Like Mother Like Daughter


This yet again is one of the main reasons why thinking black men need to leave black women alone. What is it with black females and their tendency to act like feral creatures and barbaric savages? You obviously saw how both the mother and the daughter were eager to slug it out. This is the typical fashion in which black women as a collective raise their children, yet thinking black men who point this out are heavily demonised by black women and their simp advocates.

Do you understand that this warfare mindset that the modern day black female and her 12th regiment simp brigade carry is not normal nor natural? Being in a constant war like state is NOT normal, this is one of the primary reasons why most black women remain single at such a high clip. Again, notice how black women cannot apply conflict resolve towards any situations they come into, the need to use some sort of violence is too strong in the majority of them and thus automatically overrides common sense, reasoning and logic.

It’s almost as if for black women introducing violence into the equation in their minds brings about some form of closure. No doubt she is a single mother, most black women are as standard. Did you notice how the black man stepped in attempting to prevent the situation from escalating? Yet even he threw in the towel once he realised that the mother and daughter duo were determined to battle it out.

I talked about this in Negro Wars under the chapter Black Women And Violence. I told you that when black women have settled it in their minds that they are going to fight, there is nothing you can do except to fasten your seat belt and prepare for the bumpy ride ahead. Black women as a collective live for the slug fest, they love physical confrontations which is why they are constantly going out of their ways to instigate trouble.

We’ve all seen it for ourselves, a situation that could’ve easily been handled peacefully without violence black women will deliberately escalate in order to give them the excuse to inject violence into the mix. Yet as I have stated many times before the pro black, pan African pundits such as Dr Umar Johnson still expect us thinking black men to unify with these monsters and marry them at that, smh.

Before Dr Umar Johnson begins to talk about the lack of respect he has for black men who deal with non black women, I would like to see him set an example and marry one of these rabid dogs for himself. Then and only then can I and will I take him seriously on his black unity and black love movement, after all if he believes that black men ought to be going in a particular direction then he must lead them by example.

Black mothers generally hate their daughters, they are incredibly jealous of them and frequently abuse and bully them, something else which I talked about in Negro Wars under the chapter of Black Women and Children. Remember, a lot of black girls follow the dysfunctional ways of their mothers simply in the hopes of catching breaks from getting constantly beaten down in their homes. They believe that their mothers will begin to like them if they do what she does, however nothing could be further from the truth, the mothers begin to hate and resent their black daughters even more.

Lastly, notice how the mother couldn’t get enough blood and actually began to fight another black female who merely attempted to stop the fight. Black women as a group have become too volatile and too unpredictable, they are highly unstable loose cannons who are just waiting to go full primal over the slightest upset.

This is your feminism hard at work right here, this is why I have to laugh at white liberals who talk about how feminism is benign and can actually benefit people. Have they taken a look at black society lately, of course they have because they are the primary culprits behind its destruction. Thinking black men, avoid these monsters and such like, they are not good for your health, security, sanity and preservation of life. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual And Stay Away From Monsters

Most High Bless

118 thoughts on “Like Mother Like Daughter

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  2. Violent as can and can’t be stopped. They are easily the most violent PEOPLE, not just women, on the planet.

    How are you supposed to romance these beasts? You quickly why most black relationships are just screwing. Not even making love, just screwing like dogs. How could you make love to something incapable of it?

    Notice how coarse and rough they looked, too. They need to be bred out of existence, period.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      It is impossible to romance these leviathans because they have no concept of love built into them to begin with. You’re right, they have no idea how to love because most black women growing up never saw a blueprint of love lived out in front of them.

      And to think just like I stated it would happen you now have more black women like Cynthia G coming out of the woodwork daring to state that black men who like white women and who have children with them are the very ones keeping white supremacy afloat, check out this garbage right here. I got through about 5 minutes of it before I had to switch it off, the voice of your average black female is extremely irritating:

      Of course she fails to deal with the fact that black women through their obsession with abortions are the number one enforcers of white supremacy within black society today. She also conveniently omits the fact that even though white women are by default the white male’s counterpart, it is the black woman who has signed on the dotted line to keep black men and black society in the toilet in exchange for the temporary treats and benefits of the state.

      White women are NOT contracted to keep black men in the gutter, black women ARE. I have no idea how so many black men have been drawn in and enchanted by this witch, can’t they see the 50 layers of make up on her face as well as the European weave upon her head?

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      • I don’t know why Cynthia G and Umar Johnson don’t just “uplift” each other. Umar gets his quean, Cynthia gets attention and dick. Maybe they might leave the rest of us alone.

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      • Decent black men that date outside of the norm don’t swirl. Cyn-dog G tries to tie in her fellow sistas’ movement with SYSBM. Also Cyn G. criticizes ‘white racist supremacy’ but talks like them in her so-called excellence.

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      • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

        Yes indeed, I’ve clocked how Cynthia G and the rest of the angry and bitter black sisterhood have sneakily attempted to equate SYSBM to swirling.


    • As Nancy Schaefer said before she was brutally murdered with her husband (following her brilliant speech exposing the evil corruption of the CPS: child protective services) “how do you tame a hungry lion?” I use that tiny quote in this case, as these guys are insatiable when it comes to violence, sexual abuse, and all of the evil these black women generate within the area they reside in……………………

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      • Guys, your supposed “other half” is as quick to call you a nigger as a white, alt-right neo-Nazi, if not quicker. That’s because the neo-Nazi white man is the BW’s true soulmate, not you. These black women prove Verbs and others right with most every post. Even if they seem like “one of the good ones,” it’s only a matter of time before their true colors emerge. Gentlemen, leave these broken bitter black hoes to their White Daddy.

