The Dysfunctional, Mentally Challenged, Broken Black Female – Yet More Evidence Brought To The Table


You’ll notice how black women and their non thinking pro black goon squads only ever reserve and use the word “coon” against black men and black men alone, yet what you have seen in the above video by the pro black’s own standards would undoubtedly be classified as cooning at high noon. You’ll also notice the difference in approach by the pro blacks with regards to how they deal with black women who according to their own standards ought to be labelled and proclaimed as coons and sellouts.

What’s going on here pro blacks, why is your queen and so called god jumping into the mix to rescue a white man whom the crowd is clearly calling out as a nazi and why are you so quiet about it? Do you see how the modern day black female operates? This isn’t the first time the pro blacks have been silent concerning their queans putting themselves upon the altar of sacrifice for racist white men, remember my article on how black women worship and interact with whitey their god part 1?

There are 5 parts to that series by the way, to find the rest of them simply use the search bar on the right hand side of the page. It’s funny because Jointron33SYSBM not so long ago made a video on YouTube showcasing an up and coming movie in which a Nazi soldier falls in love with a black woman. Of course the angry and bitter black sisterhood as well as their pro black flunkies flagged the video down, however it can be still be seen here on Jointron’s Vimeo channel.

Just like the black women they serve, protect, respect and worship, pro black men overwhelmingly are feminists. They don’t mind being emasculated by black women, psychologically castrating themselves for black women nor do they have any problems with being walked over by them either. In many ways the pro black simps are worse than the queans they vehemently defend. By the way, the above clip has been taken from this video here. Be sure to check out YoMommaBlack’s channel where he has many more videos exposing black women and their dysfunctional antics.

Here you have another example where black women are engaging in their favourite pastime, street brawling. The black female catching the beat down decided that she didn’t want to help out in the previous group battle these savages took part it, thus now that they have caught up with her, this is the punishment she receives for not wanting to help them in that slug match ie bailing out.

Remember, these are the same black women who claim that black men are beating on them and murdering them at an alarming rate, yet what do we typically see, black women being assaulted, beaten up and in many case being killed by other black women. Now granted in the case of being killed they may get one of their simp soldiers to commit the act, however the blood is still on their hands regardless. It seems to me that black women need to be protected from themselves first before anyone else.

The most violent individuals on the planet bar none are seeking out protection from those who are less violent than they, is this supposed to be some kind of joke?

I already told you in Negro Wars that black women generally hate children and only have them as a means to get on the government payroll. As far as they are concerned children are simply an instrument to be used in order to gain themselves access to extra money from the state, nothing more. Black women don’t love their children, hence why you rarely if ever see black women hugging, kissing, showing affection, love, care and attention towards their offspring.

Tell me, when was the last time you heard a black woman say “I love you” to their son or daughter, I’ll wait? Yet, we hear these same words come out of the mouths of black fathers all the time. Are they acting in that clip or is it real, who can tell because that is exactly how most black females behave and what they think about black children anyway. Notice how the mother flung the child into the hands of the grandmother who was just as cold-blooded and foul-mouthed.

Again, notice how black women call each other “bitch” all day, yet when a black man does it they are ultra quick in levying complaints against him, hypocrites to the core they are. And to think that there are some black men out there who still want these types of women to birth their children, no sir, not me, I’ll pass. Because my mother is black this now means that I am obligated to form a confederacy with one of these black female brutes, really bruh, where is the logic in such thinking?

“He fell off, he stopped bringing the flowers, he stopped making the dinners(which is your job anyway), everything started cutting back”. Concerning the first clip, you know what’s funny is the guy she is cheating on her husband with I guarantee you is doing none of those things for her. No, she just like the overriding majority of black women today is a whore by nature and eventually it became too much of a chore to keep Jezebel locked up in the cage.

The second clip speaks for itself, a simp Negro just like the first guy who thought that he could find a house wife from the current pickings of modern day black female society, the mission failed, his whore of a wife couldn’t even keep her legs closed to other men for one year, the need for multiple ding-a-lings was simply too overwhelming for her.

The third clip had me scratching my head in a puzzled like state. Why is this black female who has a face that is not attractive at all plus a red weave/wig on her head bigging up herself so much? Ok, so she is in shape which only constitutes around 20% of the US black female population, however her mentality was completely off the chain. Attending a court hearing looking like she is ready to hit the streets or the club, who does this? I forgot, black women do, let’s not even talk about her gap teeth either.

In the last clip we have another simp who had the unfortunate task of attempting to live with a violent black witch. Black men need to stop believing that they can make wives from westernised black women, broken beyond repair means just that, broken beyond repair. Even the YouTuber David Carroll several years ago tried to warn us black men not to marry black women citing many valid reasons why in his classic masterpiece Why White Women Are Better Than Black Women.

