Alan Roger Currie’s “Michael Eric Dysoning” Of Mumia Obsidian Ali – Guest Feature From Mumia Obsidian Ali

“I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.”
-Margaret Thatcher

A few years ago, two of Black America’s foremost intellectual giants – Michael Eric Dyson and Cornell West – had a huge falling out. Instead of merely agreeing to disagree over their views concerning the nation’s truly first Black president in Barack Obama, the falling out quickly metastasized into a full-on ugly mess – largely aided and abetted by an Apr 19, 2015 “word-orgy” of an article written by Dyson, called “The Ghost of Cornell West”. The piece ran on The National Republic website and can still be viewed to this day.

I never thought I’d live long enough to go through a similar experience, but here we are. On Mon, Sep 18, 2017, dating coach for men Alan Roger Currie, “Michael Eric Dyson’d” yours truly, in a similar word-orgy of a piece he wrote for the Negro Manosphere website entitled “Mumia Obsidian Ali: Sharing the Frustrations of the ‘Norbits’ of the World”. While Currie has implied and suggested various things about both me and my audience, in this article he more or less comes right out and accuses me of sour grapes, envy, jealousy and much more (and in a related YouTube video he accuses me of being “passive agressive”, of plagarism, etc.). Meant to serve as a response to my overall work and one of my more recent podcasts in particular, “The Marriageable Black Women Shortage”, which I will discuss in greater detail, Currie’s rant quickly devolves (or perhaps was intended?) into personal attack and wild-eyed speculation as to my “true motives” – to say nothing about that of my audience themselves.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, indeed.

What Happened?
As Currie rightly recounts, things were fairly chummy between us; although we got off to a rocky start, we became what I thought were “fast friends”. As Currie rightly recounts again, I did indeed publicly apologize to him after saying a number of things about him personally that were unfair and uncalled for. I stand by that apology, as I do all of my podcasts and writings.

I pitched the idea of being a kind of unofficial pitchman for Currie’s books to him and he agreed. At this point it must be noted that while Currie did offer to pay me, I declined; I felt it my duty to do what I could to promote his work, for reasons that I will explain below.

Over the course of the next year – and here I’m referring to 2016 – things went well. Currie and I would frequently discuss matters on the phone with him giving me updates as to his book sales and the like – and they were brisk. Currie was a frequent regular on my talk radio show, which came about in part by his own example, on Blog Talk Radio and we had a great time chopping it up about some of the very same “Black Female Fuckery” that he seems so averse to even acknowledging exists today.

But things took a turn for the worse earlier this past summer, when I posted a comment onto one of his YouTube videos. I had the termerity to suggest that Eliot Rodger, the severely mentally ill mass shooter from a few years back, had a right to his sexual preferences in women. This enraged Currie, who personally contacted me via email to accuse me of “empathizing” with Rodger and of “coming off like a Mode Four misogynist” type – and, along with a goodly bit of profanity, told me that he didn’t want to be associated with me any longer. Shocked and dismayed by his actions, my initial response was to acede to his wishes, despite not understanding why we simply couldn’t agree to disagree. After all, it was and still is my view, that he didn’t need to sell his wares as a coach by making naked appeals to fear and emotion rooted in the crazed actions of one or even a handful of individuals – Mode One and the like, really do sell themselves.

However, upon further reflection, I came to realize that people would begin to ask questions as to how and why Currie and I were no longer “thick as thieves”; and Currie would be free to craft the narrative as he saw fit if I simply remained silent. So, I changed my mind, and decided to go public, and let said public make up their own minds.

Annnnnd, we’re off.

For the next few months, over the course of the summer of 2017, Currie and I have traded barbs and jabs, mainly in the form of competing podcasts – I, armed with reason, facts and evidence; Currie, armed with personal attacks, innuendo, emotion and filibustering. To date, Currie has not responded to one single piece of evidence I’ve presented, not responded, directly, to one single claim I’ve made – as he aptly demonstrates in his “Norbit” piece. This, is what my own response aims to bring attention to.