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  3. May I offer the suggestion that single black mothers should have their children taken away right after birth so that they can be raised in decent families?

    If the fetus/embryo has been affected with Fetal Alcohol syndrome or detected to have any drugs in their system, these beasts should be thrown in jail for the rest of their lives. Solitary confinement.

    Part of what needs to be done is early intervention strategies for children.

    Children have a chance to break the cycle through some type of intervention that separates them from the poisonous environment (single black sluts that are still fucking with Tyrone, Tyquan and Tyshawn all at the same time while high on crack. )

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    • HitDogsWillHoller,

      Additionally I would add sterilisation to that list. These feral black females ought to be prevented from having children in the first place. In their cases pre-emptive actions are quite necessary.

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      • Slightly off subject, and I cannot remember your e-mail address. Please, please, please, discuss in your next post about the disgusting epidemic of many black mothers silencing their daughters, in the form of extreme violence and abandonment towards the daughter when the daughter reports to the mother that the step-father is sexually abusing them. The mother accuses the daughter of seducing the man, not fighting hard enough, or airing dirty laundry and then subjects the daughter to extreme physical torture until the child runs away from home, usually straight into the arms of another evil person, such as a grandmother or aunt who too practice the code silence and violence for the same thing, the girl may walk into the path of a pimp, drug dealer, gang member and the list goes on ………………daughter then has to endure years of sexual abuse, and potentially the same would happen to her female or male siblings at the hands of the same man and the cycle continues for generations.

        Some black women also put their own sexual and financial needs before their own children with all kinds of disgusting excuses and has the daughter ejected from the household……………..

        Brother Verbs, is there any way you can also do this from a biblical standpoint to root out this evil from families……………..the silence is deafening. The major spiritual impact is too terryfying to imagine, as these demonic activities are leaving the door wide open for even more demons to enter families, as they have been repeatedly invited and will remain for generations. You touched this subject when it came to Eddie Long “dead” and the fact the the church and the women in those churches turning a blind eye to this nastiness. How does one overcome the evil of the black mother within the home who banished the biological father from the home and inserted a sexual predator to terrorise the children she deliberately fails to protect…………

        Some black women are also the perpretrators of child sexual abuse

        Lastly, I know your site is based on black women demonising and disrespecting themselves, their children and black men, and I have been accused of being a feminist (not by you or anybody on this site, and which I am certainly not) when saying that black women open the doors for degenerate black men to walk in and rape their daughters and do nothing about it and rather punish the daughter instead. New generations of black women who were taught to stay silent, then inadvertently raise their own daughters later to keep silent about sexual abuse and violence, as by then, it is seen as normal and part and parcel of the black community………………………

        Sorry to come off the subject you painstakingly wrote about, but I am not that computer savvy as to where else to put this……………………

        This disgusting behaviour has to STOP and only the Most High will do this once people know that he exists and that He does not tolerate any of the demonic behaviour of black women and the men who support that behaviour, which you have mentioned throughout the history of this website.

        Keep up your ministry but please keep the Most High central in all of this……. as a woman, my role is to help and minister to my sistren and keep them sober etc. I am not allowed to take on the role of a man when it comes to the wider scale of things. I take the instructions from my husband, who takes them from The Most High’s begotten son etc…………………

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      • Depends. If we know they are fucking a gangster loser, then by all means, sterilize them.

        The swirling issue becomes of interest.

        Let’s say the black beast mates with the white man, should we punish that offspring?

        I’d educate that offspring about the perils of black woman and give that child a chance to redeem him or herself. I’m not entirely on board with throwing the baby out with the bath water in certain scenarios.

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      • CPS will not touch these people but will target innocent families instead………………..hmmmm filthy lucre is all that is being generated and distributed in these environments…………..who wants to pay top dollar for damaged goods? Think about it guys?

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      • Child Protective Services I find unfortunately are filled with handful of the black women we have to deal with in the first place. Catch 22

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  4. There’s no way to confuse the issues now. People with agendas to keep up the status quo will say you are stereotyping BW. There is too much evidence to the contrary. All of what is in Negro Wars is 100% indisputable. None of the comments on the Amazon site or any comment can deconstruct the logic there. BW must be avoided by good and thinking BM at all costs. SYSBM until the wheels fall off.

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    • Frilla77,

      Black women cannot refute any of the contents of the book nor the website so they either erect straw man arguments, use personal attacks or attempt to change the subject, they’ve already lost however they are having a very hard time accepting the inevitable.


  5. The mother is fighting a braided-up Goldilocks as if she’s the same age of her daughter on the school grounds but at Popeye’s Chicken. There’s a saying, “Train up a child in the way he or she go, he or she will not depart from it when he/she is old.
    The mother is grooming her daughter to be like her when the daughter gets older to her mother’s age and then the behavior will be pass on to the next generation to her son or daughter. SYSBM.

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  6. But of course, we Straight “White” Black men are to blame for all of this. How dare we take our bucket of KFC chicken off the table and exercise our privilege to take our white black asses out of the hood and settled with Rebecca/Hannah/Natalia/Samira?


