The Masculinity Is Strong in These Ones

Please listen to this black mother’s voice(the woman on the left) and tell me if you detect an anomaly:


Yes, you heard it and to make matters worse black men have actually slept with this woman, in fact I am actually struggling to believe that is a female. As I have stated many times before, if a woman wishes to throw off femininity and instead embrace male and masculine traits then nature will oblige her in the said quest. This is one of the main reasons why I advise black men to date out, there are too many black women roaming around who look and sound just like men. This is also one of if not the main reason why the overwhelming majority of black women remain single at such a high clip.

These are the women who pro black pundits such as Dr Umar Johnson are attempting to pressure black men into dating, marrying and procreating with, yet as has been noted and stated many times before, Dr Umar Johnson has two baby mothers and is not married to either one of them. I hear you asking why I continue to bring up Dr Johnson, its simple, because he is one of if not the main proponent pushing for black love and attempting to shame black men into dealing with ugly, overweight, coarse, masculine looking and sounding black women.

I personally have never come across a woman with such a masculine sounding voice, this is indeed some scary stuff. That testosterone is running strong through the veins of the majority of black women, in addition to them being open Jezebels by nature this is one of the main reasons why they love sex so much and have no problems opening their legs to anybody and everybody. At the end of the day in 2017 the quality of good-looking, feminine, in shape black females is in the toilet. Take a look at another hugely overweight black female with a deep, masculine sounding voice:

Black men, don’t ever feel pressured by black women and their simp/mangina/white knight squadrons into accepting ugly, masculine looking fully loaded oil tankers and tug boats, be proud to have standards that exclude such unfit specimens. As Obsidian Radio has been stating for the longest while the reason why there are so many single black women is because most of them are unattractive.

This is your feminism on steroids right here, this is why I have to laugh whenever feminists put out the statement that feminism is beneficial to both men and women. Since when is it beneficial to have masculine, overweight, unattractive, violent females in any society, I’ll wait? This is what black society is currently full of and the situation is very grim for those black men who still choose to deal with these monsters.

Most black women today are simply black men with vaginas, their desire to embrace everything masculine and throw off everything feminine has literally translated and morphed them into man like creatures. Thinking black men, you can do much better for yourselves. Also realise that as the Section 8 cuts/welfare reform begin to officially kick off from October this year(though it looks as if the kick off has now been moved to December), know of a certainty that these black female morlocks and their simps x mutants will come out of the woodwork at an even higher rate than before and will attempt to put even more pressure upon us to accept dysfunctional black women.

Continue to be free black men, the best weapon we have against dysfunctional black females is that of abandonment and there is nothing they can do to change this. The overwhelming majority of black women are nothing short of ultra liberal socialist nazis, communist decadence and reprobate scum who need to be avoided at all costs. SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Away From Masculine Broads

Most High Bless

98 thoughts on “The Masculinity Is Strong in These Ones

  1. As Afrofuturism says:
    “She look like a nigga I used to throw barrels at…”

    Where the undercover pro-whack agents at?


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  3. Y’all, that’s a dude I used to shoot bottles at the junkyard with.

    Jesus Christ, and these dudes are screwing these chicks? There’s literally nothing feminine about then sans their ability to get pregnant.

    I’m currently sitting across from a cute Indian girl and a FINE AS HELL half Guatemalan girl. These non-mixed black chicks look like expats from Donkey Kong Country!!!

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  4. Smmfh…The 1st video bruh….DAMN!! and negro men deal and yet engage with these smoker’s cough having abyss deep voiced ass hooker mouths!!! But ya know what? F*ckin…white femicunts in my opinion SOUND WORSE like black femicunts. I’m talking about the “token” white females who pal around black females etc.

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    • Themelancholictigah,

      I would still have to say that it is safer and a much better option dealing with white women as opposed to black females. Black women in their current degenerate state have sunk way below white women.

      At least white women on the whole are realising that feminism has given them a bad deal and are pulling away from it. Black women are doing the complete opposite, they are doubling down and embracing misandry even harder.

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      • Brotha Verbs,
        I cosign and concur with your excellent option factor within its context.
        However….I….really…do wish I could find a decent white female whose willing yet open about rejecting and denouncing feminism/white supremacy in all areas when dealing with a decent blackman like myself. But you see, where I reside, feminism is an extreme taboo subject to talk about and it is a sensitive one indeed because I came to the conclusion that white females in the states just practice feminism as a personal vendetta/lifestyle war tactic weapon to keep black males away from them. But they only use it at a small percentage towards white males because they need them for organized hate crimes committed towards black males.

        Black b*tches on the other hand, they’ve become even more flaming and flamboyant with that sh*t they do but you gotta ask yourself, who taught her and who financed her to do the sh*t??? white feminist welfare policies. Thats why I call this black and white female The Bloods & Crips Of Feminism. One hates ALL blackmen. The other hates ALL men in general. And for what? I fully overstand why this black b*tch hate me. But then…I’d like to ask the white female(especially the ones who war chant “I Luv Blackmen”), w/o her feeling “raped” all the goddamn time all day everyday when she’s in the presence of a black male etc.
        Why won’t you say that in front of these other feminists and these white supremacist white boys?? Why won’t you tell the white females who practice feminism that this ideology is NOT working for us?? It aint gon’ happen. Why? she supports it…

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  5. I been thinking about this for the better part of 2017 to right now as I’m writing this reply of black women in this ilk rejecting femininity for male and masculine traits. We all know that they keep on choosing the same type of bottom of the barrel men to be with, constantly knocking them up times over times again and leaving them as single mothers. I came to an unique conclusion, due to these black women’s bad decision making, they will end up with no other choice by doing things the hard way of rejecting the motherly role and taking on the fatherly role as provider of the family which is the masculine role for the man, to work a one or two 8-hour full-time jobs while going to school for some useless degree and adding debt upon debt instead of being the lady-like, feminine woman as the nurturer to her family with her husband providing for the home front. When these black women finally starts getting tired of dealing with thugs and gangbangers, they will swear off dating men and only deal with women, becoming lesbians, swirling and/or waiting on good/decent prince-charming black man to right her wrongs and cleanse her sins which is the true definition of simping or stay single to focus on self. The contamination of the food and water supply is unimaginable in these impoverish, crime infested, urban, black-ran inner-cites plus inbreeding which will help further mutilate their DNA into oblivion. SYSBM.

