Black Woman Sounds Off On Veteran With Service Dog In Restaurant


According to several publications(even though it isn’t true) black women are supposed to be the most educated individuals in the US. I’m very familiar with the UK laws concerning service dogs or guide dogs as they are called over here. So I decided to check out the situation regarding service dogs State side and this is what I ran into in the archive section of the US Department Of Justice website:

The Americans With Disabilities Act law clearly states that persons with disabilities MUST(this means its mandatory) be permitted to enter business establishments with their service animals, you can clearly read this on the page. Here is one example of the typical signage you will see on the windows and doors of business establishments here in the United Kingdom:

I have grown up in England seeing signs like this in various shops, restaurants as well as other businesses, off the head even without knowledge of the intricate details of the laws here I was already aware that guide dogs and hearing assistance dogs were the only animals that were excluded from entry prohibition, so how is it that this wild black female is not aware of the same?

You see how dumb and stupid the majority of black women are, but wait, aren’t these the same women who will threaten you with legal action yet don’t know the law themselves? Haven’t I told you this before, didn’t I state in Negro Wars how the overwhelming majority of black women have become a pestilence and a menace to all of those around them?

Now, the black woman named Ciara Millar has since made a video in which she responds to the criticism and the backlash she has received, here it is:

Ok, now if what she is saying is true then I can understand why she went off in such a manner, however at the same time in light of black women and their current degenerate behaviour, if something occurs to where they are in the right do you see how difficult it is to trust them and to stand on their side? Of course Miller happens to be one of the few black women who has been successful in climbing swirl mountain and no doubt she is proud of this achievement.

However, there is a much bigger problem and something even more disturbing about that video, why was her white husband standing there and doing absolutely nothing? If what she is saying is true and she was indeed called a nigger as well as other racial slurs by various people in the restaurant then shouldn’t it have been her husband’s duty to kick off and stand up for his wife?

Go and check out the video again if in doubt, you’ll notice that he remains silent throughout the whole ordeal. What, are the white folks who called his wife a nigger his friends, what, does he himself call his wife a nigger at home during sex or randomly which is why he refused to defend her? Why did he refuse to take action against those who racially attacked his wife?

And merchant tricksters such as Christelyn Karazin will tell us that relationships between black women and white men are organic. What on earth is organic about your black wife being called a nigger and you standing there refusing to lift a finger to come to her defence? What have I been telling you time and time again, with white folks the race comes first above ALL, in this case INCLUDING A BLACK WIFE.

Another classic example of swirling going wrong, however we shouldn’t really be surprised as I have a 5 part series on the website entitled How Black Women Worship And Interact With Whitey Their God, part 1 can be viewed in the link below:

I wonder what the swirling sisterhood will have to say about this one? Absolutely nothing, in the same manner that they are eerily silent concerning the up and coming section 8/welfare cuts commencing this December, black women in like manner will ignore this incredibly embarrassing moment and eagerly wait for it to fade into the night.

Many free thinking black men have alluded to the fact that for the black women who do manage to land themselves a white man, the overwhelming majority of them deal with beta males. I would NEVER stand there and allow random strangers to disrespect and verbally abuse my girlfriend, NEVER, but all the dude could do is look down at the floor as well as tap his wife softly on the shoulder trying to get her to walk out of the building.

When I wrote the first 4 paragraphs of this article I hadn’t yet viewed her video response. However, now that we have heard her side of the story, the worse thing about this is the fact that the husband stood by and allowed fellow whites to use racial slurs against his own wife. The code white people as a collective adhere to is very real. This is not a very good look for white men nor black women.

This simply shows us how stupid the majority of black women are, they are simply being used by the white aristocracy as cannon fodder and as an instrument to keep black society fragmented and broken, however because white men have brought them into the outer circle they seem to believe that they are now completely on board, hence why black women at the behest of their white lord and saviour will defecate upon the heads of black men whenever they are requested to do so without giving it a second thought.

What you have seen in the video is exactly what will happen to the majority of black women when the excrement hits the fan, NOBODY will defend them in their time of tribulation and distress and rightly so, they must be punished for their innumerable offences and transgressions against black men aswell as the multitude of crimes they have committed against black society as a whole. The above clip is a glimpse into the black woman’s future.