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  7. Of course, even when fighting black women, black women have their minds on hair. It is now time to shout: WHITE WOMEN DO IT TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. Black Females have equal amounts of savagery and whoredom all wrapped up in one big fat oversized masculine package. And to think, someone actually fucked this LAND WHALE..ughhhh💩💩💩💩..#SYSBM

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  9. Does Cynthia G ever not blame black men for everything? Despite her alleged pro black surface level front, Cynthia G is simply another mentally ill, bitter, black woman who hates black men. Does she understand that all her videos put together are NEVER going to stop black men and white women from getting together? She claims white women who have children with black men are white supremacists? WHAT????????
    Why would a woman who is a white supremacist be with a black man in the first place? Black women despite anything they say are totally obsessed with white women, and a never ending desire to blame black men for everything that is wrong in the world.
    Everyday we see more and more evidence of just how low, vile, hate filled, and mentally unstable black women really are.
    Have you see the newest ‘craze’ among black women? It’s called the ‘FOR THE DICK CHALLENGE’. it’s spreading like wildfire with these disgusting black women. They are rapping about what they would do for the ‘dick’. Black women have to be without a doubt the dumbest group of women ever. You actually have so called celebrity black women participating in this garbage. Unbelievable.

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    • And yet me suggesting killing this Jezebels was extreme. SMDH

      Jezebel herself was tossed out on her ass off of a window to her death.

      Just saying.

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      • I would never condone violence, not even aganist that deranged whore. Just ignore black bitches,leave them alone and only deal with white and other races of women. Completely erase black bitches(other than family members)from your life..#SYSBM

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      • Michel,

        Dude came to the wrong place with that “kill black women” rubbish, nobody is on that vibe here yet he is still dropping comments about it in the comment sections of other articles. Had to send those comments to spam city.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        The theme here at Slaying Evil is all about abandoning black women, how the guy thought something so extreme as killing black women would be accepted over here by thinking black men is anyone’s guess.

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      • DeathBW,

        You keep on talking this “kill black women” talk even though nobody else here is on that vibe. I’m not catching a case for any black woman, again with the tool of abandonment why would I prefer risking going to prison?

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      • Shawn Aka @sdot,

        No surprising that the queen sharman voodoo priestess whore Erykah Badu would do this. Doesn’t she have 3 or 4 baby daddies? That woman literally lives on dick and probably has a giant penis shaped voodoo statue in her home that she prays too every night.

        Fucking weirdo…..🤢🤢🤢🤢

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    • Bill Smith,

      The YouTuber War Stories tried to run the same nonsense talking about the mixed children growing up and eventually turning against the blacks. Its as I’ve been stating, black women and their simp brigades are running a last ditch effort to reel thinking black men back onto the plantation, however these Kansas City shuffles simply aren’t working any longer.

      Black men wouldn’t need to seek out non black females if black women were acting right in the first place, the psychopathic nature of the black woman is a sight to behold, she really believes that we do not have a right to put other options into play, that we must accept her as she is. No thanks I’ll pass.

      Don’t worry, article already locked and loaded and coming out on Monday dealing with this “for the dick” foolishness, I’m pulling out all the stops.

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      • For the dick challenge= Black American women are realizing the thinking black man left the building and in a desprate attempt they try to appeal to the “muh dick” stereotypes that have been placed on us black men. We only think with our dicks.” “Black men will fuck anything” calling us coons, bed bucks, crispy, ect didn’t work. Saying we don’t build anything didn’t work. The “Get Out” memes didn’t work so now they are trying to lure black men back with pussy. They know welfare cuts are just around the corner. They are ALL trying to get as many black men to knock them up asap with only 77 days to go. All that will happen is the simps and thugs will knock them all up and drag these men to hell while we “Straight White Black Males” ride into the sunset with becky like Brendan Fraiser at the end of “The Mummy.”

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      • Yours Truly,

        Black women and their simp squads are really pulling the fear tactics out of their moth eaten hats, they both know that black women are toast once December 16 2017 rolls around. Everything that they do from this point onwards must be look upon from the basis of the coming section 8 cuts.

        I guess they’ll have to start giving the simps as much play as they do the unproductive thug types, black women won’t be in a position to be so picky. Their “for the dick” challenge will change nothing in the minds of thinking black men, abandonment of black women is still the motto here, we aren’t short sighted, we see exactly what is going on.

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      • so true. Can’t wait for the article addressing this ‘for the dick’ foolishness.Black women don;t see or don’t care just how stupid they look in front of the world.

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  10. Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan, Regina Hall, among others have all taken part in this stupidity. I actually questioned the nonsense on a youtube video, and a black woman responded by saying “other races have taken part in the challenge’. As if other races of women taking part in this garbage (which they are not, and if the are it is in very very small numbers), makes what black women are doing acceptable. Please show me the endless stream of videos mead by Arab, Hispanic, Chinese, Japanese, white or Jewish women, where they are rapping about what they would do for the dick? But because black women are so vile,disgusting, and lacking basic common sense, black women see nothing wrong withe rapping about ‘dick’, and what they would do for that dick. The majority of black women think anything and everything, no matter how stupid it is, is funny or cute. This is why the black males who are being raised by these low life whores think they can do or say ANYTHING, and the is no consequence for their actions. Black women are regressing everyday, and they willingly post their nonsense on you tube for the world to see.
    But I keep forgetting that BECKY the white woman, and white supremacy is out to get me. There is NO greater threat to black men than black women. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ‘bash’ black women.

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  11. Schadenfreude, despite our differences you are absolutely correct about this ‘ deathtoBW’ clown, attempting to say the most outrageous things and actually advocating physical violence against black women and a weak and pathetic attempt to get this site shutdown for advocating physical violence against black women.
    Verbs2015, I am not against censoring anyone’s opinion. But you might want to look into clearing the post of people who are advocating physical violence against any group of people including black women. Certain people will do certain things in an effort to get sites that they disagree with shutdown. Any person who comes to this site and start speaking about doing physical harm to black women is obviously trying to get this site shut down in an attempt to site the site is advocating physical violence against a certain group of people, which is black women.