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    • A.T,

      And you know who still recommends that we marry these types of women in order to keep black love and black unity alive, yet he himself has two baby mothers that he is not married to, no thanks, I’ll pass.

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      • Verbs2015,
        From what I seen from my home state Brooklyn BY many good black males who have a good job, no kids, who’s in shape are dating/or was dating black women who’s manly looking, who used to look good now is busted, fat or even fat like Majan buu, who have kids by previous dudes these black males need to wake up now before it’s too late, but we do got some of them is waking up and stepping away from these chicks.


  6. OMG, someone is actually fucking those land whales!!! No thank you… I’ll take my chances sticking my dick in a Vitamix blender, they look like Jabba The Hut’s aborted fetuses. Donald Glover won “Best Actor” in a Comedy Series and “Best Writing” in a comedy series for “Atlanta” at the “Emmys” last night and all the black “Jabba The Hut” looking bitches could talk about is he’s having his 2nd child with his beautiful Italian Girlfriend. Brothers..this is the type of success you can have when you leave black whores alone. WHITE WOMEN and women of other races help you build your legacy…BLACK BITCHES do nothing but try to destroy it destroy…#SYSBM….#TEAMWHITEGIRLS4LIFE..#ESCAPE THEPLANTATION

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    • Keith,

      Haters gonna hate, at the end of the day, it’s your life, you can listen to fake Dr Umar and get with these hippos or save yourself and chill with snowbunnies.


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    • Keith,

      You know what’s funny, if Glover had a light skinned black female on his arm these unsatisfied wenches would still throw hissy fits, moan and complain. That is one of the main reasons why they are so angry with black men who date out, it means these thinking black males are out of their reach, thus black women cannot destroy them.

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      • @Verbs2015, I totally agree. They see the options that black men have and it completely destroys them with jealously.

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  7. My goodness! That quean in a blond wig would scare the shit out of even the most hardened of criminals! Probably why many brothers who come out of prison go back in – to get away from these queans!

    SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off! (and you know the rest).

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  8. You all focusing on the wrong one. The daughter is gorgeous and race saving. I’ve had my battles on this site, and I been called everything but a child of God by some members…but, Darwinism is in full effect. The better question is why would the low level negroes even think about Dudegirl? Even entertain the thought? Then the idea of crack babies, now at 20-25 enter my thought process. You seen them. Like the light isn’t on upstairs, hair not combed, dirty, usually with whelps on the neck or face. You say what’s up Brother?, and they just look at you.

    Before we start throwing shade on sisters, we better make sure our own house in order. The white man is feeling himself these days. He’s getting hit from every direction, negative reproduction rates ( not replacing himself), opioids, hurricanes wiping out his property, he can’t even count on his ill gotten gains, because Equifax is has been hacked. The clock is ticking on the whole Caucasian race my brothers. We should be preparing for nation building because those of us that can hang on are about to inherit the earth. “The first will be last and the last will be first” is talking about us my brothers. Just like crack heads have faded out, so too will these women you all complain about. Rushing into the arms of white women is not the solution to our problem it only exacerbates the problem. They still think less of you too. Our solution is helping Black men and more importantly boys be upstanding men. With that they would never choose Dudegirls. And to be plain it has to be based on some kind of spiritual enlightenment that gives God his due, by whatever means you are comfortable with. Without the Creator my brothers are plans will be no more successful than the White mans. I think this is the message being conveyed RIGHT NOW. The clock is ticking on White Supremacy and all the things made of it. Don’t be one of those things.



    • The same “whiet debbil beez on opioids” talk. If his demise was so imminent, you hoteps wouldn’t still complain about him so much.

      Notice the dick policing is out in force. “White women wont respect you as much!” Well you just said that their man is losing power, so….

      Race saving my ass. You can hope wish and pray for a good “queen” all you want to, the fact of the matter is, most similar hoteps remain just as single as their “queens”, spending their nights emptying the Vaseline jar and bruising their Slim Jim.

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    • What the hell is this pro black bullshit… DID YOU NOT HEAR THE MANY VOICES ON THOSE BRONTASAURUSES!!

      Why the hell do you people even come here… Just go away!

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  9. Dude u can stick your member any place you like. I’m not policing your selection. Your name suggests you know what I’m talking about but your philosophy indicates no future for the Black man. Conflict of interest maybe? Your arguments are very similar to your oppressor…Name calling instead of using facts. Opioids are killing white people at a higher clip than we are killing ourselves. Because we reproduce at a higher rate. But we can’t reproduce individuals lacking critical thinking skills. They can’t afford hits like that. Disparaging ALL Black women is ignorant. What about your mother, your sister? Wake up! Unless u working for the white man, which I suspect some of u are. Clean up your lazy thinking. All u brothers claiming non black is the panacea for the Black man are mistaken. Been there done that. When the shit hits the fan which it is NOW…These same women are not following you anywhere. I will repeat what your comment ignored. Make sure YOUR house is in order. Keep the Creator involved. I don’t hope or wish, I back it up with action and execution my brother. Then afrofuturism is possible. So far your philosophy will produce no such thing. Maybe quarteroonfuturism.


    • Bringing up my mother and non-existent sister, do you people EVER use new arguments?

      Actually, my mom IS like most black Women in most ways, namely in her dealings with her sorry family, all made up of $h1tty black women.

      Again, what does white people being on opioids have to do with anything? That’s like me talking about black on black violence, and someone deflecting with bringing up white farmers committing bestiality with horses and sheep.

      Secondly, you yourself still deity the white man and how his supremacy is suppressing us, so his opioid addiction should be superfluous anyways if he’s such a god? Or is he the devil? Which one is it?!!