UPDATE: Well folks, it seems as though a black woman has been up to no good yet again, word has it that she didn’t want to pay for her meal and thus she used the service dog being in the premises as her convenient excuse. I reckon the reason why her husband was silent is because he was in on the scam and just wanted to get out of the building as quickly as possible. The restaurant has issued some statements regarding the incident which can be found in the following links below:

Here is a news article that covers the same:

Although the restaurant has not alluded to the hit and run, it would seem that the black witch used her skill of a lying tongue to avoid paying for the grub she, her husband and her daughter had. Do you see how in 2017 when it comes to a black woman’s testimony you must always assume they are guilty until proven otherwise? What I’ve stated in Negro Wars is 100% accurate, black women cannot be trusted under any circumstances. Furthermore an Everipedia page and been set up “in her honour” even going as far as doxxing her which really is her own fault for pulling a fast one. On that page the commenter Angela77 says the following:

From what I have heard “pull the race card to get out of paying for a meal” Miller has been getting some serious blow back from every corner, and rightly so. Once again, the black harridan shows her true colours and shame on her lord, saviour master and father/husband for going along with the dirty deed. Note how even when they get a white man the welfare mind state still remains buried deep within the psyche of these Frankensteins. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

71 thoughts on “Black Woman Sounds Off On Veteran With Service Dog In Restaurant

  1. OMG, I am the first to comment. Where is Afrofuturism? He is a wigger and we would make beautiful babies, because he looks like trick daddy.


  2. Verbs,

    That is what I was saying why did her husband do nothing but just stand there smh. And I think she was lying stating that the lady called her a nigger why would she just confront her when she was about to leave and ask her if she had a problem with the dog. If anything the guy with the dog would have said something to her so I do not believe her. I think she was just mad because the guy sat at the table beside her and wanted to act like a insane lunatic you notice in the argument she not at one time state anything about being called a nigger she was just saying it is nasty to have a dog in a restaurant. As you stated if she was called a nigger she has the right to go off but I think she was just mad about the guy sitting beside her with the dog. And if she was called a nigger her husband did nothing to defend her honor maybe because she’s a nigger to him to.

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    • Sean,

      What you have said is spot on, if she was indeed called a nigger by them then why didn’t she mentioned that in her 3 minute long rant? This is why I had to mention the fact that I am unsure about the validity of her claim because we already know how most black women love to lie all day long in order to garner sympathy and attention.


      • FLCimaxxx,

        Typical, not that she didn’t pay but that she got loud and offensive when she was in the wrong. Black women always do that instead of acting like decent people they’d rather scream and insult their way out of being wrong. Black women are a nuisance…..smh

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  3. Her husband didn’t do anything cause he and she may have gotten their ass beat by the group of whites. But had the black woman punched the woman that called her a nigger in her face then no one would have interfered since everyone like to see a female on female fight…..
    But on a whole this service animal comfort animal thing is out of control some of the animals in question is illegitimate

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    • Reverse Afrofuturism:

      Hit it from da front!
      Is dark skinned
      Bangs scraggle daggle on the regular
      Hates long feminine hair on women
      Enjoys the smell of funky cooch

      We’ve found my negative universe doppelgänger

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      • I don’t understand a word what you are trying to say. The only thing that I understand is that you want to eat my unwashed pussy. Tasty!😍😛😍😛

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  5. Between this woman and the PTSD service dog, she acted more like a rabid animal than the serivce dog. Her husband is like so many white men black women of this ilk go after: bottom-tier, effeminated and emasculated and with that, black women can rule over the white man and that’s the ultimate plan. Over the last couple of centuries, black women tried to be like and rule over the black man and white woman and now as we see, the white man is the final boss like in a video game to comptete against for that so-called ‘god’ like supremacy. The only way a relationship between a black woman and white man can be organic is if she was brought up around white people (mostly likely in the surburbs) from the day she was born to get the best, well-groomed, masculine white man and not taking the unnecessary extra steps Christelyn Karazin and black women like her took to get a white man that’s not up to part economically but it’s about the color of his skin. SYSBM.

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  6. I doubt very highly she was called nigger or else that would’ve been more important than the dog. I don’t doubt, however, that her white snow king calls her nigger when he’s hittin ut doggystyle.
    Hit it from da back!! lol

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  7. Gentlemen, I’ve just updated the story, recheck above for some additional links. FLCLimaxxx is right, the black heifer was up to no good once again, she wriggled out of paying for her meal and used the race card to do so. These black women simply cannot be trusted, they are always involving themselves in some deception and skullduggery. Feel free to go in on this witch.

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      • afrofuturism1,

        Exactly black women are the undisputed champions of pettiness. She’d rather bring national attention to herself and her husband over a probably $10 meal. Hell I’ve been to restaurants and haven’t been too particularly thrilled by the food but guess what I did? I didn’t RETURN. If you don’t like the food then don’t go back it’s simple. Or if they get your order wrong inform them before you eat and 9.5/10 they’ll change it…..