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  12. I would like to present to you men what I believe to be a FINAL SOLUTION to possibly save the black race. We need to face facts that black american women are “permanently damaged” They suffer from the welfare sickness and many of them are inbred and suffer from mental illness. Reproducing with these women is genetic suicide. I call it darkening It is based off of what happened in Brazil

    1.Thinking brothers marry non-black women and black women from outside the United States. Many of them will live in suburbs all over the us.

    2. God-Emperor Trump is putting the hammer down on the welfare state so we won’t have to worry about section 8 creeping up in our suburban communities causing black flight.

    3. With welfare gone the welfare queens and kings will all die out or be thrown into fema camps. The only blacks left in the ghettos will be the good blacks who are just poor and are forced to live in the hood with the animals. Blacks in the hood will see the well-to-do black and brown people living in self sufficient suburbs across the country and it will give them something to aspire to.

    4.The cream of the crop dark skinned blacks who live in the ghetto and make it out will move into our black,brown,and light communities instead of moving into the white suburbs. They can marry our half African American/African and biracial children. Only the high IQ thinking black man should be able to reproduce. The time of the welfare alien queen and xenomorph army is almost at it’s end.

    5. We would have to try and maintain the balance in regards to interracial mixing to make sure the black genes are not completely wiped out. I personally don’t care because I plan to marry asian,white or arab and could give a shit about what my blood line looks like as long as my kids are take care of.

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    • @YoursTruly Indeed. I could care less about racial purity either, I’m lightskin by the way. When it comes females my personal preference is white. I plan on majoring in Neuroscience or Optical science when I enter college.

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      • I’ve just watched an interview about a Police Commissioner in Toronto needing a kidney transplant. His wife agreed straight away to donate hers.

        Oh and by the way: he is Black, she is White, they’ve been married for 15 years and have 3 kids.

        Screw ‘racial purity’. Love is greater and stronger than that.

        “Racial purity” – the mating call of ugly people. (Sir Hardcore Tito)

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      • Michel,

        The right honourable Hardcore Tito has firing on all cylinders as of late, his quote is instantly a historical classic. He’s right, how on earth can black women and the pro blacks talk about racial purity when black women themselves DON’T want to have children with black men? You’ll notice the pro black squads will never address this issue.


  13. Verbs2015 Lol when you think about it the “for the dick” challenge is no different than Madonna telling people she would give every man who voted for Hillary Clinton a blowjob and she has yet so suck a dick.
    Simps will never learn. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be simps.

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  14. In terms of the above “call to arms”, I have an idea.

    I’m petitioning a side movement to SYSBM: BBBR (Build A Better Black Race). In addition to ridding ourselves of scraggle daggle, this will directly target another group that literally needs to be eradicated: Arab/Indian men of Muslim belief.

    We all know how dangerous and savage these men are, how they mistreat their women, and how said women REALLY are into black men. Thus, we directly attempt to court these women, robbing scraggle daggle and Ahmed of reproductive potential. Unlike the above idiot trying to get this site banned and several black men arrested (I suspect it’s either whitey or scraggle daggle), I understand that our greatest weapons are our reproductive systems, and that you don’t need to even raise a fist to genocide a group: just f**k their opposites!

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  15. To be honest I think Death To BW is a BW trying to get this site shut down. Be careful these BW demons will stoop to all types of lows to stop the thinking black men express. The Black Dick challenge and some of these women the black actresses will another light so called fight for women rights and want young black girls to look up to them what!!!! But why would you want a black girl to look up to women acting like sex starved animals and harlots smh.

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    • I honestly think whoever DeathToBW is, he or she has a lot of issues.

      I have reasons to doubt it’s a BW. Maybe it’s just a troll from a shock site like 8chan, 4chan, Encyclopedia Dramtica and their ilk.

      BW don’t care about anything much but themselves.

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  16. WTF 41 seconds of this video was all I could take , that type of shit is not entertaining more like a science experiment gone wrong . like inbred rats in a cage that is too small . I watch a lot of wildlife documentaries , I’m going to jump ahead and say a normal human being would have to be a damn fool to walk into a crowd of musty ass testosterone laden females with their beta chimp like males whooping and cackling along the fringes . what we saw in that and similar videos is definitely a sub species bred and groom not to be a part of a normal society . I saw somebody mention that they need to be bred out of existence and my first thought is how do you breed roaches out of existence .these types of females will have sex with each other , underage boys and family members . A Black man’s long term self preservation plan had better not include these gorilla bitches .

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  17. The other thing I will never understand is why do people get more upset at you for pointing out this abnormal behavior than they do at the behavior itself . I don’t have proof but I suspect the proliferation of street gangs and ghetto gaggers is directly related to society’s approval of low life single females having kids

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    • Knutz,

      That’s simple. Black men are not supposed to have negative opinions about black women. Period. This is why the internet and social media were a game-changer when it comes to BM/BW relations. When a brother in London and a brother in Atlanta and a brother in Alaska who don’t know each other and are from different walks of life all say the [b]same exact shit[/b] about BW and BW can’t alter or mediate the narrative, you know the jig is up.

      BW being upset that BM point out their ghetto behavior is proof that their control over BM is slipping. Much the same as WM not being able to take it when black people merely recite history back to them, i.e. slavery, colonization, gentrification, or pointing out their innate privilege. It’s unacceptable to them because it’s proof that their mental slaves–us–are becoming self-aware and beyond their control.

