The Ultra Simp In Action – Part 2

FAIR USE. Please take a look at this short clip from Divorce Court:

Do you see how that simp was being played to the maximum, even his own family members out of their own mouths were telling him that he was being used yet he still refused to listen to them. Yet again we have another situation with a black man looking after somebody else’s children. The black female looked ugly and ridiculous, here she is a dark skinned woman wearing non black hair on her head, how stupid does she look?

Did you see how ungrateful this heifer was, he is paying all the bills yet that still wasn’t enough for her. I keep on telling you black men that the overwhelming majority of black women view you as stock ie SLAVES. “Got to be over 6 feet, drive his own car, own his own house, pay the bills, look after her children, not have any children of his own, being earning at least a 6 figure salary” etc, this is exactly how slave masters used to grade their slaves, what worth can they bring to the plantation and the slave owner’s life?

This is exactly what was happening to the guy in the video, in that woman’s eyes he was not bringing enough to the table as a good slave, she wanted more from him and even the judge could see that she was no good(surprising coming from a black woman as they normally defend one another to the hilt). Housing, child support, disability checks coming in on the regular plus her bills getting paid and she was still after more of the guy’s money.

I don’t feel sorry for this ultra simp at all, he did it to himself because he doesn’t respect himself. On top of this he has been persuaded by this woman to look after children that aren’t his, what is the guy thinking? Of course this Jezebel fits all of the common stereotypes associated with the vast majority of black women today, in fact I would go one step further and state that black women have brought the stereotypes attached to themselves into reality, they have breathed into them fresh new life.

One of the worst tragedies to see in the video was just how ungrateful the woman was, in 2017 this is how most black women operate. Your best simply isn’t good enough for them, they are never satisfied and they always want more. I keep telling you about black women and their extreme urges to satisfy their childish lusts for money and material possessions. This ultra simp could have given his own blood and it still wouldn’t have satisfied this baby mother.

Notice how she made the usual anime/manga/circus clown facial expressions which are typical with most black women, as if making weird contortions of your face somehow reinforces your argument and makes it true. Black women are notorious for making funny faces and moving their hands around excessively whenever they wish to hammer a point home.

Let’s be honest here, in terms of attraction she looks horrid and represents the majority of black women currently walking the streets, despite what the pro blacks say and post this here is the monstrosity that your average black man is faced with everyday. Look at how masculine her face was, can you imagine what she would’ve looked like if that weave had been removed from her head? Black women back in the day certainly never looked so coarse, masculine and rough, the term “black don’t crack” cannot be applied to most black women today, sorry.

There are simps all over the place who are willing to disrespect themselves and offer up their services to any black female in the hopes of getting sex, just take a look at these clowns here:

I have to give black women their credit in terms of flooding black society with so many simps, it’s as if they foreknew that there would come a point in time when thinking black men would begin to wake up, snap out of their trance like state and reject the black female’s dysfunction. Well, that time is now upon us, thinking black men are finally realising that they don’t have to tolerate the black woman’s dysfunction and that they can do much better for themselves.

Don’t be like these guys above, despite the propaganda that black women have been spreading you as a black man are not obligated to look after somebody else’s children, nor are you obligated to put up with foul attitudes, STDs, constant anger, ungratefulness, weaves, tattoos, rebellion, violence etc, do better, save yourselves, date and marry out. As I have stated before SYSBM is the only viable option for the thinking black man.

Look at the above video as another reason why you ought to abandon black women altogether, this woman gave the guy an STD which means that she was sleeping with other men behind his back. How much do you want to bet that it was either Tyrone from the block or one of her baby fathers that she was opening her legs to behind closed doors? Chris Brown was right, these hoes definitely aren’t loyal whatsoever and don’t be fooled, Chris Brown was primarily talking about black women in that song. #SYSBM, save yourselves black men.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

43 thoughts on “The Ultra Simp In Action – Part 2

  1. Bruh great piece once again. You should consider covering this disgusting article on the root saying straight black men are the new white men. If that isn’t proof to these dudes on the fence that this shit is over with nothing will….leave them behind.

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    • Written by “Very Smart Brothas”

      And The Root is respected amongst blacks?

      Black men have NO privileges in black society: what benefits from the government do they get that the women don’t?

      Secondly, it mentions black women being sexually assaulted. Hahahahahahahshshahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

      How can you rape the biggest whore on earth?

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      • Afrofuturism1,

        I went and read the misandry, what a crock of nonsense and so easily refutable too. I really cannot understand how certain black men can blatantly turn a blind eye to the observably degenerate state of modern day black females.

        What makes me laugh is black women won’t look upon the article writer and appreciate his input, they will instead view him as a slave and a lame who must stand up for them as standard. As far as black women are concerned they expect nothing less from their pro black male plantation serfs.

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      • I see women like this at work all the time. I glad I’m not their type. All of the women that speak to me and gave me the most respect was white women. Black women are truly selfish and cruel.

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  3. Lol the dude with the thumbs up? His face is right next to the dictionary definition of simp. To be fair, I can’t knock his hustle. Dudes plan is to probably get paid in ass, and he’ll attract the biggest thots automatically.

    Aaaaand we’re supposed to reach out and help these dudes who have been raised and ruined by these chicks? No thanks!

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  4. I have absolutely no sympathy for any of these SIMPS who lack the required testicular material to be a man and stand up for themselves . As a matter of fact…
    I enjoy hearing when a SIMP has been raked over the coals by one of his “qweenz”. Hopefully the “qweenz” and the SIMPS can destroy each other thereby producing fewer black whores and thug dudes. #TEAMWHITEGIRLS, #SYSBM

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    • Keith,

      Black women don’t appreciate anything from productive black men, this is why I cannot understand why the same said individuals continue to put their necks on the line for such a degenerate bunch of females. Simp Negroes insist on learning their lessons the hard way.