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  8. This story was so appalling, that woman was completely out of control. I don’t believe those white people used any racial slurs against the woman and were more than patient with her, but finally lost their cool after she incessantly berated, antagonized, and insulted them.

    And if they did call her the n-word, then why didn’t her husband stand up for her? The right thing would’ve been for the husband or wife to instruct the family to leave the restaurant for their own safety while making a formal complaint or reaching out to a lawyer. Instead she stayed there and dared the alleged “white racist” to do something while her doofus husband just stood there without lifting a finger.

    Seems like they just wanted to get out of paying for a meal and made a scene as justification. Unbelievable.

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  9. Might as well kill her. Amirite?

    Just saying men used to kill their enemies. If black women are indeed our enemies, how come we don’t have a hit list to kill most of these degenerate bitches?

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      • Verbs2015,

        Black women are lucky black men aren’t like Arab or Indian men those men are SAVAGE. They will form a mob and cave a woman’s head in with a brick, rock or even a fucking rocket launcher…

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    • You are a troll. That being said, I’m on partial agreement with what you are getting at.

      Back in the day, our enemies, those that made us weak never got any mercy and I do co-sign with the idea that some of these hyperactive masculine black bitchy cuntrags deserve to suffer in full before they get the bullet. These beasts want to replace black men? Let them have at it.

      They’ll pay the ultimate price soon enough like many black men have.

      Harriet Tubman made a fatal mistake in freeing all those slaves when most seemed quite content after all.

      I feel bad for her legacy.


    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      Agreed, our greatest weapon against these black harridans is abandonment. Killing black women is an extreme that is unnecessary and not something I will advocate.

      Liked by 2 people

      • I don’t think it’s entirely unnecessary. Natural order of the world is that might makes right. Maybe North Korea, Russia and Muslim countries were onto something…


  10. If that’s her husband behind her in the black t-shirt and shorts, isn’t he a light-skinned black dude? He doesn’t look white to me.

    If he’s black in particular, I think the lesson here is men need to know how to control their women. That bitch would NEVER be allowed to get loud and wild like that in public if she were my woman. For one, I wouldn’t choose a woman who felt she could act like that in public… For two, I would use my authority as her dude to say “calm the fuck down. This isn’t how we handle things.” For three, if the dog was an offense, I would be the first to ask the restaurant if we can change tables, or simply pay the bill, voice our grievance and leave. If she’s my female and we’re out together, she would have been able to speak to ME to make the situation better — no need to fight with the restaurant. Fixing a situation like that is easy, and certainly not worthy of a scene like that, which indeed makes me wonder if she has some ulterior motive for all that drama. (Though more likely it’s just “black girl syndrome” rearing its ugly head — entitlement, flighty emotionality, self-righteousness, drama, etc.).

    Anyway, I think the lesson here is that dudes don’t know how to take charge these days … He didn’t take charge of the situation nor his woman. He could’ve easily avoided this dust-up by putting his foot down instead of letting the bitch go off like that. This dude was acting like men and women are equal in relationships, like he’s supposed to let her “express herself” while he “simpily” stands at her side and has her back. NOPE. If you don’t have some special degree of authority in your relationships with your woman and the way she carries herself in public, you are a bitch.

    That’s the big lesson here. She not only disrespected the people in that restaurant, she disrespected her dude with that act — put him in danger in fact — and he should NOT have stood for it. If you can’t calm your bitch down with a few words, you’re with the wrong bitch. Either she’s too high-strung or you’re too weak — but either way, you’re with the wrong one.


  11. This is what I see happening in the grand scheme of things.
    -1st (Online) gender war begins. Thinking black men call out bw on their thug lust, kids out of wedlock, disrespect for black men, ect.

    -Black women say educated forward thinking men are lame and jealous that we picked the thugs over them. The white man is better anyway! You have no swag!!!

    -Thinking black men say “O.K. if you hate guys like us that much we will just date outside the race and put up the wall of silence.”

    -2nd (online) gender war kicks off because these women are getting older and are seeing more and more black men leaving the plantation every day.
    -mgtow,ibmor,sysbm, ect have begun taking over as men are no longer interested in trying to figure out how to get the woman to change and instead have just decided to date non black women.
    -Black women are in panic mode because over 70% of them are single moms thanks to big dick Tyrone and Chad thundercock.
    -They are starting to realize how fucked they are because beautiful non-black women are EVERYWHERE and scooping up black men left and right.
    -Black women know they can’t compete against non black women because sure if she really wanted to she can lose the weight,weave, and the attitude (They have no problem doing it for white boys after all) but you can’t get rid of Tyrone’s kids and that is why these women stay at the bottom. The GOOD men are leaving and they know there is nothing they can do or say to get these men to stick around and try to make it work with the scraggle daggle.