      In this way BW and WM are two sides of a coin that’s no longer currency (Baron Strucker voice).

      In their perfect world BM are chattel slaves. I like SYSBM because it shows black men that they have options and don’t have to settle for the bullshit, the fucked-up neighborhood, the fat, nasty welfare mamas. If BW could control what BM found attractive, Leslie Jones, Gabourey Sidibe, Mo’Nique and WNBA dykes would be considered top-shelf pussy for BM while the real top 1% of BW (Nia, Sanaa, Halle, Aisha, etc) swirled with white boys at will, while BM would be barred from dealing with WW completely. I’m an old guy and discovered this on my own but I love that young bucks are learning early.

      This is the kind of info that your dad or hip uncle or older cousin used to give you, but single babymamas slowly phased older black men out of your lives so they could control the false narrative that they’re queens and can do no wrong. My own divorced mother shit on all the older men I looked up to as a youth. To her, they did not measure up, big shock. She was jealous that I looked up to them and not her, as she was “doing it all.” I’m sure it was the same or worse for many.

      We have a lot of deprogramming to do, gentlemen. SYSBM and total abandonment is the way forward. Let them eat cake.

      Sorry for the essay.

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  18. Babatunde, listen

    And to everyone on this thread please hear me out. You want to breed out most black women out of existence? I can’t stop you. It’s not only your movement that is pushing very hard for this. You have Ro Elori Cutno also leading the push for black women to return to femininity because she knows that time is up for western black women.

    Most of the time, this thread attacks the ghetto black bitches who deserve what they get. All that I can understand.

    But what about the black women that don’t fit your mold of what a black woman represents?

    Is she to be discarded as well?

    Under what criteria will she fit in?

    There’s still a category of black women that will surely be affected.

    What about the black woman who didn’t fit every single category? This is the woman who is still a virgin, homely who is being left behind by everyone. She’s the girl who was told not go after Tyrones and the likes of them. She’s the girl who tried hard to please her parents. She’s educated but still retains her femininity.


    • @NABW (Not all Black Women)

      The BW who was raised right will be fine. She’s an adult, she should be able to find a partner.

      That’s not our problem, not our responsibility.

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    • NABW,

      This site only calls out dysfunctional black females, the black women who do not fit the decadent demographics get snapped up very quickly, they don’t have any problems finding a man because there are more decent black men than thug types and these types of black women because of their upright upbringing choose the right types of men to begin with.

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    • @NABW,

      I honestly care about the black woman who “didn’t fit in” as much as black women cared about me, who “didn’t fit in.”

      Thinking black men with an IQ above 86 are not desirable swag niggas and are wholesale discarded by the so-called “community” i.e. black girls and women (in their prime).

      Now when the shoe’s on the other foot and the so-called “different” BW are feeling “unloved,” I’m supposed to empathize. Sorry, no.

      Some would call it sweet karma.

      My handle here is Schadenfreude for a reason. Heh.

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  19. You still retained your African link. This is way different than skin color. You know you’re a traditionalist so I see why you write off all black women. You see how black American or western women act.

    I’m confused as to why you offer commentary on affairs like this.

    Aren’t you from the U.K.?

    Why the focus on eradicating American black women only?

    Besides the fact that they are the absolute bottom of the barrel in the social and gender hierarchy?


    • NABW,

      Had you read my book Negro Wars you would’ve fully understood that the dysfunctional black female is an INTERNATIONAL problem. Again, as stated in Negro Wars the reason why I primarily focus upon the black female of the US is because she is the mascot of destruction leading the charge to which many other black women in different part of the world are now following.

      Again, it’s westernised black women irrespective of their location who are the problem, feminine functional non westernised black females are not the issue here and they are included within the SYSBM movement. This is something that I will be dealing with in an article which I will be releasing on Wednesday.

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  20. Why do the so called good ones have more issue with black men calling out the refuse than the refuse existing?

    Sadly, their silence is at this point aiding and abetting, and they will have to suffer from lack of mates for allowing the refuse to become the norm.

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    • I think you answered your own question. If you mean good ones meaning good black women that are surrounded by ghetto blacks, then it’s a survivals game.

      Here if you are part of 13% of the population, you’re not thinking in terms of quality. You are thinking in terms of survival.

      SYSBM is also thinking in terms of survival but is also thinking long term and realistically.

      However, the good ones are also the targets because they are not the norm.

      The norm generally rejects what is different. This is no different from when good black woman get upset when others including black men denounce their very existence.

      That’s an extremely tough and delicate position to be in that those women never asked for.


    • Afrofuturism1,

      You raise a very good point, you have to wonder how “good” these black women are since the overwhelming majority of them refuse to call out the dysfunctional members of the sisterhood who now to the detriment of all black folks dominate black female society.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Most black women as you stated are dysfunctional correct?

        This is most. You’ve acknowledged it. So have I

        There is only a very small percentage of black women that would fit into the category of being good.

        How do you expect a good black woman to call out the masculine dysfunctional bitches that are posted on your website?

        There’s a catch 22. A good black woman would be too fearful to speak out against the violent black bitches.

        They are the ones that have to look away for their own safety lest they be killed for being different than the rest.


      • NABW,

        That’s not my problem plus the few good black women should’ve spoken up when there were more of them in number. No, instead they went along with the programme and now expect me to all of a sudden draw differences while they still remain hidden in the shadows. I came out against these black harridans and I’m in a minority group, why can’t they do the same?