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    • Could you ask Sister Myra why her kinfolk feel the need to terminate 1,800 “melenated” children in abortion clinics every day? Or do you not have ears to hear the question?

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      • Michel,

        Case in point right there, how can black men possibly build with cold blooded killers who are openly engaging in genocidal actions against their own people?

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  5. I was thinking very hard for nearly six months of this year about the third word of this acronym S.I.M.P. (Someone Idolizing Mediocre Pussy) and the definition of said word: Mediocre- average {basically} or not very good. What we see here in this case that the average, stereotypical black woman like this one above has multiple kids by multiple men of low-class and then wants decent black men with no progeny of his own in place to accept other men’s kids as his own. If these good guy simps like this dude ask this woman/women to bear his children to establish his lineage for future generations to come through (which will be a bad idea), she will say, “these are your kids, now deal with it” and shutdown your chances period because her tubes is probably tied and she got tired of having children which is a good thing. Good guy simps and no-good thug baby daddies’ have one thing in common and is that they’re the reflection of the women who picked them: low-self-esteem, low self-worth, etc… The thugs get first shot between the woman’s legs when it’s tight/virgin good and the good guys suppose to get the leftovers from this same dark abyss. Good guy simps has very low self-esteem issues because these men never got a chance to have a girlfriend in grade school, so, in their state of low self-dignity, they’re willing to do anything even trying to pursue women that overlooked them as early as middle school who’s now has kids by dudes that wasn’t sh*t, good guy simps will do everything in their power to turn the woman’s vaginal odometer from 100,000+ miles back down to 000,005 miles on the odometer clock. Decent black men like us will not have that. SYSBM.

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    • @ Brother Dan

      Great post 10000% TRUTH!!!

      BW ain’t shit & will waste the best years of their lives with thugz & dope boyz giving them all the tightness of that pussy.

      The SIMPs will come swimming along after she pops out 5 or 6 thug babies with rabies LoL. And will actually fall in love with a bitch that Tyrone & DeQuan didn’t stick around for. SMDH really..

      Its like that old saying: “Her pussy was so loose, it was like throwing a hot dog down a hallway!!”

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      These simps are seeing decent black men turn the other way and are getting incredibly jealous of the fact that we have set standards in stone and will not compromise them.

      Looking after another man’s children is not a normal practice, however the simp has been indoctrinated and brainwashed into believing otherwise.

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    • Daniel BrotherDan Ward,

      That’s is the truth, these good Blackman simps need to wake up before it’s too late, these guys would have better chance of getting a woman of another ethnicity, but these guys was more likely reared by single mom’s and aunts, that got these guys to think dating out is a very bad thing.

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  6. Gentlemen… and I use that term very loosely, as past history indicates YOU CAN’T BE A GENTLEMAN when discussing / dealing with BW. Back to the topic…

    For every one SYSBM, there are at least a dozen pro-black cuck SIMPs ready to take your place & battle to the death for these land whales. That’s just how the math adds up in my eyes. But yet & still, even when we leave them a million “queans” when we date-out, they STILL WANT TO BITCH, WHINE & COMPLAIN!!

    Do you know why??

    Jealousy. Plain & simple. They’re jealous because SYSBM have not only options, BUT HAVE THE BALLS TO ESCAPE FROM MASSA’s PLANTATION. When the Simps see brothas date non BW, they know deep down inside that we are spared the horrors of the dreaded land whales. In knowing that we are spared & they are screwed because they still choose to date these whores, they’d rather hate on us instead of packing their shit & hitting a fence or two & escape route to the underground rail-road. One-way ticket away from the plantation. But In the “black community” its easier to just hate, bitch, moan, whine, complain, etc.. than to actually do something about it & change your situation for the better..

    Ha ha….

    Fuck ’em all…they deserve each other..

    Watch the ghettos waste away with destruction like Pompeii πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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    • @3rd ..A STANDING OVATION for that comment..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘…#SYSBM4LIFE…#TEAMWHITEGIRL4LIFE

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    • 3rd Leg,

      You’re so right on the jealousy aspect, the pro blacks hate seeing thinking black men dodge the many pitfalls and the drama that come with dealing with most modern day black women. They are equally jealous of the fact that we had the testicular fortitude to break free from the proverbial plantation and in doing so set up a path that is geared towards success.

      If the simps wish to worship, bow down to, and fawn over dysfunctional black women then that is their business. My issue is when they attempt to shame thinking brothers into taking the same path, not a chance.

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    • 3rd Leg,

      Misery loves company and simps like Imhotep527 are playing the modern-day slave catcher. Trying to force us runaway slaves back to the plantation.

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  7. If i was that dude from the divorce court clip and someone told me to run away that ugly ass chick i would be more faster than sonic the hedgehog in Super Sonic mode.

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  8. 99% of my relationships ended because I wasn’t being appreciated . I suggest that a man would do better taking a trip to vegas once a month and buy some quality USDA pussy . fuck these money grubbing street bitches

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  9. Goddamn these pussy worshipping simp niggaz…

    Black men worth a damn have gotta start PUTTING OUR OWN DICKS on a pedestal. We have what EVERYBODY wants from us. IT’S ABOUT TIME we start behaving like the alphas we are and start dictating who we give our seed to. LIFE STARTS FROM THE MAN. Period.

    (White women first in line of course)

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