    -Black women try to swirl but realize only beta males and racist slime ball white boys like black women. Normal non-racist joe blow white boys only go for asian girls and white girls. Mexican guys want to BE white and see themselves as white so they stay with mexican girls and white girls. Asians write academic studies about how nobody likes black women so they are off the list. They eventually get tired of their white men after she gets what she wanted out of him (some money and his baby) They come back with the white man’s baby and act shocked that black men don’t want her anymore.

    -They know that the war is over come december 16th and they know that by 2018 they will become desperate as hell to snag a brotha. If you think black women making fools of themselves on facebook demanding that big dick having, 200k a year making, freakishly tall giant of a man is going to want to relocate to the ghetto and take care of some hood rat and her thug babies was bad? We haven’t seen anything yet.

    This is fucking rich. Either A: She was called a nigger and her white saviour just sat there and did nothing.
    or B: They are so poor they have to go around creating scenes in restaurants just to get a bite to eat.

    I thought white men love to pay for dates lol. Do we black men even need to do anything anymore?Everyone seems to be filled with no much hate and jealously towards us black men that they seem to be destroying themselves in the process of trying to destroy us. That white boy killing a hobo because he wanted to “save” white women aka “I’m a pussy and can’t fight a black man head on so I will shoot a hobo.”
    That crap SCREAMS insecurity and pushes non-black women in our arms even faster. You will only find thugs and pro-black simps harassing interracial couples involving black people. You won’t find clean cut black men doing that because women love us.

    I swear I saw all of this coming in 2010 when I first discovered Tom Leykis the only white man I will call father. (Seriously if It were not for him I would have ended up knocking up the scraggle daggle like every other black guy I grew up with. My real father died in a plane crash when I was young thus I never had the sex talk with a real MAN growing up till Tom Leykis)

    After listening to his show I realized that all these women that give me the cold shoulder NOW would be crawling back to me in my later years begging me to take them back but by then in Tom’s words “Why would I date you when I can date your daughter now?” I wouldn’t date THEIR daughters but the point still stands Why would any of us deal with scraggle daggle when we can EAISLY get younger non black women of better quality.

    My FIRST day of college I had a hot arab girl throw her self at me hard as fuck. She was thick. NOT FAT. I was blown away because the thought of dating a arab woman never crossed my mind as I have never met one before and know fuck all about their culture. At the time I turned her down because my family disapproved of ir dating. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I will be going back to school soon to finish my education and it will be sysbm all fucking day. My brother and his friend BOTH had sexy latina girls all over them for years but turned them down to marry the scraggle daggle and their lives have never been the same. sysbm truly is freedom.

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    • Actually this “gender war” shit began long before 2000. Books like “The black man’s guide to understanding the black woman” and “Do black women HATE black men” were being published back in the late 1980s. It likely started long before that — with the first “television” generation.

      You guys think it’s all about welfare making black men unnecessary… While that may have “enabled” it, I think this shit has more to do with the generations of black women coming up in households with the television always on… Their insecurities and racial world-view comes right out of the fact that they’re easily entranced and influenced by media.


      • That’s why I said (online) The gender war started in my opinion when LBJ gave welfare to the masses.
        The online gender war started in the 2000’s

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    • I should add: congrats on getting your education and knowing early on that black women are no longer your natural mates. You won’t be confused and demoralized by “black girl syndrome” like a lot of my generation was.

      Don’t forget to also be veeery deliberate about the nonblack woman you end up with. Remember, women from overseas sometimes come from some very desperate homelands — and they know that having your baby means a green card and 17% of your white-collar US income for 18 years (at least).


  12. LMFAO!!!


    So another theory / live decoded…

    Alrighty then… NEXT!!!

    Ha ha stellar article Brotha Verbs.

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  13. Oh yeah


    I thought the white kangz had all the $$$ ????
    I thought the lame niggaz cant afford anything??
    I thought lame niggaz don’t defend their BW queans????

    Damn these black bitches just keep digging themselves into a deeper hole that they cant climb out of & NO ONE WILL REACH IN & HELP THEM OUT!!