      • Babatunde a few good women did speak up. They were either ostracized or killed.

        I would not ask the small insignificant number of good women to ask a bunch of ruthless vultures to change simply because they will not dare listen to the feminine voice.

        Only way to even handle these violent beasts is man to man since that’s what they perceive themselves to be.

        It would not be a genuine good woman’s place to go toe to toe with a beast of that caliber.


      • NABW,

        I don’t recall any black women being killed for speaking up against the angry and bitter black sisterhood, you are going to have to run those names by me. Ostracised, I can believe because the author Shahrazad Ali is one such example of that.

        I’m not here for black women as they don’t need my help neither do they want it, I’m here for the thinking black man, documenting the evidence of black female dysfunction, giving the thinking black man a voice and a platform from which he can speak about the things on his mind and showing the smart brother the alternative paths he can take with regards to love and companionship.


      • I’m not saying that as a black man you coming out swinging wouldn’t get you killed.

        But good women can’t risk coming out swinging because it would compromise their femininity and you know that.


      • NABW, let’s keep it real. Most of those good girls are hippos with no self control.

        Even if they were “good” as you say, their bodies are bad especially if one were to consider procreating with these losers.

        There’s a reason why everyone left them behind.


        Liked by 1 person

      • These are probably the quiet fat ones that know that they are dead no matter what the situation is. And nature is quite cruel. If they were going to die anyways, let them.

        They can lose the weight to make themselves more desirable so that they have a chance out. But I fear by then, all of that resentment would make them bitter or immobile. Either way, that’s not good for survival now is it?

        Liked by 1 person

      • NABW, before I forget, I note you have an overall grasp of the truth and yet you find it hard to accept. You believe what you want. You seem to believe that we should be compassionate to the black woman’s causes.

        Removing the many reasons why black women should not be saved, here’s one reason based on biology.

        We are still men. Compassion is a woman’s area. So you can’t argue on here with compassion. Life is what it is and you have to accept it in order to live.

        Black women have no compassion. Remember this fact.

        Liked by 1 person

  21. NABW,

    Even BW from the suburbs and who are educated still are dysfunctional they will still run to their white daddy for help. It is just a westernized mindset. This mindset has been breeded into these women no matter ghetto or suburban.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So then exactly what is the issue? You lost me by bringing up white daddy. Are they dysfunctional because they choose to run to some form of protection? Or rather is it them running to a form of protection without consequence or thought before doing so?

      Let’s cut to the biological chase here.

      All women, every single woman I’ve ever known yearns to feel protected and “loved” (more on that in a minute.)

      Love as what women perceive it to be currently is a new concept as most marriages were previously arranged. Most women had no say in who they married, the family dictated it.

      As for who created “love” in its current perception, we know that due to the history of gender roles, most men wrote first of romance before women did.

      Truth is to break the black woman is to break the notion of “love” that she is clearly brainwashed and indoctrinated in.

      The final way to decimate and destroy the black woman that we have issues with after everything else including all forms of protection is gone is to also remove whatever her notions of “love” is.

      Most women don’t willingly settle for the lowest denominations (a Tyrone ) without dealing with previous rejections or feelings of negativity of some sort.

      Problem is the issue of how “love” especially westernized version of love is placed on the pedestal.

      Love in the western view equates more to materialistic things to the point where black women also view their counterparts as things as well.


      • I was about to ask “what’s your point?”

        However you touched upon a truthful and bitter fact that black women should learn to swallow instead of Tyrone’s cum filled with STD’s and the stench of crack.

        It is men not women that create love.

        It was men who defined what love was in the first place.

        Western version of love glorifies utter selfishness and disunity.

        Men were the ones who created the idea of love.

        We see when black women are left to their devices, they will ruin everything. All of their choices in men, how they even view love is bad.

        Love isn’t about feelings. That’s a stupid reason for black women to marry their Tyrone’s or White Daddy Warbucks.

        Love as men defined it was about loyalty and legacy.

        That’s was it.

        Black women have tainted the idea of love so much that regretfully for them, they don’t deserve it nor do they deserve any type of protection.

        If you want to be your own man, then go on and get then.

        Liked by 1 person

    • As for suburban black women, I’ve found that most end up heading back to an urban feel because suburbia was too boring for them.

      If they stay in suburbia, it’s because something was already in place for them there to begin with. Usually sports, STEM or politically related. In the latter, the marriage is also pretty much arranged to keep up traditional appearances.


      • Suburban black bitches are the worst because they experienced everything. Luckily not many of us run into these types.

        8/10 the suburban black bitch who goes urban will adapt some hood rat behavior in an attempt to belong and then she realizes how boring suburbia can be.

        Oh when those bitches break, they are the worst. To top it off they usually have the liberal mindset too.

        They are the worst.

        Liked by 1 person

  22. HitDogsWillHoller
    I was born in the suburbs (still live there) in high school the black girls with 4.0 gpa’s would shit on me and say I talk,dress,and act like a white boy with my 3.0 gpa. They all date hood niggas from the city and the hood niggas would come to the school and start shit in the parking lots. The only black girls that were worth a damn were the biracial girls who had white moms and they were all taken. The problem is that even when black people move out into the suburbs their kids become infected with nigger culture and want to act like niggers.

    Then these girls go to college and now they are “woke” and “pro-black” yet all they fuck are thugs and white boys with breeding plantation fetishes. Funny thing is they all have a entourage of pro-black simps who follow these sluts around like the taco bell dog. Eventually they too hit the wall with a baby or two and come crawling back to men like us wondering why we don’t want to “step up to the plate” and take care of Tyrone and Chad’s bastard hell spawns.