      To bring up lack of critical thinking yet display blatantly that same thing is a comedy of errors. As for my name, I could care less about any pro-black movement. I’ve known literally since I was a child that the majority of black people in THE WORLD were not fit for any building, otherwise they would’ve done it and in large numbers, and not just in some ancient fairy land 50 billion years ago when they was kangz in sheeit. As far as I’m concerned, it probably needs to become quadroonfuturism, and mix some productivity into us, because when I look at black people, I see a losing team. If that makes me a coon, so be it. Given their current status, the criticism of black people matters as little to me as the price of tea in china.

      Also, why bring up the God of Christianity, the religion forced on you during slavery? And if that God is so great, why is he not helping out blacks in both the ghettoes and Africa?

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      • @afrofuturism1 These pro-blacks are always screaming that blacks are under white peoples’ thumb, even if the so-called white power structure collapses, other minorities mainly (Indians, Asians, Jews) will eventually take over the reins of the United States and blacks will be submerged under every one of those model minorities’ thumb except their own.

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      • Your diatribe explains quite a bit Afrofuturism. If you’ve heard it all before and it hasn’t changed anything there appears to be no room for additional info, good luck with that. (Deify is the word you where going for.) I get it, you don’t get it, surprise, surprise. You’re probably that guy that stands behind Trump with the Blacks for Trump sign. Defending white anything while you attack Black…everything. May I suggest you change your name to Nofuturism? Didn’t mean to disturb your negativity. Go in peace.


      • Deify the word you (were) going for. Not perfect, yet you get my point, or you don’t.


  10. Often in public I am astounded at the amount of hideous that linebacker looking black women with multiple children. In my mind I’m thinking some negro chose to actually lay down with this beast, whale like a black animal and got her pregnant. It’s absolutely insane that in this so-called black community no matter how fat ugly sloppy and disgusting a black woman could look, there will always be some stupid clown ass Negro who is willing to impregnate her.
    And yes of course I understand that there are fat ugly white women out there who have children. But I’m not concerned about nor talking about what white people are doing at this point and time. No matter what the black woman that no matter how ugly and hideous she is, all she has to do is get pregnant and she will basically have a free ride for the next 21 years of her life. And in reality it’s more than 21 years, because as long as she continues to crap out these black bastard children she will always be given free money free housing free medical assistance free everything simply by having a child. But all the simple ass clown Negroes who choose to get involved with these fat black ugly animals, and most black women in general, is a lifetime of misery, financial strangulation, a never ending stream of arguments over the children, an absolute powerlessness as far as anything related to his children, his baby’s mama, or anything.
    What these black men refuse to understand or don’t have the intelligence to comprehend is that black women have been given the upper hand by their white father in this society. Andy’s Blackmen will always come out on the short end of the stick because they literally have no power as it relates to anything involving children or their relationship with a black woman.
    Black women are extremely vindictive, and if and when that black woman decides that you as a black man have done something that she doesn’t like or agree with, be prepared to go through absolute and utter hell.

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  11. Lmao @ fully loaded oil tankers it amazes me that some people want you to wait around for things to get better with black women to me it is getting worse. What are you suppose to do just sit around and wait for something that might not happen that does not make logical sense at all.

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  12. I’m going to drop this on you, take it or leave it. Please show me success in your philosophy gentlemen. I hear a lot of wishful thinking, no results. Lot of bitching and complaining, no interest in correcting anything. Definitely no self reflection. Nope you gentlemen are perfect Black male ( I’ll assume, could be some imposters among you) specimens. No baby mama’s, no children out of wedlock, no bad credit. Yet the same individuals calling other brothers coons, simps and what not. Talking about the same shit to the same people. Self hating like you are superior. If you were, you wouldn’t have a comment on EVERYTHING, you wouldn’t have the time. You would be too busy sexing up white women, like that’s something to be proud of. I’ve had some of the most beautiful women in the world, it doesn’t mean that much in the long run, not if they don’t have your back. You putting these women on a pedestal and kicking sisters to the curb, like there is no good ones anywhere. NEWSFLASH: For every negative post you pull up on a sister I could pull one up on white or whatever women. If that’s what your looking for, that’s what you will find. Got the nerve to call a brother a coon. The content of one’s character is not about who is boning who. That’s a childish response. Are you going to sit around with your non black women and riff on how Black people aint shit? How are you going to contribute to your child’s ability to process where he or she is in this world if you deny your Blackness? Are you going to raise your children to hate you? That’s what’s going to happen. Does anyone on this site have children? or even a woman? Something other than your hand?

    Verbs is eloquent in expressing his point and I respect that. Don’t always agree, but at least he accurately outlines the issues. Afrofuturism is confused. He calls me a coon. Clearly there is family/ex woman scar tissue. Dismisses the Creator. That’s a serious problem. You better hide when you hear thunder. Without God, Black people would be disappeared or on reservations like the Native Americans. He would be the kind of brother the white man uses to make that happen, a Sheriff Clarke..”Just get on the boat, brother. Those arent shackles, that’s jewelry! They got white womens where your going!” I didn’t mention Christianity at all, whatever it takes to think about something other than yourself, any kind of consciousness…but Nofuturism puts up straw men to make some kind of “point”. Brother you are not in my intellectual weight class and you’re not wise enough to know it. You think name calling is intellect, you need to ween yourself off the FOXNEWS and the white woman’s teet. I’m picking on Nofuturism because he’s quick to spout his ignorance. It wouldnt surprise me if he and Verbs were the same person to generate interest, not unheard of…But I’ll wont besmirch Verbs in that way, he has class and clearly a better grip on the language. I’ve been where you are going gentlemen. I’m on the other side of it. Turning your back on your race is turning your back on yourself. I’m not waiting around for anything to change, I walk the talk my brothers, I reach out and TRY to make it better everyday. I win some and I lose some. What are you doing other than bitching and complaining?