Everyday Brothas vs. Respectable Brothas
To bolster his “arguments” against me that I am merely butthurt that Currie is “all that” and I’m not, Currie brings up a point I’ve made a number of times over the past two years in particular that I’ve been podcasting: one, that I do indeed see myself as “the voice of the everyday brotha”; and two, that I have a number of observations, some of them harsh, of what I refer to as “respectable brothas”. What is fascinating though, is that instead of Currie attempting to “paraphrase” what I said or divine by what I meant, he could have simply checked the Negro Manosphere archive. There, he would have found an Apr 23, 2017 column by yours truly, entitled, “How & Why “Respectable Brothas” Enable The Delusions Of Black Women (& Throw “Everyday Brothas” Under The Bus)”, where I am quite clear as to what I mean on the matter:

“What, do I mean, when I say “respectable brothas”? I mean the kinds of Black men Edgar rubbed shoulders with during her time at Harvard Law School: highly formally educated and credentialed, white-collar professional Black men, who often also tend to be conspicuously handsome – like the aforementioned Hill Harper, for instance. These are the “dreamboat” brothas that Black women like Edgar literally dream about, as she noted in her piece “The Grooming” (and which I copiously quoted in my last column). Black men like Harper, Obama and Banks, know and understand that to get along in their world, i.e., the white collar world of Big Law, Academia, Politics, Entertainment and the like, they have to “play the game” – say all the right things, never be an “asshole”, and so on. Because the white collar professions at at just about every level is permeated with women in general and for purposes of today’s discussion Black women in particular, Black men like the aforementioned understand very well that if they want to be successful in their chosen fields, it makes good sense to be very nice to Black women like Edgar – at the very least, not to get on their bad sides.”

Currie likes to spend a lot of time on the physical looks part of what I said (an irony indeed, since a man’s looks – height, facial features, etc., are something that is completely out of his control; Currie’s claim to fame, to let him tell it, is to focus on “personal self-improvement activities”. How can a shorter man, for example, “improve himself” along these lines? Currie never addresses this and for good reason: at 5’11” or so, he doesn’t have to), so let’s parse that out a bit more. Please note that I said, “often also tend to be conspicuously handsome” – as any Black woman who has attended college will readily attest to, all educated brothas ain’t “fine” (indeed, to let most sistas tell it, most educated brothas aren’t!). Hey Alan, ever heard of “correlation is not causation”? In truth, and this is something easily observed daily in Black American life, both handsome and not so handsome men can be found throughout the Black American social pecking order (the criminal turned fashion model Jeremy Meeks comes to mind).

While Currie asserts that due to his placing in the Black American social pecking order as the scion of Black educated parents, being educated himself and being blessed with leading man looks that he simply cannot relate to “everyday brothas like me”, the above quote from my column brings up yet another, very powerful point: that respectable brothas dare not “go hard in the paint” on Black women – lest they run a very real risk of putting their asses in a sling.

Which explains more of Alan Roger Currie’s behavior of late.

Enter “Mizz Thang”
Back in 2011, on Currie’s Blog Talk Radio show, he hosted a Black woman named Sophia A. Nelson – a lawyer, talking head and author of a book about Black women. Despite her subject matter not being in Currie’s usual wheelhouse, he agreed to have her on to discuss it. Nelson had followed Currie’s work and took great exception to Mode One in particular and was keen to let him know it. The interview went horribly awry as a result, with Nelson conducting herself, well, like a BITCH (which the online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines, and I quote, as a “malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman”) and ended with her abruptly ending the whole thing. Currie never called her on it – but I did, several years later with the start of my daily podcast talk show on YouTube. Over the course of roughly half a dozen segments, I laidout how and why Black women like Nelson were spinsters – NOT because of the “lack of eligible Black men” mantra – but because so many Black women like her were BITCHES. Nelson would get word of my handiwork earlier this year and after a few months of her trying to threaten and intimidate me (as well as attempting to get Black male YouTubers censured and outright banned), finally failed in her efforts; I forced her to remove all her derogatory content on her own YouTube channel about me, and for an added plus, I was proven vindicated in the process: around the same time, in the late summer of this year, Nelson had a HUGE blowout with Christelyn Karazin, with whom Nelson had previously closely worked. Falling out over essentially Nelson’s BITCHY BEHAVIOR, Karazin had to distance herself from Nelson. This, along with a fairly widely held view among Black women themselves on “Black YouTube” that Nelson was a BITCH, again vindicated yours truly to begin with.

If anyone had a right to be miffed by Nelson’s actions it was Currie, especially after the horrible things she said about him earlier this year – six years after she acted an utter BITCH on his show. (In fact, I even emailed Currie all of my Nelson-related podcasts from 2016 and his response was positive; “I can’t find anything objectionable about what you said”, was his response.)