    The good girls who are TRULY good girls of ALL were all married by the age of 25 some as young as 22 in my neighborhood. The rest are just reformed sluts or fat girls who ARE good girls but are lazy and don’t want to loose the weight, take the weave out, and drop the attitude so fuck em.

    something like 70% of black women are single mothers so just that alone leaves us with only 30% of women left and we haven’t brought up the std’s, obesity, and the ran through sluts. Interracial dating for black men is simply inevitable. Black women can complain about the lack of available men but black women did it to themselves. They fuck every thug in town and have his babies then act shocked when the community is filled with thugs and young boys who want to be thugs and all the normal people move out of town before the drive byes, riots, and home invasions begin. When it’s all said and done black women try to wash their hands clean of everything and blame the men they never even fucked (blue collar men who are not on their level and educated lames) for all their relationship problems.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. When will Afrofuturism release his second book Negro Wars 2? You say that black women like to break promises, but clearly the apple doesn’t fall far from the trea. I am pregnant by a wigger. 😗😙😚😍😘


    • >I am pregnant by a wigger.

      That’s your problem. You have choices with whom to date in life, and you made yours. Can’t help you there.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Afrofuturism Is Wigger,

      Christelyn Karazin never left YouTube to begin with dummy. That is the problem with you black heifers, you can’t help but push your exploits in another person’s face. Nobody cares who you got pregnant by and keep you “nigger” talk for those gutter hoodrat comrades you hang around with.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I didn’t say anything about YouTube and Karazin nigger. Afrofuturism1 promised us the book Negro Wars 2 and an article on the section 8. Luckily, I live in Russia. So section 8 does not affect me. How dare you call me a dummy? I have an IQ of 125. More than you niggers of an average IQ of 80.


      • Afrofuturism Is Wigger,

        Yet here you are once again conversing with people who you have deemed to have a lower IQ than yourself, that’s not very intelligent now is it? Do you ever think before engaging your fingers to the keyboard eh dunce?


      • You are a dunce. I cannot believe why you are spending so much time writing articles that wont inform or affect black american women. Do you know that you are only degrading them in a deep hole? You are useless and youre book Negro Wars will never be a success like Fifty Shades of Grey, nigger


      • Fake Afrofuturism Fraudster Pretending To Be Everybody Else,

        In case you haven’t figured it out yet I’m NOT trying to reach out to the US black female because she has made it quite clear that she enjoys her path of destruction and isn’t going to change for anyone. The degradation comes from ACTIONS, not somebody’s words however numbskulls like yourself cannot seem to figure this out. Its like you saying somebody threatening to punch you in the face is worse than the person who actually does it, how retarded can you be, who raised you? Negro Wars is doing exactly what it needs to do, enjoy your life in Suriname dumb dumb.


      • How many times I must tell you that I have a black father and asian mother? You are making fools out of US black women stating only negative things about them. Other races of women have their bullshit also. Like my mom is like most Asian women narcisstic and matrialistic (Tiger Mom) like the hapa Eurasian Writer says. Asian females are according to research the biggest white supremacists. Latina women especially Brazilian women like to cheat on their spouses in order to get money ect. But you are only talking about the negative things of black wome n. According to you black men like my dad do nothing wrong and are angels. Can you point out the problems of the modern day black man also? A problem has always two sides and not one.


    • Blasian Afrofuturism Impostor,

      Yes every woman has fault but the fault of black women is exponentially higher then other races of women. As I have posted many times on here before black women are obese, rude, loud, entitled and have STD’s as well as multiple baby daddies at much higher rates then other races. This coupled with the fact black women aren’t even all that attractive to begin with, with their deeper voices and more masculine looking features, the black woman is already at a disadvantage and makes herself even more undesirable with her bothersome behavior.

      Overall most black women are garbage, they certainly smell like it too. Hell even your own father didn’t particularly find black women appealing, did he?

      Liked by 1 person

      • He had a mulatto wife, but he was abusive to her and her kids, so she kicked him out. My father is abusive towards me and my sister and my mother says she could do nothing, but she supports him. Eurasian Tiger explains the Darksided Asian mother perfectly. Black woman were his first choice.


      • Blasian Afrofuturism Impostor,

        Her kids or were they his kids too? LOL the former I bet. Anyway I don’t really know what you’re getting at but the Asian woman can’t be that bad if they rank so highly in the dating scene. Also no disrespect but most Asian men want their own women THEN white women. Some settle for black women because they don’t want to be alone, but most of them like Asian and White women.

        Liked by 1 person

      • So what you are trying to say is that all Asian women are angels and all Black women are demons? Why is suicide so high in Asian countries? The kids were both from my dad and that mulatto wife. That guy Eurasian Tiger has a YouTube channel in case you do not believe me. He states that most AFWM couples are based on white supremacy, fetishsim & status. Most couples have either a baldheaded white guy and an asian woman of the age of 18. See they are the real women who require no standards when it comes to white males. And most white males prefer Asian females for their white worshipping behaviour or as substitute white wife.


      • Blasian Afrofuturism Impostor,

        No, what I’m saying is the Asian woman has far more positives about her which is why they so sought after. Also the reason Asians have such high suicides is because of their stressful and success driven culture. There society demands such perfection from them some of them feel as if they can never attain to what society demands from them. You see Asian women have this thing called shame that is missing from most Black women.