    Time is up on this BS gentlemen. Brothers are dying everyday for lack of knowledge. Either you prepping for a nation with the Creator filling your sails or you’re working for the Neanderthal and will suffer the same fate as the alien manipulated beast. Your call. Peace be unto you.


    • How is the Neanderthal beating us then? How are “God’s people” being so easily defeated?

      You claim I should be too busy sexing up a white woman, yet if you’re so determined to build a black nation, shouldn’t you be busy putting your energy toward that?

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      • Bingo! That’s what I’m trying to do. Brick by brick. Knucklehead by knucklehead. At least you are asking questions instead calling brothers coons. Baby steps. Where do you live? Do you live in some magical world where white people don’t mess with you? Someplace they’re not trying to eliminate your ass? You’ve mastered White Supremacy by downing all things Black? Sounds like you sipping the kool aid, sorry Sunny D.


    • @ Hoe-Tep 527

      Ha ha….. Y’all just don’t get it do ya!!!!
      Show you SUCCESS / RESULTS???!!!??? Welllllllll, no man on here is layed up with a “quean” so that’s a victory right there in itself. No one on here has “baby mama drama” with a BW. Victory # 2.
      Shall I continue????

      Oh yea we’d rather speak to Afro than you anyday because he knows BW have no future. I don’t get it?? Shouldn’t you be HAPPY THAT NO ONE WANTS A BW??!!??? DOESN’T THAT MEAN MORE LAND WHALE FOR YOU TO SWIM WITH??!!!???
      If I was a pro-black SIMP (never that) I’d be thrilled that nobody wants my Jabba the huts!!! Less competition for me!!!

      I await your response / insults.. HA HA…

      P.S. – I WOULDN’T BE SHOCKED IF YOU WERE A BW ANYWAY. Cause only BW try to steer us back to the plantation..

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      • Do you have a woman? Any woman? I got a damn good one! Fine as wine. Slim, polite, successful RESULTS! Got no baby mama drama! RESULTS! 2 beautiful well adjusted kids honor roll students RESULTS! Yeah its a lot of mess out here but Im just telling you what worked for me, and how I successfully avoided it. If you never laid with a Black woman, how do you know of which you speak? You wouldnt know what a quality woman looks like or sounds like. You speaking for a lot of people. You sound like a spectator. 3rd leg how do you KNOW anything unless you’ve experienced it? watching videos? Please, that all you got?


    • Imhotep527,

      Remember, demonstrating the various shortfalls amongst white women in no wise puts black women in a better position. A black man can improve himself until the cows come home, however this still doesn’t change the fact that the vast majority of black women are not fit for relationships ie they remain defective beyond repair. I’m amazed at how you hotep, pro blacks continue to push this nation building talk yet know full well that the overriding majority of black women aren’t fit to build a nation with. Not only that but black women on the daily are making it known in no uncertain terms that they are not interested in building with black men. If you are going to embark upon a mission to rebuild black society then shouldn’t you at least have an agreement with the party you wish to build with first?

      It seems that you need some serious reminding of just how black women view black men, here is just one such sampling:

      I’m not going to attempt to build a nation with women who hate me, nor would I attempt to build a nation with degenerate, reprobate scum. You talk about self reflection, the truth of the matter is we have already self reflected and found that we are NOT the ones at fault, it is the black witch who is the dysfunctional one and there is very little you can do to deflect from the obvious. You pro blacks just like your black female counterparts have white women on the brain more than you claim thinking black men do. White women are not the only non black women available to free thinking black men, again it is simply down to the individual’s personal preference.

      Here is another problem that you seem to be purposely glossing over, the nerds, geeks ie the black men who would actually build within black society are purposely ran off by black women and such like, they aren’t welcomed in black society, they are mocked, shunned and ridiculed, therefore how else do you really expect them to react to black folks as a whole and black women in particular?

      You talked about us denying our blackness, however rejecting black women is not rejecting who we are, they and we are not one and the same. Black women and black men share the same skin colour and that is where the commonality stops. Because I recognise that black women as a group are dysfunctional, they openly put on display their hatred towards me, in view of this I choose to take my chances elsewhere and you equate such a move to “denying my blackness”, really bruh?

      It’s black women who are the ones openly denying their blackness through the wearing of white women’s hair on their heads as well as bleaching their skin and seeking to fall pregnant through the seed of white men in order to have the mixed race children with “good hair”, yet I never see you hoteps reprimanding them on such abhorrent, self hating practices. At this point in time your real mission ought to be looking to improve the modern day black female, you cannot blame black men for wanting to look elsewhere in search of candidates more suited towards relationships and building a family.

      I made a statement in Negro Wars which said that the pro black community would NOT be able to build anything until the modern day black female was brought back into line and put in her place. That was two years ago and that statement hasn’t been proven wrong to date. Nothing has moved forward in black society because we have too many individuals who fail to call black women out on their dysfunction. The black community is dead, it died a long time ago and black women were the ones who killed it, thus I will not be wasting my time attempting to resurrect a dead carcass.

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      • Verbs2015,

        First I agree with quite a bit of what you said. I recognize I have to come correct when debating with you because I see you’re a knowledgeable Black man. You are excellent at making your point…but you talk like the quality Black women does not exist. That is not true. All you need is the one for you. To build a nation the family is the building block. Brother I know there are ALL kinds of women out here because I’m pro black doesn’t mean I’m anti anything but ignorance. Don’t let ignorant Black women be the only ones you see. Yeah they have plenty of issues, you have documented that. I am not afraid to tell them about it either. I can hold my own amongst the worst of them. Yeah I was one of those nerds/geeks you speak of, and yes I got kicked to the curb by those video vixen types I used to be infatuated with when I was younger. But then I grew up. And started to notice the ones the “Cool sexy black people” ignored, just like I got ignored. I turned around to end the cycle. Started to appreciate what I was shunning. Something I plead with sisters to do to, BEFORE it’s out of convenience. I talk to way more Black women than men about this subject, and I speak of this site and your book. I started to raise my consciousness to and appreciation of my Creator. In the religions there are metaphors that are actually applicable. Just like an Aesop fable. But it isnt religion that’s going to save you its CONSCIOUSNESS. It’s about thinking of more than yourself. We’ve had this debate before. So instead of rehashing lets do this…in all your research you never spotted a sister that impressed you? 1. In your travels, never one you might give a shot? Tell me that story one day bro.