Indeed, at one point, Currie was contemplating bringing his own legal action against her for defamation of character. But, Currie apparently had a change of heart, after having a run-in with another Black female social media personality – one Ms. Francesca Ramsey, on Facebook. After Currie’s account was briefly put in “Facebook jail” for daring to question a Black woman, he suddenly changed his tune. Currie was last seen on Nelson’s YouTube channel, apparently chummy with her against “guys like me”.

Ain’t that a kick in the head?

But, it does explain what I said in my Negro Manosphere piece earlier this spring all along, from which I offer yet another quote:

“That brings us to the second point about the “respectable brothas”: they often scapegoat everyday brothas by blaming them for phenomena and outcomes that, upon closer inspection, they have either a tangential or minimal role. Edgar’s situation is a case in point: her problem was that her appearance wasn’t amenable to what the dreamboat Black men wanted in a mate and therefore she had to lower her standards for a Black man who matched her in pure assortative mating terms – lesser attractive women as a rule, don’t tend to get the elite men. They have to settle for men who are less educated, less accomplished and of course, have less money. Even if said men are handsome – not at all unusual in Black America, I might add – he will often lack the social status and resources with which to vie for the better off Black women (read: those who are hot). Therefore, he must settle for less than he would like in a Black woman as a mate – and many of them do.”

The above quote points to a very, very important point, one that has become a flashpoint between Currie and myself; I argue strongly, that the current state of affairs between Black men and women is such in large part due to a smaller segment of “handpicked puppets” – respectable brothas – who are often paid quite handsomely both in loot and booty, to tell Black women what they want to hear, hence my phrase, “The Black Male Relationship Expert Industrial Complex”. These Black women – like Edgar and Nelson – can and often have made life difficult for those men, Black or otherwise, who dares to tell them about themselves. And, since more everyday brothas don’t have the means to be heard themselves, they make convenient scapegoats for them – and respectable brothas are complicit in this scapegoating, as noted in my quotes regarding Banks above. Currie has, if anything, confirmed and validated everything I’ve said earlier this spring along these lines, with his actions since the summer of this year.

Nelson has a reputation for trying to “throw her weight around” – frequently name-dropping, threatening legal actions against those she dislikes, etc. She tried to do this to me and, unlike Currie, I fought back with a bit of throwing some of my own weight around, AND I WON. When faced with the BITCHY behavior of Black women, I stand tall; Currie folds.

As so many respectable brothas so often do.

Bringing A Knife To A Gunfight
Currie spends the bulk of his missive “responding” to my aforementioned podcast, “The Marriageable Black Woman Shortage” with a retrospective of Eddie Murphy’s filmography – he honestly believes that it is possible, and proper, to counter the facts, reason and evidence of an interlocutor’s argument with citing fictional works and characters(!). What this proves, more than anything, is that Currie simply does not know how to forge an argument rooted in “objective truth”.

Oh, the irony.

Now, don’t get me wrong – like the rest of the world, I too marvel at Murphy’s pure comedic and dramatic acting genius; for a generation, he has blessed us all to watch him – the master – at work on the silver screen. His “Nutty Professor” film, which would later grow into a series in its own right, is one of those rarities of Hollywood fare that surpasses its original namesake – no small feat in this case, since the 1963 original starred another comedic and humanitarian legend in Jerry Lewis.

But to think that one can reasonably respond to citations of a mountain of governmental statistics, historical facts and the anecdotal observations and experiences of literally millions of Americans, with an armchair perusal of Hollywood films – even those of Murphy’s caliber – just beggars belief.

Not to be outdone, Currie then attempts to suggest, that not only am I representive of the “Sherman Klumps and Norbits” of the world, but so too is my audience – hence the title of his article. This, despite the fact that to date, Currie hasn’t offered one shred of evidence as to the demographics of my audience, to say nothing of having intimate knowledge of my personal life. No matter, all it takes is merely stating something is so, and stating it long enough, to where everyone will eventually believe it.


Interestingly enough, I received the following email from one of my longtime listeners and biggest supporters, who shall remain nameless of course, only a few days before Currie’s longwinded personal attack dropped:’

“Greetings Brother:

As I sit here awaiting the arrival of yet another weekend, I thought I would reach out to you and share a few things that’s been swirling around in my mind lately. First, I applaud and salute you on your acceptance of the charge for being the “voice of the everyday brotha”. As a boy, I initially wanted to be a carpenter. I thought those tool belts with all of those tools hanging off were cool back then…LOL!!! I realized soon that carpenters worked in all types of weather and personally, I have issues with being out in the sun too long….LOL!!! Eventually, I graduated from college and became a CPA.