    Sad thing is she stuck by that broke azz whitey who cant afford a $10 meal, when she’d easily shit on a struggling brotha who couldn’t afford to pay for that same $10 meal. WTF??!!!!???


    SYSBM 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I like to stand back and watch how their attitude and mannerisms even their voice change when a man of another race talks them , that shit cracks me up every time if I’m lucky another black man is near so I nudge him to watch the bed wench in action

      Liked by 3 people

      • @ Knutz

        Sooooo fuckin true 1000%.

        These whores will “square-up” in the presence of almighty whitey & then turn around & still treat us like shit. Regardless if we are good brothas, or worthless niggaz…

        Very sad. But anybody rolling with SYSBM will survive!!!

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    • 3rd Leg,

      And these are the chicks who pro black simps like D32018 is trying to save, smh. Also note how the charge against the witch is only felonious assault, had this been a black male you know full well that the charge would have been attempted murder without a doubt. Here is what I’ve been talking about in plain view, they want these black sirens back on the streets as quickly as possible wreaking even more havoc in black society.

      Liked by 1 person

      • @ Verbs

        Yes they do!!! You are 10000% correct. Black men get put under the jail for small crimes, while the white man’s “playthings” aka BW whores, are hit with way lesser charges!!! They really do want these whores free just so they can destroy us black men!!!!

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  14. If ever I’m with anybody male or female and they start some shit , I’m going to keep walking . the one thing I’ve learned in life everything is not worth my attention , too many times I ended up in county jail because I felt I had to prove my manhood , I don’t play that game anymore . I saw that video a few days ago and my conclusion is she’s just a typical ignorant ass bitch that needs and seeks to be the center of attention at inopportune times . aint nothing uglier in the face than a stark raving maniac esp a black bitch she’s lacking femininity off the top anyway and then they can be as foul mouth as they come . did she think the restaurant was going to instantly change their policy because of her mouth . if a male is with his bitch and he can’t snatch a knot in her ass in a potentially dangerous situation so they can move the hell on , he may as well be wearing panties too . I have a hard time understanding the shit that bothers some black people . these service dogs are the least of your worries if you out in public you should be watching out for the two legged beasts that wears a badge or only had one parent growing up

    Liked by 2 people

    • “if a male is with his bitch and he can’t snatch a knot in her ass in a potentially dangerous situation so they can move the hell on , he may as well be wearing panties too . ”

      Well put.


  15. By the way gentlemen, be sure to visit the About section of the website every so often because there are a lot of cowardly simps and equally cowardly, yellow bellied queans choosing to post in there because they know that page isn’t frequented that often by the crew.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Michel,

        Agreed, they don’t want to come and comment under the latest articles because they know that there are a legion of thinking black men who are more than ready to give them a thorough roasting.

        Hearing you loud and clear on the non black female sights in London, been travelling on the Underground all week and there is an overflow of attractive non black females to choose from. Morning and evening peak times are especially brimming over with top notch Ashleys, Mings, Lopezs, Sadiqs, Patels etc.

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      • Especially when you compare the white goddess who was combing her extremely long blonde hair (and eyeing me up at the same time) with the big booty bimbo bitch spread eagle with the mean face…. there just ain’t no competition.


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  16. Check Urself, that is why if you get with a non black somen from overseas do not bring her back to any country with these crazy westernized laws. That is the key to that now if you are in the military and the woman knows this she can go to the embassy and get you caught up happened to one of my friends who was dating a Girl from Laos. But you and Yours Truly made great points.


  17. Knutz, exactly BW are the biggest frauds they talk and act so submissive to their white daddy. They can have a good BM but try to talk down to them and act like lunatics, they just disgust me.

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  18. Well… At this point, I ignore, block, delete and shun any scraggledaggle and any simp that crosses my path. The time for trying to save them is over. I leave the wicked black woman and her simps to their fate.

    We all know how the scraggledaggle is, and we know how they get down.


    Liked by 4 people

    • Afrofuturism1,

      They want you to seed them up so that they can have those children with “good hair” plus they know the section 8/welfare cuts are coming. Scraggle Daggle is trying to set you for the big catch, beware.

      Liked by 1 person

    • @ Afro

      When a BW jezebel whore bends over so you can “hit it from da back” just run the other way as fast as you can while she’s not looking!!!

      By the time she turns her big ass head around (held down by the weight of her weave) its waaay too late….

      Liked by 2 people

    • @ Afro

      Naawwww!!! A BW’s sugar highways will lead you down the highway to hell..!!!!

      I’d rather just literally hit the highways & find something decent (aka a non BW) LoL…

      Liked by 2 people

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