        Ignorant Sisters aren’t dead carcasses, neither are ignorant Brothers. That’s funny because they do SEEM mentally dead almost like zombies. What they are is sick, mutilated, dysfunctional and most importantly BRAINWASHED. By a world run by and for White Supremacy System. Cress Welsing was on point. Diop was on point. Henrik Clarke was on point. But unlike a lot of “hotep” brothers, I use the info to enlighten my brothers and sisters not add to the beatdown. If you haven’t noticed that system is breaking down everyday. White people aren’t the only ones that hate us, its GLOBAL, look how WE talk about each other. All that shit is reversible with the proper “medication” and corrective habits. Who’s going to teach them that? There is no running away from it. Abused negroes will be where ever you try to hide from them. Bringing your people together helps all of us, ridiculing and dismissing helps no one. It took 400 years to get where we are, its going to take a long time to correct it, till it trickles down to the least of us. But people like YOU and people like ME can work together and start the process. You in your way and me and my way to clean up some of these issues. Like I said Verbs, I got no problem with you, that’s why I visit from time to time to check out your verbal skills. I comment, say my peace and move on. But that coon, name calling crap from Nofuturism pissed me off. So instead of stepping away I turned around and tried to administer some corrective measures, at least put that dumb shit in check. That’s what you do. That’s what I do. You have inspired me to write my own book. Not there yet but I’m working on it, little bit by little bit.


      • Imhotep527,

        This is a point that commenter Gregory Chandler brings up time and time again, remember that 96% of black women voted for the left wing, ultra feminist witch Hillary Clinton whereas 4% of black women voted for Donald Trump. Of that 4% you can guarantee that most of those black women are either already married or in serious long term relationships. Thus the figure for availability can easily be whittled down to 1 or even 0.5%. I sir am most certainly NOT going to advise thinking black men to hold out for a miniscule 0.5 to 1% of viable black women, that would be a fool’s errand on its face.

        Now in a previous comment you talked about how you have a good black woman and 2 children. So my question to you is this, are those children biologically yours or are they from a previous relationship? If it happens to be that they are not your own children then we can safely conclude that your idea of self reflection equates to devaluing one’s self and settling for less. As Afrofuturism1 stated before most pro black men are single and of those who somehow manage to land themselves a black female, many of them take on board children that are no biologically theirs.

        A man is supposed to start his own legacy and family tree from scratch, taking on board another man’s children is not normal, however in black society black women have reversed this position and really go to town shaming and reprimanding black men who will not submit to such a dysfunctional uptake. If a man wishes to look after another man’s children then that is his choice, however it is a dysfunction one nonetheless.

        Black men have a far higher chance of finding functional non black women without children, this is one of many reasons why I advise free thinking black men to implement SYSBM. Again, you are reminded that black women as a group DO NOT want to build with black men, neither are they interested in anything black men have to offer. I have demonstrated this fact time and time again in article after article.

        Again, reading your comment I have to wonder how much and how far you have devalued and psychologically castrated yourself in order to be with your current woman. I refuse to compromise with dysfunction black females, I don’t have to because there are many other options available to me. Dysfunctional black women must be shunned and rejected at every turn, not embraced and encouraged. This is one of if not the main reason why black women as a collective have gotten so out of control.

        The Most High doesn’t like dysfunctional black women, neither does he expect black men to unify with such reprobates. Black women as a whole have lost their way morally, this is one of the primary reasons why I decided to abandon them many years ago. They have a judgement and a recompense coming the likes of which have never been seen before nor will ever be seen again, I don’t want to be around these women when the Most High opens up his can of wrath upon them as payment for their innumerable transgressions.

        You don’t seem to understand the depth to which black women have contaminated and broken black society, as I stated before the black community is now dead and black women single handedly killed it through their acceptance of feminism and fatherless home welfare policies 60 years ago. With black women being the leaders of black communities nothing will ever be rectified, nothing. Your efforts to refloat a sunken ship are in vain sir, I would strongly suggest that you re-channel your efforts into other more constructive projects that are guaranteed to bring forth viable fruit.

        Liked by 2 people

  13. LoL….

    That bitch sounds like Tone Loc!!!! And she looks tougher than Ice Cube during his younger NWA days!!!! WTF is wrong with these niggaz actually impregnating these beasts!!! Dammit I think Afro & everybody else in here already used those Donkey Kong jokes ha ha!!! Nuff’ said….

    Liked by 3 people

  14. You self hating.
    Youse whining and complaining.
    You put white women on a pedestal.
    You only think about pussy.
    You bashing our queans.
    White women are Neanderthals/aliens/cave dwellers/mermaids*
    Youse a sellout
    You hate God
    You working for white supremacy

    Bingo! We got a Hotep full house! @Afrofuturism, please collect your winnings at your local Waffle House.

    Liked by 3 people

  15. Yup Hoe-tep 527 is a BW. Who the fuck else (besides BW jezebels) brings up God in a conversation that has NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION??!!!???


    We are helping brothas escape from their biggest threat: THE BW…..

    Liked by 2 people

    • The almighty lord God, our saviour Jesus in heaven, our Kemet Egypt ancestors and all of our lineage would be very very displeased if you even look at that attractive white girl. πŸ˜†


      Liked by 2 people

    • 3rd Leg,

      It looks like crunch time has been pushed back to December 16th, check the countdown. No matter, doomsday still approaches and these sirens will not be able to dodge this recompense.

      Liked by 2 people

  16. @imhotep

    Ok, time for one last round.

    You like most of your kind downplay the negative actions of the flopping black community while playing up the mistakes by the white people who you claim are powerful enough to keep oppressing you anyways.