Second, while I’m blessed to have been married for nearly 25 years, I can certainly understand and appreciate the struggle of the everyday brotha as it relates to this current cesspool of Black women here in America. While no Black man has ever been without its challenges, I would’ve never thought that I’d live to see the day when the pickings among sisters were so slim. Just from the standpoint of appearance, attitude and too many darn kids alone, many unmarried brothers are doing the right thing and are either stepping away or going elsewhere altogether. As I’ve shared with my wife, the average life span of a Black man in America is 72 years. That’s the shortest of any demographic by at least 7 years. As such, we don’t have the luxury of wasting time with any woman who refuses to provide a semblance of “heaven on earth” for the average brother.

Finally, I encourage you to keep calling out the foolishness and dysfunction of Black women. Social media has been a major game-changer and I couldn’t be more pleased. As often as I can, I will continue supporting your efforts.” (reprinted with his express permission)

So there you have it, folks – one of the biggest supporters of my daily podcast show, a professional, white collar Black man who has been happily married for more than two decades – a feat that Currie himself has yet to duplicate, I might add – agrees with my assessment as expressed in the aforementioned podcast Currie cites in his piece (and, to add further ironic insult to injury, my podcast begins by citing a recent conversation I had with my LADYFRIEND OVER DINNER, about the state of Black women today, AND HER PERSONAL OBSERVATIONS ABOUT BLACK WOMEN, YOUNGER ONES IN PARTICULAR. In that she has no “dog in the fight”, so to speak, what is Currie’s response to this fact? Oh yea, that’s right – simply cite some Eddie Murphy films! SMH)

Since Currie has yet to actually respond with countervailing evidence – facts, NOT fiction – to the aforementioned podcast (among a great many other things), there is no need to belabor the points made therein. I urge those so interested to listen to it for themselves, compare and contrast to Currie’s “Eddie Murphy argument” and come to their own conclusions.

A False Dichotomy
Finally, I want to address something that is a constant refrain from Currie since our “breakup” – the idea that we are wildly different men who have equally wildly different approaches to things – especially when it comes to Black women.

However, I reject Currie’s premise, of a dichotmy between us; to accept it, is to accept a rather sexist – and in this case, since we’re both addressing Black men – potentially racist – notion, that Black men are only capable of chewing gum or walking, not of doing both at the same time. Contrary to Currie’s contentions, there is no conflict between calling out Black Female Fuckery AND being devoted to personal self-improvement activities – and I defy anyone to give me fact-based, empirical evidence proving otherwise. The very fact that I have been among if not the biggest supporter and promoter of Currie’s work in particular and “pickup” in general, is a testament in that regard.

In Summary
It is saddening indeed to see things devolve to the point where it is right now between Currie and myself. For my part, I have no problem with his personal opinions of me; he’s free to think whatever he likes. But he is not free to come up with his own facts. Simply put, Currie is a lot more ignorant about what he thinks he knows about me, my listeners, my audience, my life, than he attempts to “let on”. Worse, his dissembling, personal attacks and filibustering in the face of documented statistics, historical evidence and rafts of personal anecdotes, marks Currie out not as a formidable mind but an incredibly soft-headed one. Where things go from here, is anyone’s guess, present company included; but I want the record to know that I do not “hate” Currie, am not “jealous” or “envious” of Currie and have repeatedly said that I want him to succeed in his endeavors. Indeed, if anything, I am greatly saddened by what has transpired, because, as I noted at the very beginning of this piece by my citation of the “Great Falling Out” between Dyson and West, our own falling out – between Black men – only goes to prove yet again, the depths of the rot that has set in Black America. For whatever reason, Black people, Black men in particular, simply cannot “agree to disagree” and simply move on – no, we have to set about destroying each other.

“We had the best organization a black man’s ever had. Niggers ruined it.”
-Malcolm X


Mumia Obsidian Ali is a citizen journalist, podcaster and talk show host focusing on Black men’s issues. Listen to his daily podcast talk show, “Obsidian Radio” on YouTube!

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  2. Sad that black men are always pushed to “battle it out”, and the weakest will fall for it.