Thinking black men, stay away from mentally disjointed black women, things won’t end well for you in the long-term. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Avoid Scraggle Daggle At All Costs

Most High Bless

27 thoughts on “The Dysfunctional, Mentally Challenged, Broken Black Female – Yet More Evidence Brought To The Table

    • Michel,

      There is no fixing anything with the modern day black female seeing as she is employed by the state to purposely sabotage and destroy any positive works black men choose to embark upon, this is why I simply cannot understand black men who are either on the fence or who still believe there is hope that black women can and will change. It’s not going to happen and they need to accept the writing on the wall concerning this.

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      • > There is no fixing anything with the modern day black female seeing as she is employed by the state to purposely sabotage and destroy any positive works

        Case in point (the result of having offspring with these queans) – live from the Sistuh’s Republik Of Blackistan:

        SYSBM ’till the wheels fall off …enough said.

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      • You Know Most of These So-Called Pro-Black’s That Support Bed Wench Queens Are Clearly Nothing More Than Grade A Hypocrites. Cause If They Were Really Down With the Cause. They Would Have Told Our So-Called Sistas. Don’t Have Nothing to Do With White Men Who are White Supremacists. Regardless of What Their Responses Would Be Positive or Negative. Every Time I See Articles Like This. They Keep Proving You Right, Proving Me Right & Any Other Like Minded Thinking Black Man Who Comes to This Blog Right. How Could The Modern Day American Black Bed Wench Even Hope to be Saved If They Don’t Wanna Save Themselves?

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    • I’m sure that if we brothers ‘build’ and become model citizens, these scraggledaggles will see the light and make superior wives and mothers! Oh wait…

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    • It kills me when they say we should save and rebuild these $hitholes. Like, first off, how can you build on faulty foundation? Secondly, why would I expend my energy trying to redeem the individuals and the children of the individuals who ruined the community in the first place? **** giving them afterschool whatnot, you don’t see Asians having to have $hit build for their kids to keep them from raising hell on earth. Let the Devils children die!

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  2. The chick giving her baby to the old woman, what a damn sight. So a straight up whore who gives her Kid the nearest warm body so that she can probably go club or get dicked down. Conversely, the old woman is a straight outta slavery fat cussing mammy. They perpetuate these stereotypes!!

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    • Afrofuturism1,

      This is the point that I have been making for the longest while now, that black women have brought what were once considered stereotypes into full reality. Look at how many stories we have come across of black women getting dicked down with their children in the same room, black women leaving their children in cars to go to clubs, concerts, to do shopping or to get their hair done.

      Yet another video has surfaced of black women diving into dumpsters to retrieve weaves and in spite of this the pro black community will still urge us to mate and procreate with these females, no thank you, I’m good:

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  3. September 1, 2017 cannot come soon enough. When Section 8 is cut, it will not be the end of BW and their behavior (as displayed above), but it will be the beginning of the end.

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  4. Hey Verbs, I was wondering if you could cover this or incorporate it in a future post.

    I don’t think there’s any stronger evidence to what black men are talking about. This man felt so hopeless that he would rather throw himself at a train than live another day taking her abuse. It doesn’t get anymore troubling than this.

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    • Whtgrlsrawesome,

      These black women literally are monsters, they don’t know how to love and they only time they feel joy and happiness is when they are inflicting pain, misery and suffering upon others. Black women are not right in the head.

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    • Reggie James,

      Experience a relationship with a black woman for what exactly? The terrible experiences other black men have had is enough, those black men who have been fortunate enough to escape the black witch’s clutches should keep things that way. I’ve never been run down by an 18 wheeler, however I have the sense to know that I will come out of the collision worse off if I conduct such an experiment. The guy doesn’t know what he is talking about, since black women aren’t relationship material to begin with, how can you be in a position to experience anything with them outside of dysfunction?

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    • In years past, I would’ve agreed with that brotha, if only to know firsthand what you’re walking away from. But sistas have deteriorated so much since my younger days, I’d tell today’s gifted, young brothas with stuff going for them to go straight to non-black women, do not pass go.

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  5. I have a short story guys. I was going to the store to get some ice cream due to it being 90+ degrees which is odd for Michigan near October. I decided to spur of the moment go the hot food section of the grocery store who do i approach the scraggle daggle . I was reminded of this behavior when she refused to serve me due to the fact ……well she is a scraggle daggle and as such loves drama and disrespecting men. It literally took a nurse who was standing next to me to say he was here first for over 10 minutes waiting who was on her lunch break. She was a older woman who looked about 50+ gray hair and came directly next to me after she saw my college alumni shirt and was being nice with the chit chat. She the hot food worker was a dark woman with a mustache and a bad attitude large or corpulent . The training i received from sysbm and ibmor and rpb even mgtow helped me recognize the negro female who hates smart black men and how to navigate such dangerous waters unscathed thank you I survived my encounter #sysbm #ebm #rpb #ibmor #mgtow #gyow #pullemtotheside #etg

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