    In the midst of the white mans pill popping, he still has gated communities, huge businesses, and better schools. White people actually have REAL diversity, I.e. Lower middle and upper classes. Whites are ruled by their middle class, while blacks indisputably are not.

    On to the female problem: like most pro-blacks and hoteps, you bring up white people and white women FAR more than us “coons” (which I didn’t call you btw, learn to read). White women are not the only alternative for black men, as many have begun the trend of dating/marrying Asian and Indian women.

    Also, like most of your kind, you refuse to point the destruction of the black society that you wish to rebuild towards black women. Conversely, for all of the so called good black women out there, most hoteps are chronically single while those same queens get their backs beaten out by the thugs.

    And reaching out to knuckleheads SHOWS the current weakness of blacks. Those whites you deify so much NEVER reach out to rednecks and trailer trash for help, not do other groups. That God you speak of so much told you in the Bible to not cast pearls before swine, get your actions involve chucking necklaces before the whole damn farm.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. As a basic and general rule, 95% to 99% of black women do not want a young black man that is interested in building anything of value. They are, however, happy to come around after a black man has built something. Therefore, a young black man going to college, with the money of the typical college student, is shunned by most young black women.

    Liked by 2 people

  18. Holy Mother of Cod…

    We’re supposed to worship these Hippos as GAWDS? We’re supposed to perform our highest duty and choose a female Rhino or a scraggledaggle with a full head of Indian women’s hair?




    Save yourselves and dont look back!!!


    Liked by 3 people

    • Just get the Indian woman! According to verbs and several other brother that I’ve spoken to, they are freaking FEELIN us dudes.

      Has anyone else noticed how Indian chicks, if they’re not SUPER skinny, have big butts?

      Liked by 2 people

      • Afrofuturism1,

        Straight talk, the interracial ground is ripe for black men. Indian women are beginning to step out more and deal with the brothers. Obviously the main reason why more of them do not outright come out and start dealing with black men is because their men are highly insecure and will spite them by throwing acid in their faces or a worse case scenario carry out honour killings.

        I was in North West London the other day and saw a beautiful Indian woman getting off the subway train. Indian women are stepping up their game big time, I also happen to know a woman from Sri Lanka whose preference is black men. The overwhelming majority of the hatred come from other races is coming from the men, not from the woman. “Melanin” problem solved right there.

        Liked by 2 people

      • @Verbs, @Afro

        Let me tell you about the variety of Indian women…

        Tall chicks
        Skinny chicks
        Shorty chicks
        Thick chicks
        Bad chicks
        Bad ass chicks
        Shy chicks
        Confident chicks
        Light chicks
        Dark chicks
        Cute chicks

        …and that’s not even mentioning their Pakistani relatives… A family member saved himself with one and are a happy family of five.


        Liked by 3 people

      • That would be my advice, and I might be wrong but dont the darker skinned Indian women get passed over for marriages? Sounds like a win/win for errybody!

        Liked by 3 people

    • In the name of Allah En Saba Nur, he must verily HIT IT FROM DA BACK!!!!

      To pro-blacks, a black woman’s cooch could literally have the mushroom kingdom growing out of it, and it would still be fertile ground for them to bust a couple in.

      Liked by 2 people

  19. Imhotep527 would be better served by being out “building” with his “queens” in the “community” instead of dick-policing strangers on the message board of an obscure blog.

    But that’s just me.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Schadenfreude,

      Precisely, what community? Black women reduced black society to a pile of ashes and rubble a long time ago. Since black women are locked in with their white father, the answer for thinking black men from this point forward is to build with the women of other races instead.

      Liked by 2 people

    • @Schadenfreude
      Of course that makes complete sense, but you are aware that logic does not exist in the world of the imhoteps and scraggle daggles. ..#SYSBM4LIFE

      Liked by 2 people

    • Notice in the white community, the women even build. They own businesses with a variety of wares: beauty shops, thrift shops, gift shops, pawn shops, art stores, craft stores, pet stores, book stores, vape shops, bake shops, restaurants, and a whole bunch of stuff.

      All black women ever build and own to offer to the community is weave shops, and notice that there aren’t even many black owned restaurants in the black community, despite how blacks rave about their food.

      Liked by 2 people

  20. Hey you guys are correct, I am wasting my time. Excuse my attempts. As you were. Shaking the dust from my feet. Like I said you win some you lose some, I’ll take the L. Your lingo is humorous as hell. Words for this and words for that. Dick policing lol, yep you guys sure are doing that, don’t be too hard on the suspect you might need to use it. The main issue you all avoided still…RESULTS. Verbs you got quite the intellect, but what are your results, a gathering of lonely bitter knuckleheads. Peace.


    • Imhotep527,

      Bitterness belongs to black women first and foremost, at least the black men who comment here have legitimate and valid reasons for being disgruntled unlike black women who wallow in anger and bitterness 24/7 for sport. I personally am doing very well, been with my mixed race girlfriend for 4 years strong and have never looked back. Like I said before I will not embrace dysfunctional behaviour nor those who engage in it. I’m better than that, I value myself, I have standards and thus by default I deserve better.

      Liked by 2 people

  21. @Verbs

    Have two stories coming up, one concerning honor beating, and another involving acid attacks.

    Indian men are savage as hell, and are basically the black women of men: insecure, deemed the most unattractive, and no one outside of their group really checking for them. Conversely, much like black women, they keep their counterparts on lock down.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Afrofuturism1,

      You’re not wrong there at all, I believe Arab, Pakistani and Indian men are the worst when it comes down to being insecure and restricting their women. With what you said about Indian men, if nobody else outside of their group is checking for them then you can now begin to understand the origin of their mentality when it comes to keeping their women on lock down. If Indian women started dating out en mass Indian men would be in some serious trouble.