    You notice how common it is for black men, more then any group, to have these calling outs. It’s sad, and I’m. It sure what it says, but it says something.

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      Obsidian would’ve posted his article on the Negromanosphere website, however due to the falling out he had with Oshay he asked if I would post it here instead. Agreed, it is sad to see black men fall out and constantly contend with one another, of course this is the modern day black woman’s doing, she is the one who has injected nothing but contention and heavy division into black society.

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    • Black men choose to battle it out because another option and my preferred one is to ignore provocation. Regretably too many ego driven indivduals who act is if these are life and death matters and they arent.

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      • Blacks only fight amongst themselves because they are weakest human species. Can’t communicate. Can’t act right. Y’all either lazy ass bums no matter what you do or y’all kill each other.

        Civil rights was a mistake.


    • Because black men are the weakest sad ugly excuses for men. If black men had the slightest bit of backbone maybe you’d be given a tiny sliver of respect but you’re all a pack of useless shit.


  3. Long time no comment. This is true madness, grown men falling out over nonsense – over the approval of females. Personal comments at that – Sad. I hope #sysbm keeps it free-thinking premise and never has to resort to some sort of approval process.

    Would be good if we could hear some more from Mumia, though.

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    • Tony Starkes,

      Good to hear from you again bro, Obsidian has just made a podcast in relation to his article:

      I was going to chime in on this and write an article myself but I decided to take a step back for the meantime and see where it goes.

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  4. It is your fault that Christelyn Karazin doesn’t do YouTube videos. It is also Tommy Sotomayor’s fault. I hope you two coons burn in the deepest pitts of hell. And all black men too who hate black women.

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    • Christelyn Karazin Fan,

      Yet you won’t call out that witch on the fact that she is leading black women down nothing burger avenue, typical. Why isn’t Karazin being honest and informing black women up front that the vast majority of them will never be able to climb swirl mountain, how about that?

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      • My I ask you a personel question. Why do you hate black women? What did they do to you. If I told you that my dad is black and did everything to make me and my twinsister unhappy by abusing us everyday would you believe me? No ofcourse not, because it is a black man and not a black woman. Christelyn Karazin knows that other men of other races treats us black women better. You black men are only good for white women who are golddiggers. NiggerZz


      • Christelyn Karazin Fan,

        A better question to ask would be what types of black women do I despise, the answer to that question would be dysfunctional, violent, manly, belligerent black females and the angry and bitter black sisterhood that defends them. I’ve stated many times here aswell as in my book Negro Wars that I have absolutely no problems with functional, feminine black women. The problem is these particular types of black females are extremely few and far between, almost non existent.

        If your father was abusing you and your sister then you both ought to be blaming your mother for being a poor judge of character and picking such a deadbeat to begin with, this is typical of most black women today, make poor choices in terms of who they choose to procreate with and then get angry when the unproductive black male does what he’s been doing before she came along.

        I go in on black male scum all the time here, however I always make a point to clarify the fact that it is black women who have create these bummy black men to begin with. This is why my focus is predominantly upon black women. If black women stop procreating with and producing scum black males and I will no longer have the ammunition available to use against them.

        As it stands in 2017 white women are a far better option than black women so I suppose thinking black men are actually doing right by themselves and upgrading instead of settling for the dregs and the scum who have now become the majority fixtures in black female society.

        Yep, you black women are the Agent Smiths of black communities, you can’t wait to address black men with the same racial slurs that you lord, saviour, master and father uses. Birds of a feather flock together I guess. Men of other races treat black women better huh:

        Note in the above video that her white husband does nothing to defuse the situation, he remains completely silent on the issue and she claims that the people in the restaurant called her a nigger beforehand. Article coming out on this event on Wednesday. Continue to believe the Christelyn Karazin lies and enchantments about non black men treating you better to your own peril.

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      • The reason why I said that other men of races treat black women better is because of my aunt and Serena Williams. When my aunt was with a black man he cheated on her several times and abused her too. She was traumaitized and wanted to give up on man, but then a white knight came and save her. Serena’s husband Ohanian is very affectionate. And how you dare you blame my grandmother for my black dad’s behaviour? She was not your ‘typical’ black woman. She was very submissive and affectionate. Will you believe me when I say that my overgrandfather made my grandfather deaf by a big smack on his ear? No, because it is a black woman huh? And my mother is Asian. I am a Blasian. I wish I was none of those races. Being the product of these two races and a woman sucks, because of the media. My zodiac sign is Pisces. What is yours? I bet you are a Virgo or an Aquarius. Aquarius are Satans and Virgos are racist.


