 99% of them. They are truly delusional, mentally ill, evil entities. And no honest person could say otherwise. I actually had some stupid black woman on YouTube question me and say ‘are the black women in your family that way’? I responded by saying ‘ yes most of them are’. The black woman never responded to me after that. It’s absolutely unbelievable how perverted and sick black women are. But what is more unbelievable is that Blackmen don’t have the courage to actually speak about how far gone black women actually are. I’m done with black folks in general.

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  5. I’m continuously saddened by black women. This dick challenge is yet another confirmation of the disillusioned black woman. This is now generational due to grandmother’s now being 30 and it’s supposed to be “cool”. How about a challenge to keep your legs closed? To get off welfare? How about a challenge to get a job that’s 40 hours a week and read books to your child everyday? I guess that would be too hard to do. I’m glad I was raised with a traditional woman that’s not a feminist and wouldn’t allow the nonsense that’s going on in society. As far as hip hop goes now you have these mumble rappers that are clearly products of fetal alcohol syndrome or underwent neonatal abstinence syndrome from crack withdrawals. I’m totally disgusted with black women and as one in today’s society, I’m proud not to even associate with the psychopaths. I have 2 friends that are but we think alike. As far as the rest of these bottom feeders I chose to have minimum interaction with them.
    Peace to the most high

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    • Well said Dara. Sadly black women who are actually able to think and admit the truth are too few and far between. As soon as anyone points out the flaws of black women all of a sudden you hate black women, you hate your mother, you hate yourself, you’re a homosexual etc etc.
      What we are speaking about on this website is not hatred for black women. It’s hatred for the attitude of black women, the mentality of black women, the way black women conduct themselves the, way black women treat Blackmen, treat their children,treat everyone around them.
      But because most black women are so filled with pride and in their minds can do no wrong no matter what they do they don’t have enough brainpower to even slightly admit that there are serious flaws with most black women.
      I have a serious and intense hatred for most black women. But black women like Dara (if she is an actual black woman), I have NO problem with whatsoever.

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      • Yes Bill thank you. I am a black woman and have even been accused by other black woman “project whores” of “talking white” or “acting white” ALL of my life. I always reply to these dummies, because I choose to correctly pronounce my words and sentences now I’m white? Well I’d rather be correct than sound like I don’t have an ounce of intelligence. My parents REQUIRED me to fully and correctly talk. I would be reprimanded for saying “slang”. My father was a marine. My mother doesn’t act like these savages that’s why I don’t. They say you can tell a lot about a woman by her mother. These vulgar beasts walk around breeding more generations of animals and wonder why there are more jails being built? Where else do you put wild animals? In cages.

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  6. What kills me about this “for the dick” crap is that we now have smoking gun evidence that after the good man gets kicked out of the home or she lays down with a thug aka sperm donor these black alien queens literally brainwash their kids into becoming thugs and thots. There were no black men involved in making this “for the dick” challenge. This was all black women. Black women making their young boys step and fetch it like a racist cartoon of old talking about what they would do for the pussy.


    1.Fuck bums
    2.Have bums kids
    3.If man is not a bum or if said bum tries to better himself for his kids do everything to keep him away from his kids.
    4.Make sure your kids have a steady diet of degenerate rap music and only have drug dealers and thots for role models
    5.encourage your girls to be sluts and pop they pussy for welfare checks
    6.Tell your son he is like his no good daddy at least 9 times a day.
    7.Have a constant flow of men coming in and out the house that would make Rorschach’s mother embarrased.
    8. When children fail at life blame everything on black men and white supremacy.
    9. Riot and burn down the city
    10. Run to good black men and try and shame them into rebuilding the city they burnt down and raise the thugs babies who just burt down the city.

    I swear that Willie Lynch stuff is fucking confirmed in 2017 I don’t care what ANYBODY has to say! The only way to save the black race is to get rid of the black women by refusing to breed with them. This will also get rid of the simps and thugs who also are born of the black alien queen.

    Black men WE carry the seed. WE carry the future. Please thing about your children It’s not even about getting pussy at this point. It’s about survival. Non-black women and Black women from Africa,Brazil,ect are the ONLY options for Black men who actually give a shit about their children. Ladies it’s too late for the N.A.W.A.L.T crap. You women only show up to the discussion when the men have had ENOUGH and start packing their bags. You’re on your own. If you truly a n.a.w.a.l.t. then you should have no problem getting a husband so piss off. Black women are fucking done. The wall of silence you were told about almost 10 YEARS ago is almost here.

    You ever read the book “The Road” In the story “The Man” and “The Boy” come across 2 men and 1 woman who were basically fucking the woman so they can all eat the baby when it is born so they don’t starve to death. This is how I see black women today and it is frightening. They have kids with thugs and bums for the purpose of eating their kids. Sure they don’t roast the little fucker on a open fire but they are symbolicly eating their own children through the welfare state. You treat your kids as a means to get food (welfare) and these kids go through horrific abuse mental and physical. The boys and the girls. Then the few boys and girls that make in on the long hard road out of hell the boys are expected to go back to hell and be a captain save a hoe even though if he is dumb enough to go back he is met with a wall of resistance from the “community” because they don’t want change they just want more FOOD.

    Every one reading this man,woman,black,white, gay,or straight knows what I say is the truth. This is what the matrix is. and THIS is why sysbm exists. You cannot refute this.