      Liked by 2 people

  22. Imhotep, we are not lonely men we just do not date black women. And like Verbs stated the other party has to be involved in the rebuild. Tell me this how can you rebuild the black community with BW when ther are constantly siding with the white man programs I’ll wait. BW are the reason the black family structure is destroyed they are quick to separate from their family to receive child support I can go on and on but it’s so much evidence out there to show BW do not want no part in rebuilding the black community. Keep in mind they put their white daddy programs first before the black community once again the premise of building a strong black community is good in theory but I really see no hope. Continue on with your path brother but you are fighting a losing battle in my eyes just my humble opinion peace.

    Liked by 3 people

  23. Excellent post Brother Verbs!
    That cunt looks like she pisses standing up!
    I believe personally and agree with regarding testerone. Since black women kicked out black father’s. For Welfare treats.

    That these fatherless urban environments. Black woman produce even more testosterone hormonally! Than what is normal For a females.

    Liked by 2 people

  24. One last swing…Be leaders my brothers and you will have all the options you want. Be the example you expect of others. LOOK IN THE MIRROR, before you cast your aspersions. Honor the Creator with your activities. Watch your tongue. Reading material: The Teachings of Phatotep (Oldest Book in the world, teaches how the Original Man should operate amongst the peoples), The Harvesting of Souls by Nile Kerner (DNA expert explains the Neanderthal-Alien-Caucasian connection, EXCELLENT BOOK), Behold A Pale Horse, Milton Cooper (get it from the horses mouth) The Art of War by Sun Tzu, anything by these authors Frances Cress Welsing, Cheikh Anta Diop, John Henrik Clarke.

    Many of you disparage my comments, but like I said, I walk the talk. So I offer this reading material to aid your insight. In hopes it will make you better man tomorrow than you are today, whether you agree with me or not. Peace be unto you.

    A quote from a Black woman you would probably hate: “I freed a thousand slaves but I could have freed a thousand more, if they knew they were slaves.” -Harriet Tubman (Dear God, I hope you ALL know who this is)


    • @Imhotep527

      I have read all those books you suggested. My question to you is if white folks.Specifically white women are aliens. Why can we reproduce with them?
      My logic correct me if I’m wrong. If something is different species than you. It wouldnt be possible to have off spring?

      Sidenote if you decide to answer this question. Answer it plainly. Because the way you talk. It’s like I’m at a spoken word event.
      Use logic, speak logically and clearly.
      You know like the real Imhotep who was a genuis

      Liked by 2 people

      • I am not a genius, just a conscious Black man. If you think I sound like poetry, I’ll take that as a compliment, when you probably didn’t mean it that way. I will try to explain based on the information I have gathered but it goes like this… The Grey Alien has been around a long time. The Grey is not a living entity but more of a biological robot (the ultimate in AI technology, an artificial being that has no soul) that was programmed long ago by higher intelligences, called many things by many ancient cultures the Jinn, Archons, Angels, Demons etc. or (possibly the Annunaki, mentioned in Sumerian Texts as researched by Zecharia Sitchin). These artificial beings having no soul or connection to the Creator/Godverse/Nature/Consciousness, have sought to understand and manipulate the Hominids on this planet to a point where they can merge their artificially created DNA with the Original Human beings and get a soul, “plug/jack” in to the Creator/Consciousness. This is something they’ve been working on for some time, step by step by manipulating the DNA of these creatures. Snatching them up, probing, extracting, infusing a little more each time, then placing them in controlled isolated scenarios (like islands) to segregate their work from to see what works and what doesn’t. Using the scientific method, so to speak. Over thousands of years. The Neanderthal (Bigfoot, Yeti, Caveman etc) was one of these hominids that bore the greatest success over time. One major problem into merging their experiments into the Original Human was MELANIN. It is in every natural living thing. It acts, amongst other things, as a protectorant from DNA manipulation. Still today it is very difficult to work around, based on what geneticists say. Large amounts are extremely difficult. Melanin coats the DNA. The Neanderthal had minimal melanin to deal with and merged with an albino human (who was possibly ostracized in his original community as a leper etc) was easy pickins’. Once genetically merged you start seeing new forms of hominids closer to Original Human, but not quite. Neanderthal into Cro Magnon ( a better sample of genetic blending of the Original Black Man with the Neanderthal) into modern day Caucasian ( An even “better” mix for their purposes, who can reproduce with Human Beings). You are correct that different species cannot create offspring that can reproduce, the female can, but not the male, (hence the Mule and the Liger) but that is what reveals the genetic manipulation!

        Caucasians, Asians still have 2-14% Neanderthal DNA, proven fact. Not 100% Human Being.
        Africans have 0% Neanderthal DNA also proven fact. Are 100% Homo Sapiens, 100% Human Being
        hence the Original Man (is not “hotep” hype, it’s scientifically proven.) How is that? Neanderthal should not be there if the timeline is correct, unless it was introduced artificially! The racial slurs that have been hurled at Black people for centuries is actually exactly the opposite! In psychology they call that PROJECTING. The need to keep themselves from further blending or face being genetically obliterated through natural selection = RACISM. The need to maintain control so that their origin is totally hidden= WHITE SUPREMACY SYSTEM. The constant fear that causes them to create what you call “progress.” Progressing to what? The robbing and raping of everything they touch, then try to “fix” it, like they’re not from EARTH, like they don’t care, like they’re robots. Constantly talking about what new technology they want to attach to their bodies, trying to merge with technology, JUST LIKE THEIR ARTIFICIAL CREATOR, TEST TUBE BABIES. The constant subconscious messages in their HISTORY..Flintstones, Harry and the Hendersons, Geico Cavemen, Frankenstein, Wolfman, Dracula, Transformers, Damien, Baphomet its all there right in front of your face. They’re the only ones that seem to get abducted by aliens and they all come back saying they were robbed of bodily fluids, embryos etc.= CHECKING IN ON THEIR SCIENCE PROJECT, to see if the stew is ready. How many Black people have been abducted? The Neanderthal had mental issues, very aggressive, violent, personality disorders: sociopaths, psychopaths…

        “Psychopaths are incapable of empathy and forming loving relationships. However, they can pretend to be charming and loving, so those around them can’t always detect their lack of empathy. Psychopaths also have no conscience or moral compass, so they do not feel guilt. Sociopaths, on the other hand, are capable of empathy and guilt. While sociopaths are impulsive, hot-tempered and erratic, they may form attachments to some people or groups. Anti-social personality disorder may result in violent behavior but that is not inevitable. Highly intelligent psychopaths may channel their tendencies to white-collar crime or simply being ruthless in business. A psychopath may be a successful CEO with a family, but sociopaths tend to live on the fringes of society.Though psychiatrists often consider and treat sociopaths and psychopaths as the same, criminologists treat them as different because of the difference in their outward behavior.”