      • Christelyn Karazin Fan,

        Alexis Ohanian made Serena Williams a baby mother instead of first marrying her and making her a wife, that is how much he “values” Williams. Again, your aunt chose the bum, therefore she shouldn’t have been surprised that the bum behaved in a bummy manner. This is the problem with most black women today, they seem to believe that they can convert bums into upstanding individuals instead of simply making wiser choicess and avoiding the bums to begin with.

        Again, the same goes for your grandmother, she also chose a bum, a violent one at that. Therefore she shouldn’t have been surprised at his behaviour. Astrology and Star signage is simply commercialised witchcraft, I don’t subscribe to any of it. The message to black women is this, if they stop choosing bums to procreate with then they won’t encounter difficulties down the line.

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    • I do not think that there are any good black men out there. If they are good they are boring. If they are bad they are the opposite. Geez why are there so many niggerz. Jews need to breed the black race out (Kalergi Plan) I hate my nigger blood. That is the fault of my black dad and asian tiger mom.


    • No big loss if Karazin doesn’t do videos anymore. She’s selling black women a pipe dream anyway. The vast majority will never “swirl.” Good riddance.

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      • Schadenfreude,

        Precisely black women despite trumpeting long and loud that they’re the most educated group are actually horrible at math…..

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  5. I don’t know who Currie is or why he’s picked fights with Verbs or Hardcore Tito, but he’s lost heavily in these altercations. Of course these fights, and ‘The Rot’ article are instigated by the hidden fat hand of the big booty bimbo hippo.

    The cuts are coming.

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    • Michel,

      I called out Currie in my article in the link below a while back because he used the female shaming tactic of accusing black men of whining and complaining about black female dysfunction:

      I don’t have any beef with Currie, however I do take issue when he panders towards black women, throws on a freshly starched cape and additionally throws black men under 10 buses. This is the reason why many folks are calling him out as a simp.

      Hardcore Tito was right, Currie checkmated himself big time in this whole situation, this is the problem when you use black female logic to lean on.

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      • Either way you dumb ass niggers keep talking while we wish we kept you sons of bitches and negresses tamed by a paddlin floggin


      • WhiteyWatching,

        Why are you here commenting and going back and forth with people you believe are beneath you? Is that how bad you life has become, to where you have to engage in conversation with the very people you so vehemently hate? Again, your intelligence or the lack thereof in this case is telling on you.

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  6. “The black man is a black woman’s natural enemy,” yet when we date and marry out otherwise known as “upgrade,” black women cry “self-hate” and abandonment. So which is it?

    Verbs, it would have been good if you put “guest column” in the headline. I was on the second paragraph before I realized it wasn’t you. I guess “brevity is the soul of wit” isn’t in Obsidian’s wheelhouse.

    That said, it’s the same old story with black men, somebody in a partnership or friendship always melts down, chimps out. This is why we as black people can’t form up and get anything done as a group unless there’s a white paymaster/overseer to crack the whip. I’ve seen it time and time again. This is exactly why I don’t get in too deep or partner up with black people on a business level. Negroes too unstable. The UK is no different. I know a lot of black Londoners and Mancs.

    Verbs, you’re doing it right as a solo act. Your blog, your voice, your rules, no drama. I respect that.

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    • Schadenfreude,

      You’re right bro, I’ll put a notification in the headline next time I feature a guest article so as not to confuse people. These black heifers are all over the place, they know full well that nobody else will date them en mass like black men do, yet at the same time their deep seated hatred for black men cannot help but show it’s ugly face more often than not.

      You’re right about black folks as a collective not being able to get along, I see the same thing here in the UK, black men being able to work together is an incredibly rare thing. Indeed, thanks, its all about having your own base and purpose first and foremost, that way if any business friendships or network connections for whatever reason break down, an individual can continue upon their own path without being impeded.

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      • WhiteyWatching,

        I’ve been to the south plenty of times. Regardless of whether you are a racist white man or a black woman, you care so much about the SYSBM movement, hence why you are filling up the comment section with your buffoonery. And you are supposed to be the more intelligent one, smh.

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  7. It amazes me black women never take accountability for anything. And Currie is the typical black dude who eventually will bow down to gain favor with black women smh.