        Anyway it doesn’t matter what the reasons and intricacies are to why certain men prefer Asian women the fact is NOBODY prefers black women….

        Liked by 1 person

      • That is not the only thing why Asian females have so much suicide. Many of them are forced to be mail order brides of very old unknown dudes. Asians also like to go to the same university and if they don’t have new clothes, they won’t go to a party. I see it in my family and other Asian families all the time. At least Asian women won’t talk shit about Asian males if they have white husbands. Only niggers do. Ofcourse no one prefers black females. First of the whole world hate us blacks and second this is a mans world.


    • Schadenfreude,

      It’s all hot air and waste gases bro, black women are a sinking ship and they are currently rolling in Kamikaze/panic mode right now. The section 8 cuts are coming in and black male hit pieces like this will not change a damn thing. SYSBM/abandonment is also working, the angry and bitter black sisterhood is furious at the fact that black men are waking up and walking off their pestilent plantation. #SYSBMFORLIFE

      Liked by 1 person

      • Today would have been the start of the cuts for the October date. Now there’s a reprieve, a brand new hit piece graces the online “Black” media.

        Note the two contradictory statements:

        1) You Black male harassers should be called “terrorists”.

        2) I still love my Black men.

        The cuts are coming.


        Liked by 2 people

      • Michel,

        Their end is near, there is nothing they can do to stop the inevitable crunch and I will still be sitting by on the sidelines with some popcorn and a fresh glass of juice watching their downfall.



      • So I’ll assume the next time one of these masculine ass looking black female land whale whores sees a black man exercising his “white privilege” with a beautiful FEMININE white woman that they’re going to keep their damn mouthes closed RIGHT?..I mean since we’re terrorist now …I THINK NOT…LOL. .#SYSBM

        Liked by 1 person

      • Keith

        If they ever fix their mouths to say anything, they cannot be “harassed”.

        Anyway they shouldn’t be speaking to or associating with so-called “terrorists”.

        Liked by 1 person

    • G1,

      Negros unfortunately are easily entertained by such trivial non-senses. Why else do you think nigga trinkets hold such a special place in the hearts of most Negros?

      Liked by 1 person

  24. As a single black mother I see exactly what you are talking about. I think BW are flawed in the way they think. I think that we are very dysfunctional and instead of listening to our men we listen to other dysfunctional women. We are unable and unwilling to look at ourselves and really contemplate on the things that have been taught to us. I was raised by a single woman too and I can honestly say I never heard my mother talk bad about my dad and vise versa. I tell people I dont want to spank her because I don’t want her thinking if she hits someone she can get what she wants. I think this is the sad reality of our community and BW do not understand how we are contributing. I contributed by have a child outside of marriage so I have to now do extra work to get my daughter to not fall for the BS programming because I have to do it alone and I do not have what it take! I think we as women don’t like hearing this because of a few things. 1. We will have to admit we were wrong. 2. We will have to admit the women we love and respect the most our moms, grandmoms, aunts, sisters, and friends could be wrong as well. You literally have to challenge everything you’ve been told about what it means to be a woman, your role, your responsibilities, and most importantly challenge the way you think about BM. Most women get told from the time they come out the womb that they are perfect and can do no wrong and they live their lives with this notion. Prime example look at what we tell women when they break up with a guy. 9 times out of 10 the first statement made is what did he do, as if she is incapable of doing anything wrong in relationships. The language gets BW the most in these conversations. They are not able to look pass the language. I hate that this is what blackwomanhood has become for some. I hate that we allow it. I hate that women won’t step up and say we are wrong we cant blame the BM for everything because here is how I contribute to the dysfunction of my community. BW as a whole are simply not willing to do that.

    As far as Cyn G I like her I think she speak a lot of truths. However, I do think she focuses on the flaws of men more than the flaws of women which is just something I think we are just trained to do. Let’s dissect the BM and everything he does but not the BW. I hear a lot of people say if BM get their stuff together BW will follow suit and I think that is inaccurate. Look at the resistance some of the men with their stuff together get from women. We have a flawed mindset that we don’t want to acknowledge. Let say BM get it together is he going to have to come home to a woman questioning his every move? Is he coming home to someone undermining him every chance she gets. We have to address this mindset that tells us as women if my man says go left Im going to go right because he doesnt know what hes talking about now a few years down the road your wondering why your relationship is in the trash. I think we as a people need a real cleanse of the things we have grown to accept. I think as people period it is easier to say look at what your doing wrong than it is to say could I be doing something wrong or look at what I’m doing. Because this video kind of give a visual to some of the things BM say. I do try to protect you you push me a way. A man was in here trying to break it up and you had other women rooting it on. That is sad and it is not the way you should be conducting yourself period. I think most people don’t really make the BW be accountable for her actions and we are now seeing the results. My problem is now that we have clear evidence that the BW has a problem what we are doing isn’t working yet we still try to ignore it, blame BM, and rationalize the behavior. I’ll end this hear. There are BW out there that has the BM’s back. I know we are few and far between but we exist and some of us have decided to be more vocal in our support of the BM. I support BM. I don’t have to agree to everything you say but I have to be able to understand your point of view. I want to start changing the narrative with these young girls. This is an uphill battle with BW, I understand that 100% I get why BM are wanting to move away from us I get it and I’ve said I don’t blame you, I don’t like it, but I get it. Men are saying I’ve tried and because you dont want to listen I will leave you alone. Nobody wants to deal with someone that’s not willing to listen. This is the sad reality we live in and more of us are doing thing to help perpetuate all of this instead of recognizing the errors being made.

    Liked by 1 person

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