        WHO DOES THAT SOUND LIKE? Like a cool calculating/out of control Devil /Beast.

        Now the ancient Egyptians called these “New People” the Tamahu in their texts, which means the White Created Ones. Sometimes they called them the Devs translated to goat people: Hairy, scavengers that were bothersome to deal with. The word “scapegoat” comes from this description.

        All over the world when you talk to native people, they all have similar words describing the Caucasian
        the Beast, the Devil, the Hairy one. There’s a reason for that.

        I didn’t believe it at first, it took me years for me to grasp what I read and viewed, but Elijah Muhammed stated that white people where created by a big headed scientist named Yacub, and developed them over time on an island on Patmos in the 60’s. Said their time was 6000 years to rule. I thought it was crazy talk, not any more. Elijah Muhammed talked about “wheels within wheels” in the sky, motherships IN THE 50’s, before Roswell. The US government under Truman arrested him and questioned him when UFO’s appeared over the White House. Sound familiar?

        Now they have TV shows screaming it at you Ancient Aliens, The Purge, Get Out,etc …that’s called A TELL.
        It’s like they’re telling you everyday, both things at the same time…integrate with us / we hate you.
        Bear our children/Don’t touch our women. Sickness dude. Unfortunately some of us have been infected, after many of our women were raped during slavery, during Jim Crow up till today. Their game plan has stayed consistent. But they can’t get us, they’ve jacked us up no doubt, messed with our minds, our spirits, our psyche, but WE ARE STILL HERE. Our women are screwed up…but we are still here. The good news is
        their time is up. RIIIIIINGG! They’re getting hit in every way possible. They’re having race riots amongst themselves! But it’s the darkest before the dawn, so you are going to see them lose it, even more. Why are they so mad? What have they been denied? Not a damn thing. Trump is their last hurrah, MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN! Trump is the epitome of white privilege, white supremacy, white arrogance, white deception…its all coming to the surface as I write this. The Beast is revealing himself. But he’s a sellout to his own people, and they don’t know it. Opioids, declining birthrate, suicide, hurricanes, fires earthquakes, the Apocalypse…not for us, for them and for those who embrace them, they want you to hate your woman, your mama, your self.

        So that’s it in a nutshell bro, I could go on and on. But if got down to here you got enough to chew on. Hope that was logical and clear enough for you. I encourage you to fact check me. But I think I talk to the spirit of things, the big picture,(Hence my spoken wordness LOL) so if you read those books I figured you can understand where I’m coming from. Hey I don’t hate white people at all, I don’t hate anything but ignorance and lies, but once the light goes on…it’s like NEO in the Matrix, you start seeing the numbers.
        Hey the sister that wrote it was DEEEP, look at it again with new eyes. In her book Neo was Black. Zion was all people of color. Like I’ve been saying I thought just like this site promotes, so I’m not better than anyone. I definitely see what’s up with my sisters. Only difference, I haven’t given up on them or us. Especially when our time is almost here,(Darkest before the dawn) and the Creator is doing all the heavy lifting for us, feel the power in that. PEACE BE UNTO YOU.


  25. @Imhotep527

    You know what I shouldn’t asked you that question. Cause I think you wrote like 10 books in your long drawn out answer.

    Everything you wrote about sounds like you read from a book!

    Have you ever met one of these alien Grey’s? Have you directly experianced what you are talking about? If so provide evidence.

    Cause you are coming across as a nut job to me..

    The beauty about this amazing site is.. Brother Verbs provides undeniable Evidence!

    I have experienced bitter,manly, fat and terroristic black women.

    I swore to myself I ant Neva going back to the plantation!

    Yes I would gladly insert my manhood into a half Grey/Cave Bitch if she is feminine.

    And as the great Sage @Afrofuturism1 highly recommends “Hitting it from the back!

    Cause I know my Grey Alien woman. Won’t cause me as much problems.

    As a black women would.


    Sidenote: The lady name is Sophia Stewart.I had friend back in the day.That was helping her with the law suite against the Wachaskwi Brothers regarding the Matrix


    • You asked. I honored your request. I’m sorry my answer was too long and not to your liking. Yes much of my understanding has come from reading books. I do a lot of that. LOL Your insults sound like compliments to me for some reason. I noticed the people on this site tend to talk down to people. Always some borderline, snarky ass comments, almost like racist Caucasians, same tone, hmmm. Coon Simp Bitch. A bad habit. It reveals quite a bit. You say I sound like a nut job, yet to me, some of you sound like low conscious Stepford Wives of the People’s Temple (just don’t drink the kool-aid). I’ve been with white women (plural) dude, just wait, they’ll turn on you. I “Got Out” just in the nick of time. There are other women than white, but finding one that hasn’t been been infected with the white is right, better, superiority complex is difficult as well. No worries, I’m as confident in my understanding as you are with yours. Actually your ilk are providing a helpful service, somebody’s got to do it. It’s almost like selling your soul to the Devil for fame and fortune, seems great at first…then it starts getting hot. Do what thou wilt!?


      • Never a saw a Grey Alien. Never seen the wind either. Never seen the Creator, hope to though.
        Witnessed 2 UFO’s on separate occasions live and in person. No photos, by the time I eliminated all the
        possibilities of what it could be it was gone.

        I’m blocked from further commenting, can’t be messing with the flock. I’m the “Hotep Nut Job Man” booooo.
        Someone must feel threatened. It’s all good, I got a book to finish. Thanks for the motivation.
        Go in peace.


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