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    • Sean,

      Now you see why I decided not to write an article on the situation between Obsidian and Currie, from my clash with Currie on Obsidian’s radio show a number of months back I immediately noted that he is a man who cannot deal with the facts, in exactly the same manner as a woman he deflects as well as creates micro arguments. Even now if you go to the comment section of the podcast Obsidian just made concerning this article, Alan Roger Currie is thick in the comment section erecting micro arguments as well as refusing to deal with the facts and the points Obsidian had raised before.

      Its bad enough having to encounter dysfunctional black females trying to use the same techniques without having to deal with black men who following their cue. As I stated before I don’t have any beef with Currie, however when he accused thinking black men of whining and complaining(which he is still doing in the article he wrote that Obsidian made reference to) in relation to their legitimate issues and concerns regarding black women, I had to step up and set the record straight.

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  8. Bums or so called educated black men, y’all still a bunch of useless niggers. Y’all going to soon kill off most of yer own. Retards

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  9. Ain’t no difference between a bum and you uppity niggers. Y’all so rude and you don’t know when to shut the hell up.


      • You ain’t been to the south then. Look at this “educated” nigger trying to act like he something.


      • Verbs2015,


        White folks also don’t use the words “like he something,” in their sentence structure. This is definitely a black person trolling for attention. Most likely a scraggle daggle or a pro black monkey clapping his cymbals.

        Liked by 1 person

      • @ Verbs

        LoL I loved that BW whores line about the “educated nigger” that just proves that white folks down south are dumb as shit if they talk like black ghetto trash!!


        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Makes sense because she’s pretending to be a white man!!

        BW+WM…. They truly are birds of a feather!!!


  10. They sure came out for this article, hoo boy!!!!

    I see I have a stalker, too. If you’re a woman, let me beat your back before I send you to the living room to shoot a ghetto gaggers video, you witch!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Another example of the modern day weak black man. You black men have always been dominated by white males. You have no power in society so you degrade your own women. And then you would say that you are a strong black man. I disagree. Shame on you.

      Liked by 1 person

    • So many beta black males here. Weak, hating on their own women. The hard truth is that you always have been dominated by the superior white men, so you are degrading your own women. And then you guys would call yourself a strong black man. You are nothing but weak. Shame on you shame. And this coming from an African woman. I cannot believe that you arr still breathing. I thought you were in the deepest pitt of hell.


      • @ Christo-Loco Fan

        Dominated by the white man??!!??

        Holy shit this is fucking hilarious!!

        This is coming from your same trashy mouth that you said you’d rather suck a white dick anyways!! So who’s being dominated by the white man you silly black whore??!!!??

        Once you get MASSA’s dick out your mouth you are free to reply. Chances are I’ll just ignore your reply, just like I ignore BW bitches on the streets!!!


      • Christelyn Karazin Fan, African woman? Really? I thought you were Blasian? And why do white women date and marry the best of Black men if white men are so “superior”? Why are you here trolling us “weak” black men anyway when “nobody wants us”? Where is your white boyfriend or husband? Why are you pretending to be multiple posters? So many questions!


  11. I never knew that there are so many weak and beta black men here on this website. I would rather have a white dick in my mouth than a bbc from a black beast. And Whitey Wachting I hope you too die in the deepest pill of hell and stay forever there. See that’s why so many christians will go to hell. You like to spread hate. I am an atheist. Babatunde will go to hell with his hatred for all black women. I agree with Afrofuturism is wigger.

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  12. “Christelyn Karazin fan”, “Afrofuturism is wigger” and “WhiteyWatching” are all the same poster, and she claims she’s Blasian. You’d think she’d be exotic with men of all races falling over themselves to get to her instead of trolling strangers on a blog. The idea of intelligent Black men going SYSBM, dating out and leaving them behind is driving these black hoes schizophrenic. But I thought nobody wanted the boring, beta-male nerds. Hahahaha. Love it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Schadenfreude,

      She understands no white man wants a Blasian when he can get a full blooded Asian woman which white men are very partial too. She is upset because a white man saved her auntie but won’t save her….

      Liked by 2 people

      • Oddysey,

        She figures if she calls us “n*ggers” enough times, a white man will appear. Like a reverse Candyman. Or Beetlejuice. Hahaha you can’t make this sh*t up.