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  7. I just steer clear of BW because they just have a evil spirit about them and you can sense it. When you have black female celebrities promoting this garbage it shows you even they are nothing but hoodrat acting sluts. I mentioned this in the last article about how young girls would be lookin up to this foolishness. Bill Smith it is useless to try to explain what type of damage this does to children because like you said BW will do noting but argue against you. Dara I appreciate your comments being a black woman and seeing the problem you are few and far between.

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  8. I use to wonder where the young porn stars were coming from , now I know . it’s sad that a mother finds it easier to talk to her daughter about how to ride a dick than it is to teach her to cook , bathe properly and learn a trade . Mama talking about how to be a good wife is impossible since she was a jump off her whole life ..smh

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  9. Kinda off topic… buuuuut, oh shit Wu-Tang Clan!!!! LoL. Brotha Verbs you know I grew up in the 80′-90’s the REAL ERA OF REAL HIP HOP!! So it made my day when you posted those classic links. Thank you again sir!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And yeah back on topic, these bitches never cease to amaze me with their ignorance & hoe-ish ways!! They are ALL GHETTO GAGGER material now.



    SYSBM 4 LIFE!!!!!!

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    • 3rd Leg,

      They can only blame themselves as to why they remain chronically single at such a high clip. Yep, 90s hiphop was much better than today’s mumble dribble.


  10. The way these kids turn out is 100% the black woman’s fault and she can no longer pass blame on the Black man. Remember the Black father who beat his daughters senseless because they were twerking and everybody called him a monster who should have his kids taken away?

    What do you black alien queens have to say now huh? When the father is in the home twerking gets you a beating. When the father is NOT in the home after the woman THROWS HIM OUT the Black woman does everything she can to turn her kids into thots and thugs for her white daddy then turns around and says it’s out fault. EVEN NOW BLACK WOMEN ARE ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA DEFENDING THE ACT OF CORRUPTING THEIR OWN KIDS.


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  11. 2010s is the rise of THOTNATION. The Black Whores are winning (supposedly).Black Women love the THOT title now and are more masculine than the male counterparts. With feminism, lebanism, the tattoos, heavy drug use,& criminal records, whore-ism, they are official damn near a unisex-organism. Verbs2015 made a good mention of this article. It really shows how even the female artist have gone to absolute shit. They are no different than these mumble-mouth, “leaned-up” fuckers.

    Look at what in place of Nicki Minaj or Cardi B (Which both are still shit by-the-way). I given up on the bi-racials and the light-skins here also as they have gone to straight municipal sewage. They are getting just as shitty and bad as their dark-skinned cohorts. With the music out now, are you suprised at the “For tha Dick” challenge?

    This is your embodiment and mold of today’s Black Women in a nutshell you see and meet everyday.

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    • Ryan,

      I feel contaminated just having watched snippets of those videos. This is exactly what I’ve been saying, black women have an insatiable appetite for money and material possessions and many black men either end up going broke or dying early trying their best to satisfy the woman’s childish lusts. That is all most black women strive for these days, getting rich and living high on the hog, those videos are proof positive of that. Over here in the UK black women much like their US counterparts still do not want honest answers as to why so many of them remain single, here is some evidence of this:


      • Verbs2015…BW as a whole are very-high maintenance with little return or residual value. Also, even if they make a considerably great income, they are not financially astoute to invest, hedge, and leverage their money. Many are lousy business owners beyond a culinary and beautician standpoint. Many end up still broke putting on a good show or leeching of other peoples resources. Black Women equate intelligence with having an education. But an “education” cannot give you moral nor character. As well, a “degree” does not replace common sense, analytical & critical thinking skills, self-observation, or abstract thought.

        A huge plethora (90%) are like this & cannot think outside of pop-culture standards, feminism/whore idealogy, or faux religion.

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  12. What’s this stupid disgusting black whores in these videos don’t understand is they’re not gonna be able to sell pussy and shake their ass forever. These women, if I can even call them that, I was so caught up with wanting to compete with Blackmen that they have no foresight and understanding that being young and cute doesn’t last forever.
    Like I’ve said before anything that is stupid over sexualized violent negative and beast like black women cling to and think it’s funny and cute. The women in these videos are a good representation of the mentality of most young black women in America. And the reason why these young black women have this mentality and behave the way they do is because their mothers had the same mentality and behave the same way when they were young whores.

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    • Bill Smith,

      Exactly, black women have no long term mating strategies, they only live for the moment which will be their own undoing and thinking black men have no obligation to save them, that responsibility is down to either their white father, Pookie, Ray Ray or J Boogie from the block.


  13. Well………..

    I can’t believe with this mountain of evidence that we STILL have pro black simps singing “She’s yo Queeeeen to be….”

    #SYSBM Now and Forever!!

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  14. People need to drop the talk about a supposed shortage of black men. Research the male/female birth ratio. For the unknowing, the male/female birth ratio creates about 110 male births for every 100 female births. The additional male births is designed to compensate for matters such as warfare and accidents. In addition, research immigration into nations such as the USA and UK. Immigration is something done mainly by young men. Among females under age 40, there is actually an over supply of men. The over supply of young men is why young females tend to be frivolous in choosing men. If there were an actual shortage of black men, then women would actually be forced to change their conduct in order to attract men. In addition, in the USA net worth of black males is higher than the net worth of black females. The result is that there are many quality black males; there are also few quality black females. THE FACTS GET IN THE WAY OF THIS TALK ABOUT A SHORTAGE OF BLACK MEN.

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  15. Bill Smith. I repeat that black women have a minimum teenage girl period from age 12 to age 32. Many black women stay in the teenage girl period for way past age 35. That explains the fact that black females have no long term mating strategies. There is, also, the over supply of thirsty black males that impacts the bad conduct of black women.

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