        Liked by 1 person

  13. Schadenfreude,

    They are mad because they cannot destroy our lives they live to destroy black men lives. They are going ape shit ballistic because nobody wants them they are bottom of the barrel on the planet for women to date.

    Liked by 2 people

  14. Holy shit the BW cockroaches came out the wood works for this one!!! They even signed up for multiple accounts & screen names!!! Oh shit whats next??!!!??? BW actually being productive & saving the black community??!!!??? Naaah, nevermind, that shit ain’t happening LoL…
    Its easier for them to come on here post insults & attempt to shame us from dating out. Pathetic it is…


  15. And you SYSBM’s think white women like you guys? Hell no. You guys are delusional.

    You had two racist white people taunt your black asses. That is the sentiment of the majority of white people.

    Liked by 1 person

    • D32018,

      Actually it could have been easily been black women trolling because I came out with an article on the Negromanosphere website that exposed black women pretending to be racist white men online. Even if it actually was white men this goes to prove that SYSBM IS working as just like you they are coming out of the woodwork putting their heavy insecurities on display which is only driving more white women into the arms of black men.

      Again, white women are not the only option for the thinking black man, you pro black simps have white women on the brain more than you claim thinking black men do. Here you are standing side by side with a group of females who positively hate your guts and who demonstrate their hatred for you on the daily, get a clue bruh.


      • No Verbs. It is a white person trolling YOUR website. That tells you how valued you are to everyone.

        White women do NOT like black men like that fool.

        SYSBM isn’t working. You think you are humbling black women for one second… but the white trolls are proving SYSBM dead wrong and it shows that swirlers are about to get their negro moment.

        Liked by 1 person

      • D32018,

        Here you are once again writing long responses when you could be writing an article about the black women you claim to care for so much. This is my whole point, you’re full of it, you’ve had that website up since June this year and you’ve managed to post about other issues but you’re telling me in that period until now you haven’t had the time put up a post defending black women???

        You’re busy, yes, you’re busy spending too much time on Pornhub stroking yourself off to these black queans who won’t give you the time of day, if you’d only cut down on beating your monkey and actually put some of that time and effort into defending the angry and bitter black sisterhood then I and the other thinking black men here who you are attempting to dick police would begin to take you seriously.

        Black women don’t give you the time of day, you refuse to date women of other nationalities yet here you are attempting to give me some sort of authoritative conclusion concerning how black men are progressing along the SYSBM path, you’re not very bright are you? I’m not out to humble black women, I couldn’t care less about the majority them, my concern is with thinking black men and warning them about the perils and dangers in dealing with the sisterhood of failure.

        You don’t have a woman, I can confidently conclude this from the fact that if you had a girlfriend/wife you wouldn’t be spending so much of your time attempting to dick police other black men online. This is all the majority of you pro blacks do, calling thinking black men names because they have to testicular fortitude to expand upon their dating options while you sit at home pleasuring yourself wishing that your queans would notice you.

        Claiming that you don’t have time to post even one article defending black women is not an excuse, especially when you come to this website trying to lecture black men about “not being coons, Uncle Toms” and “keeping it real”. Like I stated before, stop beating your meat so much, ease off the porn and you will have some extra time on your hands. Honestly, how do you expect to be taken seriously with regard to your “concern” for black women when you don’t even bother to defend them on your own website?


      • 3rd Leg,

        D32018 has still yet to post articles on his own website uplifting these queans he loves and respects so much. He can’t because the material is lacking, however he simply won’t admit this. Instead the simp is constantly attempting to dick police free thinking black men over here on their dating preferences, smh.


      • Third Handicap…

        You sycophantic fans of Verbs can yawn all you like… but you guys will get the same nigga moment all Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas will get once white supremacy gets done using sellouts for their evil agenda.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Verbs…

        I work… so I scarcely have time to post on my blog.

        I don’t dick police. I am not worried about who you Uncle Toms fuck because you guys couldn’t get no pussy.

        You guys don’t have a claim against me or the black women you bash.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Michelle

        You probably have no woman. You probably just masturbate over a white woman’s image pretending you have a woman.

        You want to criticize the black community because you can’t get a top tier girl you think you deserve and want to look down on a black man for defending black women.

        You bash black women because they rejected your sorry ass. Get over yourself. You ain’t nowhere near as important as you think. You are only as important as your contribution to the black community… which is NONE.

        You ain’t no man. You’re just the white man’s negro. You’re a moist ass sellout and a sambo.


        Liked by 1 person

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